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? "-." i
\ \\W\ ..No. 25,359.
Over 100,000 Daily
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1 .,|i4ngl,t IHlfi?
I li.. I ribuna l**'n.
Firat to Last ?the Truth: News-Editorials-Advertisements
KRIDAY Al'lUf. 21, 1916.
I IV P I l-'VT ln N"'' *"'k * '?'? Nr?"arl4. JflBflaf fllf
4 '11, V I..*4 | ?.,,, ||,.|?,.,,n ll.owhoro Two Onl*.
Conspiracy, Admitted in Von der
Qoltz's London Confession, Was
Formed by Attaches Here.
leservists to Porm Attacking Force
Tauscher Named as Source of Arms
?U. S. Agents Knew of Sdieme.
London, April 21.?The invasion of Canada by German re
^n.is:. ted in tho Unitcd Statea wa* part of a plot
hatcht.i ? mbera of thc German Embassy in the United
SUtea, according to the confession of Horat von der Goltz, the
German spy no* in New York. Tho confession was made pub
!i,-to-day as a White Paper by the British government.
X__! ? invade Canada, which was to have been sup
jvrted by German warships then in tho Pacific, was abandoned
potaeadvice i t Count von Bernatorff, German Ambaasador to
to United States, after a consultation with Captain Boy-Ed
and Captain von Papen, the naval and military attaches of the
German government recently dismissed by the Washington gov?
The British government in a memorandun. remarks that
"von der G 11 .a statemen. finda detailed corroboration in the
von Papen checks, which he cannot have known were in ih*'
pNttssion of the British authorities."
(on4u!? In 1 . S. Invol.ed.
Mai; ?' prominont Gar
? iin-Amer.. ai
?? : Statoa are
rT.?n::?.r..; ; part
BTBJ parcel i ' '? L-.L-aritic Teu'.
mmab. I the neuliali'y
?an of the : Stat -. which in
c'.uieci the pof the Wi
Gerrr.a- ? arioua Ameri
jn cities are alao unplicatad, par
I *adaj gt ' hkago and
It, Paul.
AaMflflj ? ?
? tion with he
'? ?
Y.rk. City, T. P 2 Woal
West El .
Many Othrrr. Named.
The ebiel ?? that the con-'
feaaion of ? Golti nuakea here
:i that it waa an extraordinary co
incider. i I the British (iov
.rr.r.c t I bai ' with
ther. ??? I <ier
:.iany .... r<-K*?ni.*.l.
f tl.e vo*. <i> i
U!tz.- .... ? ?? raajda *>ub
. & ?...??
aflaaat Bl haa had.
The ital ? briatlaa irith <!ata i
*nd naj and of peireona
aiaoc.i*. . r Golta. The
fover- ? tncoa it w.th a mem<.
.- to von der c,
ident:- ? ' *iie ar
NM in
Tbe i iaya that whaa
a cboek
?. Vm Pip
?'(.rrar.- ? Bttochfl f tha I -rman
? gtoa, which bad
b??-. |
.... . I,. h)
I ' '
Vriting gtvoa t
ght ol Jai iai
:a '.orr.p.. ng a I .... which bt
a?>ra ai
"A.'.id ihr (4>naulalra."
. atatoaaeat a* given
t ifl in part ii.
I, I left tha R
'*?' ?? >,;.,?'
r . , llracti
f < ? ? ? ? ,* I'ark, I
?an. fort raid d igaet,
Hi aaa
| ? . ,<-, wh'?
* aW I . b?tag aeen
* fea | . , | Papai
* .????.-. d by a eerti " aeher
raa ra / . I ol taa
'"**'. j.*,., ,, ... H .,:r,'or boat araaod
Tha rr |
. - oai ,,_,,.,.. . wir jr '.. tbe Kai
kaa?/ ? ? infavorabla lafanaav
'? aa i . ?
Aaltrrl t>, Aid Invaaion.
n ?? I
a gr-i-.,.. ?,,. ,,, ,,f i anada
by * ...,,; *rr,rr, t> " rvia'g
Caatlbuaal 4>a i/*|* i. tvluion 4 I
Bergdoll Disinherited for Shift
intf to "Brawn."
4- ?
Philadelphia, April 20, ?
ot a ni rr auphonioui name has cost
. a Berg loll familj ties, num
erous friends aml such part of the
Bergdoll million- ns would hBv.. beei
? h-s mother. Mrs. Km
ma C. Btrgdoll. widow of 4r<4 late
..ill, inilhonaiTP brawer.
tt ro n | Btrgdoll aid
.... i pei ?? k* .thi
. ? ? I
S .'?!'..
glad of it. There'i ial ono
?i.,\v," said the
mother. "He dida't ttll "'p that hr
: to pack away the familj r.ame.
but he didn't have to. Ha tned to get
.. brother, Oronrar, sent to an in.ar.?
.. but l.ruver had more sense Ifl
s minute thal he e.er will have. Ach!
Mr Btrgdoll! Mr. Brawal 1'm (..'lad
r-e'a ( barley Brawn ttnd t.ot my ?nn.
... neednl come around here any
raora !*-? goiag ?" roreiaa **y arllL
Hs .'-on'* Kft a cent from mr.
Thc new Mr Brawn's two brother?
are Irv-.Ti Bergdoll, formerly a rac^.
motor di - er, and Giwai I , Ben
tvtator and raclag dan
Bergdoll aaya hei ion aras
?shamed thal h.4 fathti r-^ade his miii
,... in tht brtwtry baaiBaaa, thus as
i family name arith that
, , Pi olda the hor."r of he r?
. , ? - 0f the o llega 'r"'' '
two ehapters repr. ;?
B. America crew. The
Alpha Alpha of Wesleyan, f
Ul . !?
? ddlatoara, l
'??inrlo-ed pltaat ii"H eMrt f??
t? t<> be aaalltd t? ihp hatiieshn)
fund aa a r4--i.lt of Ihr .olle.l.on
?f a aabacriptloa trom ?*??*
hrrs of Ihe Alpha Upha ' ***}**
of Ihr 1 h. Pal l raternity nt WtB
le%an 1 nivrrnt..
?\\r ?i-b lo ritrnd lo >ou all
poa-ible HUrrraa in Ihr rollrrliun
,,f Ihr fund, 01 ?f brlu4..- Ihal
tbr idea la one ?hi<h v. ill be asora
?,f an inrrntive IO inapirr palliol
,.,? on tlM hearta ,.f all ..t./en-?
of Ihr 1 n.led Males than Ihr merr
idrs of a BBB batlle-hip. ?tTJ
COrdlalll wuira.
"I.AWKl.M l. B. MKIO.
"?i,r Mpha Alpha of < hi Pfll
Ta-daj loi f ?'" '?:"i ":1
? ' iad oi paaa I
Total rerrivrd from 1 nh
ljne rrarirra WlfSO.
TotBl rrporlrd from othrr
aaaapaM" on Apnl II *Jf*"f
r.raoad laUl IIMMJI
N.imbrr of ronlnbutora la
Ihr Trlhunr 4,7H30
Vumhrr of ronlrlbutorr. lo
olhrr ne??paprrs al Issl
rrport (April II) H,l?'
,,.,.,, n0wBpaptrs hafldllng
faad rtport I arlrt tt Ihe r ..
. tktaa
!r7f., to hold tho i
aeporata "';'' " ,
eartad lo 1 ribune i. ;"""?,
,,;l..i total aa Iht
Founder of Londcn's Occult Club
Sees I.'. S. in War
? Hi r ? t Pn ll t'l
wirh I II bo an I. mi
in tho rr;:d<ilo. g- i "i . 0
ind founder ? ' ? ? 0< ilt < lub in
?:. He arr
?teamihip < igo,
tl ?? eai Mai
There'- n ? , ronaon why
tho < olonel will polls, and
havi a 1 4 fl; Bdmini iti I after that.
plaim d, for ol
be tho pn
... ? ,
etter R Biaoeiated ? M i
ei mn, if ,l I. and T trail aloi .?
I'rarr,; n. Iioth of which 44 ill
' bo in ovui". thi ting 8l
l>o Ki rUir hn? i iome tO tl
to atay, He will lectura on tho pi
world, stii!." bi Harvard, and hopea iri
time to licroma a citixen, He il a Pole
and haa lived ebiefly in London and
I'nr is
"Germany 44 II eontin ie her aob
,? warfare, and everyth ng ?
to the United Statea enl
waa his final predietion B8
from the p > I
Parley on Railway Use
Keported?Scott Rc
fuscs to Talk.
I orreoi . *4"r : 20 I
La Poquil to be ar
raagiBg with General Luii Herrera at
ii" ol the
, withdrawal
of the Amei i< an I
l: ? . ?
St. Louia, Apr 1 20. Ma oi Gi
Hugh I Scott, < ef ot
. Statea Army, on the way to the
... t. Louia thia evi
tion was
... to i bb Antonii
aad Bxpectod to remain but a -
will bastofl back to
Washington to report in pel 101
This lod hia
that withdrawal of the Amei il Bn I
from Mexico may b? ' I ba
fure tbe ' ******
Bahi ?
Boarding House Burns Duririe,
Efforts to Call Engines.
Three ftatdla efforts were made laal
! right to aummon enginea by use of
tha f.re box in front of tbe Crltorlofl
Theatre. Klames ate through thi I
of The Martin, a four atory boardlng
bcuse, at ttl Weat Forty-flfth street,
!und ahot high lato the air, while vaifl
ottempts were made to call
When h book aad ladder eon |
arrived, twontj
later, man and won ? n were fran!
endaavoring to
Laddera in order tu help roomera from
the npper floera to thi Fr,-',i'
erieh A:.:.--hy, an I Bgli h BCtor, a
4 ?. ? -.: - Vera Toa HI"
May and M
The flame were d ? ?
? floor ahort
Later dinara aad theatre homei
....... ? .
,;I, - Bwarmed about laddi ri ai
in night ati
. ?
. H ?
began an
no, he aaid,
aded. < ?
Khth A
ea pei i
Leaders Hustle lo Pai Oui Flre
in Al Smith's Home.
? Ftow" rho block on
Streel ' "
,ut. out s Un ' I I
,. ? b<
Father J. B.
i irry, al ?'?? '"? ,'U81"''1
. ? irni d
;,!,,,,? Ha I Brried bael
... . -.4 ith
and otl
oasai in \ii nrntnu .*> \i i a
IM ui al\
Carranzista Treachery Checks
Pershing's Advance Line
Stretched to Limit.
(B) aeroplane to Columbua, M. M . April 20.)
to th G.? Perahi sat Hcaotauartera, April 17. General Perahing
i' <;e.'in'4.tr!;- ;>.' the end of hia ttrinf. The Villa campeign, m "u.!
by our l id rigidly -too hunianoly a<lhorod tO by the army
;. i- al ? atai dstill. Teniporarily, at leaat.
II .... |i, to dorflne -he meaning of thia, Bul iti BeriouMitaa,
>.. one B'ith ti.,- army, where tho renaorahip haa at time- aacmed
.over meticuloua, mual be graaped before reading what foltows.
Tha army in the field is the one authority iraalifted to ?peak upon
the preaenl deadlock and the extraordinary ehain of faeta leading up to it.
The lul haa been foi.1 off rather than lifted from thia rensorthip. The
ensuing worda alone ar^ mine.
Aa I write, aorren hundred men all thal remain fil of our taralrjr?
aro practically a1 a itandatill near I'arral. They nr.- a! the end of a
." communicatioi five hundred milei long. And this line ia main
,,....? imber of auto trueka, a-agona an.i pack traina. Yel
? . the border from I'arral are two linea of railway.
Thl, fli: . . . | ii ,,, the hwwl of ? Mexico practically united
where all diatinctiona between Villiata and "friendly"' Car
ranziata have been wiped out, And at preaenl thia forca ia being Bupplied
by nothing bul p? i traina, none able to carry more than five daya' pro
. for more than a handful of men. San Antonio, th-4 baae, itaelf ia
one hui om I'arral.
Effective control can be brought out bj two thinga eJone: l ooperation
with the de facto government, which in effert has been but eumulative
0Ppo8ition, and by unhampered uae of the railway. we naad. The army
haa now done ita beal more effeetively than ha* any national force agamrt
auch BTeat odda. , _ .
I,., me ? . . ? . pleof the individual adf-eacrinee of ona fiying
P0lumn. The 10th < avalry, undei Colonel W. CJlrown, has V?""**
?,,? .?,,. , ,., ing ar.d emrpmrr.t. ipendlng f=ome $4 000 rh.pp.d
i? by offlcera and men, accordbif to thflr lawurcea.
, ...... ., ta ?,,,,;-, rrom nOW on, may promise until 4hcy are bl.ck
. our people will not bdieve them. The country thr, igfa
' which wepa isin.auteofanarchy. ta oftcerarriringatatowna.lt.
of the presidente:
?? \,.. you a Villi ta " "No."
?? \ i ui.. .iata..No." ,
The truth ia thal there ia no longer any organiaed goven,
,.,. ,. ?,, ,,,.,,. v?i between the two faeUonj popular
ipa I,;-;' ' eEg for Villa. He at leaat Mtta^fn.
hTpTundtr a laviah charity which nPPea!ed to ita primitm mind. Bu1
\Atdta mthleaalj and without tha. soiroming tou,h.
TROOPfl mu; TO(l 1I1MANF.
Under auch condithma I do not need to emohaaixa th. t^?f?
? d _ . , our troopa, nor th. fit and mil tory wrneaa which
:;i;. . te. roch ccXt I^d-d ita height, of coum, ta the
Innlimir.l nr. |.i?sr 4. rntumn I
Prisoncr'* Skull Injury May Be
Causc of (.rime.
ll,,, -. a eonflrmed erlmlaal,
wai ti ' -' ? ''d *'*****
? ? frarture of the skull he
reaponBlbla fnr hia crimmal
I rraa announcod yoaterday.
? rs aro aeebing a par
..,. The prtBoner'a mother
I '
Ited. ar.d tatl
? ? ?
Pi ? ? Bfer wa?
... .go for b twenty
.... ...... ,. for miirdrr ifl the secon,
, . ..... previoua to thia bo bad Kerved
Philadclphia's dift Wins Quick
Pnpularily at Froirt.
?H, , . r loTha --' . - '
London, April 20. There have Juat
.:?-? the Philadi
amei ?? Ambulaaca
?, erdun front t.-n
bi . . ich hai ng the
v gpa ' .'vo^'
-I ower bat pular v ln tBa
that the Ai aa bai ba ea
.. . aaked I
n of dental amb;; I
. front. T o work
nf or_ ri thi di Btal ambu
Innco ' ai alread- begun, and
? d, but more are
I ad ? ? ?' 'i
Two "Courtesy Calls" Each
Last*. About an Hour.
Mosioa City, Aptril N Hrrr ron
Fckhardt, Uermari Mmiater to Mexiro,
bad two long ronferences to-day w:th
Venuatiano < arran ra at the National
Talace. The first wga held m the fore
noofl and laated tho greater part ol a-.
hour. In tho gf'rrnoon the Minister
retaraod fer a loagar private eenfen
-,..,. b( the Palace r.or r- tha
lierman legation could any informa?
tion on the subject be obtained. The
Miniater sa;d h;a viaita to the First
Chiof had no signiticance, bein* mere
ly calls of eourteay.
Ossining Police Seek ttelfare
League Ofticial.
Sing Sing prlfloa keepera reoor^ .
offtcially to tha Oaaialag poliee last
? rhat IV-.er Cullen, priaon bride
groom and BotrgoaBt-at-armfl of the
Mutual Welfare I PiiCU**. **?3 misaed
when the roji.t was taken. He is
thonght tn havo o.caped.
At the priaon ofBee the elerh said
? al Wardefl Eirebwey and the real ef
tho prison offiorals had gor.e to bod. \lc
i to aay anything ubout the re
??? | o.i-npe.
Two prison beoperfl aearched '?'?e Oa
I* railroad ?'? ? ?' befora mid
? i '
Frank ll. Simonds
returfied tr.-tn l.uropr yrstrrday aftrrnoon on thr
" I'wo vreeka ago to-day hr was at \ rrdun. thr jrurst
ot French officcra, who rxtrndrd to him thr moat un
UMial opportunittera for obarrvation thrrr and at othrr
rtoUblc points upon the b.ittlr linr
Within a frw days thr reader*. ol Ihr I ribunr will
bcgitl to rrap thr hrnrhts of Mr. Simonds's Luropran trip
by obtaining from his wntinKs thr hrst hand information
of an rxprrt on subjrcts of vital sigmfuancr to us all.
Xht Uribune
I irst inl a^t- the Iruth: \e**-lditorial*- A^ ertlsement..
.. ? ? . .4 ? ? I . . - f ' 11 a ? ? .
london. \nril ,.'1.? I b<* \meriran
n?te to Gornaaa) aaa haaded Ib .it
?ho Germafl lorrig-n Oaare la-t ?-\en
inif h4 laatCfl W. Gerard, \meri.an
Imbaafladar. -.a'* the Exchaaga rel>
ocraph's \inslordiii.i iiirre-pondent.
The I hannlbir. the inrrcpondent
add-. haa not 4ol ?irn iho nnlr. Bfl
be !-? al \riti4 HaaflViaartera, but he
haa . nnimunii ated altb thr Foreiga
(lltn,. b) telophnnc.
There ?s littla rammeal ia 'be
l.erinan new-papers nrt, bai abat
there la la vtoleal BfjalaBl tho ba?er?
IcaB ? abinot and Preaidenl. \ m,i
forit) <>f the paper* -av that lhe>
44iii withaold camaaenl aatil ihe
Icxi i? puhli-ahed.
rhe i ureign OaVc haaordered the
preaa bath of Berlifl and af tbe
pnnineeaj to e\on i-e tho greateat
rare in eiproaolag viewa ea the
American aituation.
ihe "Deateebe Tagea ?ZeHaag"'
saj I:
"l.ermany "ill BOVel ylald la
Wlloea'a hluff. Tho Bttllaaai ol lae
\meriean piWBfl la in < omical rnn
trant lo ihe raallj etfectlve powei
ot Ihe iiiiirilry.''
Czar's Troops Arrive
at Marseilles on
Big Flotilla.
ii cofeia ia raa T-- -1'
v Mothiag haa aa
flloeteiili i Londi ' i war b-agafl
na tha dramatic announcome I I
, tiiat Ruflsian troopa arara
:? aaa tha rei ixatii
? . ie freq lei I
? .... the eai daya of 'ho ?
which ofHi ? no longor
it poasib'.e to dou
That tho |i ? ng ii bol Ihi begin
rting of eventi of great importaaca ia,
of courso. * - eoncluaion. No
word haa ?? red of the nura
bor of troopa that have thus
traflaferred to tho weat front or their
Ir || aaa UI -.',i. 0W01 or. | Bl
mov? i, par* of tho general p ai ? '
oporat ?
'..' . , Pbi
aerven 'thal
. . ? thi areal I roi t that
>... . ? ehed.
A* aoon aa the Gen t Ver?
duB haa apcat asaert, the
AUiea ail begin their combined drive,
armed arely at olearns
armioa of iho Kaiaer OOl of Franre and
I'.oljrium, but hurling them back Acrofll
the, F.hino into Germany itaelf,
Tranaporta a t.reat Hotllla.
rir-a- maay Ruaaiana hava been gent
? -oa. by Emporoi Sicholaa -,a not
ki iwa, but what ia deaeribed aa "a
great flotilla of trar.sporta" arrived ifl
tha harbor of MaraoiHea. and almost
immediately aftcrv4ard lar.ded the
the chi arlflg of the popu
laea and tl ?? French '.roopi gathered a!
greet them ar.d the roars
General Joffre, the French eommand
r ? lof ii weli tning tho Roi ? *
t\:. order of the day, Ifl I '
??.,,;,! ,.r- rhofli n from I i braveil in
thi R . ? ai nr-- ? ri aad i.aaded by
? , r . . ,,,. r.., 0W1
Cbincidental with tha arrival of the
Ruaaiana come? tho itateraeni from
,- tl '? GermaBB, oa f te t
b of th.. Fren " a- \ ei ?
_,. , .; |, ... ... - rrorri
- fronta in Ruflfl .
loaia aad thro* f thei
? tlj co itaated ri- iti
Kren.li D***rpt* Moved.
Tho arrival
a pn'
. ?
Tha R isaiaai ?r?
.-. o,i f,.r Franee fi
irchi b the w
port throui free coi
?lliea in 1 " ' :'
that the ti
In ? i ifl ifl 1
that I-: i. ?> -. ^. had
Archangel -.
from Ar
? - froi t are i
?. ? ; Bl .
Joffre Weliome In 1 ro<ipa.
Several timaa during I ?ar there
? ? that Ra
? ?
? ravallan even d
on routo
. .-? ?-- i ': r ngtand. No
oops have ever apr-ared on tne
i;..nera! J ' ?*?*"
. ? h ? ardoi ' lay, flaying
arrival Aa' BBother itril |
t Ruaaia to tha
. .40
... ? thi bi Geo
1."Uimu al ou uaa* *. roluinn :
Germany Hxpected to Propose
Extending Mediterranean U
Boat Method to North Sea.
Officials Fear New Attack on Pcaccful Ship
May Force Action at Onee?Note
Delivered in Berlin.
i i.ie rribune Bureai )
Waahington, April 20.?A break with Germany ia inevit
able within two or three weeka at the utmoat unleaa ahe aban
dona entirely her submarine warfare againa, commerce, Admin
iatration officiala are convinced.
While the United states waita for Germany to reply to
Preaidenl Wilaon'a note one of tlie chief aourcea of concern hen
ia the poaaibility of another attack on ? peaceful ahip carrying
Americana before the Berlin governmenl haa determined upon
its courae. Iu auch an event it ia admitted that an immediate
rupture could be prevented only by proof thal Germany had
been unable to communicate with her submarine eommanden.
Count von Bernatorff, the German Ambassador, is undor
atood to have auggeated to hia government that it iaaue a new
declaration applying to all lubmarine operations aimilar to that
coverins the eainnaurn in the Mediterranean.
Resent Being Kcpt Unin
formcd of Strained Re
lations with U. S.
Bj > ? - lo Ths Trl
London, Apnl 21.?The Amater
iliiiii correspondenl of "The Daily
Expn rta that the telegrama
v... . .-? ? p ibliahed in Ber?
lin thia morning have greatly per
man public, wh:
t.i the pn ion t, haa beei
...li d by the authoritiea with th ?
comforting pronouneement that all
? ica would <'.<> would he to talk
pr.d continue to kend txotoa, Mow that
seen that America meana b*_d
:h.4 German public ara ansrrily
reproaching their lca.irrs with the
crowning hlunder df foretng the
United Stato to kle with tha AJIiea.
i ommei - Germany
ara riearing with alarm the eonae
quence of trouble with th. United
Statea. Not only would all dificul.
? . between thr Alliea and the
l.nited Statea, on which Germany
ha- bo ting aa her one trump
ccrd, inatantane. .1 iah, but it
? thal ii eri a'a ar tenala
?,. ;,? thi ? Miea
Go n ar | '? Hi? ?? ? f great
ships in American porta would b.
rvfc. of the
The "Berliner I'o.=t"
? ?]> Gern down
serious trouble i bound to come
from within. German eadera pre
?at trouble slwuM come from
Holland Paper Sugijests
Othcr Neutrals Join U. S.
j\,r [.?.,_. ? ? - _ .. Th*4 nawapa
ptn .....??- larabla
? tha ill
the Ameriaa i ot
v. atoj" aara:
.... v . isble
? the ri ? ' - o4'
? ? - g of the ' '
ing | .' i aiaat ar
prtss stroi |
? ii sf ? .? a war,
?/orh from Pittsl ?'*'? tatly la.t <>ven
? " ilpin.
? - . ?
... fha? j
, ?? ? itel for dinner and hs-1 nutj
returncJ a'. mulmghu
* I'he Mediterranean plan of war*.
' fare. as annouirced ia th. (.-'rnian
rnemorar.duni on .lanuary 7 to tho
? ?! Stato i, ha ' "4 worked aetl -
factorily, Adminiatration officials
conaidor. It ia tVM thal in many in
tano unando r* apai -
ating in thi- M. dito rrano*an hava dia*
rejrardcd tho underatanding ia letter
:?! .1 in ipirit.
A hi/v'h oAcial said t-'-'lay that the.
aMuraneea giren by Germany foe
Mie eonduH of BUbmarin. warfare in
the Mediterranean arer. aatirfasHory
to this governmenl "aa a uraaceaV
but deelared that they ha.! aot haM
made effeetive. The Praneh linoir
Ville de la Ciotat, according to evi
ilenre m the State Departromt, waa
loed by a German submarine
.?. warning, bul aa ao .?'?.men
cana weraj on board i4 waa nol taken
i,p wi*h BV rlin.
I lltlr 1'sllh In ^r? V.suranres.
Sinc. Gei-NUiy has t-iiM^ violatf'l
4|'p aeraraikMi .riven u>r the Ifediter*
ranean, ther. ia littla h'ipe in Admhv
iatratiow 'piarters tha4. any neaur?
nn',"s gi-roan fur the othojf zonea o?
operation will be reepocted.
iat von HernstorfT ealled st tha
State Department to -\n- aad had a
? ?? . ' ? a with Sec.
%- . tened
. ? ? ? Coaat vori
ut.dtr?t?od the
ambosei idoi reedy te make to his
o-.vi fortramomt for .' * (."ildance iri
fraa i.: a r?| ? I tha Ampnran note.
Tho Beeratai . I nrovor, did not a...
; rc-i-d by 'r.r- Amba??
?ador ^. bo ? ? offl( a' He was de*
? ? . i ?- rajrarding
them ?.? tha Aibaaaador'a o?-n opin*
ions, baao ia de.ire to prevent a
brra*- be'.wcpr. Germany ar.d the United
T^e Proaii ??-' hn- ng laid the eondi.
' - titi abandon
ment af . ? I ?athod4,
tako tha viaw thaa
\io a direct and formsl
tha German v .vernment
4 aeaa > on of
the va ?-. ?..bjert or of
any altfrr...?..?. c propositioBa 'hort o*.
' ; i ? he Amepr'i'.
ean oei .
Firrnstorff -uggeata to I.crlin.
As a rr..;- o' : ? | ?--' rrr.ce (ounS
Beraatorff aaal * ther eommuni
?r.ia even
T.jf !? ?*? rr.ade c>ar at the (ierman
. $ later tr.at 4r.p Ambaaaador did
. ?-? call upon Secre'ary
IT ajfa.n until after his govern*
al reply to tba
Amercar. r.otr.
Bernatorff told Beefeaafl
... ar.swer to a*.
,.. txpected before the snd
of rn- we.-k. While the SeereUry re
fused to comm.t himrelf to any d?nni?
' ? . word "immediately" aa us?d
in 'hc note. he infurmed the Ambss
?hat the 1'nited Ftatei wou'.d ex
pri-t a reply within the ahorteit tima
Praaidael vTldaae la arilliag thst
Geraaaay aheald ha?a aaa ""r*4 rhanc*
ro <:> to V.r-ap a 11 l~, but has
become conv.rged tha4. s&e cannot d%

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