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Your Money Back
lf You Want lL
--. I.uiionaJ r_g?, lust Column.
I E\\\ So. 25,180.
? . , rr*s>?. ISII
lt< : i ? I - ? ?I Inn
W ?s rw^^ ?T"*^ -*** -
Ht ?ma^SsS?kwSi - '?>
E __L__k ____*__ ?. ^?l__^^i __". ' TFT"- --. __-?-?3
/irsf to Last the Truth: News - Ecitorafs - /. te rarement s
MONDAY, OCTOBK1- 2.*?, 1915. * *
i ? i.-:
T.? n\T IMi It* MOBROW,
\M? H I *? Mlr.lt
Iftfrr.la? . 1 ?m.?'f_lt,rt . ?
High. ... I ? ?r. ' .
11 ? r -, ?irt fin T ut?* 9
, tort See "- I ??
I ?I ?,? H? I.I I .?.?> < ' *? I '
- n.
Fanni ' ? v"' ,vAs :'
I a\ >r
'?( IDLI)
Glen- 11 ie East,
? ? ? " '
.. d.
- ' ?
and R
Suffrage a Live Issue
with Glens Falls Voters
Gtal . Woman
?gfngi ?"w0 or
?SBisationi si ?>' f?r
si . ?
. stlrrtd
..... lira. Loyal
"Wl tr- '. No
i nf th?
p*rty'. Iocs . : e to
Nr* ', | n ade.
Gi(-. com
of abou* It
on the upper
Hudion. Boomi ???retch acrona the
? ?7 :o catt-i? flostiag logs that are
the mills here,
? pro
BBMa ii a We?-: SB on the
'ir. cf '..-? ? -.\oman sufTraire
li i i.r-.ous qoss! *.ment on
tbi lubjec: a;;-ara to bo evenly di
Striw \oie in Paper Mill?.
A itrsw vote takes in two o.' the
'* . r of en
,- women and 42 oppoied.
- ?
of the
. was made,
Ofctf-e V. mi n, th? tsadsnt,
ii the ques
? vident
BBS tl
'' .- ng to
? '?
' tn? dipin
? ?. how
' : i
,j!' 3 a'l m only ?:x
'*? of I undecided.
? where
?- for it," or
I BBS Brill ever
***? my vf.-.,.,- .A,.r. ?,,,.,, ((?j
si the msfl Uft the
? the ?uper
"No" line
i. porter for hii
b." ' ; .. man who
to vote In
,,T'r ?' iracst" he asked.
Too Ma. N | ?ta-rs-in-Iaaw.
;'fr ' ? ntloB of rot
:;.an of miJ
I am going to vote
sont" the iuper
-r:ow th? answer
?? *" '? ??'? iirnraiii replied.
%_?_*** ' I know," he con
rtmarka to the
*. a.oi.e married
j"' ,Ff ' | v mother-in
II y wife
ja, * - ?)' women work
? fhtherly employ?
ijyi S ' - be kept in th? It
. . ?
i. j * ? .' ?
? ?i the
taaA? oorisl li.'?
: woman ?uf
i-. A.'*- :. he wanted his
Bataltte-al being
few weeks ?tated:
*t*iu , ' * the vote a
' '; ? ddle aire, intro?
?t??? bachelor, M.:?! h? was >ur
?fill I "
?! ?"
K"?' *"* about
? 0 II1SI.V
j?,',*' wrsadv."
mn7_rtl ' ' " ' "? afternoon
**???,,. r m'?
???!-,,'*'" A *; '?'" majority
?Mm ?'"? da
"'-' for, 24 opposed,
C**Wi?<it<l oa ?np* i. toUuM 4
The negative of this picture wn= brought here yesterday by Miss R<?. o Strunsky, who saw the bombardment and sailed Paul The
searchlights can be seen pointing aloft It was estimated that the aiAnip was a mil. and a hi l the tim?>.
2 mmm here
Captured by Secret Sc
vice Men While Mak?
ing Bomb.
Two msn, believed to be agents
v In a r'.ot To dynem::?- plan
manu.'at.*i:r;r.g war munitions for t
-? arrest? ;- *car Weehswki
;. Secret Service men, s
companied by Captain Tunney, of t
New York police dynamite squad. T!
men, who gave the.r r.nmes as Robe
Fay, thirty-four years old. of 27 Fif
Street, Weehasrkea, and Robert Ekho
r ir.-law, of the same adilre.
were captured. It II sllefed, while ma
a pa'ch of ST?
fsr Numero-..
- :n (?ennan and lartfc- sup;
? ??-al infernal m
? ? ? ? ws a eonfli eats I
There were five of thes? machine
which, the | ? .. arc mines, 10 ?!
pi in a harbor could 1
up with them. These m.
coi ling nspeets
mo**? nearly perfect Each h?
?n uttachment whereby it could be fas
er.ed to the outside plat?? of a ship b
mtuns of a piece of wire. Thers ?as
clock arrangement in each mine, with
srirs so attached that ,t weald come i
contact with the propeller of t
and set o.'f en <
One 1'risoiier a (ierman 0__cer.
The police ?aid that on?-- of _.<
oaers s In ? ? that he wa
s Qsrmsn officer anJ thst they wer
.'. the Key
cus : for the loi
on steaii ll | ? r.-s o
cry i
Oae of the ]
to d< hip.
Bes ?
end fall
i ., wsi
I the
nd st
sh:]. s wirelei
?ear. eas7-bour.
?d to .
.. told las
, n Taaaty sa
Bsraits, it wss said
?hat I last Apr
?r. ,!.
? ?it- Warn Item Cteee.
Wh? i " '
? . I ? ? I
? ?
lie pro! I ? *
were inr:?- ? poll?
too'- I Union II
. . . . n- d I
they _? ? v meats f<
: ay dec?an I
? i? cth Genaas lafaa
Jl.- else said he was dor
oa ths bat
? ? i
tie of " ?
tbia count I Ilnilaml-A
i dtti
{m m
. ttt
i Genasi ????? nl ?t Ro"?
. from wh.ii
led a? s :
iTttsi arltl
orderly eeaduei sad bribery. Sch-?l.
, rdsrlj eon
?i.et. He said he sided Fay laac
I The ekargei wars preferred to hold the
Luuiiiiurti on t/*t* a. caluma S
Captain Buliard Says 'PhoB?B| tu W.i
BtMpi Onlj Awaits Apparatus.
- tala W.
Bullan1. ? deal o? the nav
. . - .-day that tel
phonic communication between tl
Navy Department sad war vessels
n of instailii
the necessary apparatus. With the
? equipment the ship! can r
ceive spoken meSSBfSl from the Ar'.in
t ., : tstioa, but are i.ot able to ren
"We are able to communicate w*i
.p.? now bi nss I ?? : sis
Ib Bailar??, "bi
v holds many add
The per ?
knows exact.y tu whOBI he il talkifl
direct contact is e?tab!i?hed, and
reply eofl?Sl 1 nek immediately."
appeal for v0t1
Wealthy Women Taxpayer
Want Rij?r;ht of Suffrage on A!
?V.unicipal Question*?.
: r.. i- tgrpf ? ? . - ]
!, ; . 11--. 21. With svowi
??iniTg the women ?v i?
have . igned the api.iai, a petition :
Le?an eircalattd among the women ta>
payer? ?>: Newport for signatures tha
it may bs MB? to t.'.e Legislature wit
tue request that the women taxpayer
It- allowed to vote on all municipa
Mrs. Frenen Van.lerbilt and Mr<
?ohn Nicholai Brown, both BBtl-SBiTrs
.- the largest taxpsyat
i, the '?'>'. have sipt-.e.i the sppts!
( ? hai . .i aro Miss 1 I? 11 1 llasoi
, I? sd? ' ? port Ch ?'? Leseas
? 'i.-!, daughter <-f L?i
?Ml Fell I i'eckham an.
? !1. BwiBBBTBt.
The pstitioa, ?vbieh ?viil go to th
,i .i.- in January, ha.4 airea?!;
i ten ,-: sd b) iiH-r * thBB one huntlrei
h it has been in c.rcu
'iit:??n only ?? few days. Then- ?.r
. laxpaysu ir. Newport wht
! ay in ta> 1.84, Mr?. Broin
. , a*, ! Mrs. .'.'..'uierbil
Despite the fact that there are sev
' i ' ?ve not h.B'i s '? ? . ?
the Newport Im
provemeat Aiaociat'oo, which
tarter for Ssw|
? es a proviso foi women taxpayer!
-. eting.
^ AJJBOBg the .thrr vomen taxpayer? ir
Newport whs are Isttge evatrioatore tt
ie moni? i . tressary ar.. Mrs. (.'or
. ?lius Va-iderbiit, SB wht?se property
??? }? '? ? : ' - rgtst sBBi m Newport
il''..::..,'?.:.,; M,* Jsmt? I.aurei.s Va:
Mm. Mrs. 0! \er !1. P. BslSBOBt BB.
Mrs. Hsi BMBB ( lolrlchs.
Bad Inventor Make
Quick Trip from Patertoo.
P. i . ths "bird :...: ," w :??
Schmitt, lavsator of the
which they tool? ?,.
flew fron tha ?r\reols Coontry Clab
I V J., ever .*. ? -.4 York t?
, Loag l-lund, a disteaes of
twoaty-ssven :
?ilny aiteraooa,
?.mitt were sitting
. ' ? t .-'.'.. i/lll, to
irret a Hobart. Morton
i ; Bari Bf ami
-, M Ubi ib said ;
.. ;
I a after*
? ??? ? ? sii
.r.d la a mini.? ' ?
iier they telephoned to
\. . Clab that they had arrived
PX ?,.. Ifl t?< i.'-y -' ?BB min
i..y Millmaa will ?ail f?>r Italy to
?..'.- Avars. 11?* will t?.
\ .. cent Amu.-,
Bad Hi? g?ptaitt builane. . i
Girl Who Dodged Zeppelins
Describes Raid on London
Her Life Saved by Tribune Man's D- lay to Write a Note,
Miss Strunsky Tells of October I 5 Attack in Which
164 Persons Were Killed and Wound '1
[Mm 8trunakt) arrived in this eitg gesterdaa on (he American Un?
ttoamehip St. Paul, the first liner to reach .v. .? York einer the last Zep?
pelin raid in Lontlm.]
It was about 9:80 on Wednesday evening, October 18, I had como
into the hotel in this busy quarter of London to ask Gordon Bruce If a
certain cable from The Tribune had come for me.
"Not yet," he said. "Perhaps it is at the office. It is only three
blocks uway. We will go there.''
We roso to go out into the trebly darkened Streeta that is now Lon?
don in war time.
"Wr.it," he said. "I forgot. I must write a note."
It was the miraculous hand, stretched to guard na from disaster.
I sank down into the great armchair in front of the warm fire, as
such armchairs and fires have been for the last hundred yean in Lon?
don, and fell rocked in the ancient, peace:':.1 security of an English in
The pen scratched quietly on. when, in the midst of this peace,
there came a sudden his. and sputtering, and then a crash ai d th<
of the falling of many thing.. It asemed somewhere close?at one's very
feet?and so loud, like the hurling of a giant thunderbolt. Then, again, a
hiss and sputtering and a grcrt crash. This time, _] o, eery near?just
in front.
I felt that if I could pierce the wall I should see it--the great sput?
tering fuse as it came hurling through space; the heavy, 300-pound
bomb, its enormous breaking up as it touched the ground, and the flying
pieces of hot shell, tearing through the aralla and windows and falling
upon the men, women and children out there upon the street, it erould
have fallen upon na, perhaps, but for that little note.
Gordon Iiruce hail looked up from hi., writing at the first crash.
For a second it was diflicult to grasp, then
"Zeppelins !" we saiil to each other, looking about the room for
"The lobby would he the best," he said, and we walked out and stood
against a wall that was not i". din A "Z-'ppelin
gong" was ringing in the hotel. "Every one dowi order
from white-faced waiters, trained to be British and >h> their d
In the lobby iteeli, .'.ear the door, a group of working aromen, I
home from their long hours of toil, had mahed in. not without having
undergone their baptism of .hell and glaaa. They . .
group, with skirts torn and burned, with fashed hai _4 '1 out --till with
pain, and fa ? d with bl< od. '1 lid not fall
faint or ban up against one another. They stood Stiff and a'.one, crying
aloud, us little Children after a t
Little I'Sfe Holds lla?ln for Wounded.
The servants in the hotel soon brought ehal ... :" water to
wash their wounds, one little page, especially, with a great nun,;, buttons
and a proud littl. chest, trying to perform the feat of 1 ? enor?
mous basin of water in front of a woman s.? that her tv. g, stiff
hands would sink into it. Hut she, ali oblivious, sat with h?r red banda
stretched straight in front of her. weeping Blood. Thi ? had
?aid before: "1 know what to do for 'em ' '?
irate. '"
? " 'Em" meant the la?!ies, and he kept the tray w.th gUl ? - r ad
Continued on |>.?_>- .. taSBSM I
Alice Barrows Fernandez
Do you. Mr. Parent or Mrs. Parent, ever ask that
youngster of yours what he is studying? Do you evei
wonder whether the curriculum couldn't be improved.
Others have wondered?and made i hangen, 1 he Gary
Plan, which Mrs. Fernandez dJtCUSOea in bet r?gulai de?
partment to-day on Page 5, is a subject intensely dia
cussed in New York to-day. Are you well acquainted
with it?
Ct he CCri bun _
First to Last?The Truth: .New s?Editar?ais? *id\ erti*ementa
- 'i
Allies to Send Great Army
of i .9,000 to Save Serbia;
E^?'?'arians Seize Uskub
London, Oct. 24.?T rkish troops are being rushed to the defence
of Dodeaghatch and the Bulgarian coa^t on the ??gean Sc3, according
to reliai le dispatcher from Athens reaching here to-ni ;ht. Every avad
a'.Ie Bulgarian s.! !:er. the dispttch adds, has been concentrated in the
| arm whi h i re reported to coa i t ? f sews.*. ?-visions.
! or 14C 00 men. F ur <*' risions ar; underr.tood to be operating against
Pirot, Ki:m?novo a .?' Uskub.
The I on-.'; ardment of Dc??eaghatch ar.d the Ian V.r.$ of Allied troops
t E**os :. u : ?' ?- Bui ?atriani Utterly anprepartd, ar.d ?ir. ure;ent appeal
led to Constantinople for aid. jne-er the re?ent military conven
; tion by whi h Tirkey agrees to help defend Bulgaria's coasts. The
? Tnr'.:.. gatltered together ?evcrnl divisions from the Caucasus and Gal
1 lipoll front, end these were sent to oppose an Allied landing.
Cavell Executed
Prevent 0_i_ers from
Presuming on Sex.
-, Oet li. Dr. Alfred F.
Zimmenaaaa, -trman t'nder P-crc'7
-..r Poreiga Affairs, has Issasd un s
c:nl explanation of the reccr*
in Belgium o? Iflai Edith Cavell, i
nurse. He prefaced his remai
? ? ira on that he had ass
In? ?! sTsry fo(
with th?. greatest ears and found ?
iat, ?' reg? .-'.".i?'.e. I
statement fol
? by the British and the Ame
can press that the ?hooting of an Er
sad the conviction of _?
eral other women in Lrussel? for tr<
sor. have created _ great isspressl
arvl that WS aro Being severely cri
cised. It is, indeed, hard that a worn
must b, executed, but remember,
what shall a state come which is in m
:f It allows to pas.- u:.noticed a crii
against the safety of its armies becau
committed by women? No law book
the world, bast of all those deali
with war regulations, makes such
ntistioa, and the fern
il on?* prefereaee according
legal usages, namely, that women
tielicate condition may not be execute
Otherwise man and woman are equ
before the law, and or.lv the degree
guilt mahei s diffsrencs la the senten
for ;he crim<? and Iti eouseo_ueB.es.
"In the Cavell eass I have rseiesn
? nf the i Mir* sad ezsmiai
donee down to ths in
... eoni
court martial In tl
world w ould bsvs i ? y other d
? nol ths sel i
? i
i ..? ' out, worldwide eonipirs?
which SB-CCSSd? ?1 for n:n?> months i
| I it
ths em 711V to i ?
urn..-. CountV-1 Bril lh, B<
?n BOW HKHUi at,
in the Allied rank* who OWS their e:
'.m Belgium to tl
m MBtsaeed, at ths bee
I Miss I .?veil.
i'lmost Severity Necessary.
"With such a situation under tl
?-^ of ths i
ring i ?. ..
? ? i- ? ths mo-t <?!?
i itrietei
ir. i, 'I bs -?? detisi in S .
r thsn any other.
"All those convicted were fell
? of the si. of the,
: I ?? i irt wont into J
r ears and 8C
levers, i iats only be
meo of the punishable
ttoBS. 1 tio?e convicte
were doiag Counl
bad oi
. .id b
?Tvorosl ; i
of traitors woald I
"I admit, certainly, that the motiv.
. st anaobli
ted eat of lees for th.
rar t.me one mu.-.
for th.
: I, Whol
? . ?
wh?-7 acts ia itl
? ? ?.. i jastlj earry with th
Bsnalty. '? ? u
7.ers are several __.r!? who -
i . f treating
. h s h?
. ??? as thir.k:
...... rita in tl
? ?
? ?
? ?
. ? I A *
f th?
and for always the
BUI enemies had to be |1
sentence has I.:i car:;- I out to
???n those who r - mo on
? to part in sati rj
punishable with death.
Women More (lever.
I recognize th?'ie pi
real? n, wh-?
are hand ?
that I'nm
the hard road of duty .'h.\ .
these I . leaii r..v ?, ward etibsri who
???r.. convicted a:1.1 who, according; to
IBIS?, '.aw, have frrfe.ted their
?? be ri_ considered, is proof of
Low earnestly we are trying to recon
Ca. ?iu__J ____. _____,? A. Hums 4
Belgium Military Governor V
tteport on Miss Cavcll's Death.
? IB? IM
?B 'er.iu*n. Oefc 21 diSBateh t
"The London Dally Kxpress" I*
?. ii in Hr.; I '
r.i??in(r ?nd von ?!er I.ancken have bee
Impor Si i'.i- i.!|'i ivters t'> ri
Voss??l Damnsrid, Baya * "?instant ?nop!
?Artillery Duels Keportcd.
Constantinople, Oct. 21 i via Londoi
Oct. 251. An official communlcatio
isiued to-day says:
"Turkish jrunner? hit an enemy to:
pedo boat sfl DJoBg H"lr. The ves.??
was towed to Imbroi Is'.an ! in a darr
ii-?-! eoaditioa.
"There hive been artillery combat
r ear An Hurnu and Sed-ul Ruhr."
Saturday's Figures Record
Conscription May Be Avoided
by Lord Derby's Methods.
i [Bj- fab'., to The TrthuM.l
I London, Oct. 24. -It is unofficiall
Ftated that yesterday's recruiting wa
300 per cent better than that on an
previous Saturday since the war begat
Pollowiag an extraordinarily succ?-.??fu
week, it appears that after all ther
may be a chance of avoiding conscrip
If volunteer:?!?. Is Justified 7he rredi
will ,' te Ii-.! Merby, a confirmed con
BCriptiOflist but the tvpe of man wh
wields sa Immeasurabls '.ntiuene
amoiv his fellow Eaglishmsa. Lor
Derbj ? ry largely rspn ??? ti
often declared to be the ideal type o
B. He is enormen ily rich, ;
great landowner own ins "' .000 ?'-re
ill the popoloill - of I.are:?
? si orisman, hav
ths chief itewsrd o
th?- Jockey i ?? - in bora
.'. ^ St, a- ?? '..?ne, lie ha
always displayed s likiag for
energetic woi I A keen '?'.?lier in hi
ivirii with distinction ii
eventually entered th.
i.omifl : Po ?
General, in which aflloa as proved si
Immsass iBceoss, bsiac popular botl
with his statf atid w;?h the public.
Since the war bogSfl I.or.J I'erSy h.i
been the mo.?' lOCCeilfal recru.ter ii
saatry, The eaergj h<,> is puttini
in*o the press?t lehems in operatiot
ira .?ell for ss. He ha;
? ??'! ail sttempta at getting men b;
bodying sad blasteriag, sad haa .-.?
irsd is - ? ? ? ?? eo 01 sr it en of al
labor ;nio-*.<. A man ?-f ab
rseter, ? ? ? i I vhat hi
?i:it of poli
. - ?.. ...
him as a man he understands an?
iiti, and nu* of per rd wil
.. ich t?> mak laceesi
Attacks Warship of i'rinz A'.!;-!
Art (lass Near Liban.
I'.-p . ? M. A British sab*
marine o| il Liban a'- :
. r. p, ?, ?. sr of ths P as
Adall ?? ? ..'*???' ? liai ari
The Prnz Adalbert ll an ar
loag and with a ?!.
? . !..
Two ? \. .'1 out frei
A rat 1
British ? has?, operated aa
'??.i Berth ' !..
7 tiine a Iint:-h *ub
man: i s I?? na ?a era
though t ?
?. ? ir sad ? ?ay I??
the I tie is said te be
Sofia Authorities Tata Action to
Curb Anti-War Feeling.
?n? <'?
Rome, (Jet. 21 . Lispatch to "The
Sea -." !.??? 8 i l. ilgariaB
sips .:
!.. c ?arl marl
I abot at Sol
antl---4..: . .'
. .; . . ' | i
not trouble -.o h 'i?- th? r disapproval of
the si I ism vitaB 1
He.?Idea these exemplary executions,
the* militan esos has >.<-<?.i sits rod and
rew provision? pr.i-nulk'atei! t.t:n,r the
, death pOBS .-rs, men arid BOB
?combatan.- iprBBB Bjrmpa?
I thy with ll.4j enemy or euri<tn$.r wil
Supplies Gathered at
Sal?nica Ready for
Cross Danube and Take
Orsovo in Attempt to
Open River.
fierman Artillery Ov._-_...._..
NiTb*- No? Hemmed In
Fou. Sides.
i. , ?
RaJoniea, <>*..?
quantity of her?
since the <!: I f 'he Al
Ued e>. ; i army bs aa \aas
?reefca ago ids to the <
that the force 1 ' I tha
Serbs will proba "'??
Hand i tor I ..? ibu
htneo '. . i
munitions by the I la Of tons
have been sent ?OTWard :
lor.ica. Much of Ulli had nirtaiv
r<:.-.-h?*tl Nish before Bulgaria
elared war, s?, that tl.
in no danger of -. ???" ?
r.pe of suppli?e.
Dozens of steamers, their mark?
ings blotted * at i". the ??ill
paint of war, arrive and ?
To copo with this flood the faeil ' I <
of this :ie!'!'-i**.?"i port bava been ut?
terly Inadequate. A I lock,
have had to be ! It, wan?.
he uses constructed and branch rail
way lines laid. Arc lights have I |
swung out over the sitien of the ves?
sels, and night and day the unload
i i ? proceeds.
About sixty thousand French
troops, brought from Myti'otie, !
40,000 British from Mondroa al?
ready have l?een disembarked. The
utmost cordiality prevails bei .v-?_
the soldiers and the Inhabitant-.
.By < ?
London, Oct. _ has fall?
en to the Bulgaria'-.. Sofia an
rounces lo-r.ight, and thus the la.t
a%enue by whkl. Ai: Lght
reach the hemmed-in Serbian! has
been closed. Whether tin- Serba, !"?
set on three - .!? . i .:i hold out __.
t:! the expeditionary force, at !____.
definitely on the sray,
h to them is now th?- * |
Meanwhile tn? .V; _-? ' .ermans
have renewed Muir pressure in the
north, and has. ero - ? d I he I >???
Mar Oraoea, below tin; iron Gata, la
an attempt to join hands with the
Bclgara and oyen an i . ? ?
ke] by tha nvci. Additi ?al pr t?
raaa la claimed by Berlin eaa.
Lusazi-a, v.Kro tha S. rl - h IS. i"-en
driren back, and aeai Pl?aaka,
where they ha-.?' I.n th. <
ti tho north bank of ?he Jesenica
Ki ver.
The Bulgariaaa are reported to
hare seized ? RaaaiM munitions
jtora near i'rahovo. ea the Danube,
which i ? ' ? N tii Cast*
aid? -al>le my.stery surrounds the an
L?-en no suggestion that the !._?. iaus
. i . ...
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