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* on the grrrn binei
|rf [>v H?) <>f If* iMnitiC
,0 well klWWil Im thru
tpoughtfvi! and lonsidcr
,tf attitude toward nur
patron?, thai ur niiwlit
|oaJ <a\ the?, ?Und lirm
|v upon a Platform o?
Courtes ?Ml A
f0?-jr. hilled !"? i Bases ni Booms
where Mrs. iialt's Molher Live?.
? <
?!?? '? U S
la?-- i S'orraai Gait,
I Prt-?'-'' ' ^ "uted
" 9ti t'. :? Bg, when
?oitonr had billed h
?g., ? ipread to other
tics? .:. t: r '?: ?? ? '?'? which
?a. irred ! ' '?'? -^ H. Bol
tlr.g. Si
|a uten ? meal
oaf the
ot well, fumet
aja?))] h? ronfii o'clock
Bit mor-ling ' tor notii ed that
tj., C|? wsi ' ont to the
aatrtirft of Louise Robert?.
egaoty-thr??? ?/?*" to lean
|ad leached ther
gj.ar.r to I lor had
?g* doer ?erts WS
Wh?' "
tan the -??'
ftrti s? f
all th* lei "
Iba Boiling
ihurc: thi? l
ternooT ? ? t will go
f pr tnsisi
It? Born in Pari? to l.<.-\ i?< r resident
of Equit.ihle Societ).
tight U ' Hazen
Sir. le, ' ? vice
arc dent A-? :iance
lot.?':. !t the
year? tgi
Vu mar '
Biror. ighti t. Leiah
aun. ; ? '?
Mr. Hyde his ?|
otily m ref
|By. hew- .-i, literary
?Kift'' .re.
psnond >?>? I migration Baa Dropped,
Not Inrreaaed. >in?e War.
Londo'. ii". L- .:-:iond. the
athaal it lei rtter made
labhc to-da?, rence to s ;??,,.
P"""'" v ie tl a' a
h-t* IBltibi ?.THt
fcc to f? .-? - the
tpf;? ' 16 to show
??' *Ir ropped in
?? ?<>?" ; ? ieast on
ft- tint, ..-;?? i|f i."
Mr. P.rs- ?
k |t?-:"**'-- -._?..? . ..? ,,,n trom
|gr?it r- ,,., mvesi?i
?"?*? '?'> he tq .? ..? fouada- ?
I Agua Prieta "Will Be Hi
if Me Mas to Flgjni Whole
American Army."
Invaders Mass for Attack a
f arran/a Garrison, Reinforced.
lakes to ihe Trenches.
' ??. ?rii.? Oei si. Villa troop
? 3 red to-day with,
tgUa Prieta, oppo
re, and the eapeetod attac-:
? " e Carraasa garrison oppai
ently is a matter of hours. A rai
ein airy of the lavador? baited ?ate to
. ':,'V ' h half mil? ?a.st ?
Acja Prieta. Geaoral Calleo, the Cat
como andei. begai -.?> toad mei
to the trenchc- Ht 2 ?'clock thil after
If ame time the Villitta
: a,e artillery in position.
tea Villn. who arri? e.
?' ?? ? '. border -cvr-ra
| miles farther easi a few hoars earliai
arith Amoi .can? acroi
booi lory sad announce?: t'-.- be la
attach t:.c Ifoxican to?n
? v ai t.on Inite.i State
ht tal
"If Boeei arj I will f.ght the Fnite?
Stat? arm; at embled aloog the bor
der," he ca.,i General Villa learned fo;
rat tune thii sfteraoon 'ha: ?"-r
.?i had been given GeBeral Car
i bj the United States government
to move troopi throogh American ter
: ce the Aguo Prieta
Four Canan; a t..up trains an i si
to-night, bring.: g thl I gl ting --';reiigtr,
i of thi Ci rrai .-.? garr? i . to opproxi
6,000 men.
Villa, according to reliable eotimates
ha-; 10,000 10 diere. He claims to have
: - It il expected tl of Villa will
? ? gagement as quickly a-* pos
because of '.he condition of his
n:??:.. thousaads of whom were thirsty
ght in positioni far from wa?
nd v ith sCa-.; tuppliea' of food,
wai leant? l/ills I ?msel I
?oni three Mexii : ?nehmen a ha
arrived here to-night, stripped ?? ?11
they possessed. It | Villa
? . :? ? Ite? 1 - mam hod;.
night, following OBe of his favorite
The main body <.r Villa loidiers
ed .< juncture with their advance
troops at, the Gallardo ranch, ahou'
eighteen mile? ?outh of Agua Prieto,
The attacking army the:, starte.1 for
waiil for the final advance on the Car?
Cavalry Advance Halts.
loionel Florencio Diaz, commandnp
approximately l,?500 cavalry, preceded
tden t the ( ?allardo raai
? - jasl beyood lang? o'"
the cutis of General (aile?.
Goners mai F. Da? t,
in command of the Unitod State- troops
rth of the Mexican
hr.e. made a careful inspection of his
men and their position-. Be also kept
a close watch of the Mexican military
' movementi plainly to be teen from the
American ?ide of the border.
Thousands of ipeetatori witnessed
often the first tiring in
.????? ted attack. A horse?
man, b' ieved to have been a < orransa
-: . . :? :,ly broke away frOB
column and raced for hit life amid
!a shower of bullet- for the beloagurcd
.?n town.
? ral of the 1 ' Oldiers went in
pursu.- thej rode, hut the
?iiii-i.; Afua i'r'.<-tii. apparently
K??od and Kes? in Douglas.
"Agaa Prieta will be miae." asserted
as his cavalry marcheil into posi
"Americani or no Americana."
Pointing hit ''.:.|sr'r toward the town,
lie added: "There II food ami real foi
our moa, We ma] have to fighl the
?. ... m ?. I neec ti :? : but,
no matt? I he oan
"Whi n '.'" he wbi asked.
"I know," was t lie ropl]
Suddenly \ lie ooked again if it were
?rue thai the United State? govern
? ? - - ad permitted General I'arranz.i
to transport reinforcements over
American territory. He then ?aid:
"This || the ?it the Tnited States'
roi ITW 4L
1 If you will find this "proposition No. 1 on your
Wpplementary ballot to-morrow and vote Yes, the
?ate barge canal will be finished without a direct tax.
If it is lost by lack of votes a direct tax must oe levied.
? U good business to vote Yes on this.
a^BweBBWBBBwaawa?wjiMw?www??j?.*iw"w>wjw?wwi^ww.i..M..ii .?. ?
They are shown :it Sania Barbara, (al. Mr. Farrar is now in Roo?e
??('lt Hospital, having been operated on.
repays me for the treatment and pro
teetion I have given foreigners in Hex
ico. Hereafter I don't gire ?
what happens to foreigners in tiexie.
or in my ten itory.
"I an) through with the Unite?
Statl - I can fight my battles. Lei
thei ght their.;.
"I can whip Carrania and hi* entin
army, but ? ii ii?k,ng a great deal ti
?hip the I'niterl States' aleo. Bo1 I
?oppose i run de that too."
Lansing Asks Carranza
to Stop Border Raiding
Austin, Tex., Oct. SI, Representa
tioni to the rie faeto government o?
Mexico, urging an immediate increaai
in it? vigilance along the border, where
bandits are sp.iii to have taken refuge
'n;(\:':?r i-.a- ranchee, have been
n ade bw t ? I ted Statea, aeeording
telegram from Secretan of State
.? ? I ?vernoi Jame EL 1 ? i
The raeiaage requested the
Governor t.. endeavor to allay race
prejudice and restrain indiaereet con?
duct i1 the disturbad area.
"The d?? facto government of Mex?
ico," layi the Secretary's raeaaage, "has
been orged immediate]*/ to increase iti
vigilance along that section Of the bor
rier ao that the raidi from its territory
shall eeaae, and aleo to direet Iti offi?
cials and the resident! in thai district
to eschew hostility toward American!,
to the end that peaceful an?l orderly
eondit obi mai prevail to the mutual
advantage of both countrlei and eape
o thai locality."
Parents Lear She Carried Out Threat
of Bateide.
Pas?ale, H. J* Oet IL Dorothy
Wallace's threat that aba would com?
mit suicide because ibe did not like
her teacher in t'ublic School S to ?lay
brought a seareh of the Pi ? ? River
by tiic polie? and men '.I her
family. Dorothj. who I rteen and
pretty, wai hepl m for an hour Thurs?
day because she had not prepared her
home wmk. Since that time she ha- j
not been seen in thii city.
Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William
A. Wallace, of 172 River Orive, not far i
frnm tin river, believe she may have
carried out her threat.
Singer Rushes from Boston i"
Special on Hearing Paren?
Must Be Operated On.
While Geraldins Parrar ?^ "Carmea"
wa? being seen on the screen by thou?
sands yesterday, Miss Parrar was sit?
ting at the bedside of her father in
Booevelt Hospital, where he i? seriously
ill, following an operation. She rushed
to this city Saturday nijht on a special
train from Boston.
A' the same time Dr. James 1. Rus
Fell, summoned from Hot Springs, Va .
by telophoBO, oras hurrying to \?to
Voik, arriving vesterday morning.
Within a few hours he wr.. operating
on Mr. Farrar.
The opera star'- father, once widely
known in the baseball world as "Sid,"
' ha? been slightly ill since attending
the world series baseball games in
Boston. Saturday night, the illness be?
came acute and he was taken from his
home, itf Weal Seveaty-foorth street,
I to Roosevelt Hospital. There it oras
discovered t1 il bs ansa lufferlog from
an eboceat on the oppoadis and it oras
I decided thai an operation must be per
| formed at once.
Mis- Farrar -ang Saturday afternoon
in Symphony Hall. BootOB. While nt
tending an orchestra concert in the
'evening word came that her father was
seriously ill. Mill Farrar and her
mother had been living on a private car
on her tour. Haat) arrangements were
made for a tpocial locomotive and at
11 :80 Saturday night the car ?tarted for
New York. The trip WO? made in four
hoiir?< and thirty -si\ tninutes, the spe?
cial tram arriving >.' the Orand l'entra!
.? fe? miautei aftei f yesterda) morn
iag. An automobile took Ifisi larrar
?ad her mother to (heir home, orhorc
the) arrived m timi to oeeompea) Mr.
larrar to the hospital.
It oral -aid last night that Mr. Far
rar oroi lerioaoly ill, but was doing a?
Well as could be expected. Dr. Russell
n in,tun?! with him throughout the ?Jay. '
Pa?l?ir al Celebration Plead? for $1.
nno.nno Kndnwment.
f.e ]{r\. Pi i liarles K. .Jefferson,
i ? oi thi Broadway T?benmele, ??
Pifty-eixth Street, atado a plea for ,-.
11,000,000 eadowmoal for hi? church
at the celebration of the seventy-fifth
aaaiverear) of it- foaadiag yesterday.
He said that the Tabernacle must have
a larger staff of salaried workers if it
is to offer religion to the declining
Protestant population of Manhat' it
"Foreign born peonies are coming in
and they nci religion," Dr. Jefferson
?aid "The Tabernacle must stay ami
give it to them. It has alw?y? been a
Aght church. It feaghl f"r the abo?
lition of slavery in the years before
tho Civil Wal and now we are fighting
n ooi M es H. I hot o' militar' im.
Tli.iu'.and?. ?? Rloonm for Horticultural
I Ulibit.
Mme than MOOehrysaathemBmowill
he shown a* l*e annual fall exhibition
of the Horticultural Socie'y of New
Vork from Thursday unW Saturdav
evening at the American Museum Oil
Natural Hi"orv.
Giant ebryaaathemam plant?, larger
than ever be'o.e -een in anv exhibition
in thil c:*s. B II he shown, and a lilvet
cap is to "he gi en by the society for
the best bush plant. The largest dis
,,!?., u.ii be bj i borle P. I etty, ?f
Vi-.H'son. \ .1 . who w-il a'so exhibit the
new "Rose Gergeeoa." Thia rooo ha?
not been shown before, and it changea
color a? it opens
The ne? cnnaiiiution. with l?a budget
feature, ?ill ?ave taxpayer*' m??n?">.
\|| ?ho fa?or ei onoim ?.hould ?up
port It.
9ar.f in
?trAand SUPPE? DANCES win
5AMYA and AL Bf PT
Our guaranteed mortgages.
In an amount greater than
the S5fl0.0",i.fw? Anglo-Trench
loan have hren sold hy us to
ourclif nts during twenty years
past, and no Investor ever has
loat a dollar of his principal or
waited for his Interest.
Capital fr Surplus. $10,000,000
175Bwa>. B. T. ITSBemsen ?..B-alfTi
<?? rallo? aV. Jamaica.
Trail of Blood Leads to Grew?
some Discovery.
[SO Is -s-?- ? . t'- m raw.]
Bridgowater, Mas.-., Oet si. Auto
"ho ran down and killed William
1 ??Faddin. a ?hoemakcr of thtl
towa, ?Ira;:?;.'.i hi? body fifty feet and
" IWW it into Bhimmilh River, the
Bridgowater police believe. McFaeV
1 was last seen aiive at 10 o'clock this
morning near hi? home. At 2 o'clock
' i- afternoon h il body I Bl foUfld in
the stream l.y a Taunton man. The
?iron from the bridge to the -treg-n
1 t n :'<??! ami the water i-i *>'n feet
?li-ei. When the body waa recovered It
Was found that the head had bOOfl
nearly severed.
\ 'rail ..f blood led '.<> the bridgl
from a point abou? fifty feet .?nay. and
:r each end of the trail WBI a pool of
1 blood. The lirid^i- i? on a back roa?!,
.?id the bod) wai evidently in th?
water two oi three hour? before i" t\ts
The police of the surrounding cities
n'.?I 'owns have been asked tu help in
the hunt for the automobiliste.
Bird That Often Perched tatatde Jail
Window? liecome? Pelted Prisoner.
At the Tomb? yeeterday a new form
?if prisoner arrived one which i? kept
in a specially constructed cage and i?
pampered hy the keepers. The latest
arrival was placed behind bars only
after it ha?! taken several extended
flight? aroun?! the pn?on I' i? a
Prisoner- noticed the bird
perched on Tne jaii windows, and Turn?
key Joba Crowley tried in rain tocatch
it Yesterday it was captured by t.
man in the line at the Penny Coffee
Stand on Praahiin Street. He sol?! the
| bird to ( rowley.
< ..m !n h .1 from |'i|r I
masked men wanted to remove their
masks, but permiieion '?"?as refused. So,
with the upper part of their faces still
draped, thev motored on to a baaomOBt
cigar store near Sixth Avenue and For?
tieth Street. No theatricals were re?
quired to gain entrance. Three men.
who said they viere .lame? McGuire, of
309th Tenth Avenu?1; .lame? Kell;.. IOS
Kigiith Avenue, and .lames Poppis, 2M
West Thirty-fifth Street, were am-st
ed. They were held in $1,000 bail each
in York ville Court
At about this -ame time a squad
under the personal direction of Coiti
I'ari descended on a house in Hamilton
Place. On the second floor is a pool
parlor. Axel battered the door open
and masked detectives uith nervously
lingered revolvers pranced in. Twenty
men were in the room. Three were
taken. The. laid thev ??ere Reginald
Randolph, ?508 Wt I IS4th Street! Pat?
rick Duffy, 2 Aahland Place. Brooklyn.
and John Lynch, 141 Lust i*l>t Street.
Magistrate Nolan, in 'It Harlem court.
held ?hem if $1.000 bail each.
i lie Young Men's Democratic I lub. la
West iinth Street, received ? rial!
Mere, after violent objection by nu?
merous member., wtio said they WON
lawyers, living Newmark, who said the
club w-a? his home, was arrested. Me
was held la $1,000 bail by Magistrate
The fourteenth prisoner ws? George
Wilson, said to be manbger of the (Jar
den Restaurant, at Seventh Avenue and
Fiftieth Street Detective?, unmasked
and without axes, walked into the ?70S
taurant and captured him. It i? alleged
that he conducted the place Bl a ?Til
orderlj hoa ??? He erai bailed bj .loi-eph
'I hompaon.
The Carden Restaurant, .it fiftieth
Street ami Seventh Avenue, has \nre
been one of the most notorious of the
night resorts 00 Hro.idv.av. It was in
tin? place that the mamen first planned
to kill Herman RosenthaL being re
strained from doing ?o by the presence
of men thought to be detectives.
At the other place- entered by the
police no arrests were ma?ie. Whether
there will be more raids could not be
learned last night. It is believed thai
yesterday's action will leave all the
.. !.. ' gamblers in a fear-stricken state
Htrkshire ?"irromer Place? RspkJIj
Hem? Vacated.
?t. rtsSanet m rta "irvi -
l piiot, Mas?, Oct. ni. Mr. Robert I
Winthrop was boetCOe at luncheon to?
day fr>r Mr?. Hamilton Fish Kcan snd
Robert Winthrop K"?i
Mr. snd Mrs. Henry RollietOT Pea??
entertained at luncneon lO-dOf fot M?TI
John Archibald. o( Southampton.
Mr?. M. [height 'oilier .?a hoati
;?? l'"iier to night m h?>nor of Robert
II.me. of NOW Tl
Mr. and Mrs. 1 liarle? Astor Hr'-i.-l
s.il M?BI iirace Bristod hsve returned
tn l.ske.'de from Tuxedo.
Misa M. Symaobroea Brietod I
lag Mrs deorge T. Maxwell in New
Mr? Fmrk L. Norton srr.'.ed t.. da-.
fron, < ?aaenovia, N. Y. sn.l ii ?t the
Cortil Hotel.
Mr. an.! Mrs. Libert H Can. wbe
hsve b.'cn motoring in the Berkshire?,
left the Bed Lloa Ina, Btochhridge, to
d?v for Mow Torii
M i n.nrt Mr-, Ihnma? W. Strong ha>?
Robert I? parler as their guest.
Mr. Bad M IB. rrar? K. Sturgi?. Mr-.
Cerrge ?Ir'-wold Haven, of New York,
and William A. Slater, of Washington,
will rlo?e their country places to-mor
Mr and Mrs. William Mecklenberg I
Polk. Mr. and Mr? Mountfort Mille,
Mr? (?eorge Hend. Miss Beatrice Bend.
? ?> ?n Al'en ?id Horace R B Allen, of
New York, arrive.) Mt the ? urti? Hotel
Mr snd Mr?. I'jnrsn Phyfe and Mr
aad Mre. Bertlei R Merwia retur'ie.i
ir, n?'?* Tort to-aaj
If um ?am to ?lop the ??ste, eon
iu?lon ?nd inefticieni > ?n the ?tale
department* a? thev ?re no? orgsn
i/?>?d. ?ot? Mes" on the ne? ronsti
Continentals Will Receive
(iuardsmen Rank
for Rank.
Garrison. Answering Complaint.
Says Government Seeks to
Encourage State Forces.
;pr<Mn Dm MaoenoHoa l
Washington. Dct II. Con plaiats ?
i national guanl'men that the new Con
1 tinental army r!?n ~,n.im:zed the -,m
portaaee of tl i-dzed militia in
the national defeaec wars met It Be?
retar-, GorrisoB tO-dO) in a ?tat.?menl
assuring thS State organizations of a
place In the : ? -? :
Officer? in the BBtional guard,
Secretarv announce?. w ill b? received
in the new armv rank for rank. Indi?
vidual gaordamen who prefer the in?
tensive training offered in the summer
camps mnv enlist. Even regimeats of
tato militia v. ill he rece;-.,-,i iotogrolly
:n the Continental army If they so de?
sire, provided the low? of their state?
In case of war 'he militia, as here- '
tofore, will he part of the first line of'
I defence. Federal appropriation! for i
the tBcouragemoot of th< natioaalj
guard ?rill 'h eoattnaed oa an ovobi
more geaoroas seals '!.an In the past.
Secretary Gorrioon declaro? that th?
appropriations oskod for this purpose .
in hu estimates are practically doubl'- .
? /ranted last year.
The Secretary hn.? been In confer
eaci with leading BBtioaal guardsmen
1 for several days. From an attitude al?
most of ho<*: llty te - roorgOBization :
plan he hr.? convert e?( them to enthusi?
astic advocacy. (?enera! Pootor. <-:
Plorida, chairman uf the executive com
mlttee of the national guard, ?aid to
...?v that his committee aroald reeom.
mend the indorsement of tii<- Garrison
n!an at the convention of the National
Guard ?association at San Fraaeis?.:
November 9.
Pull ({( i uifini ion fur l.uard.
Secretary Garrison', itatootaat rol
lowt :
"Duriag the last two days then
been a series uf COOferOBCOS hen i
a nombor of the leadiag represeata?
fives of the BBtioaal gasrd of the eoan*
ti\. in =?i far a? l participated In tl ?
conference! they were entirely infor?
mal that is, no committee or orgai
stio of ths national guard oras act
nu. oft? lolly m -o far ?a the i
eneei with mo a ere eoneei
"Amongthese representative! were. I
think, all of the BMmbers of ths sxec
uti-.-e committee of thi national guard.
of which committee General Foster, of
Florida, is chairman, and all excepting
one of the members of the National
Militia Board, of which General O'Rya.i
i? chaiiman. besides whom there were
other men prominent among the no
:ional guardsmen of the country.
"I laiil before these gentlemen every?
thing that they desired to know ami
which would be useful for them to
know concerning the plans foi national
defence so far Bl they related to m\
i department. I laid to them and it WOI
likewise obviou? from every part of the
plan ".hieb coaeoraed the matter that
I recogaised to the fall th<- situation
i respecting the national guard.
"This body, during all the time when
, there was practically no interest in this
' country concerning military matters,
has been working, in so far as constitu?
tional and other limitations orould per
mit them to work, to do whatever they
could do to improve the military situ?
ation of this country. They are abso?
lutely entitled, by virtue of this fact, to
full and proper recognition in any mili?
tary system or policy to !>e prOBOOOd bj
the War I>? nartmetit. I infurmed them
; that I proposed to accord them this full
! recognition.
Troop? Mav CoOBO Over Intact.
"In my proposition the membership
! of the national guard is offered alterna
i fives based upon this full recognition
I and m??-! it.g every proper point of view
with respect to their relationship to th?>
matter of military policy. In Othei
woriF, 1 proposed that any ainl ever)
organisation of the national guard that
freo i o de to, in m fai si Iti tat?
obligation? are concerned, ma) com?
ovei into thi national force latest aad
of (h*
Xofel Glar?dge
?fea Goneerfs
Tb- ni ahf.'w fte fflin?ryfl?oom
vT?tuaic by Brnest yin^sat
and bis Orchestra
cwith Seta Plyary as Gymbalum-Sotoisf
be accorded e\actl> the ?ame portion
the em that it now holds.
"With re-pee; to the national guard
in the states, ths plan not only con?
templates continuing the financial and
per?ona! aid on behalf of the national
government, but largely incrca??-.? the
??:;ie, practically ?loubling it the next
fiscal year.
"With respect to a great many detail?
that aren brought up by them, we were
not. of course, able, m th? limited time
at our disposal, to work them out. but
there developed between u? the best
?pint of accommodation. A? will be
seen from the statement made by Gen?
eral F<ee?teT appearing m this morning'?
newspaper?, we found ourselves upon
a common ground vvith a mutual I
point, so that in the final irystallisa
tien of the plan we can all work to?
gether for the best results."
Yes, Put Quality First
Don't lose sight of quantity, when you are
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Sani-Tissue, a very soft,
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partment and housefurnish
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Maker! of Abtorhmt .V. of inm? Towel*
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That's what A-A-A-A-A means to you
For $25 a year if you are in a "Preferred" occupation you get Ten Tboa
sand Dollars accident insurance. Doubling to $20,000 for accidents on
railroads or steamboats, or while in elevators or burning buildings.
How does this compare with other insurance offers? The formor $25 premium
policy of this kind (always considered very liberal) paid but $5000 the first year,
increasing in five years to $7500.
This wonderful new ??tna Acme
Accident Policy gives you $10,000
at the start for the same premium
That's not all. The /rCtna Acme pays you $25 weekly for two hundred weoks if you
are disabled; double this if disabled in a travel, elevator, or burning building accident.
The thought you give to this announcement may save your family from destitu?
tion. You are determined to protect those jrou love.
Nowhere else can you get such perfect
protection for your family at such a low
price. One man in seven is killed or hurt
in an accident every year. Every three?
seconds an accident hits some man
in the United States. Will you be
the next ?
Perhaps. You cannot tell. But yoo
can stop worrying about your family
once and for all?for seven cents a day.
Come in today and find out all about the
.?Etna Acme policy?the 5 A's you have
been reading about. Tomorrow may
be too late!
H New York Branch Office: C. H. PHELAN, Manager.
? CLARENCE G1FFIN, Mgr. Personal Accident Dept, 100 William Street.
2| hin, Avenue Branch Office: EUGENE F. -J"^ FRANK F. EAGLES, Managor, 277 oVsjadhsaf
:== >MITH. Jr., Man.f/er, Fifth Avenu, Build /WLk m\?k\ GEO. C. BALL, Gener.l Agent. 1170 Bro?d
-Jg inf. M?di?on Square. /#d ? I I IkV *?ay. Cor. 2Stb Street

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