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Your Money Bat!;
It You Want It.
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First to Last?the Truth: News-Editorials-Advertisements
. > - ? > 4 ?
-'?.??I t
t ..pari?, ht ISM?
llrr Trlhunr \a?'n
FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 1916.
I '."? li V !..> I ,q<| ||0iM,',t.ll ||WHhrr?i l?o <.????.
JJ. S. Troops Cross Border; Rout Villa Raiders
(jermaiib Resume L)i
red Drive on Verdun
from Northeast.
Invaders Reach Vaux Vil?
lage Driven Out by
Bavonet Charge.
\AUts9S M?*M*ch 9. The ? am fury
?f battle on the west front, aft?r
rmjtXri. "J f?l '?'?'? ' ?" ' of the
<-. h-.?-, apain shifted to the
T'ouaumon* toftheM?
The face frontal attach on Verdun
Berlin claims tnr capture of "the
ullage and armored fon of Vaux,"
?ilea nortbeasl of Verdun, bul
A -.I ?
.. the ? a ? of the Meuse the
M ??Tal attack?
?,,.ai; ? I ? from Douaumonl
,-- a Vaux. **?' the outskirt of
Douatnounl an it
' - ?
?-. Purioui a: saulta
?age of Vaux likewri a
?th hea y losses for
Men m ^nlid Formation
. th? rjern ana launched
awrdarinf the
.. .-.,,, ... ? ? r ? ??jgfj (?oi-n
.,,;,? i I Vi ilenl altarla?
flu 'ormations, which were
... the G? -man? ?uffering
tain of I
? -? r ' ?? , Mease '
-.- - ' ? ia da ? the
opt i irbrx . . lia - '" I nr>i?
I' artilla th? weal
...? ? -
- the 9\ -
'? ? i - t tei
Ni|ht Attach ea Vaas.
.Ur-f 'r"~" "'
hHi dei Corl ** di*>'
??i*--*?-' .-:-- f* o'
pstt h.HI en the ! -re from
IerhmI te Vi "Setae d?
-.... , ?. hHi
rttpa - point of
if 99} -?
the V-.
Wi snaai a
i .- it? t , | orioua night?
... - cr-ions,"
?ij-s the Ger-rr?:-. coanauaieation, *"be
??f??. - - to the rOkth ol
''t?aamer.i U out B?ta in the
Woem ?.".-let, I i T ??se a.id ar
?Bertd .ort o' Vaux with r.jmerou?
?i:rinns tot arore cap*.
Utk ii a glotioei ? **h< attack ??'er
'coroug'r art.l'ery preparation, by the
Poi*n tooert ?. reg raen?
' '-- ??
?"*.. Get eral mu.
"In a i
lha aeichhot '? of Verdun our
?viator? wi.?
'?ia*. tarrf enera) aeroi i ?ho?.
****-*-. All out -
yalf ..?lots
**r*- ? opt in eil?
*i*f *??.??. ?. were
Aero Attach on M.?/
> attack af a French aei
radi . <>r the
or*?--? mtrt
' ' ? ' houaei damag? d. I?!
*"" I ' ? of 'he
"?'8 ar .:
",*-" **?' dead "
- era eXPrCM the belie'
ins on?-inal!y l
r?ntal attack which waa
' ' ' ' -
' ' " '
- ?
.- .-?
... ? - flank -a
'? - ,
''"?""a \mooA ,.,,,,?
. .
toe* ? ? i..?i.?
Odessa. March 9, Ger?
many is reported to have
gr. en formal assurance to
Turkey that she xxould not
make ? peace without com
"nsation to Turkrx
Iurke>. on her side, is ?aid
to have consented to send
Turkish troops to assist the
German? on thr \? e*trrn
front. Sexeral engineriing
regiment? haxe been xxith
draxxn I rom Ana Minor to
Bennet Offers Resolution
Requiring Daniels to Ac
cept Warship Fund.
- ' - IB? 1
Ua<n".r*or, Mate?? B. Mai 01 s'l
and n-.adf It? appearance ib .
a da;.. ?? hen Repr?sentai ?
am S. Hern?- fork City,
nted a resolution in -he llou ?.
. ?ting the Secretary of the Naey
? rt the fund? suhtrrmed for the
building of s haUleahip for naval con-]
OB purpose?. I'nder the rules
esolutles waul ta 'h? ?emmitte?
or. Sert] Affair?
The resolution. er.tit.-H "DirectlBg
teretery of th? Navy to ??'''t'
" .?.?rip Sterretl Battleship Fund
-1 follow? :
eaa h emsequeite? sf a let
?r. en ?ten by Marjaria Starratl ?
ltd of tVrWn years, a 'und o'
i? aral tbeussnd dollar? hs? bees
. ? ?ted by nearly tOfiOQ ?ontrlbs
. T?-?:'- rhi'dren. to eneoot*ago
? -, ,-?.? t.n,?,10n 0f baitlf-'e ri? fei
? ??? defence of the United Statea;
Resolved * the S?nete coi eui - .
-, . ..? Secretary ef the Nav;
?nd he ?? herebv. diverted to BCCCp!
? ? ? Marjorie Sterretl Battleship
'. nod ?u'h areumulalion? ??
may he added thereto, as an. r?
?r.rs'ion to patriotism on the pari
et 'be vouth of the eour'rv. de
? gned to aasisl the goremm?*n1 m
safeguarding the national peace;
said fund o ?. cepted hy ihe Se?ere
mrv of the \? ? to h? ':r--'?.-: 'rom
me 1 ? the Treasury of
atea aa a ap?ela] f md
to h?- appropriated in sccordnr.r.
las fai na-sl cons'rtrrtio
"F am alway? in favor or doing any
'hing to help along a pa-riotie move
ment," said Mr. Bennet. in speaking of
?he measure, "and at a time like thi.? '
I am sure patriotism ?hould b? en?
courager!. If l| ever is.
"CartSlinlr anyth'ng ?ha? tend? to
'?a?*1- the ISSSas of patr.o?;?m "i 'he
? I? a 'hint? to be encouraged. Thi?
? | rl'l dea i? a splendid one. I?
it a splendid thing to arou-o the ehil
dren to the sente that (hi? ?I their
h a? 'he fr-owr m.-'
"I ir*h?.rmore. I heliev?. 'hat any c '
en who wishea to gr.e money to the
BtBl 'or a lawful purpose should
bo allowed to do ?o, whether it he a
-r.-iit ?r.i'lionaire desirous of applying
?e to th? r?duction of ?he
h I '.-a! deb? or a group of children
.. . ;. mei te a ??is? in the
- f the ?..fare ef the Country
?? rhen 'heir elder? i?a-*
? T'ag?'. There ia something ba I
' theve children ?ha*
mere r.oney cannot buy ?entiment,
' eountry a-id that is why I sm
War,c rle'a plan."
Murlorlia's Batlleshlp Kund no?
Total I? date IMtl.?
Number of contributors 21.92"
II.ist of to-dsv's contributors ??ill be
found on page h.?
British Believe Two Neu Rovers
Are at tarne.
| , || ?? ?-. TB* 7- ?
fan I I f tl tl - ???"?"'
.-,1 ?Hf4 ;> m pert, two oth? r
raid, r ere ippeeed to he ?
........ ascardiag te ia?
, . ,,| ?o d.;.. Nav.l men
- B| tb?ty got through tne
. toreen hl 'be North Sea. BO
gn aelined te the opinion that thev
?,n internment ?n ? ?JSUU
'"'r 1 4, ,?. .? ?
rhe Admired) bsa UBen "*P? **? i1 ?
, career ?nd 'o insure
, f allied morr),H,,tm.ri alang
... . .. tea hut ..I,-'
?'? ? ? "." '" ?"?*"
i ? ?
N.J.Grand Jury Ta
Up Dentist's Wife
Sudden Death.
Husband. Denying
(jave l.thcr. and Sur
geon Silent.
? ;' ? ~ '
??? ? ' opening of th? grave of
limnia Wol
Moni laii ?i? ntist, took a fai mor?
on* ' ni i ?. est? rday ??? hen
v omai ' d< ath h
a fir.i
The Essex l
amined ?" , witn?
ceeding in rent .
lounding the ?u'lden ?i?*?,- -
T ruesded ami -x :l coi tinue ?1 i
far fael
lied on an op?i a
table in he
i '
was to r s neil
hand ?
i' toed "' th" head or'
r -, administer? th? an??l h
arb le Dr. John H. Ve
anee, performed 'he op'-a
Truesdcll emphatically denie? 'h;s
doe? Dr, Voting, I?*. Young admit
ho-je-?. ?.-?? ? rr-'ormed the "j
sal aiiiop?>" '?-.a* preceded the hi
o' Mr = . TruesJell. It **??? p?r'or*Jl
?e aaid. in the presence of Dr. M. I!
her) ' mmons, del
liffirial? Hear l.r???ip
Di Simmons plaeed th? fact? bef
County Th;, ?ician William H McB
rie, txh'ise ?uspicions were amused
auch ar extent that he tan nl'ed
eoun'y pro?erutor. Dl McKsi ?
If had h?*m informed ?hat th* vi
organs had be?-? punctured
of the op?rai.?
?ni,- ?a ?? h? en fl>r. 11li - WBI ''" '
involved in mysterj by Dr moi
? tateme?.t that ?here ?xas nothing
indicate tha* Mrs. True-dell had ?
pec'.ed lO hrion.e a mother,
pn - ?g of ore re;,-or, that rmgV ha
Y\er- ot?<-r?d for the operation.
Meat ?
I e had be? i 11 ?e ?
; T SB 1 '
health 'cached lh< ears o? officia
Il xa,i' iargely due 'o thi thsl ?err
order? were giren to eil-ium?? the bot
An examination, acrording to Pr. M
Ke-- ?. - ?'!o-ed 'our punctures
vital orean?
These puncl .'e?. ?long with t
statemer.? though dispu'ed ths? tl
dead woman's husband had adm1
lttered the ether, resslted la tl
ordered investigaron by the Ess?
? OUnty ?irar .! .! .
Physielaae s?* Pum-inre?.
>' the " tnesse? icard yest?
the ?ta'emen'? of
?n'fir ? already heard. I?r Walter :
Washington arid l?r ft II ;?-r, II Hicl?
xx h o are ?a I ? m ?.tie a detaile
examination o' the organ? reiBOVI
from Mr?-. TruesdsU'a body, were n
ported i o have laid the grsnd jury ths
they had found the paii tur?
? ? rnl others.
"The \?!iole thing lookl '..en
eel ?ram?-u|i on Dr. Voung and "'
l?r. TriiKii? I laid ? esterday,
"How would such a fi.irr? .1
?a* ?asked
1 ll may to me ou- later," he re
piled. "I CBB only ?ay nu-.?, thi
wife's death wa? as DnBVOidsbl? I
was lauaented
Roeoated queries concerning r'-.erea
?on for perforsaing an opera? ior
xaife hreUghl forth refusal te reply
l?t. Vounf;. ??? i .mli'-i
1 Mob tele ii Beard <?: Health foi
years and a practiaiBg pi ysic ar. in th'
for a decade. I iiat hi
; srfei ?? 'i 1 he op?rai ?01 , bul
fu*?'l to sax B fiai il ? ??
One of the important witnesses b?
'..te 'he grand jury x?iil l,e Mrs. liei.rv
Wolf, mother of the d??d weaBBB. Sh?
s?it| her daughter I ..'I ? .1 ed on her
mo days before -he operation, ap?
parently ia the heel of p ; ?- s d
health. A returi, rail b] 'he mother ?he
Bex! day w? . it sfl I . th? il?ught?.|
?..< ?Jay of the ?Then,
however, Mis Waif ?a.*. Dr rruesdell
asked a furthei postponement Dui
o? tal 1 Mr< 11 nesdi li cam?
w. ih>- phon? sad told sf the coming
. ; 11 r..'
A? ? result of thi? conversation Mrs.
Wolf ?ax? ?he hurried to the Mont
t lair home, where .she '*?< nn>t by v ? r
I daughter, narre**? and excited. Mrs.
rruesdell, according to Mrs Wolf,
ranted to '?.no-v xhethrr 'here
be any danger in th. "pars'ion
.lust ?hen. Mi? W'oi' ?ByS, I'r Voting
: tul a nurae ?ligntrd from ?11 nut..p..
bile ?nil enterei) lb? hoUBl Then M??
. ?. ? her muther and .
??, .i th? "?'" ''' ai ? ? i be? a Itt?
i'P a? th? .- rh?mber Thi.
I was 'n* '?? ' ' ' wall ? ? ef 11 ?
i.augiite? ?Ii??-.
Refuses lo Squabbh
for Nomination He
Does Not Wish.
Republican Leaders Pon
der While \Vatchiii? Ef
icct on Hughes Boom.
>onie of -i?- el4?line Pep'.n a
'.'?.e:e '
temen! estcrd "ron i ' i
' ' ' ? -:. ?'. ? ? ?
t I the R?
eroic" I? wai annrhc
? - hil ? '* ?n ?ha* h
? g the nomination ?r
o- a ?...?- n ??- i an-e t
?-r, ?? ?i1(. p. ?mariot of ai
"[ Am no- the >-?
? || r Q
? I
Ri . ta d<
.. ? .-.
h - ...
Roosevelt v The 01?
. ? r I
? r ? eement tha
he did ? h the nominal ioa." I
; ? . - - ' h e. r et? bl
Itle i h odder at the
ague o itl ne of the writing
Progre? e ?'?.?? ?jn?, . ??, ?? <
f |ta t e m i put I e" > I o n e 1 o 11 <
?? | - . i-sf-o rrnn I
?. ?- .... , ?Minted oat that -
gh he d'1-?Hre?' hmi.elf eat "' th?
prelin g, which hi ??l al
... r .no?-''.- a?-", ihe ultimat?
? ?..-?. a".i choiee of ihe Rep?blica i
nil Convention would he enl r,
heyorrj hil ron'ro' [he; felt th?
would ."n'.- and that He would rr?,pon H
See Reference la Hughe?
.. . ?. ?,<??? ? ??ni read ato the
r >r, .1,,. .
Hugh? he ?aid that 'h?
cand .-? I bo a man "t\ho n
not merely -'and for BOCh ri pro-ramm?
|,?'?,re r>..'ion. bu*. ?> -?? g .'<>ly unrl
m pood f?.i* ? through if elected."
II e.ther an
, par? ?n
ighei ??' '" drav
it oi of "Ami
r ? ?
?.,?,. i ' f-ll
gate arg? with
? pr-r ?on;.; preference foi
Hughei nu lared ?tha? no one a no rea.ly
??. ? would ?'temp' fo di*w
;? ? tk time, in \ i??vr of the
ju?.tict'B determ ner) attitada n the
mat-or Suell a < our?* would only bur*.
hil ran.iidar-. he laid
i '.?oriel ReOMVClt'i ivatemen: ?mi
prompted bv an account of the ftttempi
Maooachuoetti te elect Rooaevelt
tei i large to r.h<- Republican
anal ' or.vent;on. lie issued the
equeal f hi| friend,
L. --(i(l?iiii... nho met him a'
? Ihe Hrilnii We?? Iniiie-.
Announcement came fro-n Maaaaehu?
laal r {-nr 'hat the fight in the
primariei f?.r Rooaevelt drle?a'.*? ?vould
continue deipite tire Colonel'a ob.?-.
The Roo ev? tatemen! i le? ? la
??| a-n deeply lenaible of *he ?
conferred on mi hh.i of the ??i<, j ?
mo ? th? ;?> ntlemen who hav,
announctd tbemsenrea ?s r|e!?.?-a'e? to
b? elected in mj ?nteres? in ta? Mai
laettl l'rcmdrntial nrim-ary
N'everthcleai i moal roque?: and 1 bow
.'o requcat and inaial thai m.- r.i.me be
? ? brought into the Maanacrusett?
primariea, ar d I emphatically decline
?o i.p a candidate in the pnmar-r? of
that or of any other atare Month?
?ago I formallj notified the authoritiei
Nebraska, Minneaota and Michigan
to t h i ?* effect I do no1 wiah thi
l am r.o? the loaat interested
111 th? fertUBOa t 'her of IB)
-e ..i er:'.- othei man. I am
z my fellow .-.. int rj
tOt ' 0 ' he need Of facing DBpl I
tact?. 1 am inr rr <te,| ?g the ? |
?nnlin.ieil ?in page t. ?nlumn '.
In Case of War
Hob aould ?he Hyphenate Iii ? . ???' - ;h Cfcrman*
cunt to-di Peri ? point were put to
promirent German-Arner:?:an editor?
Vou '-ill find their .nsaer* interesting?and x.riou^ 1 '???
* U find them in The Tribune next SundS] A?:d >?1li "*,!1 Iini1
[he ^iiiid^x Tribune outside \our d????r the first Iblag In the
morning il you tell -.nur dealer to delrvei roar can
?bt Sttnuag Srilntup
Fini m I.eM the truth: Ac? %?t.diiurieln- \d\ ertitemeni*
atamear ot tmo ami feiet ' i * les?
ral Frederick Funaton, wh u ging lh< War Department
for montha (or authority '" ci ' i-;'" Mi ico t" punish bai
"Make Torch of Women
and Children"?Villa
Mrs. Wright, Captive ?During March ???i Columbus,
Says R?-iclr-r Planned Maasacre of All
Inhabitants ?wirl Soldiers.
h - Mes., March ? Mi
Is d " ? -? u Wright, an \t\
???-.. d '-a v.i
r \ ' '.?? - m i ?nl wa*
. ra'e.i i the midst of to-day'i
i ? \ ill? aanounced f
March i hi. intent on ?p .-ti
, bua a- d prorrfHerl r nr'h under 'orc
?r, y,n: ?n ,arr;. oui hi? purpo
Ilia mi ? - ?uppliea ?
oppc ?'? ?-? ?
?o H"'-? I
? ? >i ruled them 1
* -? .he fla'i o* ? I
I word '..-a' ?ne soldiers inro anima
I I ion ?'?fficer,' to reach that poin*. whOT
??her- rr?'e.| and prepared for the r? "
T.jr. ley, Mrr. W'ri-fht ??ela'ed Vill
bandi** attacke?! employe? of the Tglo
Ml? Cattle Companv, rngtgeA in round
' inn "P eat''", killing 'our Amer-icar?
Mr?. Off m] ? ^? ,( her husband. Ed
ward Joh- " ? ? '>.rmerly o?* Houi
1. and Fran-. Hayden, a
? ? .-. ? - r | .i Rookei i .-? m
<- '.\ r (?ht
" ? .... . ??.
?- was tal en pr ei ? ? i
?..chment of \'11 .r' =
-?! \'.< -??-.la?. Sen antei
ihe ?ad. a bann-.' ordered ?? -o ?-iv<
her baby to a Me>:rcati fan
Mr?. \\ right Tells of Trial?
? ? ? u ? ??hi a ai ?'ired for to d
1rs. SI? i f? ft ''.'"
? . There she 'old the itory
is takei from I be ranch
;.? . von.a Rernaadez, west of i'ear
ths do facto Mexieat
eramcnl was reported to have main?
tained a heavy f-arrison for the pro
?. t\ oa ef Americana
Up 'o yesterday, ihe said. Villa wore
, ? end a ?aueet
ode ? ima ' mule;
but fust before th? **ht this n
I in a trim military uni?
form and rode one of throe bande?me
sorrel ehargeri which had aol beei
. I lor.fr march. Mr..
U'r:t"'n' laid Villa led nearly 1..'?00 men
r ?-.--? ? r -. ? .
to guard her during
and ?'.i'"" horse?
"Il appeared te me ?? ' he hi
ind hoi ?? *
Manaes Settlement Raided
ind her hush?
? ?. IIa? ih
. 1 .-..
i , .
.i,inr<*'. ?i . Mormon ?ettl
raen) w? I of Pearson, '""'ri ?'I O
?tores -I'd bad killed some of the fe
' gi en
"Herrantes, ?xi?h 'we;?e men. csme i
th? -arch the night of March 1," Mr
W righ? continued "They pretend?
?o h?- ?'s'rana leldiers and a?'??-d m
?f l isd sr.v food to sell. Mv husban
and Franl Hayden were a' Pear?o
- . - - them we ha
? ? . (lour ?nd m?
and the fern I
of a Me . ?mi oye. 1 "'? ron'? r>|
? -.'? srrivi
home, ., inte? ask? "he mig'n
?' his men. I *oi
him I wou . and his ras
Kundus Seize Supplies.
,. -? ? dark ths
mule . rhich he unloaded
x Ion? some o
. Mexicans lught a I is idled th'
: cam? into th?
houee sad ?aid: 'Thai lookg bad.'
?.Bid we WOUld '?' ?? ' ' ?' UP ?
and do the heel we eould.
Servsate? became impatier' and de
n-ar 'If.I to I?? < M ? of flour an?
meal. At soon at I opened -he sto-e
? he ordered ?-.in? of his men t<
tupi . ? ii?: thej
i he n?x?
1 ?aw Is hsd bees tied
? isbend
? hahy in mv arm? to
n that he had cat?
een all of our flour ?nd
?..i'in.i?il on p?S?* *? eolumn i
I?. Temporary Scc?>nd Lieutenant
in rixin-* Corps.
. . , ...
?London, March 9 Vernon i n.-.e
having passed "aii tests, s i.ow i
temporary ?econd ' eutenant attached
to the Roya! fixing Corpa, ofl proba
Lieutenant rasr1? -old The Tl
Corre?pnnler,. v.. WOttld ?t?r: training
si "-'m eh '? Meanwhils ? ?
doing ' be?1 to ha? ?? a good ',me
I.ond"- i? ? - ?kt'?-????
xa ill he lomewhel n*e?r? i -
?torn ha actually ?nter? the arm, |
1,500 .Mexicans Surprise Town,
Kill 0 Civil.ansand 7 Soldiers,
Burn and Pillage.
Outlaw Snipers Pick Off Inhabitaati
Woman Shot in Motel Doorway
Two Men Perish in F ire.
Colutnbua, V M . March 9. Kranciaco Villa, in Hi
bandit) raided United Statt la With] M ? -? '? attacked
lied al leaal ?xteen ^mericai ind tin building
driven bacl .. the in) lational bordei
\- east !50 troepari of the 13th I nited ? L'a foHaared
? ? \ ?lia band into Mexico Repo la r<. I ol ?nel II J. Sloeum, command
nited States I ?! a< his point, late Uh 13 tated thai Villa Hh??
made a stand Rfteei ith of the r? pirited 'n-titinw
In this rii-r;ii-oir,ent an unnamed private wa kille?! and < npiam
Georg*? Williams, adjutant of tho |3th Cavalry, nrai wounded
taasrlcaaa i>i?r?era.- ?laadtte.
The small detachmenl of troopers, undei Majoi Krank rompkini
I . .mounted*, made a determined itand airain t the 1 awed
atia. .. returi ? late to das to < olumb . aftei di ?.?< 1 ?ii t the bandit
< oliimhu?. N. M.. Mar. h ??.? \ n
por? rea? he?! here lo-night and ? .
relaxer) lo ?rvlilar? headquarter? a
Hathila. V. M., thai a \ ilia fnrr
had appeared on the \meri.-an sid
of the horder ?e?t of here ?ltd ih
apparent In?enli?*n of i>iia?-?.ing th
Til? I niled Stale? < axalr? Korde
?.uard near that pi?, e.
Official Opinion Benin
Slonim's Action in
Crossing Border.
' ? ? gtOn, Mar | 1. '.Vath .1 g
?land ? square! ? r.rt- nd Col?
| - - .o M?.
. ?. a-.!?, i ? o i ,1
\t -r, a,a -, ,?.)-? ? g Amei
. h leldiera and eitiseai airo h ring I
? ni.
Secretary Lanaing te - g-' inferan
'ne de fa?-to governmert of MssiS
through y'.' ?eo Arrt-dondo. its An
has'sdor d?sig"?t?, h?r?. 'h?? he ?ru?t|
no object.on would be made ?o the ?
tion of ?he American troop?, the) ha'
-I ' BWed What II '?coran h ? tar
circles ?a a "ho' trail." No ordei
have been ?BSUed for 'he I in ?f tl
soldier? ?.' ' ai el nrohsbl? an
?a 1:1 ? ? I ? preaen)
ne* ? sf '? ? out rage was
succeeded by und ifru ?ed sal
m official and ? ongr* sionai ein i?
ever 'he Rro-?'i?dg? thai efter thre
year? 0' patient forhearar.ee Unite
States troops actual!?- were or ".
a enge thi dee!
H - - ? . ,?'??,,?,?
law? ?ho?- art? h?'? terrerized Amer
?rar? or both ? ?tes o- th? herder.
?.ntiela for Inxading Forre?
Report? 'ra' the Amer.ear. troepei
) n.gh- prob.ir, -, | |
'een miles south of the border, again?
a much larger force of bandits, wer
rear? ? th a- [ieui iaterest m offieia
circle?. Fi- e troops o' cavalry cro-te.
the vorder early in tne day. A*
hour ''--r ighl it wa? nol known official
ly jus! hen the) were or fuit wha
accourt I they ha.i g.- ib of themselves
Whil? r u 'or'-ia! ward vf 'he poiicx
o- the Administration ".as gi\?n out. r
?**- re', an'.-. a'i?''.,, that the arm;.
weald he g..er. 'ree rein te catch thi
bandits, 1' w?s nol considered in Ad
ministration . relea that Colonel
a BC1 in any sense constituted ar
nvasion ef Mexiee, a polir
Administrai an ha? opposed m 'he p????
?tad will continue to oppose
? Sta'e Departmer.? at fire* had
plannen -o sah psraaissien of the lar
!?n*a government ?o send troop? irrr.a
?h<> herder ia purse l of 're outlaw
??ar.o ?Then ?n.<- '.rf.o.al ??ord that 'he
ravalrj already had ere *<??! ?Later Mr.
A rredi ?lied upei ??cretary Lan
? ? g -\pre??efl '?gr<->. fa
isid sad Bras rform?d of m? ??? tud?
of the L'aited ?Statee Mr. Arred??ndo
?Bid he Would commue.rate with lien
era! Carras ib raiaediately,
I ?rranmia? Ds Nol Objeci.
In ?xpretf.r.g a hope that the ? ai
r?:ira governmen* would not ob
the crotting of the treep?
r?ep?rrni??n' **a? said fttflj to ????:?
th?- t'-ere mght i. ebjectiea? end *
?xa? fall) prepared to meet 'herr*
?hould they arise. l'er?ons wha talked
?o Mr. Arredondo, howevtr, gathered
'he impression th?t he ?t least ?"ems
I aaBBBBSd ?ai P??? ? ?nlnnin <
The rai? Im? i? ? territory
pro .-?I . ostlj to the- Lan.lit . in. ftatn
1 h t I ? M? ? i.-1
Ii addition, law
i? an troop pui tuing Villa \e%\ -??
trail of fort) three -?.-.?d Mei
alfirif' ihe \ . i!? of the bai
Her and e. ? icventy-flve MexJeaas
t'i a laal accounting ?-i-i the Mcximn
?uie. a ?otal ot' 269 -!ain
Theae am i <-?. i rd Igttreg of the
>le\ieai?? -al-M". ai.irmit the ?Sa??|r
I In addition man;- Mexicana were
d<-d; h?.'*- man; no one oa this
<<i(i<- kno'4^
Viiia em a;?.i the \i,,, . an pai
auit an! i believed to be headini*
fr,r Mir- American matey
1 I II '.-1| :? -i h?- r,- ?here ?r?
'"' v meri to I 111.
- ?n ??., Miera K.I'rH
r ? . . th (Jo val i
? ? ? the Mi
i de are...... ? \
threa oai ?. hear? guard to tneaut tha
njr-u nf Amei ?-an ?r?r.p?
df '? v f i 4 ins slais
I! I lia
i ? h r
?Valid a
fir'rgntr 'ro*"
Ployai M rho was i t to death
with "A', r. Richie propriet?r of ?*??
hotel, ?l?o VI ne Berated.
?-niper. Pf. U ?iff ? Hi?etlP.
? "?. eaaa sol tha hotel orr I -?
? ??ether alth a riiirl.?- of o'her h lud
??d pootcd salperi *'. piel < I
. . - ? *
? . %.t Jamei ras i t and billed la
I -'rot.
.'?.?? drives
the ateee'
Her sister, i I - '
e?car" ? ' ? ' ? ??'?? ?- ' it a aera
Mr? Jamei - si * ?*euoda4.
Lured to His Ihmn?
i ms an
. i-.. ? sa
ran . some
a . . ? ? A mer i
gat ia I
?, t Ml poke e relier'
h, called to bias. Dear, emerfed
frum a deem a j sad his ? Kne
<? ... fed n at to be an AaMriaaa
ar.d bra ig death.
.*? ': i -a-ne time aaotrhei 4iaei taa
? "?-\i'.an : ?He) ?ho aro
?\ :??< I
' \meri
? .?it answered, "bal I havt lerne of him
' ?.- sttered the ti
The American potated to the i'ree'
^re half a doten deal
the ?pals light of
of a few platel
-err? visible and disclosed dyim*
forma ii the itre? V ?, apparently
. - . rurr'i tiMop?i be
gan | toward the
.?-era began ?oiinrjin** the
retreat s eh The
aras cleared of them bj l:M, and
the remair.lnf? people of ' 0 imbuS he
gian 'o ':ia> account of r??ualties and
I . ? '?' . . ? ?ai r>ho'.
at the ?'entrai Rotel ? th the pro
netor, W 1 Ritchie, ?a? a delegat??
S.?? Mexico ?late convention of
S inii?- Hil body aas burned
m the ruin? of ?h? hi '
Border Kidera Sa?e Woman.
Walker \\a? taken !ro?n the arms of
V . . of the bandits who la?
the hotel Deapitf her .-ne? and
.I'l?.?' f..r mercv. the ?tandil told her
he a/anted her hu band to so down
?lair? and Shake hand' with hi? rap
it* n A moment '?'er Mr? Wilier

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