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DONT lot unyhody tell you that there nre
m in thii eoui
V.r i k__f prrtcr .1 to be n democrat t>
IfOttldnl droam of tl ?
? r.ny lUCh
icvo it. V\
'. h.>r.est-to-goo,r
? People. Like
I certain l
-jjner thal lel thorn apart from hoi poUoi.
Y_?o may nOi hope or even wilh to bl i
them, haA i J_n | ** ? ??
h?t? ? sneaking fon.!- them.
ftaatothi ?** i?f .wctkmai *__-_'?
h_M o- 1 r ;: ptriodkel?out ?
-last?ar.d let u ftudy them together.
Con-i' .'?". for example. thia nutomobil.
wherein ? gildod youth leani ul
Mrinf wheel of his
v. in front of ?
crutiniu that young man nnd then
. imagine him eaming his Of
llo inherited his mo.u y. aml
? ugh some prominent oi
,vn as thi
i to an nrdaom
in and out of douhle
ppr ? advorti.'-ement
?hem the easy jourr
nr 4>f tho
;rivc if it
iri, hnppy
Not ;n tno '
? ? acos
quiet country Lyway.
thc very
? ? .. tually
inywhire. ? rmn
' ?
r four
- all. They are all fair,
It j*. '? ? ment that
form-' .mpus Kut Norfolk could he
worn only Men. promptly
? .ry of tho c(>?npany, or, if worst
: purchasing agent.
you mn\ 'in in
'See on Wl g ng nt of
w upon tl
wondering wl
ton, pateh
p ft roll eb' ret of his
of any rrragp." r 4'ard will hring
? ruth: that thi one thing thi
iyi war with a
The ordinary necktie
re, but
i tennis rackefl the
ithout. In
t of p'.'r
? rf
Why |
"Whr- '
nd a half ounces."
?iquirc a flfteen and a quarter
? nt that the Better Port usu?
ally w. ar 4jrith a cllar Is a smoking jacket
are pleasanter than to come ln
I hard day's work at tho directors' meet
M_d smoking jackct,
n into a nice, cli bieh,
? lifel
? '
No man may aspire to a union suit
who does not employ at Icast
one Japanese valet.
? >.4, to think of the Man Who Knows on
re of his thirtieth lurthday saying to
, I've woni every collar on the market
.n41 my fling. Time to step out, I guess.
fOUngCT chap a chance."
Then, with n itifled sigh, hi unbuttons the
old Bunkhunt for the last time. and M dis
n from tho advertising section forever
lt is in tho underwear section that the plain
man \ his most dishoartoning rebufT.
's obrioufl enough that no mai. may nspire
to a union rai. who does not employ at least
alet, to say nothing of an under
I utler to brinir ii the morning's soft boiled
epp; on a silver tray. Probnbl] righl now some
ir-old future ('ra-.su; is dreaming of tho
when ho will own a houseful of Mrranti
Your truo adr.ristocrat certainly fails for the
union suit. He loves to put it on nnd then have
Tol.a help him on and ofT with hil bathrobe.
He loves to woar it in the library*. whither the
ren, toltefully clad in thcirs, toddle to beg
?. to 1.ounce them on hil knee, while
? t, slipping into hers, beams approval.
ther enjoyi taking it off nnd holding it
? the light, to show you how porous it is
And, dearest of all. the midnight hour, V4.her
??> the qniet living room, there
to musc before fb.> blazing logs. .-hi- in :
imoking the doar old jimmy pipi ind wearing
tho fi' ar old sanitary. floeci lined, one-piece
one commodity whose use in the
tiling section is not strictly confmed to
Ihe M.n Who Count. That oomirrodity is to
: derotOM nre of two distinct types.
Kirst, there ls the sturdy man of the people,
who .'rio'r.s a pipo. He is gotting along in
denied wealth or formal
"schoolin'," he would term it, in his
Dl he has a pretty wit. none the
. ..?- to gather a congeninl little
party arour.d him and explain to them, in
homely, pithy phrasos, just why he considers
r*i Delight thi; best smoking tobacco
on the market. A bit garrulous, mnyha;
?.hat ovcr-.-iv.-n to slang, but, by and
large, a sterling fellow.
I.et us turn, 1 ;. ?-.' y of eontrast. to the usors
r nioro we are among the
I Men. They are all here?yachts
adrnirals, l.ings
? !! .Iresser i I An jack of
them, their tait nipoiled by
? ? own i igarettx-s:. They
'hem in embassies, in palaces, in hotel
? tl baiMpieto, aboard yachts and
tlagships, in fair weather or foul, .in sickness
and in health, in dead ealm or hurrir'-me. I1"
mocraey can show no fairer Fight than thnt of
Moulders of Destlny spilling tobacco to?
gether in the foyer of the Metropclitan Opera
It was polnted out at the bf>ginnlng of this
monograph that freedom from tho ehaekle
of convention is one of the marks of the Real
Thing. 1 rorn this test the ndaristocrnts
emergl ti iumphant. Their manners and their
?peech ar.- their own.
Probably th.ir chiof characteristic is a ccr
i;ijr, ? . ? ment of their own poss<
like to show you their jcwelry, their
Unless You Do, You Can't Hope To He One of
"The People Who Really Matter99?Turn to the
Advertising Section of Your Pavorite Peri
odical and See if It Isn9tSo?Also, if You
Would Be a "Leader of Men99 You
Must Roll Your Own Cigarettes
and Wear Kampus Kut
Lounge Suits.
i-iothing, thi>.r houscs. and tell you how nnub
_or, rather, how aarprisingly little then
things cost. They are given to turning articl.'
upaidl down, ?r insidl OOt, in order to prove to
you that these nrticles are tbe gi nuine trade
marked itO-f, nn.i I heap iniitati.'ii.
When nn adaristoi at dines '"it, be :) r
nothing <>f loirlng t'; boot playfallj pooi
water on tbe dining room table. thereby
demonstratb.g the remarkable non-blistering
rs of tire VS nl b nr.'l tbe guest's legS;
and he is prepared rbeerfully t" rrawl under
the Davenport, to see for hfaneelf the manu
fncturer's name brnnded on thc framewo, k.
All their little ways show dollghtfal freedom
from constralnt. No *mly sdaristocratie girl
Hl -Mary. my dear, these nre eertainly thi
! Wt BisCttitl whieh you ever baked! However
did you ever lOCCeed in making them so de
lightfnlly Light end Toothioinet
She 0 John, I Knew you would like them!
I baked them all myieli by the nai of JOBCO.
the famous Self-Stirring Blscoit Batter, manu
faetured by the Jones Haking Co., Inc, _.7''1
1'ostelthwaito Boulevard, Waukesha.
Their ChOd Aged Two?O yc, l-'avver!
Muvver Myi that JOBCO is th*> best Self
Stirring Biscuit Batter on the market because
been proven by chemical analysis that
JOBCO contains 4 791-949 per cent less free
than any other of the cheap and inferior
On the very brink of the Gra
thinki twice of ihoarina joa what emasing
. ean bc put into a pair of ,'O-cent lisle
gs. Indeed, the younger adarlstocratic
Ml while away many a long winter evening
romparing hosiery. Indoor aocker. they call it.
Nor do they mind debating tho underwear ques?
tion. ln fact, you muRt be careful. when going
out of an evening, to wear the right make and
weight (ft union fiuit; otherwise, all thc other
puest* at the ball are likely to stop dancin**
and ga'her around to rrtako grmc of you, play
fully wanting to know why you prefer to swel
ter in those awful thlngs, Instead of wearing
thin ones, like thelre.
In speech, these Best People are a trifle
nvr r-fnrmal. One almost wishes thnt they
might unbend a bit now and thrn. Their ron
versation, though fiuent, is comewhat limited
ln choiee of subjects. Their children, however.
are astoundingly precocious. A typbal fnmily
rhnt runs nbout as follows :
id Canyon, eating luncheon.
?nbltitntel with whieh the market is A
In disposition these folk are impeccable. It'
a clnch you can't pack a grou.-h and beloug
to the advertising set Any little thing pleases
them. They go Into spasms of joy over their
morning rereal; they elap their hands with glee
over a patetlt clothes wringer; tho arrival of
? ttOOh cake of laundry Fnap brightens th.ir
whole day. They smile as they munch their
lKvornu chewing gum, as they try out their
latest safety razor, aa they operate their
ridiculously low-priced vacuum rleaw.
A simpl-'-hearted, cheery lot, with their
hearts on their sleeves, always hursting with
glad surprise, always being littlo sunshines.
1'xcept, of course, when they have been stung
by accepting some Cheap and Inferioi- Substi
tute. Then the iky darkena But they Mon
rally, nnd Demand thi Genuine; and lo! once
more the sun eotnei forth nnd thc little bird"!
into song.
After all's said and done, a tennis
racket's the thing no gentle
man would be seen without.
Centaamad from pagn fhta.
:".-. k iteeiad famously. For a time they
awam against the damp gray stream of cloud,
their eyes fixed tensely on the compa.-s an.l
leromi terj for here these two delicate in*
itromenti were tlieir only help. They would
have lost their way if they had looked out into
the cloud mist
Then StefTeck choked the motor. At the
same moment they heard the smothered re
porti of guns.
Glidlng carefully, Steffeck sank deeper. Now
the under surface of the cloud bank was
reached. Btowly the earth emerged from the
gray and took form. Right undi r the shelter
offering cloud rim Steffeck jjuided the ma
. -ao that Wegehaupt had time to make
I urther obeervstioni,
The whole widespread battlefield lay be
neath them. with ita woods and hills, its vil
lagei and roads, cut through by | glistening
river to the far spaees of the horizon. On the
i rown hills the other side of tho river the sun
rays lay golden.
Suddenly Wegehaupt detected the march of
ths enemy. DarLi-h, s.-arcely di.-tinguishable
lines moved on the roadways. pushing slowly
trward the northwest. There?-there?and
there. On all the roads he saw the enemy'*
II.- gazed through the glass. Dirootly under
them he noticed an ant-like stirring of agitat
id men. By the short trousers and Noo
jackets be judged them to be Zouaves. They
had leen the machine. An entire eompany ap
peared to bc shooting upward. But their shots
did not reach.
A wild satisfaction rioted in his blood. He
felt the thousands of eyes which now rested
sngrily upon him. The lust of destruction, of
slaughter, came over him. He reached for a
bomb, Intending to send ft through the dis
iharge tube down on the human swarm below.
Just then his eyes caught the distant rail
load blidge spanning tho river. Like a llash
the thought camo to him: "Save your bombs
for it!" He reached for tbe SfTOWl instead
rr.d scattered a handful of those pointed ste.-l
rods, much as Jupiter hurls his thundcrbolts.
On the earth her.eath. Then hc turned his tield
glass downwerd.
A bit!" be exclaimed. Down there the
ZoaaVM were :cattering wildly. TWO, three,
bodies iay fiat on the ground. The machine
Ircjran to jerk. Before and behind it appeared
the familiar whitx- shrapnel cloud.-. On all
sides thi> shells exploded. It was with diffl
culty that thc ear caught something of the re
jrorts of ihe guns ? it was only a hollow mur
mur like that of the distant sighing of a forest.
Wegehaupt was calm again. ( old-bloodedly
he uketched in on his map tho probablo
strength of the enemy on the various roads.
From time to time he gave Steffeck the diree?
tion. When he finished his ohservation. they
vanished Into the shelter of the clouds, to ap?
pear again in another place and continue their
work of espionage.
NOW Weaehaupt was ready. He fidgeted in
his narrow aeat Uke th" tehoolboy oa ? beneh
who has flnished his lesson. Hi-* eye sought
again thc distant bridge. There it was.
"The railroad bridge!" he eiied to Steffeck.
The latter nodded and corrected his dire.
t:on. Then he drove the machine in a mad
curve into Ihe clouds. For fully ten minutes
they flew with strained nerves. Soon they
mrnt reach the bridge. Wegehaupt looked
'.restioningly at .!-.>< k. The latter fdov. ??
i rought the machine down in a spiral. There
? > Um right, about thm kilometrc.. stood the
oridge. SoOB they bovered direotly over it.
"N'o'v keep cool!" thought Wejr'haupt.
If he could or.'y destroy this connection. - >
important for the enemy.
The sentir.els patrolling the bridge had seer*
them and givrn the alarm. Almost at once
iwo aornp'ir l ted with machine gjnv
go. into action and rose from a neighboring
nrteadoW. There was no ti:rr. to lose.
Wegohaup*. graiped a bomb. Now he stood
< ver the middle span of the hridge. He let the
bomb fall. Both foOewad :f WHft their eye*
for what seemed a mail eternity. Then a*
last a his-i: " :'>.v.\ng iron had plungcl
i tn ireb r. ked under. The hridg.
stood nnhan
He bit hil lipi ?'?? 4.' appointment. The bomb.
driven out ef ':'< eourn by the wind, had faller.
mto the riv-r thirty feet from the structui-e
I-rom below thi Krench fired steadily. The
machine, ifauting in the wind, lay only about
.".00 feet alove the earth. A ccple of bullets
penetrated the [
?'N'o use. We must get back." Steffe4 k
.-houted about the ttlinor of the motor.
The hostile aeroplanes w."-e getting danger
OUlly near. Yet a mad ohstinacy posse-^ee
Again the double-decker described a circle
V,'rgehaupt reached for the seeond bomb. He
droppid it somewhat further to the right in
l rder to r.eutralize the interference of the
v. ind.
The apparatM reare.l and recovered. In
the bridge I deft appeared through whieh the
water n ..' i I ?? scei:. Two arehes were com
pletely .!"? tn yed.
"A hit"' .xc.aime.l Wegehaupt jubilantly.
One of the enemy's maehinoi had disap
Tl'.e neond had risen above them and
begun to tire. Steffeck lecognlwd the danger
ar.d uruvo his own aeroplane higher. Now
they came again into the clouds. He turned
the head around ar.d iteered a northeast
course. Bomewardl The wind, whieh should
have been with them now. had turned against
them. Tho machine seemed to be struggling
airainst hundreds of hands. whieh gripped it
fait and parah'7P.I its motion. The cloud?
iwept by them and the machine seemed to be
-tanding a!mo-t <.:i Wegohaupt'r head be
can to ache.
"Forward-! Gott im Hin.mel, forwards!"
ISka ? steersnian in a small boat he began
to strain forward with his body. But he soor^
itopped to li_at_ . to the motor. It elattered a
little an.l thr'w out sparks. Slowly the spee.l
register sank. Perhaps the machine was hang
mg back. Care' "ly Steffeck iteered upward
Cod be praiso.I! The motor recovered itself.
They breathed again.
Steffeck coolly attenrptcd. now going higher.
now sinking lower, to tind the most favorable
flying zone. Now he .rent deeper. But they
had come within the range of the (.erman bat
teriee. Under them earth fountair.i played.
?pitting ^hrapnel into the air. Up again. It
seemed to them that they ought now to be
ahout twenty-five kilometres from their start
ing place.
Then it eame?the ineomprehensible. It a'1
happened in less than a minute.
To the east. hardly 2,000 metres before therr.
and N0 netrei higher. they saw _. hostile bi
plane beeting rapidly down on them.
"I_ook out. Steffeck!" crie.l Wegehaupt,
Already through the din of the motor he
heard the eraekling of merhini gun fire. Shots
hailed about them. He ducked deep in*o ihe
earroMeie to cover himself?and to get his
carbine. Then he Mt the machine tilting.
Wegehaupt tried lo straighten himself out
tried to reach toward the steering gear. But
there- there was another steer^man. Motion
|_H ?? behind the dead Steffe .-_k sat a strange
passenger. He turned his head around, tried
to call: "Steffeck." But the latter hung with
his body over the steering apparatus. From
under his helmet trickled a thick Btreftk of
Oh, yes! He knew the other now?the m?n
?,ut of his dreams. Over the whita. frontal
bone and the empty eyes he wore a mask. But
about thc naked jaw was that sinister expren
:' mockery. And now the two long hands
ton the steering apparatus out. The ma.'hine
plunged iti la..t plunge into thc depths.

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