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Von Want It
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Fair and I older today, fair te
morrow; fresh northwest windv
Frref to Last?the Truth: News-Editorials-Advertinements
No. 25.299.
(< ?rrrlfM ism
Tba TYINin? Amis.]
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".lli * 1?.^ I ?n,| ||?i?,?.rn
>o?U 1 ?I'. N>w?rfc. Ser?f < Hr,
Kla4>wb?r? I?" < *"'*?
Only Backdown by Germany Can Gear U-Boat Tangle
Could Not Stand Sena?
tor's Impulsive I:\am
ination of Witnesses.
Miles Daw son Also Quits
-Chairman. Undisturb?
ed. Will Go Ahead.
,>.,. , St Ml house Sat
, Issest rnid
- eeoassl t* the
' resigr.a
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f< . : el the com
, th Mi Cala? in the
ramtttes in any
tea, leasts? ? I ' ? > ? ? H ?'-'-'
I - e'dack ysster
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b? did not ?*
;.., -.. isa Satarday.
- !.: rtorement.
verb ay
asean I a?,?a?sWs
i ttota*
:" the iacts con
?00 by
?saai iron its
?rTSrl J ,-{rh branch
Mice to
? - i-a? a?ken
? " "'
? ? adjourn
e had
? ? v.ree
o bar? i .
? :,'?? York
. ? : . i rooma
%t ',:. I
?f r ? r'r :
? lifBS
lasaU wi> Mad.'1
- i
M pointed
rr.oujh ?"
? |i ' it ?? : tat
I'm ?in
-, i I not
?sa ti ?s*p
si? &
? i ..
. no? ha was a
read :
? ? ??
? |y ini
tta for thut ?
??.ul review ol
?i one
? ?
I r.
? K Of
* <*!?>>? ?.Mal l)iinil>.
a? it;
a, ,(" wanta to do ? te ??? ?
.. ?.,. to get at
?ions Jr.nii
u'?ont h.ow ?hht Mr Colby menna
?link I don't
Hrunt'*' ' ? Itustiea i- lav
"i# >now
r ( olby,
?ilk..' "* ???si t.? cannot loiitmue
,0* evr-.n..--, , i?-c?4UM (bar? tbS
U"t?auwl vu (,?4? t. ?vIuum ?
To the Kditnr of The Trthune.
Dear Sir: I read In \our nan. r
ever] morning a lot about prepared?
ness. ||j grandp.-i ?.nd grest-grartrlp i
were aeldlera if I ??n h ti >> i
W4iulr, be a midier, tea. Hut Ism
not. co 1 want to d>? ?hat I c?n te
help Mama ghee me a dime e*er\
4*eek for helping hor. I am nend
lea \ou this week.'? dime to help
build a battleship for I nele mm.
I kno? a lot of other kids who
?ould ghe their errand money il
>ou would atari a fund. I am thir?
teen vean? old and go to Public
School 9, Brooklvn. Yours trulv,
I am true blue American, and I
?ant to ?ee I'ncle Sam prepared to
'irk all creation like John Paul
Jone* did.
P. S.?Please rail the battleship
Sine* thin l.tter "??? printed dime? anit
dollar? har* flo**d into Th. Trlhtin*
offlc* uncrating!?. Oth?r pap*r? airo??
th* eountrr ha-.r r*prmt*d th? letter
and th* dullari ha\* flow*d in upon
Msr.lori* ha? a*k*d Th* Tribun* to
t.k? car* of h*r fund until it grow? big
enough to build a battlr?hlp or at l?a?t
?om* kind of a ?hip worth? of th*
tradition? of John Paul Jon??. Th*
Tribun* cannot und*rtak? to *nt*r Into
rorr*?pond*nr* about th* fund, but it
?ill print a dall> list of contributor?.
jml r\trj on* ?ho ?and? a dim* or a
c'ollar or a million dollar? to Th?
Tribun* for th* fund ?ill r*c*|v* a
button Staring th* legend "l'. S I
Am*ri.a.'' That ?ill b* >our rrrfipt for
a patriotic deed.
Total to dat? ll.STt.il
Numb*r of contributor? J.$*4
133 Marine Draftsmen
Contribute Dimes for
Children's Warship.
Un* hundred on] thirty-thre? i
men who design American battleship?
ar-.d vessel? of commerce, member* of
th? American Society of Manne Draf'j"
MSB, added their d:me? to MarjorieV
r.attleahip I'und jrsstsrdsy to hasfr.
the tin-.e whefl they can actually begin
werk or. the U. S. >. America. I? vas
thfl firal evident? of ?nthuaiaatic anp
port from ths kees ^ itted thinkers who
are werhing erery day to ?;.aco ths
American Navy in ? ilas-i by itself, S?d
wan an indication i ' the sentiment of
the men is ?H the other dp;
?.i? -.jt*-.i yeaterdl |
..:?. o;-.* of th? i>|'?>lause which
greet* h O? PI il p Ilichbobtn,
Now York branch o?
;} e Society of Arr.f i ice I Dl af'-men at a
' dinner of the orgsnitstion si tr.e Hotel
}iro-i"m Saturday r.iKht. Mr. llichborn
: a fermer < i -1 ?- f ceastraetor
'V. i iau hii }.??:? rd of III
thirteen-year-old firi whoaa idea
I . have all th? I and girl sf th?
country build a bait ?r the
J th? draftsmen
?re engaged in
. .r.g for th? nsvy or lor com
I arc- de?
ten mg he>
rah i p. Whei lh? tiss? cesse? te
?ho AniPr.ia v <? will do onr part
gning * iplondid ?rarship for ths
children of the net
Letter ta Marjurn
contribution car v
r to Marjories
'i izd, New York.
"Hull Dhri lei
"Dear Miai Marjori? Sterrett:
"Yaar t*'-' I building a
. th? America, by
popular ' Ij ?!
?ten , h il -...?.???.
? our carat ? uppon, .it d
a offer tl
tribut i name ef th? children
whom ?c would thai hoi.or.
"It will interest you to know that
?? engatad daily in the work of
building warshipsf and therefor? ??.
\?ili be glad to note from time to tune
rtewth ot jour tund. V.'fc 4vill lend
encouragement t? pas whaia w? ma>,
and Wl hop? BOthiSg iSSI 'an that
,, ty ire ? i bsv< th? pi ?
, 'he Ani'.rica at
.: aj Vurk Nu'. V Yard.
"Mem.' hili', W? ?rlsB ymi the follsal
? -. arid an- praad
ulaie >ou OS jour veiy praetlcsl and
truly American apll t
?\\ | ? .. ?. .
, m 1.HAI 1 iUtfi <?1 lui-. KA^ ?
"Preseated te Marjeri? Bterrett'i
Battlsshis fund throagh th? coarteay
of the H?W York branch el I
of American Iiraftsn.-n, a.
? on In behalf of ths children th< ?
vi i>h le '?? present."
AaMBg thi I
Seturday n ,?? I ? " ' ' ? '??? ? ??* ?'' "
?op. ?hipbu ? '?' ? '""'<
.\h\v ii.nl; CajitarrtvJ/ 1. Bailej
tenant Comsaaadei Doyle ead Chief
Dreftaman Stoit'. of the ?nginsering
,;. partaient.
t ?.ildri-n Aid Tund.
Next la the i*tt*. yesterday from th?
men buildin? our country's fightir.<
?hips ?-?me ? brie' note, saseasseapiag
t oalioii*?! ?si s?**' ?' lolunin .
Posed as a Student in
Dog-Guarded House
Near Red Bank.
Angered Host, Finding in
"Langer's" Bag a Note to
Lincoln, Tells U. S.
fftm ? S'?ff OrrncKmter.t of T- ? Tr.t ?
Red Hank, N. J., Feb. ?').-- If the New
York polico are greatly concerned by
Igr.atius T. T. Lincoln's boast that he
had been wandering about the city un?
der their noses svsf since hi? escape
item the Federal sathoritisi last
month, let this be their comfort The
elusive Ignatius had been doing no
such thing, except fov a day or two fol?
lowing hil escape. For th? lost week
"r |o the former If, 1'.. who Is wanted
in England either as a former or a Ger?
man spy, has been far from the path?
? f the finest,
As Herr Langer, sa overworked stu?
dent in need of rest and country air,
h? has been safely hidden swsy daring
most of his absence on the lonely farm
cf Herma:: Ritsaa, three milsi SOath
of Red Hank. It wai to Rttzau that
Lincoln evidently ?eferred rt/hen he ac
eassd hi? captors of having obtained'
their information from a man who had ;
tried to blackmail him. Bttssa ha? S
differen? story. If it is to be believed,
it ?raa Lincoln", own vainglorious po-I
lice baiting In which he indulged
through the medium of a New York;
newspapsr which finally and indirectly]
led to his capture.
Lincoln's erstwhile hiding place wa? j
uncovered to-night by The Tribune. It ;
WSI an ideal placo for the fugitive's!
purpose, bo4';, as to location and a* M
thi bsbtta of th? household.
The Rifzau house is in a sparsely!
i settled farming country. It-: classai
! neighbor il more than a bslf-mil? sway. '
A half desea large and unfriendly dog? ?
i iruard the place at night, so exclusive i
, are Ritssa'a inclinations.
, Du l'ont Work? Chief Interest.
It wa- into this sylvan solitude that:
Lineals projected himself a couple of]
: nays utter he had bidder, an airy, un-1
i spoken lare weil <o Deputy Marshal'
? Frank Johnson. He earn? sans mus
tsebs and f-ans glasses. Also l-,e came
rons the ten big trunks. Lincoln's bag?
gage Censicted Sf a single travelling
Lincoln brouglit noth:r.r? b .' ? letter
loi introduction, r.gned by a city friend
Ritsaa's, vaguely dc-enbing the
i.<i.rrr ii "Herr Langer," who wunted
to get av.ay from New York for a r<->t.
; In les? prosperous davfi Kitr.au BSSd la
keep mmmer bearsjere. He wai r.o^
surprised thai a winter boarder should
be sent to him. That Laager ipok?
Germsn when ha did rasas, bal seemed
s ::.?ite for hi? prospective boat
? irnity, made aim doably welcome.
Explaining b? wanted to be ontdoen
te- modi o- ppoSSibls, Langer acquired
a pair of '.vorn. hob-neiled beets
p i of overalls. With th? n?w outfit
on he did no? differ greatly Is eppaar?
: i re from The half OOSCn helper, cm
d b) Ritsau. Consequently, what
little gessip there was in the neighbor?
hood surrounded Ritzau's hiring a saw
? arni rather than his taking in a mys?
terious boarder. Among the men Lan
? manifested eon?iderabl? cariosity
dn l'ont powder mills at
South Amboy, fifteen mile- away. No
: .id much attention te bis qu?S*
? ? more wsr talk.
\uto Smash His Farewell.
de) a week figo last Tue
. who deals is hoof.-, hides sad
fertiliser, f I his motor truck to
?-. to bring bark th? carcas-;
i.- ? bor ' Langer went alone. On the
Red Beak h? asked many
que lions about the powder mills
end insisted or .-topping frequently for
drinks. He purchssed whiskey for the
With such liberality that the
truck w.is .-ma.-hed on the return jour
i,< jr.
Langer, dad Is hi? hob-nailed boots
ar.d overalls, did not come bach
track. Since that das Ritsas say?
he never bss seen hiss. How the inci?
dent of the broken truck anil the
drunken driver, combined with one of
?Lincoln's published pronuneinmentos
and a letter be carelessly left behind
to bring about his undoing, was explo?
sively explained by Ritsau.
I I ? ?If-a ?rted p] ' quomlam
? host wai disposed *o deny everyt
and a t?rm nothiag m hen questioned
saiag, I he visit '?a? a complete
? ' Ritsau, who apparently had
thought it wa one of hi? SWB nun who
had knocked st 'he deer.
"Holy schmohel" he gBr-ped. "How
did you pot as tin road without
ing the dogs ?"
it was explsined an automobil)
abetted 'he piercing of h ? lirai line
of defence. Rn/au did not 'alk freely
until it wsi luggoeted thai Lincoln in
?tod he Was a Victim of blackmail.
, The suggestion was the spring that
released his ?lory.
"Minded Ilia Own Kusine??."
"While lie WM here I didn't pay much
?mil te Langer." Le seid, "He
iiiirideii i i bt linees und I minded mine.
Be wr got along ail right. He had
COpe to me With a letOI from un. of
my friend?, and that \*as ail I wanted
to know about him. Hut tins bl
?.I letting the men drunk and having
break the truck was something
. again. My boy Charlie Starken. I
call him my nephew, told nie uhen b?
Ko' hack *.i'h ta? bu?te<J ma4hine that
all l.e Aould r?m?ms?T Langer saying
i 'mo in'ini un pa?e I, i ?Iumn i
Sandhog? While Riding Geyser,
Was Sure He'd Land Safely
Mabry, Torn from Shield by Cyclonic Force of Pent
Up Air. Recalled Mow Workman Survived
former Blow-out.
!? la iu.:?v ?ur lianaall Mahe? th?k
ha left F ?-land f'i'ir ftmta ?go and la
? I Br?ll SB hi* way toward t. ?? r i ? n 11 n >;
u'i America'. eiUsStt. Il-nl hc ri'innin??:
,.? hoass ha might not? bs engaged ii
daaajtrona work o? n.
i..ipnUtc oai tronch sad depopolats an
,,th?>r. lasttad, Lara In poactfal Naw
York, ho enjoya a Raie, aaajt Job, ararh
ing a? a "?andhog" in the BOW (lark
trsot 01?. Blip tunnel under tho F.ai'
Marshall atshsy haochad off work
carlv Baturdav evening. At 4 o'clock
ha ?tarted home from hi* po?t in from
S? the great ?tee-, bhield which ?? bor?
ing through the Kast Hiver bed by go?
ing through twenty-seven feet cf river
mud. twer.ty-i.ve feet of water, ani!
.?oaring an additional twenty into the
air on top of a geyser of mud and foarr.
One bad bruise on hi.? left leg in
the only injury the young man -he is
or.lv twenty-eight -received In hia
ourr.r.- Ha gat this when ?he Mas*
slammed hin againat the roof of the
"Of., I'm all light," Mabey said yes?
terday, nr he twists?! In hia cot in the
Hrooklvn Ho?p?tal. "I was a bit
shaken up, that's all. My leg arh?? .
little, but apart from that I'm per?
fectly veil."
This was what Mabey on Saturday
told the ambulance surgeon, who, de
ipits prote?tn. hastiad lim ?iff to the
"Well, you ?re, I ri..ir.'* have time to
ha acarea." Ileboy eeatiaaod. "II wa?
Phsol ?L.e thai and then a serom)
ia>r I fonad myself splashiag in the
I elt lied Land Saiels.
"'? 'ins iu?r ?s ,f a i ra<?'.. wer? ' i
?i the well ? p there," the man ex
plained, pointing te the pla.ter above
bis?. "H seemed as if some one had
tat a ?lash in the mud. I hsard It '
smack -like a loud Ids*?a? It went
apart, and we all stood a second and
watcher! it grew deepen
"Then there was a hiss, and a noise
like an engine blow.rig off steam. I
knew what had happeneil. I yelled,
'blow-out!' and jumped from the scaf?
folding. I fell about eight feet and I
tried to grab the shield. If I only could ?
have done that I would have been all
"Driver *?' standing beside me. !
Semethiag seemed to catch me and I
push me off my fret. There was a '
noise ?ike a big wind. Something shot
up in th? air past me. I think (t was
Driver*? both. Tien I was pulled right ,
up in the ai". I remember hitting r.iv '
leg on the shield as I went.
"It wa? jest as if I was fastened to '
a balloon. I struck the ceiling of the
tube. I hit it flat, with the whole ?ide
of my body. Tb^n I don't remember
last what happened. I said I didn't
have Mme to be scared. I didn't. Rut I
I nntinued on pace ft, eolumn 4
Promises Statement in Week
Will Stay. Visiting Pastor Say
Dr. Charlas A. IJiton has decided
reconsider hi? resignation from t
pastorate of the Madiior ?V\enue Bh
tint Church, tendered two weeks aj
according 'o ar announcement made
tha Rev. J. \Yh;toomb firougher, of I,
Angele, who tank his place at t
morning s?r. ire yesterday. Dr. Fat.
' ? elosa ?t the evening servi
would not ?ay definitely whether 1
had derided to remain.
"We do not Want to give out at
Itataaasal -jntil ''.,r postponed annn
meeting of the church has been held
he explained. "That will be a we?
from tO-norreW, However, I do n<
doobt that we can eoSBS to a -atisfa<
to;y arrangement and, incidental'!;
make an annoup.c? men* of tonsidsrshl
"It will institots a unique slate .
affairs in church activi*y, whstohj
ipirlt of largor service will aapartod
the narrow parochialism that ordinal il
limit? the mcements of a church. Thi
natici.i is dostinsd la sjathsi up -h
looa? end.? that have been sr-ttered b
tha groat war, and it most think i
. ? broadar work thai' the con
n< - of any one parish or gTOap 0
parishoa. We are a<ir;:'t an a i?ri I
?ea, and st proson. W8 hu\c no rule
ol navigation."
I?r. Eaton submitted hi? resignalioi
? . ;.!i.? that tin ruiitine d?til
i.'.ir.'i work were preventing hin
doing what ha considered hi? part n
tha awakening of public opinion t?
a broader national!
Newark Man Expects $5 Bills,
but Gets Only Green Paper.
Anton Blnkiawich had been wishing
oald tind Boms method of making
? fastas than the or.l.nury work
a-dav plan when ?wo voung men visited
hi? honac, at ?-u Mai'-:.-'. Btroot, Now?
ark, ? ? tha n-.actiine he wanted.
It wa.s a cunn-ng little ey'.ndrin.l af?
fair into which th?TJ fed ordinary g'oen
l.aper and genuine |6 Will tumbled 0:1*
the older end.
The mon Bsksd oily ?l.ooo for th?
doviee. Sinkinwieh daeidod it woaM ha
:i crime lo OVOrlooh the bargain. But
vkh?-n ha starte,1 to turn 0_t a fsw
bales n.' ?;? notes, to liis unutt. rah! ?
denpnir, onlv 'he groen paper that was
fed into the contrivance came out.
"Didn't think It could be worked a'
thi-, day ami age," -aid the unsympa?
thetic policeman to whom ha t ?. IJ ni-.
Sanarme Huckhart wa?. arr<- <ted at
(in Will*' Street \esterday afternoon
and i? being held at the _ 1 Hranch I?e
tectiv,- Bnrtan SO a charge of iwm
Mrs. Sperling Learns Man Fount
Gems She Recovered in Europe
Mrs. Kiiul Sperling discovered tha
?h? had lest her $12,000 pearl neck
lace, v hile walking on Fifth Avenu?
Saturday noon, and foil she woulr.
never see it airain, one? before It. wa.
lost on the street in Budapest, Hun
gary. Several weeks later the polict
ot that ? Ity returned the Bochlacs t<
Mrs. Sperling in Paris.
"it seem-, 'oo mucii *o hope that
ail] come back this time," mused Mr
Yesteidav BSOralag M. B. Lew.?
whose office i? at 141 Kroadv ay. tele?
phoned tu Mr. Sperling si th? S'
"I j;BOSS IV? got vmir necklace." saiil
Las "It ?ir.swer? the description, all
right. A friend of mine saw it on the
sidewalk in Fifth Avenue, near Forty
ufth Street. B? picked it up ?nd
thought it looked good. I tolu hi m
he could lock il in my safe. It's dow.i
there now."
"When can I get it?" asked Sperling.
"oh, to -morrow, If that ?rill do," an?
swered Lewi-,
Mr. Sperling said he would be glad
to pay the reward of *500 he had of?
Thirst Quenched. Thin Man
Decides to Return.
A general alarm WSS sent out yes
terday for Carl Freeberg, who had ss
capad from a cell in which he was con?
fined for intor.iration. The bars were
four inches apart, and no explanation
could be given except that Treeberg,
although over 6 feet 3 trill, was re?
markably thin.
Five boars later a patrolman on post
a block away found a man sitting in
th? middle of the street. He told him
to move along or he would have to
?take him te th? Bergen ?'reel station.
'That''' all right." he responded; "I'm
'going that war myself. 1 wa? swful
dry when ! woke up, ^o I ;u-t steeped
out for K few balK" It '.va^ PrsOberg.
i. m
Lxpelling Americans from
Serbia. Paris Hears.
Paris, Feb. II. A dispatch to the
Ravel Agency from Bucharest, dated
Thursday, says:
"The tiernian ajthonties are expell?
ing the American Red ? ros s missions
i rom Serbia.
"The Rumanian government has in
?rcduced in 1'ariiament a bill prohibit
1 ing '.he export of cereals and dried
11 gttable?, th? object being to assure
a ilorr.e.-tic supplj."
Came ? letter to Briggs the other day. It was signed
"your loving little friend." and among other thing? it
?aid- "Mother says big people like them better than
< h.ldren because they can see the jokes better."
Perhaps they can?but it seems to be only a ques?
tion of degree. Probably the reason why grown-ups
and kid? both Ilk? his work is be._a.ise, as those who
know him best say. Briggs is a kid him se If. How do
you like to-day's t artoon ? It s on I age I L.
t?he tErtfmnc
First to lost Hi Truth: Neu s Editorial* - AdeerUsements
aiaaasei ?4 <??*? SeSM Beeaasj ?' ? ?
Moslems Driven Ba(
Along Black Sea
Warships Aiding.
Czar's Forces Advam
North from Erzerum
Left Rests on Lake Van
Petrograd. Feb. 20.- The Russia
aro pressing the advantage gained
Errerum on both flanks. On the rigl
along the Hlack Sea coast, by the <
operation of the sea and land fore
they are driving the Turks from o
poiition after another to the east
Trebirond, and it is expected that ?
five operations against that importa
seaport will not be long deferred.
[I la announced that (?rand Du
Nicholas, commander of the Ruesi
force-; in the t'aucasu?, has left Tif
for Krzerum.
A later P.u?sia:i statement report
*ho rapture of the towns of Mush.
Aaiatie Turkey, eighty-three mil
south southeast of Erierum, and Ahll
In 'lie la?t two days the Russia
have occupied Wltde iWidje- at
pressed forward ten or ?nvelv?. mil
westward. The fleet has destroyed
succession several shore batteri.
which might have been of assistance
'he Turk?, and, by keeping well in a
vanee of the land forces and by d
Ktroying bridges over several i-trean
in the path of the retreating Turks, hi
rendered their retreat more difflcu!\
The fleet ?.as been working so clo?
to the shore that the warships h?i
been reached by rifle lire from tl
Turkish troop?. On the other han
i t'ne ?hipB have ?pread confusion in tl
J rank? of the Turks by dropping shel
? n.ong them.
Russian Left at Lake Van.
un the left flank, after the occup;
tien of Koph, the Kus-ians pushed o
to Pusch and Achlat, the latter on tl
northwestern .?hore of Lake Van. Froi
Koph to Mush, sixty miles over mour
tain road-, thin .'ought several h?tt!<
and occupied Mush by storm.
The Turks fled southward towar
Diarbeki-, the next objective of th
Russian arrnv. Ui.ce in possession o
Piarbi-kr. it ;s or.iy a day's march t
?he Hugdad railway, the last ?Tnainir
contmuaicatiofl into Syria.
The rapid Russian often.-ive beyon
Erzerum, ii is believed here, makes i
pi,.hable that the retreat of the Tort
nh corps operating along the Hlack S.>
eoaat and of those troops which wer
n?tive m til.- Mush district before th
Russian occupation will be aatirel] CO
off and that the n.ain Turkish armit.
will he durrounded. This fate has al
ready overtaken tha Nth Division .i
'he 10th Corps, which was ordered fror
<?Ui to Frrerum before the fall of th
Division 1 alls Into Trap.
A? telephonic communication be
tweea this group of Turkish forces ar.<
the garrison at F.rzenim had been en
tir?is destroyed by the Russians, th.
84th Division marched serenely on ??
KrzTiim vwthout suspicion that thi
fortress was then on the point of sur
render. These troop s i cached Erzerurr
from the northwe<t at the very mo
Bent that the Deve-Boina line of fort
?'??Il into Russian hands, end the arnr
I ?ich they had come to assi?t was i
full n-treaf. Tha road OVOT which the
had passed 'vas Instantly occupied b1
Russian cavalry, and, a? they were com
pletely uirrounded, there was no ;>t
ternanee but to surrender, with arm
tuuipn.ent and artillery.
It is regarded as almost inevitable
that tho Turkish corp- retiring al?n*
th? Hlack Sea coast under the OestruS'
tira rire of the Russian fleet ami th?
pti -i:re of the Russian armies will b?1
caught in the same sort Of trap, as th?
Turkish troops falling back from ?Vidj?
to Gumieh Khsaoh, about ?ftp mile?
inland, ?till liavp a t_reater di-t_r.ee U
go than tha Ruaslan troops which
irs sdraneing from Frrerum to eat
?I., m off.
iii, the Turkish right flank, wher.'
the Ht!, i.'orp? i- operating, ti.<- Turk?
find themselves in the -aine precarious
pCkltion, ?mee al' th, lnads ot retreat
'o the north are gradually falling un
?ei Russian control. The retreat of
!:,? Turkish armiej every? here || im
:>ede? by deep snow and the difficult
character of the country. They are
?? ithout food and la-K war supplies, and
there seems to be little possibility of
tlitir offering even temporary resist?
ance of any itfongth to the Russian
"In thp course of the pursuit of the
Turks," ?ay ? an official statement is?
sued to-night, "we took pri.-on-:r an
an additional forty-nine officers and
l!,500 men. We ?antured -.4 guv?. ?
great number of am'?, a transpon with
Biunitioni and a convoi
"lr. the fighting 'n the Frzerim di?
*-???. v?-' also captured a Turkish flag."
Sale Restricted to Quarter Pound
for Each Person Weekly.
Ber'.ri, Feb. 20.- The bread card,
which will be a year old to-n.oriow,
he ?':pp>niented henceforth in
greater Berlin by a similar regulation
?, ? respect to the butt,-r supply. The
exeeutWe authorises of greater Berlin
have decided to limit the rale of but?
ter to a quarter of a pound for each
per?on weekly, to be obtained on
presentation of the bread card.
Pending the introduction of a aimi
!ar s/?tem throughout the empire, tha
a ithorltie? cannot even guarantee that
this amount will he a\ atlab'e for resi?
dent! of Berlin
London. Feb. 20. Lows?
stoft. the objective of t!ie lat?
est German air raid, is slight?
ly more than one hundred
miles from Zebrugge. the
nearer-t point susceptible of
serving a? a hostile aviation
base. It is recalled here that
a German newspaper recently
described ? new arrangement
v. hereby a submarine was
combined with an aeroplane,
the submarine ?cling a? a
submersible hangar. Iron
which a small seaplane could
operate after being conveyed
within suitable distance of its
Bombs Dropped on Low
estoft and Walmer?
Three Killed.
Bj Cash lei ? I ? ? '
London, Feb. 20. Four huge ?ea
plaaaa to-day made a raid over the east
3nd southeast coast? of England, ac
eoro'iag te an official announcement
made this evening. The total easual
? ie-> are given as two men and one boy
killed and one marine woumled. Con?
siderable material damage was done.
The enemy craft not only climbed
w 1th great speed, but travelled at an
enormom speed, two moat unusual
features with ths seaplanes. This
ra'ner SOffSStl thai tiiey were ma?
chines of an entirely new type.
There are three reasons for this sur
mue, the f.r?t the matter of speed
already mentioned, the second the
fact that r.ever before has a sea?
plane flov.n se great a distance as
that, from Zebrugge to Lowe?tr.fr
slightly more than 100 mile?) and *he
third the fact that this long disttn.ee
was accomplished across sea, which
means that ?wo or more engines would
he required, owing te the risk of a
single engine failing.
Added to this there have been per?
sisten* rumors during the last few
months that the enemy has been busily
?r.grtged ir: building a new and power?
fully engined seaplane. To-day'? raid
goSs far to prove that fact.
Vanished and Keappeared.
'the official communication says:
"Four German seaplanes made a raid
over the east and BOathOSSt COOetfl at
roon to-day.
"The first raMsrs, two biplane?, ap?
peared over Lowesroft at IttH a. Ski
and circied over the aeajth side of the
town for fife minutes and dropped
bombs. Is about live minutes ;hev rose
to a great height and seemingly van
iehed. At 11:10 a. rn. the two sea?
planes were again over the town, and
then vanished eastward again.
"Altogether seventeen small high ex?
plosive bombs were dropped. There
??ere no rasualties. CotutOOrsbM ?lam
?,". eras ceased to the outbuilding? of
"aurant and to two dwelling
house?. Two naval seaplanes went up
ai 11.0? a. rn. anrl pursued the raid) ?
hut without result.
Mi,nih-4 Dropped in Sea.
"Xssawhils tw? ether Genaas -ea
planes were making for the Kentish
COast. The first passed over the Kent
is! Knock light rasssl, dropping bombs
i' that vicinity St 11:20 a. rn. The last
ra'der made straigh* tor Waltm r.
lei.ching that town at 11:27 a. m. V'.y
ing at le>s th;in SjtOZ ?'??it, jt dropped
s:\ bumb-i an.l turned sharply to the
t I'!--.
"Tere sf th? bossas that fall de?
stroyed roof- ami hruk" oiadowi u
the neighborhood. ')ne of them fell ;
cios? to a church, blowing out the win?
dows as the congregation was singing
: h 'Te lie.m. ' A third bomb feil on a
roadway running along the beach, kill?
ing one civilian and injuring one ma
? ?
"The total easoa!ti?S I ere two men :
und one boy killed and one matine,
"Two of our ?droplenes, which went
up troru l).i%er, pursued ,:".e laider, but'
?(.patently COUld not overtake him."
Lewesteft Is 'tie most ?a terly poiat
or ??rca*. Britain It Is .ilmut ninety
Btilei north Sf VVa'.mer. in Ke-'.
Bomb Falls ?n Bedroom;
Another Unroofs a House
Loweateft, Feb. 'JO. In? damage
done here by th? a'r raider? ?rai : lot
?.ery serlea? On? bomb demol?
the corrugatrd rouf of a saw mill, kn?
ottier garoofsd a private house, a third
smashed the w ladew? of a hotel, while
a fourth smsshed the riadews ci a
church without injuring any of the
v. orshipper?.
Anotner bomb r'< 1! ?ijuarely into a
bedroom in a workman's house, but in?
jured nobody. Several bombs fell
harmlessly into garden? and vacant
?Tehees, rtb. JO. Four bomb? v. en
dropped in a ciu-ter here rhi? morn?
ing and landed within a circle uf 100
yard., killing a man and a bo\. Trie
day '?si bright and clear, and many
person* rushed to point? of vantage
in time tu see a ?mall aeroplane at an ,
altitude of perhaps a thousand
Two British airiH n *r?TS eboei ? I
in the air almost immeilistely after the'
dropping of the bombs, hi*, the ra ?' :
made his escape.
Grave Alarm Felt as
Tension Grows,
Awaiting Reply.
Lansing Denies He Will I
Ask Recall of the
I -i : :.? Tr1- 1-? B'lM?.. ?
Washington, Feb. ft (nnVigl
Washington is to-night plainly wor?
ried. ?Secretary Lansings proposai
iea coile has knotted a tangle which
rpparently cannot be cleared, and
tension between the Unite, ?"?t?te??
and the Teutonic Allies is steadily
The only way out of the difficulty
?S a backdown by Germany. Official?,
hope that Berlin will modify her or?
der to ??ink all armed merchantmen.
Official indication of the attitude of
the German Foreign Office may be
received to-morrow or Tuesday MB
?onfidential report? from Anibs^sa
dor Gerard.
That the SSSJ code question has I
i caused friction between Count von
i Bernstorff and Secr?-tary Lansing ia i
i certain. The German diplomats, it i*? :
i ielt. have u9M using the press to
i serve their ends and ni- -llging infor- I
) mation and issuing reports when,
emL__rra_sed tho administration.
Wont Aik Rec.ill.
Secretary Lansing denied to-day
? that there was any present intention
'of asking for Ootunt -on BernstorrT'i
i recall, a? tho acceptability of ?m
ami,;.??ador had not U>en called into
question. But at th^ State lOpi.'*
ment it is aaid that unless diplomats
stop divulging information the ?!?
pr.rtment may take, into considera?
tion the question O? having tbeui
withdrawn, although such action is
i not contemplated at pros?-nt.
These development? ha.e led to I ?* ?
conclusion that an a'^mpt had been |
made to -.-.ddle th- MsMS for the i?*
VSfSal of the Administration'.? stand SM
Amhas.-ialor on B?; r.-torff. That ?? -
i tempt, it i? aai?, tails?! Now i'i<-?-.,i. i
Wilson will have to take tie blame 'or
| this country's "flop." H 8JM general'v
admitted in Administration circle-,
I* Is true that man) kin :. ira' .
officials have expi eased great irritation
at what they t.-im CoOBt ISO I
itorttV improper SOWBpopor prooaga: -
da. In the main, nowever, they ?i>?
reedy to admit that he had nothing t->
d ) vith rrea'-.ng tha lasprossiosj trm'.
Proaidont Wilaea reversed kiaaself sa
.ii aaorehaatmaa nue ?
That impression tan-? iioiu thr :
..f gasretsry Lansing's aaedu?
vivendi not?, to tha Allie?, ornick i ?
Lained ? direct threat Tat if th?y
? ?>? volu itarily :?arm :
merchant vetaela the ' nited State
niight . ich ?hip.? ?o be wai -
?hips. After the publication of tha'.
not? German; i sued the declaration
tha* armed vey-els ,,,,!,) he lunksrith
out warning, believing tha* the United
State? could not avoid carrying out th*
:nr?-;it it hud "nade to tha Aille*,
Threat to Allies Withdrawn.
A : I
tha threat had be? i
withdrawn; fr..T. _s ? n si Britain anl
? i Uliea had indica I d theii intent
ts reject tha modui vivendi, this go- -
<ri meal "had no choic" but to c? ?
tinu*- upholding international law.
The "fi.m" na complete before Ar.
bu.ssador von Borastortl had had ??
., i srd '<> tha proas. I.
l| th? r?-f,,r.. admitted to be impossible
to acense nun of "creating the imp
?ion" that the President had reversed
I is position.
What administration ofne. Us ?tilt
maintain) however, i* that Ambassador
Vo.-i Bernatorff actuated his go? ero
ment to make the ne?a -ubmann* an?
nouncement, and that in so d>ing ha
thought h?. had tied the hand, of th?
I'nited States. He ?as plainly attemp -
ing, they ?ay, to force a e'tlerunt of
the Luaitania case that woul? leave
l'i. ildent Wilson in an ingloiiou. po>v
? .r, the charges against the am?
bassador an- believed to be aubatan
I iated. II ii known that Ambaiiadc*
ven Berastorff instigated the Foreign
iirrire to announce that, after February
! -'.', ?rnied merchantmen would be lank
without warning. Hut it la known, uUo,
that Secretar) Lansing ama aware o'
(iermany'? Intentios to do this befor*
iie ?eut the modus rivoadi proposal' to
the All ? -
What ha? not been explained i? the
President*! reason for sending the mo?
dus vivendi note just whes he did.
fie reas,.n given the desire to s?v<i
rea !??; axiated lince 'lie beginning
of (?ermany'i ?uhaaariae attacks, an I
could have be?-n argoed more force?
fully beii.re the Luitaaia case cam?
to a head th?:. during the negotiation?.
that seemed about to diaposa of tliat
Presidents Course Puzzling.
? me.I ?tratiK?-, therefore, that
?? Preaidenl -h,.uld attempt to brin^
?h.. belligerent? t? au agreement on ?
' ' ?' ?hieli ? ai ?...t that moment
sgiUting both Berlin and \\-.h,n_ton,

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