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First to Last - the Truth: News - Editorials - Advertisements_
?SfSxt V' ?-?.-?.?-?(?!.. ,?t,?.i!1,? sATiuiiAV. jam Aitv ?.??_?. mi?. ? ~ ""? ci:nt.:;;.ii?:";,:.-::: ::r,:r
Montenegrins, Renewing Battle, Call on Allies for Aid
Leader- Vfcreed in
November to Kill
All ?n Wexico.
Sippressi News Here
and Relit ti on Carranza
to Stifle Plot.
"' \
' N
? Prci
- ??
B '
'Ifipe n
? -
? i
? . ? I ? e
I about
*?re be
.-. ?
I Wad i * whoM
<-f the
? re be
M ? . .
I 'Ja, h!
.1 that
-. < ity,
th com
; ' ?
^"r- lo I .n-n.p Keaolt.
? ? of action
to know.
to m
" I ' '
" ?
els, but offl
? -re ?a ?'re no
such a movement
' -., ,
? ??, ami
m?".Sh*" ?i Msskaas Uhile
I**1** Bt?U? (attle.
? .. D
?r this
? not
''??'? han. a
? v-'-^i n,.?u wa, killed.
Sothern Cannot Play Romeo
to Any Juliet Save Marlowe
Wiles lUn-CM Closes Distinguished Shakespearian Actor ?
Career?1 le May Some I imp Open Own 1 heatre
in 1 aOIKton, I le 1 lopes.
i.rsH. leathei Iraaka i lad Is the
them home,
it 1 ? Street, j eaterday
- ? ?? . -. .limit? tliHl
!? Mm lo? i .
atermlned to leu ?
age fon ' ? looked r?
i i ? library in the
ears before his licath. n?
? plana for the future, sr.il
- I - ? ? ? ng frota the acting
;>'.?>? Bhakeapeare without
? n ." the actor ?n-.:. ? ? ? ft
? . - .a-, two reara ???*? t have
ed that the tima bad come to
fulfil her dream of going to live In the
I country? > . aha loves.
treat gin the
?is. ar.tl w
after I have cvmpleterl
. . le New York, end
. i W t r,'
K .
"Tor two year. I sysd aniu
i engagei re witli
? ;tt ihe was
ealth il a'.', that matters to
-.? 01 Id. 1 aii resignii .
' I
? be a good tlesl of a
phei contii ued Mr. Sothsrn
reminiscent, v. "We have to i
thing? that sri ill drive the I r.iinnry
i ?
gethi a, my a ifa am! I
- houses. She ?as nor
ugh to live n hoteli
roar!, so that a stall i rvants trav
ellod ahead of us to furnish ?ml pie
pare n lnri'?a house In every Imvn thai
"Ir I,?., long boon mj ambition to
,\ ?? theatr? of mj ?'?*? n In Sam
i ,irk. : t the \- '<?? uni. public Srlll no'
support a ? ? ' ? dtSTOi of
r.,| ?'
"I'ii vi'i nr.,1 M-rv SothsiH expect to
?. our connection with ths stag??"
"?'ertainlv not!" sni.l Mr Bothetrn
"Our lift? has been so ?trenuous tha*
?, are anxious to look about ?ho ??
for n ?4* ri r ! a". to Itttdj ,ri ?ju .?*t I
ioi ? '?.? of tha beautiful things that
\? e have minu??!. Later I may attempt
t?. pro,! e? plays In s thaatra of n ? *
in l/Oiidon. 1 do not know. Hut M 1*1
then) will never act airain. I am rcr
? . ? i> ? ? ? on, "thai other a? ton
will como forward to preaent B
?-i as mv wife and 1
I still the a:- bit "i ' I
every icreat actor and ?u-tres* v.
? ? : ?a something to hi?
We has*? ?lone our pari, and It
will not stop with us. Others ?rill come
forwai up the gsuga where
W? i r.? e ?hopped it.
"hur seiir? Mrs Sothern had t.,
, great ardahip i.o*,,r,.
genius "-.a-? recognited, There a i
?.' r ?? ;??
: and troubla
at i rit sbilit* in the
? ? ; ?4, i , : of tha el agi
,i J " :r actOl I, a- :. ' r ' .?-.- i, r ??
great i gh, they ? .:? the I
stage and in t the
? nut liiur?! on piafe S ?oliiniii I
Plea (?f Man Who Took Wif
Name on Marriage Oraated
ll" your rame is Mr
comes, say. Mr. }'ar.khur*t upon yi
msrr;-iee te M aa l'a- khurst, may ?
retake your maicien name after divo
from the lady 0f the dominai
Vt?. y-'u n ?y. sceoi ling 1 Ig? J<
F Hjrlsn, of the Count*! I
!yn. where such carter sri-p
' . ; ???'..
Brool ''-i to marry Misa Do
then Bernhard in Maryland
advanced ideas and n'ou'i
to bf ging vins,
t, she 1? to t
tere his plea w.
the effect he, bv mar riage, ?
? '. ? ? rnhard. Last July th
? - - Aug
Thieves Then Pack Up $100
Valuables and I lee.
Ret 71 St. Jam
i, a! 10 o'clock la
II Herrn, eights? ' ' '
???.. g il ? ;
I lor, Befon - < eould cry to h.
broth? ? ? ? ocked do*
the butt ol
rbanci Iwo hurt-la
rack, ? . and <?
I to the froi
Hei heard by s neig
. . ? ...
id bi mi ied.
?l be?
?i . Her brother .
Odds Given That One Will B?
Declared on Common Slock.
So Kreat is Wall Street's interest n
the outcome of the meeting of th?
t'nited States Steel board, next Tues
day. that yesterday there was consul
?rable bet1 ?? hether a di. nient
..n the common stock would be re
Fred Schnmm, the betting commie
er, offered three to two that t
dividend would bo declared sad evei
-?;, that the rate would I" at least
! per eent, or an a 4 per cent basis.
weakness ol the stock mai -
Thursday waa accompanied bjr rumon
that BO BCtion OB Ins junior t-hare?
would bs taken Wit) ? ? rise,
tion and thi pi availed thai
Court Holds It Cannot Compel
Election by Society.
Mrs. Nora Btantos Blatcfa Dal ?
, daughter of Mrs. Karriol Bta I
Blatcha yesterday lo-it her action to
compel the American Society of Civil
Ki-.grneers to admit her to aai
membership. She wan s junior .nein
In deajring the application of Mra
?er-t for a writ ol la. J sa
Ii srbarg? r said "II
authority In this COUtl ti
rj ,,,?? ?or to eleel or admit
any parson to membership." Misa
Rlatch was th? Brat woman r. rec< t..
,-r,, ,,' . .ii enginoei froea Car I
Lell University
Beaten and Fainting, She
Calls Mer Son, Pour, to
Start Chase.
-.ret Borthwieli s -
gel luppei foi her husban.l
I Jii ? " .
lh< elevator to take he
to the second floor of L'??.'? Central PsrVj
? g. She ran up the
: the ?loor of hl
ghtly aja l ? ora .r tide ?.?me a rip
ping, ?
look n* several fresh
? ioor eaaing and ?
? i through ?
'? in wil
vas a ranching
"U'hat an oing 1?re" G a'
lira. Borth
right I'm Eddy," ha re
? ???1 the sideboard
Mrs Boi tha ich is twentj ? ? rears
old, blonde and pretty, bul ol slight
stature. When ">he grabbed the ?,
lar by I.:- left arm he swung around
? ? . i gh1 Hei screams wei <?
by the impact of his Sol Drag
g hei .. - - he made hue.
left her si moat ? .ri the hall
Uiiii ir I mie, awakened frm
a ft i ? Crimson
on the t...-?i floi ? ? him, His
^-. faintly, "Call
. -, .i mm ? call i homai ." he
ihl .- foi help.
Entei ?'?.' ? maa, the negro ? ?
n.ar,, three leaps of four -??
.: I -> ear behind birr. As he
. d up, th.* burglar luitged
eased each ol her so qu ?
ri.ilhi'i had time '" lOJ
When he eaw lira. Borthwlek
??ill and pale hallway, Thomas
at to do. He dupli?
cated the burglar's speed In geti .
i ich don nata n For ? minuti
? arid --rek BtTOUnd the !
in the ,, ? Inii k
lar daahed out, ran r.> \! chai l
on the corner of Ninety ? -
and jump? I
? ?r- with 'I bon ?
rhere was a brii ,.
back room. I ord cam to 1 ...
tor m;?.''- assistance, however, and the
? ,. ,? mat over.
priaoner ?aid that he ?a* Rob
er' Bell Hasaler, a i hauffeur, of '>'*>
u ei t End Avei i Patrolman E
Porter made the arrest.
Mrs. Horthwick was carried to the
i ; ..? ? ,r:ent of ti I TO
r ,. r os ? . n h? re she sooi i egained
Harry McE?
that three brooc ei eel with
itolei from
- ? ,? lidebo r : On his ?raj to the po
McEwen met Hi
.. ; '1 hey ha,! bl*OUgh ? I ?
glar 1 entil ?? i by M rs.
I'.dr tin? - .li rumie Stepped
,i in the story ... ?
"1 unk. mi
something ?i""r. behind thai radiator,"
? in' youngatei ci ed Pati olman Poi
t? r then dl ? os ered a ji mmy.
I'. S. Warships Inratrurted to Sear, h
fur Mismng \meriean.
San Juan, P. It , Jan. IM. Admiral
I . ? 'er, ?'?.rninanding the A*U' tic fleet
manceuvr ng .?t I ilebra, aa Instructed
' ? fleet to searel I
\??.. i name not givei
va a ? a pa* iei ger in a
Ihomaa for the
oring ?aland of Tori 'm lure last
boat, \? h Ich arriad
.? four, r,? proviaione, only ?
small -upj'lv of ?ii'ir ar;ii tint or,.* Ufe?
| belt. ? ?a- :?.?. basa heard iron, sinca,
Begins Inquiry Into
Committee's Bilt
more Hotel Bill.
Powerful Interests Trying
to Balk P, S. Investiga?
tion, Says Senator.
' ' to block the investi?*?*.
the Tkompaon committee will leaii tu
a state-wide Bcaadal, tho-?? eoavei
with the situation declarad law?, night,
? " . of ?graft, bi ibery aad
pe? ? irled ba< '-. ?.? :
Prominent legialatora, public
'' ill and men high in
a', involved, Yesterday*!
\ elopmcBl i were;
-'?: -tul lre..r?a-? 1' ThOBipSOfl ?.
the traction interests of New- York City
ol I" , the movement to ilis
??i-?-dir ? ttee .mi! -.?>|i .? -
I ition
1 ? i ? * -. '? ' -wain Itart? : h
John Doi ?Btiga the 1 homp
son coi ttee'i Biltmore Hotel bill.
? b i hs will aid him
. ery waj
Senator Thon;: ? I -.'-.I to the
attack ci. '? i addeui C
As-i-Mili'., accusing him, among
other th nga, si trj irig to force him
. iploy a stenographer who ?
nave made 120,000 oat of l
A pu
l hompaon bad b? en off?
. ? . . ? gai ...-??.
i *.???.. B
Pub ?? Servil ? I
in tin- i ? ?
"The m eleratora ?re aaalnai mi
wai the laughing comment made by
senator Thompaon yesterday at the
cloas of thf d;t> '.. Investigation by his
(omm ? ? ? ?
l?g Plghl on Hand.
But throughout the intervisw la
which this significant atatameat was
made the Senator from Niagara made
ii i lain that h ? er I i? - had mors than
a mere light on then- hand..
?i didn't know- that thm iavesl |S
? o? had been started bj Diatrict At
. Bwann," sbiJ Senator Thomp?
son "1 -.? a- i ? > r?tce ? to con?
fer about the criminal charges mBde
by th-.? con I Robert Col?
, ate ft sod, bul i othing elaa a aa I
tried ? ,! Itmore
?? . - out on me I'm the only
... . ? ?
get The fact i? that the lergeaBt-at?
arma of th? ? ag the eui
of years, made out the pro rata
apportionment. Lost June, after the
. -.. for thi ?
the committee, I ordered that ?here
after the ore rn ta method be aban?
doned. sn?l each man be charged with
what be actually incurred
'?All thi. is done for ?-?? Be ?? | irpoae
of d cert ng attention from the mam
issue. I he mam laaue
comniittee continue it. investigation?
have already remoted three
? ? ... ,.,.,_ an,j ue
? bed the pro ogue of the
11 iwi thst the I'ub
b Com? has fa led in
i ta dut j in ? i district \ ? i our work
tt i- i r angS ? ' .
fundamental eond liona, nnl if ws are
lo 'ru-i wo will have doBe
our duty bj the p? pie a I I ? corn -
munity hul BOl until then.
Powerfal Intere-n?. Hurt.
"I realize tha' ? ?r -,. . ? - the work
? ? ? ? . .-? <?';?: tS '. :? d 'i !. Ich v. B
cannot complet? ta
appropi ? terferei srith In
i thai.
of that - that thi. backfire did
? - moni i."
At ? ?
? i -?aid:
ee corpore
much stri tha the 1
'.ow I am get I ing an
.(leu what the Tub;.? Service i ommis
< niitiniieii o i mnta I, aeeasaa .'
No Austrian U-Boat
Concerned, Penfield
Is Informed.
Germany Has Already
Said Her Submarine
Was Not Guilty.
\ :eniiM, taniiniy 22 Tha gOVOtra
ment ha- informed Frerlerlc C. Pea Held.
the United State.? Ambaasador. that no
Austro-Hungarl.) e ?as ron
- lag ?if ti,?' i''IB SI . nr
A Oriental Line Bteamer I'ersia.
W i bingtoa, Jar,. 22 '?'? ?' ? .?
' ? ' enial that l er eubmarl ii
the i'er.in, the queatiOB Of "-abat caus
? . ? on ut the reasel, sgain
? ? ??. Germany in* an
- .nan submarines
have reported and none of them wan
ble for the aii
Austria's statement probably means
itic eon
bet .4 ? ? the 1 eutonic p? eri
. ? ? ' ? tee over the Pi
tragedy, in leaal two Amen
can ! ? ere
i hi -?? ' ??? ?? I ? en i i'poi U from Der
man lourc? thai irnal explosion
sent i. None of the sur
1 that he had ?a.'en a sub
? 'formation
? .
of a toi
i \
h lo have all
ble inform?t.?m regarding the
;i. i...f'ire proceeding further. 1;
va? regarded ;?s probable to-night that
the commi.: ti< ? forward
in the near future.
? Austria has piom?*ed to punish the
submarine ??? ? o di troyed
the Ancon;? I had halted and
? .'? r. on board
ami to make re| lor the An? ri
, ? ? ? " idemnitj
The eonti I i if the Un ted I
it merchant veaaela must not be <le
I and iri-.vs are
In eafetj is accepted without
?o the communication hu?
been regarded relea gen
? complete eon?
to ? *? ?' lei anda.
, ranee
, ..nie? will clam. ; any in?
of life on 1 a h a a
?..-. De?
? ?
dent. Il? .ra of many of the Lui
victirr, I lalma.
final deeiaion as t?? whether inaai
compel - int of poli? ?es
PB ?! OUI chilli ti. SCO *" ill rest
?a ith Secretary Lani Bg
? ?' ,i pointed sul to ?lay that
? ?a ?s puni on care
ty for it? destruction usually
than to tl ? ownera, but il ?ras said
. iments in Juetifl
i different course la 1 ?
? ? . .. tmnity for
the Luaitania vii sptanee
? ?? '? ' tatei hirers on the
gol ' non .'. \-r--?
r, ?.ment ' ? ?
??:,,.4 g .' of the tragedy,
Destroy! Aero in Adriatic and
Torpedo Boat.
London, id pateh to the
,-?? rdegraph < ompany fron*
?., a r 111 o
? . ?
and also an
Austrian torpe?lo boat which went ??>
'.. "K the crews of both
rra't prison? ? ?
Amazing Effrontery
Samuel Hopkins Adams grinned expansively when
h? learned of it?then hr ma.de a story of it in detail.
It is told in Ins u?ii... trrn< hant style in The Sunday
I ribune.
How Uberman, the mnequerndei und.? many names.
tried to put one over. Not mnt*-nt with being flayed
and flowed, he attempted to rent a store in The Tribune
Building. His love for us was such that he longed to
come and live with us! But h*- isn't mining--as is made
very [ilain in
?tye ?utt?aij ?ar?bmt?
-feral to Lomi the Truth. MseSB Editorials- Adverttstmantt
LONDON, Jan. 21.?The urgent necessity of speed?
ing vp tin supply of munition* ha* determined
the government to put into lotee immediately
plans for the dilution of skilled labor with semiskilled,
unskilled and female vorker* in nil controlled establish?
In n statement oa the subject in the //?<*/.?'< of Cons?
mons to-dnj/ Premier Asquith announced that the gov
emment wets convinced that this plan offered the only
prospect of tecuring o sufficit nt supply of munitions "to
enablt the war tn hi brought to n speedy and successful
"Any lack of munitions," continued the Premier,
"would exact n heavy toll in lives of soldu rs. It is quitt
impossible that foreign supplies can take the place of
the Imme production of munitions, but even if thest
nourris iif supply teere, indefinitely extended, the im?
mense diminu? thereby COUSCd Upon our financial TC
eoureee und nur shipping would present insuperablt
Cork Up All Ports. I
Says?Hits Policy of
"Wait and See."
Hi i ?,', a ?..,'. .
! ' ?d in, Jan. 21. ? ommenting
- la situation, Lord Bereefc
i I to ?iu-, :
"I ?'?i . in favor of deeli
? / - blockade of a!! enemy porta T
?ted up to now has been
, te lauure. - lyatem of K.r
'??' out a number of ar". elei as i
traband of war opens tha door at OB
to all sorts of abuses Th?
far has been a farce, of ninety shi
teken recently into Kirkwal!. eifrh
-?ere released without even being ?
amiried. As .'. is eaforood at prese
the quasl-blockade only irritates ne
ti als without effectively depriving t
; Power? of supplies.
"Britain should come out fail t si
irelj and declare a complete bloc
Of Germany. Nothing must be i
red to come on?. I am convine?
that the British r.a\y is in a positii
to make such a blockade effective. I?u
?ng the A in?-1 .rar: ? fil War we r
-pe?-ted the blockade \i- ?'.aimed by tl
'? ern States, sad that de -? I
?as practics
paper blockade an?! r,r>\ei really elf*
Hut wh..e ? uas ?n existen?
Lancashire rs ???? ei
- tan .ng.
RltS II I oalition
? great loui of a ea less ?
the coalil ? overnment I i
?i. Its policy of wait an
has I???, n disastrous 0 - resu
it s of the AI
li?e aie al? .?'? i i ced by th
rr,arr'.i of ?vente and everything the
have undertaken has been doi I '
It il tune now for a resolut!
virile polic] which will not leave a!
the Initia e In the conduct of the ?.???
Lord Bereeford considere the crea
i f the coalition a fata! n
as the union of Usually <>p
g le ads oi . ? a i
ling to mov? ., ?
line of lea?*, resistance, which
? ?. i nergi tic proseeul
war. Hut while recognising the weak
' ? , . pins
. ?' gel ? i rid of ? Tl
. ? -
to I-a ' Suit The only i.
an outburst of public opir
?i, render further tenure ..f office im
I . if thie tl i ie no sign
? movement would presuppose a
popular leader and there ?no al
???it In public life who could ftll
the i ?
.'0.00?* Men for Navy.
,. :?;,... ' Commons paaaed wtl
C laaion to day the supplement?
al/ navy eel matee authorising an a?l
m of I . ' K) men to the per.onnei
? navy. This increase is construed
? licatiag a large increase In
Britain's warships and as a step toward
ng a real b'.utkade.
British naval expert! ll ! I to be
? . r bj the scare about German
seventeon?lnch naval ? u i It has been
Btly whispers I t the
s Germai ' ? ' ?
eoi elusioi * British na?y
?-....-?. r . ? ? ? r
oui ???." i guns of bigger e - s tha
i ? ??.. an lachara of j.-. |e ?? ?
shipe. '1 He itorj : by an arti
ritten by James I'ouglas in "The
Daily N< we."
I'ougias has ro claim to a te OU
tativel) nava and his fear
it the Britisl flfteei ? ?hers ? ? I ??
itrangod is baa? I u?- '.ption
it It waa a
naval gur. tl 11 - -
'? ? is like \ H Pollen and
1er 1.
-, nt uflaatisfad P en r;,i
- the Doug aa argumi
.- ? - tenl
-. . ?
? ,'hers r* WOUld r.nre - I * I
tibie," he ?h>-, "i( s.'?ei sa
-4 were put lata von Spee's lag
si p, :* would hav?* turned turtle and
Amu* Ut __.? bottom." I
Rout Turks in Caucasus
Battle and Push on to
' t-. 11. J '. T h e H u ? ? .? ? '
?if attackiag the forts of Erssrum,
th? Csar*a objective i.-. 'n*- Caucasus.
In a fierce battle BSBr HH>.an Kalah,
twenty miies ?rnm the fortreea, ? I
Turk? were routed. '"In tne coast i- .
the Turks attempted so s wids fi at
ro drive back our troops, bat ws re?
pulsed them with heavy loi.
the Rus?ian off.cia!. "<>ur pu:
.red. after a Ugh*, the tOSTB
o' Hassan Kalah, and then drove the
Metiing enemy as far as the forts o'
Er He rum, sabering or tsklng ss prison?
er? over 1,">n0 Turks and cap' irr.g a
gun, much ammunition and s ?arcs
"The Turk? who are no longer pro?
tected bv tie Erseram forts are re
?renting precipi'ately in a!! direr
? | in our hands magazines, gun?
and huge quantities of supplies. i
where abandoned car'r dgl I
weapo . .-???? ? e gio,;n.|. ?
croa -I rhe road?.
"i >n the southern shore o' I.ake Van
?ops drove ha? k the rarka to the
r< -* of Vastan. Bouth of Lake I'rumiah
we ha\e sgsin routed ;i Kurdish de
snt, rig il back beyond the
River l'emagara."
Russian colun itiag la l'er? a
: ished to and occupied the town
... si mthwesl of
Tehersn end sbout an equal distance
northwest of Ispahan. The garrison and
the German Consul rate fled to Bou
? . ? ? areat of
Th- f the Brit
Meso; | -., the
... el Amaru has been the
" I hi rana of the ?a?t few dai .
say- 4 Britiah coir.'- "lia-.
made navigation and other operatioaa
liflli . ? rhe Tigr ? has
feet and the s'ream is th?.
of a red brick A large ?harr- . ?' ?
or foui
has ' ? ? s'ithia a a eek, n?Kr-x i
the hard
ictive r.ghtir.g con
I the
Bi lovi ?' .
U cnemy are mad?
? at the ground
... i*,. ?. r
.-. . n e Bi ? ?. therefore,
? B? "
??-a ?
Germans Reopen Syrian Mines
to (?et Fuel for Railroad.
i ondoa, Jan. 21. Oei n u '? ran
? i meet g srll
?acted t la si meed I
? bI to operate the ra
road cons'r: .'iiward tkl
Syria to tke ?? Ige 11 rhe desert ap
g ths Cana
? a- : . of the rai'.ri'fi : I ?
teen latf * 1 I ra -
? ?- ,1 for a ain ???
waa ','?. tia ICted, bur the ab
Dg to
. - of coal h as
Syria, a the I ini ...
.i . ? ,
ss is limite-I
\ . .-? fore.
of Turku I is engaged in de
? -?
Will Replace Territorials Sent to
War, Says Vienna.
Herlin, Jan. 21 bv wireless to Sag?
! V I'he Austrian government.
,,-.. ten tor ala -?
the front, according to the Overseas
. . . ?as Besad ? decree
?ng the ag? limit for the co IBS of tne
war at nfty-dve years
Those '?''" are between the ag?--' 0<
flfty and flfty ri'.e v.'*f I ?
or. ,v for sis weeks <
.hen on!v**in districts I .*s!"-**re wsr
Albania Sends 20,000
Men to Aid Moun?
Threat of Revolt by Gen?
eral Prevented Sur
Lmdon, Jar.. 21.- Au.-??..*??, .-?-?
have- re-urne?! ".?
ramalns ot Itontaaegr '. ? .? .
noirue<i tl (?ay.
M?-a:-while the rs
'?rins. h.'aiie,! bjrtl
1;h sons, are retirir-,- thl
mountain*? toward Altxai ?a.
in sxtricat?ng the. ti
ha? bam iasoad to tin I ss I
listan? such a? aras n
Complet?- Ifotji
nefr-rin troop., ae, sod
i icee, has I SOT : ?
Martin..-.ich. Pi r MTcrs
r. port has ot* n earn I ?
?vas (?eneral Mart?-?.*. i.-h.
the army, arho refused I ign ?
the paaCS K:r g '. ? . | n:
ranged ? ith I
Bcf irs tl ?? threat of open i ?
the King was obligad t
thrnw in his lot with that of his
BOidkRB, or fare the '. -< of his
Essad Pacha Send? Troop?
Essad Pa?*l..i. the Pro\i
Presi.lent <?f All>an,a. i- a!**" re* "? :
from Rome to be rushing
troops to the a*- F thi ha |
pressed mountaineers. It iras K
? . g re
tirem? r.t of thl ? ."*? rtltari,
while last month the Albanian e
?a.- ?*ai?i ti haw
and declared arar
B ?'aria.
'ari. on w r* ? .
are ret ring, is
by the Albania
? Btratad there.
' tee Austro- Ha g?
ranch g the genera! ? ?
, while e
? - sloag 1 I coai
- ! Antivari,
from Geneva. Otl
itrength si
The titeaetgrin I onaul in Tai ?
the oil a' announeemei ? I
I negotiat ? botare? Monti
ar.d Austria have been broken ? ;
? it Ifoateaogre ha.- de
tho b;" ? r ?
(ILhVial Montenegrin Ilenial.
The oSeial saaoaaeeaieat fraai ??
, ? ? .?'.?:
"Lasare M
ter and t
,...??.'.. arrived at
Que, M ilena a
h? ? ira) ? Fren? ? I
? . . ? * i
... ?t tl U- | >
I rrernment hav?- . ? i .- illy re
all tha Au- ris -. ?""'I
" ? -. agre ???
."? r ei
"King '? si sad
srith tne troop? to ?'- ?
tance and fi
? ? ra - il
r .
\ ? i
the arms, ae haa airee ? ? ne foc
ihe Serbian ar:
??*???...? ? f
. lad sari si sewi I
enemy. ha\< I Itress? : thl I - g
err.ment. I. M
"h,; - '??? erionee anderg ? ? I
i country will show hei
Ity to her alli?e,
aad ' -?*i
?Itfirials Leave for tr?n..
"The Pressier is waltiag a" Hr adtal
for the dir n'.^ ... .? ?
to arrive there to-?!ay Bad the
member*? of vahich t. ? : . tra ?
I.;. uns."
"The Daily Telegraph's" Ifilaa SI
responder:' gives ? the
... -:..r, of llontenei
t:ona with Au*tria r. ,
loi ' - ? . ?
, thi feat
?he eoi sat
I . -fa'.
der as the ? ? KlBg
sent for G? avitch to ,le
ienJ the approu?.h?j t*ffths ?.-a it??.

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