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Your Money ?Back
If You Want It
?4,?. Miterrsl P?se. Fire? LolumTa.
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T?> I'AV A*?!? T?i SJSjBBJBBW, F .IB;
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i ? ?t? e
Frrgf to Last the Truth : New* - Editorials - Advertisements
^ T.xNv... \... swrn _L
? r>?.?rl!h?. Ifll?,
Ri The Trltitme Ass?>,? 7a,linn!
? ?. i? In < 1?) "' *?'*? ^"r'-i- **?*?> ,rk termes t It. anil 11 .?.okas?.
PRICE OXE ( l.N > 11*.??in i<> r-i.??.M
30,000 ?WAIT
Clear Skies Promised
for (liant Parade Up
Avenue To-day.
20.000 Women and 10.000
Men \\ ill Crowd Ranks?
Beaut> Squad a Feature.
itX/, ?.eath. r man
?ve SI
>f Bas with
,. -
for ira.-* |W_tB?t parnde.
that '??- ' ::'' ' r ^e
K?r\ ? i Dgfcoat the eitj
waj. ? ? march, and at 8
??ty. ? the order erill
^ f M -v Bead the
rinks ' ?y
jj0- - - n*-. rompiste,
the Is?' recruit! lied.
.-. - r, and
purp> -
?..ere ' ??' Wj ,,i?"
,^-., ? who will carry them.
?uner*-,:-- thai
nske *
ind ?'?
jj0lt ?' ? ?S el ' Brill march
ssvs bei
?jUhberl ?are
|t ? . ? irerei * \p
?'?-'.? | In 1
Fifth A'-?" *? *' ' - **har* thej
fall fate sir plaees in th*
Firsd? ' ' IfTand division of the
Won*.?* i Polil Bill ?a?
BSSjds r ' \ Avenue .
ten th ? ' ' '*''"* ?
where ? main
pira.- ?'
?O.iOO Women, 10.000 Men.
that tl
wcrner. an.
the ton.
tl_? par;.-.- . ? under WBJ
Fifth A
w'n.re thi ng ? ?*? int erill be
itipe: is 1
..t.r the Pis rhe thirty i
_____ ? and
co-durt? I
womet . ' ?'?>
rule 'v
The SSI -
par.. * Arst is ths -
*r sal, I march repre
stars >. ?
TO'.t. \ .
trt!!?, the ? "ha
?*.'.'.c?'. - -? this division wi .
the float ei a ? ths 'en womer. who
_pr<_ t: ?
Joitic. at i tin-nt- will ride.
As SSCOI rill represent the
l aiteo Bti f the countries, and
will be c - ' ? ?, g i a bers of
Sal Xsl rrace
SBSsslal | :t. a formation
At it? o*- : ?? || -. will be
?slevlri | ai(B I'nmr.
?hith h Yei
Se>rral Hundred Auto?.
Th? following rill be
*??* '^r,:*.-. .M the
?asssai I? of i ...
r*!1*<l ?i n? of the
WorE?7 . .,, ?\.
?Mm ?*
****** Buffrai ilxth will in
**S? ???? . . . ?
"d 9***t* ? - . The Won ? i
?hl'-r?1 ' ? form th? folios .
'rill--, ? rated aut
^*** ???? ch will be
8 l,:' . rear. The
*?tc?T^ ' barners of
'""l *_hu-h have
ir? tl"1 * r whirl
,./' A
,... ' ration of Worn
4?* ?'.and, from wl
?>. " ' -
? I I t).<
v* ___' A'
?ho . ' " among 1
V. , ' ?eat? ar?.
?i_??. _ ' t Attorney Pei
?.i '
?___"_ " ' ?
-??..' " ' ?Harki, Sute
(_:V . on, judii?
fcJSi '."-"t
r?tk, r',r and Ralph M.
_, tv " oi i b
?t4ii_*. ?" eviewini
Hi*?.. ' the
-? a
Usais s,m Harrrd.
??I or. " ?;*tl<'?ii not to . ..
lei? ,'? ' ? I'ncl?
??**._ v. h flaure
**? set.. k' ' ?ucl? a sol
???t in? "
_NtaeB_?_ i ' ktM,f ??11 ??! he
?Ww.ii- ::d-hr ? ,-,r' ?
Si -?__._' ur"*<1 w:Ui ??
IshJSM rf *r ' rn?r<h'nK with the
OI PMIbsj vetes fei nasses
11 -1 SB p__? ?, oaJuttu? 4
"I'm Delighted, Mrs. Shepard's
Delighted; Finley's a Great Boy"
Foster Father's Smiles ?Spread ITirough Broadway Offices
\*. hilt* New Gould Heir Goes Swimming in
Lyndhurst Pool.
1 ??? of Flnley J f-hepard, ?r .
?n the eiirh'l loot of she ?'Ity Ir.fr??
Bg, a* 168 flrr-edway. vest one
1 .- ?- i . a-?'.'....v. Mr. S'.epanl'i
.-1 TV.?- blende sten^g*
?? led. Th. r,ep-?-.? oftice BO}1
Broa th? fa'. hr?.?t k-ob on
Ml Shet/itr,.'? private room
?er than u?aal. and sa?-, back
S ? : nr.d paternal a-r'.i
"The hon 1? ?-ir? pleased." ??id iim.
the office ? ? | a row of white
"YoSSUh, he li lur. plehied.
Walk rlgBl In."
Mr Shepard ?at a' a big: mahogany
doe onsweriaa ? talephoae call.
. ,- ? Bks, Bill." h* told the
at rhe other and of the wire.
"i on* around and ?ce him. Hring
tour MA F.-'-v B II take a fall out
-, vou bet he Brill. ToB
ouch, to ?ee that arm."
He h il c :i- the receiver anil wheeled
around ifl his chair.
"I'm a proud father." he announced
BOt nshamed of ir, either.
Bhepord and I have slwsys
?? J ? child, and now w.'ve pot -ne.
? sas rr.at we're delighted de
- K-.ew a healthier gOBBg?
IB. "or ft better BBtured
thoroug] ? ? -
bv a physicien and he'? ?<pu*:d a? a
? its .??? ? ?.tv laborer and
epord "fa? a.ked
i the fiither reluc
:, u'.i'e, possibly, but
nga are hurl He's
- 'he be?t jisooai
I age ti.at I know.
Mr?. Shepsrd aaya the lam? tl Bg."
Belletrea in Public School.
"Hove roe made any plai.s \et for
I .? e ;?? -
? - SO] ." be replied.
her :.nd I ?re strong believ- '
'em In the public school BtStOlfl ?? a
pe?era! priBclpl? lallj can't
?av whether woll ser.d h:iri there or
sdoeats hlai '.i vatelj J isl boss be'a
under the et re at i Ft ??(??. s-o-. araneea
He'? pieked up a good den! of the Ian
KJH^-e j..-e?,i'. Me ;,.?.
\ie '.is ?vmplth,. t- Al?
"?le-. BOOtral -lenatd
lautrhrd. "At iea?t he .io.si.'t '.a -
i.erm?: ratteroL
"We try te he with him a? much ai
[ we car.." r.e COBtlBBed "He ta>:es 1,:?
, meal? with n? ?rhenevar are cnn arrange
?t. Naturally, hi? hour? are ?i
from mini He gets for one
My wife and hod
boated argument! about what he ous/ht
to eat *? o ? - . -:ii ?u
I ',;i would a groo :*-u; |
"No. we hp.-en't employed n dietician
to asa menus. Mademoiaelle,
his govfraeaa, aaually ?f?? to tl .
C .r?e, tve all take a hand si t. Ami
low Mint boy d?os ei-*' It make? me
? r,tri, ifl to watch him.
'Mr?. Shepord r.iid I don't - ?
the Multhusian theories of Pro -
Johnaon, of New York I'n:-. erv.'y. He
said the o'her day, you remember, that
a special tax oufrht to be put ?..1 mar?
ried men with fouilles, That ceein?
queer queer. It'^ not easy to ,
?tond h - Doiol of \ leu. On the ?
I think I prefer Mr. Roosevelt's.
"Yes, sll that's onnstursl. It can't
be nr' ' I oy call? me father not?
and Mr?. Shepard mother That's worth
theory n the world."
At d the head of a half dozen railway
m and ?he hueband of one i
richest women in the V\
ed round to h;s de-k Sgoln, as
..? a? any fl5 t week brakemsfl B '-.
? kid or two a* home.
Flnley. Jr? l?ot? f?t?Immlnu.
While hi? fo?ter-fathor was ?caller
in, ?miles abo-i? hi-i office Finie?
S'piepard. jr., went Bwimming in t':.e
warm indoor pool at Lyndhurst, the es?
tate of hi? parente, rr.at overlook? the
Hodion, near Tsnrytowo. Hii footer
ir, formerly Si iaa Helen (roultl.
went in with him. and a-'--: th?
? ontlnne.l ??it pi?.*' t. ? .?luntn S
Lloyd (ItNirire Announce? r?|ual
fur F.qural Munition? Work.
"r 2J. Pnvid I
Goorge, M ? MbbIUobs,
? thnt women e-gl
' and over encaged in
* irk received n mini
? 11 : ?reek! y. *?
1 or irk, or. time or by r
- ' pay as men.
ree. . ? '-ion of the :
?? ?? same ps
i aanso wo;-, -
have long been Baji.at.ng
I'eeorder Hefu-e., to Relieve Arre
Own?r ?if I'.oiMerou? Car.
'??? h< Angelo coaxed
.- power automobile d
.root, i'rar.ge, X. J., all
? ? i to the wiiidow.?
? at perion wi? disturbing
el by rattling tin car...
? night Mr. Angelo was arrei
? having the proper light! on
and. after the car had mad
i h.: ' 'range ?
-. driver v...? arraigned be?
J. Nott, Jr.
: il' ," sid the recon
? the car inatead ?"
Mr. Nott il un ardent ?
? . Bad he looked the machine o
.'. ? . i boa he i hook hi? head.
Heiter Name Triplet? After Vnc
than the l're?ident.
Da, -r-i . <? H iraau 1
Washington, Oct. 22.- N'amins bob
aftel the l'r?silient, even when th
? triplet?, 1i not ?o prol
'nrr.irg them after ?omr ?pi
01 bachelor uncle. Hepoi
from llattoOB, 111., that the Preiide
eks for $2.r> each to triple
-? ? r. ? after hini, anil purpo?
-, ; a-, for *'".r education WO
rally denied at the Whi
? to-tiay.
. might hnfe a hra
thrill .. th pride in having
bi by named af'cr ?hem ?utTlcient
open h ?mall bank account for tl
race? eding t'hn?
?i, Is) mighl oriBg forth
f th? ?. I? COI
: favorable aid there were r
? .? the diplomatie relations Mi
? . i, Idren ivill get froi
,, letter of appr?
nation. Perhaps nut even that. M
-, w l p t e . t.
i'erelvrr Appointed fur Man Who Mar
nod Mis?, /.iinmerman.
London. ?>ct 22. It was announce,
here to r.igl.l that M order for a re
? had been Issued against the Duki
.-.;: ? hi StOI <?'! the petition of I
The Duke of Mancho.ter marrier.
He i": Zimmerman, ?laughter of the late
i IgOOe Z ii rut rnia.'i. or Cincinnati.
? ? 8>
I hat or Jail, Say? Judge, to Whom
Wife Appeal?-?!.
,! si ? Itjrtee, Of Z19 Nepperhsn Av?
foakers, wb? givoa the alternative
of gon.g to work and ?upporting hi?
wife or going to jail ye.terduy by City
Judge Heall Mr?. Style? complained
| e WOttld rather write pu.try than
ga to work
-4. --
Exchange Seats Still Soaring.
A furthei mercase in the price o{
BtOCk 1 change membership? wa*
lad pasterda) whes n ?eat ?old *t
j an advance of $1,00(1 over the
1??' | n v.ouo sale. The ?eat wa? tl ll
of th? late Edward vTasaeraasB, wlnrii
a diapoied of for the third time
?'ii the tWO previous ?ircuiiiori? 'he rn.i ^
chaser failed of eloctioa to m.nib.r
i t In th? ???...',?' I
Fire ...ar.hal Shot and Three
Detectives Injured in Baltimore.
' . ? T->JT?. 1. tr, T* ? T ?
Baltimore, "ct. __ Werklag under
orders of Btate'i _tten ? , Hroening,
eteetivei ronaded up to?
night what they he the big
? rson ring: in the country. Three
mer. were esptared after a heavy gen
light, In which State Fire Marshal Ed?
ward J, Meyers wa? ?hot, probably
mortally. Two ?ait ca?e? ?aid to con?
tain highly inflammable gase- nr.d oil?,
and an "arson bomb," | !..ri'<? glass
eighteen inches in diameter,
were eonflaeatod by the police,
of the detectives were injured in the
? ? I thst followed the exhsBStion
of their sBimnaitiea.
The prisonsra are Gottlieb Freund.
Harry Ifillef BBd Harry Goldberg, of
Just as the detective? surrounded
two men. who. they say, were nhout to
"plant" a bomb under the wagoi
of Geeras M. Marras & Son?, canner?,
f the men llred. The ball -truck
Fire Marshal Meyer? in the
(inly to day : I I D_l I
1 _ 1 pieced 126,000 y on the
property. The itate 1 1 ?? ?j- I 1 I
learned of their Intenl 01 ? end ths go
? th? itats's
attorney, who joined the gang, posed
as a bad man, and laid the plans thnt
led up to the placing of the InBBfSBCS
Ferkln? Refuse* to Tell Reault of
Talk with Wit neo?.
Declaring he knew who killed Ham?t
P?_" and who put up the money for hi?
killing, Abraham Whiskin, a rabbi em?
ployed In killing chicken?, was closeted
with District Attorney Perkins for half
an hour yesterday. Captain Carey, of
the 11 lad, and two detective?
were called in, hut Mr. lVrkins refused
to tell what Wh'.skln had divulge..
Whiskifl i? twenty-nine year? old and
lives at R0 Market Street He was ar?
rested on complaint of Albert (iarlick,
a poflltry dealer, of 447 Hater I
who sayi Whiskifl cashed a cheek for
I4M after rtcfiving the BS_BS SlBOUnl
in nonsy,
Surgeon? Lift Depresaion Made IS
Year? Ago?l'atient Safe.
After living thirteen years with a
sis inch fracture In hi? ?kull. Robert
Oswald, an ex fire captain, fifty-four
yean old, of ..12 Wast 112th Btreet,
Was operated on -,??? terdsy at Wash
lagten Heights Hospital by Dr. I I
Sichel? of _io Riverside Dries I
was under the BBBMthetis saly tweaty
minute?, while a depression in hi?
?-kull waa rained. La.? t nicht he wa?
i out of danger,
Oswald was knocked uneon?ciou? by
a falling telephone cable at a four
alana St? in Brooklyn In 1901. 11 ??
fractuTi? wa? set discovered at th??
time. He was retir? ?J from t
partnsal six year.? ago, a? physically
October War r_BBSltlSS Una*. 1er than
at Any l're?iou? Time.
London, Oct. __. British catualtie?
published since OstsbsS 1 total 2,_._
officer? and .0,072 non-co_imi?slon?d
otticer? and men.
The?e figure? ?how an sverags los? to
the British army of nearly W00 men ?
day. This i? sssuddersblji bearise than
th?- CB-ualt.es sarlisi la 'be war and
reieetS the ?o??e? of ths British in th?
recent ?ever.- lighting in Belgium. Pur
lag the Bummer the lo?se? average
about l.ROt? daily? la April sad '?!..?,
when the heaviest fightn.g the Dar?
danelles was in pr.'gre??, the daily
a .?ras? wa? about * *. >*j.
"Grave ?Moment" Mas
Come, Says George V
in Plea to Nation.
"More and Yet More Wanted to
Keep My Ktmiss In
the Held."
B| Cabas? I TIM r---.;r.? J
London, Oct. tS. King George hs? n
sued an appeal to hil subjects to ?nlitt
voluntarily in | agaioot the
Oormanic allies. "More men, ?nd vet
? ?>-?? wonted to keep my armiei in
; "'lamation;
'To t. P? iple:
"A' this grave moment in the strug?
gle he-.?, en my p, ople und a highly or?
ganised enemy who has tarOBSgfOSSed
the laws of nntion? and changed the
ordinance I it elvillsod Europe
ther, I appeal to you.
'I rejoice in my empire'? effort, ?nd
I feel pride in the voluntary rOSpOOBS
from my subject? nil over the world
who 1 rod home and fortune
and life Itself In rder that another
may not inherit the free empire which
BBcestora snd mine have built. I
a-k you to make goo?! the?e ?acrifice?.
"Tne end i? not in ?ight. More men,
and yet more, an wonte?) to keep my
armie? in the field, and through them
to ?ecure tic'ory and an enduring
peace. In ancient days the darkest mo?
ment ha? evoi lead m men of our
race the ?trrnesi resolve. I ask you,
men of all elssses, r?> come forward
voluntarily and take your share in
? iiht?.
"In freely responding to my ?ppeal
you trill be giv'.r.g y.ur support to our
brother? who for long month? have
opheld Great Britain'? past tra
? : ?? ; : ? ? ', ' '-.? r arm? "
The eonserlptionists read into the
K ; words a complete vindication of
attitude. With the grav.tv of th?
! ? .?.? ion in creased bv (?recce's
,. of Britain's oew offer, and the
D menace in Serbia constantly
? ???'! for more troop? hat
l he King's appeal,
,i it mot c bef?te com
S.x i wore -? * for Lord Derby'?
reriu.1 lag campaign. In that time the
? " i'o-j: -rv ?T.: t usred h i
task of ;.l!;rg the cap? In her 01
,000 n '?*. h
"1 h,- i? a* bonOBI attempt," de
i Lord I'erby, "to give every mm
a ehsnee ro do his duty, a last effort
? ulf of voluntary service. I be
tory S] ?tern can
be made an v access, but
?here is BO 1 me to !
Loo don i? a?kmg whether ?hat la?t
edjadsed a
. v. he. her a new plan is con?
LoodoB, Oct. ZS. The appeal i?sue?l
pSStOldoi bt K?BS. GoOIgS tO aid the
Karl of I'> ting campaign a?
a final erf??rt to obtain Ihe required
men for military service without re
course to compulsion i? framed in a
tone bringing home to the BStiOB the
extreme gravity of Ita military posi?
tion, snd the fin I the appeal
*ln thi? respect is emphasizeii m the
editorial eolumos of th.- newspaper? to
"The Daily ?Telegraph" lays thai
Kit i;-, ?voids are ensrged with "dignity
? ? r.f lofty purpose.' and
. oei :
"Let there he ro illusions. The pres
. the darkest moment ?inc. the
war begun " The same newspaper also
protests sgslna' what it fmn a? the
cabal igainst the Cabinet and th? agi?
to mbatiUate a dictator of ?var
council, and eifresse? the hope that
the King's BPpeol Will have the effect
? ,- *he?e tactic?, which, it
declare?. ?1 pie at homu and
have a painful effect upon neutrals arid
r : ' la abroad.
? <.f the other Iaondon morning
paper? comment on the strikingly frank
character of the King'* pppesl and the
urgency of the aituation which produced
Ilaron Wimborne, Lord Lieutenant of
Jr. land, hsi . ? -el!' at the hehd
of the recruiting movement in Ireland
??..I :- appointing and orgoutsiag com
Navy Honors Anniversary of the
Birth of the Kmpress.
NorfolK, Vs., Oct 22. Reception? In
honor of the birth anniver.ary At Km
pr?'-? Aug*.iste Victoria of Germany
were held thi? sfterBOOfl and to-night
on the German auxiliary cruiser? Kron?
prinz Wilhelm ?rid Prinz Eitel Fried
rich, interned at the Norfolk navy yar.l.
Many German i I f this
tion joineii a ? the shi| Bears and
erews la thi
and Austria merchoal reis?
? ? the war were decked
.. ? ?
Qora II "'? ' -?ere flown from the
?1 ; ? of tl - ITttltad State? navy here
In recognition of the anniversary.
A French Invasion
\. r are being invade?! : Fren? h art is laying siege
t?, OUI City ?n the person of a group of artists who rame,
perhaps, fro? curiosity, hut who are remaining from
aheer enthusiasm. America means opportunity to them
_anfJ their artist friends in the trenches will come pres?
ently A capital story in The Sunday Tribune tells who
tney arP_Ma, Monnies. Duchamp and the rest?and
what they think. i
Does your newsdealer know he muatn t sell your
copy to some one else?
31 _!? g>im?ag Bntattw
first to I.ait?the Truth Snn?T.?itortals?.iattrtiiementi
Miss Cavell Brave and Bright to End;
First Slightly Wounded, Then Shot Dead
Tl-1- -
? ?.n. Moritz Ferdinand von Biasing. German Governor General of Belgium, who let Mis. Csvell be shot to
death while United State.. Minister Brand (Vhitlock ileaded for marey.
| Columbia Student Tells
How She Nursed Him
in Brussels.
Prohnbly the onlv person Is 'hi? slty
j or perhaps in the whole ' ? ted .*_**.,
Whs had been nursed back to health in
|Bel| I ..--.. Eag
Hal woman executed by the German
<??? tary authorities, is Prentiss Gil?
ber?, .?f ?'.'J. W?_t 115th Street.
Mr Gilbert, who is taking a po?t
fradaats eour?e at Columbia 1'niver
? Bity, spoke of Mi?s Cavell last night as
a woman of ?trong personality. Her
courage and frankn?-*? in testifying be?
fore trie German rotirt msrtial, ha *'.???
clared, were entirely in keeping with the
iateass palr ol ---i is apparent h bei
w.,rk, her speech and ber aim. gen
' erally.
"Her death, and parr ?ruL.rly the
summary manner in which her splendid
cur> er was ended by the Germans III
Brussels," he ?aid, "ha? dlstres?ed m?
"I met Miss Cavell for the first tint?
?n June, 11114, just about two months
before the war. I was making a trip
? through Europa sad sras stricken
with ?i fever in Brussels. When one i?
ill and r.lone in a foreign hind, where
the language aid the way. of the peo
| pie are strange, a woman like Miss
Cevell and an institution such an she
? managed is a boon to the stricken
"I'nuble Is leave the Hotel Metre?
1 pole, where I was staying, I telephoned
! to the American ?"on.sul to find S hu.?
i pital. Al ?i:,re he recommended the BS
i tabiishmer.t of Miss Cavell. known as
i the Institut Medical d'Bcrkendael, in
? Kue Bsrksadael, in the ?xelle quarter.
Il eoflsistl "i two smail houses of the
sversga Flemish typ?', with sccommoda
tions lot uliiiut tWSBty beds. While it
. is a philanthropy, in a way, a charge is
ma?!?- '??, ? I i ? il I to the a-. Stags price
paid for hospital service in New York."
A Woman of Great Dignity.
Mr Gilben ?aid that us soon as ha
w_^ earrisd te the hospital Hiss Cavell
, red I'"', and visited hi? room
1 daily. Although inured to hospital
.' , r_ and little given to expressions o?
needle.? ami deterrent lynaathy foi
patients, her dsilj visits to 'h,- ? uffer
? r.s Bfldei her charge were CCSediagly
"Miss (avail impressed me as a
i woman of great aignity," be continued
; "Whenever lbs appeared I was ira
I pressed by th:? oBUiipieeeal char
; ac-oristie Bbi sras a woman ?>f force
i ful character a super!, r WOflSSB more
i than a woman of magnetism. What I
rep? rts ?aid of her before and a*, the
-' exocutios vars sxactlj what
I uld have expected of her.
"She wa? a woman of medium height,
? <?? let and wiry, sad ? ipal a, 1 ira
of much physical and Bieatal er. _
would be req-i N .
? I , | ?? ,| in her ?or', sf work
She was s *d te getting up at
all hours of the night and r.eve.
( ..?tinned on pa?e t. .-..! ,mn i
Frison Burial at Brussels for
English Heroine Despite
Urgent Appeals.
rpy CoSm ??. Th- Trtb?ir?l
Amsterdam, Oct. 22 (dispatch to
"The Daily Mail," London.. The "Tel
ep-raaf" !tate? to night that th? Ger?
man? executed a French woman, Mil?.
Louise Frenay, at Liege, a fortnight
aero. The tiring party purposely aimed
low and she was hi*, in the logs. The
off-cer then ?hot her through th? head
a revolver The "Tel-graef" ?ayi:
"The same thing happened in Ms;
Csvell's rase. She was fired at by a
party of twelve, but only one bullet
touched her, and that did not kill h?w.
? It Wii after this that the officer of
the firing party drew hi? revolver, and,
patttag H to her ear, tired. The priest
present at ?he execution was overcomo
?virh horror, and is now suffering from
nervous breakdown. I have no hesita
? tion in ?aying that the execution of
? Covell has evoke.1 consternation
among the people of Holland, a feel?
ing that will prob.ibly do more dam
r.ge to German sympathie? In Holland
wherever iuch ?ymoathiea still ex.it,
than any happening during the war."
London, Oct. 22. The Britlih For?
eign Orfice thi? evening made public
the report of the R?v. H. S. T. Gahan.
British chaplain in Br?ssel?, who
Visitad Misa Kdirh Covell just before
her execution, and a lerrer from Brand
Whitloek, the Ameriesn Minister to
BelgittOS, to Walter Hine? Page, the
Ab .-neun Ambas?ador ?n London.
In his let'er Mr Whitloek say? he
roqaOStod that the body of Mis? Covell
be delivered to the school for nur?'??
of which ahe wa? the directress, hi? re
? being referred t-> the Minlitry
of War in Berlin. The Rev. Mr.
GshoB in hi? report ?ays:
"i':i Moriilay evening, October 11, I
ten? admitted by a special passport
from the German authorities to the
prison of St. Gilles, where Miss Edl'h
? ave!! had been confined for ten week?
1 he Bnal seateoee ha.l been given early
that sfternoon.
Was Re-signed to Die.
"To my BStOI nhn-.en' und relief 1
found my friend perfectly calm and
resign-d, but this could not lessen the
nie-? and intensity if reeling on
lithei port during that lait Interview
of almost an hour.
"Her tir-.' words to me were upon a
matter concerning herself personally,
but the soiiinr. a---'-?ration which BC
eofl ponied them ?was mad.- expressedly
in the light of God and eternity. She
then added that she wished all her
la to IcBOW tha? she willingly gave
her life for her country. ->n<l ?aid:
"'I ha*.?- no fear nor shrinking. I
have BOOB dealh .so often that it i? not
?trange or fearful to m?.'
"-'?... fir*her said:
"?! thank God for this ten week? of
quiet b. fore the sod. Mv life ha? al
? harried a-.d fall "7" dlffleul
?'?.e re -t hn-, i,
They hsve a?! I ? ??-. ear ?
*,i me here, bal Ulla I WObJ I
g ?.? I do in ?. lew of ?.? 1 a: I
etornlty! I rea'ize that BOtriotism is
? ? enough. I moot have BO hatred or
bitterness teursrd say one.'
Recehrs < hrt.tlan < onnolation.
"We partook of Holv ("umrannion
together, and ?he received the t.o.pel
r.e.-age <jf consolation with all her
I tort A1 the '-lo?e of the little ?er
. ice I begi.n to reneal the WO r
. M?-,' sad ?he m.r.ed ?oft.y
in th? sad.
"We -lit quietly 'alkir.'.' lin'il .- -.4.
?or ni** ?o go. 8h ? pan
r relatioi
Of her ???..- * at the
-nd ?he received the i
? i. ?d'l word a? eel) u < hni
"Then I ??:a goodbv. ?nd ?he ?m-lod
and r-ui i, 'We ?hall meet again.'
"A GetlOOB mili'-srv chaplain was
with her a*, the end and afterward gave
her a Christian burial
lie told me:
?"She wa. brave and brU-V* to the
la.t. She ? i ,:???? ! her ''h.* ??
faith and ?aid al ?? w?s a . i ? . .i.e. for
her eountry. She died lise ? bereioo.'"
?Batial Near the Prison.
Mr Whitloek, :n laclosiBg the le?te
he wrote to Baron VOB der .a ek. .?.
th?. liermsn Cover* or, at the reque?t|
of President Foldor of the Court o*
Appeal? is Brossais and th? president
Caotuiusd ?? ptaS? a*, otlimi S
Germans Were Within
Legal Rights, Washing?
ton Officials Believe.
ir-Tira Th? MBBBS _i:rca-_ )
Washington, Get. 22. The State De
partSBeat is powerless to act in the
case of Miss Fdith Cavell, executed
b] ths German authorities in Brussels.
Impression, of horror were heard to?
day in official circles, but in view of
th. unquestioned legality of the a?*t it
i* believed a formal protest would be
out of place.
Th? account of the activity of the
American Minister, Brand Whitlork. in
Mis? CavelPa behalf ha? created a pro?
found impression. Many officials de?
clare that the public condemnation
i which Germany has invited will be far
more damaging to her cs.se than any
official protest.
"We do not queution Germany's legal
rnrht to execute M'ss Cavell," ?aid a
high State Department official, "hut let
, us hope the German government will
1 r.ot ?toop so low ?s to defend the crime
on legul grounds. Disavowal of the art
and punishment of the offending oAeer
is Bel ? hope of escaping the
of outraged humanity, There ii
i.o nu ml law thai eould fustifj
?laying of Miss Cabell or the dup
| of the Genas iritiei it Bru l ?
I tOWSrd the Amer.can Minister."
Secretary l.an-in?- had no report te
1 day either from Ambassador I'age or
Minister Whitlock on the execution of
Mis? Cavell. A? communication, how?
ever, is earr'ed on directly between
American embassies and legations
abroad concerning prisoner? and for
?ign subjects under their care, officials
do not regard the p ibiished correspon?
dence between Ml PsgS sfld Mr. Whit?
lock wiihout reference to the .S*a,<?
Department aH unusual.
British Plan Shilling Gifts?Sculptor
Offers "labor of I.ove."
lardon, Oct. 2'.'.. "The Dally Tele
graph." with a gift of 1.000 shillings
i $250), has started a shilling fund to
provide a memorial statue to M ??
Kdith Cave!!.
Sir Georgs ?? Frsssptoa. ths sculp?
tor, ha? promised to execute the Status
as "a labor of love "
MlS. Humphrey Ward, the RO.
proposal 'hat Queen Mary take the lead
in 'he name of tie women of Knglaml
in 'he formation of a national commit?
tee to erect a m?morial tabled to M'~?
Cavell m St Paul's < athedral or WS -
minster Abbey.
A memorial ROliVCe for Mis? Cavell
Will be h.-!,I "i St. Paul's next Monday.
BelglMI Forced by Germans to
Work On*-tr_cti_K New Front.
Loados, i?'-'. _'_' The Antwerp cor
? of the "Teiegraaf." accord
? -n a Reuter dispatch from Am
?n, ?_ys:
"All rej i rts from various d:?'r
? , ? workmen are building a
1 the Scheid* to pro
fai ths eventuality of the Ger?
man:- beinir obliged t?> reteset.
' That they ur ? alreadv nr.panr g for
? uch ?. possibility i? rstherod b> a
? roi . ' IBS 1 ill Bru??ei?, ac?
cording to Which all ex-"eldier?. for
!.. - ;?? ?ben '7' ths livll _u_r?l, and
a!1 men of rr.ilitarv aire were ?um
SMBed to report themselve?. Hun
who obeyed the aurr.mons WBTS
i - ted and ?ent to an unknown de?
Four Gern in Ship. Sunk.
' is r.i Get 22 The British IBB
rrsriie ca-.p_ ..*". ar BS1 '..rmen ?hip
i ??!.? i th.? IV.*..- . be tig carried on
act .ely. The ?tr.king o? f?>ur niore
German stear.-n.ps i? reported, the
Hernoe?and, l,lt] ton?; I'lauen. 4.tl.
ton?; Ren?i?burg, _,?'.__ ton?, and Bee?
ua, 1,241 Una.
British Foreign Office
Receives Answer
of Kins;.
Warships Bombard De
deavjhatch and Coast for
Thirty .Miles.
Bulgarians Near Lskub and
Fortify Sal?nica Road
Against Attack.
' n. <~aMa _ T*m M in? }
London, Oct. '__.- Again ?.reek
caution lias arithatood the A'lies, an?!
King Constant?ne*! governs?-! by
declining th?? ? .Ter of ? vpru. and
other Britiah indu?- *: ?? ' 'em
torial and financial, has thoira itself
d?fini'- . n g to put itself in
the path of the Teuton-Bulcur
niennce in the Balkan.?.
reply of '?reece to the offer
of th?* Entente Powers reached the
| Foreign Office to-ni^ht, and while it
! h__ not 1'f.n made public, i* is he
llevad that King Constantina and
Premier Zaiasia has?? tln-ir refusal
tu retorn to the al'iance with BerMa
> on the ground "f the unccr'ainty >>f
? Allied triumph.
Thi? new defeat for El I
diplomacy, T.* al_o..e*v
: ed, is hut a new redection, i; I
? opinion of oh-ervers here, of the
general w?-akn?\._ of th.- Alli?e' n>i! i
tary pod i the Nfear K.? t
Only through ? ds-isis. victory, so
proof of the ability to win one, the. _
'? observers maintain, could Greek <>r
Rumar.inn cooperation be ???cure?!.
Instead, n'l the _____ could show
nt Athen? or Bucharest was a fruit
j less peri "1 of ?even months at the
Dardanelles and a landing at Sal
! onica, which hi the eyas of the G;. ?h-I.
General Staff, pnnu-e? to he an
hasard us and aaeettahi a? that at
Gallipoll. The Allies were not even
I M that the Palkan
eovntries would net he overrun in
turn bf ?M forces Of ths 'entrai
Towers ?,r their Bulgar and Turk
Sorb Hanger t'ndlminl?h?-d.
r'-- ? I this ffl ire emph??'red
by 'he pre-? Nt peril of SefMS, aVhSOB
fate bow ?nival <>f
' rhl re fri.tn
ll]T pushing OB fl the Bul?
garian? are firmly establishiBg them?
selves across the southern lines of com?
munication, from wh'rh each day will
make it harder for the Allies to dl?
lodge them.
Already several Bulgarian d!vi?1on?
ar* rS| llted a? ben.g rushed info
Kuraaiiovi, the eaptBTS of which wa?
announced yesterday, to fortify the
town aKa.ns*. ?!! ed . Vhils other
? ns are a ! . .- rap: ?!jr on
l'skub in order to clo-e ?he last re
mslniag avenue of communication.
Berlin report *.-7_* leatk ef .-'trum
nitza troops ??:' the exp?-i tioaary force
have been driven acros? th? Vardar
River by the Bulgarians, but whether
thi? i> a definite repaies for those cent
to ?id the - , - merely a local
I ? of the b"r 1er, i| not di?clo?ed.
Not ?lace the fateful days of the re
? ? ? . ''um Mobs, wees < ? ? ry hour was
: * . '.ef ths an?
nihilation ?if General French'? ?mall
eo__B-i i ef s ?itu
s1 sa sees I I ? ket Ig, Every on? i?
fully B 1-OSJBBeSS >>f Ser?
bia's plighl the | ?iu?'s that
hang upon Balkan victory or de
feH'.und un'll word received
the! the I ? hhve come
in contact I ? ',r at
sill he little
While the .''??i?nica oporatiOBS are
thus hidd?'li. ths Allies have begun
their attttek on the Bulgariaa coast.
'i tetagrsSB ttmtt Ath.etn tonight an?
nouncing th:.t Entente warship? had
bombarded Dedeeghatch and the shore
to Potto Lag ". a distance of thirty
a SSseitS no damage
Nn buUetifl ?>f the engagement ha?
BBl bv the Piase Bureau
here, but. in the ah??*nce ?if any. It i?
SSSSSSed .Mark ha? the double
i- the railroad to
taatiaeyle, ?*?? eh parallel? th?
eoaat, and of eeveriag the landing of
Allied troops to operate againct th?
Ma. kennen Still In. _SB_B_L
The - -?? OerssBB advaaes contln
BOe slowly, Bertis announcing the e?
, t bl??! I real Armayev.
i.n ?rid fp in Sa!e\ac
to Seviaoi ac and I i thi Mes*?
1 ave Vi '."?-? ai
th this, ! fesses full
' 'ting
la vadees
The menses eos.es rathei tram the Bui
'garlan?, ?ho ha.e bow e.?ta:?!i?he?l
j them?elve? oil tl-e Nisi Salomes rail
| toad for a diataac? of thirl> miles and

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