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Your Money Back
H You Want It.
Pass* Otaatmm ?
Cold wave to day. warmer tomo:
row: fresh northwest tale?
? /? ir>? II
Firtt to Last ? the Truth: Newa-Editoriala-Advertiaementa
Voi ?
| .\ \ X ... No. -?.297.
|e ..|?rl|he im-?
Tlir Trihun? A??n 1
?a *
AVt' i'l-'V.' '" **-" ?"'- ''*' N*'****rl*' ?,*,,***>T rHr*
4UI.I II-1,<.1?. n H?*??h*r? Til,, Oata.
Armed Liners Will Get No Warning, Says Bernstor ff
Says Qu?ility Ruled All
His ?Commitments"
ami "Obligations."
$2,000,000 HID
Stevens Praised-Morgans
In Subway Deal Were
People on the Corner.
. . . ?.'ion of Vill ' ? '
moa ''nt'," arv' "('*
B - . - ? by o:.f? of
,.,,,- ' '**"? ?'
lt ,.-.. .mpraT?*'! triumphant
fro? y*
faaan " ?* triumPh
for Shon??. " ??a* tot '?"?? ? defest
and hi? Hit?o
,?,, - ? -, the
? ; counsel,
[?j.Ui-.-'-y Nical >?? '? J ? "? ?' 8taa*?B?
. . -
: back in their . I
?h a flo-A
? ??-..
,,.?.. . . ? mined the
,-. snned propi an v
He ?\h? a -
, -.'.h the la'.
??emmitimnt? and Obliga? ion-."
' '
Asia ?a!? that the W.OOOfiQO i I
?t go
? ?n?s or hin ' *vouU
a tat
in ViBsjir.i; abou?
ti i ni
I the
,-.,-? ???ugh
? ,-..., put
find told
Maid. ' ? ? '-' O?
? a ? ' ?Aft?
Shor- i'ounf tss
'??. lie incon
. ? . renes
? :?- - ad
il an expla?
?i tsai ? ? thai 1 ?
.. ?
haalslUofl Dae 1 ?>-da>.
v Mr.
. ' ?
'r. Young I ?
???? u
*?> i V.,
l.r U-. . ? :
' ?"' - con
??* s:* ?
?flue 1 ?
' : ? ? ? or y of
;i ""?'* ng day. He
rhomai 1
? It, de
?*?? *l ??' ?! an i?*j
- . '
talk a f?
He first
? ? ? ? Mi Lana
. , ?-.: 1 '?.
\ ..ritiK
: us was
. ' ' i ,*. I . Us Hlf
taut \V '"'
"?I" ?v*1 '?
to put
ract, hut -A-h-t
ition. Wlll
??e ?, '
? I. tna,ii- h
?'-? ' '
S>?(T. ' "
- |ro
ii >ean
I built'
'*? ,aa
?au im??- ?. ?vljaiuli 1
Caruso Tells Farrar He'll Quit
If She's Rough in "Carmen"
Slapped in Face, Informs Prima Donna After Performance
Her Movie Tactics Must Cease if He's to
Appear with Her Again.
Thst slap-dash, furniture Trreckln*,
realisn thst n.'ile (?erielil.t.o Parrar*!
propre?? through filmland k triomphal
march bafora adoring movie fam i
r.o; l>?. viawed apon ths ?-Age of the
? '.'. tiovii again Thost
in real '.if?'. ? '
pearr?! as Carman Thursday night, may
?leasure the roul-stlrrlng acting,
for she will not exhibit that sama aban
don when next ishe assumes the role.
If raal'.sm callB for a slap on ths (acs
such as would fell an ordinary man, If
it demand? that an innocent and hard?
working choru? girl be dragged about
the stage ur.f.l shs Is on the verge of
hysteria, or that a etar t.t.rueg.0 a? if In
the clutch of a hold-up man?well,
<'aniso doesn't care to appear as Ton
Jos? to Mme. Karrar-Tellegen's Carmen.
Moreover, It became known ye?ter
day, he made this announcement la no
uncertain term? to the new Mrs. Tellc
gen at the conclusion of Thursdf.y
right's b.r.od-?tirnr.g performance of
In the Aral art '.he sddition.il real?
ism that Mme. "-'nrrar-Tellegen l? cred?
ited with accumulating la the movic9
v.h? apparent. Her open-handed ?lap
0:1 Caruso's face tiwakened |tran-**l
echoes In the opera house and caused
blas? operagoers to t I
In the cours? of the ?eron,i ae
calls for hn ene?
? ' .en Carmen 1 , t? girl,
a part taken by a heretofore un?
ing member of the chorus. Rut Mme
Tel!e(((.-i sai sed this opportunity ??(
grabbing tba astounded ehanw girl
and wiping th* Boor with her. Sa
ii i Ana! ".a? the ehaatlsa
s girl a andarad
.would ever again be in St
condition to appear in a pan.
Hut th.- raal climax csme in the
third act right scene, Ordinarily a well
ordered (arnien is aupposed to pretend
to resist Don Jos? in this scene, but
In such a manner as not to call for
any remarkable exhibition of strength.
In this instance, however, Caiman re?
sisted so vigorously and -stubbornly
that Caruso wa? compelled to use his
entire strength t,, ?,r,?tect himself.
When Caruao concluded the embrace
he? had hi? reerenga. Ile rtlaasad the
Struggling Mme. Karrar-Tellegen so
nly an I violently thai she slipped
niiler.lv aaasmad n sittiny*postara.
The impae? Indicated that the perform?
ance could hardly l,uve boon painless.
\\ ban the curtain went down, so It
- reported by those who were piesent,
Mme. Farrar-Tellagen was in none too
sed a frame of mind. Neither
was Caruso, for that mattet.
"Plea.-?> ramambar, madain, that you
are not in the movies, but in the Met?
ropolitan ('pern House," he said, plac
ing ona band upon his smarting cheek.
"Wall, if you don't like my Carmen
you car. get ?omebody t-lso tu plav it,"
the prompt eetort.
"No; we wouldn't think af il,.:,ns*
that," replied the ever courtly Caruao
"We can prevent a repetition of such
scenes by getting another Don Jos?."
Hut, whatever the arrangement may
be, it is certain tba? no repetition af
the re - t'bt will be?
Birth Control Advocates
Learn She Won't
Face Trial.
Ade rol hi
completed their lefei ? for a last
- militant leader, Mrs.
Mnrn-aret S?nger, accused of sending
r through the mail?.
when need tor their well de
i ' ? ? ? ?, suddenly a Ipad out lasl
Margare; conrt
? "? ? was in the midst of a n
Ht the hume of Mm Rose Pastor
in which it was announced that she
nger had b? mil led by
? . Judge Da*
Hun ?ed inquir??
? . have
is? ' ? nlng Into
a - . ? ? Districi a ' '
? thi
. advocate. H?
. explained tha?
I. :
Hi the
mails for two yeai tha? Mrs, Sangei
lei ly pei ion, and | al
on s fur ?[in '
i ver had had criminal
1er propaganda
? ? tila.
?i?, the strength of these argument:
i ,,i. '..- ..-.- tied the Indie??
langer the: I
,r position of having escapad s,,
?s a "rial for v . ig ' sand?
- .1 d, vYillian
ente ne? d to thirty da) n in ja
? : s act of handing on. of the
meal to a t Isitor at his
Whei these faets reached the com?
mittee its mem be
plan for ?? big demoi
t the Bandbox Theati e
,; purpose
"?lis. Sanger was about to bacoi
? f birth control.
Hut when it be that
Sntif. r would iiot l,ec.me u martyr,
,.?,,?,,1 not appeal h? her own lawyer,
would no? read bar owi dafanca iron,
loeuments, the programme
was changed. Wie meeting will be
? ? r*row night, but bs a jubila?
tion only, and Mra, S?nger and many
tided hat In pra?
ll her defai peak, aceord
? | ?.. guard? d ai i ouncamenta made
Nlr?. Stoke , who ll active in arrang
. ' I '
: be anno i I >, t'n?
. - e no further Informa?
tard ij 's action by I
? . ? esul?
of the campaign f,,r t,;rth control
-....> a? '-? height two rears at;,,.
Mra, Sangar was Indicted following
complaint.? made by Anthony
Mr? Banger Immediately fled
ropa at;,' escapad tnal fur several
Hut the vice crusader was informed
was being circu
latad ' ? nea. A
live wa senl t.. the office of hax bus
? tact, n'..: .?
arguments foi birth contri
eign ,. as told After
explanation i the datad
copy of ? I t "i Iginal mattet
Mi ?. Sut,?.-. r I handed it
tral .,<?- Ion until
nr ri itea, i ? ' -'? iii?tr.!,ut
? ' te i
' n. Sju-nal Ses
? ? with
ai i .-.?!.:, seed t ? rty daj j Ib |
Receive Probably I alai Injuri
on Slaten Island Mill.
Hag iioi?ii the Ttiilt? long- ?'una
? Avenus Rill, la Concord, ?Statcn Inlar
two children erashsd lata * trolley c
yesterday evening. Their skull* we
tared, and thsjf were picked
dying, They ?vere Rober? ?.rool
. and his sister, Winifred,
16 Ryan Avenue, Conrord.
i he ;'. | ? approached I
i.nnl I'lact? ji'-T a? a Van l?u?er >'.re
tiolky car rosslng. The in?jtn
man threw on the brakes, bul the a
ground ahead ' . Tor ?he ch
?nke the heavy front truck'
Fifteen per.?i>ii.? vhn had bei
?-?- n from their M'at? by the
?top, clambered, frightened, from tl
car and found ths DBeonsdous bo
' - little
A warning er; l '.;i the hi
t? oncom - ??) ehi
lire.. pa ? ? - il
v. ambulant ?? ?a ?>
and the) were taken to the ?Smith If
?'unaril Avenue Hill is famous fi
I tine of '
h?ls In the Korough of Riehmoni
oliec "i'ill?
' .iiied.
Pleads Business and Then Make
Heim .i-:. Bachmann, ??I o was
?? rday l-y the Federal ?iram
liiry on a charge o? violating custom
? ipping rubber to Qs
* dlowed the ,-\ampl.* of Ignatius I
.' - ??? In, bj walking sway from thi
ei it; whose eustady he )ia*l beet
left. He escaped from the neutral.tj
squad by ths simple process of excus
:' Bl 1 saying lhaf hs I n<
in..*, after foi h eouple o
Bachmann ??a? arrested sritb Kiii,
Schroeder, who ain?e,t hers recently
from Germany, It had beoB agreed
that the two would plead guilty to thi
otTencit eharged and lave the delay and
? pease of trial*.
Hachmaiin knew tha? ?lie indictment
Mi have been returned yesterda*,
afternoon. Hs alan knew that he would
be formal!?- arre?.?f'?l as SOOB a*? it BTB1
returned, Up t'> that, time he had been
t.ially in the custody of the neu?
trality t-i'iiail. It wai? to escape the re
tlons of Bctual arrest nuil eonflne
fh;i> he walked away. lirs
Schroeder still i? In eustod) sad ?
[i ? arraiga? d Monday.
Husbands ?if Women Who Have
Visiting Habit Organize.
. Ii Trifft?; h (.- p.? M - - 1
Pittsburgh, l'el). IS. The very latest
in club?? la "The Hosbaafls' Welfare
Association,"1 ??inch ??a-- orgaaised ?b
Oakmoal - week It? aim is to
promots Ihe iateresi of beaedicts
? ? . , ? ? .?
? r - *;ines throughout
th. star ami leBVS "iather'.?" welfare
to the mercy ..f ths maul a' d rook.
? ion ??' oA? srsi however.
? iderablc trepldatioa, and
tai al the organisation meet?
, ing would stand for ofiec anl
?.? as agri ed apon, Il ws
thai regular meetings will be
..' ar.y m? ?bel B I DM
?.?.? " ?. ths ru':''."." ,i- frequeBtly
ju "ths call" is made b?' ?be ijrejident,
To the Edll-ir af The Tribune.
Hear Sir: I riad in ?.our paper
eeery morning h lut about prepared
aeaa, ^|? gnitiga and great grgndpa
??ere soldiers If I ?An?? a bnj I
v? mi Id he a soldier, Inn. Hut I ane
lot, no 1 nniil to do ?aha! I can to
help Mania given me a dime everv
?veek for helping her. I am send?
ing ?ou this week's dime to help
build a battleNhip for I'nrle Sam.
I know a lot of other kids ?ho
would give their errand money If
\iiii would start a fund. I am thir?
teen ?ear? old and so to Public
School 9, HrnokUn. "lours truly,
I am true blue American, and I
want to see Incle Sam prepnreil to
lick all creation Ilk- .lohn Paul
Jones did.
P. -?.?Please rail the battleship
Amarle -e.
Klnr? elii? letter ?,? printed dime? and
dollar? ha?* flowed Int.. 1 ha Tribune
office um ea-lnf!? Other paper? arm??
ehe lounlrr ha' e reprlnled the leeeer
and (he dollar? liaie flowed in upun
Marjerle ha? ?r-ked The Tribune to
lake rare of her fund until II grow? big
en,,m.n to build a t,.iItlr.liiu fat at |s*aSt
? unie kind nf a ahip ?,,r-|i? ..f th?
tradition? nf J.,hr, F'aul June?. Th*
Tribune cr.nnnt undertake In enter into
rorreapnndenre about th? fund, but it
?.ill print a dull.? Il.t of ronlrlhutor?.
and ??err one ?? hn ?end? m dime or a
dollar or a million dollara SS 1 he
Tribune f..r the fund will reeehe m
hiitten bearing the legend 'T. M. S.
America '' Ihut ?ill he r.'ur receipt for
a patriota de*d.
Maine Hero Will Get Navy
Dimes, While '98 Vets
Swing Army.
Mb, ... S t.ir.ir i? fro'rg -i, h.Ve
?he na?->'s help in ru i p : npr th?i fur.i for
ii hattieahip. if Admiral Charlas I>
Sigabee, In command of the Maine s hen
aha va? binara up in Havana Harbor,
hai anything to - r about it.
She gati g ta have the army'- help,
-,,,,. if the United Spanish War Vet
,.f the Da] af Nan Turk
bava I 'heir active
, amr .,!?
At the Maine memorial meeting of
the '??,. V, Henry Camp, Na M, held
or. Thursday nighi a) " " hea Iq
200 ! t Fortj ?'? "? ? ? *t?
?.... Wher
? departmanl com
order, made an I .
to the r the battlaehip
1 und, the I 'o con
than ten minutas Ad
tant 1 ?' i ?Donnell ha,i coi:., tae
Ailmiral Sign bee had joe? been t.tlk
Ing of the bravery of the man af the
Maine on that fatal night, -eight?
.?? ago, whan tha appeal was mads
La te I .'aires 1 < ourt. j,u?t commander
?, I Guard Camp, No. 10, spoke on
snd prepai i pecially
i rging -? bigger navy, Adjutant Zim?
merman, of Hice l'ost. (,. A R . told
? panol al axpailam tba 4 nil
Be fore leavii g Ada i?>! .-:;,r bee
placed a floral wreath ou the Maine
Memorial tablet, made from or,? af the
Maine's guns, 1 he nienibeis stated that
Other ?? ar Veteran camp al]
over the country withoit doubt would
?ontrihute lib-rally to Marjorie'? fund
Ha? the coupon ma;; descended on
your school yetT If he l.asn'-., natch
lor him brijrht nnrl early Monday mort.
lag, or perhaps as yon gel OU? of
Monday afternoon. Ha is the
v.!... has :,oi>.min ye?, half a mil
.;. IS In hil pocket?, each of vhl'il,
with a dime, v-ill admit a -?,'
Kirl to the Park Theatre, Fifty-ninth
Street an 1 Columbus Circle, any aft. r
i.oon until Februars '?', ta see the mo?
tion picture spectacle "Defence or Trib?
ute?" which tell? whut has 1 ?tppened to
nations unprepared for war sine? the
dawn of hi.etorv.
Starting with the days whi'ti Julius
I ;?.?nr divided all Gnu! Into three parts
and then gobbled up all three, the tilm
??hows in graphic ?uccession the un
< uiillnne.l i.n page ? , ?l.imn I
Kaiser Told Alsace
Lorraine Must First
Be Restored.
British Parliament to Dis?
cuss Peace Proposals
for First Time.
Rj ?,1'THUt S. IM'Al'I.K.
I?, i., f ? . I)? Tr-fnir-r i
London, Feb. IS, l7Bo?Sdally ?i'-r
inany i?, exeeediflgly busy just now
sounding lentiment regarding peace
among the Allies. Feelers are h.-lng
all couatrles ex?
cept ?area? ltritain.
I-'rotn a reliable -toi,re* 1 learn that
srturei bars been made to
Prance within ths i?st fortnight, but
thf-e have led Bawhero. It Is s:?iil
that Frai ca replied oaoflelally that
she would make bo separate peace bi ?
der an? cireumstaacei and that ??hen
?he tin ?? cams for peace shs ??ould la?
* ..-!.? rra.no being turne.i
over te her. Germany'i unofllcial otTei
included a withdrawal from France and
Belgium and ths paymeal of an In
: deir.tr I t?. repair the. war's
' ?laniage?. through invasion.
Tl.ce frequent an?l persistan! m
TTiors are exciting much speculation
here, for they BIB taken to mean that
Germsajr*a internal situation i* far
from bBiM as roes a? her military
position would indicate.
It Is aiiru.-ti tbat .-mall military galas
?ne longer serve to divert the popular
i mind from the Haaaeial aad ?conomie
pinch, and ' ?? govei nmenl i a..
irBge the pt ople by a spectacular
..? of raaterial advantage it most
openly sai ounce tbat il to dis?
.-???i thi of peace.
The fact I ico is to.be disc
i ? ? .* ?.' eck mav be taken
,.r? ..r not, according tC OBO'l
i country's spirit
Both Georgs P. Trevelyan and Arthur
nby, Liberal members, have sn
nouneed that they will interrogate, ths
? ., , ? ? | - 'h the terms under
. ? disctj -
Part of Lorraine Offered
if Paris Would End War
. . : ? j. ? ;
? hieago, Peb. 18, 1'aul Scott Mo?
rer, "The Daily Newa" eorreepoadc I
at I'aris, send- this dispatch:
"I baVS re;,-on to believ(. thai ?'.er
many has made new peace proposals to
thi Enteate Allii -. The rei
Germany has declared ??'* willingness
; t.. reestablish generally the ?tatus be?
fore the war, to Cede part .if LorrS.BS
t, Fr.i- ? matee autonomy
(or A:
tj to ?the I I srod ob t'ne other
floats, I myself have no Information
I understand thai the proposals wen
SateompaBied with the throat that G-er
B a-., *-? oald again atterap ?.. i ra ih
"Traaos if the terms wen- refused. It
i? possibls in;?: thess proposals ??'ere
in -i . ? ? ? i i a? ? a- 3 -, and Indignantly rejected
by ?in? AIM?
"Tl..g? era fe? ling in Furope
if Germs ? peace. Messages
II on I assure me that every
one in that eonv? steal tuated neu
? tats ?need thai this feeling
tifiad ? si ports be
?? there sar BSlOB in ?he
(.imian General Stafl1 as to -.?hat course
?lu ?Central Powers should pursue.
"Troops havs been transferred from
One fron? to another quite aimlessly
sad preparation have been made for
attack? tha? have never been deliverod,
i, -? ? lag ladieation of re?tl.'si eonfn
of orders. The irai i HI be de
c iml. accordiag to Stains opiatos, on
a:.-l Russian front?, not
. . re "
Exclusive War Pictures
rhrotjfh exdashrc arrangement with t lic* French Minister
c?t War, The New York Tribut-?* ha? secured the rights in th?
'cd States tu publish the official 1 reticli war phntoi-raphs?
taken by army photographers fur filing Ifl the arvhivcs of Prance
The first in this important -.cries appeal? to-morro? ,1 ?hs
? ?raphic Picture Section
Thc-v are the Sort ?d pictures that are obtainable through no
other 4,-hannel. I he;, are tar nut ?>l the ?? rJi:*.?r\?but |o |] | i
whole t.'-paRe Graphic Section i 'i?-t ?t to-morron Ifoui news?
dealer will reserve mur copv il you (peak to him tu-Ji'
Hty :?im?<ttj ?lrtoni? I
/ trat to l.ant?the Truth: New t?tidltorlah?Advertisement*.
'. ? \ . .-?.. '. reulatleaa
Berlin, leb. IH (by wireless to Sayville, \. V .> ? lhe i-ie***??
papers tv-day publish a New York dlitpatch which says that
the torpedoing ol armed merchantmen under (?ermany's recent
memorandum, which mai to become eflective on February 29.
han been pott poned until April.
The Foreign Ottice says that no such order has been given
and that it is unable to explain the dispatch except on the
conjecture that the American government Is asking delay.
No request lor a delay has yet been received here.
. ____________________
What Can Wilson Now Bid
to Gain Lusitania Victory?
"Armed Merchantmen" Note, ,Now Repudiated, First
Price for Concessions That Would Furnish
Political Capital for Administration.
n- Wm*e? ?<? v? Mam :
Washington, Fab. 18. Whs th.* "armed merchantmen" note of the
Wilson Administration, no~ repudiated, Its last bid i<>r the longgotichf
"diplomatie rictor* " In Um Lusitania discussion? This is the question
that most Interests Washington to-nigfat, and in it i.*? found the sole ex
;'!aiiHti?in for the latent and most completo double somersault of the State
Th.? United States bad steadfastly adhered te the familiar practice
In the matter of armed merchantmen both before and since the war began,
'.he practicf recognized by international law and precedent. Suddenly it
changad about and serrad notice upon bell i go rents not merely that it
would be a good thing it' existing laws ami pra?*tices could be modified bj
c?ommon consent of all contestants, but that the ?United States was ga>
riously considering Riodifjring them itself. It not merely suggested in
ti any paragraphs, it threatened in one.
What aras ths result? On January 29 the "humanity note'' about
armed merchantmen was made public. Six day* later Germany delivered
the Lusitania note, the last, tinal, ultimate expression of German gen
erosity in the matter of murdered Americans. It was "almost" satis?
factory. Four ?lays later Mr. Lansing and Mr. Bi'rnstorff agreed on an
amendment. There wa? to be more than an "inferential disavowal." Ger?
many was going to lecognin responsibility. This magnanimity was a
natural (?ot.?e.i*i?'ti',e O? the "humanity note."
Xext day, l.'iwever, Berlin announced that following the principle
laid down by the American "humanity note" Germany wouM begin on
.March 1 to sink ail armed merchantmen on sight. This was a shock to
the Wilson Administration. Evidently Germany meant to vre? her pay in
advance. She had not yet consented to "recognise/* but she was hasten
| to put the American note to good Teutonic uses.
Live day*" later Germany was ready t - pay. Her acceptance of the?
I anging Berastorff .amendment was indicated In h communication that
arrived on February 15, and forthwith all Washington dispatches broke
t i,tit iiniail M in,*;? ',. i.iliimn ?
$2,000,000,000 CREDI
Will Uring Total War Cost I
: . ? : - *-.'???? rotea of i re d
, ? to approximately S 0?
ba asked by l'r.-m.ar A
., ii'.'i ,,:' tha Hou?e of Commons i
'?Ion,!??.. Th?- new rotas will bring ?.
total ,,f war appropriations to ft'
Kurds Turned Loose to Slaughte
Helpless Population.
I'-. , a - ." ? Ml .. I '
on, Fab. 18, Thouaands ? ?i
iiier.iii, ? - i r ? i im '?? ire ataaaae red b
I tha Turks and Kurd? before tha :
- i 4'ia- ? artrei to tha Rui
? ,,?'.:-.: oficial I'l'Tofftail repoi
nee? to-night
Man\' more Amenians were drivei
before the Turks as the** aracuata?
snd Ware e,ther killed In th,
? ,,r left to <t.i la 'he baa ?
,,n ? , 11?.
Main Injured al Split Rock Pic.
ric Acid Works.
rae isa, Fab IB. Four per.?on?
??.?le,l. at ?.-.k-it i, dosen
injured, same serioualjr, at.<) heavy
lit) damage ??< ,-a'.i?e,? l,\ an
eiplosion to-night m the Split Reek
plunt of the Seinet-So!'ay Company.
The plant, ?vl.ich was developed ?ince
outbreak of tha European ?ar, i?
? f tha larges? la tha eountrjr er.
| Ki'Ke,! In tha -nanufactiire of picric
acid. n?e,i in expleelerea an
dye?. It has been he?'. I led daj
a'id l; igl '
The eauae of l bas not
! aaa aaeartainad.
Prelate Refuses, However, to
Give Up His Audiences.
game, Fab II i'iiepe Banadid for
the Laa? ???,. weeks h i -Termg
' ' ? I ' I of grip, I r.til to
x\h i kriou ? \ atn-ari o.r
?' he was il?, has
- - - . ??? ida in
unsere? v. ;-h
out interruption.
Iln sikpalclaaa wars .-.iule te per?
suade th- Tope to remain il hi? room
and to cancel appointments, a? he was
?.-:-,..iaer to di?aiioomt lus .-a?.ara.
Massacre of Armenians
Must Stop, United States
Tells Sultan.
B h ,?<:!! . tt I* I .
Washington, Feb. i*. Arthur Sears
Henning, correspondent of "The Chi
ia?,i Tribun?," ?end? this dispatch:
"The United State.? government tn
dispatchad u formal pr?tas? to
Turkej sgainsl a eantlauanca of atro
eitiea against the Armenian??.
"Acting on information tha? appro? -
mately 1.000,000 Armenian? bhere been
..red or starved to death Secre?
tary Lansing, at the direct;'.n of Presi
dent Wilson, cabled instruct: <:i? to the
American Embassy in Constantinople
to present a protest which is. la ? '
a warning to tha Ottoman gorernraent.
sec? the protcat to Turkey || .'
"Iiie American people have 1.B
deeply Stirred by the late of the e'riris
laughtarad la Ar
"The go ver :i me;.* of the Un tad State?,
having received preaiae ofhcal Infor?
mation ? . tha < '' 'rri bi ???. no longei
I? ubt that authorities of the Turk
sl forernmenl aie responsible fai
hitherto unparalleled atrocities, rhie'i
- ,,i bad the ci\ ilt/ed world.
"TheUnited States Is prompted te I
pre?? lo tne Turki?h gOTOrnment the
confidence that the authors of the
atrocities ail I be piit'.i?he,|
"Furthermore, th? L'nited State
tuiitcd by a who! . disintere ted desire
to upheld the priaeiplea af [artice and
humanity, protests against the -
? ? saca oeeureneee and k res ?arn
? bal ? n l he ??? ent of ?? rape
thereof i * lerican goererni .all!
be compelled to take action of .?
drastic chara, tai
"The President directed the ledg
Of this protest at s time ? ?
r. ,.: all obeenre rs at dot i Ion
? ..? gnat ??<.- - i rete i upon
the N'eai Ea * WTith the Rui .
IsTeholas m poaaeaeion af Erde
t um at,,I threaten, >g .' . ?
eations with Meeopetamia, srhere the
Brit ih .oi?-?? is beleaguered, i* became
known te ..a., tl it a -> ? aua ?conomie
?ituatian ha? developed in Eul
"According to official reports reo .????.i
here, Germany has taken advantage al
the epei eg of > the route to i oLstan
tinople to denude Turkey'of th.- fc-reat
,r part of the available .?uppl.es 0f
tuffs 1*. teems that the Turkish
g age eemawndeered
? Ottoman Empire
and ? itobl iahed of the ap
p< rtionmeat of food te 'i-e population.
"When the Geraaaa army bowed its
Balkans ana re tarad
communication with (Tenatanl nopla
the Berlin s-eerernmea? immediatalj ne?
ed a purehaae of a vart amount
Istuffa m Turkey. The aale was
rauda to Germany by a group of Turk?
ish officials who sre practically in con?
trol at the Ottoman a??-.-:-.uittuL '
Assurance Applied to
Unarmed Ships Only.
Asserts Ambassador
Sweden Warns Her Sub?
jects to Keep Off Threat?
ened Vessels.
I T.? Tntur. Fu.-*? .
Washington. Feb. 18.? Amba??.?<iu.?r
?on Bernstorff sent a long cable
msSBSfS to his government to-day,
reporting his conversation of yesrrr
day with Secretary Lansing and ask?
ing that his arguments in the I.i-i
tanin case be officially confirmed,
?he ambassador reported that he
gave Secretary Lansinjj the follow?
ing outline of the probable reply of
the German government to the S?.
ntary's charge that the submarine
assurances had been nullified by the
recent German memorandum :
"First ?The assurances ???.?-en the
?United States after the Arabic ?.va?
sunk. that no more 'liners' would be
sunk without warning and provision
for the safety of non-combatants,
are) still valid. ilmhSBSBiJof res
Bernstorff declared that the SSSBT?
anees were never intended to apply
to armed vessel*-'.
"Sseond?Germany has never been
asta) by the United S'nt?-? for as?
surances that armed vensel.? SBSUld
not be attacked without wan.in.,
The Aniericnn note ?if May \'-'., to
which Secretary Lansing punit? m? a
clear statement of the American de?
mands, said:
"'The lirei of non-combatant.??
cannot lawfully or rightfully be put
, In ?Jeopardy by the capture or de?
struction of an unarmed merchant?
"Third -Any asurancSS tbat ihe
1 nlted States now isekS regardiiif
the conduct of submarines toward
armed res sols should be treated sep?
arately, and not confused with the
Lusitania rase, whi?-h ?or.cerned un?
armed reSBCls .vclusively.
No f?e i?. ,. for Dis?tSSOiOB
I earl I | ?? ? im ferernmeal i have
no practical reason for dlafBSSlsg the
of armed merchantmen ?? tin?
time, ??? ?'.I rose?is la the Norte a?
?antic ?rade, eat? ring 01 lag Ame,.
*.,n ports, are unarmed, and the likeli
boed '?' American citiseai being un
other ships is inconinlfrable.
"Fifth Greeting, far the -a'??? ot n
gument, that the Sjuestioa of armed
vessels doe?, enter late ths Losttaaia
iloa, 'he I'nited Btates bes a?!
nutted that amis on merit. ?? ships si?
presampttrelji for igeasivs action un?
less ?? Idem ? sddaeed te ?h?
trary. No such evidence exists in ?he
esse of the armed fessais of a?.y of the
ballifereats, hut, on the contrary, there
lees on record ifl which merchant?
men have attacked submarine!, and ths
iccrel orders of the British Admiralty
to British shipmasters make it clear
that (BBS are not mounted en I'rifish
. . s ad
Secretary Lansing's repl es te a l
?rgii seats are else report? I
understood. Il .? sppareat, hear?
? ?? ? ?n ..?' '- plan now i? '?? p?- .?
the di ' o-: these legal s*
and ths <>erin n government i.? fliere
f.ire expected t?. pre eal Its ?ase In the
?onB outline?!, knowing in ad', atice
, '.?hat ? Bererameat
will be.
? yrt no ? Jtrafeation at the
State Department a? ?o ??hat meal I
. ;f ar.?'. to force ?Jer?
. compliance with the
de. A iiinnlh ago, when
.' ssi lent Wilson w-,? touring ?he Weit,
out here in official
H ,h:'? ired that no more delays
??.mid b<- tolerated, but that some form
uf coarrion ?jreeld hs us4??l if ('ermany
tr.e.i i*, temporise further.
I anaing Outline? I nited Slate? \ie?i.
sr, retai ?? i ?? -?<???; le ?lay ssal s ?ir?
' cular ?o ail smhasssdsrs anil m.nisteil
.. United Itates, sstlialag ?he
.. govertunei.t on th. ?
,' merriiaatmes He pointed out
that 'i.e rishl te srm i??r self dsfsass
v a . ?
ar.d that unie there wa? an agiee
ment BMOBg 'he .?? ' gerSBtS to mi?
gavera meat mast too*
?agi ... il durit***- the rematadas of ?he
, . a.., lia n ? heated the
character t?f the evidence that might
be admitted to prove that armament
, wt* intended for defenr? only.
' ?hs DsilBlSQI ?. .'^.lo la ssadioa

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