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Parker Claims Parentage
of Pet of Ford's Inven?
tive Dreams.
"Who's Parker?" Asks Inventor
Says Ntu Submarino Is
Child of Mis Own Mind.
The question nr.?e yesterday: Who
is '?-her of the bah? suhrr.i.
Henry F? rd. * obile
Salads &
.??I nour?
ishing m batter ?,r
0*>v?' ail .-.( ?jajrtoai
??ojr^hird the r-eit
25 and 50 cent cnns
T h ']
t SI
Fall md V
longer, the effet
?IM-.!*-? at $3.50v.i$3.98.
T"" '-'?T*
35th Street
Known the world ever for
cuisine and Parisian atmosphere.
I \ I 11*1 Ml,111
linn! lu bancirii Prizet
tl Lunch, i ta anJ ?.uppe'
Continuo?.?? Entertainment
1 I*. M. t., 2 A. M
- I87?.
LEANING 3b3 W. 54th St.
marines, terrible in their
he v
child ? !' r ? brain wa
have el imbed :
thon, ?? I
\\ ! ? Profei k?r?H mI
I from
"I never hrm.i o? him "
At his ffice nt 120 Broadway, wh
he hang ?k n ronsalt
?a? fnu
"He ?>a\?.<? be D< \?'r I
? ?
about that Ptrhap Mr. Ford ne?
heard aboul Mo " ey. It
of 1 ?r Cook,
even of h l'oie. Almo?t ni
el Mr, Fotd wai aware < ' '
a question Profeti
lent Hen
Ford eai
of the submersible mol i
he h*?l
r i ?
r o rked
:' [ h
me one
?. ? ?
lhat hete wn? the opportunity to n al
eai '
mm an nmle
secretary of M r. I '? ' ?i I b?
?hut "A
? ay to wi ' ;
a** n c ? . ran you :?
He ?. 11
y ? ? 1 h ti
ire Mr.
?ho croiiit ?o himself f?n an
Parker 1 -
"I n<
? i. "an?
furthermore, I luin received any let
.. .
h i r. I
submei i
I either did m; ?*?
ne has al
ready developed to the itate wh? re dia
f it nave 1
back of I
"I merely have the idea It
ptM? if the imai
tubmarine. ! merelj n? .i it ??a* pos
th th?
of th? " navj
Professor Park? ?
1911. H?
1910 ?i!.(l 1912 and is the au
: ? to reach
lummit of Mount McKinley, the
? ne to which he
0 ?-ach. he said. Each carriel one
for small torpedoes and r?n:s u
surface of the
"If Mr. Ford makes any ?.hum that
mall Bubraa
n working i
enl to thf Amar*
lean ? ' he is talking through
his hat." whs Professor Parker'i
positive aasc-rtion.
Parker Tells Daniels
Ford Seeks His Patent
: mu ]
Washington, Sept 24. Whether
".'.sh boat or "iitney submarine" mat*
it? rschel C, Par
'r?-r, of New York, but he ini
? rolled h Ford.
I : ? professor ha? a ritten a letter
? ,, Secretary Daniels complaininp the.t
Ford il seeking to attach his
nvontion to which he has
blest ? n The I -o-man
rine torpedo l?oat, h?
lia own acinus, and II
, gest? d it to Mr, Ford.
Parker want.? to make a
th?- invention to the Navy
?'men'. He his worked out the
i for a
or lays no claim
to liav ? -? oi :, : i* i d the ", ll-on-a*
: ??.;!"
to th nquest ned.
Why I Believe in the
Motion Picture
fill W. 11
U.S. Army Guarding the
Mexican Border
Paris Fashions ??Pathe
Men and Events in News
*???> Written from the
screen btj
Robert Hums.
"Twas Ever Thus
Current Week's Releases
Motion Picture Mail
with any Edition of ^i-f*
The Evening Mail
"?"irs. Fitzhugh, Held as Chard
Thiof. Changed Costumes Six
or Ei^h? limes a Day.
When employes and sweats of th
Holland H??u??. learned yesterday ths
Mrs. Randolph Fitzhugh had been nr
rested for robbing a devotos at SI
Leo's, they had the answer to ;-?
tion tmiip tin?) been able to ansv/S
before. They kt... .-. WUJ lbs change.
her costumes ?ox to oip:ht times a day.
Since her arrival at the hotel 01
September 0 it h-?.d been her prictici
to leave the house early in the morn
inp. returning during the day at in
Is of not mort- than two hours t<
lly became known t<
the more flippant a? the Kaleid
The hotel management, however, hai
yet to lean-, who the two prosperoui
ring mi re that rushed to hei
? i pan y. Th?--.
v.? re ? *.) pay
otel, but it remains u;i
irdered to quit
-ht, and .?he
turn 'yesterday
for h Faili d to ;.i pear,
however, and thi -fay eoatumi
fh's npnrfietit? al
Holland House wars expensive.
She I with a moving ?.iciuro
aetresf H?-r bills, according to ths
hs hotel, had been al
ptly paid, Sh? registered <>n
mber '.'. Il ? . -.iik her ke>
;>t the hotel, Mrs. Fitzhugh always car?
ried it with he', whan she went out,
She was in this way able to move in
and out of the hotel without exciting
According to Defective Beadle. Mr?.
A. 0. Andrews, of Boston, who wai
Staying at the Hotel Prince Georjre, wai
Mrs, Fitzhtfj-rh's victim. At the Prince
Georg? it was said yesterday that
Mrs. Andrews had suddenly tone away,
although she had expected to n
some time.
Renew? Bid for Million Bales of Cotton
at It Ceuta.
Wssl h gton, Sept. 2\. The proup o'
German Rrmi whfch recently offered to
, luy a million bah--? of American cet
at IS rents s | ound if delivered in
ed Senator Hok"
? thev are now willing to pay l-l
? Arms have deposited
?v th the American Consulate in '?
er the pur?!.; ..- price. I'>
. nu n will ? <. however,
w les-; some modification of the Bi ?
Ish Orders in Council and contraband
Blooms gttbl ;;. bj Mr*. C. II.
Stout?one of hundred varieties
at Natural I!' tory Show.
Commuters' Society Exhibits
Flowers in Natural His
torv Building.
Moro than a hundred varieties of the
dahlia are on exhihition at the Museum
of Natural History, Seventy-seventh
Street and Central Part West. The ?
American Dahlia Society, composed of'
] commuters and their friends, opened its
t.rst annual exhibition than yesterday
afternoon and will continue it to Sun?
day evening. For the host blooms a
medal and cash prizes have been of?
Richard Vincent, jr., of White Marsh, |
Md., ami Josepj? i. '. ane, of New York,
organized tl t exl Ibii on Mr. Vincent
i* ?presented b* more than 2.600 blos
soms from his own mrm, arranged near
the Seventy-seventh Steeet intr?nea as ,
a "welcome" arch.
Mav Schling, of ?he American Horti?
cultural Society, has twenty-five rare ;
pecimens on exhibit, and will lecture
on the decorative value of the
"Best Man for Place," He Raya?Moas
Men Issue Wanting.
Governor Whitman came out strong?
ly in favor of District Attorney Perkins
at the St. Regis last nicht, Indorsing
him as "the best candidate for the of
"When I appointed Mr. Perkins Dis?
trict Attorney I believe.! him to be the
in--* : - ? on. if Mr.
emphasize that
In wri ? ' ' >ik for ;?
1? tter I : om
"My letter complimenting Mr. Mon
for hit while in the District
Atton ? was given him as
others have bei , given under
like conditions. He was leaving the
ha ; ? 7??. i,i and over
?..Inch I wai the head. I naturally
?rave him a letter of indorsement."
No comment wi bj the Gov?
ernor on the act ? i'v of Mr. Moss's
managers ? ? ? cry
of fraud by sending out postearas with
the fo
"Th? Fra E Most League ii informad
rapt will be made to ?
.' - that guer?
rillas will be used to write the name
of Perkins on the primary ballot. All
those who Intend t.? vote for Frank
foi District Attorney should get
to the polls early next Tuesday."1
Hepresent.ilIve Adamson ??nd Cameron
Morrison Montinnoci for 1'lare.
I B uett i
Washin?jrt< ? .-.-???
sor of the late ?Tudgl H. M. Somerville,
of Ganoral
Appraisers, in New York, n position
which pays $y,nno a yeai till un
appointed. and many men ure being
?-.???I !.' re s lates.
Ca?aron Morrison, of ?Charlotte, N
<"., was indorsad for th? pli i V ?la-,
t<? Secretary M?sA ? over?
man. Fn? nd tiv? Adam
son, of Georgia, chairman of the Honse
Committee ?m Interstate and r
Commerce, are irfing him fot th
place. Judge Adams?. ; had a confer?
ence with ?he Pr?sident, Secretary Me*
Adoo and Colonel K. M. House yester
dny, which caused much speculation.
Weiler for Governor.
Baltimore, Sept. 14 Maryland Re?
publicans met in convention here this
afternoon to ratify the nominations of
Ovinrftea E. Weiler for ?Soveraor, Rob?
ert I?. Duer for State Controller, and'
Albert A. Doub for State's Attorney '
General, and to adopt a platform.
(ounte-NS Dp I.lbrnn File?? Judi/mon
Airainsi I(??r Mi.ther.
A Judpment for ?.t|.4!'2 against th<
Duche?* of Mecklenburg Schwer n am
In favor of Counteas Victoire Louiai
de Libran, her daughter, was filed it
the officff of the County Clerk
.!ny. The Judgment is the outt
a suit brought by the children ol thi
duchess In Ulster < lounl y for
couniitifT of 'h" ? tata "t" fln.il
Count Amede?' d<- Gasquel Jami
husband of the Duchess of Mi
1 arg-Schwerin. 'I ha duel i
husband i? the eousln of the Crown
Prince of Prussia.
Count de (;a.?.|U?t-Ji.nies died In 1904
? leaving his American estate to hi
I dri-77. d ' hey wars ui
: obtain an seeounting from their mothei
???ok the matter into court.
i ountess ?le Gasquel was Miss Eliza
beth Tibbetts Pr.at. of New York. Hei
! first husband ?vas n papal nobleman.
She vas married to the Prussian dukr
?i 19U. In 1913 her husband, who was
many year? th.. junior of his ?
the solicitation of the Emperor, it was
,-itd, bep-an proceedings in Paris to an?
nul the marriage. Hie Am irlcai
t ?s fought th? ths French
Collapse Rumored as
Beams Drop in Cut
Two Slightly Hurl.
fifty Witnessei to Appear Bt
fore Feinberg .V:cCa!? State?
. ment Dim Net Week.
When en excited workman climb'
out of a ? ?
in East I'.*'i S're.H. near Alr-xand?
Avenu?, -,
and criod, "Th" v.! !?? gang's
a report !?'?, m t..
11.- Hronx th'tt the Seventh \
! shori.' :,' eoHi ? ? h . .
with terrible lo
"How man?; ai d< ?
man Allirein. of the Walton
! station house, who ha,! rung in .
j for ambulance?, from Lineoln Hi
"They're all k; 11**??! every ??
i them." insisted the workman, as h<
collapsed near th- ! Ig hol I rig engini
operated by Sultaer & Chaml n . (nc
contractors building the LbSUOI
?ubway extension through Esst 13811
1 Street.
Otttslda of a small-sissd panic then
was, however, no repetition of the sub
' sray cave-in that earrled six persons t<
their doD'h Wednesday morning. "n<
ambulance ???.. enough to take care ol
George Carl, thirty-eight yean old, ol
1347 Hancock Street, Brooklyn, who h;u;
received bruiaea an I n dislocated ankle
and John Bally, fortj -seven, of 8H
Greenwich Street, Brookyn, who had a
severe ?calp wound. Tin y were in?
jured by a mishap in Iowerit'.g steel
girders down Into the excavation.
Althou-rh Sultzor ifc ?hambre refused
to make any si.ii
dent, eye-witnesses Of what occurred
above ?round afterward say thei
no explosion, no I no collapse
of shoring. It is estimated twenty-ttve
men were working fifty feet below the
planking when thr?*.? ?pans of
broke away from th" hoi?ting crane and
fi'll into tho excavation.
11. Horsl),-, a Htationpr and notary
public, who keeps a store .: Ml EaTi*
Street, law l -.?; released from
an iron huck ihnt **?a? pinnintr I
He thinks Baila*/ ellmbed
oal of th? san
'hir-l ?
?. as k<
was taki-n to u barl sr h"P *' 151 I
t, He we7it horn? a ?
as he rocoveiid h. - s? Bsaa
No o!'i--ial report of the ?icriilnnt wai
of the foremen said, beca'i"
the Invest Igatl? n h"?i been I
. . r? ..f th? Pub
' ist ? fore that I
Its meetit ?
??ta ? " ' ' ne in
cldent is progr?
pire.? of tl
imploy? ' i
lie hearing w.l! be taken ?,p .??
as a report to I
Mr. M i "The l- ?
will i 'm?' "arly
and will b? baa ! ?? all the it!
no 1
Mr. ?
. Charles a l' ?
Avonu . .
?f. de }' Paraon? com? i
of the a--"
? will hrp'-i
? ?
o'clock '
? rtaed.
First Move for Damages
for Subway Cave-?n
T?ie Brsl move to recover damages
njuries snlTeri
77.. Dollar n,nn.r wi,h Win^
Alii n la ,?,1,
'''' ' fOT, ttnte n
cup of tea s ith me ?t thatwswia,
Fifth ! --nur l'r,l?,lrrl?,9
?^ MmtUii?ih
-? .. i A
\J ftAtlM
aTM mad? |aj
rday by rm
* * iir. oporjto*
1 tured ?rm. s>?
be appelai
???.ugh whom ib?
? Heslty s?i*l
? '?'. whieh bi
*?v work whsr?
This mo?? wai
because Miss Baron t?.
and not ft'
. .ui to bring sn sction In h?
Made ?rom Cream of Tartar
Absolutely Pure
In America there are several millions of the "little subject-peoples" of Russia, Austria,
and Germany such as the Ruthcnians, Lithuanians, Finns, Polqs, Czechs, Slovaks, Slovenes,
Croats, Serbs, Syrians, and Armenians.
Opprest and inarticulate at home, they have in free America a chance to speak out
boldly. The Editors of THE LITERARY DIGEST recently wrote to the Editors of the foreign
language papers published in America, representing these races, asking them fiankly to
express upon which side their sympathies rested in the present war. The result of this poll,
which marks an exclusive and intensely interesting phase of the war-news, is published in
THE LITERARY DIGEST for September 25th. Do not, by any means, miss reading it.
A few of the other articles of importance:
Uncle Sam: Pawnbroker to the Nations of the Earth
or, Accommodating the Allies With a Billion j
As Dr. Dumba's Compatriots See Him Exploring Insanity's Border-Land
A Long "Shorf'-Ballot fer New York A YacLt on Wheels
The Navy's Science Board Taking the War "Humorously"
After the Russian Retreat, What? A Turncoat Son of Britain
How to Study What the Women Can Do
A Feast of Cartoons, Photographs, Helpful Maps, Etc.
These articles by no means represent all of the good things in the September 25th issue
of the "Digest." Hie enormous increase in the number of readers during the past twelve
months?a total now of nearly a million-and-a-half of the men and women in America who
represent all that is best in public and private life?testifies eloquently to the place which this
indispensable weekly occupies.
PARENTS:?Help Your Boy and Girl Make Good
in School and afterwards by giving them access now to this great national weekly which so
many of their successful elders are reading and thriving on mentally. It will prepare them
and arm them for the conilict of life, as nothing else will.
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