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Thi? it Polly, the pioneer who brought life to the Sadakk hi H?rtm?n, htlf Germ?n, half .lapanete. (Twiatiue, wko laoln like ? V'tlhyrie und rnoltt George Rnlier, the lortoite-ihelled end very
Greenwich Village that it the Bohemin of Amenta litterateur and nutra hut, Imane an?i ???>tir. at an angel ili.mlil. amialil?. holt.
IsmAoo Horion, Po..e.?or of ? leopard ?kin, Uui?, owner of the haunt for thiriy-thir, ?V
coat and f-me a? "Dame Rogue." I'" Villager?.
Here, Recorded in Word and Pict?
ure,, Are the Places Where Real
and Woula-be Artists, Writers,
Poets and Radicals Congre?
gate and Their Claims to
By Sarah Addinoton.
Sketches b\ Ethel Plummer.
THEN Greenwich Village cats, as when
' Greenwich Village pair.ts or Wl ?ten
it forsakes the mad_..?g cro-*
ers its own people and does its d n.'.r.g tt its
very own fashion. There is Polly's.
stance, and Louis's and the Dutch C-.e
"My dear," Bald a Bronx lady to me ORKt
"you really must see these places'. R_thc7
awful, you know, without tablecloths. _
girls fan smocks, but int'resting. I ?tool my
cousin from Cincinnati there orve; she wanted
to write a paper on Bohemia"
But it is only one Bronx lady out of
perhaps, that really has witnessed Greenwich
Village at its dinner. The rest o: The Bronx
and all of Cincinnati, when see.r.g New York
by night, believe implicitly the personal con?
ductor when he waves an arm at a brightly
lighted Sixth Avenue rcstaurar.t an.i bawls,
"The Cat? Pantheon of New Yawk!" They
nudge each other at that rapturous rr.077.er.:
and whisper eagerly: The Latin Quarter, rr.y
dear. Where the Bohemians eat, you know."
And never dream, as they relate the exciting
episode to enthralled listeners, that brightly
lighted restaurants on the broad highways are
exactly where "Bohemians" do not eat. And
never know until their day of demise that Bo?
hemia is at that same dinner hour tucked away
in a little cubby on West Fourth _treet, din?
ing joyously on Polly's Hungarian goulash
or is gathered around Lcuis's new painted
tables, revelling In pot roast.
And Greenwich Village, even as the Bronx
lady saw it, is a bit different these days. For the
artist colony of America, once just New York
ese. is feeling the invasion of the war-scattered
artists from other worlds. Greenwich Village
is learning new lessons from old masters, tak?
ing on the tone of original Bohemia, acquir?
ing the polish of European culture and even
talking French. You see a new face at Polly's,
ask who it is and learn that it is Picabia, the
Spanish modernist, who packed his drawings
in a suitcase, left Paris and settled his hand?
some self as a villager. Or at the La Fayette
a fine young Belgian is brought to your table,
and while you admire his courtiiness some?
body else tells you that under tnose gentle
?aaarg] tu - i ?> - '?*? ? ?? ?"*'
.... ?< *,-?.'. 1 , ?,? .*. .- '.? -.
- . - .- - -,.-! ?-7 Sa:--:? \ . ko r. u?;?,
dra***3t st. hi? . .?-?e ...-7 '. .--ei l.ev.n
- . ??'.??? .? ? ?*??? ?ame ?'ei nei
wirh ?*-*?.*-?.? tSM A * I : Ver?
Fit K *or.
To the*e Greerw.?. VUlaf?*, m BO?*rt?>tM *?
exteriiT*.-; a ?*- If saji :?\?. . .
BOgsaccd L? 1 sad the 1 .?*-?*-. arc
gatr* | - - mi . ??-?.
Pc'..ys~ Ltl ?5 if : - Oh yes, the
re?:aura7?: ?a ?-. dis I ' i ' '*'? '- <** a" i
:.-.e greer*. ?saDs i-i ??5. |ht as , 1 -,.
Yes. atad tfas r'? ** i ?-*.i
Gr.:?? '7- - ? --- 1 aro?
sjsd Miks ?m wi.ter B*M.
languish:*-, g ?.:-? ? - a-: ra 7-.? --.s-?. legs.
ar.i Peggy "..-..-.s a, -?-i. lad now ani
then a gr-- - ; are; aoa? s - 1 -
borbed ha:r. Felly's, where Greer.-*..h Vil?
lagers ga:h-r M such ?aWBM I y that
the gr ?-* ? - ,? -- i'oily's,
where cor.versario*. ar.i food and cigarettes
ata ??ease a fabt if a rather _.-?'..
pattern to the BTSOB taha .?. mere.y seeing
the process. And Polly's, where Po ly herself
presides an i ?? - er sweet ?.??;-..te face
very patittat ar.i ?ere_e, though 'she's an an
ar.-r.ist. my dear," as ?M BfOtU lady ence said,
"and Ukely to put a bomb m your pudding."
Yes. this :s Polly's, not so horrible as the
Bronx lady depicts nor so standardized as
modern fiction would have you think. And
now thar Craana?cfa Village has taken on the
responsibility of international Bohemianism,
Greer.wKh Vi.lage's gathering places cannot
be passed by with a shrug.
I would do a bit of Investigating therefore.
Yet, somehow, you don't investigate Green?
wich Village. It investigates you. You sit
huddled in a corner and peep around watch?
fully or you fling yourself nonchalantly down,
but no matter which pose you assume you're
always a new one, and everybody knows it.
They try you out, I cay.
"How do you like the green walls?" they
asked me.
I didn't know whether the answer was ye?
Al Louie'i: M-rjorie Bevanl, ortlit and village beauly; ' liinij-ta?, liar hopeful, "Eddie" Good?
man, rei,,r,n?.'<le tot Um WrOcfc-BftOO BejOksra Playera; Lucy Hullak.r, who guid?t their publicity
detliniei and Daity / lioiw.fion, newly RHO-? il.oplteeper.
An Apostrophe to Greenwich Vil!.i?e
II. I.ultlii II. un?.
tik'l I ??/ill \ tt I \t,l ' A iri'iirtll, It? the mit! A o ?' /.. r / mi tit ? nnsltuillv
. h.tii.riit,/ men iitd awnta* fknl /i*???' - ,>m*i Bt tiste ? futur? "?"' Wm ?fu lof? d
OBtttOt '"?/ ."' /'? II ' . ?/if? wmrahl? iltr hlfltOt? l?tenla, < OBttB?tl} Im/Ulm/ Srl?fO?
iii'itt Ott? ItlUtlun ta ?toother, not imlnliiu the mini Ihml ?mrr* I hi-It tOB?% ?ml thai
i. ijkrown nff#i tt',-i't limit mil eitie* nk'i i S WICH vat \<ii < if<iui,r r,/ tmlmt?
? ?in.f.* ??.?. .' i.? .' ?> .' ?.i tht .tinte, hsiil. irttllilli tsniltl, l mi /./ .1 ... numl nl ?rii-.tllon
t fit '... ? .. . /i .< iotlmu itie.tk /in./ ill f?ir/i //lef BttttOht Ihr ilr-ltr to *.,?*?
,.,/./,!? i . < (..?I tik'l I \W It It VILI.AOBI I* Ir, f r omine ? latir'l
.'?.*i /< ii.i.i. ?iirr?* tmeimmo? sir tounn?ero? ?m? tortmmot
?.. ..,''./? /'?ss i'ictntl ami tUttUtUt ??! In II m?e autlrn'1
Wttoeo I <-?- i" In 'In* it iinlallmi el. incut Ot I BO WBtl? WBUf? BUB
i ,, ..... ? ? Imtm ?yttomtt thot will ho ovortUiowm tm?mtmrrmu
lh.il t* ill lint Ihc uni Inmicl
? IBS ??r???li??ht
. . tlV..'l|? t?
? r r.f?'.:!ig
ret?a ? ? - ? ' 'vaest form
of aril - OrOi always
'.'. It are 3 ? eyed youth,
- t i truthfully.
"Yo'_' - *
Bu? I - .ruerning
the ;- - ? everybody
I saw a r. i i ? i ? ttle some
| in the world.
"That's ?. - - s,' you know,"
'hey, or, "8 I I, the press
agent of the Was! 1rs I'i.iyers.
I ? a ',;.., I, an attist, iiiaeparalde i hum
of il. I favorite ?rlial, 1 it tie? Clara Tice,
ah? .1 : lir p.intiei, black cata and Conntoi Uian
vuturistic muM'ian he. Motion picture ac?
Bernard Gallant, the (at limed Carranza
pre s agent, was ?here aft? a ?.ittin? for Ida
Rauh's sculptoring hand. D<SBM Rogue (Mrs.
All-.-n Hotton) sal 7ie.?:t to him. the lady with
the leopard slit: .oat ind t)*.e 'arge, sweeping
hat. And at her elbow the Japane-e German
Sddakichi Hartmann, who wines beautifully
and paints badly, they say.
In hopped Clara Tice, ?ein, little, sharp
featured Clara Tice, with her uneven bangs
and her six-inch pantalettes, talking in her
;.dive, husky little voice to the curly-haired
y from "Harper's ?'a/ar." Awfully busy
with prune win;, was Hamilton King, big and
blond, and engaged in the business of press
agenting for the Amen?.an Defence Society.
One of the youngsters with short hair and a
childish face was a clever young artist, Fran?
ces Gifford; another one in a middy blouse
kissed Polly and went over to talk to pictorial
Crystal Eastman Benedict in a coral colored
gown. A young french girl, Ren? La Coste,
stood talking by our table, her poised cigaietto
and the droop of her black velvet tam-o'
shanter graceful silhouettes against the unflat?
tering background of green walls in the afore?
mentioned unllatter'tig gaslight.
"Ke, fi, fo, fum. I smell soup," declared a
hungry youth, who makes DO Mets by day, but
disports himself with vegetable admixtures by
night apparently.
"And yum, yum, I believe there's goulash,"
responded a girl at the table.
"Let's play wiggle waggle," begged Norman
J.nobson, thrusting a half finished, snakish
drawing in ftont o? her who would delve joy?
ously into stulfeil tomatoes.
"Well, goodby; we'te oft to the opera,"
iallc'1 a detiattm^ ? i?i-....,|
Why didn't somcUm*? talk voitiustkally so
Wf I ? '.il ' - '*? ta"1' le" '/
"Why, I am a? - ?
.list' announced a lady calmly
Across the room ?at a Sarr. Berne I I
ing clot* es and a pe! tS '? ttls > - '
e 1 ? hin They peered around and wh ? - ?
to each other; they were ?-eeir.g the Lat?a
Quarter. Somebody o'fered her a <.;ga:ev?
with WKked intention, of course, and 6he
Mushed and dropped it But they stuck it out
and wen? away fluche?! and excited with the
stimulus of Bohemia.
"It's I e a visit to the roo for them." re
marked a little wcman in a green sweater.
wi I liter ward admitted that she was from
Cyathiaaa, Ky, though she is spending her
da?/! now at the Modern Art School, Washing?
ton Square. New York City.
George Baker strolled up. shook hands,
recommended the liver and onions ard began
to talk.
"You know," he asked p] lintively and proud?
!y, "who runs this place? Mike. And Pop,
the dishwasher. I wanted a 'bus boy, and got
one, but Mike ran him off. Said he was in
his ??/ay. Mike doesn't get fussed, you know,
until the number gets above the 120 mark.
And Pop, ach! If I leave cigars out overnight
accidentally there's the deuce to pay next lay.
German efficiency, you see. Want to see the
cleanest kitchen in Greenwich Village?"
I did. And not only were there scrubbed
tables and a grinning Pop and hot soapsuds
to cheer, but, sweetest touch of all, a nicely
spread out Tribune on the kit*, hen stove, winch
is one way of filing an immortal newspaper,
perhaps. And one way of getting rid of it,
suggested somebody at my elbow rudely
And every now and then, painted directly
Il l.lnr Edward?, lb?- iiiiiilinilxiii who car. I.
anywhere and avarywker?.
The War Has Brought Fortune and
Foreign Artists and Much At?
mosphere to Greenwich Vil?
lage, Though It Scorns Mili?
tarism and Lives, Works and
Laughs in its Own Way.
We here ROVO the honor?and ?>? .t i:
?of intr?>ducit*B l.i'.f, -..-.itei exti-oi dir.-ry.
who rule* tiineti at "Polly's."
on ?the 1. hen emit, there in h Modernist pict?
ure to inspire the cooking of food for Modern
vrs. i snpponn.
Polly has a brother. Louis, who said to him?
self two weeks ago that he, too, would start
a restaurant. Too many tourists at Polly's,
too many New York University girls for lunch?
eon there. So the basement of 60 Washington
Square Booth was taken, painted lavender, yel?
low and blue, with two touches of red and an
: chair, and food prepared very,
very much like Polly'., food. Greenwich Vil?
lage came flocking.
It looks very different from Polly's, for
Louis has used color and contrast and dimmed
lights, while Polly has green and white pale?
ness. Louis ha I a little piano room, too, mostly
red. where cards and coffee and cigarettes hold
forth. Polly's card room is again less colorful.
Baby Bevans was the ?.entre of attraction at
Louie s that night. He is a round little tangle
headed, lustrous-eyed baby, who climbs around
his artist father and mother and shakes hands
with perfect strangers with equal unconscious
M Everyuo.ly was promising him some
th'tig?candy, a lesson in turkey trotting, a tea
?JMUtJI at the I.a Fayette, anything a Greenwich
Village baby could want. He stated that he
Thia w? ?ui|inl !.. b? i?"? arliat. Ken? La Coat??, one o? llie \ ill?*.? a tiaed and
?cry beautiful lim.
preferred candy to any' . -' - -'-?e wot
H'.rr.pus Bevar.s *?s so far ru.-.r.-n ; acconli
?o form.
"He's the Greenwich Village Labjr, ??
,. e.- e? Virginia Forren of moti
ISSOO "must have everything
L'. - " -?* ? irl bey?
* ? Valkyr
* . r - e "...-. a - -
.; Baay e poca ?i?rpan*ia.
Than usan . ?? . n C passai,
a*i?A attadbraad ; * ? :.-.e Brot
*..:.*-. -.??-. : j -*o:
o - c might -f. re. Ths Li ersl Club it baa
? -;-, Engiis
roa Paris, v*'re7e Mr. Troffo:
-. . | . :e Arid . * -ai Qsb i
?. i _*.-. Ce* yel-A llld ** .1. what i
Dl C-.?.7T7 Z'lit I v --;.
I omomms W? Vg
Loewer.>. th-* ?prc^.-.e*.:. and S. Ri ?*_,
t--.e Jew.?.*?. j\ ark Twa.r..
.-...e.t :he;e ?s a lai I accurate Bf
-^.7-g "'Lierai Club .'*. I I M
Friends Gn.y." wc v.a. tad dsate
srooad, aad the dob er? ei lently libe*i
gh to stand :cr even that. 7 * ?
o*.? of yo-r.g girii there Bi rice a Na?
and P??u..ne and Elaine. e\ ? .:*.gingm?
snd nobo-;- : e i Hag ex
Dg ' Down s. ' a ? ? ., ' Thii dul
was ?oo tame that night 0:*. to other ml
more sir.sat:onal re- .
Bur all yoor per.. tan sewi
New York tOtn
ntrary tl".?> is g Greenwici
Village prover? ':' ?id *?*"?
? ??> aro**?.
foor West Tenth Street ie ?ulisafjli
?llote .?el by O. Heary. m .?-piteei
?;s red hiici. trails tr 7-71 thebs??*
cony, painted hoi *es' hca I red Cl*
[ornia wme, is *ust a restaurant, full ot Colo?
bil studer.ts and near-? . And it*
brother, at ?4 West Llevi. - en a little
less artistique; you ctten see traveling sale*
men there, and always .1 : in :ly irom New Jer?
sey, who are looking for si *'e I
Greenwich Village ever ?; oup. ?***'
dine, spaghetti, salad scr.e-, -c r-. c 1 by an An?
tonio, it has stopped. It Gieen?v...i Villagi
ever d,d gaze entranced u; ? n t.-.e -nojndmgi
of Anierii laiacd Italy. ?: eyei ITS ESSm
away now. I'or Qraeaarich Village ?s eaung
all to itself in little tntbby h '--e m**ia
thoroughfare, where Huagarian goulash i? m
vored with friendly converge sn 1 ; ot roast c*i
the added spice of modem art a:iJ treib idea?.
Where people dress as they Rke, too and leavi
off their white gloves and say what they plea**
without conversational gloves And where the
art world of Paris has Do ed re ?ting tin
new Latin Quarter?the I...tin Quarter d
America, the resurrected Bo..
Mary Myer, Javan?|B?>#?aritaneie and CSi?-*?*?
who entered the ViH?t*;e'? arutmracy ?? ? "*'
?igner of P?vlowa clothe?.
Peggy John?, **
trtitt cetl i? '*
gcnue role* '" **

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