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^*h\**r^ r?. . a ? .e ?ea a.? ir r- f. ? l A J_?** - -
Y Osa Money Kack
If Von Want lt.
I , ? i.aJ / ?V?, t. ar.???n? l _
First to Laat ? the Truth : News - Editorial* - Advertisement?
Fair to-day; fiir and warmer
/ u 'I /.'?i/'/rl oa ?""/' ?
- __-__"__* ?f ^a7lVfP la Mew tare, CUr, WeeeeB. Jieee> CUf,
l\\\ V\ .25,271, .?iVTr^irT", MONDAY? JANUARY 24, L916. ?? o:sh ( ,vN J -.? ???.w, .?? <.
Turks to Admit Sinking Persia, Is Berlin Report
Reprisal to Follow
Attempt to Stop
Thompson Inquiry.
Governors Trisco Vouch?
ers Held I'p-Renom.na
tiotl .May He Opposed.
. - , ? ? ? n? i
ta end te th?
tear lec
I in a
!? derart
? ' -
tha ?latlve
?'?? '???" state'?
I ? I ?
? ?
' ' '
? - | ? man arrived
- th?
taned eal ?peed
???*? bad hii
Hen i rnoi
:?' in,? "hf
vrr? Meld I p.
ed to approve
I '-? : ?? ,' |
on a
t then
? committee for
r. A :
I it that
: - -
. . .
ive rot y ft
? ?
: that
eraa a
?moi H
??? em
?" New
? ? . ei
?? ? Iverware,
? . ..
It la
.'. | ?
? ? . .. "
t i the limit
? ? feel?
?roof w n?'n he
? ? ator Sage
?: mittee.
i ,.<i?r? laajalry.
o-. ?T
? . at I - home
be a.
I am [.' rl
g al
?d j<?b
?pendit ire? of all
: . i Beth
. m mitte? ?:
? I have read, I I '
rong In
or ?f.
- talei
I ? taken te
their owi
rl tilv b? lim
I their
-g Senator
? th< Gov
? eheir?
.- committee
Republican Sen?
? i
rkerJ with h'.m
a ? li i.- hon
? man
? I e oil
I ? ? geea the
' ' thi way
?aa li.in.- Geed Work.
? rl li.- kaa
tarted out to
. . ?? a ko.,?i
*".pul eft If I.? did
'"'1'i.ur.l ?u ?aaae? I, .?lumo ?
Stole Thieves'Honor in Robbing
Friend of " Canada Blackie'
Outcast of Outlaws Robbed Mrs. Field, Prison Reformer?
Welfare Leaguers Spur I hint?Disgorge Jewels and
Miscreant. Mandate to Underworld.
Same boorish erackaman, unmindful
of the fact ihnt Mrs. Anna T. I Field
wa?. the friand and biographer of that
map-ter yegg, .u.hn Murphy., i.i...
' t ri- h::. ';( ... ; \u* strayed mi t?t 'r.i'n
professional courtesy last W< ni
? ' ? broke into ' ? ??? arta?
?timan ktpl her jewel? and it ? ?
safe. No? tba Mutual Waif ara League,
of wl ch Mra. ! leid li a membar, li
outdoing tha polico in h vigorous
searrh for the rulpril nn.1 Ml |3.000
worth of loot.
tireat iva? the convulsion t'nat shook
: tha underworld when it was learned
that the friend of Thomas Molt Oe?
borr.e and hi?, fifteen hundred 'rut
?hile charcal al ? ? g lia.i l>re-.
plundered. So heavj ?ra? tha moni
iturbanca that thi
world ha? h??on ia ?e.i for a time to a
hifjtl-.cr plane, anti :* no?-- busy run?
I Iowa, Inataad o? sheltering, the
Loud anathema riaai
fron . where the
aing ehoruac
the ( : : < perpetrator. And
M ra
? - h refern
aloud ht the Insinuation thai l ? I
in prison reform may bavt
tared by the
??|: ia rather 'rot,,,. tid at
her home, IM H ! E eet, Brooklyn,
:.'>>er I had
ritten a
bun, another reaker ahould rub
me. It ia i to think that I
ke ai ? ence in mj
The mi * had nothing
do with the crime
?tide. ?? i are haunting the
: : ?..? .? o| ?? of i covering
the stolen property."
The only bit of bit?
Field wear? besides her wedding ring ,
in a ?olden heart, praaented to her i>>
thi Sing Sing priaon?
it ara? late Tuesday nigh I or earl]
Wednesday morning when the robber]
tted Since ?be entered th?
:? "im movement, Mr? Fiel?
i ?..i her jewel?, f??r the iw1
For a tl he kepi them in i
? ' ' .I'll? ol
being ob ged to ko te thia each tlmi
: in weer her ornament? tu
B dinnei or the theatre caused her tc
remove them to the aa/a la the eflei
? haeband, t'hurle? M. Field, -i
lawyer, ol BO Broad Street
On '\. -. ay morning? when Mi.
Field entered hi? office, he found the
?? ?>pen. Some une had
? ? ef the deal of bii
? r, Howard Wlllett, had *uken the
? ? ? one of, ? - ?? . ' ? ?
and bed opened the <!?>??r wi - .. !
About - , ? . ? \
belonging '?i II ? ?ihiiai:
"f her
t ngagemenl ring, '!.??. ? i '< an
? ;. . hand 01 .>? ?'??al and
I ring, tha gift of Mr.
Crescent, an ei'iraRcment
. and several oti-.er article.? o?
? belonging t<> Mr. Field and
Mr. Willett B ? -?len.
eve that it wai
. . I ?r the
irked optimiati
"11 ?nought home to
them the BCi ' crime
better than almoi ? g eist could
Afii r ,; the police, the friend
of th.- all ' 'he Mutual
:ri h the thief,
"\\ - i: t.j And ' 1
.- job," BB? i.f Hie !? ...
: member? 'old her jrestt 1
day. "Dont you werry, Mr?. .
? t, all ',
? ?
An.; . ? '-at
? Ing.
Pay Increase and Shorter
Hours or We Quit,
Union Demand.
t St railroad en ?
end rail roa - I c up
. ' ?
threatet ? " fter Mai
compai ? ' their
? worken for an eight-!
. time and a ba!-' I
j in ? ? .- eo intry, I i con?
ceded, facea the proba
bj ? - ? . ? ?real bi
hoods .f I f I '.
comot a Flremi
Hailrtiad ConJuetora ai .1 ol
Trainmen, when nie referenda
ng taken by t
h ted.
then ! ,i\ e the al
?':?..? granting i I
millions of d ?'Ian to I
g thi
th.? four con which
include virtually all th<< traffli
If compi ? "and?
which, it ia expected, s made
upon them on March 1. officials of thi
rompa' there
were fuur way?1 of raising thi
sary r< venui. 1 hej are!
To reduee the wages of the 1,600,000
i men not actually empli rain ser?
Ta Suite Problem.
To reduce ? ? ent nterest
divid? aeurity holden
? ? ?
d other ira?
? demand? d by tl ?? public.
To ask thi
t rat?
dution, i ? ? ea in one :
of the laat two proposals,
They admitted, however, thai some
solution must he found almost lmmp
ally all iifiiihi em?
?, were In fat or of the
demands for highei wsgi
would benefil directly thereby, ["hey
? -.. coi ce< ? that | .
? .tig directly by th?? in?
? . ?.?...(??.i probably stund liy the
? ?
Ir. un effort t" re? the opinioi
[ public com
? ? .?!>;'' ' and pa isengei ral
! the roads are preparing a gii
licitj campaign foi tit? purpose of ?et
ting all thi fact ? befoi i tl peopli
Heretofore the railroad offlc i ? have
been backward in "Baking public
thing not absolutely eeeentlal t.. theli
. m ? ?. fare. But it ???
? at all the i videnee ? the pre lent
controvei i) >> i uld be paaai
; ? ? . " . lea that their i
might, for once, bi with th< ?
Seek Sympathy af Public.
The raili aadi ai c bel let ed I o
? ted a ? lee eou rae in this ri
since th?? sympathy of tin? public alone
expected to win tha strike for one
side or the other. In the event of a
t-triki? a ho'itile public could compel tha
? militia and the at
legislation that would eompel the sub.
m ?es ion of the roads. Should sentiment I
< ..ill in.it il I'D (>?(e 2. it.I.niiti ?
Build World Declaration
oi Rights on Revolu?
tionary Model.
?Veal ingten, Jan. 29 A formal pro
? ? * laying down for the ac
tlic entire world the prin
of right and justice which, in
' minent au
? ? twenty-one re: .
Hi mi iphere, should be
followed 'n the eonduct ef Interna?
tiona] eifaira to pre ? i
beei made by the >\mei lean In I tutt
ternational law. The document
ir entitle'! "The Declara. of the
? ? of Nations," and li founded en
the principlea of the American I'er
laretion of Independence, adopted July
1. 1776.
? on of the declaration,
which ? the righti oi neutreli aa
? . and which
mighl I ?? ?d ai an "interne?
. . on of ?ndependei ce,"
un m
nouncemenl by Dr. Jame? Broern Scott,
? the Institute, rhairman of
the jo late and Navy Neutrality
Board and secr*tary ef tha Carnegie
. or Intt n al ional Peaee.
II wai adopted a? t h?? ? ? don of
tha Institute, held la connection with
; nd ur.iier the direction of the Second
Pan-American Seientil ? -Congreai en
Januar] '?? bul ita publication was
vkithheli) until to-day.
Knot Honorer) Preeldeat.
The institute ed ' 108
tative? from the
? : ? ? ' a. ional Law,
which I . Be? . of the
.went ) \ ? ? The
is Elfhu i:??"'. for
mer Si t ai . o Mate. Beeide? 1'r.
? Mi Rool and 5< cretarj 11
\: ? ? i..?. member? an i
? ? .rv uf State and Ani
? tnce, and Dr. I.eo S.
Rowe, of the Univeraity ef Penni
Following the aanouncemenl leal
?reek ol Secreter? -Lansing'? luggc
thai th? institute etudj the qui I
? and neutral duties,
m,,I the tion of thi mt mom
iium In which he expressed hi? atti
imataneea ui der which
several of the American governments
have eulTi II ? nip through the oper?
: tropean i" gi re::ts, the
itioB i- regard? d here a> having
the ?.-ie .? ' -' internal
? ? it it was framed by a body
whose members represent the he.it in?
ternational law opinion of the Amer?
ica atrii taken h? a - K}
Indication of Pan-American -MUdarity.
Although f'amed hy h privat? body,
the declaration nevertheleaa ia under?
stood to expr?s? tha attitude toward
??.?i;,' onal law of the Ameritiancon?
tinent, ae i! imera are drawn from
g the meal em ? ? ?ritie?
?nel law In the! i respt
in fad, il thai when
.?? of the declaration
vk?- presi nted to '-he be Ij i ex< cutive
.?.. with a. tien that :t
? . i aa " ? \v -" ..? Declara?
.?;??,? . ? ?-? mbera
I ? u liinil OU ?... ??? t>, - "I'.inn ??
Dangles Thirty Feet
Above River as
(iirders Creak.
Women and Children
Flung About in Trains
?Signal Ignored.
>> ere the Second ami Third Avenue
? i scki meet an tha saw draw?
? the Hat lam River al 129th
? ?. feel above tl i water, two
trail . ... d ill weathei
? tardaj ? .ti:
one ?.. r ?? ,.? urncd
avj steel \> ark ?
In iid<. : ? i . . ko itonea ma n
Ing eat ?rete ? ter, the paaaengera wen
hurled againat the windawa in a
screaming, fighting man?, in
fher<? w-is no thought of ?
children. Below them, visible through
the beams and ties of the bridge, ran
the murky waters of the Harlem. A
un-hon* sent up a puff t.t smoke
through thi ? a ' 1 ???' ?. ??
cries of "Fire!" were added to the
groans of pain and cries of terror.
Many Stared, but Few Hurt.
Hut the number of Injured i.'
nature of 'hoir hurts were oddly ?."?
proportion to tl.e panic and the
circumatances. No one was kill?
worst injury being a broken leg. Only
four victima required hospital I
ment. Many lesser hurts and tases of,
fright, aii told ?bout twenty, wen
treated by ambulance doctorg.
The . egident occurred near the si.ops
<*rgt station for ?ram erews
on the e!e?a'fd Structure in l'.'i'th1
Stree', .<.-> ?)? r,? |: .
lo'give at tanee fagging the in- i
jured and frightened passengen out
o." their perilous place in the wrecked'
Il wfi? il the overturned car that
? ? if the Injured ones wen found.
Although the front platform of ot '
the trau-- ?a; reducid to twisted iron
and splintered wood, the nioiormau
' iped unhurt
11 -. motormai ras Albert W eher, of
Bat ."?? a Avenu? Upon hl n waa
placed ? en of the miahap, He
train from tin? Third
Avenue art bu ai d ton htm ? I ?
.-i iver bridge. The
signal wa> set againat him to itop, for
ind Sc eond At enue Ira
.-.?, w.
?" '.'? ,."i Kuth, of 2447 Sec?
ond avenue, '.he mo'..:
I rain in ( rash l pacta ( ar.
i. itead of pauaing to let that
. ?? bei Weber plunged \
....:? ? ? ?? real i ??
iticond i'?f m Ruth's tram, upsetting I
"I sa? the lignai act agaii I
tried t.i ?.:.'|)." Weber si.id. "but
er stuck ami ! eouldn't 'y
me and could only hope that it
re 1 n\\ it.'
Weber kept his nerve. .!<" il a man
sen em] loj ed
? t Intel bot gh for t years.
ered on
? : bin fellow trainmen in the u.un
inces from Harlem n.
pital wei.?. at tha 11 ene, in <
t.f I>r?-. I fraget and
found two iven-ear t I with
.? i ? .-.ti ed ;u. ? ngei i awa I i g
Among all ?
.- . ? pai ? ? ger , thi G
family cont i ibuted ? hi se of II ??
? found It b< tea iiy I i
tain ? ? thi hospital.
Family (.ne?? ta Haapltat
Mr.-. Dorothf 'Irai.ari. . ' (82 Ka?t
14)at Street) had a broken \<c and
many ni'-, on hi t ' BI I. hi ' h
John, had a broken arm and nun
it . r/h ? ? - '.??:. Loretta I ! ra
of 471 St N'ieholaa Avenue, had a
broken wriat Tha fourth to go to tl
an Da
maneky, of 60
fering from a sprained ankle.
rreated bj docton on thi - em I r
cuts un ti bruiaei wen Harria Bel
4 Weal 106th Street; Charles Fenster,
B97 Southern Boulevard; Max Huffman,
-: 11 La-- i 16th Street ; Aaron Let me,
-...!?? gs Street, 'I hi Broi
S'oonan, 8041 Perry Street, !? ? ?'.ronx;
Emily ?,' linn, 112 German P
I ? and her mothi
Uuinn; Phi i Rabin? i I Eaat
street, and John Walker,
0 but Sev< ' ' ? i ?
In additioi then
treated Thej ? ? their
1 h. ? tracking ???.??.?
indirect;-.- reaponaible for the accident,
bridge and tracking
? ? ?'.-?. were laid out to ..
It, ul-ti furnished a nadj solut an to
? i ??afrit- pnblem.
New.-. tailed express third tracka
r.M- at the bridge over the local
tracks, on which the mnash-iip oc
r ii red. ?... that travel wai
within a few minutes, while the work
ne went on. h>- running tn ?
overhe t the expnai acka
use ;.' the time, dm
was Bu
Frank Hedley, genera] i?'.an?irer of]
the lnt< at the
on was caused bj Wi ar nt
i.. ? .. gi al
i i nein t \i i.i -1 \ i i if t not l il.
\ n \>rn c ot-i i ink
4 S .-.?.,,. ?? . ?? ' . .
? ? . f ? nil B'way
Occupied by Aus?
trian Troops.
Wanted Armistice So That
Montenegrins Could Re?
treat, Says Premier.
In: dun, lea. ? The Austrian?, In
their resumed Montenegrin offen al va,
have .. rlatic seaport.? of
Antivarl a:.d Duleigno, according to a
Bd to ?la1.
tVii af Dulelgne, I I
port nf Scutari, anta of tiie
Serbian are .
i in the '? '
? off from tl
?l,ey have drawn from
the A -.- of the co??t.
I | i are I he
? oprti, ?nd
menta already are re
?y mile? of the fa
Vienna also report? that tha Mon
?. ?
tha leal ?
i mi-offielal cnnimu
atio that a .??rable part
prlB army hi
to ?urn rea fighting
ed in the moa
tricl .
Teuton? Admit ?Yara Ki>iiniption.
A s eommunteal
at Bn . !
from .' admia
from Teutonic
source!? that fight,ng ha? beer, returned
in Ma. '< ' . ? Acvordl .if to thll "
?port a c?' a of the
ei/r':i li r T ? ; > refuBC 10
? ? i com
A Vienna "I' may be
? the K : riR- of
Montenegro hai not withdrawn his un
. ? the Mon
dB of the A lat? ian
I ?.;?...
in 1 . i '
? ' i the Cologne "Volks
/??.'. the An g?>? ?
delay ?
.. period .! . ?
rei : red
to i eaume
. grai i ?'.in
? 01 '.i
? ? . ? '
? Autl ? . an ne?
Peace Talk a Ku?e.
Premier M I Hon te?
al ?? ! "H hi? arrival at
ii that King 1
? ? e
? ? .?. :?? ?,-?:.!
: . \ | ? . ? o ?
? .. ? . .
.. .. i i u ??? lo enable her to
? ? ? -????"..
?n b>
the Austi fced
to have gave t hi
? .re the '
: , ? ? ?
with thi' Si
i tari.
? ? ? sixty
Deputiei : Bar .
One of thesi
? . ? ?? Fit ta ? id '
: tssocia.
. o A1 ba n i a <
M Vil ta Bailed fron
which t . '
ni? and ? ?? He
t the a?t I
ene| M. Vitte
. ? . .
Leen i re effecth
The Havai ? ? al Ron
? ? ' .
? ' ? ? I ' : .
? which the
i the i mi ? - ?ramii
i ? ?.
Mount I Cettii
Beaujrjil U? Gain I line.
g to . ?
? , ? takei fur an arm
a and Scutai ..
ferenee wil
-. : ?? . to Ales
A H Steh from Lyon? ?: re I
an ace int of e atatei
H ih f Monti
i . . >:.?!.
. .
the WB)
the Adria.
V i ?pon .
I I catered
u ....
ntg i as thai ted to Pi
???i.i ni'.-?! .n pase I, ??alluma 1
ay 7?The Lusitania was sunk, with the lost of
over 1,000 lives, more thou too American.
August tO?The Arabic WUS sunk, with the
loss of SO lives, three American.
October ti?Berlin disavowed the sinking of the
Arabic and pledged that no liners would be sunk with?
out warning and that Uvei on board would be safe
! I north <i.
.Vo'i mber 7?The liner Aneona was sunk, with the
loss of tOO lives, :." American.
November 10?Vienno admitted that an Austrian
Submarine hod sunk flu Anemia.
December ?9?Vienna disavowed the Aneona sink*
ing and pledged tin safety of lives at sea.
Decembt r SO?The Persia, was sur!; without warn?
ing, and more than 200 persons, among then' an Amer?
ican consul, lost their lives.
January 10?Germany, who had given her pledge
not to sink ships without warning, denied that her sub
. * /,-,,-. ,,?1, rating in tht MediU rranean, flu re the
?'? a "'as sun';.
January 21?Austria, who had given her pledge,
d that hi >' submarines n't re concerned in the
January 2>?Turkey, it is now reported, "''?I as?
sume the n tponsibility for sinking the Persia.
Aero and Seaplanes Raid
Britain Twice in a Day
Kentish Coast Attacked by Fliers?One Person Killed,
Six Persons Injured?Invaders Escape from Pur?
suing .Aviators and Land Guns.
?m \KIIH R S. DitAI'KU.
1.7 ' a ? ?? i ? Ira ?? ? ;
'.?.-.don, Jan. 2^.?-Heellie > i?ruf
? made two raid? ?n the ea.-.t >??ast o
Kei * to-day. -Early thil morning a
: aeroplane dropped nine bemba OB
h t')wn, killing one Ban, wound
! ing two men, a won.an and tl ree chil
drei., and damaging ?ome private prep
art Twelve hour? later two leaplanei
; mad? an atttick OB tho ?ame ?
but without effecting any damage a
. Ities. Hrltlsii naval and on
?ne? gat i ehaae, b .1 the rsnW.
The-? "?. re tha ill it n '; ea
land ainea October 13, when Zeppel i
bombed the London district, kill" ?
wounding more than ISO pi-Moi*. I lu
. ?? of Ki ? form? the southern*
part of F.ngland, to the
the rhemes. The point or, | ? ?
? f K??.t nearest London part of
the metropolis i? included In th. ,
Aft] '"lie? from the cent! i of
The hrlght moonlight and tha u!>
I of wind made ideal condition? for
ihe del h early thia moi - uer.?
? : - came from a l leimen
-?ium, ocrosa Uie Channel, to
the Ei gl!-'i eoast town. No mi
defer ? . . -? ? '.,..??? | mode
itatoment on the Aral
a second statement dei-lar?? I ll
the ?nti-uerial gun? opened a hen. .
idera and th? British naval
? - ? ? '.hem off,
Bombe Caaeed lires.
"The IVai Ornea announce? thai
ing advantage of the bright no?'
a ho'-il? aeroplane rieited the ea?t
m ' of Kent at 1 o'clock tiu> morn
it.',-." u?ys ?he ft?? official Bceount
"Alter dropping nine bombi ?^
?UCCeasion it made .(T *u ?eaward.
?'No i.aval nr military damage wa?
done, hut 'here wa? ?ome damage to
pnvatc property. Incendiai y bomb?
-, which were extingui<-h"d
b> 'J a. m.
"The following casualties occurrel:
man killed ami two men, one
woman and three children ?lightly la?
i he War Oflea announcement con
cerning the second attack ?ay?:
"Following on the aerial attack SB
the ea>t ?-.?ast of Kent earlv this
morning, two hostile seuplane* medo
. nd attach upon 'he ?ame local
after noon.
"After -' nder a heavy fire
the : i lera d ?appeared, punned by
al and military ma' ?.
? ? -i.v effected no damage, and
i.? eaaualtiea have been reponed."
Talk of New 'Plane.
Heretofore iiermany ha? relied pria
elina for aerial attacks
on England. >?f late, however, there
ha? heen much disCOBOlon In E .?,' I
of a new t>p<? i>f (ierrnan aeroplane, the
- r, which has been ?aid to ? I
? ? " aircraft af the Allies r ngl il
???iper? ?tated !a?t week that the
ih a;rmeii wer? outpowered sad
Harold J Tonnant, Parliamentary
. i retary for War,
( iiuliii"??,! nu page 1. ?oluinn I
24 French 'Plaies Drop 134
Bombs on Barracks.
Pari?, .'an. 23 "Two of our irroup
, ? ? oplanea, compr .
machine -, bomb irded I I ? rail
? barrack
the French oil
??i >ne hundred and thirtj
launclu'd againit the ab
n .? bombarding aero|
u.re supported by two pr? ?
.ronn, the pilots of which durinfj
trip < ngaged in ten tambal -
? rs.
"i?ur aenplanes were violently I .
. lad along the whole of their
courae, bul returned undamaged as?
cent one only, which was obliged to
make a landing to the southeast of
Met "
Sitffried Then Hides in Bin While
Invalids Shudder.
-?fried Bathfelder had worked two
- ?- an orderly ? the German H??
pital, St N V.tnue and Stan
hope Street, Brool
"Turn on the lights,*1 the ?uperin
a*/ening ? \ .
? fried walk) I ? ie hail and
When the I
? ? rushed into I -, tal witl long
id and flft
ta gat nervoua. There
n> no panic.
liter ?? ?? excitement -va? ..-..-r they
found gfi ? ! hiding :n 'he eoalbin hi
iha ciliar.
Liter -Escorted from British Port
by Patrol Craft.
? i n re act re h,
rding '
? ? rmric, which arrived from
rday. The ship ? i ?
Bril tda ilty to
boeta t ? ' ? lier to tha ?pen
i hu rricai i
on .January IS, Wl ittered bel foi
I ght hour?.
Among the ISSS gera were V I ,r
tia, an Aaerieafl a-, later who servi 1
the Flench fl\ing rorp?; ? hji:? n
and H. I. J artut
..- : .i .
On Gretre-Belgaiiea F rentier, London
Bean? lie.id. tor >alonica Attack.
i ? , - - -
Jan. 28. "The Daily N'ewe"
; ondent at Athens nays it i?
rumored that the Kaiser, accompanied
by roa Mucken?en, has arrive i at
?ii, on the (?reco-Muiganan fron?
? \ iatro-?Germaas, it i? ?aid. ha\e
neurly completed the necessary ar?
rangement* for an attack on Sal?nica.
An army of ' _;. i. ? t - ? ? ? rn.Ti i? r.-pnrt? ?!
??i I.- ready, ?upporteu oy bOBV) nr'
lery. including tnree id-inch g?in?
TrantTS Joseph Has Bronchitis.
i.,,.-.,.:.-., Un. It. A diapetch to M
K ?change Telegraph Company from I
Home says that Kmperor I'r ?
s r..-.: ne l to hi? lAj with ?
fresh attack oi brvnchitil.
Berlin and Vienna To
Make Like Report,
Is Rumor.
Note to Turkey Would Be
Next Step ? (ierman
Ruse Suspected.
I ? don, .Fan. J.T- ling 'i>
a Berlin report, the
try of Marine is about to publish a
statement t? the < : I \ a T .rk?
i.-h rabraaiine lank Um ??an.er
.1." -ays an axcha - I i
from Ameterdam.
"Tlie repoli . . itilaf
itatementa are being published by
the Germ?n and tuetrian admiral?
tit ii it being hoped I j l ?'entrai
Powen that euch a declaration trill
>et?!e the Persia
This dispatch baa ikH
firmed from other lources. B th thi
(ierman und Au-1 : H gm .
emments have i .? tin
l'-r-ia iu? not rank by one of their
rabmarinee, at,.i inveatigationa bp
:he diplomatic repr?"-entatlve ? of tha
Unite.i Statet abroad have failed tu
reveal the real ea'ise of the ftitatttT
The Persia was sunk off the island
of Crete on Decaartber .0A with ? i- m
of 119 passenger I and 217 niemler-i
of the crew, amonj* them Robert v>"
MrNeely, American Com ! to
Peral*. The ve?-el want lownwith?
in f:ve minute! after a forrin> e\.
plosion forward. Nobody on ?? ;
claimed to have teen a I ihrnarine.
Wilson Must Now Begin
Parleys with Turkey
?r- - ? .
Waahlngton, Jan ? an
that T?rke-. | ?'".at one of
her aabmai sea rank th ivrsia caused
a sinking of heart
? is here to-ni|.'':it. Sud
sion could mea;. | that
tiermany had ajfam ?';??.-?. | the r
leaving Praatdeat Wilson with nothin?
but pieces of paper I far hit
I :
e the
correspondence aril \.- ? i ?aa
thai th?)
??a illy to an*
other the Munie for succeed . ?
-.-i the
? la hur,
red humor*
The ,dea of n, labasatiM
mnet fur
fineera to ram
. . - - : ladicreaa.
jested the idea that
might mere?
litt .
promise? that ct.- I I M?O
..i confirmation of the repart had
i naf
? | !.. '
? -i
I, no a ? ' ??-..?
Mill Mara Parlar?!
So act I be taken
? proof of
If the
i crdai ..' t, 'ii ?i
with the task of wi
mat rictenr aa exact i
- an ?Much ? ?
? ?
rrel i
i, po? ? ? . ;
by not - a week's ?
Wh' :
,s ~- lag ta fly
ovi r her
tion a
been oil i Austria waa
the vii ? the ??'?
I'r. ..:. nt Wilson, it led, is
... ? matter,
'.. . that Gernrai y nu
? 'i e a I
fairs of I lly re
? . eoi dart of the war In
ca rg ?? .-alleti
t.. ace? int for a srfonaed
her o'-?, a I??.' a '.er; it iS
done b] her own J
Germany*a premises -.- <?er
ir.tr.;. ihl may tall '???.' I liOl te brea?.
those | ? ? - Vnti ne?
matter hots thoroagt rrnment
? rlnced that thii
I? .. ?o nothing ? tun?
? ? ? off? lor foi
"W rang from >tari "
. | *A
adi ? ? .
I - ? ?
that if Ui \
?luced that then na? iuna?S vi vin?,?

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