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Your Monev Back
If You Want It.
s-., I <-??lori?l P-if-?, First Column.
Nm D<rrk
I .-???> ? l'i-i,?n-ii'<
1 *
foil r?i~ -I en Pa?? II.
First to Last?the Truth : New? - Editorials - Advertisements
VoL I XXV. \o. 25,148.
|? <.|i<rl?hl. 1117..
II? 1 be Inl.ilir \??,Hl?llon )
? ?
to I My et ?tem York, trmmrm. ietee? CUT ?And nettetmm,
I 1 -I ??III HI TWO ( r.M??.
.a _ _
Sofia Masses Troo
and Pre parcs Wa
Kin.?: Calls in Venlzelos
Rumania Is Still
saw New Balkan Agreement
in Pr sped Whole Sorb
Front shelled.
- . -
While the G
- a ? ' till ? y is b?
the w\ ? ' i r. iitip;
way for the '01
awa.:? ward Turkey, t
Ba'.ka* ?' in a ferment.
M. ? the Bulgarl
? il to hi-? bu
( a convent]
with ? future mm
- .trality on t
i "Tha Time
.lent of "Tl
all authenl
inforn ': ? .'.irm poin
thst as ral ins have en
havfl heen issui
? rnment tin
ill rail a hi rever foui
muft ? mediately ai
nment use. llea\
i kitchens pa-5si
rh I'hillipopolis I
ava leen recullt
-. : assertions fro:
Bulca: bat Um mohilizatio
?rposes of "arme
don now helievc
:;.- |o throw in he
Power?. Th
tjie crisis ar
?-, rec-tr
of t'r ri? h nil m
der'.; . ition of he
trexv. '? sumnione
U> r , ? ? .
the ? ? ral staff o
? ?' lier suiise
que * -sting "f the rah
activity prevail
am'.- ? '' ' '
Th<- Brit
Thi Veniwloi
? i m witl
the "Thi
Daily St . that there art
frc.i* ? ( that the Cab
Irn, ;. ? -..?.<? tarda*! wai
er.jra, - con?iderationi
Vising the war and in par
luxation in Bui
I ?itiilnn 1? \ ?founded.
? ruck l.ondor
> Tri?* itf'?-r
SSoi , frainetl
fron? ?,r\,\ nr-dtr-al
? rations,
com luslons from
? n?. a?
"B?!',..- arould be none the
? ,.? md rrpnrdeti
h preliminary vic?
tory f?| -, or merely
tsotrirr ?
- .tin.
?' . I Hul(ri?rie has
????Ufe- -'.r? that Kumsnla
temaln nein?! ' ?
??"??et- say thnt no word
?-?? sees i. * ? BsobllitMl
nsnet ? Romania, nor ura
(r**rf ?? \ . that Hulirarla's
?ttioi ?? necessarily lead to a n*en
,r?' '. ? ? Balkaae, The be
iti well tnformed
"?srt?r?. thai Rumania n' leant will
ft*?tn sjniel ai .i ths possibility of
Gr**?>. Rumania and Unfurl? rrach
*r a- .
Talk .,f ItappriN-hrment.
A/ Zeiten?- an
*r information
r?nj Hti!.?r ai Hag to eon?
."" ?-!* it says that the mtuation
' bnlkans Is elaariag satlsfnetwri?
J? *-r.d ?)?. Bulgaria'B nttituile la not
Th, , '
?tn.i.1 t,*tr|
"' r?ii"t.'i ?it;n,t between the
soc,/' dw.th
a *
CZ?R p*'ct' Teleicram
Cttrngr, SB that
Sarbia not
?in? tl . '",r;i1 Powers ar.
?31 ,"*- with thi n ih?t
?aril?",*lUfk *'" "?' be ?"""??? Pri
sitrerV S,rk'?- avl -a,li be made for
"*f"t on behalf of the Kov- ,
?????????a .u v,gt 4, ,oloina ? I
Mrrlin. Sept. 22.?The Itulgarian
I egstlon has nntifii'tl nil niihlr? I ??
of that rountrv in (.ormanx thai
Balgarla, <m September II, ordi-red
a ?a.?? ikt.iI ssablliaatloM. \'i Bul?
garians ?if militar? age must re?
turn i in iiw-.l i .it r I \ h? ?a> ?if Vien?
na and I; urn.un,i
London, Sept. 2 J. ? V11 male Ser?
bian MihjrrlM bel?? ?en the ages of
rightcwa ?ml iift\ residing in the
I nilrtl Kingdom arere ordered to?
da? tu report to their ran?ala, Pr??
parator] In rejoining the army.
Shell Royal Palace and
Station in Capital of
Paria, Sept S2. French a via tora have
A Nace and Haden and
bombarded Stuttgart, capital of the
kingdom of Wurtemberg, 110 miles
from their bas?, according to the of*
communication Is ued to-night.
The airmen dropped 100 shells on
. ?a'. Palace am! the station and
a; diiferenl point?? ?Inn-; the line. They
returned safely to their baa?.
Earlier In the day a group of eich'
French aviators shelled the station of
Conflnns. on the line between llatl
and Verdun, Other French airmen
bombarded the enemy's barracks at
rlkerke and a railroad train be
?.????. Bruges and Thourout
The artillery ?luc? alone the western
front is unabated General JoiTre, the
French commander in chief, and the
allied communders. Field Marshal Sir
.lohn French arid Kin? Albert of Bel?
gium, are developing a new plan of
campaign that involve? the almost con?
tinuous use of artillery on a vaut scale
along the wholo line.
Constant Artillery Kain.
lit y have ? ? ? ? -i
' . ? B tl
i ' eparing for
l.ifantry attacha, pounding their ad
for an hour or Iwu,
, ? re and aa
Mi infantrj. The Ail ?ea are
now mrthodienll v maintaining
sh< 11 Are f' r da) ? al n time, ?
infantry attacha, dropping proj
>,n the charred front into every
luare, and repeating t s p
a deadly, automat le, uni ?
pounding. The heavy-calibred guns
? ? ? ..,? beh in-1 the
nd ; n bi ,1k? i and pioi iaion
: rains.
Posts Made 1'ntenahlr.
Official reporti obtained by the
French arm] officers from their own
observera, from prisoners and from
, rsphs made by aviator? ahnw
that parta of the opposing lines which
rave been subjected to this unceasing
bombardment nave leen rendered en?
tire!) untenable, and that the hest the
Germane can <!<? i? to reoccupy their
ahamloned works after th>? bombard
menta have let up. and then leave
quickly when the showers of projec?
tile, begin to fall again.
In a recent issue the "Fratikfur r
Zeitung" published s letter from a Ger
man a' the front deacriblng the effects
-. n -'? gunni i >.
French t.uns Work Rain.
'?dur battery was located twenty
miles weal of the little village ?,f
T ," he letter says. "When ??? ar
nved moat dings were still
intact bul ha?! bean abandoned by the
inhabitants. W ?? intended to install
there our reserve camp, bu! the French
entirely demolished the buildings.
??\\e tried ta i"g oui beams and
plank* which had not been burned, to
nt subterranean shelters, I ut
?.nch guns made this impossible.
"A little to the south, where another
village lad been il.?t ro\ <-,l by French
artillery. German troop- cleared up the
mina with difficulty and built shelters
around the rema ning walla. The
? matSaamt ?>n j>??e t, , ?inm? s
Iterlin. Sept. 22.? An offlf-lal state?
ment issued la-aa) days:
"Kni'tny airmen ?ith l.ertnan
marks on their aeroplanes appeared
at till o'clock this ?naming area
Stuttgart, dropping bombs on the
ammm. killing f?iur pers.ms and
wounding a number of soldiers and
civilians. The material damage ?as
quite unimportant. The airmen
?rre hri-d at b> our antiaircraft
i r....[.-. and disappeared In a miuth
ern direel ion at ItM ??'\aeta.
??(i?ing to the fa?t that shortly
after 7:4."i oclork ihe military
authorities ?-.?-re informed of ?'!>?
proarhing t.erman airmen lh?- ;?'?|.
ulai.on ?ould ami) he ?srned ?hen
it ?as .?imperatively lele.
"A 1.1 r?naii airman arrived ???er
Stutigsrt at ^iSO ??'. I.h k. He ?ae
Ar.,1 ?.n from belo? for a ?hurl time
,??,, hr .M ?llh certainly recog
.../.?i M ? t.erman airman He
landed unhurt near the l?i?n."
Briateg-iiiasa, M, Suddenly Marrtea
\? ido?. More I han 60.
Ill? T?:?frapl. la rti? Tritsiin?. 1
Wlaated, Conn.. Beat 22 Anaon H.
Norton, m-aty four, gutt home whlls hla
mother, Mra. Flizabeth M. Norton,
eighty four, wn? aba?>nt and got mir
iird. Ths brida 1? Mr?. Agrie* Shrffrr,
past sltty, of Troy, N. Y.
Mn. Norton kept houae for the lata
Il .1 Vleta, a neighbor to Mr Norton.
By Ihr tfrrn? of Mr. Vlets'a will aha
i n-cu id a substantial bequest.
$72.000 ON WOMAN
Htishand Identities Mrs. Henry
Watson's Body (iems in Ba^
\ alued at $60,000.
Carrying s purse containing $12.000
in r?vh mu? wearing h chamois baft
taining ninety four pieeea of Jew
alued bj the police ?it 160,000,
ii Masden Vaughan W
? -' Representa) ire Item ? W I
of Langhome, lvnn, dropped dead
from limn diaeass m h southbound
Sixth Arenue ear at Fortieth
i luv afternoon
Th.- body \s.-i- tiikon to the West
???,, v, hers tin- i"?
lice di covered (12,000 m large de?
nomination billa, mu? u bag conta
? s dry.
Later !.. r husband Identil <-,) tin? dead
?.-. oman,
Ir.ii.i Manned by Americans
Fought Typhus and Cholera.
N?pl< ? Sepl tl Dr. Richard P,
strong, bead of the American Sanitary
Commission m Serbia, l? on his way
to tbr United St-itr-s Mr said t., day
?hat most of tit?? American doctora <-n
ti Red Croas work would leave
s < retober lo, feeling anothei ep
u as unlike j I he enl ire
Serbian arm] and largo numbers of
the people have bien vaccinated.
When the American commis Ion
reached Serbia no central ..r^a' ? ,
ted. The Americans appointed i
rentrai rommiasion, headed by t'ro??-n
Prince Alexander, ntul th'n was ,.
of sanitary mi asares through
out the country,
One of ths most rrVirnrinu? mensure?.
. ra and t-, I'll ti ? was tl s .11"
Infection of the population bj means
of a special train carrying batl
? i" foi ? otl ig and
? ?? l up as dressing rooms and
for sha?. Ing .-.lui bnir cul -
By ? m hundreds of
? .M have their clotl ng .111
Infected and washed In a few m n
Thouaands were reached daily In th.<
pi oc< edlng from sta
tion to tiorn work
n ci. h place
..i al Ihi
? ti i
Resignation Hampers Work of
American Corps in Paris.
I. MM |
i !?? \ n si lean Arn
bulance 11? la as
a i reuH of ' he of 1 loctor
Blake H will aak him to recoi
i i, ile, it has pul before ths M in
ister ? due lo Di
- 11 followii
ation of '
111 ri'ii - n -? . ons of thi
The response of the Minister was tu
Ladj John toi e, ? ho
to I'.-.ris, thai ?f she accepts Dr. Blake
;i? 11 n ans is II
she ?ill indi d.
i oi llutcl Inson, a ho ii tended to
\ mbulance Hoi pi tal
tober, ?aya no -in.- American could
lea??? in i uch a crisis and pi
remain until January to take care "f
??i, Hlaki '?? wounded patienta.
VI ?.. m told that Dr. Blake's resigna?
tion would alienate many benefai
tin. Minister of War replied I
ad m rod the work dene by tin?
American hospital bo would, if neces?
sary, pr?vida fund? to continuo its
?? mee
Announces New Field to Protect
f ntrance to Sea.
AmMerdfim. Sepl 22 A Berlin dis
pateh received here, says the German
??oven ? snnoui eed ibe-l s '?? n
mine : ? Id ? ill be lsul south of tin?
.. Sound, and that bi c
? i riday. a pilot service will be ss
. ?bis neutral shipping
-.,. traverse the ?langer ?one.
The Sound la the chnnnel between
tb?. Danish Uland ?.f Seeland and Swi
den, which connects ths Baltic w.th
it and tin- North Ser. 11 s
?.!.-.? formerly belonged to the
Danirh overeigm who foi many years
.,1 tolls V'ln foreign r<
usini lt. In l8o7?owever, by a treaty
the eommereial nations of Kurope, '
the ?lu. ? were abolished.
Germans Close New Loan.
Berlin, Sept. 22. The aubacription*
ne?*, war loan terminated to-day
The t'.ti.l applications for the- bonds
? bs announced before Friday.
bul the view was expreesed at n sum
bei of the lending bank? to-day thai
the '"tul would exceed the March loan.
I the subscription run
?h as 11,000,000,000 murks ($2,
. Understood that there waa even
a greater number of umall subscriber?
to tin loan than in March. Small ro
itivc loan batik-, having fartn??r
client?? ?ent m heavy subscriptions.
One American Sails on Baltic.
Only one American wat? among tha?
2&.1 pa?aengera who vuili .1 for Liver?
pool reeterooy ea the \sintr st.ir liner
Baltic, and that traveller wan Mr?.
Jane Taylor, who hat? volunteered to
.??ct tf a ntir?e with the American !l"
1'ital at l'aria. In the forenoon the
H'.ltir hati twenty-four faloon paa
? ? booked, but at 12:27 p. in.,
when tbr gangplank was hauled anh?re,
?m ..f them had cancelled pa.?r?age. In
addition to 10,000 tons of munition? of
war the Baltic earned I?t? bag? of
- a
CALIFORNIA $94.30 round trip
Lfriigti Valley Railroad.
??The Rauta of n.?- Black Diamond."
,-?,. i,? ,.f n.it'!?. i : r 111 ? i -, 11 *? ' i atoi' ovara
.mil model lo ira or? pared \*? r.t. t,.r
l.txikW Ticket ofneee on Mrnarlwwv. at
i tl"ir?li
,-t . New
-Haven, l?? Church it. Advt.
8 Die, Scores Hurt, as 7th Ave. Falls
With Crowded Trolley Into Subway;
No Progress Made in Fixing Blame
FOR disaste;
! ?
Investigators at Sea?S
ries of Inquiries to Be
U?n at Once.
One lilas! Could No! Hat
Caused It All. Assirts
Mr. Perkins.
\\ ho is to lilnnio fur the subwi
cave-in ?>n Seventh Avenue betwe?
Twenty tliir.l and Twenty-til"
streets? What was the cause?
These are the two questions uu
which the attention ??f hundre la ?
thousands ??f the people <?f New ?01
who walk or i ??I?' every dny < vj
miles of sidewalks and pavement
propped up by shoring stich ai ?h:
which failed in Seventh Avenue f?
ras ?-I y Lerda;. I it liable I
collapse again?
I-1 ??m the ? i Tal persons and oi
finals who :? ' these qui
tions there cam.p?i it ive am wei
up in late Ins' night.
' To attMapt i" expli n th.? -an
cif tliis accident now would oe
matter of guesswork," said ('hair
man Edward E. McCall, of the Put
? ?? ? ? mm on, s he too
a! the iai?K'l?''l m
di bri
Bayi On Blssl PsaMnt Ha It.
"i Ine blai t could nol have blowi
OUl all tli.-tt shoring," sani l>ilMrn?
Vtto ? ???? Perkins.
"The accident i tus! have been dui
to an unfortunate blasl perhap
the blasl was too heavy," aid E. \
Little, ?general superintendent of Ihi
United St.it.- Realty and Improve
Company, contractors ii
charge of the construction that col
lap ? d.
"Every tit of evidence that w<
di covered after an ill-day ?n
vei tigation tend to h ?w that th<
blast ? pn teding the cave in ?veil
r. ?? " annnounced Kir?1
?Commissioner Robert Adamaon.
".%'?> report had been made to us
of leaking gas," said an official of
nsolidated Ga Company.
Robert l:,?i?7? araj. ei g neer in
of subwa* tructlon for the Public
Service I ommiaaion, lias two theoi
n? definite eonelu lona '"'? ther one "f
the vertical supports was ?I iaplaced bv
flying rock, thus causing the ?huln
structure to i?ag and collapse, or an ac?
cumulation of sewer gas in the excava?
tion ?ti ignited when the blasts were
Of such theoretical and suppositional
character are the answers to the two
questions that New Vork has asked,
lilaat ?Tossibly Too Heavy."
(loneral Superintendent Little, of the
United States Kealty ?nd Improvement
Company? was asked last niifht what he
meant bv an unfortunate blast.
"Poaaibly it was too heavy," he re?
In his office in the Flatirnn Huilding
Mr. Little frankly answered all que*
tions put to him.
"August Midnight ordered the blast
which resulted la the accident," he
said. "The immediate raune so far as
ire know has not been determined; cer- j
tainly it has not been determined bv !
us. All the evidence is m jumbled
mass, having heen hurled in the col- j
lapse. Midnight, who has disappeared .
a fact wa regret greatly le the one |
man who eeuTd enlighten us under1
present circJinstances. Me has been '
employed by u? for more than a vear. ?
and he has always been considered an i
expert blaster. He did goad work on j
the Broadwaj subway, and we have
often congratulated ourselves that we
had in hnn the most reliable blaster in
the city.
"At one t me he lefl^our employ, but
that was when we shut down at Thir
( nnllniir.l ?>n page I. column 4 ?
Four New Dances
"lour inches between partners this season is the
dancing masters' edict, and then they shrug despairingly
and admit that in this, as in all dancing matters, the
public will follow its own sweet will I
Mr Louis \\. (halif deplores the condition, but con?
sents to describe in detail for readers of next Sunday s
Tribune the four new danceo recently ?tandardi/ed.
Read what he says, learn them, and dance them?as
you please.
?H7*? $imfcttj ?irtbun*
First to t.sst-the Truth: \em%?i.dltnrlals?4dierthements
At the bottom can be sen the ?mashed trolley, .?f who?? thirty passengers only two were fatally Injured.
Warn ?1er That War May Follow Vlo
latlun ?if Their Kight*.
Rerun, Sept. 7."- ? by wireless t<
Tttekerton, N .Il The Overseas New
Agency quotes ?s follows from an edi
torinl in the "?'-? .i nUu Aftonbladot," al
HalntO, Sweden :
"Nobody knows whether the wave
of the world u.?ir siini" duy will r< m-l
the Swediell shors Sweden Hn?l I>?-n
murk un- n?iw ?ell prepared, and would
be <?f i.'r<-nt ns-istance If they should
Juin either side.
"If England ?loes not perceive th?
morn! reasons which should prevent
h?>r from violating continually th"
rights ?if northern eountriee, sh"
shouM be Inpreaeed by material rea
sons. She shou I b? reminded that if
Sweden la compelled to participate in
ths arar rtainly will not be on
England's ilde "
Berlin, Sept 22 ? by wirc!c?i to Tuck
erton, H. J >? The Overseas News
Agency gave out the foil iwlng dispatch
from Hr???ly, Galicia? to-day:
? "Count Hohrinski, who was Governor
General of (iulicia during the Kussian
Occupation, anil who welcome-?! Kmperor
Nicholas ?t l.embrrg, has been declare!
insane by a medical commission an?!
taken tu Kiev."
A dispatch to the "Frankfurter Ze'
tur.g" ??n November 27 la?t from Vi?
enna carne,! a report that Count Bo
brinski had died in Le-nberg of apj
Survivors Tell Tale of Horror
That Succeeded Fatal Plunge
Dying Girl Describes l-ying in a Vise of Arms, Leg9
?tncl Bodies?Man Says His Hair Turned Gray?
Victim Ignored Mangled feet.
Survivor?, of the ?nbway accident told
their stones yesterday with emotion?
apparently ranging from the most ab?
ject terror to aomething almoat like
amusement. They described finding
themselves pinned under bum? ml
girdera, with water rising uuickly and
tbreotenlng to drown them in their un
'derground priaon. They told of thrill-,
' Ing rescues by firemen and civilians. In
1 nearly all cases they aald they felt aa
thoug-h they had been dreaming rather
than actually experiencing the tense
momenta of a fight for their lives.
Three fourth? of the men and women
?nken to the hospital* wej-e Jewish.
Many of them insisted on being 'ran?
ferred to their home?, explaining that
they wished to participate in the Fear-t
of the Tabernacle?, a holiday of urt
usual feativltiea, which began yester?
day at lundown.
It wi? near duak when Pauline
Schaefer, a pretty nineteen-year-old
girl, living at 8-1 Rtdge Street, waa car?
ried up the ?tep? of her home. She had
been taken in.m the scene of the acci?
dent to flower Hospital. Pauline told
the ?tory of her narrow escape from
death, then fainted.
"When the car stopped near Twenty
fourth Street the first thing I noticed
was a curious sensation ike that m.e
feela in a suddenly descending elevator.
The next moment 1 was thrown to the
floor and I heard the wi,mcn screaming
and ?obbing.
" 'Brenn, that window!' a man near
me yelled. There waa a cra?h of glass
'and in burst water fr?mi tr.e hrokei
pipe? I believe there was stroke pour?
ing out near the front of the car. Some
one seized me and carried rae up a lad
For li?t of dead, mutin( and
injured in aubway rollapte s?e
Page 3.
der. I was ?ften into an elevator and
deposited ??n a bed, and then all * ?i
Edna Lander, of 2*?n Fa?t ?Second
Streit, twenty one years old? was
home from Hellevue Miss Lanier was
on her wav tu wurk, and a' Twenty.
Mccon?! Street cut up to give her seat to
an elderly woman.
"The car moved on slowly. Then,
about a blo??k and a half away, it
seemed as though the sMewalk w?u
moving up. I brushe?l my han?! over my
eyes, thinking I was ?/ottlng a hen
The next moment there was a notes like
thiit of an earthquake, and I found my?
self m the bottom ?if h oit, with women
screaming ?t;?i men fighting. I felt a
horrible pain in my eloow a id I? s' an '
knew nothing more until I woke up in
the hn- ;
Lillian (?relflnger, of ?-t't F.ies
Street, ?.<> tell ker ? <?rv lut
ni</ht, though aha probabk w;;! die She
Is twenty year- <!d at?! the support of
her widowed mother.
"In a second tue ?!?yii"ht .!i"aj>
pear??! ar. I everything r-.Y.ed ?Urk,
like in a ce?iar," 11.r '.. "I was part
of a greHt i<hiiss <,? nni?, !<gs and
bodies [ could I arms an?!
body fr'rn my waist t?r, Mt ?.li- reit
of me ?a? i.iriih, as though I were
paralyzed. Afterward I learned that I
was planed ander a maas <?f wood am!
stone. I fainted, so 1 did not know
i wi'h me."
?"ros. ng Seventh Avenue, just above
Twen treat, when he felt the
tapaa, *aa Joseph
I, thirty-two >i-?irs eld, ?>f ?tul
North Sixth Street, Brooklyn. With
? it relapaes into hysterics he de
scr.iie?! the sensation, saying:
"There was ? funny feeling on the
plank.up a trembling, jerking sort of
sensation and then the whole street
seemed to i>lide down into the hole.
There was sa much dust I couldn't see
anything for two minutes. I knew the
street had caved in and I had fallen
w.th It When I could see I appear,-?!
to be in a forest of tangled timbers,
pointing every which wey.
"The trolley car which ha?! passed
me at the time the slret caved in lay
(ontlaued oa , -.?r I, colunia I
Car and Passengers
Drop 30 Feet
with Street.
Great Chaisrn ^00 Feet
Long Opens from Curb
to Curb.
Shoring in Eictv?tloi Gava
Way, I IN itlgat. rs Say. bul
Cannot Exp?ala W l'y.
Knur hundred Ban a
t hird mil
n ?mall
and carrie to I i .
niul in
( of i
were takei
made I two of
whom 'H ? ! a ?
'1 ha horror ?: l ?? r wa?, in?
' ? ? i | when thi be>
lief gi that foui
* death m a
. . m in'o tho
hanty to di t.. going *
<l"wii iiitu tha < ? .ni for work,
and wen* thotlj ht to ht in if. ?a
At 1 thi innrninp
three "i a . * nan hud
Lomes. The
fourth man, J. \ tfhoM m?1
0 Avtinua
A the) learned did not ?ive at that
L'ni?-r tho ftare ef many power
fu! electric light*?, firemen, police
anil ganga of subira* labor?is
. s'inj? over tho
beams ti .1 ? ? ? I girderi In A
us. I
Car ? i . ??
uh wen
gen in n Ke? ?nth Avenue ear pa ?
? tion that ga
'?.. bottom
ni thi y two of .
The ? I bf il:e
ho ??
ing used to - - and
? ? . ? ' .
const i being put in. Aft? r
Inve tigatlon. tnkmn of
fvii!i-.-.(*>* and theorising by expertg
nnd all tho publi who have
anything to <io with subway con?
Ktruc?on and public disasters the
?xact point of* blame for tho catas?
trophe t-ntnained a mystery. No one
was r??a?iy tr, give a porithrg opinion
hjw such a th..us: could happen afu-p
ce in this city
. -way I -ii.'?hu?.
With this inability of ar.y ons to
venture an explanation of what or wti->
waa at fault came the significant ?tat. -
ment by Robert Kidgway, engineer in
charge of aubway construct,on for tha
Public Service Commission, that there
?Acre many ni'?r.- miles of other StlOl ?
undrr support of temporary conatru -
t.on similar to that which crumbled up
yest'trduy morning.
"We are milking a rigid inspection of
all such work," h?> said, "to make aura
that thia accident will get be dupli?
cated e!sewh?-r.' "
Uther Streeta l ndermined.
Among other places in which ha sal.I
this was possible were parts of tha
S.-ve:.th Avenue line, from Forty-see
ond Street to the liattery, taking in
also Yarick Street, Weal liroadway at..I
Oleen wieh Street There are also
stretches m Lexington ?aee-noe from
Fifty-third Street to the. Hariem River,
he said, aa well as in Broadway, from
Fourteenth Street to Thirty-eight*?
Strt-et. In Brooklyn the danger spots
from Atlantic Avenue to tha
Pia ?. and ;n The lirons they are in
Southern Boulevard and 13Mth Street.
The question waa raised aa to
, whether the final blame for conditions
that produced yesterday's accident
reat.-d with the construction company
or the inspection aervice of the Publie
Service Commission.
At the commission it was pointed
out that the contracts provide that tha
construction company shall be respon
? ble for injury to persons or damage
to property. A main question to b?i
considered la whether the type cf
temporary construction used waa at
' "???It- ? ? ,
"The Public Service < ommiasion
?peciiiea the design of the permanent
: construction," Mr. Ri.lgway said, "but
: the contractor uses the style of tem
1 porary shoring that suits him. If the
SOSBBSlseioe specified this it woui
?hare the blame for a faulty design.
( ompany Did Not Skimp.
"The il?--;,*ii use.) by th.? T'nite-t
States Realty and Improvement Cora
pan? who ?r,. building this section of
. the Seventh Avenue line, has been use i
I successfully. Absolutely no blame at?
1 taches to the cempany for skimping

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