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Your Money B??~k
If You Want It.
?i,.* Kditori?! Page. Firat Column.
Ntm ftoric
nu TO.niT ?Ml TO MORROW.
Y?at?rrl?>'a Tfm|wr?turra:
ftlCh. "Si l?w. *,l.
lull r?ix,rt nn V?ge ?
, fxxv xo. ?--.
-'.I 17
|i nprrlaM, IttS
Ii? Mr i ,.i.??.. \.??, la I Ion ?
First to Last the Truth : r cws - Editorials - Advertisements
...,...,, /Wl* /?'L"\**T* IntllJ of Sew \n,w. ^evetrb. Jetwet < ttr .inMlr-onaetg.
IK II r? (IM'i ?* r?.\ 1 ii-iinii.Ki: iuimism
parliament (lets Let?
ters of Bernstorff
and Dumba
Austrian Envoy Says Wil?
son Will ( ontrol Any
\vtion by Congress.
Gfrman l>\ \\ Say?. Mi<? Aclivi
5 Were Forced hy British
i immand of Sea1?.
? ? ? ?'? 'rora
pir*- i7i Bern
I Austrian offl
cis>. *
???_ j. ?. Bi itish au
? ration
paper ] ; ?.'anda
sr-? a
* .c whole
batch - de?
cidedly ? atti?
tude of 1 Austrian
United Si
? itions.
'rot? Di re 1 -inbn,
I ?!- at
. the
. Si retar* of
?t?tt '? Baron von
' ?
- *ard to
the ses
sdor von Bern
?;, for
waist to 1
by "Th? . pub
?? pub ?c b> the
f'-?7t ; ?
Cour- rticu
ti.d cK. . 'iflu
?hen Stti
I 7.eutrality.
The lettei Duraba, which is
dated A,. ? .;.ys:
"Tfce I letary of State
Is in it iveries of
*??PC'7 -
"ora '?' ' . was pub.
**** ? ie : with the
?fr*?r ?
? or. tl ? ?
"As -?'?I., to be i the refusal
?M (ju:-.e eat .. ?.gal aij-u
?*nta are c- , weak, for the
'?'frene-? ? ,.,? by Ger
r the iioer war
,re r-'-': ' are misleadinjf,
'0r *?*- " ? sojr claimed the
the Boars'
? i,7*.o Mar
??????. sin!, if 1 hrn not mistaken, car?
ine war ?Kail.St
Lbs discourag
? lideat lies, as
?rm*d ?? and now has r??
tate-i, Is ths faei tl st the auth-M
would have ??.
? ? for all
rat no price and
"? ?o r?., wij] Mr. Wilson allow this
???rce to dry up."
WilsjM '-elf-Willed."
*or this reason 1 am of the opinion
?estion, whether
? -.our exce.
? n be
? J of
only he
K regard to the ?.elf-willed
*">P*rair.tnt of the President, harm?
"In tkb m?tt,r i a entirel>. Wlth
* ?->pret?ed hy Consul Sek.
h ' r*P?rt attached. The r?.
? "o*?-, all the bridges behind h.m
i ? ? ' .
I? for bin
* ?ast autumn, he can always
f '***'' hl? Personal influence either
'h* n\autt tatives to
j^* ' ?"" ? a airainst ?heir
or. on the otbei hand,
< ?ola
| Csatmu^ a^^?., wla?a-aa S _
Miss Farrar Reported Engaged
to Lou-Tellegen, French Actor
Broadway buzzed t rumor
last nipr-t It concerned nothing less
-n nt to ?eil of Miss
? pera Inr ex
The man in the cai-e is
Lou-Tellegen, the statu? -que French
first came to this coui I
g man for Sarah Homhardt live
years ago.
The rumor ?truck the theatrical die
me that i I eatres
were dischs ?' cr iwds. As it
flew f: to mouth it bejran tn
emblance of authenticity. It
wa? r? ? ? ?-' ana the,
s been together recently in
Calilo- have been work
"i- moving pictures,
v midnight neither Miss Farrnr nor
Lou 1 ?.,:. S. Jay
Kaufman, I.ou Teller/en's manager,
. thai he ??? ss not in s position to
1 can say is that I cnn neither
rm it nor deny it." In- said. "It
to me that the proper i
to be asked is Miss Ferrar. I' is true
were together a great deal
recently in ! I ?? ?? . nd that they
spent their vacation together. If it
? '?'.- are both to be GOngrstU
Parrar woman
Tellegen is a fine man."
Firm's Candler The
Takes Shubert Scale
spite Denial Monda
? ftrat move of the theatrical
dicate" toward drcrra?.^?i nrice;
? ? ight by < ohan and 1
The ' , a'.re. owned by
k? one of ts b
? by the Shi
: pnces by the
' Cohan ha?i sai?
(?2 would i
:e f?,r all orcheal ?
? res,
the Loi
bj the Tim? - .
regarded ai
eed reductions fo
-.- the a?:i?'
ai ?1 Harris tru* r^u?-? tl
tongues of ? ? ? er, t<? vi'???.
II. Harn?, th?.- junior member of
:,rm, ii secretary of the managers
rociation, the body thai I 11 bi ? n d
'. to keep price? up. The 1
moreover, i? one of th" ?
In the syndicate, i
on to ? tier of
?1'iced prie? .-.
night's drop at the <
forerui l in ;.t ot
syndicate hou ? \ fi
' as I ,,' COB :??:? t ? ?j po I le, but
- Arm
taken ? a theatri
believe thai anything can h
Il ?lier T
. "The II' ?
1 ' .Ight. ?
'. perfor
aneea, Included 'he reduction of pi
of the 11.60 ?nd of baleo
seats to 11.60, $1, 75 cents and 50 cen
I balcony at this th
at i a.
I.ongacre Follows.
Theatre, where "T
', ? '.'. es" is playing, orchest
i, all matinee days may be pu
chased hereafter for $1.50 and $1.
Sam i'. Harri?, In discussing tl
situation last nigni. said ail syndiea
theatre? have arranged with Joseph I
Hlang to handle their balcony and ga
lery tickets. I,e Hlang, who has hi
poly of the eat nvi
' , kork, will receive a ?on
, ? teal ' ? til
DUt m rmitted to se
I than b? ?
irrangement with Le Hlang wi
n ade, H ated, to k? ?
former from selling cut rate ticket;
lUgh cut rate tickets are
? -, there are ways in whicl I
lid secure them if the man
. .1 to d?Ml ? ith '
? advertisement? of !
pear? papera, and w< n
worded in a way thai conveyed
that h< had cut n
ra wou!?l be m?4e b*
' the g ' pei-uaiie Le Hlang t(
??, his advert.M-iuei'.-. said Harris
P ees at the Hoolh Iheatre. ? Shu
b? it houM , also dropped last night, bul
the impending reduction at this play
: house had already been annoui,?? ,i II
tated, However, that the regular
reatored when E II
i ?
ng au mter
I lud? due to the hot spelt , .
Statement from Home Sa? s lUllreai
Man Has Goad Chances.
N'ewman Erb, the railroad presiden
who took bichloride of mercury by ac
cident last week, and ha.*, since In or
fighting for life at his summer home ir
Des .'?. J., has passed tita crisis anc
is row out vf danger, according to i
from hi? home last night
Hi passed s quiet day and suffered m
Yesterday marked the end ?if the
? ? : ' ? would shot*
i ? ''? i.'-' ording to the ply
path ? nly indii ; ?>
-.vas the direct result of th?
methods taken to counteract
of the mercury. L'nlesi
i n ? o re see i ora p ea t i 01
sy, Mr. Erb ha?
every chance now fur complet?
Will Help Women's Tailors bj Ih-mand
inf I nion Made Dresses.
A general strike . ?! and
I ?_- : r ! s in the Fifth Avenue tailor
? iijlt district 1 scheduled for 10 o'
this morning. A numbei
-, led hy Mrs. .1. Sargent ? ram
prom teed to hi
demanding that their gowns be made
?on shuju. The strikers demand
s minimum ?>r J.'-to u week for fir?-t class
? fl foi seeond class men, |20
for main helpers and $1?< for female
Jncob L. Henarh, secretary of the
Ladies' Tailors' I nion, local N
said yesterday that B,000 men ore
the general strike order
and 1 hnt efforts will be mude to pet
*o join them. If the
i. tins will be thl t'ir.-t
ndi of girl tailors
in the Fifth Avenue district i ave
Society women are interested because
thej believe il will help relieve the
? Ions under which thei"
gowns an- being made, Instances have
been repotted ?here children with in
? - have been found
? .;? gowns.
Tenor llesrue? Sculptor horhel Thrown
from Poet's Yacht.
Noroton, Conn., Sept. 21. .lohn Mc
Cormack. the singer, to day saved Mario
Korhel, the sculptor, from drowning in
! ' | Island Sound, near here.
Korbe!, with McCormack's accompan
lt, 1 dw ? Si ? neider, was cruising in
Richard Le l.allienne's small yacht
Aphrodite, when a squall capsized the
craft. Mel ortneek was near by in th?
(?wen anil speeded to thm"
;?nrr?ei couTd ti"t swim, ami
was sinking when McCormack plunged
overboard, grasped him hy the hair,
and Anally succeeded in pulling him
aboard the power boat. Schneider could
swim a little and he kept afloat until
be ?? ?? i picked up.
Income Tax Law Attacked.
Washing! St I 21. Counsel for
Union Pacific Company stockholders
and othi rs fl ed s brief in the Supreme
i ..n' '.i da) attacking as unconstitu?
tional the income tax ; "f the
rwood Simons tariff law.
The attorneys contended that while
the Sixteenth Amendment empowered
i ongn ; .??e a tax "on incomes
SOUKS derived." the
? the law had stretched ;t to
taxai other than on il
?hat there ??a? no
r ? nal authority for taxing a
ipeciflc class of persons unmarried
mart than others or for the
super tax imposed on men with income*
of over 120.000 __
U. S. Lifts Quarantine.
Washington, Sept II. Orders re?
leasing Ml Pittsburgh and Huffalo
yards 'rom the foot ?nd mouth
- ? elTeel ?
? ire Shiptni ti "' Igiheting
i m quarantined Hre??. however, -Uli are
[barred from tbs ysrds, _
Fighting Attack of Pn<
monia When a Suddc
Change Brings Death.
Noted for Years for His Ci
sadcs Against Immorality
leader in Suppression Snciet
Summit. N'. J., Sept. 21. Antij?
,-r. secretary ?>f the Kew Y
Suppression of V
his wife arid daughter were
"?' r Comstoek aras se ted
ten da) - Bg< , v ' ? ,
?nia. Kor the !
? ?-iker,
ti lay he was - enough
? to n stei
mattei pert ? ? s a?
snd died nt 8:
Mr. ? ? N>w (
i ian, Conn., on ... ", ?844, the i
of Thomas A. an i Polly i Lockwoi
? k. H( V :i ? ? d
Wyckoff't Aeademy, a< N? a < anaan, *
n the New Britain High School. S?
after he :,-'?
was bereaved in tin death of his bro
er at the bat11 of Gettysburg, and
once he volunteered '?> fill the vac:
place in the ranks. lie fought throu
'he rest of the war, and '.hen came
New i'ork to earn ? living. He beeai
a dry goods salesman in the employ
Coehrane, McLean i ('o., thei on t
low.r part of Broadway, ami while
that occupation received an impet
toward what soon became his life woi
His indignation and disgust we
routed at sigi.i of an obscene bo
which was pasting ? 1 to ha
among his f?
one of them where il had
ci red. from a ??> re Strei
he summon? ?i a | and we
thither. Th. policeman 11-i?? < 1 t?. wa
tha deal?'.? thai Mr. Comstock was like
to make trouble for him ?and in eons
-.?.., - himsel f made t In- tubje
ot complaint.
That wa- on M..rch 2, 1872. With
twenty-four hours Mr. Comstock ma?
?even am its at purveyor? of filtl
books and picture?. But that was
small beginning New York at that tin
reeked *a ith ? ! -hops at
at push
and pi? I uret could be purchas?
almost as freely as ros
and .some "'" the lead
i i ?nted advei
dirent cha:.
i ed ai of debauchery, pot
maatei t thi ? - ry ben
oung pe?
pie 7?. whom vile prints might be ien
M r. i ''?m ti" k ' ??- oh ed to d?
life to I ?
traffic, In this hi I by Mo
? .- K. .1. '? ho ;?. him mom-v f,
? I .? proi ei ution of I he woi li W ithi
n .-nth- from tho ?
more than $100,000 worl
hooks and pictures ?ml ten
-t< reotype plates from wl ich such stu
Thit pul t?,?- ci n upl ioni il "on tl
n ii." Also il i '"i ? ?1 ?I?? s
en ? o tail.. ' ? M
and to ?*"?" .
On May 16, 1873, the Xew V??r
:-,., ..?? ?? ?'.,) ?: ' Suppr? i ion of V i
was formed l?> M? rri K. J? up, r\ Il
iam E. Dodge, J Pierponl Morgan, How
Brd Potter and many other men ol lik
ding, ?ml Mr Comstock was mad
pecial ajre.it. Thi ork fo
in th
third of a Contury m?.re than 3,70*
Is were made ti ?1 about 2,500 con
victiont were secured. More than lift;
T,,ii- of obteene material and many ton
of gambling too
. -roved. A in on ' tli? -?
lottery ticket!,
and ?gambling ?s well i I mora
tilth. The I -t im
poted opon criminals aggregated mor?
than 51 ?i policy ?r.<
pool shops were raided ami icon
tteri? ? ? .- : -? la Mr
Comatock who Mgan and poshed thi
finally trium? I
agalntl the notorious Louisiana I.otterj
? ompany.
? ,\v much the postofl.ee ha<i
h? en pi ott itute I to hi lere wai
i-*.ice m Mr. t ??
?. form
In March, 1878, the so mttoc*
ind Mi
Comstock became an i In th??
postal service In that mace he put a
. top :o the dial? of obtcen??
matter through the n
the circuhr fraud?
ulent ailv. :
. nt system ng ami
checking frauduli .
'hroui?n th? mails mi.-' I
chieflv to him.
Mr. ComttOCk was frequently mHili?
the target of 'her attacha, no' upon
his place or hit r? but his life.
For the greater part of his life he bore
upon his fare a monstrous ??tear
with a knife by a deape ite ci ?
He made mi -'.- miatakea, ?ome of them
bringing upon him ridicule and c?
and ?? -; friende iegiet II- ?
were all h
? i.nilniie.l ?in puse ?. . eliuiin :
Francis W. Hirst
? ditor of (he London "Economist"
is keeping Americans posted on Knglish opinions in the
present ?redit crisis as no otfiT writer is doing Ai the
trrin-? ut the loan ?ire becoming known it is of the utmost
importance to follow British ideas on Amen? an hanking
methods as shown in his regular dispatches cabled to
The Tribune. Mr. Hirst's article this morning on this
page is significant. Can you afford to miss it?
(Ehe ?Tribune
Firtt to tail the Truth: Newt Editor,all Advertitemetitt
Bulgars Call Out All Troops;
Germans Mass on Serb Border;
Britain Faces Record Budget
a. ** _
Oar'*; Force Has Beaten
Back Enemy, Says
Cavalry Holding Northern Front
Fails to Meet Attack.
Is Report.
? - i ?
Petrograd, s.-pt. Jl ? di?patrh to "The
Daily News," London'. The Vilna army
ifully exlrieated it-elf
from the difficulties "f envelopment on
three side? hy the enemy. That state?
ment can be matle definitely. After vio?
lent combat?, for the crossing of the
middle Viliya, the Russians retreated
from Vilna toward Oshmyana, ti|fhttnjar
on their flanks and front so success
fully that the enemy was compelled to
fall back from the Novo Vileisk-Molo
dechno line.
After entering Vilna the enemy evi
I his line along a front
of thirty mile?, to the station of Finia
kow, south "f which the Russians are
, still holding. The successful action of
'tu- I lUth of the Dvinsk, at
the village of Vidsy, may prove a seri
??> the German rear operat
- of 'he railway from
Novo Syventsiany to Olubokoe.
it is expected that Germany, having
gained Vilna ut tin- cost of colossal
1 continue to drive a wedge
1 in between the I'ripet marshes and th?
[ Dvinsk region, simultaneously conduct?
ing a deep turning move on the Dvina
snd developing an advance from
the Slonim region,
rhe position on tin* southern front coe
trategic defeat
? sd b] I- an off on -i>ur German
arn.i??- on thi- front completely frus
I their linn for the invasion of
South Rusiia, with Kiei ss their ob?
jective. This Russian sueeess will pro?
duce an excellent effect on the spirit
of the retreating western and north?
ern armies.
London, Sept. 21. The German en?
circling movement against the Russian
srmj icuated Vilns has appre?
ciably intensified and tightened, and
the retreating forces are now virtually
without rail communication.
The late-* llerl.ll official commUlli
?i shows important advances by
Field Marshal von rlindenburg's right
wins a? well as progress by 1'rince Leo?
pold ol Havana on the centre.
rearguard engagements all
the way. t'i '. have erOSSed the
railwa* from Lids to Baranovichi and
N'ovogrudok. The la t line of retreat
from Vilns sppears, therefore, to havi
been pierced Meanwhile the Teutons
sre moving northeast through Slonim.
Retreat Lies in North.
The onl) hope for the I??~?ians now
-o he along the Vilna-Molodechno
front, which is hri'l by the Herman
ry, which has ?warmed about both
, rlank? of the re'r.-ating army and
stands a-'ride their main line? of com
i poi tibie that these
, forces are too weak to nil
's forces,
ing Oshmyana and Soly, the
Rut ?ans an- non battling for cross
? : ' i ?? Viliy?. River, under con?
ditions regarded n? favorable. The
Germans in their pursuit have occu?
pied territory only hs fur as the Mere
; ?hank River.
Russians Dealrov Bridges.
The Russians nut only have de
.-ulverts and tun?
nel?) along the railroad line, but the
roadbed itself where it passed throiigh
the raarshi issumed the t.er
? operating .n three di
ri-ctions Ih-insk, I.ida and Molodechno
. | ? ral junction at
Minsk with force? /rom Slonim.
It is apparent that 'he cautious
f Grand Duke Nicholas ?vas
abandoned for the moment and that
'??named in
V.lna ?o long that Field Marshal von
Hindenburf r a junction of
pril 'o have had a great
The statement gi*?en out by (ierman
Army Headquarters follows:
Army group of Field Marshal von
Hinderiburg: The troops of General
vor. Eichhorn are progressing while
ttacking northeast and southwest of
hmjana. The right wir.g l
v group ha? reached the region
?omheast of !
g rear guard engage
? -s all the way.
McKenna Puts Forward j
World's Biggest Budget
Colossal Mrasurf* Would Meet Wat Lxprn'ses by Raisinf?" In
mm* lax 40 P?**r ( rnt and Dem?*. nH ihr Sacrifices ?
from Rich nnr\ Poor Alike.
IP. ? iMi t.. Thi Trlbur.fcl
London, Sept. 22. The Chaneallar of
the Kxchenuer. Reginald McKenna, in?
troduced th? (-rentr?t budget in hli*
? "iv yesterday, ??nposing taxes which
trill mean the **reatei final
fleet fr.r ev.-rv section ??:' the com
munity, from the rich nun with an in?
come of $500,000 yearly, who will pay
I $170,141 ircorie tax. to th? humblett
WOrkgirl, who will fln?l every necessity
of I'.'o raised in price.
I? wat not only Mr. McKcnna's first
budget, but aUo th? first reil war
I ? i ?. i (C f r dealing with th" largest figures
ever mentioned in ?tute tln.inc?*, and
providing for the largest revnu" ever
raised by any country.
It covert an are.? of taxation before
unthoupht of. It disroi*?\rds all fiscal
theories, and directs itself largely to
reducing consumption at home nn?! d's
eouraging importation. Taking ne
count of ?he additional taxes Imposed
bv Mr. I.loyd George last May, the
present Hnti;h revenue stand:? at $1,
.'lOn.OOO.OOO, while expenditure It on a
basis of $.'.1,000,000 daily, and will
probably rite later to $25,000.000 a day.
The eras service?, plus the normal
outgoing, will bring the total expendi?
ture to $7?960,000,000 for the coming
fiscal year.
10 I'er lent Im-nnie Ta?. Increase.
The drastic rise of 40 per cent in the
mi-orno tax will hit the lower middle
class especially hard. A man earning
$?.'.000 a year under Mr. Lloyd ?-'corse's
previous increase had to pay $90 in?
come tax yearly. Now he will pay
, $140, because i-.ot only is the tax In
i creased, but ho is not allowed to claim
1 as much abatement as previou?ly.
The additional supertax will ?,
the rich terrifically, because, as already
, acknowledged, it lias now rea-.'hcd the
practical limit. Even the moderately
lull will he severely embarraaeed. A
man earning 125,000 a year will pay
$5,140 m income ti.x alone.
The ? ? ?? - | roflt tax will only afTect
profits made from the war. bul
per cent, including those who have
made money from agencies, it is cer?
tain to have a wide-reaching result
Coaling to the ectoal hornet of the
people, Mr. McKenra startled the Hous?
of Common? hy ?tin" cil ?* * at th?
suKnr tax ??-? >u I he ra ?? I cent!
p?-r hundredweight to 1 he rt
i inspei se I ' hat as
? non i government mi
r c f.? th?? consum? r ?-er I
inet?' ? ? cent i pound. Likewise
i - '. Ineies i the duty on
tea. toi eeo, co-Tee -i ??? ry will
rni?r the price hy I ? '-?nt?, l!
cents n-d l cent, respectively, n pound
to the consumer, without reckoning the
charg? cert.-. ?posed
hy the manufacturers ar.l the retailors,
This will represent a eonsid? rabie h ?i!:
tion to the housekeeping expenses of
rerage fam ly Then there is the
abolition of one cent postage, while
weight carried for two cents is
greatly reduced. A double duty on
paten' med cines, a liO per cent increase
in the minimum cost of telegra'r
i double duty on peti.
small il .-"rm s.
Taxe?! on Foreign Imports.
Mr. McKenna was equal:;
measures intended to restrict foreign
imports ami to restrict the consump?
tion of articles of luxury when he add?
ed 331-J per '?ent to the ad valorem
duty on automobiles, bicycle?, n
ms, clocks, watches, musical
? nts, plate glass and hats.
The ? le dealers si ready have
started an agitation agaiii't t It i ? inter?
ference with their business, they hav?
ing had th? best time of their lives
selling -\merican cars since the war
started, but the motion picture con?
cern?, who are commencing to fight
American t 1ms, will welcome the new
A heavy I I ?? profits of manu?
facturers of war lupplies also was pro
no led '?y the Chancellor. Fifty per
cent of all war profits above the amount
aasessed for the income tax last yeai
will be subjected to a bpecal tax,
which works out at 60 per cent of the
pro'it*. Mr. McKenna estimated the
revenue from this source in a full year
it ?30.(100.000 , ?HSO.OOO.OOO).
Mr. McKenna'? opening sentence left
no doubt as to the drastic character of
the measures he war-to recommend.
Wants House to Sanction Budget.
"I must ask the House," he said, "to
sanction great and unprecedented bur?
dens. I am confident that if the pro?
posed taxes are assented to by the
House, they will be accepted by the
'Our national wealth is great," he
continued, "and this debt will not crip?
ple our resources. Hut we must not
overlook the strain which such an ex?
penditure will impose on our sources of
< outIrinrcl on page -.'. e.ilimin I
House of Commons List?*r
(irirnly to Government's
Budget Proposals.
. < ?
en, Sept. .'l I have jutt bee
listening to our third war budget. Ref
inald HeKenna, Chancellor of the E>
chequer, went to w?lk in a very buii
nesslike wav. I have heard the budg?
speech of every Chancellor of the Kj
chequer since the beginning of the wai
but none took so much of the tuxayer
money in so short a time. It a
most a cise of "No flowers, by request,
a- it funerals, for ;he House of Com
mon* knew it was in for stem .vori
and di'l hot want political rhapsodie
It was all as matter of fact, as the fact
themselves required. There was no wt ri
painting. They stood out like black
1 frowning rockt across the stream o
our national life a painful bar an?
menace to future progress.
h i- ',, >e a bu'iget. said Mr. Mc
Kenna at the outlet, of "u
burdens," and he redeemed his prom
Certainly there ha? been no sucl
heavy addition to taxation since th
Napoleonic wurs. On the other hand
the taxation of the working classe
after this budget will be much les
heavy :hsn it vas a century ago.
I |... ? 'axes that hit the pool
hardest are th* additional duties 01
tobacco. Import dutiei
plate glut, clocks, etc.
are ?ops to tariff reformers, and Mr
;. cKenna's defence <>f them delightec
a section of the Ton' P?rt>'- It sound
ed like an echo of ?he tariff reforrr
., rations which we heerd ten year?
?.ut II v. a. ?\p!aint"l as a mean.
, . | || Iff,
? tax anc
the Cabinet n
?h men in a rep
< tpoble at i
.r,? res or
wealth. Thus income and super taxe?
or, millionaire- I ? I nearly seven
ngs in the pound Men w.th
?100,000 income will paj ?34,000,
The reduction of exemptions to the
limit of the im-nmc ta\ from ?1?0 to
(130 is a sound mjasure. A wider basis
for direct ? ? r for a
dem, ? irs
The . '."lire and debt
?ver, l ? . .1 ; , ... .
?ere utter, i But t look the
huila.-, t vei veil
?attaining ? ?*? Britith credit, for
we are the only belligerent power whieh
has made ample provision for Int
ar.d a sinking fund on its new war
,;. '.?
The increase of postal and telegraph
- I trd ' ? ? eh have
'? ? i ? thi wat. oi
the ?
? ?
i ridicule our con eritioi
fortl to aha? that ihis country ha? not
done Its share. __^___
Accomplice Will Be Shot ( i
rate's Wife Imprisoned.
a? ???? .1? -n Th? Tit
London, Sefit. 21, Fo?
in the present war a woman spy h
been sentc-.c .! in England '" pen
She had been working wi
s man getting information about tl
fleet for tlip Herman governmi
?nur*, which heard tho cuse in carnet
decided, as ?he was t-nder his influent
to sentence her to ten years, while tl
man will be shot.
Recently a curate's wife whose pa
ent? are of Herman origin was sei
tenced to six months' imprisonment b
cau?e ?he made sketches in stree
where soldier weie quartered at
nqui 7i. < about munition fa
?( i ?es.
Would Have President Intervene I
I'rolect Armenians from Turks.
N'eufchatel, Sept. 21? Delegates t
the Swiss Protestant Church in se:
?ion here have decided to send a cab
message to President Wilson sskls
him to intervene in protection of th
Armenians from the Turks
Armenian refugee? who nave arrive
In Switzerland estimate that 1-tO.QO
of their race already have been atwle?
Se<ond Suspension Follows False Sue
marine Alarm.
Paris, Sept. 21, Channel service h?
tween Boulogne and Folkestone, whic
was stopped, on Friday because of
false submarine alarm, again was ?us
pended yesterday. Paris railroad ot*ft
cials were unable to give the reason.
According to Boulogne advices, oi
Fl lay a trawler reported sighting i
submarine and a floating mine. Th
? ??fences were mobilized, but noth
nig was seen of a submarine ar.d th
"mine" proved" to be a bale of hay.
British Say Story of Okhta Explosloi
Was Not Censored.
London, Sept. 21. Sir John A. Simon
Secretary of State for Home Affairs
told the House of Commons to-day that
???nsational story of the destruction
of the great Rus sn ammunition fac.
tory at Okhta recently printed by
the Northcliffe newspapers had been
published without being submitted to
the censor and that the feet had been
brought to the notice of the Public
The story in question said that thou
sard? of workmen were killed when the
?n to piece* last April
it l ? ? s ?of tl
,1 ?nch M
be dons by
the Kuskiant against tus Gem?an ar?
tillery. _p
Sofia Mobilizing to
Maintain "Armed
Nish Sends Men to Guard
eastern Frontier, Fs
Berlin Sees Opening of (iivat
Campaign to Force Way
to Turke*?.
Washington. Sept. 21. <Iener.nl
mobilization of ai! m cm m
Bulgaria, elTectiva t?>-il;iy. for the
purpose of arm?-! neutrality, ha?
beam ordered by the Bulgarian for?
Official announcement of this or?
der was communicated by his g??v
ernment to Mr. I'anarctotT. tho Bul?
garian Minister here.
London, Sept. 21-?Bulgaria ha.*:
alreatly tnobilized 100.000 men, and
several cavalry r?gira mtl have loft
Sofia for unknown de&inationa, s*>
eording to reports from Athen-i.
Officiait end diplomas in (ireece
aro ?greatly disturbed over the situ?
(?rece, Serbia ami Rumania art
believed to ha.?' ?gned an agree?
ment for uniteil action should th?
Teutons launch a drive through the
Balkans in an effort to aid tho
Turk. That drive MeOM now fs?
have begun. Bulgaria arm
eluded from the pact, because it
was felt that she would throw in
her lot with the Germans.
From Kerlin cume reports that
the Serbian trovornment has declared
the Serbo-Bulgarian frontier 'dis?
trict a war zone. It is also reported
that Bulgarian troopt an roncen
tratcil near the ?Serbian frontier,
and thai ?German and Austro-Hun-?
{Brian troopt have been cone
tratad rince a .?? rtain data along the
Serbian border ;
Fifty Thousand Macedonian* tailed.
?German report? nay that the numbe
<if Macedonians who joined th?? Hu.
jtarian colors on Friday is ahout fiO.Ofl?)
From trustworthy sources H Is de
? llalli?' OB rail
rii.'ul* ha, been m ? ,r?lv.
nrtieial report
?.. Headqaarten un,I dispel tl
from the Balka ^how that
the 1" c.impr.iirn
IB, Auttri
an ui'U <,? i nan ? ? boaberd?
ing S ith of the
river frontier at various points alonif
the 100-mile front In f veen the mouth?
of the Ilrina and Morava rivers.
This action aadoubl < m'en?!??"!
a-- a cover M '! .- of a force
i the river . I
the new "eteaai
Folio?? Koui?? of ( rusadrrs.
The shortest route to I.ui?/aria
l?-a?l through the northaestern comer
of Serbia, where bar ?> mile? of
Serbian territory intervenes between
the B . irdore.
The difficult mo;i :?. 'he
abten proiirait*/
of th?- Rumanian fi ontii i. ho?
-peak In favor of the of the
l tu ,-> : tl "-'?URh
the broad ?:t?l fer?:!e Moi
Through this rallej
railway lin? irkey.
1 h:s
two pointt Belgrade and Semendrta -
both of which au- under l,,':nV;r,imer,t.
Ilerlm, Sept. 21 by ?irelett te
, N. Y.).?Tl
man heah-uari? rt s!.i:f ? ??
I that Germai ,| fue
i upon '
^ria and had driven trie & rbiar.s from
-? ? after tlienetng their
lpt1 .'?nna'i
?< says the Overeeaa N??i
Agency to-day, as the opening on a
lay-n scale of a German campaign
against Serbia.
CltJ Repr?sentai\\es Sa-, War t?i fea*
tory Means I ?iar
Lot A Keuter di?pateh
from Moscow to-day says:
"The Zematvo Congre?* an?! munici?
pal repreientative.s, at their firtt day'e
me? * n?*,, took the stand which had been
predicted. M. TchelnikofT. the Mayor
of Moscow, ?umming up the view of
the municipal councillors, ?aid all were
agreed that the war mutt be carriel
to a victorious coTi<',u-i?>n. b?it to thi?
end the reassembling of the Durra and
tAo reconstruct.nn of the ? ?bmet were
vitally inetooarr.
"Resolutions to thi? effect will be
1 presented to Kmperor Vich?la?."
Serbia Overcomes Epidemics.
Naple?, Sept. 21. ?Dr. Hirhard T
. i e,i.| ut ? -i Ssmtarv
Comm ? ? it the
struggle ag.? ' mur?
? been i?1
!?? tii iBt are
I pinmibing. he ?ays, at.i the army i? a
|O0d COUd'.tlMU

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