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resl thsn Is the Pari who seek?, s so
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nds P. and with ?
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Tnr mr.i ? ? -a?-t*??i?.
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The P.reat South ^?"a, a lsgeon, cast
i ?si s, I hero and a trio
K ma i i
S, a girl and pearls,
? ater than the riches
ent It
? . i ntously invented
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is the
As the plot unfold? other v 1
?ains join the dark game. They all
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ngle survivor, i
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his ret t of the n
? '? mtr.
Misgivings of a Male Suffragette?Joffre? Italy's Di?
lemma: War or Revolution?"American Mis
torical Liars"?National Hatreds.
s?*r; GAZINE.
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'?...^ .*' :" ' ?7 on
hoaL\i!'1 " omanV I
i?jijB?rc . that
smtn7in ?in,1"r- '
law ,** " ' .ny at- '
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"* ?__?? g '? ' 'f efficiency i
^ A?! ''? insiders '
*?atai. .'' N ' '" "' li-i? eoontry
!*Vh*i ? '?' :'--'- ?
?Baa. * .f0' he ;
: ??jaJTla***** on th?
"??itl?,', ?
-, .
_???ta?l'.-' ?'"" ?1*'" '"
****^>ri?tulVr''? '" ' -listone.
???W^T ?** "?ndolph Churchill, and
#_K_?*_? ?* '^ -Jay
'????????Bifaa trt_ unfonuuettiy, no?
A:;:e.teur and pr<>fesslona
? ; hers will find much of
Ah .71 I sngdl :.
Photography," i?tr
I? ' I the ist ci - tury, with a
.' reproductions, among thai
V, ishin.
".'ir-.er'-" i
Ian begins the story c
? -he'an
-t- American Mu sum
to solve the problem i
? tee of the g?
? > ???? ileh Peary h, :. -.
from Cuno Thomas Hubbard, arj
b< calle : Crocker Lond T
s i In tho Novi
number of .-.-'.-..c. In
Part" Walt
traces the constant!;
eral public- tt i ment of
tes an.l the making of law
? on of v. omen and chi
? rkct. The custo
- ' - Ird party ii
? lan is K'enr
"As early ns 1721
' lion of London
publia opinion against the
ikious journeymen tailors, who '
?red into ;i combinatlo
'? leave oT workin
s oner than they used to do,
? | to work and 'choosing rathi
thus bee
'-. but
very dangerous to the pub ie.' X
as now it was 'irp-ed thai
was afrainst pub . since
lay . . .
?r.en.' "
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ptaln J .
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,: ? il ents that :
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12 al Wind
true The Queen, acc<
had ti Id Mr. Adi
r ,*"??? run ? I
nize thi ' racy. She had sail
Prim l ?
Moreo? i ' never i
? : i government, does
. and -. vei \
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niurriuKe of of V.'al?-s. 1
rect I irintT, of coui
which is being manufactured ?vholes
at the present moment. - -Mr. II?
rticle on Charlesiton rai
wi'h th -? '- of his travel pape
. Prichard Eaton write? of I
Tl ere are ?h
by, am? ng others, Urinn Hoi
Langley Bosher, Donn Bj i
iwdory arid Gwendolin Overt'
by Eli
:; ippi i. Groen.
Thi? quarterly eon? I > maint?,
tion a." one
?he best of our serious periodlcs
In the Octoher number T.. P. J: c
-. hatred as a sour
nal weaki , pr< leeding,
ticular In the cace of (;? rmany ?
England. A* for prophecies of wh
.;, hs eonvin
tl it "m h
truth of s i
on th" grouni
:?riied and more <
hich it is
? ? war ;ir
1er tb?- vi
? ?
br< ak- . t into ni
s I not endur
Alexai e?, a iropt ?ucee?
ful populariser of the difinal ?
The Economic Aft'-rma'h
*s to the tinanci:
?., i< h tv .? war has airead
1 roui ? "o? 'I1
is shown by 1- i mice. A
for th?- predict?
dot '?'
in the cos
Viv nd the Ion
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e of th
? King, eahai stion of th?
n and the Fin - Emi
downfall of the Third Propl e?
vain, roncludee Mr. N
. , ? ? s th,
that will ?
The time I
n-hab ? ? ' '
: of a ibi denunciation bj
| ad not rend him, is i
-., . . |] deali
.lern SU)
th of this eoun
h 'Mi -ni? t with H
Left Out 1
In dram-ii.
th. o< r:.. . Rosmer*s
dead ? **?*?*? ??'
Uaetorlii ek'i ' Llnti ' ?e, Be
i Bonoiton."
, .it-\Mck draws a more
idealistic picture of Italy's entrance
mto th?- war t! ?m does Mr. Stoddard in
' entury." H Emory Holloway
tolls what he has diacovored of Walt
Whatman* Ill's In New Orleans,
Shooting Believed to Have
Resulted from Attempt to
Break Up Picnic.
Two Other Bluccoats, Wounded,
Will 1 ace (Inri,,'. To Be Pre?
ferred by Chief Inspector.
(?ang ethics of "gei;ng there" with
especially when there in
. -
rday morninf?;
- picnic at the Man
? M,?? upper end of
The in th.-- death of
Fntrolnum George Dapping, ? young po
lieemai - -.rce, whose
real in t)-i- performance ?if polir? duty
illet of a known
gangstt-r. and the s??ik"is, if not fatal,
wounding of Joseph Iiishop, a fellow
member of the l't/uco Department.
James 1". Dowling, another policeman,
was badly bruised. All three went to
the picnic on their night off for relax?
fracas had its origin in a brawl
among gangsters ever politics in the
11th Assembly District, of which
MeManus is Tammany lcad
? r and in whose honor tho picnic was
giren. MeManus ?a an ex-Stttte Sen?
ator i.nd in political life and ntnon?
the boys of the ?I'.Mrin hears th?.*
?>f "The " In tho int?r?t
faction, i.. '.'?-? out
? control of the distri l
ra, thinking I ? stand in
? 'H by break?
ing up - stival in a
'.?? the aifair to start
In mai y res] . ets th?- shooting Thurs
day morning suggests the feud in tho
?embly District, where murders?
aid assaults have resulted in the in?
dictment of yiohael A. Rofrano, a
id former Deputy Street
ef, now n ?
A? a result o
". one j? in the death
od several others
Charges Against Policemen.
?-ration, Chief In*
i Sel 7..?7ti'i rger announced that
referred agi
Dowling iir.'! Biahop and that th.
?. -. as of tin dead policeman, Dapping,
??.ould not share !n the fund set aside
I eare of dependent* of nolice
kllled in the performance of the;r
??n'y. Tii" reason given for the c1.
? lodged against the two wounded
.;? never re?
cover from the fjpc'f of th. ? shot ?. >iro
given by the chief inepectoi in th.eir
have their revolvers and
il -. in their possession while
.act that th.ry were off duty and
endangered their lives by trying to
nrre.il ? :?? armed tr.an does not count in
'he least, according to Fchmittbcrger.
i ad ha?l tin- -
the arrest of O'NY.l
would have been a simple matter. In
Dapping, the inspector say?,
.? ki!l--'! while n?T duty, and his
ree are not entitled to mi
I thai Ir he were
with the death of Dapping
? the other policeman
,s Thomas O'N? renty-nv? year?
??Id. known to the police under the
of Thomas Hamhrick and Ward
and asserted to be an all round bad
man, who has served time for various
?. From his alleged record it
would appear that his principa: -
- the Use of ituns and
weapons in fights. Ho was arraigned
vesterday before Coroner Healy and
it bail.
Shots Fired In Barroom.
O'Neil was in the barroom, seated at
.. ?able with a number of other??. As
;. ??? Assistant District Attorney Ward
Follett, who is investigating the
hai not been able to question the wit
who wen? In the barroom, whi? ii
adjoins '.he ballroom. In which there ?
about two thousand men and
women. Many wen? dancing, and
others were m-i'.i???! around the ballroom
Enough ha.? been gathered,how-1
,?-.-( r. ' .' the fact that -< m
he barroom were heard
Dapping, who was steading in the ball?
room, ran toward ths entrance to tho
?i jasl a> o'N'eil eame rui.-iing
O'Neil. it Is alleged, had u'
revolver in hii hand, ami when con
'ronted by Dapping tired at him. With
ng were Bi h??p and Dowling.
:an after O'Neil, who ran ti.?j
length "i' the ballroom floor, knocking;
merrymakers, many of whom
in aware of the ?hooting, and out
Igh a garden at the rear of the
? g, On the way O'Neil, it is said,:
. -.rid fired on Dowling and Blah
? ? falling wounded. Dowling
caughl o \-??l, although the policeman
jurad his leg In the pursuit, and
mi ?I policemen, who
tan froia the stret?, subdued the pris-,
\> arched at the station house
a '.'i2 calibre revolver, with several
empty ? ? Ige sh? lia, was found on
l'mteata His Inniw?en?r.
He pri'test-7-d his innocence, and when ,
to Police Il?'i;d?iuarters, where
he was recognised by Inepootor Faui"t,
mid he was siUing at a table in the
barroom when the shots were fired.
Just what t???)k place there ho couid
ameml i
Ten or more bullet holes were foun.l
in ttie ceiling and wainscoting of the
room and a fully loaded revolver was
found oi the ti<??r.
hers ??re believed to have
been shot, but ere tboughl te have
h, en m ite I away !?? fore the police
. ! Boon after the hooting ?vas
reported I ? the i" ' ee Ceorg ?Tynan,
- .il he was a elerh. of 130
ted to th?
Knickerboc er Hospital. He had ??
n the groin ?""? ?att leg. He
whs taken to the a taxicab
with tv
bad an opportunity to ? ? * ' ?
? y left 1
,,,t;i?. used to sav where or
er, charged with f<
1 he i ?
i i ,? was in the crowd
rted I ?ting at the C
ng, the ?lea?! patrolman. WBS
n un July I, 1913,
mna r< eeived his
a patrolman on January ?.T?. 1914 Hi
tther, a retired police
BB Avenue. The Hronx. ,
? the" MeManus Indignan?.
"The" M? gnant J
I - intimation that any
i .o the Eleventh
, hi eualj ee to ? h *o
: ' ' ' 'n . -, a. M
no feud I? the Eleventh, |
nus. "Why. eve? the Inde
candidates here are intim?t?,
friends of the regulars. In twenty-five
year* ?hen's never beam ** much as a
ist fight at one of my outings. WO/ll
?rive $200 for the conviction of the fel?
low that ??de thll WouM.-'
i'1- J'&Tl'., ?-,
&%? :
? ?fy?v*.*?'
f'H?f'V. ?_..
?_**** tut
*> ? -r
\ A
m ? ?<
ti*?* I;
Afu-r 'Phone Message, She .As?
Berts Ti Her Will Return and
"Straighten Up Things."
Is the polie? a l buting
- for the
- of Hairy 8. Bradley, the Mer?
chant?' National Sank note toiler,
whose disappearance la .- II? red to have
been followed by the discovery of hugs
shortages, his wife di dared thai
? .ii-." v Y"i-k and prob '. i ould
and " traighton up things" in
a fi w days
This statement was? made Imtnedi
ed n tele
t ? call from Bradley'i i ter, Miss
Bradley, in Stamford, Conn. Mrs.
y soon after left for the homo
of her mother-in-law, Urs. Davis,
where tihe took j irt in a family con?
fer?-:. *e J. Wiimot Smith, of the
/J-'tnu Indemnitj , -.?hlch
Brsdley's Intention to stay at the home
of her mother-in-law, si least, tempo?
?:ie?h;nii will d affair
in a few days," said Mrs. Bradley.
"1 'o you >.: . ? srhere .- ur h -. n !
1st" she was a .. 1.
"No," she ai w< red quickly, "But I
feil Mire he i- somewh re nar here.
And 1 believe 1.? ??ill coi i back and
clear all this affair up writhin a few
"1 eanl think that Harry hr.% done
what th.- b ? he has. If
he haa, I can't understand it. !!?? was
u true and nd. We ail ?ovo
r, and I'm
sure he'll conn- back soon."
Bank officials laid . terday that
they would i in know the extent of
Brsdley's shortage. They ore now try?
ing to And out in what name he sent
?ii the Clearing House -->me of
?he check which came In from the
bank's i
.1. Wiimot Smith, of the compar-jr
that bonded Bradley, interviewed Mr?.
Bradley v? iterd ?y. He did not share
her conviction t- . was near
New York and would , mself
up. Jo.senh Byrne, caahier o** the Mer?
chants' National Bank, wan also skep
tical ai? to ti"- prospecta of Bri I
surrendering The PInkerton
Dotoctiv? Agency has called in it? men.
Yale Man, Friend of G. W. Per?
kins, Goer to Nis^ht Court.
Kenneth M. Simpson, a twenty-year
old Vale junior, who says he hr.s been
ng the summer with ticorgo \V.
Perkins at the letter's home, in Ri?er
dale, and \?ho had lettei i on him from
? ? \V. Pei -: n and TI o i ire vT,
Kou??eau, lecreta or Mitchel,
ing tliat hi i getor
on the Mayor's pur?- f< u-i tommittee,
\?;,s . night
as a mustier, ?in complaint was made
by two young women ushi r? In the
Vitoaraph .ourth
Street, who said Simpson seeostedthem
an they ware coming ?s-s of the theatre
at 11:10 o'clock.
One of the young women, Mrs. Kath?
erine Kernen, of ?T? Ninth Avenue,
who is young and pretty, a_s la her
companion, Mar. Eui
, il (?? I Simpson ? face.
A. ?
tried te defend himself, but Mrs. Ker
. bei i... d
back. Patrolman Jol ? at?
i by the d -tur ?anco, ai ?
all three.
"it's raerel? an embair?
take," said -Simpson, "and it will be
, . up \?h'-n ! sl'ow you who I am."
He ,.., produced the letters from Mr.
Perkins and Mr. Rousseau. The lat'er
-This i? to cert fy 1 the heaier is
on inve: tigator for ?M Mayor's com
? ; ply
The other from Mr Porki I. chair?
man of the commit-.- e. .?..?- to the sann
paon was anxious to call up .Mr.
Perkini at his Riverdalc !. -me, but re?
call? d that Mr. Perkil : bably
it bed, and da?
call until this morning. Simp?... :
he w .
of "Th. Vale Daily New.-" last
!' I
- ?
Votes for Himself; Dies.
Carlisle. Venn., B ? ^:l D.
ed on
Ti.i iday for th auditor-ship <
county," died at 1 .?lechr.nic?
bui-j lad night a i? result of over
eiertion in leaving kit bed to cast a
vote for him?elf.
His physiciens hsd warned him not
to leave US home. He hsd previously
tel4 the o?co for seven ye*." snd hsd
sen h county commission???.
Cut of $24,452 in Special
Sessions Budget Recom?
mended by Committee.
Chief Justice Aids Him in Fight
? Against Reduction, but in Vain
?Had Criticised Fusion.
In spite of his own opposition and
that of Chic7" Juttice Isaac F. Uussell,
, the salary of Prank ?v. Smith, chief
clerk of the Court o* Special Se?sion?,
! was set down for a cut from S6.000 to
1 ??.lG'J by the budgt t sub-committee
The committee recommend??! a slush
of $24,4.'2 In the budget asked for by
the court. The total amount requested
was $'.'64,17<). ?ither cut* in ?alariea
recommended were: John P. Hi.ty,
cierk, from $5.00?) to $2-fM| V? ?iiam
A. Fuller, deputy clerk, from $4.00H to
?2,?s20; Joseph L. K?-rrig;iii, ehief clork
m Brooklyn, from ?t 1.250 to 12,820, ami
John J. Dorm?n, ?leputy clerk, Brook?
lyn, from 13,7m to -J2,:-?40.
Cuts from $1,500 to $1.380 were rec
emmended in the snlaries of eighteen
court attendant?. Chief Justice Kus?ell
s;ini ho did not want to favor the cut?,
but ho believed the proposed salary
ufllcient for tho class of work
Por man;, years prior *o 1910, when
Controller Pr?jnderpaft first took office,
Mr. Smith was chief bookkeeper in the
Pinanee Department. When he left
thero Tammany got him a pood place
in the C'iurt of Special Sessions. He
has frequently eritieised the fuaion .? i
?ministrations. Smith seemed to be
?nken oif hi.? feet when he heard the
aendation tor the cut In h
;iry. He ?' I nt? I to know who li?? i made
ppraisal of hii work, and ?a? told
? ic men ? Geoi I Tirrell, director
of the Rurea'i of Standards.
Protesting thai his position could not
i be comparid with any In this city, or
country for that matter, Mr. Smith as
? i that it was more difficult than
eould be Imagined by thosp who had
not actna'.i' ? the ilut.es. il??
insisted that hU ?alary bo continued as
but the committee did not
listen to his plea.
?y o? David A. Veitch, a
eo h stenographer In Manhattan for
? years, WSJ cut from ?'.."00 to
pite tho fact that twenty more
? i ompanies are provided foi in the
191(1 b l?get "f the Fite Department
than in the ll'l i budget, Pire Com
! missior.er Adamson is asking for only
'.'.43. as compar?-d with t9M&,444
which the department had for the v<-ar
Dr. Crothers Says Addicts Musi
Ota Up Their Old
Philadelphia, Sept 24. A new method
of treatment for persons addicted to
the drug1 habit was outlined to-day by
Dr. Thomas D. Crothers, of Hartford,
, in a paper read at " ? '
day's session for the seventh annual
? -lie American Associai
i"liiiir:?l Research, at the ilahr..'tnann
el ' ellege.
The treatment that Dr. Crothers has
evolred is based primarily on a close
Study of the causes ?hat first led the
patient to resort to drugs, and does not
' include the ?ase of any specific remedy
m any milder substitut?- drug. It pro?
vides far a grH.lual withdrawal of tho
narcotic fr??m the patient's body by an
ily new s] item, an?! a complete
v of environment, surroundings
end occupation after cire.
Dr. (rothers, who I? th? author of
.textbook? on in?? effec's of drugs, do*
; clare.! that th?-- drug habit is not in?
curable. Most cases. if handled Intelli
: ?en'.ly, can be cured entirely, ho said,
and even in ea es of utter degeneracy
temporary restorations, at leas?, can be
??:!? cted.
He blamed the prevalence of the ?Irug
habit largely on physniar.s who make a
practico of trying to cure by advising
. tient to use a substitute drug or
sume proprietary remedy and who r??c
? nd the use of narc?tica as a palll
for neuraith?
Dr. Croth '?-'a method of treatment is
??ill as wp!1 as medieal. A large
nf persons who use druiis
nelly have been led to do so, he
declared, by neurasthenia developed
1 under great strain in busine?? <>r the
profeaalons. It is obvious, he main
? I. that In ?uch caeos e <.i??r-??" ?t
environment Ik the most important part
of th?- cure. This is also true, ho ?aid,
of other clashes of drug uners, whose
addi?Stioa to drugs has been caused by
? dulpence in various pleasures.
Rubber Stamp No Longer
Goes on Orders for Drugs
[From Th.- Tii'.un? R'irrau 1
Washington, Sept. -i A tightening
of :ho rules for enforcing *h>- an*i
narcotlc law Was evidenced to-day by
an order 'ssued by Acting Cotnmis
'?r of 'nterna! 1!? ? ?-?lue Dav:d A.
? and approve?; by the Secretary
of the Ire-nury. This ?peciftes tha?
order forms for narcotics must have
an individual signature, in addition to
the firm name, and that no rubber
?'?imp ?ufjuatores will go. In ent?rine
?Se items calling for narcotic prepa?
ra- i? na the ??Her further specifies the
?i'y of narcot'c ?'rug to the ounfo
iii'ift ? e ' dioated. or if ordered In
? form the to'al number of tab
- i :. I ih.? rjuentity In grains per
tablet should be stated.
In regaiV. to the signing of orders
fot narcotics, the rule issued to-day 's
"The ?igning of n.-rcctie order forms
with a firm rame, wi?h no other
? ''cat?* wh-> ?arr?te the o?-der, will
not be permitted. The name of th??
p lncipal officer of a firm, corpora".?"?.,
pirtnership or company, or the pcr
rrr. who is granted, through power of
i "orney, authority to siirn such or
must invariably appear thereon,
iruggists and dealer-; are cau?
tioned against filling such order? un
!? s these requirements are complied
u:th. Stamps or printed si>*Tature?
on order forms ore rot permitted, ami
in every in?tance there must be an in
dlcatioa of in?livldual responsibility ?n
?le pr.-pu.tng and signing of the??
Honors for F*4 Dead.
Washington, Sept. 24 Fourte. n ua
i''enti:..d v.dims of th?- submarin* F-4
.? I ? .-?? n National
ny, September R, with
full militarv honors The boilie? will
r> ,.ct. tat Praaeieoe Sun
I iy. Secretary Daniels, Aesistant tag.
rotary Koorevelt and many high offi
icrs of the navv will attend the
funeral Troops from Fort Myer and
? bluejacket-: from ships atatloncd her?!
I will form Uta eieert
Sales in the Northerly Dis?
tricts Noted for Re?
cent Activity.
TO SPEND $200.000
Buyer Found for Several Lar^c
Tenement Houses in 125th
Buyer? In the real estute market yes
torday were widely scattered, the larger
number of purchases being made in
the Bronx district? which of late have
been the scene of considerable activity.
Two apartment house operations In
The Bronx, reproeentiBg n total outlay
of $200,1 0 i, i a- ? been projected by the
Iiurbar Realty ? ore :.' , Harry Krs
kowcr president. The plan?, filed ye*
terd.iy, proviJ? for four house?, each
to be riv?; stories hiurli a:.d measuring
50x87.6 feet.
Two of them will be erected on the
soutu side of Freeman st., commencing
284.6 feet west of Westche-ter ave., ana
the other t.vo on the north ?id" of
Homo st., 2r,i'..5 feet east o' i.ongfullow
ave. I.ronenberg ?ft Leuchtag, archi
tecta, have estimated the cost of each
house at 150,000.
The Empira I ?? Moringa and Hold?
ing Company (Samuel Barkin and
Adolph Weiss) bought twe tenement
houses, on?? of Bve stones, No. 5S1 West
126th st., 26x100 fact, and the other
six stories, No. 332 Fast 125th st., 26s
: 100 foot
J. Harris Jones ha? purchased from
the Park Mort gago Company the plot,
60xl64.2x irregular, on the east side of
University aveH extending through to
I Ogden a\e., iocated 175 feet south of
the junction of thoss thoroughfares.
Ha : ; having plans prepared for the
impur . ? i, it? rith a tax
The selling eompaav acquired
the property last May in foreclosure
Alexander Selkin and Havid Mintz
huvrt sold for Mrs. L. MeCormick t?-?9
Eaat 176th st., a three story frame
dwelling huu.?e, on plot 50x155 feet,
near Southern Boulevard.
The Benenson Kenlty Company has
bought two lots on the north sido of
160th :-* . ,"? feel '-as- of Melrose ave.
An apartment bouae will be erected.
8m th e? Ph eltis have sold tho plot,
'. on the eaat side of Morris
ave., beginning 28 f el louth of 1 ?ij 1 it
The | will Improve this prop?
erty with a five story apartment house
with st iri i.
Charles Line has resold to Philip
Herrman the Maxim restaurant prop?
erty at 108 and 110 West ?'?.Ht h st.,
which he bought last April from Susan
Y. Won.]. The restaurant concern has
a three-year lease on the property. It
consists of two five story buildings, on
plot 10x08.8 feet, between Broadway
und Sixth ave.
In part payment Mr. Laue takes from
Mr. Herrman 618 to 624 West Slat st.,
two four story tenements and frame
buildings, on plot 100x92 feet; also a
two storv factory building on Park ave.
near 14th sr., Hoboken, N. J. Qoodalo,
Perry &. I ?wight negotiated tho trans?
Count i.ulejcwskl To Ik' Tenant of East
ti2d SI. House.
Pease A Kili man have leased for
II. M. Alexander to Count Oolsjewsld
the '.our story and basement dwelling
house, 16.9x100 feet, at it? Boat i?2d st
.1. B. English hm leased for the estate
of alary I*. Stebbins to Oeorge Albiight
th?.- live -tory dwelling hou.ie 127 West
47th st. for a term of year?.
Schindler i ! I ib'er have leased the
dwelling house .it l?aW Av. A for A.
Grossman. Also, the dwelling house at
600 East J 70th ?t. for Anna Leonharrit.
C. Maim Warner (.els Plot at (?reat
Neck as Site.
The Rickert-Finlay P.ealty Company
has ?old to C. Blame Warner, of th?
Warner Sugar Kenning Company, a
plot m Kenaingeon, Great Neck, having
a frontago <>?" 400 feat on Nassau road
and 282 feet on Netherwood road, for
627,000. Mr. Warner will immediately
erect on the property for his own oc?
cupancy a Southern Colonial house
costing about 640,000 from plans by
Walter Hopkins, architect.
It Will Bo Built in ?tith Street and
Have 3,000 Seating Capacity.
A theatre with a seating capacity of
':;,.) is to be erected b) the B. 1*'.
Keith Company on the premises No.
202 to 208 Went ytith st. and No. 203
to 200 West 95th St., recently acquired
I by the Claromont Building Company.
It is being designed by A. E. Westover,
lau architect of Philadeli
The property to he improved has a
frontage of ??'." feet on 06th St. and 100
, feet on yflth st.
Struck Ixiwer Ledges on Kennebec, but
Life Sa?era Float Her.
Bath, Me.. S--pt. 14. The steam yacht
i'tirt, having on board it?1 owner
H. Hanan, of New York, Mrs Hanau
and a party at friends, Struck on th'.?
Perkm? Island lower ledges while pass?
ing down the Kennebec Kiver to Bar
Harbor to-day.
Life savers from the Popham Beach
station went to tho assistance of tho
,*raff and succeeded in floating her o
the flood tide. The Surf, which was
!?-aking eonaideroblr, was brought here
fir temporary repairs. She will return
to Nev 11 -1, at once.
Film Actress Dies in Bathroom.
Atlantic City, N. J., Sept. 24. Mlsi
Mildred Vernen, ?? Lubin motion pic:
v re a ? i di ad
i.-.thro?Tii of her upartment on South
\ .?; to-day. Th,
bod) of ?. young woman, who ?n:
t*' roari "ll, w?? found on
' or, portly clothed, by Mack Me?
t?-.ugh, a i- ?? employe, who wa .
ieting th?* bui! ling. ? oronci Bow,
i.fter receiving Conn ? I'hy.iicun Sou
der'? report on the autopsy, announced
that M V> -rion's death was due to
?nan a
. . I I " I 4 ?
? v ..Bin?
II 5?- ? -.Ta M? Ut* I ?
' 1 ' I
..- ?. ?i . Bam H ?
?i . HuaaA Sl.-r'.Un. trlfllt f
I i
.i .- . i 'tnii.f
? .- . .
\rA k. k. Ytntgrom* 'rlflln?
11 I? - l-...: I'iUj ? ?*.?.?. las is?
mi.ki own.
I '
'.?i-, ?? Amhoni ?-.?tumba; ?nflln?
* ". t
i ? - ? iitali?i
. T. MTtT ?Vi a ..?
4 O?120 Ka" 1 -? U-? ' IftBl g
e 13?1 l'axtck a'? . h |ij?r..?j too
??i??KJ An A, l'*m HanjiLrtdl, txtflln?
i ,??Sil faM ?-?ti*. Si Patito. ?eut; trUUas.
Offering Comprises 293 Thorn*
son Hill Lots.
The salo of 2-?1 lots of the < oi.r!n<*7
I Development Company, at Thomson
Kill. Long Island City, will beirin at
1:80 o'el? ?k t? doy, en the preasisea.
II be held by Auctioneer Bryan I*
. Konne?y. Thor.? will b?< no postpone
| ment on account of inclement weather,
, as a big tent ha? been placed on the
, premise* and under It the ?ale will be
, held.
This ?ale will be absolute. Th'-r?
la no reservation prie??. The highlit
bidders will be the new owners of the
j site. And they will be able to take
?he property on what ar? eon*
? lidered in real estate circles to be un
' usually easy term?. Sixty per cent of
the pureha?o uricc may remain on
! mortgago at S p?-r cent, or 60 mr cent
, of the bid at 4 p-r cent, or payment?
; may be made in twenty-four equal
monthly payments.
Th? pr- -mises r.ti'e fronta?rcs on
' Queens Houievard, a 200 foot wide thor?
oughfare; Creenpomt Avenue and
ill:"", ?arolin an<? other well located
May Ask Legislature to Pass Bill
?Three Hundred Delegates
Attend Convention.
?H7 T*:??;rtrh to Tti? Tri'inn? 1
Saratoga, N. Y., Sept. 24. Indications
ar<? that the Real Estate Association of
the State of New York, in convention
here, will instruct it? executive com?
mittee to-night to prepare and intro?
duce into the next Legislature a bill
?.censing .r?al estate brokers. L. D.
Woodworth, of Kochester, and Alfred
H. Wagg. of New York City, both favor
the proposal
Among those who addressed the con
voation this morning weru Walter Lind?
ner, of the Titie Guarantee and Trust
?'ompany; Senator Ogden L. Mills,
chairman of the Locielativc Committee
on Taxation; Tom Ingersoll, executive
secretary of the National Keal Estate
Association, and President Martin
Saxe, of the New York State Depart?
In the Bffernoon C. K. Menl?rre, P. N.
Whitney, tux attorney of tho New York
Telephone Company! W, Fred Silleck.
of New York, and Walter Knapp and
K. L. Thomas, Mute Tax Commission?
ers, addrer sed the convention.
Three hundred-odd delegate? from
New York City, Rochester, Bingham
ton, Buffalo, Syracuse, Poughkeepsie,
Amsterdam and other cities are in at?
tendance at the convention.
While Senator Mills made it plain
that lis tnlk on taxation was purely
nereonal, hie hearers were led to be?
lieve that tho Legislative Tax Commis-,
sion is likely to recommend an income
tax, tapping all incomes, high and low,
as a remeiiy for the lack of state and
citv revenues.
Walter Lindner made a report of the
committee on building laws and city
planning, and he made some ear-burn?
ing remarks concerning Mayor Mitchel
and the Tenement House Commission.
Brooklyn Investment.
Frank A. Seaver & Co. have sold five
lots on the north side of ??th st., I??
feet west of i>th av., for Fannlc Quinn
to an investor.
New Building Plans.
ACAOEMY 8T. ? ?. 1" I PM a?, for a B ?tr
'"?'? ? ta ' ?i? ?' ?? ?'Pi-tlmi Co, Ur
Li.' ;:'.'<?.i M - A s Rprtnc?
1*. Uta ? .. t4u.?i00.
The Bronx.
HO Ml ST, n I. is?! e UxitftUon ??; far 'n-o
JOxSt <?; lue' ?r l?ially ??'.
H Kril-'ii-a- d,i Maldn irait. pneldtHit, ownrr;
??ron.-i.l.eif A aVeaailM Su.! 5:*i ??, ?p-hlti? ;?.
CARLISLl PL. a i. 151 ? 713th it. for 1 t ?tr
If?:. t ' i ? ? l lla'lllifl 1?.
:. | - . Kl Biet II 'i:. ?-. anblceat: j
RESERVOIR OVAL. ? ? Mil * Van ?
.i? In i I i?y frun? (Iwlg ISttl '7, J T ??I??"?
mill, 11?7 ? r ?1 f .-<|?*lm?ii. I'M
, l-irli ?? ?. a ? :. J'?.?""
MULIN?R AV. d ?. 12?? ?14 ? S-'l ??. f r , ,
Iras - i t ii l !l"; '
: r. I, s 11 ?, ?\ i r '?!",
II. .:v Ni r.jlTin;. I?ST Trtnwbl :><? a
WHITE PLAINS AV. % t tot ll?h 111 tot a I
? IliM ,r." ? ' 'm Ai
?octatlofl venar iteeett ii .It A lui*?..
!.. , I I'??.'.?.... (31 K.aJl .-..'?II ?'. ?f ?li?
li?:. ll.tVM
E\CLE AV. ? ? MS ? ItStA ?'. lb? a 2 i?v t>rk
ilwl? '??.IM. I'i?,u.il? I'V-drllr?. 7??4 l'.afln ?i,
i ? - - ? ? .. : . ? I -?
-? ?i
ritr.StAH ST. ? ? ?.Us ?- W<atotMi(a?r ??; f. r I
laJ I i.- ? ?? '
?, ?: r . ? t . 1 l ? . . ? ?
Lessee for Premises To
Be Occupied Next May
by Pennsylvania R. R.
Tucker, Speyers & Co. hav?? esi -
. for tho Ponnsylvan... Railrosd
.?ny the store which it just ac
q lired at 4-7 Piftl A
? ? are the French American Phono
? rly fo.-m? ?<.
. - - ? :
The Croes A Brown Company has
third floor in the bu
et 149 ?h st. to (
for *
.?pace in buiMirg at VIA it an?l Madi
.-. t<> Thoma* M. McKee A Co.:
space in the \ ? ? ->
1'h'eniX Horse Shie
for a term of y?ar?, a
; to Ales?
loft in 10 ? A Silberg
- ' i'n (loodhue tor a term of ]
The Chai lee ? ?
71 Wei ;
*o ti: ? ? .. the
no ?'ompaiy, th.? < . ? va Em?
broidery Company and the Delas I
Compa' y.
Royal Scot* Cuiden h-ia leased to
Storboek A? Hunt, interior decorators,
i the tir-?t loft at 10 to M Fast 47th ?t.,
term of years, for Harris &
Vaughan. spent*. This comnletes the
renting '.?ling.
Morris Kose has lease?! the five ?tory
building at 129 West ltd st to Jules
Altman, haberdasher. The building
Will bo entirely al'ered. Lewi? L. Ro
? eenthal was aeeoeiated a? broker.
Frank 0. Burke, Jr.. Rents Suite
in House Just Completed In
i>ark Avenue.
Houglas L. Elliman ?ft Co. have leased
a larfe apartment for Hing & Ring in
their new building at W.t Park 01 .
ner of ?4th st., to Frank <i. Burke, jr ;
also an apartment in 122 Fast *?'.!?! st.
M Lynch Williams; an apartment
in llfi Fast .?'Id st. for M.?ore ?&
Wyekoff, agent?, and In conjunction
with McCarthy ?ft Fellow?, to Dr. Will?
lam K. Mittindorf who recently sold
his property, inclu;iing 140 Madison a.*.,
to the George Boeaer ?'?? istruction
Company; also an apartment in 28 East
Mth st., corner of Madison av., to Judgo
F Mnrph) : -?? apartment in '.W:\
Parh ?V. to Eagav W. Leonard, which
completes the renting of this b-.iilding;
an apartnwnt in 11m Park av. for Bing
& Bing to Andrew M. Williame, assist
ant general eooneel Of the Brooklyn
P.apia Transit Company; an atKtrtment
in ?iHO Madison av. to Mies Martha Fita
(?crald; an apartment in 157 Fait 81st
st. to Bishop Court.icy.
Malcolm F.. Smith & Co. have leased
In 181 Cleremont av. an apartmenl
B. Mark Nathan and in 120 Went Mth
st. apartments to S. Farmer, M. Con
roy and F. Willi-?.
Pease & Elliman have rente?! apart?
ment? as follow.ii l.i the Marquar?!
t House, 11 Fast Mth st., t.? Mrs. S. Il
Clark; in the Soncv, l;* West 57th st,
? to Charles W. Frank; at 178
let. to W. A. Pemeon; in 104
?st. to M ri.- Sheldon Smith; in 144 East
36th st. to Dr. F. Montgomery Uavi?,
?and in the n< w house at 161 Fast 7.ith
1st. to Silas Wod?-ll.
Big: Leaie Recorded.
I 5STH ST, i .
| ?\i?i?r I. PMartal JUrli??? Co, I? >-?, no?. 114.9*0.
Sales at Auction.
At u tern ?'
it? J ?-?iiti P rur
I7TH ST, IS W. n ?. M ? M a?. II Hr ' Mi . 1
II7TM ST, 111 \V. i. ? !? ' v? 1^-nor if Itil00.ll.
: ' ?- I .
I;, linn. I., atttmstaj.
???TM ST. .1? J?" SI ?i ?. 4SI w Am?i".Hm ??
? . I Sad I ?". r-?i f", - 1
-., K I \ ?llhatl tit \
h I. J Vlillll;? A >
WATFK 8T. *?7 , i. 14? w Jirim ?Up. It 4." ?
4 ?'? latDM ?.
m?o st. tat *?*> 11. m it ' ?> n. ?
att flit Ott '?
I -?niii-l M?r?.
1510 ST. IH St, i ?. iV. a Am t -1?m ?? I 'I
N 11. ' ? ? tin I I ?
fin riSIWSWO. 1 il V M , total or IbltVS, In rrof'f-1 T<?..t Sj|a ?-1,??<!>/ f.lghtsd
OAO Fully Improved J AT?
?a\VO Dual Subway Station *-?" 1 O
OV yiF.l.vs llut'l KY ?ill!, Bitas Kf . r'arolln ?If, an.) ?.Holnln?: ?ire'tt
illll.li'.l TI.HMs:?MOXTIIIV INhTAl.MENTt*. I'RKF TITLE I'Dllill-?
S.WIN'.s RANK t ?< >? - ?-. v a 'CEPTKD AH DEPOSIT ON LOTI
AITOMOBII '. - ai Long (aland Clt? Tarmlnua ???t Qi EENSBORO .-t iiwat
wiiioh run? from lid st between Lexington ind i,\ kern,
dir? I to Loi ?/ [aland '..>. sod at th- Qu*?*n*t?oro iiri.tg?? Hl??!?, bm? Irland Clt?
nUEE THANSt-rli'.-? TO qiKEVMIHHO it ?WAY ar? laautd ?t Grand 'Vn
traal - . lion el the Interboro s>?-.
1.. ,. . ? .?nl Clt? trolltft r.i:, ?aal Sa IM S- . Manhattan, via Jd Av?. 8Jth
S? an.; . ?mise dlrecl '" l'inz?.
?|l EKN?? l'.Ol I.KYARD (Thomson Av i troll ?? trim Miar.haitan ?nd .if
i-5'Jth St ?n.t 2.1 Av.? p?US UVS property
?&s iininii???. Telsihsas CartlanOt IM1 \n\ y<?rk.
LOMO l-I.A.M).
Ulb?4tlv manor. L 7.
-:.?)1V(?. N?a
?r\'i ' ..uni) .--?.. II . ?lid
Mi.-w?. in?* ?taiiiSn?. ?urr-ovandad ??>?
Bom? ut in? lineal emati? li.
?Till ??.ritV? at 91.200 an ?rr?
. .- -.-. j'ur e ?r ?r.'t meat '>.,??
1'ian on the property, or ? rite for
t? the
I..*,??? Ililliii?!. \??*.. ISrookhu, S a .
Bay View Section ?Freeport, N. Y.
i toy
.' ??k.
? hnil we ?111
arranit> fot loan to
\ A. SI ?.I.V. r r? iti ?liib.
nnm ji:k>?ky.
family hattsas and cliiir? i.uii.n ?g
' lots ?t??\iii?at? ?air, ? lars? iiun t.rr from
T!IF7 ranrino department, rtath
\V TORR I" ?liKkly o...?? th? >*>u?t
I r."?? >f two - otTfr? th.??> pto,.
1 rr'i a at ?Lout iS?t of t^riner prl? e*
Thf ?r? lo.?t- 1 ?I ?lr?nt?vo..,*l, PaUaVStte,
M',r??-m?T?. ami liSnata. Now J?r?e>y lop
?' ?liant* T"i..t.;. will.in l- ?iiiyflv?
IllinOtaS "f Mar.h?lt??i
An Inapfction of tti????? prop-rtl*? ?111
i eaavtaee rea 'hit the? ar? mnuai bar?
? ... . l.ll.-ral t-rma Title I'uaran'.o? I'ol
? ii ? fr??
Eor f.rl-t ? ?alt? ?rl -?rm? i? -??
BENJ l> IIA ?HIT. ?p? i..l DaptJtj H-apl
of Bank?. < ?r- af I??-km?- l>?p?rt.i.eut.
ll llroa?lv?a>. ->7rw Tork I ?
Ootitr, Ma -a lnf?raj?tt?? tin *? mmama?*Sji ?e?.
?T. \la? rem S.IS r-.ii. Wrtl?. WmicX? o2L
CgiuiUT ""---. aeiium. M W. ils s, -M, SMI ?tad.
?MMH70H <>F MitooKi v.v.
If you p?v fi?fm. arrear?, i ?tiny brlrk.
lillt roiilty r.irr riijn??
II. K HPEXCn I'.l Hr.>.<l?a*, V V.
BORoiGii oinit; ut.ow
The West Bronx
Most Healthful and Attractive
Community in New York.
If You Live Here
3 to 7 Room?, $20 to $60.
, Tranalt?-B way Sub. to 2oTlh .S? . (han
Katiw^rd on ?iirfac? ? ?r le Orao?J ?"on
?.-?. La? Av-- 8ub. Station For<l
harn Knad ami J.-r????.? .??? N Y Central
'!l-trl?-tii I>1? ? ?'? r?iri!h?in, t") :
fra-i ? ! -illi?n.
ih?-n ?nik WEST ?o Orar??l Con*
? ?ou*.-?*- ____________
550 PARK AVENUE, ? X? <?'?
i it?.? m- a Mini ii ?mi *i :vi.
1 .. ? i?r.?. (, all iiiKUi rlevator.
WKJ4T hi UFa?
ll? w. ii?t at. te* im w. n? et.
Bl?t St.-?*?? 'o JW Sti-?'. ???<. BrM-hntr.
aiot *?-. H ?ill h?-r laiiarto. KWiiU Ut*tm?
Jutteli ut l-4-a-e Aucmxa ai?4 ?*tl*
iUa.Lt tram gm W llalM sm aMU^?T

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