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Uncle Sam Now Has Moro
than 630 Motor Vehicles
in Various Departments.
The transportation ?mire ol tlic
Federal itovcrnment, as far a* is BOS
H-b'.e. Is fast heme motorlsod, I ? si
the derar*Tv.cr.*4 of tvc government set
vice belt i? without their quota o? auto
rr.obilea. The WllltS Bo?SSS BOS In use
six motor vehicle.; the Interior De?
partment, in its \ar:i'ii branches, "3;
the Department of Agriculture, 16; the
Departa.?-:* o? Labor, 2; the Treasury
Departmc: it, T; tha Mate Department.
I; the Wat Department. II; the Toat
offlce Departmeat, _2f; the Commerce
Dssmftment, 4; the Patriot of Co'.um
partaient, or>.
Vor I., Robinson,
? Affi ??' ? "? do not
:n?tances rented
cars II ! hi? is
true us to the customs and postal cer
h city. A? a result of the
?roubl ?? ' v-. rh tha Post off CS Depart?
ment has haJ r- the motor
la pre s* least 100 additions!
cars '.-...: 1 a purchased for that service.
a] up to 611. Th:? de
? reata] about
j0'' car. -.:. various other II
othi r ; - Reea.ai iaa i.<
s bei;.? BO ?
re than 700
rural motor
? ? ? ? ? ! th.it th. .
. teed la
sen it ?
ment buslne?-- alone The rural free
delivery vehicles however, will be
owned by the individual carriers; hut
while privately owned, will t-tatid as a
testimonial to the :. . I y thi?
(if the Federal service of the
utility of the motor car.
Th?> WhltS llou-c trarase contains I
e elec
? apon
The Interior Di r.ment
two iarg, . 'rucks
; three freight truel
iile 'bus. ' ? Ind?
ian Bureau; tlin
Uureau of burgh, four
trucks of the Geo
practical!v all of I ? r '.<??
n.clc-i?. ;?. :?.? :.? Id aorl
t'.on service. -: he Dei ? '-;
i ?
-. ? ?
Tae Department of
ambu:. ? postl and
? |
. The
vchici. tita ar^
jirinc;; r service in and
aroun.i - al capital.
The Navy is in use in
yards, sad in Other stations through?
out this co ? ? ten
under trol of the l'i I
sixty or ri. ore motor m h: ri i ?. (if |
* slaac
are fully a?
.-. an?
ticipated. The <?
I much cheaper than
? ?
rernmental de
ird of
the cost o' .1 co?t. etc.
\\.i- most complete ol this char.-. ? ?
that "f the Reclamation Si-r.ico of the
erior. On a 1
ail nf them u~
t transport
and N
. ?-?p
: labor
?ill? '|4.
cost 1
total numl er of i
. .
10.017; In
ii!. $2.1 ' .
? pairs,
ier mile, t r,-,- s
lion, I
I tutal
I report
. milea;
; ? ? ?
Miss Rita Neunhofter, of Melbourne, in Her Dodge Brothers Car.
truck displaced three horses, three
18 and an old electric truck.
Truck, 2,000 pounds, used in miscel?
laneous work, made from November 10,
1914, to June 80. It'll, 1.41t miles,
with an average of 22.fil miles for each
' operntion. and ten miles on
? of pasolene. The total cost
in for the period given ????
. 01 an nversge Ol :i little above
?i cents for each mil? operated.
l hal th? ? ? on ol thP raral
ry route? by th? IVstoffice
? \- II undoubtedly pi o*, a roa
Indicated by tha early re
fron some si the carriers that
already adopted the motor car
as the delivery vehicle along their
Poertner String on Accessibility.
William C. l'oertner. distributer of
National motor cars, has developed
ara case of "aeeeaiibile-itii1
thai ssvsral members of the Pot
r ( ar i'inipany orpar.ua'ion have
that Mi Poertner cl ange h -
middle name to "accessibility."
has been brought about because Mr.
v i mphasisf - I i I
that the .'?. ? elvs-cylindei
i <.f all uy
motors, th> I .n. on th.
i f the "\ " Instead ol do* n
I i
Mr Poertner points ont that tl
eter cf the National .v( is a?
te pet at as the radiatoi cap, it
Ii located in the middle of the "V,"
where it stands high, dry snd ?vi
all times. Thii preferred position of
the carbureter, sccording to Mr Poert
nor, permi*- tl . .: to hi a n
..? inc. H? < iaimi tha- it i
? considerable
witho- t f thi
A. C A. Dance for Actors' Fund.
? ?
nf the
.i lenea on the
. ? bruary -H, nt 10
?liiroom of the Hotel
Special features, novel and
? ' i?', aril] be introduced. The
i :,.?'. di n re t'j be donated to the
dots th? Actora Fund
of A n.erica.
Chandler to Drive Crawfoids.
who fir.?t beer.ne
mobile ra? ? followers
t I: . ph Mulford, an?l
luently waa first man in racing
..: tain of B tiam of three
to i-- campaigned this sc?
tha (raw ford Automobile ("om
? I Hag. rstOWB, Md. Chandler
is now at Hagerstown, (retting ncquaint
h hit new moni I
New ( halmem Sale? Manager.Esaoi
1916 lu 8et a New Sales Mark.
Prank. B. Willie, who hni j isl hi
appointee sales manager of the ehr
ancra Moti r Company, was i? town da
lag th? 1h?? wet ? g? mar tl
local situation with Geor|
hranch manager. Mr. Willis is eathui
? : the outlook fot IV16, whit
ho aapeeta will he a banner yenr f<
the Cha?nera car. There are indici
tons already that the yenr vr!". be
record brasher, because in DsCOSSbt
the sales were eight times those of tr
' some month ? year ago, and In Jam
ary twelve times more than in the col
ding month si :
"I thlnh thli big
'mor* alas," aid Mr. Willis at to
.?nil hranrh, "is due not 01 ly to I I
irlty of our closed bod] joba an
. lan'a Stanhope, but also t
p. m. car, which has esasei
such i by its unusual per
"The i ie?ent visit li
? . ov.t the lation thor
-. with Mi ???. ? i ist Hi i i
ranch, in the biggest i ? centre
hell refleet, in the v. rj best wsy
principli ? an I pi i Chal
? - \ . i adj Mr. Stow?
irgamzation second tc
and I am nur? that
Chi mera product will he presented
ttraethrely a? .ver during the cotn
( war.
"We bava a groat year ahead of us
ere, and a great war ahead of us
throughout tho country- An Interest
. lion of increased enthusi?
asm over th? l halnu-rs is thi
imonir our dealers. The numher of
leslera la increasing phenomenally.
lake, for instance, a couple of BtStOS
,kv Iowa nmi Utah. Until recently we
had In the former i I en or twelve
dealers N forl y. at
:? . In Utah th?
number hai from two or
? ? coun
in the Chalmers proposition that aer?
era] big deal? bee? been
arrange I Peu | 1 aident,
selling divii loi . . non i the fi
? ' conven?
?ions in Dsllsa, Mem] hi? and At
Mr. Smith reports great prosperity and
enthusiasm In th? South."
Motor Movies
I H. Balden, a veteran in the auto?
mobile trade and a well known auto?
mobile ?-ngineer, baa been appointed
boly engineer of the Packard Motor
Car Companj. at Detroit.
rge M Davis, who is known
ghout motordom through hia long
connection v? ? t h the Tierce-Arrow com?
pany, has beer; appointed sales arid ad
. ? insger for the Stewart Mo
? ?? i orporation ??' Hu?Tulo, manofac
? ? :' Stewart truck?.
Mr. Davis will continue to act in an
ry Capacity with the Internal
Gear Drive A aoeiation, of Detroit,
with which organization he nan been
aaaocisted Mnce its inception.
Ward M. f'anady, formerlj advert
.?? r fi.r tin- Hoosier Manufac?
turing | ? . i-'- I a-tle, Ind., is
now occupying a similar position with
' the Willys-Ov? rial .1 t ,,., Toledo, 0.,
? George M. Harry, who
become manager ? ?? Overland agencies.
Another old timer and one of Auto
Rov '? "bei t teilen " hsa be ???
: tu the local Mitchell forces in
of Chsrlea M. Welch, who
^ itationed at "a place :n the
Colambua Circle, Rroadway and
? . l'..'r. West }!(, has been away
the trade fur two year* while he
fed 1 he moMon pictun
11? will worl with the metropolitan
manager, J. A. Clark, and the let
t< r's assistant, Harry N. Pik?-, another
recent Page recroit,
1lie Bppointment of Andrew V. Co
burn to tl a no tlon of sdvsi I |
f tha Maxwell Motoi Cosa?
.eil from the De
lartei ol tha company. Mr
ira will have entire charge of the
ration oi display eopv and the
mi I ima, Prior to his
Maxwell connection he was advertising
manager of the Cleveland Twist Drill
Company. He has had a thorough
Andrew E. Coburn.
grounding in adven.:?!r:c, sales and
agency experience.
F. R, Wilaon, of Worthington, Ohio,
for many yeai i i ser of
the Jeffrey Manufacturing I ..mpany,
ha? invented a resilient rim for auto
Left to Raffet: Frank B. Willis, Sales Manager; Hugh ChpJmers, President, and George Stow?,
Gent-raJ Manager of Local BrancL
Move Started to Form
Motor Truck Reserve
Officer! of National Guard Discuss Adaptability of Motor
Vehicle! for Military Service Before Motor
Track Club?One Company Organized.
Initial stepa arara taken last Wednesday evening si a meeting of h
Motor Track Club of rtnasski toward the formation of ? motor tracl
reservo corps in the metropolitan distriet, and, as was stated by the newly
installed president, Roderick Stephens, "a non-stop motor run" was Inau*
unrated for this liranch of nutional preparadnaia. Oflkeri of tho New
York division of the National (?uard wire present and spoke of the tin
portant part that can be played by tin- motor truck in military servie,
following which n committee, composed of Georgs II. I'ride, Rod< rick
Stephens and A. J. Slade, was appointed to form an adequate organization
fot motor truck roaarva.
Thi- art ion Is s part sf the plan ford
the formation of s nation-wide Auto?
mobile Reserva Corpa, which has been
under way Sir the last few months. In
- Wbl re ther? 1? no present In
sllying the companies with
the national guard, reeroita srs setoal
ly being sskod for, while la those
-?ate? whets th? promoter, plan the
corps as an adjunct of the organize.1
militia there has been a nSCasSS? OS
lav natll a special act H passed by the
Legislators. The form of an enlist?
ment will practically be a contract to
fhartor the vehicles. The schedule ?8
pay not only has to be worked out, hut
accurate Information is needed u3 to
the probable co?l to the ata*?! of in?
demnifying all vehicles when in active
service, also, the cost of wrecking car?,
with lepair parts, has jet to ho de?
? | first truck company to be formed
under tha plan recently worked out by
General Staff of tho United States
army has just been complete.) ??
elty. Ii will servo as a model, and
from certa.n experimenta with tins
company ami others now being formed
will he compiled the data that must h-t
presented to the Legislature before the
New York National Guard formally
get? this volunteer transport nervico
as an adjunct.
It it? n Wur Department requirement
that every truck in one company be of
the same make, in order that a wreck?
ing truck need carry repair part? for
mi.;; one make. It la uiso required that
each truck bo of the name model, in
order that the apeeial war bodies may
be made which will ho interchange
rtbie. The first company ?a composed of
twenty-nine J'ieiet Arrow trucks, do?
nated for tha servies by Individual
owners, A company of Macks is sow
being formed, and, to -tart off the lut,
the International Motor Company, of
this city, offered five. Three .Mau
with military bodie?, which were unused
at the piattsbuig encampment last
year, an? among the fil 8,
At the meeting on Wednesday night
George M. Pride, of the Heavy Haulage
Company, offered to enroll e.g.?teen
truck* owned by his company In tha
. and with the organisation com?
mittee at work It i* expected thi.t simi
ar offen will eoma from mai
concern, in this elty. The m i
Of a motor truck company of th?
mobile reserva corpa composed of
one ear or truck master, a c tmmis
: officer) three assistant car ..r
-.inek n,nitera, ??? ? ie?j officer? or
: : ? i .. . twei
chauffeurs, rergeant?; twent.
. a. * <-r t r-ii-ks. one na. I
lergeant; one wrecking ear or truck.
One helper, one trump? ti r, one cook and
five motorcyelei and riders for motor
ear companies, corporals,
* ine ? iken P/edi ? idat night
rood Menken, pr?s: 'ont of
the K .
kid i - p of 15,000
? . n snd hsa eatablisl ed 200 I
throughout the country, \\ its our long
, tha mobilitj oi >ui force ?
? Intel] i ital to tha defa a of the
country was the opinion expressed by
Mr. Menken, who Mated fhat the motor
?ruck wa? undoubted ?. the solution if
? roblem. He de? tared I
truck mobilisation tend? toward sa
tional entelen? y. and n c tod the
taken by toma of the Eoropean
COUntliea now at war to have their
truckl so constructed that they could
rted into military \ ?? ?
ible time.
Major General Allan p. Reagan, in
? ? eral, S. G. N. V., who
of llotoi
?." aid thai Major G?
11'Rvan, eon mandei oi th? Ni i
Nat'.il I . .,( e.i
to the fullest extent
mobil? pli a ire eari and truck \
; formed for the niariu
ms, and il i? e.-.p.
that a factory nill be locatu d
is, Ohio,
a i ? s s tei atic ef
ort to b lild ?i) un ?? ? ireign
nade, the Chalmers Motor ('???
nding Thomas M. Kirker, well
export atan, on ..
tour through South America. Mr. Kir
ker Will sail shortly after March 1 and
m .11 de? etc mo it ol hia * ime to mis
iry work among Latin-Americsn
esa men. Among the impoi
entrea te be ?iiited by Mr.
Kirker are R a da laneiro, Monte?
Buenoa Ayres, Ssntiago ds Chili, '
i, i !si tsgen i. I srs? a Porto
h.en and Havana.
H. 0. Smith, form? r hesd of the
Premier Motoi I ompanv, Indianapo is,
Ind., and pi avion to th? organ I
gSI eral manager
and president of the G, S-. ,.'
?y, which he start, d, ll .
to enter the tire manufacturing busi
plant to ho I itablished
a Indisnapolis,
D. ?'. McKay, well known among the
manufacturers in Detroit, la BOO
ted \\ its the E Iwara A. Caa ? :-.
? ompany, in.-., automobile sec?
*::d parts selling agents, of thi
He will ha. .artera In D -
i i will be ipeeis] factory representa
? ?
K. G, Gunn, chief SBglnses of the
Noithway Motor I ompany for ti
fiva veins, has bei n i ngSged to head
i of the new II
Pr< mit r Motoi Corporal
He will be as
< hsrlsi ? -.i. furl, chief engineer
at the <'..le factory for the last
years. J. |_ Tartan, known prin. , l
? designer and bunder ol
i] Glean Cartisa V-type multiple
cylinder aviation motor, ia uso a
? the Premier engineering
Howard A. Baoor, identified with
the automobile industry for
real nd ? g tin
with the Oaklaad Motoi ( si l ompaaj
in vai
rgai |l
George W. II :
H Page Motors (
. \4? el ...
i general aaanager, te remov? te B i -
.ir.e, Wis., where he will take up the I
? of genera
. i I for the M tchell Lea ? Motor i urn- I
?Man., hit. U4i_ile cam. to ?New York
I the Motor Trurk Club in it? BBOTS
teirard organising th<- motor trneli
owner? ni this eity into ? voluntary
militan body. Bo told of th? |i>nr
token by th? traaaport is the sctivi
. ? mi army. ?'?? it sa in the day ?
of Napoleon, ?n army trsvela on It?
belly, said Major General Rengan, and
tl erefor? it is highly important tha*
supplies Im. carries without laterrup
tion from tha baas of ?applies sstsb?
lUhtd st the railhead to the field
In organizing a trurk reserve corps,
.11 proposed by the truck club, Major
Kenyan suggested that th? club obtain
th? ?nrolaaeal of all trucks In this dis?
trict that could be mad? assUsbla for
military purpooeai that record? be
con.piled shewiag tlio type ?? f truck,
OWUtX, everyday service and where the
?ri'k eeald be obtained apon the abort*
itiea ITi? a earoleasats, ha said,
would be gladly received st the New
Vm-'r. headquartera of th? National
With ?affleieet enrolment? obtained
traeka could tie divided into teats?
tie? eompsaiea, each company consist?
ing o. twenty-eight vehicles, one of
?rfa .ii was to \,v assigned to repair
servies aselaaively, Morale can bt?
bu It up Is a voluntary organization
th? ?SBM SS in the regalar brunch of
th" militia; moral?? being, ho said,
merely u spirit of OBthaaissm and co
opeiatioa. This eeald be attained
through inatruetlon and fsmillsrity of
? he individuals wi'h the various duties
are expected to perform.
Captain T. H. Shaaton, (juarter
msster Corps, N'. O., N. V.. In tslking
on th? motor track In th? saartsrmas
tors' department, told of tha Imprevs?
thst could be made in til m
branch vi the service through th?
?.doptioi) of th? motor rehiele. However,
lid that there was still nr4'd fur
the hora? sad mulo, for while th?
motor vehicle might be capable of
transporting ?sppllea fsr from the rear
of tin- righting liao te the bs ?
supplies, horses and malea, as indi
ented in tha present arar, sis atill
<ary In taking thes,- supplies
from tha baas to the actual lighting
where tractionable reads are
rib!? quantity. There
tome doubt, sold Captain Shan
to th? tj pa of ti ask be ?
adapted to military service, especially
1er of drive const i ict ion. The
vehielea with the drive from the rear
wheels ere all right on good road-,
? m- front wheel drive
? ? sdapti ?! to all-around
opinion. H>- said that
his ex] in charge of the % a?
hieles of the New York Citj Polie? D?
partmenl emphasised ti"' need for
of ? ' ?? ? | ?H- ? of ve?
? ,ce.
The need t''?r itandardizatios of
ment was ?mphai : ted bj l
Kennel Gard . Infantry, Si. Q.
\. v., who declared I ? reai nl
war illustrated t I and advan
? gained by thi sat i
.i>... type ' In the did
ti tal ion i ompaniea, l ?ermany,
i rani ?', R 1- ?a and Austria all took up
. - blect of stai dard sing thi il
soi time ago, and
? i .. ir broke out they i poai
to i ? rue is in division i ?'1
? ? am? make and s II :i
. . Il?, ?aid that In
Paris 1,100 motor bases were built
? .iii4 laid down b?
?al and wer" standar i
: ced ni group? of ta enl ?nv? ..i
Germany had
Hat '.i oui ?
delivery, which, when the wai
I, were divided lato Heel
? ' il makes ai'd each accompanied
. ing parti which
could be need by an.,- of th? machines
? ompany.
from !'? i several ?. ara ago
and ii ? lens a ith the Whiting
Motor Company s A. Elliott
? " ? ompany bee ime ?
I arl il. I i rhi the latter
the diati ?butio i of ?!.> '
?." M eai. Ilia varied es pei ience in the
automobile ? ? ? ? ? i he has
for ? ba 11
. arl) expei ience with
?he Nal ' Ri pister i i
rell for the responsible
: " will till in the Mitchell
One of the most recent addition? tel
th? motor colony in the Circle B
ai di t -, which
? aed quart? ij at B l
? n distribu
tbbott-Deti ? car. Thii
:n m a ?? in a
territory, includ I on of
.N<w York State, New Jei
It eetii ut.
it ternstionsl Aeheeei Gi
iy. of Niagara Kails, N. Y.? 1 ??
? l hereafter will
as the Acheaon Grspbiti
1 ompan;
?'. M. i - tian, a wel : k: on n cap'.t.il
president of the Pel fi
: Rubber i ompany, and C. w. \\
ston, a ? ?,!,? man. is lalei man
f;|.|.r n ? company, pened
? Msrquette Building, I -
caga, and will manufaetur? Perfection
tori?? at Waba-h, Ind., Fort
and Toi OBtO, fa?ada.
Wit'- - lonmenl of road -
? ? ? ? automobile factorii
and thi adoption of thi msl i
? ?
...r througl
? going to the consumer, th?
' in og drivei i
? ing of th? pest. The
. pany claims I
:? ? i .Lr B ; ?? ]?- m B< ' i
- vera in Its ma.i ta
t tha iny n da
i .
smenl f a red letlea o-'
?Cole ? ? ?
avhieh Colt ? Compan).
snth Street, a
? ?
trad : ?
m thi
I in the vei .re.
II A. Detterich has been appointed
teat to a. L T,-.v.
manager of tha roit Motor
< ai ? ompa og K. J. Sweeay?!
?ho has raaigaad
A P ive-fassenger Car Selling at $2,850.
Ninety KvhibltM Arranged for March
Dtsptsy in _;id Regiment Armon.
Greater New York has hy no means
completed its schedule of 1911 auto?
mobile ? boa , for the motor e;,r dl all :
over in Brooklyn uro to have tiieir turn.
m promoting shortly, when they
i-i.tul ict their fifth annual exhibition in
the 23d Regiment Armory from March
i to 1.'. Prom present Indications the
fofthcoming event will bo a grea'er
auixess than its predecessors. To data
there are ninety ?lifferent exhibits, and
the entire show space of the big armory
lias been allotted.
At the national automobile, show?
hel.l ?n New York and Chicago only
motor curs and accessories were dis?
played, while the Hrooklyn ?how ?ril
Bava BOt only all of the representative
of plsasurs cars, but also a com?
prehensiva line of motor trucks und
Dusineai wagons. Also there will be
ll own eight different r^akes of motor
\ ! | v bits will be displayed
on one floor.
The li?.t of exhibitor? reveals that
the biggest and finest ears ar? to i>"
displayed along with the machines of
medium power, weight and price, si
well as the lowest priced vehicle?. Cur;
that Were seen at the New York, Chi?
cago, Philadelphia and other show.?
will be among the displays, The as
cessory display will be larger thi ios
son than formerly, and this section of
the show will be complete in every
The following makes of pleasure cars
will be on vi?rW| Locomobile. Mot..
Auburn, I'odge, Cole, Steams-Knight,
(.rant, P.'iick, Pierce-Arrow, Chalmers,
.'et, Velie, Cadillac, Mercer, Kis
???1, Hupmobile, S?ripps-Booth, Candler,
Hudson. Heynes, Lexington, Maxwell,
Mitchell, Jeffrey, Packard, Nation..1.
Krnnkhn, Crawford, Apperson, Inter
State Oldamobils, Hen, Studebaker,
Saxon, Overland. Peerless, Pathfinder,
m, Alien, King, Daniels, Briseoe,
White, Paige, Winton, Moon, Pullman,
Oakland and Abbott-Detroit.
The truck exhibit.4 will include the
ng makes: Pieree-Arrow, Hall.
Schicht, Jeffrey, Packard. Heo. Garfor 1,
\\ i te, Buiek, Studebaker and Veil".
Paige Cars on Partial Payment.
Announcement has been made I :
Harry M. Jewett, president ol
Paige Detroit Motor Car t ompany, that
plan? have i.n perfected by hia com?
pany fur the accommodation of the
automobile buyer who nay wish t"
purchase a Paige car on B credit or
partial payment basis, Under this plan
tl-.e purchaser and the dealer will re?
ceive the accommodation throng!
Hankers' ("ommircial Corporation, of
New Y'.rk. a company entirely separate
from tti" Paige-Detroit Motor ( ar Com?
pany and with which it has no connec?
tion. Thia company, capitalized for
11,000,000, was organised under th?
banking act of 'tu- State sf New York
and I? subject t? the -?ate banking
' .-'.'111
The purchaser make? al once a cash
paymi bslf the Hat prii-e of
tha eai sad about s:**,, which Includes
?ire and theft insurance premium for
One year. The balance of the purchase
price is paid with eight monthly notes
Sad divided into nearly equal pay?
ments. The notes are carried by the
Hankers' Commercial Corporation, who
take a mortgage or lease on the car as
security. The dealer receives at once
the cash from the Hankers' Commer?
cial Corporation on the frst seven
The cash for the eighth not? is
paid to the Paige-Detroit Motor Car
Company and is credited to the dealer
It futuro, purchases of cars and
parts. The ca- is delivered to the pur?
chaser immediately.
Perlman Rim Patent Sustained.
Judge I.acombe, of the I'nited States
Circuit ( ourt of Appeals, Second Die*
triet, lust Wednesday handed down n
decision affirming the opinion of Judge
Munt, in the united State? Diatriet
Court, who declared the Perlman de?
mountable rim patent valid and in?
fringed by the Standard Welding Com?
pany, of Cleveland. Thi? case was of
mote than ordinary interest, because
;t affects the u-e of demountable rims
on nearly all the automobiles made and
BOW in servie- in this country.
The Perlman demountable rim pat"
e:;ts were applied for in 19iir>, and
tinally granted, after niany years delay
in th? Pate.it Office, on February 4.
1913. Good judges of the volume ol
the output of the automobile Industry
ate that of the million cars pro?
duced during the current year about
100 will use demountable r.ms.
However. Mr. Perlman has stated that
the loyalty asked for the use of the*e
rims will be so moderate that it will
not add at all to the retail sc?ing price
ox automobiles.
S. A. E. to Elect Officers
The lust meeting of the fiscal year
for the metropolitan section of the Bo?
ot Automobile Kngineer* in to be
held at the Automobile t'lub of Amer?
ica on Thursday eve-ring, February -i
The meet ing s 111 be I laion of
?j,.. ele.-'ion of m . ?'let ?
tion. Peter P. Dean, former er\? i H I
? .1 Manufacturing Company,
will pr.:.* a paper <>n "Late Develop
:?. Engine and Chassis Testing."
which will be illustrated with an excel?
lent colle?tlon of lantern slide.-.
Notes and News
At a mooting of the board of direc
of the Motor i k.aory Mann
? \ the following wen
elected to member-hip-. Blanch ar?
Bro, a Lane, Newark, N. .1.; I'iin
Varniah .M: ?olor Works, Flint, Mich.;
the Harri n Mfg, ? o., Lockport, N
Y: Pri?e Electric Devices Corp.
Waynesboro, \'a.; Byracuse Malleabl?
Iron Works, Syracuse, N. Y, und the
Walker-Weisi Axle Co., Flint, Mich
Driggl Se.-.bury Ordnance i i
Sharon, Penn., wos reinstated to mem?
I? r? of 11 a Ford Motor
Co, i. ; . id and ii ilt-claimed te
Henry Ford all tiu-ir rights ..?
teresta in the farm tractor be
which tha latter promoted last year. It
mean? that this businesi will be eon
ducted SI a pel -onal businSSI of lh-ii'J
on, Edsel B, Ford, or
? the ? rm of Henry Ford I
which wsa formed last year.
President R P. Monroe, of the Mon
i ... Motor Company, Flint, Mich., re?
cently announced that hia company will
? n ..ver by the Chi n ? -
Motor Company. A rumor eoneerning
the mi these i ompanii
been current tor some t.me pa.?:. Mr.
Monroe sis? I ' - that S BSW light
live passenger Monroe, with a chassis
..tor limitar to those ?in tha I'ti I?
...1.1. will be market,.,! shortly.
etlon sehediile Call? for 10,
' ? || .1 -uli
Wo '. haa been ?tarted on a four
?.on to the faet?n of the
??.? Motoi Car Company at Indian
? ? eh v. 'l eosl 1100,000.
. . i ng will be -? i entj f? el wide
and -"i feel long, and when com
: Will almost double the :
capac ty, l*he itructura la te be mad?
? i ? inforced i a Its. orna
i be Stol '. factory ii
located in one of tha residential dis
? of tha city. The contract BtO
thst trie building shall be read]
ft>r occupancy July 1.
Effective March I, the regular woik
,i ;.' in. .n - ,.; the South Hend, lid.,
plants of the Stuilebaker corporator
will be reduced from fifty-live houn
per week to fifty bean per week, divid?
ed into nine hours per day for tve day.
?ad fiv? bean on Saturday. To adjust
wages to the new working hours all
rate- and hour rii'i-' will be in
? 1 10 l>er tent.
?V ciir.cim to be known as the Vsa
Briggle Motor Devices Compel
been formed a' Indianapolis, Irul., to
manufacture tha V?B carburetor. The
..- of the eompsny aie I.. H. Van
Briggle, president; Kobert E. Hosea,
entj Henry S Rsminger,
treasurer, anil Herbert M. Glossbrenner,
One hundred ar.d sixty doliera, rep?
resenting the baiss?e of a fund of
approximately 14,000 subscribed for thi
New York tu Seattle automobile race
:? i ..- tha Aleaka-Yukon-Pa
ciftc Pair Grounds in 1909, has been
given to charity by the AutOH
Club of Seattle.
A recent addition to the Willys-Over?
land sales department is J. M. < ram,
known to the aatomobile trade
Mr. Cram aras for fourteen years with
'lie Mitchell Lewis Company, leavini
there to become vici enl and
msnsger of the [.. p, c. Motor
' fashion Spring
pan y iias been organised, ?nth wi
I>. McCullough as president and gen?
eral manager; W. \V. Pells, viee-prei -
msnsger, and J. A.
Schult-. -? '.'???? Mv and treasurer, foi
asnufscturing t .
? automobil? seats,
company is located in Detroit.
Registrations at Beging
of Present Year Show,
Oain of 686,998.
At ti.e c on sf Iftl ?h?r? ?_.
automobile for ev?ry forty ._?- '
the L'nited tstes, ?rrordir.i _ __
latest eompiiatios of motor ?-????l
Irtratiorii trj Tij?-,
2,4..1,?SK pleasure car? ?nd esnatr.
.entries in une st the btgtnniigaim
year, representing _n inertmattf__
?j'j*. or 39.6 per cent ov?r <__.__!
period of last year. *
Farmer? Its sf ItEill _.
munitiej bought car* in rip..'.
creas,t./ number? all throurk J
irhick e??r?.
?_ch strie_H__
centn . Illinois, lows, Indi.r.? f
tend aaatgjS
hlgb ? trat on 1 .?. yt?Z
the fa? I that th? ??
? ? ',_".
any o*'- er . r.-.)ta m_T
and II ? . rural ,r.?j__
took : ??.-,'
ill if lets. ?.
? ?ropi i?$9__
vital factoi '?r car mirbi
There were 20.46S tr. t<-r r%, ?j^
in the I'r.ited StaU i a' th? eod of II
according to ligure? eomsflsd by -;^
Automobile I rade Directory," *,
total of Ca> ?. : - ?'t>\.'.y dca.'er. \
pair shops, garage-, ar.d e_irr;f , ]
- i? given by the -ami ?____?
as 81.793. Adding up the i?-,',..
elasslfieattoi i, rerer amsaa p,v
ages, repair arging ?S__Sh
dosa i ot |ii flg ire, sssjja %
a number of iniuncei on? ttasM.
mer.t comes under i'?veril ____.
??.endings. For ;: <tar.ce, s liegt? t?
tablishmer.t might be a car as. __?
?..ry lalearoom, a garage ?__ y^
?hap and a chargirg station forte,
trie vehicles.
Similarly, 'he *otai of 512 _____*
urer? of mo'or cars, truck? ?nd ??_,
is divided into 230 ear batlders. y
truck builders snd 61 motor bmuta
some of the concern? build both en
pie*? cars and motor?.
Philadelphia-P.ttsbr_rg_ Etceri
With the nesks of th? A?egb?.
covered by a glare of le?, ?_. |
hollows full of drifted fnow, JUy _
\amara, in ,4 ^-horsepower Mur?
>iaze<i ail Pennsylvanl? rectoHe
by driving from Philadelphia to Pin
burgh 214-1 miles?is eight _?o
nineteen minutas. The fomur ??
was nine hour', twenty mir.ct*?. _
N'amar-'s run ?ral thoroughly cheeki
v v newspaper men st both tnditiki
York, Bedford and Ligo.mer ?lone o
The road between the twu m
cttieei of Pennsylvania hu locg bw
a favorite t-stine ground for ?uions
bib. manufacturers, on account of a
?reap grades and the r"jgh aSOM
. ' .-ii. for moit of _
distan? e, - Maes
paralli thi A'.1er??; l?o?:
?uirs 1 ?- v ? ? evicts war?
__i left to loci tr?*
reeord ? tin? _nji?<?
-. sub.. - ? ii, tbouj'. 89
?tempts I Seed.
.on of long ? ' aad not? I
.ble road .01 i tons.
-. ?
Colt Predicts Proiperoui Tz*
I Ham i. Colt, rrniif'
Colt-Stratton Campear, Bro?i??y ?:
Piftj -??'? . ". Stre? t, which hu
Iiod^-e Brother? a- .1 Cola tan
that then ver been sue- ? ''?'
ot* optimism a- i- ihown this - '
The heavj retail I.u> :r.g ?1
of the year, he layi, ii labtta -
1 ry pro?rero-s I?'*
ahead for ??? erj one.
Mr. Colt is inclined to look it *
ma utility ?tan?i?'
more than that of 8.888818, for *
marjorit ? m'say arc aas
pursuit ?i sum? haaiaem, ?a- ?
being the c?-. they represent ?a ?
? laving. The utilitansn phu?'
the motor ^r. Mr. ?olt says. :? *
real reason why the people .' ?'.
ar:- buying them by the um ? a?
?...mis. He reoorts an inert? H
in m.i for th- ?'ole eight, 1
popular priced Podge is bemf Mi? '"
April delivery
J. H. Trat, at K. V. A. Ml
loss?? H Traey, ..-????tar.t cv.<?;
,. ?.,. ipmlu '
. g of ? N>? ^u '
-h.. Ci 1 ' ompaniias-J
ng, i K. :
n. m ? ?' ,ub?f_?
. K? R_te D -'-argingaBSW^
which . .-rear ,lell w
in pi r-. ? ? 1 metaees !fir.__r_>:
oner..- iKnJ^m
tended to many garag? ?? ?
men. and a very interesting m?"?
?ed. _
Hudson Town Cars Populs
' ,?a?
' . , C*tt s?
Harry J. De Bear, Local Maxwell Manager, Has Recently Delivered These Eight
Borough of Queen?.

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