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r,, standard ol Quality
irtus st?o\\ > ou thc dtl
irncc iKtwccn good
|?d poot Beddlng. Mai
lycsscs aii<l sprinfls.
Sc^Hall" trade mark has
m a itamp ol quality foi
5< That diH'sn'1 mean
*: f (, sj hut ' doi s mean
it thev ai ' " t'ond'orta
; . ? and last
.-? principal
Dts . - ' ""-?
jjjrflisail al B. . and Beddinj
25 Wcst 45th St.
HiSiiB-Hoogstraetea Is To lk
: ? ?
,;.-?- Som
.1. ???.
'? :;. His
Professor to Go to Cluna.
- ii
? i
il . .i
, to |
I ?
S(^>, \ Wfitbarr. L.l. Paaa. *8 1
Incidenl Will Be Seized
Upon to Confuse L'-Boat
Issue. Say Officials.
Burns Had Detectaphonc in Dt
Ponl Lawyer's Office,
Suann Hoars
Germany, r. a bel eved in d piomati'
?i, will ma) f Wolfi
von Irc!. under lecretary of thi Gi
' papor
? ? ? iII Street, ?h r!
?. witl
? of cor.fus.- g thi ie i:: 11 ?
? r.t Wilson on U-boal ?
? ? | i .
lay ar.i
... the retui
: the i '?
He told Secn La -
. wen ofTuia
r not. He held tiia
' that lie proteated tha
, the Bction Department of Jus
? ! tice agenta in B< r4 froB
a member ' wai i
il law.
Hern-.turff Demand* I'apera.
?j Ambaaeador von Bernstorff'
.' . . ftoa eommunicated witl
J orh and learned that the offlce a
? ? whieh Coanl von Berna
?torff i i ii "arr of the German Em
baasi von Iirel as an ia
it tbe office i
: ublicit*
. ed b:
voi Igel aa hia h< nai directc
a in thi
of plot
t the A ? ?? ?"ion of thii
Gadahl'a HaBbaad I'lead*.
ther 1 ree Gem ii-'' in
eoui '. ' iptain Han
er, Ami itiva i
Krup] ?.? ? . i,.,,:
notguilty 04 :ur
Howe in tha E*d<
? ? oour.sel for Tauachei
daya in which to demu
I aa This wai granted
... r waa eontinued at libert;
\'i' Tanacher'a nrrnif-nnirnt Joh;
? eld, rour.se! for 4 ob Igal and
for ni arly all th,
arreeted, had i
.,-...? L'nited Statei Ati
rer tha arreal of his clienl
contentions of Ambaa
torfl thal von Igel'i
of the Gerrnnn Embaflfl'
? rrltory, and tha
? .llegal
AttOI offlCfl res.er
" ? plae
? o Barni I?e
tectWa Aajancy in the office of Seymour j
<t Seymour, coun.ei for the I>u Ponr
Powdei (.cople. William J. Burns, head
? ' ? ?... ageaey, and ten of hi. employe.
wera cxammed by DiatrioM Attorne
Swann. Rurn. adrnitted placir.g the m
'trumcti' eariy in March, but ea.d he
bad taken it out a few days ago.
\V. J. Hurni QueM loned.
Frederick Seymour, head af 'he frm
oae office, at 1 _<J Broadway, ths
letectapl nc >'?a j.laccd, would i.ot
make ai j complaiat ye.terday agamst
Judge Swann aa d 4r.a' Burni told
. a had pul in the aaveadrop.
?ii I'e'crm'me if s enme
? ? ? ?
"I i ? . ? ng to say." said Burn?
nighl i apl that ii ia sign
thal Mr. Seymour refnsed to make anv
? ? ,i :.4 egainat me."
.ludgc Swann adrnitted tha fJ in
told h.i8) thc nature of what he wa= . t,
vi tigating, bi I would nol reveal what
The Beymoura knew nothing of'
? . .'o:i of the detectaphone un
!?? ? ? Attorney Swann ruramoned
Kredei office rei
Me Is Man the Country Needs.
Says Indcpendent Paper.
ii. TMagraotk I e 1 i ' ??" I
w |n . ??? ?.. 1" . , April 20. Tha \v
.-? ? Morning News." an mdepend
, t ? Rep iblican newapaper ..f eei ?
poliey, to-morrow will deelare
. toriall) for Theodore RoOMTClt for
It will say that wnile it ba. favore.l
Rooaevelt, the <er.t:mcnt of the ci, . I
. ::cii'e that the noininee will
bc either Mr. Roosevelt or Mr. Hugfaea,
i dera Mr. Rooaorvell ?
leli tioa 'u: 'he woi
In part the editor,al aays:
"Mr. Hughes ia eaeeatially a judga
and "v reaaon of hia position on the Su
i Benefa ba would, aa a candidate,
!,c neceaaarily m the background dur
ing a campaign.
"There might be other time. when
hc would be the better mun o? the Re
tn atan.lnrd bo-arer, but r.ot now.
? \ eandldatC that will win the peop.e
is needo-d, a car.dulate who, when el.-r4
4>d can instil cont'.dence in the country
on'd dcal firmly with a delicste -itua
tion. Such a.. we now face the man
wanted is Theodore Roosevelt "
And. Gos'n. How Shilton and
Miller Latitfhed at Newcomer!
"Hello, Tribune?"
??This ia your correspondent s' I s'
?? \ I right, Correapondeat, old 4op:
what'a on your mind?"
"Say UatCB. I'o you wanm write a
fnnny atory. Well, bere'a the ehanea
of vour life.''
"Shoot. plea?e "
"Well a coupla dara Bgo Jonn snu
ton. ou'r poundmaater. goe. ou4 an
Pieka up a coupla goats apuro em,
vou know. Well, he puts em In th
pound that night. anrl next morninR
when be look. he Bnola the stork hai
been there an" left a kid.
"Left a what V
??A kid you, know. a little goat,
reorister of birtlia and deaths. waa
jokiV each other about tt 1 ^unno >f
registered the kid or r.ot. Baa
tha poii t,"
"On, rea."
"Goa-aj "
>th Street
.?9th Street
Time Enough Yet For Your
Kaster Suit Here
?I . ., ggvina Un.- H lakes nin- afen'i Clothei Saxrtion. Yj-allIh
made ready tnr Sunday nnd thr daya
uulors lo make i man
B .4 ninetv-and nine lailors couldn t
to come.
For Sunday with a fine Cutaway
tween novi ;!'"' Basti r ?.?,.,,,.^ or ,, gmart Spring Suit in the
ni u st\ le or a conrect Toncoat.
For the daya lo come in clothea
W 1 can d'i it.
for buainess and aporl that will lift
I ? a time we've fitted a man 0,,t 0f ^ erowd i'or their quiet
ered hia niit in i aingle djsfjnctjon of cut and cloth.
i on. And given him bigger (?,,,.?. m today our aat?rtmenta
?'alue and better *?tUfa*ction for hia ,|(r ul(jr> Vf),, will be aiire to find the
"I'.ri'y than an) ctostoni tailor --ould. . jc ?ou njge beat in the cloth you
?'">. prefer. And you will be aure of ita
[/ yw ,....,. t.,kM1 v,(lir ce r,on. imartneaa and .co^neaa.
Mrrther N.turc, and held o/f getting Perfecl f.t and ,><rman.nt tatis*
you. Spring outfll come into our factioti are guarantecd.
Spring Suit*-$18..50 to $30 Culaway Suita--$30 upwarda
Topeoata $17.50 to $50.00 Dr*** S?ila-$30 upwarda
I / aawll / '??'?* _
???- _ _ __^....?aaii*^? maaa?ma%aa>?S4aaaaaa>oaaaaa^haaaasH?4aaaafi?e^^
$5,000 PROMISE
"H. M. S." Talisman Leads
Canadian Worker to
Headquarters (cil.
Detectives Posetl as Oermans
and (.aplured Bomb Plntter.
Who Makes Confession.
K.r. N 1 to blow up the Brooks
raotive V- ?? ?... ture<
m',ir.;4ior.. for the Allies, a . ro
16,000 for tho Job, Harry I. v.'-wton. a
rr in the McKini I Co.
! munition plant al Catbi
ada. went I ra and
ed to Capta tha
Headquartera bo
Newton went 4i,. re with foui
; who promised to pay him thi I
They *>ti- Detoctirea Ban l Fen<
lu.'h aad H irphy, wh ?? at the
Bowcry ar... '.ra:..i Street in aceoi i
... \Vedn?-sday
night by Bai
Newtan, who . re.sed
and ba |S - g<? d
chain a charm of z
enamel. An inacription aur
rounding a gold car.r... relief tpu-': :
"In H. M. Ser-.i.-c IfcKinnon, Daah
, ? Co."
(Iffered to llclrny Oiher Building..
( apta.n Tunney ?aid N'euton had ar
ranifcd 4o blow up the locornot.ve works
with his men for $.">.0O<>, and that as a
proof of his ability he offered 80 blow
up Police Headquartera and tho Fed?
eral Bui'.dir.,- a tl ?asba af bla o?n
"Newton." ? ? '..?.' B]
"left the munition plan* of McK
Ita.h <t- <'<>. aa April 11 and arrived
here on April IB Hc wenl ap to .4
(ienr.an orator m Heral.l Squara
j n j (j h t. lie arrived here and offered I ?
blow up the Dunkirh planl for $5,000.
Tha (ierrnan came lo ua, and we had i.
'couple o' detectives introduced to him,
Ha told ihem ti.a hl - ? t pi Uly
or pro-German, but juat
mor.f y.
"When he offered to blow ua .:
Haadquartera or thc Federa
thc dete. ? ei 1 . ? ted that he keo p
to hia firsl ? '? I ?
ttle charm won I I anj
munition plant of tha A . thia
country. He told u? he wa? a foreraan
m thc Cana noi Ition plant. ?-..!
that there he had earned a natna for
Contlnni-il from |>?B' 1
| in the United Statea, aided by Crrman
war.hips then in tiic Paeifle.
"This sclieme. which waa propoaed by
ron Papen and Boy-Ed, later
abandoned on the adviCC of BeiT
"Next, von Bapcn a-kr.l mo to 1
'with two Iriahraen, who proj -? ?
? IvnamitinijC of ra ' 8, V ?
? . ,1-ors and the loeka <??* tha eanali
... | ^a Great Lakea. ll
hoped thus to terrify Canada, pri
ing the liominion from aidlng tho
mother COUI ' 11
"I reeetvo I I a In.hmcn, a
mnp. and deta.M of tho plan. Bo
going to Baltl more to co: - ? l
Lueolerita regar.i | I beme, I mb>
Tucaheimi r, a* a-. aai stant l then
?et t to Ball Imore and '
who obtained a 1 >--;"'?', >n tl*1'*
name of Tayl'ir. Ha alao
? of n German ihip at
?v-,v. t.n ? n tha harbor, pi
: raaka aaa af 1 art of I ia ero a ai 1
one olHeo *
"Returning 4? New York. 1 i<
thrc<. mcn ta B?Hii4 mc BI '? BCq
them with part of the dataill of the
scheme. I received a check from von
Tapen, whieh was raehed for 1
Mr Stallforth, a member nf a ('crman
1 lub.
Tau?chcr In4(il*ed.
"P.ccari .. ' aterial, armi
., |e ? ',-.,, ? ? formed
? . ? al Captaii Tauacher, of Krupp's
\. . I agrired to fur
nish them. I m ? ? ' Ha ga re
me a lettei of ii tre luetion ta tl
Pont Powder Conipany, recommending
B. H. Taylor <*. Co. a-.d supplied me
with BI 8*1 ":
dvnamite barges lying on the New Jcr
e of
"Taaaehet told ma aend .
I .... '? meaaenger to Hoboken, to be |
ro 1 agenta
h cr'H.'i restaorant, a* he wa?
. ... f ho erad them in
N'en York withou4 a permit.
"I:i order to get dynamite il wa?
neccssarv to hir?- a mOtOI boat at a
place near lealh >:ro*<. Harlem, and
': it tba dynamite aboard in suitable |
eaeea. Af;er gett ng tha exploa ? 1
by taxieab, ??? [ith I
rman club antl aaw von Bapen. I
the dynamite to my rooms,
( r'.id kep1 a porl f tha a ai
a small porl 1' "
nder were in tba koeping
HKcntH, one being Mr. Fritsen, -: ??
enarged puraer of a B;~ iaa itoamer,
? . ..ther a Mr Busae, a commercial
agenl , , .
"Ihe only other asr<4-.4 I employed
417a!, ?'. I ovar.i. who Bttendod me per
aonally. Tuekar I
?a th any "f 4h"?c thinga.
"Two or three dayi later I laeeived
from von Papen a' h;> rOOBU a'. the
club n the pi
1 ovai 1 Pl f generatora and orire,
A few ua.- later wo
, pntral ital ?? foi : (fa 0, Fritxen,
Busse a: d 1 ncki r takini t the
mi attending me.
1 had tha dynamite brouahl I en
I ,.,-.. loma ?;.. s gai ring ini
ikoa by
P ' - -?'"?
Vagar.i Falls, N V., Septei I ?
"W!.. . ?' i1 ?'' ? ' '
.,..???:.- a la John
Ryan had money and -'r ? ' ?a. 1
received the 1 *"
1 on* Being I r-*'.- "'? r
...-jri-i-1. I deurmined tc, icco-.- ??
rra Q, ? here I WBDtO .1 tO B '. I It
on the -'th RyoMi summoi ? 1 me.
"Having racelvod pr '..rma
t on th;.' tha ? rat < ? ? 1 ' agaaj
had i-'4'4 Voaleartier eamp, I haa- 1
ihould be rccalled. a. 'ne objeoH
, nterpriae '?'??'I;
handed ma a telegi 1
MAa w- fundi wera inauflciaat, I 'i *
: | ? . it Bnffalo
. :i t! ?? m 11 ?? ons in 1 ? ? |
,,( Hn aviM' 4-'4'r *t
1 , ,? ro '?? irs ' B1 Niagara Fa'.;- '
., . ed to Kow Vork
?\ , ? Papo ?!' BOW .Irected me to pro
,.,,! io Germany He .a:d he would
arrang* ?'4h Vnn Bernatorff for my I
Through Train Service to
Yellowstone Park,
Gardiner. Mont.
i . i*g
. . ? ? - ? .
Bo?r,li- bigln.1
I .- ? , . -, . i '
4 - . .? "
' .'
> . 4 ' '
? ??
? ? ?? ' ? ? l ' ? 4 1. 4
. a
? a ; ... ra 1 - -
_ - '.'?-'
I BflflF ....
4jr4*Cl'jSa? W ' Morahon. Irf-oorgJ ?4gonl.
i :n BraflMtwaj K, v. < Kj
-.1 a Bomb I- iB KulTalo.
?.' . md Canal
? - . 1 ol |l row
.-.?.. in a
Newton's Bag and Shell
Fonod in Buffalo siation
V \ : I
? I va-1
ich. Harry L. N<
? '
I ... ? , - ? hat nppr-ared to
? ?
44 gi
eyliader end pr tted to?
? ,i- I 'hroe
B'.,i , ? H
vih-. 1., Pi ? rappi I ? ? othiBg.
There waa 1
.' B|
LikcU io Bc Natned Repubii
cans" Choice for President.
\ SO. I.atest returni
? . '
? 1 of tha
indicnte thir Henry Ford lead" Sena'or
petitor, ? ? Preaidi 1 Hai
,' nomn ? ? rotoa. Jtl
tiee CI ighei 11 third.
William J tood to-alght aii
? ?..? | lidatea for delegatei
? r-.tion.
K. ? ? ' ? aa a lead of i .>ar!y I
? in hia coi teat C, W.
I , brothcr 1
Governor. 1
1 rn:d or? Covani, din
-. .? from the hou->e ar 113 or,
116 1 treet, S'ew York, two
i th dynamite. Whether
| 1 do i t know, .i? I aailed
? for Italy. >:'.4-e that time
I La4o had no comruunicat.on with Von
V?n der Goltl appends *o tho fore
taten icta poaail
iportance," including the follow
"li i. rmation, tho a ' which
I have ? i ? ' ;,.ubt. mar..
... ?.?? ' ted Secret
... the mattei from
..... I ?,,. tvat :l ...| in
New Vork, Baltimore bi I I iffalo I
told Von Papi ; ? ' ? men
bad ordera to 44 hreh me, but on no ac
count ti
"Laader 1 I Ball " re, atill ha*
1 the boa of 1 I a portm
giag to 1 I 1 privBte
. agent H
treet ' ?
"I' r ? ? ! ? ? ? I ''rP*
tll Otl I ?
? .'
preaent whi . ? i i n -
i ? . men
other ?
na. Von I
.. Dernbnrg
-,I make ?? ? -? '-?<>??
thal 1
that I a ot to be 1 par
\ that I
am not to be ext I eoui
try w ' ? -? ? ment
? on behalf
f his 1
1*, Nanied bv ion der f.olt/.
The foi!. ? ot "namea of
r Goll
"BUCK, New Yorl '? red paaaport;
?j RiTZEX, eeived and
tr;.- I blaek
??li CKER, N>w Vork Aeqnainted with j
.'-.eme as pr..| ned by
"BI SSl N'ew York Weat to du Poat'i
g- I
??( OV'ANI, ' Aeted a* *"- ,r
-HAI EMAXN, Now *?* of
..... I Terraial
? ' ar. t
II ruct iona froi
??1 | ? "1 ? Re
? pai ' tay
'.? 4 '; .
-\ np| >yea of 1 Luedent
ar.d officen of ship 1 l liBted
with icheme."
Ar. appendii to the paper con
?n:-.:r g ? Foreg f gives
and addi ln von der
Golt z'a notel
"Si h imaeher, I
' iregi b; T. P.
Str? ? ? ' ???- rk a A. 1 ritsen,
'??'. II rai :.
Brook ? - io g
.... ?? ling; Fred
Buaae, 222 Weat
.. .4- 1 843 Weat End
? I. . . paaaport: pard
? ?
"Taoechi r, '..4 '.'? rk V ;ua.r.ted
la and or?
dera foi
"Vob Papi laau
g il - ai .' hief.
[nformod of
plan*: ' tne.
4 Th? aame;
? r\iC* men knew
all at'out ";t.
'0, Now York Made prnrensala;
aapplied Biapa, diagraa ? *. etc.
Stallforth Known Here
as Rintelen's Associate
The re'orer.ro. 'o ".1 GeVBMfl
:n von der i,o!t.-a v ?.?ernent ara m
tonded for the l.omian I'luh, whora
i an.i VOB T'apen livod when in 1
?? 1 citl
l The riwdarich Btallfearth moatl aad
\\ arehouse Employe's Un
consciotis Body Carried
from Building.
Can of Inflammable I.iquid. 1^
nited by Fall, Starts Four
Alarm $75,000 Blaze.
f a 'rn-gA.'.or. oan of
? nflammabla liqu d itarted a
lahed the I
and Warehouae,
525 WTeat Thirty-eighth Street, burned
to d*.v light re, in
iad cauaed Heputy
? ' ?
. tha . . wou
?? i ?
thi arhile trying 1
rsea-ia in a
tion in New Vork Hospita
consc.. ri flremi
f li
in eapreaan
\> h* uninl
Ere ? sdrovc
t parl t thi
? -. i tched
igon and
li >i down for the
itairi ind
| to puah I 1 aee.
. , waa l< aofed ? tb t-* ara
? cr. ard c I of
lad. Born 4
- , . floor
.'iau. acreaming
"J ire," ran up tha Ineline to n
bil I'.orse.
Othera ia the bu Iding ru?ned to the
atabla to get tha ? aaali out, and no
one thougl t of turnii a In aa i ari
\ot until Patrolman Kohler aaw tha
Sg up from
. iding wa< l i 1 ra Departmenl
\|. .- -.<? i ompany
2e; VVilliam S. Arnold, of Book and
and John 1 horaton, of En
n ... cut All were
r. Al. . of he I-ire Do
Lankenau, who went baek to aai
I or '?. tha building
by tba flamee. Ha araa badly burni d
the face a it inaiated
oi gi fl ? nM''
ed John Bi iar.d. who had
.., : . i life to get tha h ?raai
wa. taken from ti.*4 building Ul
after inhaling amoko. Father
splain of 4he F:re Deparl
nriini iterod tha last ntes to the
aa ha lay on tha i dewalk, ?ur
rounded by h bareheaded erowd. He
was taken to tha Now York Ho.pital,
whera bo :-i In a eritical eond I
The e?timated damage ia 175,000.
in the confession as havinp ea.'hed a
check is a Mexiean banker fmtn Parral,
: an ofllee arlth Ai
II tieloy al ' Streat Meloy
and StrallforUB tioth htfure in German
aa aaeoeioUei of Frana von
Rintelen, a member of the tierman
naval arar ataff, wko came to thi-. eoun
..? expreas miaaion, n ag i
i ri--.hi ih ipmi '
of artns and Bmmunition to the X
Meloy '.4' nt abroad laal Augui
? '.ii Rintelen, an.i has
led to thi I ? deral fc-rand jury.
rth has been bdjudged in eon
rt for i ' mawering
.!..:.. i' Ryan ii ;? lawyer, of Buffalo.
. 0 from a bank i;:
Hc i'-.T
, ? informatioi ?u"
erning tha ,">'r' .4 hicl
enl .. played ia I
faii i-i ith rfties here aay hc ia
? any wronpd' .;
? T;cr.i.r menl ron der
authoritiei ; . ? a few weeks
ler G ' i .?mi* here. ai
He is a %4
.... . ? ?
. ? atc of ron
der Gol! ? ?
goi bai k to Italy.
i ? ...
... Cap1
sin von Papen, Captain Tausclur
01 I.- . : . atill at larne.
. lerlti l' - Ger
nan Coi il at 1^. timona. \'or, Pa|
I. voi Pai
er a i ? - '',4r 5-1l 4".. mark! ..- I
'.ir Burth." Browning is commonly
I T-..\ olvo r.
Mallorv Hats
at $3
''ilkzr*ne//? Weatlier
proof, which make-' them
more serviceable.
"Cnvenette" is aacientific
proe'en. that jrives to fab
rica the same qualities
that nature gives to cer
tain birds?the power to
resut moisture.
The illustration shows one
ni' the new soft hats now
being phown in our Men's
Hai Department
Sole New York Agents
Broadway at 34th Street.
Proaecator and DetecMvei t<?
Examine House Cellara.
Ne.\ buri;-.. N V. April - i'
Attornev Her-.ry I rill.iavi
Dorothy Ar , cellai
of the I near
Weat Po:r.'
tho graad
1 : h.m
with all faeta 1
AlthOUgh it --4 a- r. ;
:. |
near Weat Point, rm or . ~. .
I v tnat name.
near weal
1 avfl baaa baried, aecordinj* to
rj will be ingpectegl
ar,- alflaoat
nobile, tn which
*..- taken to
ng ln the v ?
well ta da
The I lead no cre
itatementa con
I ii rotay
\ ?? U , ,i-.e>dav
. 44 ho waa taken
to Hai ifferiag from
. ; not Poro
4 !"-.ort, where
? r:..
M | ?
ed one and
\ ,! and ,'.
?? ol H
44,Mi-.an died.
r% led the fu
rWB at the
Broadway at 34th Street ? ^
Friday and Saturday
Easter Display and Sale of
Men's New Shirts at $1.85
y Any dav of the week, ain week ol the
year, you will find in the Saks Mena Shirt
Shop a moal iinpreaaive display of tlu' verj
newesl shirtinga in an equalh attraetive
ari-a\ of designs and wea*i < v
v We have selected for thia Bpa iai Eaater
sale at $1.85 a most remarkable assortment
of cloths and deaigna of a kind uaually
identifted with Bhirtg sold al higher pri
such aa:
Bahama cloths, ? ri.k.'t i-l<?th.>, ,l;ipan*-?i* h<irn*'
spuns, Scotch zephyr, silk-and-cotton mixturea
and a profusiori of other weaves too tumerous
for deacription.
r Mosl of the modela are soft*cuff negligeea,
but the assortraent "t* Btiff-cuff shirts is guf*
ficienl to insure w ide selection.
C[ Sizea 11 to .>'_?. including 36-inch -!??
If c sfuill continue today and tomom i
the exhibition and sale of
20,000 Worth of Pure Silk Shirts
at$3.65 $4.95 and $5.95
In quality. desigii and ftnish a; fine a collectioii
of shirts as we have yut Bhown.
The designs Include every kind bt <=trfpe pfFect,
and tho weaves compriae broadclotha, crepe il<"
Chinea, charmeuse silk, Tussah silk, poiigee >ilk.
On Sale. and Display today
Men's Neckwear for Spring
at29c 49c 55c 69c and $1
A wonderful showing al each price, in new
and exclusive designs and weavi
Each Bcarf carefully made, with the Saks
Service band attached.
A remarkable offering of
$17.50, $20 and $23
Saks Suits
at $17.50, $20 and $23
The trttth has ttevcr heen
a novelty al Saks*
Our $17.50, $20 and $23 suits for mi n and
young men an $17.50, $20 and $23 re*
Those are <<\\r pr i t other stores
would ask for suits of the sj racter
we don't know, Imt we do know tha! there
are n<> other suiis of this eharaeter at the
same prioi s.
We have j j 111 into these popular**] i ? I
suits the talent and resources of a tailor
ing organization which knows Xew \ork
and its style preferences like a book.
We have curved the waiatlinet, individ*
ualized the cuffs, rolled the lapela and rut
the vests, .is they never before were
curved, individualized, rolled, or cut al
$17.50, $20 and $23!
.\ik1 u<- have tailored them in fabrics which
are just as mneh ahead <,r" thi average in
eharaeter as the modela are ahead of the
average in cut.
Broadway at 34th Slroet **

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