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Jteprnt en Pnpe 11.
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Vol. lA\VI....No. 25,384.
|( ..p.rlilil ltia?
The Trihune A.i'n |
TUESDAY, MAV L6, 1016.
* a
nVL" /'l,*VT In New York I lt-. Newark,
U.afi \ I-."4 I. ,l,rmej 4 lfr ?~.'l Hoho-et,.
Berlin Plot Bared at Casement Trial
Man Poliee Sought 8
Months Surrenders
to Prosecutor.
E\ Street Cleaning Deputy
Will Plead to Murder
Indictment To-dav.
I Rofrano. f^'-irr Deputy
nd for
murder of
mari. one of T
cai lieutenanta, ?olnataiil** etepped
Ion in Washing
-? onr.
: ng patrol
ward of 16,000 for Irano, who.
|h hia counsel. Martin W. I
?ade an appointment to meel
traan at tl ?
?i waa
.-? -
? park Alled arith i
>ano will plead not guilty I
' .-lehanty in
i Politieal Eapoaaree,
. wae;
? of a conFpirac.
of leaderah'.p in tbe I
trict.il ? vpet-ted '
? | ,r,earth]
losaret tii lor to those
? One
?he drath house, and three
? tervina term- ol
? rder oi Folejr'e big, goorl
r t down
reh B, 1M5. The proaeeatioa will
l thal i:"frano, leader of
' i
? murder p
o has been since he
Septeatber 13 last neither
I *n I Ba One rp
entt that he wi
ib r.ot more than 12"> miies
terday afternoon Mr.
. ! into the District At
fllce. Judge Swann wai
r ?. on his r
. " ;.e\ Ro
er said. "He wants to
led he doea not
to be Anger*
. - a bench
-.'. ann accompanied Mr.
a taxicab. Thry alighted
? lorner of Washington
Here they were met by Rob
He shook hands hu'
? r- '
iqaare toward
;wann and
Rofra 'rii.n ulin.
tction of Mar
Washington Square
rj to consult their arai
lt wa-- i . ? Av Judg? i
Swai- the green park i
priai mo, two men |
. | ??- H
? Michael Rofrano and
er Depot** Street Cleaning j
er tmfled and put forth hia
"How do you do, Judge Swann. I*_B '
glid to tee you," he aaid.
? ;,!y, the I
taring at Roi
Then ? . . patrol
not tweal
Ul for w1 'o the
0 right
At perhar the dit*
? on a meirr '
-quaJ, in an ulle mi
g boys tOI ni the
oncc the I
of K.'frano, went by. Time ,
OOld have -atraightened
th, ir ln BthOI m the
. ' mner.
! him, trundlmg their
rhtetl glai
Judge Swani
ench warrant and talked for a
Wardin Ilropr- Billa.
,r:o, hia brother,
r-.nd the ni^iti who vmII try
I It v of murdei I
to thi I niverait]
?fd Ninth Street, where they birt
memberi of
g loiterera
but thf
? i-maini-d unilaini. <i
? .no talked about iimimonplace
, to the Ti
Mu or
?n the itrt ' gave the Irapretaion that
rith Mi i ?
"veileri th? ui*. ' hoth the
<l-fendant and hi- brother had
i ..tiiiiiued on ,i_*e 4, roluinn
Reports Say I inancc Minister
Will Succeed Delbrueck.
Berlin, Mav IS. pr. Karl Belfforieh,
? r of Finance. ie the most likely
eandidate for the poat of MiniFtcr of
the Interior and Vice Chaneellor. made
vacant hy the resignation of Dr. Clem
ers Pelhruerk.
Pr. He'fTerieh la a man of thorough
business training nnd was one of the
strongest force* in the recent crisis in
(.orman-Ameriran relationi in favor of
reaching an understanding with the
United States. His statements in thc
April dfbatc of the Rcichstag Ways
and Means Committee on thr submarine
iss.ie contributcd materially tu the
New Note Will Say Inter
ference with Mails Can?
not Be Tolerated.
U'H" _ 00*) anrl
more vigorous note on the ?ev.no anrl
n of neutral mails is being pre?
pared at the State Department and
may he sent within a few dav tl
.' ta Frnnce laatead tt
a, aa tha noto> of .lan
uary . to London was answercd by
the French government. It will take
the poaition that the United States
ftt countenance aeianra of
? ? and from this country.
-.ent of the preparation of
4V...4 totally unexpecte,!, in
.retary I.ansirg's statement
? Hay rhat no action would be
I Allies until Cermany
?i that the threat of reversion
'o iilegal submarine methods had heen
on i.rrmnn opinion^
Were received here to-day. The inten
lt was
announced n few hours after their pub
la 'aid that Sec?
retary l.ansing's statement was not in?
tended literalljr, and rhat negotiationa
woald be f?'i e,] on with ('reat Hritain
usual manner, but that this gov
ernment had heen rmbarrassed I
to inch an extent that
any more .iras.ie action tha-i .that
n the pa4.t was impo =
The Krrnch reply to the original pro
?' I received here | ago,
rhat the Alhes 4vcre ronducting
their cens..* illy, Il was ad
mitted that the practice wai
sarily vcXAtious to neutrals. but the '
eelared thal tti mp'^
to smuggle contrabanrl m parcel post ,
lirst class.
mails made il imperativa frorn a mili- i
tary poir.t I was pointed out \
also that the United States had made j
no proti rmanj -igamst the de
? uctK.n of maria on torpedood eeaaela. ?
A phase of interference with mails
whith will be made the aubjec. ol
cial protest ia the CUltOffl of taking
il ships into Britiah porta for in
on ard thr a L' the mai!
imetimea .-ubjecting them to long'
The refusal of Crrat Britain to al
|o? hoapital supp'ies ta te aenl hy the j
Amrrr. I " Cermany and |
her allies atill arefnlly in
? this subject is ex- |
? rward ii the near
She Leaves Attorne\'s Dau^hler
Income from Stock.
Mra. Nellie Hyde Former, widow of
Krnest M. T^rmer, v. ho died on March
21 at 9 Weat 103d Street. pro?
vided in her will, filed yesterday. that
a fountain for birds be built over her
grave. Sl I |J '"
Poultney, Vt.
of T. .lohn Parker, an att.
Karmcr left sonie .ewelry and the in?
come for ntnety-nine years from twen
ty-nine share.-. of the Hojrl Kealty Com?
pany. a < leveland corporation.
Mr. Perker roccives fifty-oight shares
0f the Ho ? ' ompany, whieh J
Mrs Farmt r said are in the ?
of ( ..:gate Hoyt
Jury Says Her Injuries Were Not
Due to Neglect.
Anna Shaw, former preaideal of the
al Woman Suffra,..- Asaodation,
tha Lehigh Valley Railroad
ained by her when she
fell from the step of a Pullman car.
Mi-. Sha4v sued the l.ehigh Valley
. . -ra! Railroad of New
and the Pullman company for
re ^aid the steps on ?
pped on Februarj 14, IIU, orare
. | with lee She alleged that the
defendants were negligent.
791 GIVE $3,089
Enrolment of 1,241
"Average Ameri?
cans" Upto 3 P.M.
Well Known Men on Com?
mittee of Non-Partisan
|Fr~m ? SUfT OHN-t-K-OlKl r' T ? 1
OyotCI Pay. I L. May IB. Into the
eofferi of the Rooaevelt Nea-Portlooa
I.eague are pouring contributions and
witb every mail come the names of new
members. To-day |3j0aM WM received
ut. to 9 p. m., a choek for $M0 coming
from Kansa?. At the heado,uartcrs, 12
Vanderbilt Avenue, Now York, 1,241
enrolments were received. Of thc.-e.
Guy Emeraon, secretary of the league,
told the Colonel la day. Tfl were con
tribating member-.
Popular contrihut;ons already in
hand, Mr. Kmerson informed Mr.
Rooaevelt, were stifflciently large to
pay all OVOrhead oxponsei and leave a
balance of more than .'..Oon for adver?
Kvidenre of IntorrM.
"Thi*;," said Mr. Kmerson, in rpeak
ing Of thr. progress being made by the
league, ".s fairly concrete evidence of
the popular interest in Colonel Roose?
velt'?< canvass. As a rule men do not
p.it their money into anything of 'his.
.'?rt unlcs they n.-e \ c- y murh intcr
"EverjF elemen' in the community Ial
r.-prisented in thc lial ?' ' ' who |
have enrolled themselves under thej
Rooaevelt bonner. Some of the lettera
received are clearly from OOraona well j
to do, others aa clearly from people of |
small means, bot the great bulk comes j
from what can best be desenhed as j
average, every.lay Americans, the kind
'}??? pay their bills, own little home.
and try *o give their children a berrer
start in life than they themselves had."
Thomas A. Ediaon has accepted ?
plare on th" advisory board of the
Rooaevell Non-partiean Loogae. Word
to this effect was conveyed te Colonel
Roosevelt this afternoon by Mr. Em?
eraon, who brought with him Mr. II
son's letter arhich Colonel Roosevelt
had asked for, that he "might turn it
over to my children." He also re?
ceived from Mi. l.morson and from
Thomas ( . Pcmond, treasurer of the
league, a report showing that it no*
has members in every state of the
I'nion. with branch headquarters m
(hicago. Philadelphia and BoetOB.
Kmm i hicago, the tirst headquarters |
branch to be formalty opened, came a
me.-sage of grceting. To this Colonel,
elt sent this reply:
HEdwia c. Laraed, Eaq., Rooo_r?eH Non-I
partisan I.eague, L'6 Eaat Monroej
? '. r hieogo. 111.
"I thank you for your kind trlegram.1
1 appreciate the opening of the Roose
? ' ? an League hoadquarters
m Chicago. Ifou have doabtleea al
. ? . r to the l.-ague.
Sarely the great Mid.i ? w. ll
whieh Abiaham Lincoln and UlyeaOB
(Irant typifled in the Civil War, will
t tn take the lead la the movement far
genuine Amen.anism and for national
prepar. thoat v.hioh Amencan
r.-m aon 'i bc an empty boaet.
Mr. Kmerson explained to the report
crs after leaving Sagamorc Hill that to
date neither George W. Perkina nor
any of the more prominent men of the
Progreaaiva party had contnbuted any?
thing toward the tinancing of the
"We itartod," aaid he, "with very
little money of our own, with the idea
as Republicans af giving aa opportunity
for persons other than Progreaaivea to
line up for Colonel Roosevelt. Wa be?
lieved that there was a big general de?
mand that Colonel Roosevelt be our
next President, and tha reaoltl BO far
jliatify that belief. Tha great buik of
our momberahip ia Republican, though
there are many Democrats. Kor ex
ample, A. R, Erahine, preaident of the
Studebaker Company. af Boath Hend,'
I Democrat. to-day accepted a po
aition on the advieory committee."
tdrlearj Board Members.
The advisory committee, M r. F.mer
,1 the reportera, now includ.
hiiditi.'ii m Mr. Ediaon and Mr. Krskine,
theae meaaberei
l na'. aee F. Al-bott. Naw \ er)
George Ade, Broaka, Ind.; (>a>par (..
Bacon, Boaton, Mass.; the Rev. Kather
john I.. Belford, Joaeoh B
Biahop, New Vork; Charle J
parte Raltimore. Md.; Allen W. Buell,
Fort Smith, Ark.; Krank 8. Ru'ter
\evv Haven. Conn.: Hugh
,,,,,| Di troit, Mieh.; William li i
Child -.; Everett Colby, N w
ark; Jerome T. Congleton. Newark; .1
i tolidga, B ktoai .
tl B. < rane, Oklahoma I I
Hamlia Garlaad, (hicago; Law
(ontlnued on !>?!' '? roliimn fi
Death Punishment Right,
Says Mrs. Waite, Calmly
"He I_.up;h.s at Way He Fooled Me," Wife's Comment as
She Come.s to Avenge Parent.s at Trial of
Her Hu.sband.
Mra. Clara Teek Waite. returned to
this city yesterday to face tha ordeal
of the trial r.f her husband, Dr. Arthur
Warren Waite, for the murder of her
father and mother. Chnstened by the
trials of the last few weeks, she looks
I at the tragedy almost as a spertator
I as one who could look in on the events of
life through a window. I.a^t night,
icalmly and evenly, without the alight
| est trace of emotion, : he snid that she
I was ready to te t :'-.- in I'r. Waite's
I trial if ahe were needed.
"It is my duty to attend the trial if
' I am needed," she snid. "I am not
. anxious to go, but I feel that it is mv
duty to my parents ar.d l am ready to
? do anvthing for that reason. I don't
know why 1 live. There is nothing left.
for me. My home is gone. F.verything
has been taken from me. I never be
lieved in capital punishment, but i."
capital punishment was. ever right it
? ghl now.
Fears Ile May (iet Pardon.
"If Arthur were sen' to Matteawan
or any other insanr asylum hc would
l.e so nire to the people in charge of
him that he would be pardoned in five
i vears. Vou might aav any crimmal
i was insane.
"In his case there may have been a
| lack of moral balanee, but there was no
lack of roapoasibilitjr. Thera was no Bt
I of anger, no jealousy; the only motive
I was money. I.ove was showered on him.
I He is ab=olutely out of my life now.
The ideal he represented to me will al
I ways be one that I *hall care ahoutr
Sinking of Hospital Ship by the
Turks Causes Break.
Stockholm, Mo. '?' Ikeeordiag to the
1 "Dsgent Nyheter," Ihe Red ('ro*s con?
ference reenlted ln h eompleta rupture
between the (.errnan snd Russian Red
Croaa, OWing to the rcfu*al of tiermnny
to ezpreaa regret for the smking of the
IaU?*ian hoapital ihio I'ortugal, tor
podoed by a Turkish submarine.
Representative.- of the Russian Red
bad ent a ti ''gram to Prince
Charlei of Sweden, annooncing the pro
I viiional enneellotion of the mandatea
Of the Raaaiaa delegate. to the ap
p roach ing meeting of the International j
!:.,; i roat at Stockholm, nnd aeking
th? prince to act ?.- intermediary l? I
aecortainini the riewi nf Germany and
: Austria regarding the I'ortugal mci-j
I rench and British Vessels Look?
ing for Contraband.
Ltwea, DeL, Mav ll. Maritime nh
ser.ers a* Iar* Mav report that thei
Krrnrh eraiaor Doecartaa, which har-i
been off tha' point for four davs. haa,
been joincd by a British war*hip. and
the tWO nre Btopping steamship-. OOl
ward bnund from I'hiladelphia.. Tt is
reported that the warahips are looking
ontraband cargoes.
'Ihe sailmg of -ever.l freighters has
been postponed on nccount of the pr
, f the cruiser*. The Krenrh war
<ible from shore, and the
n ship il di-cernibl- through
powerful gla l
$81,000,000 IN GUNS
Westinghouse Has Order for
Three Million Rifles.
Aceording to report*, negotiations
between the Wcs'mghou-e Klectric
Ifannfaetvriag (ompany and the
i government for a thr?
r.fle contract are nearing completion.
Ihe contract ealla fur 1,000,000 rifles,
deliverable 1,000,000 a year in 1917 and
the two following years. Only the for
Btal lignatorei te the doeomeal an
needed tO put the ord.-r into operation.
lf the pending negotiations with the
'Bntish government through J. P. Mor?
gan & Co. nre baaed oa the same
pricot that pertarned to the work done
for Russia the new contract will mean
business for the Westinghouse
of more than |81,000,000.
!- --==-==
iany girl would. But ha wasn't that'
ideal. He was a different person to ma. -
He always dereived me.
I "Yet he was always good to me.
I Onee he told me that the first three
months of our married life were the
' happiest ones he had ever spent. I think
they were the happiest one*. I ever
spent. He MOd to ask me if there was
anything he did that I didn't like. T
want to be a perfect hushar.d,' he would
sny. 'I)o you want me to come home to
lunch?' was ona of his most frequent
questions. Then he would tell me how I
busy hc was."
Mrs. Waite laughed ironieally.
"Some times he would call me up at
noon, probably from the Flar.a. H?
would tell me that he was in a noisy
lunch counter, squee*ed in the tele
phone booth. The day he bribed the
undertaker he wrote me twice and
I sent me lowera which he had ordered
l.y telegraph. Iln wired me that h?
had arnved safely when he came back
afrer my father's funeral, just after
he had called up Mrs. Horton at the
I'ia/a. LaUr that same day he wirel
again, saying: 'i ome back, dear; we'U
take H new apartment.' I had t*aid that
!n't Ihre in the apartment where
I had seen so much sorrow.
"ln the same mr.-age he said that.
men had called at tho house to ask
about father's death, and asked me to
: v brother if he wanted an au
I onlloned on pa_e 3, inluoia A
Death May Bring Law to Stop
"\Veij*hting" Fowl.
Sit healthy, roaatable chickens have
been aingled out to become mirHH tO
the eanae of pum food. Their digea
tive organs are to be put to the teat
at a dmner of death-dealing tdiblea.
Here is tho menu, planned by John
J, Dillon, Commiaaioaet of Foods and
Red rfPP*1- a '*? ?,0'ir ""'' r,ilt*"rmilk
I order of Joplln gravel from H l
couri 7inc mines.
Tortlnnd cement croquettrr.
Band and pebbles, in na'ural state.
Choiee of cornmeal or oatmeal for
This is th? diet being fed chickens
shipped into New York just before they
are unloaded in order to increase their
weight. If the victini3 of the ?speri*
mental dinner do not survive legi*Ia
r un will be demanded to prevent ship
pen from inereaaing the weigh*. oi
their fowI-t iu thin partieular way.
Monks Back to Island with New
I npaid Bill.
jf there is a cure for the taxicab
habit, John fl. Hocart, of Goehon, N.
. ., woul.l like to be introduced to it.
_e terday he steppe>l into Manhat?
tan, after apending Avo days on Black
well's Island for beating a taxi bill.,
iir his arrival he heard the familiar
bonh, bonfc He turred about and
leaped toward the tax:.
"Ride me around the rfy," he said
to Aithur H. l'arker, the chauffeur.
Five hours Iater Hocart appeared in
the men's Night Court with an unpaid
biil for I10J0.
"You've i.e.-ri free from the i-!and for
five he ou're going right back
there for tive days more," said Magit-.
ti.-- Corngan.
"Ves. but all those five bouis were.
tponl ni a taxi," aaid Hocart, with a
satistied s;gn.
City Clcrk Weds 47 Couples.
Forty-scven couples were marned
yesterday hy I*. J. Seully. I ity I
and thc city received $-1 ia feea, --
tha reaalt of the tirst day'.s operation
of the new marnage law, whieh G
ernor Whitman tigned on FrMay. The
law took the aowei of performing
marnage ceremony from the aldermen
and vested il tn the City I'lerk ar.d his
deput'e-. Only "ne couple waa mar?
ried in the Brooklyn 0
Why Not?
A distani admirer asked 'The Boston Travelrr" if
C-rnntland Rice were a poet. To whieh "The Boaton
Travder" replied suecmctly: "Many persons consider
Crantland Rice a poet." All of whieh was meat for
}?'. p. A.?hr ran the clipping in Thr C onning Tower
with thr heading "Add Matmee Idols."
To havr appreciated thr eomment to thr full you
would havr had to br a eonsistrnt rradrr of Thr Tower.
To apprreiatr Crantland Riee. all you have to do ia to
rrad "Thr Sportlight." Why not start to-day> On
r.tr.r I ?,.
iXhc iTribitnc
lirst tn Last?the Truth: \en*?l:ditorial*~Aa'\ertiscmentn.
" nf r>._ A lilt B_r??.| of Ct";?ltO-H.
Skirmish on Ranch
In Mexieo.
Funston Orders Border
Railroads Guarded?Big
Bend Asks More Troops.
l trtm a Mai Oonmrnatammt tt tv Trth'ina l
EI Paso, Tex., May 18 Dlaeovery tt
Villista plots to deatroy Ameriran rail?
road bridjres resulted in the issuance
of an or.ler l.y General Panaton to-day
thal stront; guards h^ placed at all
I between San ArT.on'o, Tex., aml
Colambaa. N _f.
General Hell received a report of the
killing to-dny of the Villa leader, Jules
Cardenas, and two bandits by Ameriran
loldiera near Rubio Ranch, t4venty
miles east of Lake Itascate, Mexieo.
Lieutenant (.eorce S. Tatton, in
rharjje ot' an automobile detaehment of
twelve BBOB, MBt to purchase forajce,
was fired upon by the bandits as h" ap
proached the ranch house in the com?
pany of a jjuide. The troops, deploying
so a.s to prevent the e^enpe of the Mex?
icans, returned the fire.
Three Bandits Slain.
The threa bandits, wounded in the
first ->r.chant.? of shot.., escaped by t_o
inj_; through ihe ranch boata. LotOt
they were ovartahon by tha Americans
aml, in a rifl? due!. tha Mexicans were
killed. None of the Americans was hit.
Papera in the pocketa oftha dead Mex
rmealcd that they had heen Vil?
Calla were made on General Funston
at San Antonio to-day for troOBa tO be
? tO protect Tcrlinf.ua aml La Jitas,
Tr-4,i4. rn the llijr Bend disrirt.
TerUofOa is gixty-Mve miles south
of Alpine and twenty miles from the
tr. La Jitaa ia Rftooa miles west
o( Terlm_.ua.
Conditions are such that County
JudRe Turney has lUBDan !ed all pub
lOOla in that src'.ion, and the laat
ichool teacher, * aoaaaa, arriaod at
Alpine to-day.
Piftoon men are held in the Kir.gs
Xtmaa, lail, a? a roaoll nt what
Igfa aml Seerel Service
plot of .lo>e lf. Monn.
. r" Villa renerol, te blow up the
K nraville bOBK and a har.lware itore.
ifficiala say thal it was planned
to vet tire to a barn at the cdfjo of the
town to attract th- people there, and
then set off the exploaiveo.
Ranchers Saved hy Ilnjs.
Bu? for tha barking of dofl "n
ranche- beloa Me? i ai t Springa,
? rican familiei would havc bren
rn the raid at McKinney Springs
th- other dav, ranche, there MOrt,
|,..... oa tWO ranchei near the river
..,,,, ? rat to diaeover the approach of
the Mexicans, and their excrted barking |
ed the Americans and enabled
them to flec before the bandits ar?
rived. The bandit- looted all the
, , _______
hea m the lower part of the Big,
COuntn have been abandoned
rurlv by the Ameriea
?rha have rothered al M.-kinneyj
.- with their faiBiliea, where thev
have i ent number of armed
ranchers to make a stand against
raidera. , , ,
Thc ranrhmen ariab to go haek to
? ? portiee, bo< ?'??:'1.,0 ? V"1'1
? , ?ivc protection trom
raidi their houses hc:r.g io widely sep
| that bandits tind no diflkulty.
in raiding.
Refugee? from the lower country are
arriving every day ??' MrKinnev
.-.. Some of the men trend their
fal litl on to Marathon or to Alpine.
,-- ?
Christianized Jew Accused of
Misusing Funds of Chapel.
An investisation ha< been started to
' i-harge, whieh
made a_.ain<t tha .haracter
of I.eopold Cohn. a Christianized He
brew who conducts the Williamriburg
,n to the Jew.. rt' 27 Ihroop Ave
committee are the Rev. Dr. J. P. ( ar
son pastor of the Central Pre*bytenan
Church., of Brooklyn; Hugh R. Monro,
treasurer of the National Bible Insti
tu'e and Kdmund B. Buckalew, of the
Mood) Bible loatitate
\|r . ohn aiinv.tr.d laat ntfht 'iat the
comrn - nquirmg into n
that he had mr? . gtrtt to the
on, but sat.: I I intant
? , the commrU-e had fouml I
thing eorreet. Cohn also said that the
committee had under inve tigation re
port_ ? ? raa a fugitive from jus
rhooa who appeared before the com?
mittee yaaterday lo the National Bib.e
Inititute were Alexander H. S'eoowich,
Philipp-- Spie^aecjoe, ed tor of "The
Jpwi-V Evangel i1
I ?'.timore. l
Me'b'r. ' Naouwieh
a charge of
eonapiring to defame his character
The action ?a- d Naouwieb
ha? a N ' rerdrru arh."*' ( ohn for
1200,0490 for 'alse impnsonmer.t and
malrcious prosecution.
Columbus. N. M., May 15.?Aero
plane machine guna and bomb drop
ping devices arrlved here to-day for
the first aero squadron. The avl
ators have been working for aeveral
weeka with new aeroplanea in an
attempt lo hrlng the fleet into con?
dition for field work. None of the
marhinea, it waa atated to-night, ia
ready for Mexican serrirei.
A "dead line** waa drawn about
the base araenal here to-day. It
waa said that a auapirion that In
rendlarie* may have been responsi
ble for the reient firea at Fort Bliaa,
Tex., caused the added pre.autions
Twenty-five Others In?
jured by Collapse of
Akron Restaurant.
[Br T.'?crit>h t_ T*-e TVh'i-.e ]
Akron, Ohio, May li, At least eleven
person 4 uere .-rtished to death and
twenty-five Berioaaly mjured to-night
when t'ne bu'ldmg occupied by the
ll Roetaaraat, Main and Quarry
Streets, collapsed. The victims, seated '
at dinner, had no warning and no
chance to e?rnpr.
The accident occurred aoon after 1
o'cloek, when the restaurant was
crowded with diners. The building
crumbled into a mass of wreckago so
suddenly that none of the patrons had
nn opportunify to move from his table.'
II r. who ran to the acene a few
minutes Iater heard no groans or cries
f"r help, those who were not killed out- '
; right being unconscious.
Fifty persons were known to have
i been trapped in the restaurant. Nine:
bndio- have heen recovered and at least'
two more are known to be in the ruins.
Severnl of tho,,. carried out by reseu
cri were to badly crushed as to make
death a matter of a few hours. One of
the proprietnrs, n cook and several '
dishwas'riers c.caped through a door of
the kitehen, but were injured by fall
Ing hr
Blasting in an etcavation for a new
[building next door to the Crystal Res
i taurant ia sr.id to have unsettled the
foundations of the structure, and foi*
lowing the collapse part of the ruina
elid ,71fo the excavation.
The entire Fire Department of Akron
was called out, and as firemen. poliee
and volunteers from the crowds that
choked street . near by worked in the
ruins u line of ambulances waited.
The restaurant, owned by Serris
Brothers, was one of the most popular
of ihe down town district, and every
tabl- il known to have been occupied.
[| nrrtipied the former home of "The
Akron Bearon Journal" and was one ofi
the oldest buildinga in the city.
Scarcely a tremor preceded the
eraah, aceording to eye-witnesses
1 across the street. A sudden roar was
heard for blocks, and the structure
fell I'ke a house of cardv
The front wall, a two story affair.
crashed inward on the dinera. They
were also caught by the north wall.i
while the south wall tumbled outward.
As the bodies of victims were born"
from the ruins, relatives stepped for
ward to identify them. Touehmg'
scenes were w itnessed, as a wife ree
d the body of her husband, ..nd
Wtrt moved to tears wh-ri
a m.rther picked up the body <?'. r I
Little Mary I.aw.on. eight years old,
: mng in thr restaurant with her.
r, William C. I.awson. As her
Mka larried out, Mrs. I.awson
?-..rn tht- a-rowd and cla.sped the;
little form.
?Mv daughter." she g_sped. "My hui
band il still in there."
?-. badly crushed, but
alive, iirr.' ru<hed to a ho>pital.
? hudies dug from the
waa that of Harry Shnver, of
. ? I entre Street.
\V ireless Reports Swedish Vessel
Hying Signals of Distress.
A wireless report aaid that signals ,
,,._yed last night
?? _? .. Book hy the Swedish steamer
GreUaad, a freignter, and that several
steamships and a pilot boat had gone
to her assistance. Thii is the third
er to call for help off Sandy
:i as many mghta. It was be
heved thes hip was in collision durfig'
a dense fog.
The (.rekland, which sailed yeMer
- Kirkwall with a ger.erfu cargo,
r-en lying to between Ambrose,
I Fairway ruoy. The'
.'ner I'ortuguese I'rince, out
for La I'-'.lice, France, was
. aceording to the report,,
and the French steamer Roma, coming
m Mediterranean ports, waa pro
g to the aid of the distresaed
? a
China to Spend $3,000,000 on Canal
PeUng, May 15. The International
Banking Corporation has s.gned a eon
Aith the i binese government fer
?? provement of the (irand Canal
r'or a distance of two hundred milea,
?i tre Yangt?e-k ang and the
northern boundary of Ktang-aa Prrv
ince. The corporation leadi 13,000,000
to the govemmerit.
. ?_-??-__--__-.
lf Scheme Failed, Reb?
els Were to Flee
to United States.
Asquith Fails to Win Bel
fast Leaders to Red?
mond Plan.
London, May l.V Tho wntinjr of
a new chapter of the history of tha
Sinn Fein ntellioa aros bagu to?
day, when Sir Rogtr Casement,
knighted in 1911 for servics to tho
British Gowrnncnt, and Daaid Ju
!ian Bailey. an Irish privato soldier,
one of his companions on the i!l fated
submarine trip from Germany to Ire?
land, were placed in tho doek of the
Bow Street poliee court for prolim
inary oxamination on tho charge of
high treason.
While considerable tostimony in?
troduced by thc Crown tended to in
criminate Baiicy, th?? main attaek
was directed against ('a-enrent in an
endeavor to enmesh him in a net of
evidence which wotiid rstablish whh
OVt question his part ln a onsptracy,
whose ramifications extended even to
Details of tho conspiracy hatchi**.
in Berlm wore breoghl out by t},*
Attorney General. (asemont Bt* |
srribed him-.'f ns the organr/.er of \I
the Iri*h VolontM >. Bl i impre-scd
upon the Irish prisoner-- in liormany
that evorythini* wa-i ' : for
Ireland by Orma-v.-'s winning the
war. Those prisonerr* who joined a
brigade he was attempting to form
were promised that, tlv-y wui'.d I ??
sent to Berlm as gUMtl of the Ger?
man Government.
Amerl.a To Be Raven In Defeat.
In the event 'hat Ciermsn won
a sea battle he would Und the bndgade
in Ireland to defend that count-y
against Kngland, and if l.ermany lost
the war the lierman government would
give each man ?10 to __0 a" 1 free
passage to America.
Casement II the centre of
all eyes. It was ? ll no ordi
nary prisoner waa bef.r* the bar, for,
de.pite the unkempt eonditioa of his
clothing, he made a atriking flgure,
with neatly tr;n-med heard and hair
brushed well buck from a high fore
head, underneath whiefc were the deep
set. eyes of the dreamer.
, ? ment busied I ? M ' taking
notes, indicating that he mten.ied to
have a hand in the eondvetion of his
riefence. He was always self-pm'eised,
and, as the ca?? wore on, l.egan to dil
play considerable aelf assurance.
The teatiaaeay to day develeped few
thnils, th* proooeatioa dorothag itt
attention to showing how ? -scment
earriod on th" alleged recru'ting for
hia In-n Brigada ia Geraaaa prison
cmpi. The most dramatic part of tha
whole procee.iiag Ut* th-- aldres* de
livered by the Attorney-Oneral, Sir
Frederick E. Ba-ith, Uba outi'n.'d Sir
Roger ' ? ? former service. to
his coi,' ? kOBOl be-towed
upon the prisoner by h's King and then
thifted abruptly to the details of the
. napiraey.
lt was d.rir.g h.s address that the
Attorney Geaeral introduced a letter
wr-.'ten bv I a em*nt thankn.g il hl
ward Grey. the Britiah Beeretary for
Foreign hMaira, for the kr.ig>uhood
conferred upon h m in recognition of
hm Putumayo service*. In this letter
??I am indeed grateful to you for thil
s.ngu'.ar assurance of your peraona!
interest. I am veiv dooply sensible of
the honor done my by hia majesty. ar.d
would beg that my humble duty ma/
be presi-rvei tO hia ma;esty when you
rar. do me the I I Bt l ' r mvey.ng to
him my deep apprecation of the honor
(hot he ha aeoa te graciously pleaied
to confer upon BM
Bring Rebel Flig to Coort.
The Attorney General introducad an?
other ttriking fea'ure when he pauaed
'?i hia ipoech to produce in court tha
flag which it is asserted Casement and
hia companions brought fron l.ermany
,.,.i. Tiin wh< the emblem of
the revo.t. a g'een flag with a yellow
castle upon it, and under the r_?*> th?
raotto: "Urbs antiqua fait atudiiiuue
aiperima bellt."
Casement's attorney* made little at?
tempt at neee aiaaaiaaflna ta da>, but
aeveral times qoootioaod the w'-ieasea
why t'asemer.t wanted thi ?' tha
Iriah br.gade. The po.nt of the rjuae
tions aoaaaod to be to tl ?? thal 'Ho
freedom of ireland was th* onlv thing
involved and that the btigado ?n not
to attampt to oaoitt Ormany.
Long before the hearing crowdi be?
gan to gather ou.i.de the Bow S'.raet

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