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The Utmost in Cigarettes fi^l
t copie ofcuiiurr, refmtmt nt cuul ||||it|i|||
education tnvaria?iy prelcr ?| lj! |!
Deities to 04ty ctJur c?carettrr \?\'M
If ?Id /Tv.rc.i ' -T^T?-- <.'.. If -' ll-arl'
heard the fhoti that killed her hun
?Shortly liters ? ..? Thrown M
: applied. A:
?cached Mrs. Walker*! room, rescue?
her an?! escaped safely.
A bhr.d;; aded the Hoovei
flea thiuiigli tie hall?'
Ihreughout tl e raid the proprietor, W
C, Hoover, ??? ? hi - nr;d two ?-hrl
dren, who were "?? tl e ground floor, en
raped the band::? unnoticed.
Lie "f Troop (*, wa?
left arm.
< ..lor;e! ?r wa-t shol
m.t of I ? emeiged from hi>
?luarter- .- bu lei d Bted th? Colo
ipl'a weapon, making il o
( itl/ens in Karly I ighting.
e United Btati ? troops d.d BOl
1 ave their camp at ( olumboo, main
rig only a piovo^t fiuard thcr^
The i. aad whaa the
. cans reached ? olumbus and begun
attacking it tha
:nc* with such a:?i a-- the l >".v Ai.
soldiers ther? could i;i>e them. Tioop
rushed from the American ?-amp. three
miles away, drove the Mexicans from
'hr town, but i ??' until they had be m
battling foi F...-ne tune with the citi
Cry "Deaf, to Americana.**
Led to th? attack under the slof-a.i
"Death to tha American?." Villa's fol?
lowers foaght with desperation. Juat
before da** n they crept along ditches
skirting the United States eavalry
ramp end rushed the sleeping town,
firing heavily.
The lirst volley brought Ameritan
troopera into almost instant action.
While a portion of the raiders engaged
'he ravalryrnen. others began applyini;
'he torch and (-hooting American civil?
ians who ventured from the building
Lights in homei lildlngi
immediately became tarpe?? for fr.i"
ers, posted at Villa's direction.
('?her bandits, creeping close to
American 1 <?'.Hi I, ei ' cod a number o"
civilians into the open with English?
spoken invitations. A number of
fatalities ar?- attributed to this ruse.
Stores were looted, oil toot poured
upon irarne structures, and the match
applied by the bandit Tha postoffice
was raided and the furniture ?mashed,
but the looter? obtained only one small
legistercd package.
Raider? in Disordered Flight.
Many civilians barricaded themselves
in their homes a^d tired at the Metl
eani as thev darted through the
streets. The fighting in the town oad?
ed almost H" suddenly as it hrpan. Less
than two hours after the first ?.hot wu
heard Villa's buglers sounded the re?
treat, and the raiders began a disor?
dered flight, closely pursued by Ameri?
can trooper?.
Villa, iccording to reliable informa?
tion obtarre,) bi Colonel SleeuUL at?
tacked v. itii I .MM men. leaving 1.000
acres the border. Twenty of hi? offi?
cer??, sent her? ?Tuesday to spy out the I
situation, learned that the t?\e Amrr,
?an cavalry ?roops with headquarters
here were scattered for miles along the
border patrol duty in accordance with
Two ?roops p'at.one-? ?t Gibson's
ranch, fifteen mile? west, did not get
into the action. Three foops i.r. in
csrnp here, with an effective torce of
sbout EM men. Informed of this and
assured by his spies that certain aid
would be gi?.en by some of the Mexican
residents, Villa started bis advance
'rom the Poca (arando River late yei- .
Attack i Surprise.
The flrst intimst ion of the spprosch |
came ?ahen T'rl-.a!.? ?Griffin, on sentry
' riu'y, ?aw a r.umber of Mexleani arf and
the (]>. ..???; oi Lieutenant Ji n P. L??
ea?. Griffin opened fire, a at the
COSl ... lili i f? drew th? attention of
the bendita inr ?ufficient time to per?
mit Luce? to resch camp snd tuiTi out
hi n.iaihin?? gun troop.
attach waa a ?urprise. Yills
xva.-i BUpposed to have hern forty-four
mies away, having last high*, ca >
t< learrem to be a? .:
? : a . '. a ranch at No;
Resident? r.nlded Raiders.
Army ?dBceri whose quarter? wer?
attacked h e 1
Mexi? ana oi the town pon.tea ?
the band the bouse? occupied by
Americana and those ?heltei ng Mex -
. ' d a troop * I
Me\i? i ' and depr re e ci y M?
?can i sn pa
xve?e not voluntarily fiv?
. oui ? DO \ ?
an?! nearly si many Mexici
(?ne Mexicaa, ?Lebrado Marques, x?;,?
maile prisoner in military t
charged with haxir.g directed tl ?? op? ?
??ir.... of the bandits and aleo i tl
given information to Villa
through hi? Hple?.
i ? -.tenant John P. Csitleman, com?
manding Troop I , wa? ofl ?
I .i IBn'i ?!ir'* ! snd the ai i wei ing
volley, x-, hiefa pierced hi
! Castlerean to leap for the d >oi
He xva* nie- by a Mexican, who 1?reil
point blank ai him and missed. I
i.ian hilled him.
By this ??me the Mexican? h.id swept
through the town, ruldhnr? tb? bar?
ia..':.* and hospital, ;?nd leaving four?
?.?en ef their number d?sd.
I lames Aid ?Massacre.
Castleman marehed Troop 1 .?.to the
in prated civilian men, women
and children, whs already were running
through tha street* trider the lire or
Mexican troopers, who were Hghted
in their work by ?he flaming '
cial Hotel and other buildings,
tenant John P. Lu. . i rj hi?
men on ?he railroad shirting th??
em side of the toxxn, xvith two machine
- ?pnorted by riflemen.
Castleman, stationing i
front of the hotel owned by Mayor vl
? Hoover, next door to the Columbus
Bank, engaged many times the number
"f Mexican? and drove the band ta
westward Thej sughl the cover of a
hill in the rear of the eustomi house,
fifty yards southeast <?f the LI l'.a>o
<fc Southwestern Railroad station.
Lucas's machine gun iroop caught them
a? they crossed the 'rack, and riflemen,
in a ditch, ?aught them in the flank, a?
the Mexican . practically all mounted,
da*.ned southward.
Colonel Slocum xxas out of 1 is quar
teri uptown within ten miaute* uf?er
the flrst ?hot was tire?! antl reached 'he
Hoover Hotel coiner as the Mexieen?
Villa I nable lo Pally Men.
\'il 1? men, according; to the sfate
me?it of Mr?. V*. nght, an Atnorirsn
womai captive of the laider?, did not
:' i e si Villa thopgl I a) >hould
and he r?\ed and curjeil and Ihrea'
ened as he followed then taou?rix?-ard,
?triving- vainly to rally them for an?
other ?r
A ? thi y rettt sted southward the
Mexicans .'oppcil at the ranch of ,1. .T.
Moore long enough to kill Moore,
wound hi? wife and loot ihe place.
Moon v. or. taken cut of his bouse and
murdered on the doo?.-t?.p. 11 il wif?
?vas foun<l out tn a field. Amer"-a:i *ol
diera pasaing sae her ??a-.> a 1 andker.
chief, a'id, v.?th Mrs. Wright, nrho baj
ted by Ville Led
I her to an army ambulance. Shi ??
j a oundcd in the thigh.
Prior to the attach thi x s bei
' hanged thr? Ani'r.ci- ?i whom tbeyhad
held as prisoners for some da\s. ?.
rording to Information re? roe sei
- bodies were burned)
. ? Villa men were -a d to ^*?ve been
?d by < arrar ta so!
ied the be *h>r K. <
para; I
the -u.<'(im? i OttM and thl rn iioad ?'..
Thro'igh this | ' *
wer'- able to make a concealed ap?
After po'ting snipers a*, advanta
r~r".? BOinl . 'he bandits set lire to
buildings, including the riep..' an
tela. Ai peopl?! rushed from M -
- they were shut dour, by '.h>
i snip.'
liant armed themielv?
gether with I'nited S:a:es -oh ?. i,
Il s wir' r'- ?
; ? olonei Sloeum'a revolver was sho'.
from hil i:and IS ha left his quarter
When dawn came tie rotre t of 1
Villa men was under way. Villa
had lefl ear liei
?.he ?snipers were driven off. I
.roets lay the bodies of a number of
Mexican dead; a number of Mexican
wounded were removed to the po-*
pi tal. Dai ? g thi fight ' fat
lies barrica?!
Villa Abandona (?uns.
!-i their flight V.'!.. ?-.(?a
and quantitiei of aroman ? ??! , .?.
Mexicans were mowed down by the
Americans, who all the while we;.
tothe retreating raiders.
Major Tompkins wa- s'not through
the hat, h;s horse was ?.hot from under
iiim and two of his men had their
horses killed. Returning to ?Columbus
tO>night Major Tompkins said he knows
exactly where Villa is ando how to
?each him. und if p.rmission will only
be jjiven by the S'ute liepartjnent he
?an easily capture Villa und most of
? immaad.
puraait of Villa ?vas graph
described by Major Thonipkms ai
men with him. 'Ihe The Americans were
I often to seek co\ er. because . ?'
:lieir .small number, and dodging from
one cover to another, they kept thi
Mexicans eon a tan tl y in sight and kill??!
'iff the men neaies' to them. One pai
tieularly brilliant charpe was mad?, by
Captain Jons Stedje, ?ehe led b pistol
. h arge against tiie Villistaa Ma".'
fiiompkin* say? the charge ?Vas a inaic
. lient on*. Captain Stedje and ! ?
men literally decimating ell Mexicans
opposing them hy ?he accu... . Si I ?
American fire a.ul tiie daring of the
American troop?.
Konler Inder Strung ?.iiard.
To-night Columbus ar.d tiie whole
Mexican border is under strong Amer
i can guard. The American cavalry,
which had pursued Villa and bis force
for fifteen miles ir.lo Mexico re' i:
?ate to-day. Fiva troop?, of tue 13 h
Cavalry went into Mexico in pur
Villa and the aetioi ?s resented by ?
Mexicans on the border, tha Car?
realistas ?lularing that invasion of
Mexico without permission of the ?al?
ianza government ^a.- unwarranted.
In their flight from Columbus a
of Villa's force made a dus thro
'he American town of Mimbres, but I -I
not attempt to flop or to attack tl .?
small town. They are luppoaed lat-r
to havi rejoined Villa in Mexico, al-'
though reports to-m^hr said there v ., ?
feai that raiding Mexicans wen on the
American -?ule lo a'ta.r. ..tii-r border
tew na.
House Riddled, Inmates Eacaae.
Mrs. S. T. F. U.an, wife of th . .
tam of Troops F, arid Captain Rudolph
Smrser, of Troop H, with Mi .
and her little children, liad narro- t
capes from the bandit!. Thi
house trout? regime?.tal headquarter!
?nd the ditch up along which '??
i eame. K ?a ?'-. bul
i? t?.
Mrs. Ryan vas In br'l in 'une tvith a
front window facing ihe ditch in which
Villa opend the ittack. Bullets
? rough
? g arranged on n ? -.. -
Fred Griffin, private of R Troon
".try duty in iront of the head
? . ;md opened t're on a party of
attai king lh< ?inar?. ?
? | ! : , ,. ....
gill .p ? ' |
1 ?us'- rtall
ed, u"?ier a volley ?.f bullet But ?
two Mexicans, and 1 ? crawled to l e
aide of ?H" Hyur. home. Mi- R
.:. ran around ?he side of th*
louse under ire of the Mexicans to
an adob? garage
A part;.- of banditi we- stand 'Z
?bout Griflln. She opened ?he parape
when a Mexican grasped her arm and
demanded where ?he was going, PI ?
answered calmly thai ihi was going
Iding to get ? motor eai
The Mexican lei bei go, and during the
The Fight Is On!
For Justice to New York City
For Lower Rents and Less Taxes
For Relief from Legislative Oppression
Admission Free
Mayor Mitchel Martin W. Littleton
Peter J. Brady Adolph Bloch
George Gordon Battle William M. Calder
69th Regiment Band
If you don't already understand the "Square Deal Pro?
gram," which will save; $1 1,000,000 a year for. this City,
come to Carnegie Hall tonight!
When the speakers havrhniashf-d. you too will take up the
cudgels for your maltreated City.
i DWAPr, c H m i pi n r mapi II , !,.'l'f !',.': ???j ! ? p
PETfR J. BPAI LAI RI '? V.cGL'11 ll"!>S| ISID< ?R ! ! FM"*
Nine Civilians, Seven Soldiers
Known American Dead
Columbus, March 9.?Nine civilians and seen United States
troopers of the 13th Calvary -Aere the known American dead in
the Mexican attack
A. I. ItitcWe, hotel prornetor. Frank KenJvall, h^rseshoer,
W. R. Walker, guest Centra! Troop K.
Hotel. Htrm A. Bobbs. sergeant. ma
Walton Walker, U. S. Sustoms ihine gua troop.
rider. Paul Simon, corporal.
Milton James. John Nievcrgelt. sergeant, band
Mrs. M?ton Jame. Harry Wiewall, corporal, Troop
J. S. Dean. G.
C. C. Miller, druggist. i red A. Griffen, private. Troop
Unidentified chauffeur. K.
J. J. Moore, merchant. Thomas Butler, private, Troop P
Captain George Williams, a-Iju- John Yarbrough. Troop K.
tant, 13th Calvar*,'- jame9 Venner. Troop M.
Jesse P. Taylor, Troop F.
L, J I . , J , John Keogh. Troop G.
Theodore Kalzorke, Troop I
??? . , t> , t. C C Benson, lieutenant. Troop
Michael Barmazel, machine gun ***? ?-*?
troop. G.
fighting in the camp ?he remained in
.. .h'ir'. Every piece of
?ira in the K-.ari home was rid
' died.
!>.apes with FaaUly.
'I be ?me. north or' tha I i ?
. ided OB front ur.d both lid? i
? in a shot was t.r i
I ap'ia ln-a- il seme one tell
the bai I ? ..' an American armv I '
r i hii family lived there, Gath?
ering hs wife and children he escaped
is back ?li'or just as the bandits
I door.
The bandits looted the house a-d
tt preparing ro set ? re to the barn
tha American forces opened f.re.
managed to Je*j*
troop ? ? to in tba bat
eai aero
thi town.
< sptain l. ? . Turner ind hia wife
in | lit north of
road tracK?. Mexicans pointer)
?.ut i ?,' as a bouse 04
American army officer. The rani
. remained inalda until the troops n
(ramp gel late action and ?catter?
?Lepes Body Among Dead.
s'a presence is iccepted
. s? I Bl assertions that
? .r 'In- MM
11 ? mi we?' of
tha Citj of < hihuahua a few weeks ??,">.
II Ht ou traga - aid at the .i?>or of I
Pablo Lopes, ". ..la's second in
? I -er.cans have an
parent!]? 1.n avenged. 'nr a
among the Invaden slain by the tr>????>
. r? ... sd as that ?.!' Lopoi.
The di ' svei ts v. i i ni eapted as
i of reeei I report that
Villa, i . '. a*. Washington's a'
titude in fs il, General
i si ra: ? id loterminod to bring
? in if po
that this, rather than robbery, was the
the ma acre.
Three troops of cavalry wer? posted
.. rail mi
sntry and a squadron of the
i Foil Bliis !? ?'? El
ii ,??- ? he ' roops
i . . s!o
? ? . d bandle an;, : ir-her
Villa in d' peral on mig
I mu inn? ?I from pit? I
r ? * ng, and thai 1
! .d not thin? it |usl to me?.- s pris?
n '
en, e
? .- PPiog
I ' - ?.? 4
thirteen hoi ? everj atl ?: ?nin-al
., [protested again and
? ? e
the man t.?
a ? 0\ed.
....... ?he
llayden. I ?en* oui
! ?
mer "f the
lean a il about the
i Me] Si -?? ?. r> d m t
i. u ?bar. d not to talk. I raid to in-?
husbandr T am sure the?/ intend to
kill yo .
?Til?] soldier bald me to ahnt up. s- i
tty buahaad r-aid be ?bought every?
thing would be all r.ght if I went into
tlio nou-?. lie : ai ! it was too c d
for the babv ou'sid ?. ?Se I treat : tl
tho houfe, but soon a'terward a soldier ,
came in and said my husband wanted
to tee ne. Whoa I wert out he told
re to leave the baby with the wifl
of the Mexican, who siso hi-.d b??n
taken prisoner. I did that. The soldier
ar.d I went out together after he told
?I that my hunbar.d was a* the t>p
of a h::l a short distanca away.
Threatened >V ith Death.
"1 I e soldier told mo to ?-noun*, le
hind I horse. Whe?i I ie- i
f-i?ed he ru' ?ne on or.? of the p?e|?
mulf s taken from my husband. 1 irai
siispiciouf. and sail so. I did not : ee
. ]. When I called he did
11 wer ?Then I -.aid: 'I am going
back to mr baby."
"The soldier replied: 'We hare
given your baby to a Mexican fan
T?-a? nade ne fran'.e, a-iH ? cried : 'I
am yoing bar'-: to -i? baby,1 whereupon
the sold cr >!i?w hia iword and d< -
elared that If I dl 1 he would kill me.
1 ?!? mounted from the mule, but he -
forced me back, and I knew then I
ua. a prisoner.
"We rode all tint night anj reached
Jirnine.:, where we made camp for thru
hours. Three hours wen thi longe t
? If s'< riied in any twenty-four
until w? reached the Boca Grande
'1 saw Villa at Jimines, but be re?
futed to talk to ne 'I am too ha?*-.'
he would ?ay. "I alk to one of my
colonels?that is what they are for.'
Men Rule?! by Tear.
"Throughout all the nina days I was
a i r loaei i sat only In the ra,i?i!e or
;hp cstnp a '. ttll while with my inn'
?.:?? ?* ?? ' r. ?? or htump. 1 h?
guarding me ?r-ated ne weil and one of
them told it.? that Villa'l men did not
love him, but were ruled entirely by
the fear bl I i la them. V i ?
I ?aiFitis through?
out the march by bit ofllcer? a ?cor?
of Coll I gener.ilr?. and br i
body i in I i'ow q as 'dorados.'.
who eamprd and redi OJ tern e!\?.."'
Intense ?suffering on March.
told Of ho v thi
me.-.t supply and water gava out durirg
?he march northward through the des
ert region of ("hihuahua and how men,
their tongues swollen, ryes glaxed and
thoroughly ??-?hausted. would drop from
their hor.se?, only to bo beaten and
p?-odd>'?l v>ith sword?, by \'ilia'? ell
ind aga ii
?he column.
e.l I? ttiarV ' ? di !<? ? ' Mrs Wright
i "re< ...
a ? ? ! . n ? o ?v ? i BIO ol
? -? lattsr told ma that. IflUa intaiidad
to kill every Arnericsn they could f.
? ' .'d to ne a.? an e\um
not tu kill women
Threat tu Murder Women.
? . the bon
.,...? - - ne offic
. growi
ss he the boundary xvoi
?f every w<
? ri in t
. .
. the United State?, ?
??e helped hv Jap?n ?nd G'
?\- Hoe? Grand- I satv evidence
?i. I did not see *
x. ? si teas eowbe; a, iimo.i ".
. nney, I erbetl and ??'.'?..?.!!
Beers wearm?? I
Villa had sen! a
mes to break np the Palomas u'
a and ? i gr* ealui
th :
Vnieri.an Brutally Murdered.
"I did ?ee ano'I-.er American kill?
lie appeared in the !"?'?! faat ah"
? ??' the eolumn and a sejaad mok o
[ta. il? was truriiplej down
the horses of .'? ?core nf men. Thi
tea ?-Irjtirif; d 'he victim pai1 ?
company xxith which I was narehin
Servante.? drew lu.? revolxcr ?nd ill
him in the neck. The Aaaei
,.i oui fortv ':! rha ?? i
stripped him ?if hi? elothifl
which the* divided. The xxhole eelun
then rade their hor*i>? over bim, ai
? rnsfl fired a psrting shot in
his head. He was nothing more ?hi
"U I,, -t we left Hora Grande I plea Ii
tn lie rt ' .iaed," jklrs. Wright adde
a ' ?' ?mile, told n
'??ii he Intended te r" ? ? I
thirtj ih rti i.fle and for?*? me te Agi
dexiean? against the Uni
, ': told me if he did 'ha? I waul
? the f?uri into the river.
" 'If yea de,1 he ?aid '1 will throw jrc
in after it.'
( aptixe liehe? llftirer.
: -n tul,i hurt i eeuld die hut Otic
and thai i nre upo
1 - him, and thai i ?*"uld try t
r-ho.it, ?orne other oft'irer?.
".-? n ..'.' ' - t urn? d to otne
ficen a??d ?aid: 'I real v believe sh
would, and I will i ot give her a r rt?
. r.,rn?rig to in??, be a? rj : 'Ye
?a-.- the Karde I woman l ?x?r ?aw.'
rt-piie.;; 'Thia WOUld Biaba any vxom?
hard '
?'.In*? before the mare', for the bor
Il - in, I IBok? to ?letieral Vill
sgsln, Baking him io . e' me tret b?
r?iisn 1 ,jid riot want my o?*u counlrx
?? ?.
th? Mexicana. Bu
i : d thai ? h? n a? g
mid g "'? my pa
per? in the oftii-e o, the bai ? there, II
lid thai i I? life I h?d led wit
? ? g me tat.
*"Youi cheek ar? roe?" and fat.' h
sai?!. 'Sunburnt and ?wellen,1 I .-aid.
"?Ae I?rf1 Beca l.rard?? yesterday an
ad the barder wesl of ? oiumbu
fore 4 l"be eAeer In ? h?rc
i.?' thi* company i was with ?aid: 'Wi
a? ill Is] ? . i? waste,' and \ til.
te to make torch??- of ex-r
.in and ehild t?? be found
*?|xe Has Narro* Is,upe.
x , ? entered Ihe 'I1*.'''' I sdin?,
amcrieai ertty camp beiov
? olmabus. tha captain of my rompan'
? old m? thiat he M'itl twenty otbrr of
fleers r"?d cro*?ed th? border yester
day a.?? ipies snd found that only i
few American ?oldiers were ?n cam*?
that the other? were fur'her wea*. Tli
sdded that everybody expected an ea?;
ture rapturing and burning ihi towt
and destroying ?very Anieriritn in it
The M*xiean inhabiia?!?, he toll nr?
were to be spared.
"I was .m the line Villa threw alo:i|
th? railroad tracks after hi* troopi
had ?wept eastward through ta?
I'nited .'Utes cavalry A bullet I i
?le ....d?'.e ef my hor?e a? I stoid dil
iroup.ted behind it Villa Kent his pier
.i*ro-s the trac?, [ate thi town. Sooi
I saw buildings on tire, then tl ?
American troop, apparently wo? iritr
?it;?-.:: ?nd ia a little xariile the Mcxi
itr- b?ck.
"VI .a r Is .??I'.'ing the pen, eurslng
arid threatening to iboei ?n-, man wh<
ran *x\ay. An o'.l soldi? r named Man
ho sa.d be to flghl
Lad been detailed to guard me. H?
.- aid 11 he c >ul i h? i iBta
America? territory ?siUi ne, beca i
he had hi?.I enough of x?ar. but he xaa?
i. and I weal b?.:b xvith the re
treatiag feixe? until I reached a poi?it
hea" th? house -a he?,? \|r Moore xaai
killed a' i hit m '?? n ?
Und? Man Dead. Wife Hurt
"Her? ' . open a ? Igais I
ashed him tu sot me free.
"'You go. von are at liberty,' hs ?aid.
I wen? 'u til? Moore?' house an i fe I id
Mr. Mo.,re lying ft.ee (?oxxn on th?
d"?d: bil wife WM in a nearby
Held, wounded. .cne had SSeg h -r hu?
band tiht't, but d.d nal knew he <*??
,^or,e Asaerieas ?"'.dier? ram?
b>. The, mile.i for m smbotsace ?'id
I .?am.: t" I olumbui with Mr?. Moore."
Mrs. Wright assisted largesna who
o' ???? . . Mrs If?" ? and Is ? ? army
*he sgsin .-. ??' ted helping
? :t i lei lien -*he ws? thfl taken
- .' '?'.r,, xx BO put her
the Bra! bed lbs had ?lep? tu
?inee Mareh 1. pad kep? her there ail
I t ' gh< ? only
to e..t ? lit! ?? of whal .he deli ?:
?s "real feed" ?nd drink a fen
"I have had rot .in?; for nins itatr
I ' ?? .ie nie.it and ?.-'>r-he.| beef xxith
- Sid "Vi.u are * ?.',,1
ng to Mr?.
*xlr ? Unr*ht ctiiie from Saint ? l?ir
. Alaban,?
? - ? ?a
Speed Skaten Practise..
>pe?ii ikaten are rractiung nijhtly
at the ' Nichols Ri ?. fer tl s half:
ram which will be hi id seal ,
? . , ?
local s s 1 ??
rheduled foi
ee i
I awarded to lb?
art-Basra ?t. diTorcut ?v?nt?. |
I nntinue?! in.? |>a|? I
*e. be'.eva ?*rhl i"s-ran-a goverr.men
t object, ' being underetooi
\?..-?.-.?? ttroopa were timpl*
hunting down bar.J.t?, whose dtp-edi
? ru have ong heei > n > of trou
to 1 United S tatos bu
to the de facto government.
Formally, there i | no authoi I
the presence of the tmerican t-oop?
?'. Ifexice. in fact, the patrols slonf
the border ha.-" fiooi thi be- ;
of disorders there been under orden
not to cre? i ' ration
If thi provocation had net h
great the officer? reaponsible for thi
tl would to .?a;, face
Suggestion? that Colonel *-':o.:um, ir
command at ? oiumbus. might be cour'
martiailed, however, were scouted bj
some officials, wh'le at th.* War De?
partment itself the subject ua? nil
Troops Not [.acallad.
V'ax'.d", I? Baker, who becami Sec
retary of War I red ovei
the situation with Proiidll ' 1?> ?son to
?night Three bean late: Mr. b.-.r
sa.i no orders had beer, tent for the
1 r? .?all of the American soldiers,
'-.. 01 '?? ral Scott. Chief of S'aff
aphed i.enerai Funston, at Tori
Houston, m command of the bor?
der force?, for a.l ?jeta II available. Hi
said the policy if the go eir.rnei.'
1 not be outlined unt . General
. - b's reply had '" en I
What had beer, done toward strength
i ening the fonos near ' 'oiumbus or i eia<
? g the little command that h.ic
, ridden aga:r.-t the bandits ipparentl]
v..- in.' known at the War Depart
. ? i,.-: ml Funston has fait au
t.-.- .-.;. ? .c border and is making
?mop movements as he think ' e
i - ..r;. Kveri he. however, is distant
from the scene, and so far is not fully
informed a-i to what Colonel Slocum
? ?ne.
A brief report reached tiie depart*
? .?. g ?? day telling
arm afterward General FunitOB relayed
? dispatch from Brigadier ?ieneral Per
I it i .. telephone report
''r.ini Colonel Sloeuffl aid announcing
that ' i troops had been senl icrosi
thi burder, with instructions to go not
more than tv. o n
??t-neral Faaatoa'i Repart.
i'.. neral I in i ton seal
telegram to 'ieneral S**Otti
" The or.!-. .. iri tir t 1 have of
our troops having crossed the i.order is
iper report . Report from Colo?
nel Bleeum moal m<agr.\ in spite of
particulars. 1 ?vired him this afier?
ro.'n tor full report. Will forward
further details as soon a- ? ein get
"I.a" i| report from ( oionel Slocum
-? ferty-ei Mexico
s??\ ?-ri seriously wounded, n*?w ii.
Wi 1 ad seven men killed, two oflirers
ar.il f;\.' men wounded. They will ?e
? e era mora ?han ?."-on eavalry
; r .1 h battalion of the 4th Mountain
telegram to him this mortrng fur full
Artillery with twilvi mountain guui m
'he territory between Douglai, \r\?.
sad F! Paso, Tex. They could be a?
senibled at any point. i\itinn twenty?
four hours. In the same tcrritoi ?ne
? regiments of infant**. I
h il I Artiller-. sod ar.o",,?" battalion
..f the I'l Field Artillery, mak
. .nai force of approximate
?on infantryman arid thirty-sis field
rind mountain guns, which could be
gathered at I oiumbus within two days
Thi mountain batten i? dei ?. f
especially for fighting of the charaeter
tl r!t -he ?roop? would meeunter should
they continue further the pursuit of
tbl bandits. Tiie gum are carried on
?.h.I iceompanied by an ammu?
nnion tram, whien would permit I ?'
'.? operate with tue cavalry in the lulls.
? all lavaeioa 1'roper.
officials who ngrcd ' -.'.a-. proper
for the troop? to enter Mexico ??. .lav
m pur.-uU of 'he band.is, hut ?-o
would not countenance men an entry
after the massaen "f >-an'a ifsabel, de.
?tared the ?wo situations wei? nol
a- siog>).is. 1 .i day? .? vai pointed out,
???i- an Invest? ' of American ter.
r't..r;- for the purpose of murder and
de?truc'ion. Th? San'a V-ahet affa'r
.- . o' Mail? an terr.lor .
i? alio became known C'a' thi t?te
Department comidera itiell ??. be on
more latilfaetory ground under the ex
leting circumitancos than it w-ould b?.
if permission to 'nave troops '-ro's th*
bor,)?!- previously h?ad heen a?l<ed.
The I art-nn7a government would have
had difficulty in complying with such a.
bieauie "i pi.>: sol ippisi ?
thit its o| ? . pei to
- se.? ? i.t'.i " ?? ? ntei
C/ ttj?. ite, ^aita?\(tkJSoettae^r* *ai.?..??.*"-sr?
%$ ^[oO^vC introduced at
the^ornial ?pm?iqs.of.tlu
?icuiU (couture utliun?^
?iist rtctuVedViai?e<wisliip
Rodiamheau cuyno??shoWa in
the tfidtin?) Salons? and
\?illb<> wgrodtLced oradapted
to Social Orderr
ferenee by the 1 Sited State? in Me
can affairs.
Troops to Return ?Vfter Pur*-uil
1 \x -as emphatically stated by a hi
official that the American troop* W?M
nut cooperate In any xxay witi. tl*04
of the de facto government, sad ?l
they, under no wasideratiaa, would
anything else than apprehend the ra
lag outUxxs and then return to Ame
tan soil
Word that the cavalrymen were
Mexico served to qmet rather thaa
crease excitement at the 1'npitol I
pressioai of IStisfaetiOB were heard
every head.
Ta ( iirb llehate? in < ongres*.
xui.in,[stratiOB leader? will *?'??'-??
curb debate.? on the lubjocl in ' :.?' Se
air and Hou-e. but will not be sararts
if mere ii diflculty to-morrow m i
straining oppoaenta of tiie Admin isti
lion, Senat";' l'ai!, o? Nexx Mexico. '?<'
an arden' advocate of intervention a
te it critic ??f th? PresidoBt, a
nouncod to-nighl ,:< puspos? ?ji Inti
duclng a r??oTution to provide tor i
cruiting joo.ooo veluateera to ?atervai
m Mexico at the earliest possible m
ment. I' :< kiiu\?ii. too, that other R
publican Senators, amoag them Seaat
Gallinger, have In contemplai en i?1-"'.
tien? xvith rospoel to ?ggre.sive actl?
toward Mexico. Senator Pall, la e
plslalng hi? resolution to-nigh'. *a
that he h??J devised it a* the means i
averting war xxith Magics or war nil
*oine forain power over Mex.'O, xxhi.
he regarded as inevitable unlecs son
aggressive action it taken in the BOI
' I i nul'! send 000,000 men ;
?CO to seise the port? and railroads an
. I the authorities there in annih
latiag bandit bunds and in reestabli?)
ing government?" he sate] "1 have ha
this plan In raatemplatlon some timi
awaiting the time whan I knew thl
problem would ?.gam be brought ?ore
bly before the Congres? ei >i th? Araeri
c;r.\ people. I he ?:;? erx-en? ion prOPOM
in my plan would not mean xxar again
Mexleo, and It is the only way I can 10
that actual war can be averted."
I'ongreis Not l.ikcl;. to Act.
Senator Stone said no ('ongre??iona
action vat contemplated tha? be knev
of, although 1"- expected that debat?
i be precipita??-,! and torn? radica
step, proposed by minority members
I? in the general opinion of Democrat"
i'.aler?. hoxxexer, that no action vxill bi
taken in <"ongre?s unlei? the Pre*idi-t,
rasjUM^S It, The Democrats think th?
l?ord?r troops xxill continue lo hand!?
tie -.'nation without intorfi-i
rhcre ; no expectation here thai
Villa and hi? band will be apprehended
withoul hard I ghticg, and there is lit
lie hope that ta? i arransa forces xxiii
get them If th? I M I MB < B? a!
tin not.
In reply to inquines. State Depart.
?lien;. ofBciai raid that a- a general
proposition they believed the ?*hrraii/a
goxernment had materially ?Beraased
it.s military strength lince r?cognition
by the r.;i?e,i States, and that in the
majority of the states where it ?3 in
ontrol order hsd been re-tored. I?
net admitted, however. th?r the
rial condition of the d? facto g
m, tu gradually x> a < becoming wor ?
Glad Season Is Over.
lie ? oiumbis basKe!h?l| ?earn.
finiahed us most disastrous "?:? .on is?
history ?hei it lo*i to Y..'e IVedne?
dav night, 10 to 10, compiled a unique
re.-ord in its last tare games. It just
'<? I ornell, ri to 44. Th? ?Tai ic< ? ?
..?" ''-?.-?-e two f?ni?j was '.'I 10 '
the '"??' half of the ? ornell ?*<? ?
the las' half <"' th* Ygle Columbia wai
boated ?'?I to 4.
Declares United States Sho?-:{
Exterminate Bandit.
i;. Ma*ml H T- ? r-> .c]
l'iiiladelphia, Mate , ??. [j ;j ..
?ia..r. opiaioa .?:' Lleatoeaat ?Oejei.
..'rlson A. Mies tl a? Villa and hite*
throat band -.hould be pursued aa, ?
t. nalaated at onee by the Ui?fc
Mate* Ainu. TI1?4 opinion vu M
pre?se.I by the general to-day ha*?,
laaatl d-.ur
? ?
"Villa snd hin bendita ahould b
M pod out," lieneral M lei '*:*,?!..
? e ?i iicker he and his foil-,?*,,, B
lined up in front of a ?all m' Z
the ?better off ?ill be Mexico an<j %
\ Hired Stltl
"I do sliere th? t mted Sin,,
? ? at Hfca j
Grande." the **onerel veil ?n, v
taui doei net *,?,?, .,
engage in - ? _? nr inti? ?
?hink the program ne of the Mtxiu
town .. he?n M
? in.) I .1 e ? r. eritj ? te
"itu the liwlessnesi of tu? y,,
S porr.t ?j,.
? ling must b ? done by ft?? \\\^,
>-'tate-?. Rxterminatioa of th? triii,
makers is my solution. Let firr??.,
or whoever is la power attend t? tie?
in Mexico and we'll at'frd ts tfc?
who croix the border, evei if w? fw,
to chase them inlo the mounts ?
"A tfusissjti Ceauasaey
with DMndtee"
Aeolian Hall is a
building known to
every newspaper
reader in New Yofk
City --to the edu
catee] claiiti
throughout America
and Europe. It ia tha
finest and beat adver?
tised building in thi
greatest commerciil
center of Manhattan.
Agen1 ' ? ?etlisa ???U
Tritt*-*' """jai l#7
The Great Brokaw Building
cm Broadway at ?42nd Street
Uses Edison ?Service
After OMMH a pi "if ?tu ekr trtrai
plant in their former bvildiog,
Mesan Brofcaw Brother? will utc
Edison -Servi? for Kght tod power
parp?se? in their new building on
Broadway ?t Foity-eecond Street
Tms i? aimoet tUe ro*nimous dcci
?ion o? large bidding owners, for
ont of every 100 bonding? 97 adopt
the Edrson Servier for light and
One result ? lessened fint, ?i well
as maintenance, costs, the saving of
desirable ?pace and a service unex?
celled for safety and rdiabilitv
Several of the largtT buildings of
the City hare been modemi.*ed by in?
stalling electric elevator-,, using low
pressure steam for beating and tbe
Bdison Service for Wight ?and power
The New York Edison Company
At Your Service
?.enorai Ofttoeet \rwios? Pince to? lOth Sor mat
Tt?ssstAsjmt ata-*-ant M44
Braooh Cattle? amstm H.limii ?o? cha raoa*>aolea>*e e? ?so F-als??r
U4 Uroadwar 9t*eta? ?N *U? W 4M ttraaa Bryaa* 0tt
U4 D^aoc-ey Street OrahaN IMS -IM B fJ?th Vraai ?Lamox Tlet
1* ?Vrin? Placa Si**? ? ssseu ?MM *tt E USth Siroo? Hontom 44*
?-Sal t 140th Street Mofermee ?WS
?Opee Indi M'dB-?h?
Ni?ht and RMor-ireo<-y Coil Fariaa*Bt JWa
MVV L^fhCft ?AflA Imtiq fN*iw?i

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