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The One Big Start Toward Nerve Is Knowing How. Yes,
and Knowing When
Six Day Bicycle Riders
Keep Up Their Mad Pace
_ 4.
Wohlrab and Kopsky Try
in Vain to overhaul
sheading Teams.
Pete Drobach Wins Bird "in
Gilded Cane" After Battle
with Oscar Egg.
i i.. itsee teeiei
?till circling the track at Madison
? jr this
Bfcsrsing, with thirteen still tied for the
.1 ml. although -ti?i" of these, with
their ? third eoBtple ed, are bo
ander the | face.
reh snd K
four lepa Im hind the leedei
a ?lozt'ti etTc.rts lo catr'.i tit?, bul Ticvt-r
ta feet
1:16 o'clock, when h?' ahoi down
turn and
up a 20 > aril K??P- I ''
up the ch
In tl;i n; ddlt ' ?tic "jam,"
with ?ore than thirty ri
. Norman liana? i
\ ? as benh and he
B] a mireele, it aeemed, the other
by th??
track, returning in about half an hour.
? ewi y
ra knew it. t.us wea half a
lap in tht ? 'i the other*? sut
? 1 Wc.hlrab completed hit? lap. It
then announced that th?? lap would
h Kopakjr wet on the
trac? ? ISSS time.
..f th<* lf'tiir itr-nd. fa
?..I Hill, MeXi ?
Sprat?, f.,
i lupni were i-i iro.nl eondil
n?f* thq
.?-i ?dent shn : tween now '
and the end of the race on Batorday
fairlv amonir. the con
? ?
Eaton at;.i E Idie Mad
ible to
- up the prize money.
Muran and ' m*':- '
ipparently full of I
.-. are no' fancied when it c??mes
? will decide the |
Saturday niirht
"Have v Mie pr?domin?t-I
i nc color ?chftnc in the ?
that are Issln" asked
ucrv mes who bsd been t
a lone time for a .?print
The trio of teama bringing ?in the ?
? .re a?lorn?-.l in 01
black and white and riding |
.-uit? -the yellow prt-ciomi'
Jimmy J? -r of the '
rig >u?t ?
I efore th? ? ? filinp
in. ?nitTeii the air appri
then v ?on to ;
1. Hi? financia] acamen was h
? ?
Madonna made teeerel attempts to !
himself and S - the
? time
ail oat ir
Italian was um.
rough, although the crowd
the leader
Just ? .'dock Marcel Denny,
'rom I n a thrillii -
lap ?rrint fur a - |10, Hardly
had the m
pace than Otear Egg, Dupuy'i partner,
r $10.
Libei --ipant
r the boxholder, last ni?.-'?
'ork one of the most deter
. ;.*?,<> efl
The eenae of the rumpus was a small
?y bird "in a gild?
' the crowd, b?
Frank's bird ?tore ar.d valued :
? Drobach and I . ; most
Sa to anuir? th<- bird Bml caire
and led all the other men in ti
lap dash. Drobach got ?he lamp on
n tea prize.
After I examining the
eanar. christened it "Kaiser
:m." Th-e bird is a brilliant yel?
low in color.
Imm?diat? ,v a'"'er Drobach had capt?
ured 'K Wilhelm" Jake Mag?n
rushed SWS? Into B thirty-yard lead
?it madly around
the track .s almost half a
.an to the |
Even the race hustled out
th relief ruin?, anti a great "jam" re?
sulted. Percy Lewis - cart
? ? ? .- ? getting np to ri
? late, and the fiacl;, led by 1
? an, caughl
after a ha
The . ? . ?* fourni the
? - plu^K'ir.i; along ?lowly t.
.tp be
t nd the '6 o'clock.
made ?ev
-al a*-. eas of hit
?ram's leal ad a costly
the pack, routed to action,
.et a ?izzlinf- pace, with the risult that
While hrV
'ap? at 10 o'clock, an
?.our later I
2 for?/ cer?.
M\|I)?.??N ?-.il IRE ?. Mel.I s
ai i. WMt <?
Irlrt,)..?,- M?.| Mil. .-.iimr? '.lfaO
mjee*m"T~~r^ ? ? ! * **'-ol
_ - w .. vosea nomm?e. ***!? *?>*
Six-Day Race
Team Standing
B? Oil at ??? A. M.
Teams. Miles. Lap?.
Hill and I.renda.IMS I
Mc.Namara and Spears. . 10.Y". ."i
Fgg ai.d Pa pay.ItSS ."?
Thomas and K>an.lO.Vi ,">
Han?eri and Mitten.105-"> ."?
Moran and \\ all hour I u.V. .">
Plorcey and Walker.10.V? ."i
llrobarh and < orry .... 10.V. 3
Faton and Madden.1033 3
Foglef and (arman 1033 I
llanley and Mal-lead 1 .? ". . I
JOTOO and I.inart .... 111.?-". .">
Sullivan and Anderson. .IMS I
Miter and Madonna.1033 1
hopsk? and WeJ?raa. . io3.> i
Kudi-Hut??I and \ ander
?tu>fT .103."? 1
llrobarh leading.
Tlig? record for the 30th hour was
INI Bailee Bad ?"> Ia|i?, made by Cae
ron and Kaiser in 1915.
n and Kaiser, at Chicago
?an that an ezei
id boon rnaintaine l bj
rdas morn
? bo i 'i eago race Cara*
g tl
? ? \ lap?
? ? n the thirty-fourth ond 11
fifth ? o of
? ..t" the ridera. For thia th? ring
ispended l|,
the governing body.
By 1 o'clock m the afternoon the
? .
. i and Id m lies and ?. i ?
nn hour later.
cscar Egg started o -?print shortly
?;. Hill, McNsraara,
- - taking 'urn- Bl
i i . ? r \Yricen...
na shot away into a lea
twenty yards, bat MeNamara ami I'm
..'ri.' him.
Msd ? a. Jus:
an?.ut hy falling from the
top of I the Madi?
son Avenu?, and Twenty ?.e'.'enlh Street
turn, and t hing to th. floor. He
?ai painfally cut and brail
to be cur ? -->t Ot the -
i Ido, ?>? bile the eeorei bell,
ending the sf.rrit.
At 4 o'clock the sturdy Italian came
hack on the truck t.. n :'. his ?
-. und waa cheered by the crowd
Poughkeepsie Regatta Left
Off Crew Schedule for
Next Year.
1 II?g?atO ?/? Trie Tiit" I ?
niladelphia, Dec. 7. Th.- bif-i-?.?
terpriso that Tenn's Athletic Associa
- as sprung in years came aftei
the last meeting of the present board!
to-mprht, when the crew schedule an
nounccd and ratified for the coming
?;.e ui:ual Ptraghki
Fef year.? the Red nn.l Mue has sent
erewl te 1'oughkeepsie to meet
Colombia, Cornell Syracuse and some
? '>? ? . gl ? , but tTil? season
proa loot the Red and Blue
-?ing from the starting line
when th? ahella line up for the big
? the year.
It la just Barely possible that Peaa'i
???ay inter --
ore th? liai
B on the crew schedule, but Mnee
| it is
? of the
? g competition a Poughki
until the athletic i ociatiOB get? on
Us feet financially and the rrcw
rant the expense of tk trip to
the Htj
It is believed that the reason for
leaving the date of ?he Pooghki
race out of this year's schedule is due
to the cut of at least $1,000 in this
year's crew appropriation, whir;. .
it the foil crew work
be (???pensed with.
Another aorpriso came when it was
announced that the triangular race for
th?? Chili:'? Cup would he held thl
'.n May 13 on the Schuylkil! insti
on I.aV<a Carnegi? at Princeton,
The achodolc eontaiti
only two other races, one witl
at Philadelphia, on April '?'?, in
both the 'varsity and junior Y
will row, and one with the Hide!
Annapolit, on May 6, when it is likelv
that the freshmen will go Hlong iii
place of the Junior 'varsity eight.
Trotting Board Doles
Out Many Suspensions
M. E. Sturgt* Gets Purse
Won by Hi? Horse in
Futurity Last
:.. Stsrgis, of this I
Christmas presen) of $2,500, the
? ? ?? UuTifa't In
? . ? iturity, 01
? ?if a ruling I
down ? rd of review i ? '?
II :
The pur?. an the pre
. MeDonald, or Indianapolia,
barged thsl W. Murphy.
of P( V . who drove
H am feat, ah? ?).?? trainer of two bortet
? the rules.
Mijr: td the h'-at
d?-lla ?a?? not in hi? <-nr" on 'he day
I race, ?nd the
? Mr.
? B th? rriertiii(( w?. railt-.l to order
i after 1<? o'clock tBO ?? in at
? Bf WOrOi John ?
-?-t'irnt. of Cent?n, Ohio; W. H
? - ? of Hartford, l
r 0 Beal. <.f Bangor.
. '? V , l
?id A P Bandl? i, of Ottawa, Ohio
Pre?ident I* )' Johnston, of Lexington,
Ky^ wee In t
J 0 winatosi ol Blshmeed, Va.,wn?i
ard in place
?4 lotsirl tV**lte?\ oi i-aUa Mm?, \?.,
who died recently, and Thomas S. Grif?
fith, of Spokane. Wash., in place of
Jtihn ('. Kirkpatriek, of San Ftar.cisco,
win. alee died Within the year. Mr.
Winaton took his place on the l.oaru
ai'.t-r hit eh
At the conclusion of the meeting the
14???r.'tary made the following BBBOanee
li. L. Roberts, of Worcester, "
1 .-M been taapended until tin- unlawful
winning? of Carrie R., former!]
Ins Girl, t:21**14i are retnrned f?
tributlon, He aeid the man- raced oat
ago a) Brockton,
Henry Hal!, of Mlllaboro, Del., was
rxpelled for itartiag Marendee Hoy out
of his class as Clifford II. eight years
ago m Maryland.
S R. Tsylor, C, E .-Vran'on and
r, ail of Madiaon,
Conn., rting Law
'.l'-.-, out of his clu-i und under
the neme of F. A. It, at Brooklyn,
( ?itm., and Ami. '?' in 15*14.
! t.?- winnings WON BfltelL The horse,
which has chang?*?l banda, 4 leapended
until the retur: itii.'ig? for
Albert Del?) and William F. Russell,
of ?Va ? ?spelled f?. r
? .
Sinclair. ?.' I ??. n, ' !hi?>; Me
. N. J , and Belli Vemoe, Psnn.
.i it. Jonea, I ' kicege, ar.d the bes
ruare Caroline were suspentled until
the unlawful winnisga for starting out
i.f her class at ? ranwood, Ohio, SIS IS
'or djistribetles
I I.? mestteg a ill continue at 10
o'clock ihi? w or mug.
Somebody Is Always Taking the Joy Out of Life
?AT t'YA ThIkjK
M?re Sr+iP FORD?
IS -Er^DiA-'O T75
u-STcn)- ijj'HAT fhtaS
r. TMi_- Iner ?O6HT/0
P?R_> DoW'TCHoo Go
IM' r'<*j MOrVllfey our c
. -?V -
?'? ? ?. '
_H?"RE FfcRD GOT Te D?
This- ajfjsr 8f-r<rA_3_.
YOU- THAS^WAT * ? Y/qv>
And- ME
LlSTew -Ton ITS
J05T -SOME B?<
^DUtlRTi 5MI_raiT
Scheme- d'ya,
Ktsjou? \aJhat
INUT? ?Joe
I Gotta
catch a
Personal Touches Here
and There in Boxing
_ Bv IGOE_
Jen? Willard has left Los Angeles il
a dreadful hutf. <>i. Monday night on?
Week ago the h:g champion attended i
show at the Orprieiiin in that c ty ant
hid himself in the balcony. Houdin.
the handcuff king, was on the bill, an.
the audience did not know that Jes?
was la the house until Houdini, an i<
Utual in his act, stepped to the foot
lights and asked that a comm ttee ol
gentlemen come up on the ttsge to ?c?
? the I rtegofl ! i "' apscislist hat
nothing up hi< aleevoa ttt deceive s
gullible public. Ten good men anri
true meandered op to the ?tage, and
then Hoodini said:
"Now, I need three more gentlemen
up here There la a men here to-night
who doea not knoe thet I am swore "I
his presence. Hi- will be enough fot
gentlemen if he will
? ? ? on thia committee, He ia ?'??*?
Willsrd, our champion." Taken bv sur
priae, the ant for
? tecond or two and tl.?n broke info
tumultuou- ? been and
thrieki foi W llard filled the hoeae,
Houdini looked up in the banlcony
where Willard was seated und sa.?i:
"I will leave it to the audience, Mr.
Willard. Yyu BOS they want to see
A fresh outburst of applause went
up foi
"Aw g'wan with your act." grow.el
W r.l when the applaoae hud sub
puled | bit. "I pan! fur mv seat here.'
"Rut, Mr. Willard," broke in Houdini,
uGi?e me the same wagea you pay
those other fellows and I'll come
down," said Willard sullenly.
By thi? time the audience had be?
come quite still.
"Sir, 1 will ??la lly do to," returned
Houdini hotly. "Come on down I pay
these men nothing."
"Aw g'wan with the show." roared
Willard. Then the audience took a
hand. Beginning with a few hisse?, a
general demonstration against Willard
was launched in a fla-h. Houdini held
up his hand for silence. It was readily
gr: iited.
"Jess Willard, I have just paid you
a compliment," began Hottdlni dramati?
cally. "Now, I watit tu tell you some?
thing else. I will be Henry Houdini,
Je-,?. Willard, when you are NOT the
heavyweight champion of the world."
A roar of Bpplsoaa greeted Houdini'?
remarks. A deep rumble In the gal?
lery Indieeted that Willsrd was trying
to make sonic? sort .if reply, and the
Chsen for Hoodini suddenly veered
to groans and Loots. ??[ made a mis
? take," continued Houdini. "I asked
Boxing Bouts
for the Week
New Polo A. C?A. .>,.. 8ho?.
F?lri???t A. C ? Young Ho?n?r and Wllll?
Ada AMI? Na--li and Jimmy Duffy, franklg
Oil? gnd Johnny Fill?.
Clermont A. C? Zulu Kid and J?rT tmlth.
Stiark.y A. C?All-alar oa/d.
gentlemen, and only gentlemen, to step
up on this at?go."
In the aproar that followed, Willard
beat a heat} retreat, and in? seat v....
empty ?luring the rema Inder I
performance. The next ?lay H
packed ins trank and ?et out tor u
er Sprint?.-.. Ha aai te beet
?ome four-round bouts at the Venice
Athletic Clab thai Bight, but he didn't
wait to exp?es? regrets at not being
able to appear at the club.
Up at the Olympic Club on Monday
.'??arty Creel had j ust boxed
r'rannie Wagner ten hard r
Marty ooeoped without a scratch,
thanks to hi? natty style of boxing.
Not so with Prsncis. Hi? pro;
ha.; boon barked, end two iadigo ?
rere I - tl iphleo of the encounter.
(Irosa bad dn i d, sad in thia rom
disseise he looked more like a
bank cleik than a chtI.J of the ring.
As he went out into the hall he met
tVagnor I raakia ha<l had only a ring
acquaintance arith Leach's brother.
"Hello, Frankie," ?aid Marty, holding
Bat hi? hand. "How do you feel?"
"Hello; Hello I " ?aid Wagner, quickly.
"I'm feeling all right. I know you. but
can't place you for the life oi m>!"
V. I Wagner pa?sed on with a puzzled
iook on his battered face.
The Hoys' Clnh, down on Avenue A,
hel?i a general celebration yesterday.
And they had a reason, too. Hadn't
Knockout Hrown come back the night
before 1 fee, indeed! l>own there at
.lab Brown i? their idol. He
earned to box there, and he has never
yet enter?..i B ring to tight ?vithout th?
? uililein of the club stitched on th?
of his tights. Hrown'? light aft?-r
?il. h a lung lay-off was ? remarkable
exhibition. True, the little DatCBmaa
has outgrown the lightweights a 1 it tie.
!i.? pour.dnge was git/SB out a? i ?
He hit better on Monday nigh* I
at any time during hi? career. 1!:?
long ?winging left to the bo.i;.
bother the best of them if he decide?
to resume lighting for good.
Dan BaCKetrleh writes that St. Paul
ha? gone just naturally loony over the
coming Aaeara-Gibbeai light. Write?
the little Legion of Honor man:
"The club has built 4,000 extra ?en-?
? it? arena and if the r? ?
twr ?eats continue they will have f.
?wing a balcony from the rafters, r rorn
the interest :h .t is being ?hown one
would think that thi? is the ral]
It 1 ' orld BTOr BOW. Ahearn ii
in a winning frame of mind arid he m\
BM t.. have all the boys get
aboard Friday Bight Ws all fool sure
that he will knock Gibbon? out. I
kaOW that that is something of s con
traet, bat just think H ovoi ?Then
bai Mike met a man of Ah.urri'? ?lever?
0001 and all round fighting ?I.
?v.- i || troop iiHck te Broadway o th
a pretty good grip on tl ewei|
title. Hememli.-r that."
Mike (?lover has refused to meet
Te.l Lewia again. He ??:.? offered ..
return bout t.? be fought tiext Tool lay,
in Beotea, b it M
Bait?old will take Mike's place !
OB his bunds ?alien it
come? to whipping the hardy soldier.
Beside? bring a hard BUM to gs. ige !.??
of hi? awkward st)le, Jake is a
gOO i stiff puncher. It wouldn't b? sur?
pris ng if Lewis found blaa h much
harder customer to tame than Glover.
Jawn the H?-e was made to strut be?
fore the boxing commissioner? rester
sei to a rompis i
Harry Ten iy, the manager of l_ck?v
II..mine;., s I
box Ad VFolgaot at the Harlem Snort?
ing I ?I 10 Ja? n du!
not like the a atch after be b i
and decided to toi ? it '.. ? ?
nut on I-e?ch <'ro?? ?nd Wolgast a
little later The eommi ? ? : ? ?
,Ihv th?t he a*-? ii Id h?ve to gt? 'hr...igh
with the Homme)- Wolgaot match, Bnd
the g?-...) barber promiaod th?t he would
t j it en k ridajr night?
Russian Wrestler Pins American
to Mat After Hour's Rattle.
Dr. B. F. Roller put up a stubborn
fight before he fielded last night to
the strength of Alei Aber,*, of K
the (irirco-Roman ehsmpion, in a finish
bout of the international wrestl.ng
tournament. With an arm and wrist
loe-, the thoolden of the American
were pinned to the mat in 1 hour 4
minutes H teconde.
It was only through his elsTsrnsaa
thai Roller - lee? i ded in holding otr the
champion foi It) h B '?"tig perio?!. Ob
half a ?!<>.'?? ri OCCI iont KO
the thro. ? of dangerous holds, hut he
tuceessfull) broke them or worked him
-elf free. Aberg was on the clef?
at time?, but Roller found him too
- to down.
Demetriut Tafalo?, of Greece, won a
quick victory over Herman Schilling, of
Germany, st the Gneeo-Romsn ttyls
with ??? neck and body hold in '?',:?>')?
".--'rangier" Lowia and Albert Cutler,
the American, wrettled a 20-minute
drawn match at ?'atch-as-eatch-can.
Billy Gibson Posts $200
for Leonard-Mandot Bout
Billy Gibson posted ttOC lest night
Sa forfeit to guarantee the appearance
of Benny Leonard at the Harlem Sport?
ing Club on December 17 in a ten
round bout against Joe Man?)ot, the
Chicago lightweight Tommy Walsh
posted the same amount with Jack
t'urley by wire from Chicago.
Charley White, the crack Chicago
lightweight, will prepare Joe Mandot
for the bout with Gibson's protege, and
will come on here with Mandot to sec
., I Joe.
Hope Expressed That Big Nine
Will Not Abolish Sport.
Chicago, Dec 7. Hope of athletes
that ba?eba!l will be retained as an in?
tercollegiate sport in the Big Nine
conference grew to-day with the news
that at four of the ?-istitutions there
was strong ????tiri.ent against its aboli?
tion, as suggested by the faculty com?
mittee at its meeting last Saturday.
The Cniversity of Illinois, through
its senate, went on record as favoring
the retention of the game. Sentiment
at Chicago, Ohio ?State and Wisconsin,
according to stories here, indicates that
these three institutions may refuse to
follow the faculty committee's sugges?
Illinois'? veto forces a reconsidera?
tion of the vote by the conference com?
mittee before the universities them?
selves act finally on it.
Waldron Eliminates RHey
and Seller Proves Too
Much for Poole.
Two representative, of ?he 1*0,.
clair Athletic Club remain In the tdvA
before the ?emi-final in the htndta*
squash tournament of the va!,? c.']u?
a result of yester.lay's matches. j0.i
G. Waldron, with a handicap of 8 ?i-,
ace?. 1 hand, prov, ( that he mutt be
cons dered a dang? ? r .
the highest honors when be ?limin?t?.)
Anton W. 1: i Pnaestes t ;uk
captain, in a match in tht upper half
Playing from ???: ?? ?.. at
aces, Riley area beet? -, itisight
garnet by the ?i
Both contest- \?.-r. ?
?*??*?'??"'< ?at equall?
as strong in hit dead "kill?" ? f? ;?T
who p'a\.'d a brilliant i..?:r.e. althourt
tie! ? atetl.
Kra ?k A Boiler was th? other Mont
clair man to M iry, ?innire
from Bensford Poole, of the !
wo?id Field Club Poo ?? ?as, ?
out of position time and airain bv th?
masterly placement , Oppo.
nent. Seller r.-i|"':n . ? ,' M|M
at II '.?. but ??
rival was the a nnir.g at
4 l.">. In th?' tl lies jump??;
awav tu a big II
Charles M. H l ?.-ht? (ujD0
player, who i - al -??
, was R10I ?? I?.: ' .
He easily outplaye ? 1 ?
of the Vale Clul la handiemi
of p'.us 1 hand.
),". f. Ae Ball ? ? n't,'.
?Iron in the fourth round th., ?ft-r
noon, it will 1 tthet he >i
able to ovcrcom?' t! . ?Ho-.
anco allotted to '
J. C. Tomlinsoti, of the Yale Club,
could BOt 'iik.- the ? ?'. A. J.
Cordier, of th?> Beit I Catiao, twine
!.. a llifhtl? tpi
Honda). Howev? r, I
the tluril rouin! ?? : : ion.
The summary follows:
? - .
? '
. 1
Regulars Win Day
in N. Y. A. C. election
The seven eand:d
ticket wen toccettful h th? election
of the nominating I | ?
New York /
A total vote ?if 1,467 t ? ? ???
The nun \? no wen
?ote follow: Colonel Hugh "'Dinobu?,
BM; "'liarles .) U art:? r. B30; Dr. W.
Kveiyn Porter, 799; ?VIIUbib Van A.
Creighton, BIB; Dr. Jsmet :'? Clesssj?
7-"'.; Robert \\ ? : 1. .'si; Cent?n E. PI??,
816. __
Nevvtown High Five
Wins in Last Minute
Newtown High School ?cored t??
goals from the foul line is
minute of play in defcatinf? Kar Rock
away High S.-hool in a u
championship bask?'tball (rnnit tl J ?' ?
per Hall. Mas|ie'h, 1.
terday. The
"P. ?.w spells tobacco
all over the world
Men of all tastes take to Prince
Albert pipe and cigarette tobacco
like it just about answers all ques?
tions ! And it does ! Quicker you
get on speaking terms with this
national joy smoke the sooner you'll
get a whole lot off your mind. Be?
cause, it just hands you more fun
than you ever got out of a pipe or
makin's cigarette before. The pat?
ented process fixes that?and re?
moves the bite and parch.
Here', (he !?te,t member of the "o\i
time jimmy-o'pere" club /!"? e fine
hkaooaa of John E Buch, ?Cl v.jn
?>M. cfKewtrk. N J He hen been e
pipe tmrker f-.ir fiO yeert. Mr i/ai h,
taha oojoys tea ?moi.? awori ,i*y
five? (hit idea at* Inni life ? "Smoke
ell you went, eet ell < ou went, eleep
ell jrou went ?end don t worry!"
the national joy smoke
is the one brand of tobacco you can
take liberties with, firing away 24-hours
straight without a tongue-kick ! You get the
listen of that
P. A. is sol? ?err?
whera in toppy red
bags (handy for ciga?
rette smokers), 5c;
tidy red tins, 10c;
handsome pound
and half-pound tin
humidors ? and
that elcssy crystal
glass pound humidor
with the sponge
moietener tt.p that
keefjt t'. A. bung up.
Cut out lamenting for that old jimmy pipe stored
away in the rafters ; stop fretting about how you'd
like to roll 'em, but you dassn't. Men, you can lay your
last cent that you'll be top-notch-tickled if you catch the spirit
of this testimony and get some P. A. and go to it ! Never did
anything but make smokers jimmy pipe joy'us and cigarette
makin's happy ? and that's just what's coming to you!
Can you sit-tight and get that P. A. aroma from somebody else s
friendly old pipe or rolled cigarette ? Can you pass up pleasure that's
due you, and coming to you quick ?as you jump that fence into the
Prince Albert pasture? Come on out and be a regular fellow who
game to take a chance for what ails his smokeappetite division!- *
Re J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO, Wixat?_o^Iem. N. C,

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