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,0C\,] U.N T?) DAY; TO MORRO*V
rm v4 t winds
, 4. attmH tm I
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Voi.. TA\Vr....\o. 25,383.
l? -r.ri.iri i?i?_
The Trihune 1..n |
MONDAY, MAY .r,, 1M6.
a ?
ln New Vork Tltr. >ew?rl?. ier*** l H
<t 11..1,.._??- Wiewheri T?? <*?li.
Obregon Moves to Crush Villa Bandits
3,500 CHEER
Women and Men Sob
Tribute to Those Who
Died in Tower.
Link Pearse and Plunkctt
with l.mmct and Mcagher
_20O0O Turned Away.
- -? ?nd women.
? -u'.atcd
H - with those
.' * *..hcr.
???.: |
tha fteefl mrn exe?
wHs a Ul
>i!e in Ire
]t,d . ? I rr\errnce
r?'d wittli tl
bort day? a? a repub
leadrr an
Upor me Rule
' ies, and
ruhli'-. -
. lauae ihrit the chairman ?
in c-hecking
:?(. nnn rvn rd Idnlaaioa.
on, did
n. At
? on thr platform all
thr Supreme Court
? Kain
? . '"..re the Bll
h j_roa: rr.fii. white
ir n-as epread oret ? lable
? 'he Dublii
?hc revolu
? '.mp appl
? the flatr h.-,
? Donovan I
. hv Fatrick
? I ftas Wai
volume when 'he orrhr.tr?
train," and
i Stil
Thronc Denoon. en ."ircotinn.
rbcrt, the rnTipn..r, intro
the chairman
ire uaheril .
feet ,
m_rmor_f of rh ti h
ly d Memory of the Dead "
*?. dictmenl ot Ei rland'a ;
? ng the revolut ion lead
rrmderer. themaelvea
honorab'.." wei .lohn .1. :
? .
byi r t was:
... .-?.'? ro the
? d fiiuhrr eon
etiont he.
?nd Ireland,
miaaion of
. - thernaelvr-. can he
eh genera
and eleral
of thc
demand. in the
I of Ireland, hut
of h In ar.v
fhm of paeifleation wMeli rnav
even ? ? ' Ireland,
'ball be aceordi eiirtd lfc?
the pollti
rai ei whi.h it shall
the reaolutlone.
adopted by thia m.e'mtr shall hc sub
Kev \ ..??,-?
?hem will he inirlted to
me and place to be
LMn Prjiaea Ireland.
Mtt. \\> red here to Ua
H our worda to
tbe ar- ? raee that
r?n held ? lutelj and
H treraendo thoae
whn-h are the hi_.hr * * :
f?n ha.. .hr ideali ?f liberty and
"We are Rathered i<> tjmpt
ee who ??
whieh we
??Jer ai i te ?
ot only dl . ' '?*. ot thohe
then to death
4- inltnoed on i>?_ie t. ealnaaa t
Saw Frenzied Countess
Lead Sinn Fein Rebellion
AuaSlr.ilian Doctor. Arriving from Gallipoli Via Dublin. Dr*
acribei His Six Day.s of Siec'r* in Hotrl
in Irish Capital.
A frr'/irri woman on Ore with rebel?
lion. with a brace nf roTolvrr.^ strapped
04rr ihe man's uniform ?4h?? worr as
she headed h rnnli of Sinn Fein rioters
snrping throuph Stenhrns (irern, Dub
lm. urgmp them to battlr thi* is thr
picture of ('ountrss Markievic*, thc
Irish rehel leader, drawn yeaterday hy
I'r. Ceeil (, MrAdim. of Mrlhournr,
Australin, whon hr arrived on the
stramship Philsdalphla. Thr doctor
??4 onr of eight? puests hrsirgrd for
?il days in the Botel .' rdhnurnc, Pub
I'or.ing throuph nr.* of thr holrl
Window*, ita glass i,rikttrred by the hail
of bolletl and it* casements riddled
with lrad. he saw the rehel countess
lradmp tve aMack.
Her lradrrship. the doctor learnrd.
Tirerr.n. |n one night of wild
i'.phting, he w^s, tol.l. she shot down
hrr own followers for disobry
ing hrr ordrr*.
I.allipoli Safe hv ( nmparisnn.
I'r. MrAdam is Trturning on gick
leave afrrr MfTiee arith the r'ntish
Royal Mrdical Corps in thr Gallipoli
campaign. He drclarrd that he had
more imrrow rscapcr in thc Irii-I cap?
ital than at thr front.
ng first broke out the
doctor va* walkin;* in one of I'ublin'
01 ho iaw dozem
Persistenl Prodigal in Cell for
1 rying to Prove Tics.
ita at thr hnrrio o f T .1
alandar, attornej *'"! man
I'ahmrlandrr aststea h". a
?"?il dreeeed man, 44!>o Inal ted ha "??
nf *4|i. Rbinelai ted ia
thr arrct of 'hr w nu 1.1 bo pro.ligal yes
aftrrnoon. Tho man in tl >rd bil
.1 Rliinrlandrr, hut etViend
.?I this claim with tho name of Ignatilll
Karroll whrn a"ko.| for further identi
rell, who has heen living at th*
ncnta Hotel for a few weeka, ba
? p?n '- Rhinelander home
tl COI d Streel -o\eia!
I da\ s apo. When Rorranl ref
j admit him he ulni-'.l notrs undei
1 <ioor iii whieh hr voieed hi? claims in
. a jumhlr of verso and prOOl
Yi iterday afternoon ho made 1
. niar afl rall and iraa n< l with
rgulai hf?ornonn rrbu'T Half ai
j hour Rhinelander
j down ne. He ha
far when Farrell accosted him. In
of robuT he refuaed to depan.
A polireman 4vas called nnd ' "<>k Kar?
roll to the 1
In thi I Might < OUrt Farrell
Ity to a rhaipr of dieorderly
|conduct and wai loeked up pending aen
tonco this moriiinp.
Rarrymoro to Rear Expenses fnr
Prison Production of Play.
"Juatiee," John lialsworthy's prison
play, with John P.arrymore, 0. P. Hff*
pio and the rntiro eaat, will he pre
sented in Sinp .^ing piison chaprl nthor
_ wrek or two weeks from to-day. Th?
sugprstion came from hfiai Madeline
/ I ... .-,1 the heads of the Mutunl
Welfare League, and has thr approval
of WardeH Kirehwoy. Thr i-crnery for
thr production Will be madr hy the
prisor' ?
.-.\oral wrrk* apo thr "Juatiee" cotn
pat'.v paid a visil to Sing Sing and met.
of the inmates. A- .. 1'iricheon
rard - pri on prodoetion was
ted hut berau.e of thr linv'a
- tha ehapel plotforai tha r"r
formanee aeemed Inapoaaible.
. . ? tera, menihors of the
Mutual Welfan I.eague. then came fnr
arith the offer to ,-onstruot thr
f.ir every set but tho rrll
srene Two performances wil) have to
'.?, _...?,,. ?..,. ai 10 h. m. and one at
2 ., ,? ha tha ehapel "m' holdi ono
half tho number of mmatei rhe ea
pense of tranaporting tho ?*o?PH,iy ?"d
building tho roll eena will be borne
r. Barrymore.
Queen's (ommissioner Will LIfl
Ran on Anglcrs.
Catchiag eee'a dinner with hook -nd
,i,- eit] park- may become n
mt |f tr-e oxporimrnt abou
t0 he made at Kieeena Tark il
li.l Park < ommissioner Wcir of
Qurrns will prrnnt f.shinp thei. on Ihe
Hturday of Mav, .luno. July an.l
August, brtwren eighl o'cloch in th*
morning and six in tho rvoning. If thc
stock of tish survtvo* theaa atteffca thr j
oprti season may bo rxtrnded.
DoritBg tho last aia years .",0.000
trout have beon plaeed in the lake.
Anglera **ho have brrn tantal.-ed by
thr ti'hri-' an us arr .onvincrd they '
will Bghl ' | ? ,n,% fir5t hook;
i he troul aro ir
rapidly that the park au
thoritiea are eonvineed they will long
r? 'ho monthly tishinp da
ln additioti tO thr trout thorr arr
many per. h. hullheHil- and sunnsh mj
the Kisbcna Taik lake.
of tramcar drivers descrt their potts.
Iravm;; their car4i standinK iri the
strrctr. Moat of thrm ran toward the
riot centre, drawiag rrvolvers an they
ran. Thc car> wrrr many of thrm used
lntcr as barricadcs.
"I jrot back to my hotel juat in time."
the doctor said "Thcrc were ahout
eight.. goeata there, amonp them, l
think. tWO Amcrican ar...rr. I do not
rcnirnihrr thnr nanirs.
"I or six daya we were hes-.eped hr
?' thr rrt,. is, and da.ri._g thr beight of
thaa Rghting 44err under ronsta^
The windOWl wrre shot ont. and aev?
eral timrs the rebels trird to net tire
to thc hotel.
Countea* Armed. in Male llniform.
"(ountess Markievic. seemed to he
' leadnijr thc revolt. 1 saw her myself
dreaaed ui mrn'r. clothea, somethinj.
like a uniform. ordennp the rebel at
' tnrk. Shr had two hrg revolvrrs
strapprd on.
"We -aw tha burmnjr of Sackville
Streel a terrible = rpht. but one of
awful beauty at night A gnnboal gO<
up the river mm f8r an the Custom
Houae. and I iratehed it ahelling Lih
rrtv Hali. Thr destruction was trr
"Thry took many of the wounded to
ai monactery near our hotrl. I man
1 acrd to pet out abnu' the fourth or
fifth day of the fipht ng and *et over to
hrlp r.tiirr physinair = 4vith the wound
cd. Oen ar the mor.astery 4vr wrrr
conatantl] expoaed to nre. t came
tO death thcrc morr times than
I 1 did a*. the Gallipoli front."
New Minister to Mave Ab
soltite Control of Distri
bution and Prices.
Berlin, Mav 14 Thr "Korlnisrhe Zei
tunj." anriouncrs the impendinp ar
ment Of a "fond dietator" to tske
( harpe of and control all IMttera mn
.-. mlng food in thearnipire.
The newspaper snys it is to hr a?
sumed that thia riew "food mmister"
la to have abaolute control of the dis- '
itribution and pricrs of all foods, tn as
to equalixe matters Bid rrlievr a sit
uatlon hy whieh at present the larpo
citiea are sufTerinp at the expenae of
i the countr.
In an editorial the "Korlnische 7.ei
.-?? jreleoiriea the proposed plan. It
ratea that it has no connectionj
with thr retirement of f'lrmrn
; brueck. M niater of the Interior.
?\mstrr.lam. Mav 14. Thr prrmirrs
I and finanre miniaten of all thr federal
Istatea ln Germanjr will meet in Berlin
Monday in order to come to foma de
1 cission repardinp new taration. Their
j dchberationa, _| is undrrnood, will
: laet two daj a.
Bodies of Four of French Bai
loon's Crew Recovered.
Toulon, May 14. A diripible balloon ,
, whieh pas.-ri] hrre recrntlv from Paris
fell into the ^rB 0ff the Sardinian coast.
Ihe n. persrur-i aboard all appear to
havr pertr-hed.
Ihr Itiilian authonties sent a res
party whieh recovered four
bodiei rheee have hren brought here
by a 1 rencb warship.
- -
Berlin Publishes Ofticial f igures
for April.
Rerli.i. May 14. An offinal announrr
ment ieaaed to-day aaya that during
April. ninrty-rix hostilr merchantmen
of __26,00() tons havc been sunk bv ('er
man and Auatro-Hunganan submarines
or mincs.
< onditM.n- S.itisfa.tnrv Despite Re?
ports of llrhellion, Sa>r4 Simla ln?|i.iirh
Ottawa, Mav 14. Thc internal affairs
of India daapite report.. of rebellion, 1
niiit.nv and b'oodHhed. havr rrmamed
prrfectlv aatiafaetorT, aaya a Reutcr
dispatch from Simla.
Peace reigna on thc border, and et
repl for ordmarv polioa affaira, thr
hupe population of India la tranqvil
and nol nnproaperoue. Recruitinr con
? .i eapecially amonp thc Jat
,tam and Puniah liahomota
Find Caddie Shot to Death.
j R.dprwood. N.J. Mav !*? Thebullet
riddled body of Attilio Valcnte. a n.ne
toea vcar-oM caddie rmployrd by
Joeepfl Muchell. profaaaional polfer. at
thc Ridpewood Country Club, was
found ifl <he rear of h.s boarding
h.,,1 a ia Hamilton Araaoa, Glen Rock.
two milea from here tutrly yaaterday
mornina PI
? erowd of Italiai ^ -' '"?rb>'' wno
vay the* found Valente' eouaii
thr body with a Run ifl his hand. < ov
rnnp thr men and thrrarenmp to kill
anybodv who came near him he es-j
taped. thc> reported.
Permanent Organiza*
tion Sought by
Leaders of March
Sherrill Says Million Men
Will Not .Spring to
Arms at Oncc.
Mary men had manr minds yester?
day as to juc' wha' the < itizens' F're
parcdness I'arade of Saturday meant,
hut on one thing the chief*, of it were
aprred. That was that thrre was no
rnmfort in It for William Jennings
Bryan'a famous dictum about a million
men springing to arms for the defence
of the country bc'wccn sundown and
Tho parade, hy the vrry labor it took,
proved aveh t.ilk lo Ire mere politieal
bn h. said I'harlrs H. Sherrill, its mai
trr organircr. Koger W. Allen, execu
tive secretarv. -.mrorj a similar \iew,
?aying it proved it would take monthi
to train men in a military sense.
At the same time, the firet eoncrete
move to give permanrney to the force",
organized to handle the marrh so that
they .hould be ava'luble for national
defence wa. announeed hy l.eorge T.
Wilaon, second vn-e-president or the
Kquiiahla Life Insurano* l ompany. He
? 'I hv, diviaion had formed an in
auranre prepaiedness club, of which he
had hron ohosen rhaT-,an. A rom
mitter ot' t)\e has heen appointed to
perfer-t plans for the orpani/ation arith*
in tw o a oeks.
I rgr-s I arger Orpan.ration.
i hatidler R. I'lifford. .-hairtnan of the
reeeption eommittee of tho denonatra
l '..?-. 4. ? - ? er, adl nrating the
formatlon of tho whole executivc ai
ganization of thr parade, rrpirsonting
all trade-, businrsses and pmfessions,
on a prrmanent hasis Ho pointed out
tho tremrndnus power in tho hand* of ,
Mieh n body throuph tho ina*. of 111
fonnatiori it gathered indioatinp the
loyalty or di loyaltj of Now forh ?"iti
?. r n ~.
"liiio hundred and seventy mrn pot
tngrthrr the parade," hr said. "Its
moi'hanical preparation neeeaaitated the
thorough canva*s i.f the -evrnty-three
trades, induatriea and professions rep
ted. In doing so we not only dis
eovered thoso who wera enthtuieetie
and loyal, but those who wero BOf. Wo
know whether lirma ar.- pro-Allj-, pro-1
(irrman or juat puro Amenran.
"In thc tirst plaee, the coni-orns were
aaked for li*ts of names of their 0111
ployes. A lottor was written them. and
when thero was no respon*e, they were
viaited. Word was brought bark to the
organiaer that such a man was no good,!
that such another had no use for it, or j
that anotho- was an enthusiast.
"Whon >o'i saw the parade you saw1
only the targible evidence of six week*'
worh of these mrn, bu' the most val
uable srrvire they ha\e given this eityl
la tho organiration of a force of men
4vho ean, if called upon, tabulate the,
sentiment of almost avtTJ rni* 1 in averv
"There are Kuropean governments
who would reoognizo su.h ai. organiza- |
tion as of a value t.ryond calrulation.
The ranvass was thorough and the <l_ta,
atatiatiea and detailed information ob
tained are o fthe atmoat value te Now
York, bacanaa 4shat wo did diaewver
was where the unqueslionable loyalty
is and whore thr rnthusiasts are.
Pil> to Waste Power.
"It wmild ho a pity to allow this val?
uablo powrr and mass af information
in tiie hands of these mrn to be lost.
A movement has already been started
for a dinnrr. It oceuri to mo, and po*
sible to others, that that should be
madr tha OCCaaion for fortaing a prrina
nont orpani'.ation to prrserve and make
availahie tho information *? have for
tho cit 4
He added 'hat the organizers had a
hard time fcecpmg politirs out of the
marrh. and that thrre wore ?o many
efforti ri4Hiie by lome Intereata to make
p?rtisan use of it that they beranir
afra d to gn to lunch or be seen walk
ing on the _treet with a politieia.i who
happrned to be a friend. Another dif
r .-iiity thoy had to right was the su_
pinon of many that W'all Street or
some "htdden subtie motive not 111
view" was behind the movement. Not
more than $10, he said, was allowed lo
eoaaa from any one source.
In a statemeni last night giving hil
rmpressions of the demonstration, I'olo
f mil inue.l 011 i'4|f
roliimn 1
Declares France Wil!
Fight Until Foes
Admit Defeat
Stability of All Europe
Necessary, President
Tclls War Refugees.
Nancy. May 14. President Pomrare
in an address here to-day rrspond.d to
Germany's declaration regardmg peace
contained in tha German reply to the
American nofe.
"France doea not want ('ermany to
tender peace," said the President, "but
wants her adversary to ask foi peace."
The President then made known
elearly the only kind of peace whieh
would be arceptable to France. The ad
dress ?i4 drlivcred before many Lor
rame refi_gee?, to whom the Pres uent
after expressing his sympathies and
renewing promises of protection, said:
"France will not expose her sons to
the dangers of new aggressions. The
(entral Kmpires, haunted by remorar
for having brought on the war and ter
rifted by the indignation and hatred
they have stirred up in mankmd. are
rrying to-day to make the world believe
that the Allies alone are responsible
for the prolonjration of hoatilit-es a
dull irony whieh will deeeive no one.
"Neither directly nor .ndirectly have.
our enemies offered us peace. Rut we
do not want thrm to effer it to us. Wc
Wanl 'hem to ask it of us. We do not
want to suhmit to their conditions. We
want to imposr ours on thrm. W e do
not want a peace whieh would leave
impcrial Germany with the power to
reeommence thr ??r nnd krep Fumpr
eternally meaaaad. We want prac
whieh recri.es from rrstored rights
serioij-. puaran'ers of ro,uilihnum and
"So long as that prace is not assured
to us. so long a? our enemies will not.
rerogni/.e themselves as vanrjuished, \4 e
will not cease to tight."
President Poincare told the rrfugres
that thry were only a small number of
the victims of invasion; these wer dis
tnbutrd in all parts of thr country.
and there was r.ot a department that
um- net aholtoring thousands. Bvery
where they were waiting with ealmeon?
fldenee the hour of deliverance.
?-? -?
Believe He Should Win Honor
for Keeping U. S Neutral.
Wrrra TV.a Tr4t"in? F> -,
Washington, May 14 Friends of
Tresident Wilson believe that he ia in
line for the Nobel peace pri.e of $40,
000, if it should be awarded this year.
The prize waa not given laat December
because of the war. Supporters of the
President's candidacy point out *hat
since December he has passed through
sevrral of the most difftcult crisrs ever
faced by the I'nited States and has
kept thr laat great neutral from join
ing thr eonflict.
Pursued and Brouj*-*!.! Down by
British Warships.
l.ondon. May 14. Thr destruction of
another Zeppelm is reportrd in au Kx
change Telegraph dispatch from Co?
lt ia said the Zeppelm was brought
down off the west coast of Norway and
that three British destroyera went in
pursuit ol it.
Four U. S- Submarines Enter Port.
Four L'r.rted States submarines,
under the eseort of the monitor Talla
ra?srr kr\i\ a torpedo boat destroyer.
brriTed here vesterday from Hampton
Heywood Broun
A lot of baseball fans who never before were inter?
ested in the theatre atarted reading dramatir. rritictsms
last frtll because Heywood Broun quit reporting games
to wtite reviews. And a lot of playgoers. who never
before followed sports, began to pay attention to them
this winter when Heywood Broun uni* back to his nrst
love, as The Tribune's -Sporting Ir.ditor.
lf you never beeame acquainted with his whimsical
style through either rneans. to day is a good day to start.
I lis ".Sport or Thereabouts" appears every Monday
morning. Just turn to the back page?now.
tThc Rribune
First to Last?the Truth: Sens?F.a'itorials?Ae'iertisements.
Vtimbir of ihi Au.it B.riau of ' ir, a'.?u_oi
tl Paso, Tex.. May 14 ?
As ,i result of two incendiary
fire*., an hour apart, at Fort
Biiss last night. army posh
and stations along the border
were on their guard to-day.
Three cavalry stables.a store
hou?e. three horses and some
tents were destroyed. lt was
said thal there was no at?
tempt on the ammunition
house. The storehouse, where
the hrst (ire occurred, eon?
tained some machine guns.
Two other firrs of recent
occurrence have been of sus
picious naturr. At the lield
ba?e at ( olumbus, N. M.,
about $700 worth of hay was
destroyed. Two weeks ago
the f.| Paso Country Club
house, not far from Fort
Bliss, burned to the ground,
with a loss of $35,000.
Begins Distribution of In
creaaSed Forces Along
Mexican Border.
San Antonio, T>x.. May 14. General
Funston bogan eonsideration to-day of
a plan for reorganir.ation of the border
patrol. Having under his direct con?
trol almost .'.0.000 men, he outlmed to
his staff a reii.tnbufion of forces that
he believed would guarantee protection
of Nmerican residents from Mexican
Forcts at border stations already
he-e heen strengthenad, and it was in
' dicated to-day that before the end of
j the week the greater part of thr repu
I lnr troops and militia would be in posi
tion for iiiirk sei-vire along the inter?
national line.
Karh Of 'hr* pa'rn] diatricta will he
m charge of a general oWeor, Uistrict
| rommanders will inelude Bripadior
(ienoral ,Inmn.4 Patker, commanding the
lst I A\?lry Rngado; Hnpadior lieneral
William A. Mann, eorrjmanding tho 2d
Rtipade at I.arodo, Tex., and Hnpadier
General H. A. Greene, who has born
ordered to report from Fort l.eaven
May Drive Bandits North.
rt. is improbable that more tre ps
will be sent to Colonel Sihley, whr ia
in charge of the little expedition that
crossed into Mexico near Roquillas as
a result of the Glenn Springs raid.
Kour troops of cavalry and a machine
gun detachment are no4v operating
close to the line, scouting through a
limited territory south of the border,
but there never has heen anv intention
of .rndinp forward at that, point a
punitive expedition that would com
pare in liae to that of (ieneral
Pershing. If the cavalry operating,
south of Boquillas fails to looat* any
bandits within a few dayg, its return
noith is probable.
Army officers here tre deeply inter
aated in efforts Mexican troops were
reported to he making to run down the
baadita who raided the Big Bend dis?
trict, an.l who vet hold Jesse Deemers,
an American storekeeper, as prisoner.
It is regarded here as not impossible
that the Mexican troops may cut off
the retreat of the bandits and force
them back I B -each ?-> "olonel
Sibley's cavalrr
Report* from General Pershinp to?
day were said to deal with routine BBSt*
toi . otil> Biaca the negotiatinn. be
tween Generals Seott an.l Funston and
(ioneral Obregon began at Kl Paso
(.rneral Pershing has m_de no effort to
prosecute the campaign against Villa.
lli- forces have been withdrawn until
his entire column of more than 14,000
men is almost a compact unit.
Troops Gather Rapldh.
With the exreption of the 30th and
the M Infantry, one battalion of the
M Field Artillery and one company of
coast artillery, all additional troops
ordered to report to General Fun.ton
haso arnved. Tho :<0th and nd were
reported te day to have entrained at
their stations in \'ew Vork State. The
nd arill be sent ta Kagle Pass. but it
has not >et been decided just where
the HOth will be *tationed. Four of the
eleven companies of coast artillerj
brought here have been sent to border
station*. The remainder have been mob
iliad ?' Fort Sam Houston. The militia
mobiliUtien a* Pouglaa. Columbus and
here ua* romoleted to-day.
Rnpadier iienoral John A. Mulan,
eemmaBding 'h? militia here. eonferred
arith hia staff to-dav regardinp details
of organization. The militia camp is
lo.ated near Fort Sam Houston. Large
numbers of eivilian* rrowded the roads
to the camp tbrouphout the day.
The mustering mto the regular mili?
tary esUblishment of the militiamen
will be brpun Tuesdav. The medical
oflleera who havo heen examinme the (
men eatimated to-dav that the pcrcent
?c?- of tho." who woulj be rejected was
almo-t negligihle. A -.lightly pr.ater
percentage of thoie who do not care '
to be sworn m "for the term uf their |
tment" ia txpeeted. but Mayor:
Sf.even.ior.. adjutant of the brigade.-aid I
that mve.tigation tndicated that a' j
ltas' ?5 per cent. of the guardsmeo |
would take the oath.
Carranza War Minister Declares
Outlaws Will Be Wiped
Out Quickly.
Satisfactory Co-Operation in Chase Lx
pected?Pan-Americans Deny They Favor
Intervention by United States.
Torreon. Mexieo. May 14.?Ceneral Obregon and Governor
Enriquoz, of Chihuahua. on their way to Mexieo City, expTOMtd
themselves to-day as pleased with the results of the border con?
ference and said lhat they thought thc authorities in Washing?
ton and Queretaro soon would reach a working agroemmt satis?
factory to both. President Wilson's policy of giving the Con
stitutionalist forces a chance to show their abilitv to clean out
thc Villistas had been well received by the governmen*. they
lf any trouble were precipitated. they asserted. it would be
due to the machinations of poiitical enemies along tho frontier.
All troops that can be sparod are being moved northward
so as to finish the Villistas with all speed.
: Morc than Fifty Shots Arc Ex
changed Near EI Paso.
f.xm a KUtT . ot__p.''?l.c ot Tt* ft I l
E| Paso. Tr?, May 14. I kWu"
| guard* and Mexicans exehanged ????
' than tifty shots across the Rro QrtmOa
! early today within all tniles of EI
.?.,.,. |he ,-lash occurred near Awbrey
< Station. on H?? Interburban betwce., Kl
PM0 and raleU. While It wm in
proarreea a call an aent by reaidenH
to EI Paao f^r aaataUnee. Nine deput>
! ahenffs were -ent dnwn in ftlltomol
i Th" Mexican* started the shoot,ng.
tweatf nr thirty of them going to tne
river hx.iV to open trre upon the Amerl
1 ,.?? euards The flarst atWta brough- a
number of the guards to lhaiMM,J?d
the Mexican tire was returned, but with
what effect the Americans were ??
able to determine.
VVill Succeed Colonel Reber?
Aerial Patrol Stations Urged.
Lieutenant 1 oionel (ieorge 0. Squier.
military attache of the I'nited Statea
F.mba^sy in l.ondon. armed veaterdaj,
on the American lin-r Philadelphia. He
will succeed Lieutenant Colonel >an>._el
Reber ln charge of the bureau ot avia
tion of the signal corps. He eonducted
teata for the engine3 userl in the lr*.
Wrijfbt b'planes.
A ?'ew days ago bids from a (lor.cn
compames for twelve military tractor
biplanes wore oPen?d in Washington.
Bids ranged from $?.000 a machine. the
estimate of the Scient.nc Aeroplane
Comoany. to that of the W right com?
pany, $I2,ft0fl each.
[ j Seelev. foreign agent of tha
Cwtiaa company. wa.? a passenger with
I icutenip.t Colonel Squier on the t niia
delphia. "The I'nited Statea avi.tion
??nriee must be built from the bottom
up.'' -aid Mr Sreley. "The r-tablish
m.nt of aerial patrol stations along the
coast.. 100 miles or more apart, mtmat
be worth while."
Counled as Dead. Lampone
Orins at Patrolman.
August Lampone, of 111 Ewl Four
teeBtk Stre-t. heard -hot- HtOtUf he
hind him at F-rst At.er.ue ??:,.[ B v'"erith
Street last night. Immedrately ha fell
flat on his face in the street. He was
there when reserves from 'he Eaat
Twenty seeond Street station arrived.
?one dead!" shouted one of thc po-;
licemen, tend.rly rolling Lampone over j
on his back.
Lampone'. left cyelid was ?low.y
rsised Ihe sight of the pro'ecting
arm of the law brought him ta hu feet.
"Aren't ;o_ shot?" asked the
anazed policeman.
"So, I du.-_ed," grrnned Lampone.
Deteetivea -carmed the neinhbor
hood and f'4und Andra Carallalo, of
17 Eaat Fifteenth Street. hidmg in
the rear of a houae with a gunshot
wound ll hu ?id.>. He wa. taken to
Bellevue Hoapital, wnero his wound
waa found to be r.light. The assailant
Poli.e Think She Tried to Ksrape Ran
dall's Island.
An effort to escape from the t'hil
dren'a Hospital and School, on Randail's
I.land, ia believed to have been the
cause of the drowning of nineteen
vear-old Helen Ha\s, whose body was
found iri the Harlem River, near 117th
Stree'. \eiterday afternoon. The blue
uniform of the school, in whieh the
girl 4. as c'.ad at the time of her death,
served to bring aboul her nlentitication.
The Hays girl wa* sent to the inati
tution as an inrorrigible a month ago
She disappeared last Sunday and. al
though the rase ua* reported to 'he
poli.e at once. no clew as to her where
abouta was found
Pershing Denies
Carranzista Menace
T- ?!d Meadouarter--, Pumt.-.e Frfadi
! tion, Mav IS, via ra I :mbu?,
M . Mav 14 General John .1 ivr.
ihing, the rxpeditionarv commander,
declared to-day that r-ports puhl'?hed
j m the I'nited States that his troopa
wer* mettflced bv Csrranris'as on all
I sides were tintrue.
**OST -TOepa are oxrellently dspoeed
for defenre, but. thor. ,-- -.
danger,*' ,-aid tho general. ife added
Ihtt ||, N tnr, (),,,, ^ uJ, , , _.v,, ,hl.
Villiata bandita had a wholeaoaaa foar
of the American niark?mon.
There is no baekward rr" ?-'*?" nt
the American troops on now.
General Seott to Report
on Conferences To-day
Washington, Mav 14 Major I
eral Sto't, ehief of staff of the army,
is due Here to-morrow, with a dc
tailed report of his discussiona with
General Obregon.
The conference brought no formal
or even tentative agreement, hut thera
are indications that lieneral Seott will
be able to give defintte information as
to what General Carranza proposes to
do toward domonstrating his ability
to ?top brigardage alonp fhe mterna
tmnal line.
General Seott'a te!egraphie report at
the conelueion of the r.-.nference threvr
little light on the situation. further
than to indioate that the exchange of
riewa with the Mexican War MiniJtee
had been of a wholly friendly ebar
.-'nre that time reporta of Carranza
troop movemerte have come indleating
that the Mexican goi.rnmint waa tak
inp active steps in the region aouth of
Boquillas, ard also moving 'nto the
territory abandoned by General
g'l foreea as they are drawn
noith toward San Antomo, probsblj*
uthern base of the expedittnn*
i tima ta eeaaa..
l.ansing Seeks Knlighlenmenl.
Becretarjr I.ans'ng expects to have
a loni; conference with Oneral Srott
? he preparei to renew the dip
lomatle tetaa nf iha
American with
( arranza's ambas.-a
dor here General Unregon'* viena
will be fnll| eaaraeeed, and the State
Department aiso aspecta '" tf-'t -.ome
light on whrther it ?a-i the War Min?
or l.eneral Carranza himself
who provonte.l ratiflcatioa of the for*
mal agreement.
Thia question has been a puzzling
one to officials here. Special Agent
Rodge.--- at Mexico ? ity reported thu*.
tho Carraaaa government had an?
nouneed officially the suecesa of the
bord-r negotiation.. rh;s was taken
io mean tha' Carranza had appro ej
Ina. Then came the statement
by tho eoaferreea thetneelvea that thev
oen ue.able tO reach a dr'
agre. ment. and had decided to refer
ho niatter back to their re.peetive
?*ov?rnmcnt*. fqr diplomatic negotia
Whiie t-lia report was en route to
Mr. Arredondo called upon
_r> Lansing 'o *'ato that his
:'r.m' Mo. e> ' itv indicated
thei 'he eriginal agreement had bc. n
Reports pr.ntc. to day that Latin
Ameru-a would support the I nited .
States in the e.ent of intervention in
Mexico were denied flatly at the State
Department and resented in Latia*
American diplomatic circie. hore. The
Tribune leamed on hiphe-t h,ithor.tv
that the lojntne. ef ? entisl '
South America. far freia approvi.g
? uch a step. would regard K *- a hc*
trayal of tmal ? d af Pan America*
Put llnus on v* ilson
The lil eountries MMOd
indicated their appro.al ai I
tion to the Aumioistration w.ie H"-a
lil, Argentina Chili, Holnia, G?aU
mala and I'rjg-ay. ll mi the ambai

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