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Lansing Asks Britain for "Secret Orders"
to Armed Ships
England Gets Chance t<
Explain Orders to
Contradicts, In Appoal to Amer
ican Public, Assertion in
German .Memorandum.
v. March 9. ?The i
?<-5 has askci Great Britain fur
copy of t Instruction
t" Commanders of Hriti??H merchiin
.Is, which Germany eeeertl prov
that merchantmen armed ostcnsibl;
fot difeni -. purpottt han ord? rs t
a ' < ;- ? t Gei l -un am
.Austrian ai The? request i
understood to have been made to-da;
ti - Sir l s-Hice. Britisl
Am hfl.-rat! or.
This ?? ?h?- frit step the Unite?
Ftetes ha? taken since Administrativ:
officials b<,i-"-n studying the comple.*.'
?memorandum, in which Germany an
pounced its lrtent!on to treat as war
ships armed merchantmen of the En?
tente Allies, Its appendices and th?
eubsequer.t memorrnnda on the subject
?submitted bv Count von Rrrr-torff.
There were strong itiiimation.? to?
night that the British ?mvernment later
would receive an opportunity to an?
swer nil the German charges, and to
comment on the twenty incidents in
which Germany declares defcnsivelv
armed ships have acted offensively
toward submarir.es of ?U-e Central
The inquiry to Great Kritain was de?
termined upon us a means of gaining an
accurate understanding of the British
position. . '.ruent wants
to know definitely under just what in?
stru?.- i captains now are
eperi.: : . thai be in a posi?
tion to carry on future diplomatic ne?
German Version Differs.
The British government already has
.a copy of in
struc' 'o hase been issued to
the commanders of British merchant
imr.. of the con?
tents, .. I'd to til- .-late De?
part?:, .terlall** different. The
State Department has no official knowl?
edge of the British version, although
. >"> read with inter.
I etch i .-> containing
structior -a aa given cut in Lon.iun for
) .. ill? .'
it vas pointed ou', by officials to-day
th-it the B Id, irom
which the Germans are laid to have se?
cure., mfldential m
atru.- patches
from Berlin sirnr?y a?> a steamship, al
: ? Department the.
fact tha' thl eeaael waa an Adi
tri.r. . ?.dmltted.
Pending receipt of the copy of the
Instructions asked for, the State De
"".artme:!!-, it waa Mid, will not consider
the question <
governm'-nt, ?? eharged by Germany,
?has viola*.? NO tr.o assTiraneee given dur?
ing the <3.r ; dajrj of thl war la regard
to the peacefnl character which would
be assumed by British merchantmen.
It is aoi liheljr, *."o, that
there v.".!! be ii i negotiations
on the subject with Germany until after
? renly has been received from Gre^t.
British Statement Issu?xL
Pointing out that (.?-rma-iv's l!'r-gal
attacks on mtrchai.t ships began
r.onths before the issuance of tbl
British Ordert in Council, and befoi
the commission of any of the allegi
? which the sul
ipaigfl xx'a*r !!tid by the Gei
? .?!??
-..???? ' O (11
count th.? German due.
The Rt tisl
i cd to the public. It follow?
coarse a the Gorman i
. . that it urea ?
approval bi
.?? public.
The last prop has been kni?
ender the Goman argument., in th
inioi i by il
dor Spring-Rice's reply to the charg?
of ti.? ?, . norandum?! HI
statement proveo, tl 1
'ne plea of "i. ?
excuse trumped up long after tl ?
no campaign began,
. ? Btion of i.?
! the lawlessnes? <>f aabrnarin?
?alleged depredatione of the Bi I
it Is asserted the justification al
i'eged by Germany for the
I of a war zone around the Hritl* . 1 .
i? shown to he srlthout foundal .r
C.ermany contended that as G real Hrit
am had already proclaimed a "dange
I zone," tad
' ?o avoid it, Germany'?
xvu3 .'i legitimate 11 pri al. i I.
? embascy pointa ont that the dange
xva? proclnimed becrr.
i ad the big
trary to International law, as I ?.h.? h
?his manner destroyed ass
vessel?, Bentral a? well a^ ! i r. * : -? h.
ltritl.-xli Statement I-sued.
The British statement follow?:
"According to the Germen ?tatemen!
German submarin.' ?rarfara was en
forced or. Febraary 1V. 101">, ?-? an h
of rcnritiBl against illegal sei of Gn i
"The Amir.-il (ianttaume, with 2.001
?d refugee? ?-n board, mostl;
? i. Bad cr ildren, xva? toi
sunk try u ?lerman subawrfna or. oc
'ober ZQ, 1914. Two British moi
chant vessels were torpedood withoul
nutice on January I'O, and the !
hospital ship Asturias fired at wi?.h ?
torpedo ?.n February 1.
"I he Ulegal arts complained of arc
apparently the non-acceptance of th?
! London convention of 19U9, the en?
largement of the list of contraband
the warning to merchantmen as '
mines in the North Sea and the capture
of the Wilhelmina, with foodstuffs, on
February 9
"Tho Declaration of London of lfton
was never ratified by the British gov
? rnmanl and was never b.nding on
them. One of tho reasons of the non
ratilicntion of the convention xva.? the
of the (icrman government ns to
the right to treat foodstuffs as contra?
"The enlargement of the list of con?
traband is an acknowledged belligerent
right; the warning to merchant ?
it. November xvas due to the tact that,
the Germans had sown mine? in the
, n ? g In the detraction
O? many innocent merchant v.
foreign as xvell a? Br '
"The Wilhelmina, with a cargo of
foodstuffs for Hamburg, wa stopped
rnly after the German erulsers had de?
.. troyed the Dutch vegeel Maria (Sep?
tember, 1014) and the Fryo .January,
1916), which xvere conveying grain from
California, to Ireland."
McCumber Resolution Withdrawn.
In th? Senate to-day, Senator Mc?
Cumber, of North Dakota, ? Ithdrow his
warning resolution. He raid:
"In view of the rather sharp turn of
affairs ni the last twenty-four ,
inc. in new of the fact that it has been
authoritatively stated that seagoing
Americans will soon f.nd themseh?
warned effectively a? if tl... Gore or Mc
Lemore resolutions had been adopted,
and in view of the new proposals re
gardir.g tho question xvhich has been
"nade by f'.reign powers, tending tow?
ard the settlement of the qui
reaolntion on the subject xvould at thi
time bo improper." eaid Senator Mc
' r, "and ?mbarrarring to the
Department in its n"gotia'iur.r-.'
Senator Yardanian, Deniocu.*. late
to-day made a speech, attack.ng the
Admini-trttion and declaring t.tat tho
recent action of Conarresi In tabling
warning resolutions constitute?!, n?
votes of confidence, "but votes of
obedience to meet the exlganciu ?'
Replying to the argument that agita?
tion in Congress handicapped tho
President In nip diplomatic negotla
. the Mississippi Si'na-or t?aiil the
public to-day wa.t m greater danger on
account of executive domination O?
?han from Interf?rants by
Congress with the Prssidsnt,
"The executive and the legislative
branches are coordinate forms of gov?
ernment, bo'h dcs.gr.ed to serve the
American p? >plc," l.e continue.1. "?.'?
of hiK'h ftation too often are du! i
great conception of tho dig
, o? their oflicig. 1 am ?rill ng to eon?
1 . de the presiden?, tl... '-.. -
??"to him
i ?elf, but I am unwilling to dplegate
to tne President or to any one else the
rif-ht to perform a d.itv for me whi
n.eans so much to the Anvrican peo]
as the subject u:
Wladeaa Net Cornered.
"The 1'if ?deal has written ?
books, i at I do not I
! n< r <.n ?,11 *;
| '
th him the r
r Vardaman conceded *
..?iican eitiaeni to travel
rent mer. I 11 but <i
. ' '
vith the probabi!
country in war. !!?
r? II nigh d<
?.?' i.< r t.? a. ?mi
..-? and that throughout the v.
G? rmnny had been far r .r-."
ful of American rights thai. I
;'?? t thl
and those r
ng i ? ? tions would
that ur.!< ??i ?Congress acted the'e Wi
-. - s United Stet
under the pretext of pretetrl
can . DOld b?r drawn 11 '
. ?i ?? ar.y.
'I he speech ?irew no recponse fro
?at on . :' th? followii g I
"I wish to
dation for
'A . ? . ?
this r te the efl I that Ami t
can cltiu 're r? >.-t hi
effect . I to tak>- ;
'?'l i
i falae fre
? i.g ? have said COBld M ror.sti
Prom botfc House and th
came en
that thi
State Department an i
that it was tor the citizens bei
Ips ne
? ? tering Amerii-ar watere t.
whether thiy were boarding ?.?>?'
armed defon-iv-elr or orfenr-i
Free Hand for Wilson,
Berlin Editors Agret
Berlin. March 9. The vot* In th
Bouse of Repr?sentatives at Washing
ton tabling the r< ?r.lution wamini
American citizens against travelling or
armed ?-hip?. iroused lively Il
The newspapers a?e fairly wel
scrreod that it means (hi giving t<
President Wilson ? free hand
? >n the Lasitanii
or other quest nd that I
while not necessarily in eceord
his view? ?!
The "Mori., n Post," referring ti
sentative Mai tentent thai
the tabling of thi tt elation ei
taken as an Invitation to Am?
? ivel on err
not believe Congrei Intended I
The newspaper l II hone thai
thi situation will work out well.
Count Erne? tlow, naval
r\pert of the MTl
I oi "a rev ? -
America. This reversal, hi
now found expression In Congress by
nn sctii.ri uh-rn means that President
u ?lion in ? I hi past,
will have ? f-'O hand to di
attitude of Amei . I Get
Thl writer ?.?!. . -?on?
tinue te <???. r
saying: "The attitude of the Senate
an.il th? II.
everybody who does not be: >" e avery?
thing he 1 a are,
,.-. ? matter of fact, In agreement with
Pre-, i dent. Wilson's policy in German
American slTs
The "Lokal ?inaelger*1 thinks Preai
dent Wilson won a wi?
r,r retnir-.ed a free to negot
but that Congr'. I express ap
proval of hi i stand] ??? thai ti e
nouncrmen'. in I
dum of Germany's Inl
mei thout warning
is in violation of international law.
London Sees Foreign Affairs
.??sue in American Politics
London, Man h I gr< ? I tature
of th
says "The Tune
for almost the tir?t Urne, f..rcifm af
fh-.rs huve heeome th.
. - :
? Europe of Amer?
ican affairs ong foi a thai
thi.? r i .hey ai
I ' wi -.r. that t pi
w, an.I even no forei?,
may agaii the back*)
? hat, for th?
?oth Reuubl earn ind Democrats
?.ri. making foreign ifl n
?abject oi ?
and that both approach them in a spirit
of elevated idea.
__^T!?^:r?*- -r??-*?^^?v^^
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blif-riii VraaiGreyren ExdtaUtfe
?i? ?,1'au?, tte teett
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US H. Cltvfc ?>tr???U <Ciaac?4T?
Tiy This Recipe
i cupful ...tit 1!',' teacpooaful? baking
Tecc-volk? powder
Juice ol 1 .>r?nf**>. 2 eg^-wMlet
I cuptul bresd-ftou? Few grain? ol ??It
Beat trie egg-yolks till creamy, add the
? f?t, and blend thoroughly. Me;.? :re
the orange juice and add water, if nec?
essary, to make a half-cupful of liquid.
M.? the baking powder with the flour,
and add alternately to first mixture with
the orange juice. Fold in the egg-whites
beaten stiff. Bake in layers aDout five
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done?about fifteen minutes
in all. Put together and Ice
with orange lro?ting, or nao a
-ellv or wbipped-cream 611lng,
and sprinkle pow?
dered sugar over the
top. Thl?
cake will
keep moist
Conference of Sweden.
Norway and Denmark to
Discuss Neutrality.
Officials Received by Members
of Royal Family at
.nhageti. March 9.?The first
??:.g of the . onfen i ce of the Pre?
? md Pereign M aliteri if the
linavfin countries, he.d to-day,
v ,.<? devoted almost wholly to reception
Ceremonies and oiganiiation. Nothing
detinue is e?.p??cted to result bef'.r?
probably ?will be the
? enion. It will then peaai?
;? ..do (??? ?at whether the minis
thl three northern countries
further than a d:?rus
mtiaued friendly ncu
M fi 11 ? r as suggested by ' I
King of Sweden. Its purpose is a gen
on of the commercial lift?
? ? which the war lias brought to
the Scandinavian nations, and also to
cbtaln concerted action in dealing ?adth
the belligerent powers.
The suggestion persists that the con?
ference may bo the forerunner of a
complete understanding, if not an ac
' tive alliance, of all the neutral coun
la dealing with the belligerents.
2?'o one connecte i with the conference,
however, would nay anything other
than that it means a simple reatnrma
, tion of the equal and exact neutrality
1 of the Scandinavian countries.
T! ? ditPcjltics of these nations have
to do alike with Germany and Gr?at
Br tain, ?n.d thl dil eeeaieai or' the con
'. r ce ere likely to tal.e a wide rsnge,
I ir-s of ?.hips, mines
menaces to navigation.
? diifa nnd Norwegian mir
>ier? net to-day at the ???am'-r
gh Danish orhcial? snd conducted
? en they were received
?he members of the
? lading Dowager Queen
.? .. it u Swedish ^t''?,('*'!,,?
After luncheon ?he conf?rante began,
' but adjourned early, to make ready for
dinner at thi palace to-nigh?.
Th'* Dat-i.h pre?s is reticent in ex
ng ni' opinion concerning the
ble delibentlei - ol the confer?
although th.; papers have warm
? ? the repr?senta?
it' thl ll 'er nations. The con
, they b< 1.e, shoald Impress
irerld with BcaBdiaaeiaaa* rfaairi
to maint.in ? carefully balanced neu-1
and ro*?cfri rf action aa far as
sta of the three countries
helm, March P. lie
? rejeet? ?1 a proposal ?hat
e Riksdag invite the government to
? ? summoning, ll
?Scandinavian or through Swedish
.ive. of a eonfircnes of i-utrai
power foi 'he pni-ne?i? of fonnuletii ,.
. i t?.r a laatiag peace
I i. bate ?!. rry gger, a party |
. i.- i thai siicn a conf?rer..>
. be mere harmful than useful,
i . would I" likely to destroy the de
.- re which Baredea now entertains of
an early peace.
British Refuse Banners Tinged
with American Product.
u h or aa -r.rir, the Br tiah Union
? le i-?.lored with German
!:? | >..i m ? f orders prohibiting
! the use of i.a er..ils of enemy origin.
Ich American dyea ara o r 1
aro not acceptable moreover, they lead
to law eultl
Yesterday, in the T-cdersl r'n'rict
. the Syndicate I'ublishii.g Com?
pany, of '.? Kast Thirty-seventh .Stree',
John <". Pettra ?t Co., a Peru, yl
vania concern, for loeaes ?-ustatned
flags manufactured ander con
? - i ? fendant eompany were
lb; the Britiih goviiament b?;
r "an dye i had been uv.-d.
The publishing company has a con
ipply Fnglard several hun
? .rid Union Jacks snd ga\ e
P? nsylvaaia c?mpa?iy a sub-cea?
? .,-t with tin? specification that Ger?
man dye? be? used. The hrst eOBliga?
of 12.400 flags arrived in Canada,
. t< r England, last July, a- <! aft?-r
bem?- examined arera seal 1 ark to
Pennsylvania. A breach of contra.-t
brought ara'nst the publish?
- d ?he r;e-v action is a count?.-r
claim for damages.
ttra ?1- Co. contend that t?t con
r? knew there wa<? a shortage of
li'-rrnan dyes in this country ar.d that
i lerateed that if th?- shortage
.in co'er? were to be
osed. The Syndicate ?Publishing C'om
deaiei such an agreement.
Fatal laboratory of Edison Bat
tery To Be Put In Storage.
The subtnarina )-'2. on which a fatal
explosion oreurred on January 15, is to
be put out of comnv.Esion, according to
orders received at the N'.-w York Navy
resterday. At the yard it vra
that all the machinery would be
'? ? -; ??raft. The hull will be
'rage with enough repairing
'.. pr? ??? terloration.
The K-2 hat.l been the teeting labora
..r t)i? Edison lubtaarini ?.torage
at I Of the aeciden'.
ll n not bell.-.ed the government will
experiminti v..th the
Or. Miller l>e?e Hutchison,
ropreieatative of th>- Edison
Battery C*ossaeay and a mem?
b< r of thi Naval Censultiag Board,
kid if the contract between
nnany and the goveramaat was
still in force and if the removal of the
mean that no more experi?
ments with the battery would be mad?*.
"Certainly ne?. The report on the
? ?art of Inquiry recoin
mended that further eiperimeatl be
undertaken, and I assume that they
rill he. I ?-.now nothing about ?hs d?-'
partaseat's action in putting the E-J
out af commission, but I do Know tha?
?he rotations lietwon th? department
toragi Hn'tery Com?
pany hsv? not been changed." I
French's Friend Proves in
'< London Court He Didn't
See Von Bernstorff.
Receives Apology for libel?
Hiid Been Accused of Betray*
irtf* Military Secrets.
London, March 9 -An anas ...
i tion xvas caur-ed in the Court of the
Klr.tr's Peneh to ' ' arance
o* \ rmerlj command?
er In-eli lef ol ,: Britiah
Fr.:|| e. a ? 'i.e.? in the ' '
bro'igh*. b?.- George Gordon Moon, of
Pe?roi?, BfJSll It Hilton A Co., pub?
lishers o' '.he Manchester 'livening
; Chronicle."
The alleged lrbel ??onsiated sf an sr
tlcle accusing Mr. Moore af betraying
? British militai ?? . eratj ? hl< h ;
?'?.JKh h ? in'in-.acy arith I M I
French. Af'cr evidence had heei |
on b-half of Mr. Moore the defendnn't
wrthdre??/ ?II rhsrire? ar,J apolofrLred.
The es-e- vas ?hen withdrawn on terms
which sxere not mad? public, the de- i
fondant? Baajiag th? costs.
i Ilenry Edward Puke, Member o"
i Parliament for Exeter, counsel for Mr.,
; Moore, In opening tho casa explained
I that Mr. Moor? had been n clo?e fr'end
. of General French for some year? and ,
] that he had visited him at beadiiuarter?, '
; In France. He ?aid his client had been
I associated in business nndertakfng?
'with the liu'hc of A-r-y'o. lord Rawtsnd
i Hill. Lord Franela Knollya, :*?r Johm
? Rol lea ton and other lnfluen'
I that the libel crew oat <?'' the fact of I
| the friendship DOtweofl Genera! French;
; and Mr. Moore, and the fact ?ha? they i
?har?d a r' .'1 IM in London.
These far,-, be -aid, were made th?
basil of odious imputation.' that Mr.
MooN had obtained military acere!
1 and be?r.-x>. d th? n to ('our.' SOB I
Itorf7, German Ambassador to the United
States, It wa further charge.; '
? Mr. Moore had u?*d his own position ?
and ths seixices of a member .
j family to work mischief again I I
cause of the Allies.
Mr. Puke denounced the charges us '
being malicious invention?, th.
bemg that General French had con?
sulted Mr. Mooro upon militar*' nrob- ,
lenis requlrinc; ?eienunc knowledge and
iadustrisl c.prriencc. Thi work no?
CBSsitatod ?axerai visits tO (?encrai ;
I-'rei ch'a hesd<iusrter ?.
Regardini the charges Invol?. ? g
Toun' voi Bernstorff, counsel
the visit Mr. Moor? hmi paid In Long
Island xx-i. s to Theodore Roc
Turni-i?* To the imputation that Mr
Moore's sister was involved
paid: "His oniy sister is an invalid
! ?i11 y residing In ?""a?ada, who has -
nid < lount .r?T."
I.e..i ?'?i -.'?'?? confirmed the i
mint, of Mr. Dnke in general. \ '
whether Moore became acquainted
any military secrets T.ord French r?
T?!:ed emphstieallv, " There .- not
i ?non in such a el rga
I ab*
Lo: I Frei tesl ad furthei that Mi
Moore rendered valuable service? rrn
? ? md continue .-'.y, and on o?
of ?orne <1an?er to himself.
Mr. Moore tesl M il .after he ha
n Detroit adx-ocatini
A lie? he n
:, tters 1 g his 1 fe. He *??
h?? ha l not a gle friend or fsmil;
tan bloc
Aft ata had exi
of the libe'.'.ou
?i-- > to the -.T.i?.acrc-t'.on o
B ?ub-editor and offered a full ?polo,;
Wife and Her Mother Pay In.
demnity: Husband Gets Child.
Italy had not been drawn into th?
European maelstrom whan Micha?
Beninno was married to Mary Banman
an Austrian t?vi> year? ngo Conse
?y. the Italian thought ho xx-x?
-, only a v. ?fe. It ?ras but a ?hor;
? ? however, that ?. sudden
change in I ? .n ??ttiation con?
vinced Bsnnina thai he had married a
The luckless Italian rol,l Magistrate
i*imm?, in the Men's Night Court last
night, thai ;. i ? fa began open bos
.?11 on the day that
Its i ar on Austria**, Mora
over, s I auel an sctive ?llx
in her motl aa forced to
?aw In? forces from 'heir four
room citadel at 1012 Manhattan Axenue
and ?esort to diplomatie ?'-'ion.
Th? Bennino'a diplomacy
wa.- that he ems awarded a divorce and
custody of 1im child by some judge
? nanu? lu- had forgotten. Ho xten'
to the Manhattan Avanue address i?*?
right to claim the booty, he said, and
the Austrian fores set upon him and
were driving him back when Fatrolman
I'iplow interfered. In the Men'? Night
? Msai trate Sim ms fined the
nothervin-iaw sr?, the wife $3, sympa?
1 with (he husband snd told him
to tul??? ! ?a babv and t'.nd a more peace
Locked in Cincinnati Offices by
Business Man.
1 einnati, March 9, Locked in a
?ait? Ot Iswyers' oTice?. ex-Repre?en
tstive Stnnloy Boxx-ri'e, J'hilip Kenner,
M. ,t. Galvin, .1. P. Bower, jr., snd Mil?
ler Banner, prominent attorneys, ??
g ?o their own atatement, used
their mental ?xler<ne.?s to-day at noon
as never before, in an fffor1 to induce
a man not to pre?| the tr'irper.? of tmo
large revolvers that, held the laxxyer*
at bay. Louie G. klotte-r. a prominent
bu.'iness man and brother of Eugene
Klotter, president of b br??very here,
was arrested, ehsrged with pointing
firearm .
i ...'.,-,. t0 con. |
'?in recaiver? :
nhip hearinft. He vxa* luddenly con
repreeented ?
H ?? ?.-. He ins?
r lie door of the suite
an ; produced ;,xo revolvere.
On- of the stton evs managed to get
? !
"if i i. I
Professor Francke Ask;
This Nation to Act in
Germany's Behalf.
Would Restore Belgium an(
Northern France Linder
Terms to End Strife.
yhai the United ?States should o?Tei
peace proposals on behalf of Germany
? img the reateratien of Belgien
and Northern France, a*-.d enfui ce their
b] war. if necessary; that to Great
Br-.'am and her Allies tins ceuBtrj
should declare its willing:ie?s to submit
to the enemies of England peace pro
posais, with the demand that Germany
and her Allies be left inviolate and as
? .red a sound economic basis for
"peaceful de-.elopmen*." ind that
the oiTer he declined by Fngla: - ?
?hail be forced to accept by thl
off of the supply of munition?, ?re p .
posais of Kuno f- rsneke, in a commun
cation to the editor of the "New York
.-taatv-Zeitung," printed in that paper
this morning.
The letter from Professor Francke,
who will b? remembered as the author
of "A Gsrman-AmeriCrSn's Confession
of Fsith," and is lecturing at Harvard
University on Philology, is printed in
Kngllsh, with comment of Bernard 11.
Ridder, ?ditor of the "Staats Zeitung,'
and headed "America's Dut) to Fu
Wants All Nations NotiHed.
Professor Francke says in part:
"I.< ? us ic u* a de?laration addressed
i to both tn>' warring factions. It is
'-aril to beliee? that either of the tWO
warrirg groups should remain deaf to
such warnings. But if one of them
-hould refuse to 1'sten. then we should
. lesrly be Justified to side with the
other. If both of them should refuM
and thereby make AmerKan action im?
possible, then America would ?t least
,have nut herself on record as really
standing for the principle of humanity
and justice; she would have shown hei
lelf conscious of her supreme duty
the effort to save Kurope. And in the
end she would reee\\(. recognition as
having been inspired by friendliness
ar- I cod will tuv4rard all the warring
? i-' on?.
"? an there h?? any doubt thai inch a
pol.ry would be more traily American
than the partisan p' 1 icy wnieh now it
being adv..rated so rocifofoaoly b-. ?io?
l?nt faaatlci on both ?-ides" le there
not here a programme Much might
bring together for common act'on all
sincere believers in international .iu
tice. which would furnish a concrete
Illustration of what may be aecup
id by a I eague to Enforce P?
Hia Peace Proposal?.
In defining his proposals, Profeasor
Francke ixplains that the precise defin
ition" of 'he trrir.-- "raetoratioii
glum ???.?i Northern Fiance and Un i I
Capital,Surplus & Pr 59,00| a?.!
?I ?wrtyS ^.i.i.,,,^,,^
lablish.rv.t-. t of I rt of p0
ilept ndeace" . ?, . *
i?"**t ' i ?-i???,?- aa,"!*
ligoraata for ??hieh the fatua *?r
? t? ?
?*.j ?4. *
f i ?ax?/
?if ;,o? ,j?'
..'?'." ' 7
' : ? ? deaahasBj ?#4
termi ?posai to Grett l*,"*
?hall I ) ths bettigeissj?^
the punishment in ?????* of refuui ,?
cutting oil of munition? sn?J .
Over '???-? ? ' ???? aiiu,.
' ? ?a?,"
I tj??n, .-^7
' ' ? ?' force pen, 3
? ? '??.' ijV
. ?joi i- for 1
Hudson Tunnels Carry I0IA*?????
suns Without I o?? of |,|ft
.ler?ex- . i r ?;,, not fi?j?.
. ghtesl fear ?? .?,?? B-aJM
" ?. BBttaB, ft
ing ths tuia:
I 'he Hudeon and MaBBattSS F?i:a?
? < eaapaay ksve ben n epers'm v
' have carri' 1 V" ? M M* p.a??..,,
xrithoat lo?? of a ?mgl? Uf? ^
] utable to train operation. Ths au
i medal presented 1 f the Trav?lirt*S,
i suranco (Vnpary esch year a 9
! Amanean employer xt-ho has datia
I most to safeguard h'.s ?tnplorw ?i
recent'.?- g ven to thll road ir, ???*,
nition ?if it? constant et?orti ti ajg
now rne'hod? of protSttleg for n
KigMet. hundred trsini ? (*??
sai ? ' '?11% tu
nit-,? 'x *e. ? HV ?-. rush ??-*
Toledo. March I. Kogrr Briiriir
oxx-ner of ?ho T. le.jo Amer.ein Aw
ciatlon Club, van krieg fi ei
to-day ths sppllesl on for a b*t*a?
the !"<;?! "???'?? : 1 which he ret?:*?!
wire yesterday from i oty Do!*?,-*?.
Ilelder of the St, 1 '???? sail ten
(ieorsre BtOVOll xa*. '., leave tt-ar
far Kentu? > I .?'n-,
?raining camp for the f? ledo 'eat
'? a ? 1 ? ? Ptm Oan
1 1.4'.1 - I.? ?? ?.| Bk?a
.... ' ? ?-i ,
... ? '.rat. ?r?*
?Wl ?111 *.? . *??i.r .lih ?t., * *
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Principal Office!

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