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Your Monev ?Back
If You Want It.
<--,,. E-?^"*'>,*'l ?"?I'? f?*at Column.
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?lOfPY T?) DAT I (i.ne TO MOR
lr.trriin', Ttmiptralfaei
lll|!. 7 ?. i .... ?.?i
liiil r*i?i.rt ?i, Par* *. l'art 1.
1 ? 1
I? ?'IMrljht 101 X.
Bj Th? T?,i,?n, ??aaairlaflnn J
First to Last- the Truth : News - Editorials ? Advertisements
Berlin Admits Ene
Belgium to Alsace,
Trenches Arc Stormed in
Champagne -Bayonet
Work Hinted At.
(Whips, Mat? b> French
Land Batterie*., in Attack
on Middelkerke.
h and
.. .. .
? front of
' '
the l"nv* c\l?-rt?-'t oft<nvi?r*
?^?sitnl bj tl
??r-Vai* - '
Fierce ?saaaH Bc?*un.
'? bas r rob
? wh??re
:' r-hell-A
tlttttwi' ' '- '?V'-'n
. ,'pposinii
*i**it? h com
Bflifian I ii!.?' Shelled.
h war ?hips
'm op*!-:. . ? Iment
. kaly
' the war
,? the
sat can
**' k i - continuous
. ?? the
' : ' ? ?
"???psr. ? ? undis
? heard
- "ie week to
' ? icUially
*W ?f the < . v.-n
? i :?:
?"??ri elaW ubject, ,
?*? 'lia: ?fu ? rtillery prapara
.*. tome
? ?run on ?
i *.? *hat the
., f .1 ready been
I?*** ai reneh also
??~" a> ' i ?. ? . ... ( ham
" avily from ;
^T"?* ? front from the
? ' anal
also m .
(??y*'' '?" ?>e Ar
lasted fifty:
1,2,*' Vpre?,
Britiai at- i
?Hi??!*' ' "" I""
|/**T tre further attacking to the'
??a?, *""" I Ar
KB? ?ass?e
?*?V Se''
V?rd?i' ' ! ?hem yes
w. [?? ??am re- I
? -Jf?? >*??*r?lay m-ar Souehez and I
jw? ?"?-- of Neuville.
?W '' "> th)' '
..?tacked, but
Nsij s r*"
at??,,- ?'? in part to our
*Hgt,, , ' art n).--o the
?is in front
*?r .,?! . the tire of
ais rit
lay ?enemy column* nuf
nttt, ng to
IK Sr; *ev,'r?-' ?rtillery ami much ?ne
?*>?.,' 'ront hand
?-Ci 'he French have
??>,,.. ?ham
,S???4 ?? ?MS S, ?oIliHIB ?
" ?"LEAVE"
Washington Directs Vien?
na Ambassador to In?
vestigate Delay.
IB. Impatiei
the fi? -, trian govei ?
bassador 1
? make
for the
taining the int? ntions
(Bee in the case. Dr.
: ->rdei- froi
? ? on," ami the Ai
? :? I s - ? ..i. ?aed th? Sta Depart
. however, until a n
' ' eired. It has notified the
Or. I'uniba until the
attituiJe of his government toward the
1 for hi;? recall is officially
The Austrian government V.
communicating directly ?.??
tm nt ta deeire to have
the ambi ?
???1 as a reply to the Americai
i'iit- Austrian government, it is po
out, cannot properly expect the I
? of the
which Dr. Dumbe's recall
was a- ked, and ment would
? ? ?
on leave for the purpose of in*'?
rernment ?
that led to hi* '
The Foreign Oil
expected to i?i\c a categorical ai
whether it will recall Dr. Dumba.
If the repl) II ' mat ive, ai i
.??< will be made
at once. Should Austria decline I
i-, do to ? he demand the ambai
will b? iia passport* peremp?
Ambassador Penfleld at Vienna ha
'..??in Instructed to make elc??r to the
Austrian ?-?- ?
the ITnil
?'-call of Dr. Dumba, the Austrian Am?
ir, and that his departur?
leave ? " would not be sal
Prom m?*-ssag< .1 between
Ambassad' ? P< ? and the State i1
partm? ? it the Au
tr?an ? ?' misunderstood the
'. States. It was
intimated at fir?t to Ambassadoi Pen
that the '? governmenl
mi^ht recall Dr. Dumba on leave ?>:
? ,fe eonducl
im. I'r. Dumba himself
graphed for such safe eonducl a few
informini ite D?
pertinent that he had been i?.
.?as forward? ?I i??
Arnim* ador P? nfleld.
In??. lent te Mr. P<
wen ??!. ? '?-it )..
? -
Dumba's u the A
lit.^d States has
?rely "leave
of ebeence" he would nevertheleas still
remain accredited.
The right of a government to ?1,'mand
i of mi amb.a?_aador because
? '
? :?.?: government
?? d iti i? fusing 7?? rei-ail Dr. Dum
Th?-r<- - i?" indication a- ;? ?
s? ,n be . the ?I? Is j in th? \
trian ?
Captain Franz von Papen
Will ?Leave fOf Mexico
San PraacisM, Sept 26. <
Kranr von Papen, military attei
the G<
larid I'm:. Von Hetsfeldt, Who are
day f< ' ''I ?*?
ili?\. Moth men meintein suene?
their ? ?
of their i t i?. the Southern republic.
Captain eon Papan dei ?
that th. ? on '?idiotic 1
contained in 'he letter intrui?t?-?i i<> J
and Interceptad bj the
"The mui
Continued on peat t, column ft
Greece Resolves to Back Serbia;
| Rumania May Soon Join Allies
King Constantine and M. Venizelos Reach Agreement Rased on I ulfilrnent of
Treaty Obligation*-? loward King Peter?Germans Angered by "lar
from Friendly" Attitude of Bucharest Government.
Tondon, Sept. 25. With Greeci
Bulgaria armed against each other, and
?rable of th?
Balkan powere, waiting to take
? ? i ..? -. ion oi" :i
ter whose name cannot b<
ow almost passed out of the hands
of diplomacy.
situation in the Balkans is de*
ng with considerable celerity.
Bulgarian mobilization, as well ea
:i?k.is proceeding,nnd Athens an?
nounces that Kinf: ?Konstantine and Pre?
ached s complete
?lient a. to the cour-- Gret ??<
i . Thl. I| I in Athen*
to mean Oreek nid for Rerbia, in ric
cordanee with treaty obligations.
As regards the Itulgaiian internal
? on, it i. declared In Bo I
es through Berlin that the threat
split in the Cabinet ha" bien
'averted, thr Opposition lenders deelar*
themselves ready to support Pre*
RadoslavofT's policy.
I? lemi-offlcieliy etatad in Sofia that
Bulgaria has merely declared mi armed
neutrality, on the lines adopted by !!"'
land and S\? ?tzerland ; '
a-u, end that the governm?
Sofia ??-ill ? with
the i \\ -i belligerent gn
? . Rui . which
?forded as rar from friendly to th<
('entrai Powers.
King aii?? Venizelos
Reach Agreement
\ | King
| Constantino and P
erenec this morning, reached a
ird *o both
ilready taki. ?o rern
: ? Je?
. ' i? is ant;'
? ireeee'a ;
.?I Serbia, it will be ie?
called, i ;.! ed ??? trei ty after ii-.'
war. under wl
:-.'!( : tOOd, iir' i'cr would be
upon ? ? erbi : ihould tl s
tion b?-' attacked by Bulgaria.
King ? ' Prcn::-i
differed in
s ith r"rr;*ril to the
The Premii if the
of the Entente Allie? compelled
his temporary rttintmenl
n caused ? '"ici ? .
untry by the ordi r
'or the mohil ?zstion i The
people apparent!; hang?
bility of war. Il no. thou; h?,
iStilil i'--' will fo ?"?' 111
diately, althougl ? ; nei
? !? ?t, that
and Bui
. entu kl'.y.
Mobilizati r way tO-da) and
pi oci ? dins, quii
h ng Conatanl ?ne, a h ?
pas led ? hrough s se. ere illrt?
Bulgarian Cabinel
Split Averted
Herl in, Sepl. iff ' by wh ?
ville. N. V ofla, a
given out to-daj b Ovei
Agency, says thai - hi Ir-ngei of s
split in the Bull '
k si ted Opposition ? ?? were
military n
thi :.-"? ernmi :-t an. .iup
as tV.i- polie) of Premier Rado
I'll" Overaeas News At i
"'I in? Greek mobilisation Is reg
measure of 7'n tautlon for prob
spec !
I ;, ' :..,,. r.
ti|i his policy of ne itn >ng i
ntei ' Grs ne no1 im
< mitinn.*?! on page '-. rtilunta I
Veting Chairnio'i, 7*. ce ret a r y and Stale
( omirtitteemeri Resign.
m, Sept 28 Reelgnatio
? - of the I 'o ?
State Coi i I to
day at a meeting of th? eommitt?
which Stephen K. French, the secretery.
was removed from office. Mr. 1
had announce/1 his support of Samuel
W. McCall, the Republican car
for Governor.
. Ward, acting chninnan of
the committee, resane?! for buaineaa
reasons, he said. Leon K. Baldwin, i
thm city, was named in his piece, and
i Lei eon, of Everett, a .?*
succeed Beereterj I ?
te Senator Charles E. Burbank,
wl ?> has bien named as a member of
ommittee on resolutions at the
Republienn State Convention; Philip
Carter, of Newton; .1. A. Parad
Somerville, and Kdwin C, Heed, of
Quincy, sent in their reelgnetioni as
members of the committee.
Two Directors of O.A.A.Won't
Stand "Jackass Ape. Crook."
(Ft T?i?1'-r'' !? Tti- Till".mi\l
St. Louie, Ho., Sept. 25. Albert ?ren
Hoffman, flnencier an?l aeronaut, re*
! as a member and ?lircctor ?if the
German*American Alliance of Missouri,
after listening; to a speech by Kurt
\ <?n Reppert, a lawyer, at s n
ll Si iiiyht.
Von Hoffman jumped up in
? I ?uh?nitt?'d his resignation
|y after von Keppert r? ferred to
I r< dent Wilson as n "jackass, .?n ape,
. . ? ? nk."
l'un! (). Sommer, siso an aMiar.ee d
resigned to-day. A* b?
recollected '. aaa H?-pp?-r* called
I? nt Wilson B jackass, an ape an?l
Von Itepperl ?admitted to day that he
had used Strong luiijru.itfo m referring
to Mr. Wilson, tint he could not recall
the work jackass.
"1 did u**s the term ape in ea
gorical way." he said. "As I recall it.
I said something like th?*: 'Darwin
we ere ell deeeended from
but In vi"w of the actions of the
lent it? would seem that .ome
?how iht-ir origin more plainly
tu the won! crook, I may have
said that I't?-Mil'-'it Wilson either mu
perfectly ignorant of sxieting coiuli
? imi-t be s ?-riiok.'*
\ ? '? .
? I- I
i . ?
i , euch week ?? ? i : '?? ?? b. It.
Apt. ?V, lWi. - lui. Hit iW?_vs.?.. . - A<_\ I.
May Seek to Have British Stop
Ramming IJ.Boats Before
Modifying Policy.
WTaahington, Bi pt it ons
between Ambaaaador von Bernstorff
ami the S'tnte TVpartment over the
sinkinp of the Arabic probably ??ill be
? 1 next \?cr?k. The count is
understood to have reeeiv?
from hi?- Office
? * its opinion of the evidence sub?
mitted by the Tnited Stir
? i si th<- ship was t' ?
warning nnl did not move to
the undersea bi -
It Is not known definitely whether
Germany is prepared to disavow the
sinking of the Arabic, with the Ii
\mcriean live?, or intend5 to
ibmissiosj of differences 01 que
tions of fact to The Hague. Pn
Wilson's position 1? une]
the principles Involved cannol lx
mitted to arbitration, slthough que?
? of fac? oi -.
, might b<? settled mer.
Count van,
it is said, are In accord with intima?
tions in press dispatches from Berlin
lof s desire to settle smie?bl?, th<
tire dispute between the United il I
, snd Gersaany, but the i scle ii
the way of a s?*ttlem
the Ambassador, is tie all?
? real Britain with respect to ram
isrines. i.ai -. Am*
on Beraatorff elaima,
bee? offen d foT the ramn i
marines by merchantmen, and th re are
intimation.? tha-* I . coni
. her submarins polo
will seek through the United States
sossi British merchant- i
men will submit to visit sad search
King ?!'?!? I - ??? 1 :? ? ?? i n .n H st , latee
? Mariner- W ril.
a. ? ib ? ? i
ll .. ' !:
? > done, which h ?i
i? .. .'rida;
? .,:?? ? lip out Of til
-?.Ulli?, l'iit. h. . . ?tilat? ?I l'ion
t '?.?? :i^t an?l
? I ??? ? iV? .1 ?!,. |
the damage inflict?
The cyclone is moving wiftly north
Channel and he >? est I
"This Und Will S< on Bo T-r?."
Said Letter Mexican Held.
A [-'on i ?i Tei . ;;?".t. . . Ael i.i!
upon. | ??' 1'intained in
?d to have h.
te ?lay hi -
.-? O? I!'.
order of th? I n te
Warren ts have bee
plot ??avait .
... y.
ter, written I and
ed to a man in II id i _-? i aunty,
and on the ad Ireeeec nd t hi ?ugh
?h" aMegrii tiuth.-r
Among o'h.'r things, the commu-ute?
flon contain? the follow.np: 'We
have t fl ind 1.000 rounds of am
"Be prepe 'lay. at the re
they con
Wi ar?- assured of
,y, get the dynamite,
? secret and doatroi this let*
- ??on as you have icaH it. Let us
I hope. Thi? lend 'ill soon be
? i ji - "
Frank H. Simonas
Author of "The Great Wtvf*'
ha?, a Weekly review in the new hditnn.tl Section every
.Sunday. 1 o-day ho analyzes the Russian campaign
from Dunajer to Dvina. Turn to it. You will find it
a l ompreheniive digest of a tremendous operation.
@-V -dtmdat, STrtbutt??
Itrtt to Lait rhe Truth: Newt Editor tait-Ac vertttementt
Kaiser Sacrifices Von Tir
pi, Submarine Policy
to U.S. Demands.
i-.. '. -i-- r.. . -
Berlin, Sept 26. The Kai-">r has
the von Tirpit'. idea of sub?
marine warfare on the altar of Ameri?
can freedom! To prove to the great
? on that Germany has
??hanged her submarin'.? policy,
the Emperor has displaced the admir
?d to the U-boat law laid
down b\ the United Stut'-s, and re
d h.?m with men who have taken
! beside < haaeellor Beth
man-Hollw >g rather than beside von
Tirpit/. in the submarine question.
Admitnl von Holtzendorff, ex-com
mander of the German hi?h seas fleet,
ha? succeeded Vlee-Admiral Backmaaa
II head of the naval general staff, and
Admiral von Koch, inspector of ma?
rine instruction at the Imperial '? ral
?academy, has replaced Rear Admiral
Dchncko as vice-chief of the naval
?taff. The latter appointment - still
unconflrmed, but there teems
to b little doubt .? - -o it
The changes, which were mads
time ago, tool? plac? in conn? d can -?ith
the modification in ihe lubmariae pol
i. , signalised by \m'i-.
BernstorfTs declarations at Washing'
ton. The displaced admirals, il Is
understood, were opposed to the modi
.11- made effective at ih'il time.
staff Issues Ml Orders.
The naval iie:ier--.i itaff in war time
ipposed to h?' the all-important
branca of naval admii - il It has
charge of all .- 1 he Sect.
itfategie plans and disposi?
tions and issues ths ordei under which
all unit i of the nai > Beet,
cruisers, lubmsrines and aircraft op?
In tin ? <>f peace H wa o? rshadowed
Imlrnl von Tlrpil ::;stry
of Mann', owing to the dominant per?
sonality ??;' the lei ??etc in whose name
i- so it closel] .'- ociated n >th I i ?
velopment of German tea power. Even
in the -.'re?? of ??. ar VOB Tirpi'z ha
been abie ?? Is la
fluence upon I
rhs new chief, von Ho I '.'?"iff. is
one of the hip men of the navy. Km
peior William sjavs him command of
the high icai fleet at the outset of the
dreadnought era, when the adveat of
the all-bi?- ?un type of battleship made
Germany a dangerous rival of Great
li tain, and he retained that command
until just before the war began, when
hs was ?eeeeded by Admiral von ln
??enohl, who gave way .n turn last
iring to Admira! von Pohl.
Ne?? chief Typical Res I???*.
The nev, chief ol itaff, with
his bushy, snow-white besrd, hi square,
thick-set f.'?un an 1 his frank, positive
manner, ?* a typical Sea dnK-. H eai
tief marl.- of fores written all over
him n impress ? heightened
by his deliberate, well-weighted, but
thoroughly frank spec!? snd enjoys
th? respect of naval officer? ?rer.erally.
lie i.? firmly committed to th?> new
lin?? of submarine policy ?n regard to
passenger steamers, snd is thoroughly
convinced no more of then ??
as he considers the mea?ur?*< now being
taken adequate to prevent all possi?
bility of ac?"d.-nt or error.
Submarine Commanders hav- been ?n
?tructed not only not totorpedo pa
gvr steamers without warning them
and giviag passen?,-? rs and crew an op?
portunity to escape, unless the linei?s
attempt to htxht or run away when
hailed, but also to adopt the safe cour??
when th-re is the ?lifrhtes* dosl
to the 'n'ention? of the ?hip and not
tire a torpedo unless sbsolutely con
? meed of s hostile intent.
New Factor? Will F.nd Hyphenated
Ksbie?' Pet?.
Washm-fton. S..p:. 2h. The Kuropean
war haR breugkt a new industry to the
United State? the asaaufscturi of
porcelain doll hea?l?. Hitherto, <.er
many and other fureiirn countri?-? have
furnished the neads for American dolls.
These importations, however, have
been practically cut off ?ince thr war
? plant, accord i mr to information
ned the Department of Com?
merce, has been established in Phila?
delphia. k
Automobile Plunges Into 40-Foot
Hole at s?8th St.; Trolley Car
Halted on the Brink.
Throngs Barred from Theatres Closed by
Fire Marshal, Pause ?Momentarily,
Then Go Laughing On
Their Way.
This a? rident ?n? rauecd h; an unavoidable rock ?llde.
?inly those timber?? that eatne in actual phy.lral ??nfaet with the slid?
ing rock collapsed. The rest of the strii-lure held in splto of the weight of
d??uhle troile; trecka. In my o.ilnloe this accident i. a vindication of the
type of sliorin?/ inert b\ the I alted Slate?? Realty an?l Itnprn? enicnt ( om
pa.*?. What should hs-e h.ip?ien?-d in Sexenth Avenue lael Wednesdnv hap?
pened here lo-niirht. One -et-.ion of the skoriag ?as knocked down, but the
damage wes roaAaed to a /une H'ii feet in length. Public Service Conunie*
si"ner Ha] ward.
With Broadway crowded with ?te Saturday night throngs of men and
woman sightseeing. heading for restaurants, hound for eabstraCe and
nuking for theatres to purchase ti-kot-, at T:l*? o'clock laat night, one
hundred feet of the sidewalk and street on Hroadway, between Thirty
eiphtii an! Thirty-ninth Streets, caved into the >'7U'?ivati?>n for the pro?
jected Hroadway and ?Lexington Avenue eubway,
One unidentified woman, who was in a taxioah which toppled the
thirty live feet to 'ho bottom of the hole, sustained injuries from which
she ?lied in Hcllevue Hospital. Three other peraona, wait?in? on the west
side of the street, were injured, one of then. -?> seriously he will die.
The accident, ?believed to have been ?lue to ? rock sliile, came twenty
??>ur hours after an engineer of the Public Service Commission and an
eiiffineer for the United States Realty and Improvement Companv had
pronounced the street and -??lewalk shoring safe. That company, which
is hui'.ding th?; s.'ction of the suhway involved last night, al.-o i?- doing
that part of the ?Sevei th Av?enue subway erork whi<-h ?was the scene of
last Wednesday's disaster.
Medical Experts Say Dis?
ease Can Be Checked
in Its Fmbryo.
! Philadelphia, Sept. 15. Physicians
wh<> have s ?pent years In tin- study of
taberealosis declared to-day at the dea*
ing seaaion <?f ;ii<- saventh annual m?it
itiR of the American Aaaociation of!
Clinical Research al the Hahaemaan
Medical College thut the cure ?volved '
i.v Hr. Jet!? t son D G bson, of D
retiring president of the asioeiat
one that in ten years outfht to place
tubareuloois among the relatively non
fatal dieeaaea. Dr. Gibson's cure adds
X-rays, ??/.?????* ami static electricity to
the climat c end dietetic treatment now
common ?n tul srculo B)
this method, he elaims, the p
the ?lisiase can be detected in healthy?
robust persons evoa :. the '-veil
known sympt?me bet::n te form, and
cure.? can be effected n: advanced
in a remai kably short time.
In In paper to-day Dr. Gibaon laid;
"i in? of has treated
have bean onto 61 deaths. Tin- X i ?j
will finally bring aboiii the ema.
tion of the human race from 'hi- dread?
ful ?courge. In a feu ? n the
method i. better dev? loped, .: will I... a
disgrace for ;? ph yaiciai
of tuberculosli of any kind to pi' .
to ?.ti a?!', an >i -e the X
evea now ?
denc'.e even '?? ore th?' --.nnptoms
form." ft
At the conclusion of the'pap-T I>r.
Arthui ?.. V, : . of th i eity, said that '
he adopted [>r. Gibson's method ?ij_ht
first introduced,
li.it time had uclueved un
precedented r< -ults.
"I .'o not ' ?? ? ???? thai Dr
?atinj; the valu?- of Ins cure on?
Dr. Vale declared. "Out of 100:
?ha- I have treat meta !
o?l there have been fewer 'iir-.i tea
deaths. I would mention one patient
in particular. Ha we
fering foi soms ??
with | '
rnor.th.? he
i pei :'??!?? ' v bee Ithj."
i he folio? ' i were elected
by th?
' .
!?r. William B. Snow, of New York;
a fii.'.'i vice i'r. Leon T. Ash?
croft, of ?; Dr. Krauaa, <?f
i rmaaeat eeerctary of
Toledo Alie:: Accused of Receiv*
Ing M >ney fur His Activities.
Toledo, Ohio, Sept. IT,. <hari*cd with
smuggling ei(*ht hundred or more Uul
','Hr,h','- from Windsor, Canana, to Do
troit, and then to Tole.lo. Mike Tone?!,
a Balgariaa, was urrciile.l here tl
tern? m, l\ coverr.mi nt cVcert,. The
rlti made be ?ome
men brought across the border.
The call rece red from Washington
orderina I'M Hulear?an oifl
S'ew York preparatory
? im to the.r natve country broUKht
(?bout the expose of Tonoif's activities.
- .
Affidavits by Andrea MitrefT and i'eno
Nikoloff, prominent Bulgarian business
men, declare that Tonon* leceived from
$5 to I'-'J for each man he brought
The ease is under the jurisdiction of
the Detroit court, v. here Tonoff will be
transferre?l early next week,
of the smuggled aliens are i-uartered
at i hieaj-o. Detroit and Albion, M.cn ,
I the affidavits iaj.
* LurgMttS Mnv Aid Identification.
I The deed woman was about f-irfr
| Uve year? old. She carried a gold \orf(.
i nette bearinc; the initials "S. F. H" or
"S. F. i '."
Just before midnight the sure-eon at
tending the woman in BeHevwa Hos?
pital ?aid she came to her senses long
enough to say her name tin? Isabella
Ilomoliston. A fe?? moments later ?ha
lapsed into unconsciousness and died.
The injured are:
Howard Cross, thirty-?ix, *,, ?i<.f.
trician, of ?r,0 West l.V',1 Street. I-'all
iag timber caught him as he was walk?
ing thrmigh th- excavation niipe.-ting
the lights. l*i Bellsvue. Probably will
(""" ' a ?, thirty-seven, clerk,
of Hfl ,..??? | ort) faith Street
and lacerations and possible
internal injuries. In St. Vincent's Hos?
John Soler, thirty, chauffeur, of
?"I. \. J. Both legj lassrstsd.
In New York Hospital.
M. t iark, forty-eight Hr'-'?es and
lacsrstions. In St. Vincent's Hospital.
? i ious.
The I'nited States Realtv snd 1m
provsment Company's contract on thn
Broadwa* und Lexington Avenue sub?
way covers, on this section, the ?or?
? ti Broadway from Twenty-sixth S'reet
to about ten feet north of wher? 'h<i
IdSWaU give way <?n this
the w."i.. hus progre?sed M th?
sub-grade stage and awaits only the
?-. of stssl t<> cosapleta th.- job.
Kor several Weehs storekeepers in the
vieillitv "f ths icciilent have remark?'!,
it was Widely ?tated last evening, tha?*.
i-r a surface car or automobil*!
rumbled over the planking, the board*
bounced high. The planking extended
from the car trad ? I the rail*?
i ich the concrete held, to both
curbs. Ten ffet beyond the walls of
mica rock and sand the sidewalk? a-d
?h<> street planking; were supported by
? n.her columns [ourtpSS niche? thicat.
which is two inches thicker than the
timber Ussd fo<- a similar purpose on
?he Seventh Avenue subway.
Fnginecr* Hsd No Fear.
The mica rock, William Havward,
Tublic Servies Commissioner, ?aid last
evening, is rotten, but public and pri?
vat?? en?':ne?.?rs who had looked over the
?rroun<l prior to last evening enter
i no fear that traffic could loosen
it luileiently to drive out the shoring
: timer.
About a half hour before the ea.e-m,
the n-slies learned, pedestrians noticed
that the planking was beginning to sag,
but there has been so mucn j'sting
i about the condit-on of Manhattan
ta that no serious attention was
paid to the ?ituation.
The motorman of a southbound
Rroai.way car was the flrit to see the
trouble. He was Malaehi Murphy, of
,;,imbu? Avenue. In hi? open csr
were ten pa-?etigers.
His car, proceedinj? at a reasonable
rale of ?peed, was half way down the
block between Thirty-eighth and Tnir
tv ninth ?treets. when the planking
from the n<>rthw.-t corner of Thirty
??ii-h'h S'reet and from th? west car
rail to the sidewalk began to dlssp
pear. plank after plank falling into
the excavation chamber with a roar.
H.f?.i.- Murphy eould stop his car,
the forward truck, with Its four wheels,
was hanging over the edge. He swung
on the reverse and hi? car started back,
the ten passengers flinging themselves
to the street in a ?tats of panic.
Taxi? ab I'lungea Into Hole.
Murphy leaped to ths street am
then, having stnrted hi? car out o
I danger, ran back tfxit and shut off th
power. As he was t" lug this a Ualsal

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