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\Church Beats Murray
in 3 Straight Sets
y*eteor Puts lTP Hard
Fight, but Church Is
Too Fast for Him.
tfwfi.y player
shows great form
f-xpcrts Trcdict Further Victo
rics for tho Conqucror
of Ciilifornian.
*H.J ? ? ,:
JZot theannual Sr
,. Mur
Mitaar, ia threa
00 icorei were
_ by the vietory the
- right to ehal
'.Villiams. Sd, rresent
. 0f the Achelu Cup.
the only CaHforalan
| of ehmmntion.
.. ...
, Kastern Hur
lltaa. Thr pair were
ZLatsd hv the vcteran intcrnationni
- .nd Fred B. Alex
; >??. wiaasrs, re
l ."orl bv the national title
, o! ar.d Psck Mf
_MJ ?, have another
tShr. and
garas that
ror'i mat
? the
' ,: r
_V. df ',U1Ch
him from
Murrav Beloa 1 orm.
?? mv who hsd bt?B plajring bs
M the
, third
. nt *\an
? the
m the
hope B)
? irreilat
,core read
4 That wa* br- I ' rf..thp
ng dmej,
the match
i?tV. ,
t and d
? thiagl con
..- both con
stand out IB
The fashionable
nn liehtninp; on his
narkable court covcr
ffOt him out of
wcrc w-ot. but
ths tall, thia Tcnaflv
. gprawl on the prounrl.
r. covered him
within an ace of mak
.. ry ot
he was on
Only the wind rot by
tt IIis Service.
ed sl
**? ?
ed more to
Murray suc
yite *
? ? -1 was
. r h^
ry until ?' ? '1 "i*0
the remark
?;. a lartro
?i his
? ?ivim, "Thr
? ? than in this
thin streak
an he
mixed ia. i
i. the
. me within
Muri |J ll I ri.l.ed.
'?; re
i ? , and ient
.1 ruihed pdl
rt ed the puri
o it. In
? Murray was a mueh fa
11, Mi will wrlcome
rmingly, through
? ! thi humidity
? i..? Murrsyed Mar
? eialty,
v.-. i ii 1 v trii
Bul 4'hurrh
? iry lt,
?? and
dffn. .
? ?
. last *um
'tft.n RrrriKs Thiouirh.
thi I 'land
? at their best,
. ai mi'ii
n the last let, snd
to take moi1 of Mur
r la*
*H a-ell placed, I lurrav con
r?V had hat ? ?
lf i.vvk
??-' ' .... sail
' r.pinc
? '
? vol
7 '?" - at the net, but
n U-< whole he _ave a itArl.'1* ?*?
Mhition. Church'* own passini- strokoB.
paal Miiii'n from thr- lnttci'*
Mi\:,r. oftflB foutiil thi- openmr-s with
uncannv precision
Ihe po.nt flcara nnd strokc nnalvsi*
follow 1
? t | 4 i l t : ' 4 B* a
Nrv 4?.U? Pl*ei .* A IT
r ii i i
?. i ii i i
intj n r
I I I 4 4 4 t 8?*1?I
-.14 . 1 .'
v. - i.,t. I'lare. s A 1> F
1. i 1
M-!r-?\ lll
?niiui. * t
4 4 4 | S II I 1 4 4?4* r<
M.irra.. i 4 4.14.1
\,v ...;? piaea B.A. p.F
Bfl 14
M rrl* 11 I 1
Dixie Leads Way
In Regatta on
Great South Bay
Miss Bcllc Baruch Adds to Her
Fame by Winning One
Design Race.
Bellport Bay. LBBfl Island. Aup. 11.
v Waatin'i Claaa Q racmp rdoop.
the Dixie, came into har BBTB in the
fourth ehaaaploaahip r.pntta of the
Yacht Racinp A**ocintion of Great
South Bay, sailed off here to-day. The
twenty-tive-footer not only won first
prire in her own division, on both
actual and corrected time, but, boat
for boat, beat the Alva, the winner of
V Class, over a ten-mile coune.
I Belle Banieh, winner of the
Q*M ?? of the Baf C"P yesterday, again
took first prize amonf- the one-desipn
yachts of the Bellport Bay class. Miss
Baruch was not the only fair skipprr
to steer a boat to victory. ln a spe?
cial class for small honts IMis* .lohn
arofl in her I'olly. defeating two
other yachta in clever fashion.
Tho largaat fleet that has *o far
r.n-fd durin*- the ciuiso sailed in the
i to-day. In the R Class a sai 1
ovcr prize was seored by the Yenture.
rlph arai the winner in the
Moriehcs cats. Clas* AA, and the
Adelaide III in the Class BB. ent
- V was taken hy the I'olphin.
!* aron Ifl n special mixed class.
The summary follow>:
CLABfl i- staiu : M -i-oi'RSK, 1"
Xiii i
R.M.r" Tl V S
? w. Oi - 4 1*8
\ ? . I ?? 4 ' 4
?.- \ I. I
RLOOP9 . LABfl U UTABT, 2 09?COIKSI.. 10
ft ri*, i v 4 W " '
M T. Haj-ward ?
il* i " II 88
: :i ?:,
Imiui-r. I
BLOOP8 i - '. -tart. : i:?roi*K8*e. io
Mi: ?
T. B-attfl .... . 4 4T M'
...IK-K. 19 Ml -
\v . At* .' ? 4 t: 4t 2 11 I"
>.-..? 1:50:0!
4 ' '
|i! . . .. '
UOBII HV.fi ' -ft". 10
II. ?: 11 . 4 4 4*. 2 "IS 4-1
W. l.ana 4 M 4". { tt 4.'
11 c Hi. i ? I -
rABT, a-.s:?t*oiR.*E. 62 3
\!1L. -
.4 I* 21 1:11**4
- lt * Halctl 4:88:44 1:54:84
: .- ? 4 -ll M : (.4 54
Corre. - phln 1 51 .'4, Kdlth I .
Hoomcruig. : 01 2?.
CLA8S --TART. 2 33?
. .il BBI 1 I I BOM
K I'. Bnmitnbari 4:41 41 '
Ho> 4 '
,m R., .' OT 14 V .
! \^ ..Ni PI S1QN BTABT, I '-'1 -
C01 BSE, 14 llll
1 MIlaAT, Mi** !?* -< is : 47 l*
lal n i. " 1 ''0 34
Did i
-l.f.i.i's .: uia .\ - rABT
| 1 <?
-Mll ?
?. . i -.-? ::
p. Tuttie t tin
\ .Inlia, A A . I ' I
- . UA88 ij BTA1 r 1:11 COl BBI II
l" ''?].'- '?
11 M -J '4
ft!,1 " ' :?.,i;
I.ixic, 1 I. --;
?-? i: 8TAHT I ft COl M
I ... 11:15:13 1:14:11
,ls , m> , i.as- AA- BTABT, 0 -t
.... aa
:, - i- 8:81:41
BELLPOB1 1 11 "V- '." S',;.\^TAUT' ':4~
Ml'adl ?? l
adv Ki v' '"' J '
? ' I l.M*. 19
' " ! Ha*
... I .4 '.
... - D-fl-Btta,
th H 11" I-'.
Indianapolis, Aaf. 11. Chicaj-o won
teani ehanpiaBahip m the UbIob
PriBtflra* Natiaaal Baseball I.enpue
tournament, which ended here to-day,
by dflfaatiag Cleveland 7 to 6 in the
hiial panie.
Chicajro reached the tinal jrame Py
?rinning from Neai Yorfc B to 4 earher
in the afternoon. Cleveland had de
i iia, tha 1918 ebaaiploBe,
The icorei by inninga follow:
r ii r
I rl?.i.nr1 ^ f. |) * 1 O- ". 11 2
0 i-7 K 1
.'iltr and < ?*?
ii h r.
t a 8 I 8 1 8 8 8?8 14 I
18 8 8 18-484
?? rl k; Hi?* *n'1
Shame on Binghamton!
Binj irntaa, S, V. Aag. 11. The
. atod Bing*
hamtoa Ib an rxhibition j;ame to-day,
? :iis* mx runs in the ninth
laaiag. R n ?
.. . I 8 8 8 f?T 18 j
> o < i o a a?I a i
D**Aaa ti I 1 . ? ' .f'lt and
Colorado Snrino-*, Col., Aup. 11.
Ralj'h Mulford won the second event
in the Pika'fl Teak automobile races
m IX minute? 14.7 r-'cond*.
Qflorgl Baaaaflfl was *-ccond in 2'd min
QtC, 4S.4 s<-.'<.ti.i-- Mulford'* time Ifl a
r,i-\v l-ACOrd for the twelve and one-half
Best time in the morninp event was
maia bj Fred Jaak, of Datroit, who led
..'? -rroap *? th.- flaiah ln 2'd min?
ute* 4 1 second*. Roy S'ent/., al*o of
petro.t. wa* second in 23 minut
Ravenswood Star Victor Is
in Big Regatta at Duluth
fkoma* ROOUOP, of thr RaVOOOWOOd Hon' Cktb, Of Loop loloud. Ile :ron thn
senivts eiaglo* quarter mile icutt.' ekampktmeUp at Dtskttk.
Tom Rooney Wins Twicc
in Amateur Oars?
men Contcsts.
Duluth, Minn., Aujr. 11. Tom P.ooney,
of the Kavenswood Boat Club, of New
Vork. rowed to a doub'.e vietory m the'
openin* day of racing: in thc cham?
pionahip rowing re_atia held under the
guapicei of thc National Association of
Amateur Oar.-men here to-day.
Rooney won the quarter-mile dash,
defeating Osman, the ByTBCUM oars
man who rSBrSSSBtsd thc Duluth Boat
Club; ?.. WaldO Smith, of the New
York A. Ci Walter Allison, of the 1 n
dine Barge Club, of Philadelphia, and
Schmidheiser, of the same club. Short-,
iv after that. the Ravsaswaod scullrr
returned to the line in the _?soci_tion
single sculls, and piving hu opponent*
his wash all the way down the courne,
won handr-omely. , .
One of the startling surprises in the
regatta was the defeat of Jack Kelly,
the Vesper Boat Club's star, in the se- ,
nior doubles. The Western club had
little diflealty in winning the crew,
The summanes follow:
Ouar'<-r ?*"" -Mfe ' I **?*? - acalleW Won t'T
rJicm. aafenowood, U?n* blandi Ujtaao. g******
irrond; Bralth, New Vorli A < .. tl.lM. AUieoi .
I , | ne Bsrgr C I
heiaei I ndl s Barge Clu BfUi " ma ? * \ i
Benioi - v ..?mi,. s .
Duluth. Ws. rr I- rrnitu and jabn B
I'lilladtlphla. stcond. l.m*. I
k. e . ? B. 4...
r.- Paul tlilr'l. Tim*. T:M 1-1 k
i Hai Detroit; J-i*.
BunT. _ a I' ' '
4H,? Mrl . ?l l aui. th.nl. ,
Tr- . slea bruurf nf ha.i water. ____._.
,: ,...,r c.r."l ... I Won bf I ..!.. '
i Valley Tarhl and Caoee ?
Rowtn* I ..lh. Ht. l^oul*.
... 1
Fourtl Tim'. IJtI-i
_,T ""' ----- Rarr'i ]
I . -. .ii -, ,) Raw .
rilni. l'i Bj "' i
. ', Osiran irulul .. third; IW.ai. Mutual
lh; Rro?n l
le.ni. flfia ai -
n_M ? ?
Ba.toB.Aag. ll. The Boston Br.ve*.
left here to-night for Brooklyn, where
they will meet the Roblas ln s four
i?me isriei on Ebbets Pi.le. B>aoklyn
S boomlng slOBS Is the van in the
Itruggle for the National League pen?
nant hut the Hravea hold little respect
for them. The gSBiral '???*??.??
prcsrd bv the Boston men to-n.ght
La> that thev would braak ths ?*????*??
.treak of the RobiBS and then drive
Khead to the pennant.
The Nrw York (Jiants are the m*n
.,,. Bravei fear most. Johnny E*/.ri
Sfd "We don't fear th.RoblBS.for
thev an- not of ftrst prade as B ball
team Thev hST. had a lot of luck in
keepinf* ?"? from 1"Jur,e*<* a,,d tibeJl
Jftching -^fl!T *?*?" hir" p01^ 5 *
5J5ty well- They are about due for a
*-Ths OiaBta, howsrsr, loom up most
fnrm. iteMU.Mtion of fterxog
. I wondera, und Blim Bsuei
?Ul a.1.1 power. There IS enough
ir o that team .o earry I ta the
toP lf wa bsal ths Giaati we arill wia
the p-nnaBt.*1_
v,c ataraa, who ,- sllegsd ts bavi
one. kaoeksd dowa Charll. Wbitawith
a mallet. a horaa_40S or I0IB. ,
Lh ihtin-r, wn* outpointad by lee
ZXZ eolored lifbtwelfht, al
ai-!,,.. SpartiBf i nijbt
The EthiODian ?rai too fsal foi-Moran
Moreno The black wa. alw.,1
Xre else whea ths iaafh.tti do
> over charged .' t hllB. J?B1U0B frc
ou.ntlv hnd Moran daS*d b, hia speed
ond a right uppercut which eoaasetad
with moaotonoui rsgalarity.
Toward the md w'th.baal Moras
bejin U perk up a blt. la the tenth
,.ie.l -tn hii opponent, who had
te'eome leg wa.IT*, B.d BBBt . coupI.
of fan leftl lo the jav* Johnson WSI
_f.d o hear the ball. but on . mathe
mat eal calculation and on the basis of
ground eOTSrtd m the iprinting around
tha siBB the eolored boy won on points.
Cubans Plav Lincoln Giants.
To-morrow sfternoon at Olwli
Field. 186th Str..i sad Pifth A*/ei
th.famoui ' ?" from n?v*n.?
u,l! i"lav the Lincoln OiaBta, world s
Toori'd c^ampions in a double hPn,1er
commenclng at 1 :W p; rn. }*'?**
plavers f.om Cuba h.ive been mnkn.g
a great record OB the road and are
r.ovv- at the top of tb.lr forta sadM
rect to bieak the Br*at wirtr.M,: Itasak
of the eolored ehampioiis. Thc
f.om the Aatfll.1 ?re big favoritea her.,
__,_. ? ..u^rdjtrowd is lAokad for. I
Harry Pollok
Off for Denver
To Close Bout
Wcinert's Manager Ooes West
to Clinch Deal for
Willard Fight.
Actual nepotiations for the Willard
Weinert match will be under way
withifl a few day*. Harry Pollok. man
tper of Weinert, left for Denver ycs
teiday, where he will confer with fflBB
Willard and Tom Jone*.
Of course. Tollok would have left for
I). nver soon anyhow to superintend the
uainin-r. of Fredd.a Welsh for the
I.abor Day bout with Charlie White.
Bat Pollok'* determination to pet to ?
Pike's Peak in a l.urry was due to an (
announcement that Jess Willard would
neccpt $.'0,onn, or some such trifle, for .
a boat with Weinert.
As soon as this plad news reachf 1
Harold's widely extended ears he held
a hurried conference with Chevalier
McKetrick. The conference was held j
lehind jwinr-inp door*, but they raPB
barrad. Suddenly Pollok dashed from;
tne cafe, hurnedly packed Kreddie
Wilsh Into a suitri.se and ran for the
Graad Central Station. He wa* last
H.en on an observation platform nit
ting to the settinp sun and wrarinp an
iir of profound mystery.
ln a farewell address to the Forty
*.cond Street Kej-iment of N'ew York
thl promoter said: "I am dead senous
about that Willard matter. I am sure
that Weinert has more than an even
('fiiince to rr.ake some impression on the
big fellow. Anyho-.v, hfl can't be hanped
[or tryinp. It Wiilar.i is willinp, you
ci.n bet that we are. I pot word that
Willard would take the money. so now
it is up to the I'envi-r people."
Wemcit was ordered ;.' hold himself
in rradiness to prah a rattler for the
West. It all rest* now with Eddie ,
Pitta, the Denver promoter. Willard
will want to take a peoK at his roil be?
fore ho quit* the sawdust nnp, which
netl him about MM a week. But Jack
Curley, one of his assistant manapcrs,
has intimated to Pollok that Willard
likes to pet $50,000 purses all at once,
and that as far a* he | Curley i Is con
cerncd he would bn eharmed to hear
that Je*a had spned articles. Tom
Jone* also approve* of Willard boxing
when h.' gfltfl SoO.ono for an evrninp.
This is just a little more than Kickard
paid him for the bout with Moran.
The Wellinp-Dundee bout, which was |
poatpoaad arhaa Johnny Dundee aeci-1
dentlv ran down a small boy with his
ciir, arill I"' hflld "n Aagasl SO at Madi?
son Square Garden.
Boxinp Cmnnssioiier Wenck will
raconBMBd that Btlflflt Martin be sus
pended because he pot $.*in0 from the
Hroadway Bportiag Club for basiaa*.
The cr.mmis.-i'.ner thinks that thi* is
too much money for any boxer to have
all at one time.
Frank Moran took hi* automobile *>?
Tulsa with him. l-'raticis 'harles feels
thu* hr OUght to j-ot into shape for the
Morris lipht, *o he intend* to do a preat
deal of road work in the automobile.
Minor League Results.
I*. TKilNA'1 l.-SAl.
II P-*MbBA* <? R n K
M . ..... | fl fl 8 1 8 8 1 8?} I I
,.r. rldMKa . 8 8 118 8 8 8 8?114
lu't/rte*- ruilertnu Biid Mail l-n, IHIliard ?-l
Xt .
A Rii-lirci I IIrn !?">? R H F
BAftJOl*** 1
B * '" - 1 n ', ' ,* " 1J '.
, ?? rila and Kril hall; 1/--.*- in 1
ii n. k
.. tn- . , ? 9 j
Raitarta* M. | and B I M aai
' ; "' utoii IB 4-vftAiii.v
Maa-Bai *fJ ?"
Mllwtll ? ,
1 ', 1 Ka-i.a. ?
H i l I !- ? ?' ' I '
1 ean < ? *'' \ ??_,
. ? n. Bl tlfc*
i lan bj u MJi a
LawtBBM** I UawaKt l
? ,"'*" ,'
\ .. , 11 i I - - n. 1
lir, ln-ATl. - HUl. :
- TeVaaW A-S'X IU!"V
nea Otkaaa. ft *-.a-i ?*.:;- l
BlnnlBfhi " "
K' ? * A'U.'.'. 4._
Touhey to Box Dc Foe.
I nm) Touh-ty, of Pataraoa, S. J .
will BABAi B II* l'e FOA, of Bt PBal, in
the main boxinf event at the Fairmont
A, (~ in Th* Bxoax. to-ni**ht.
John R. Madden's Hendrie
(iains Laurels?Surprise
in the Steeplechase.
BarBttgBi K. V., Aup. 11.-John F.
Madden's Hendrie, a homebred son of
Star Shont and Oranpc and Blue, took
the measure at Ral Parr'? imported
Crimper in n mile dash that wa* of?
fered by Um Saratopa Association thi*
uft< rn.ion. lt was the last event of
the day, but the most interestinp by
reason of the appearance of Crimper.
The race araa badl*** run, and Murphy,
the joek.\v whfl handl.-d Crimper, was J
much to hlame for his defeat.
A race f..r gaBilaBBBfl riders, known
?I the Amatriir Cup, went to the
Tucker family, Harry bfliBg tirst with .
Dervi-h; Johnny ro.le Sasin into the
place, and Kvans Tucker wa* third with
The steeplechase of the afternoon
afforded h surprise, when M. !..
Srhwartz's Archdal. , well ridden by
M.-d Henderson, triumphed over Lewis
Garth'i Rhonb
The Corinth. a handieap over the six
farloaa diatance, taar ('ifford A. Coch
raa'fl Prince nf dnio winner all the
v.ay, while Connlng Tower racr.i to the
plaio aad Janaa Butler's Hiph Noon,
r.fter raoatiag with a deal of interfer?
ence, was third.
Notei of Racinj*;.
Jockey F. Campbell wa* *ti*pended
for five days by Starter Cassidy for
disohrdienco at thu po?t in the first
Walter Jenninps has :-if*ned the ap
prentice 11. Pliillips to ride for A. K.
Macomh' r.
Jaeaaj Eddifl Taplia has returned to
11. G. Bedwall in Canada.
A movement Ifl Bfl foot to have the
Saratoga A [iut on a race
l.fti-.. th'- end of ihe leBSOfl that will
pivc some <>f the uldtimo rider- a
baek. There are a
t'umher of them on t!u> grOBBBla, arul
il aroald ba ? arorthwhila exhihition j
and BBfl thal nighl t.ach a few of the'
present'!..-,- jitkivs how to sit on a
Boraa. Araoi i those arha have apreed
to ride ifl inCD :. raCfl ;.:. Willifl Shaw,
Hickey M lla, VTillic Branaaa, (i.'nrpe
o.lom, William Dugan, to. II. Karrick,
Patajr MeDennot, Jamei Fitxainmons,
Steve ' harlton, Frank Regaa, "Pud
dmp" .McUaniel and "Snapper" (larri
Xephthv--, arhieh haa baaa Ib three
stahles recently, has been sold apain.
i . li. Sullivan has diaposed ol her to
Mrs. J. M. Bhilliag.
Results of Racing
at Saratoga Park.
PIBRT RA'T Tor b** ..-..r I u?l !<?? . purre.
} tl ?il.nli ?:? tn aerond and II lo thlrj
].-.???- . ? ?
i, ? ? Wl 8*-j v . ? ? I I
>? , - .II*..Nol 1-5 1-11"
Kta I'azrr .114 B 11-8 T-18 8*
llr.^ion . Dai *-* l? 8*
114. M ft. "? -1a
lp ' ,1 ii :. .. . 13 '
i I.114 I'BJl ph. . 4 >
,. ri I..H* M
K-lo ? 1 '?! ' ?
-i *'-,?: lll..Cot
me . :<o
l Ii irllncaiiia. 40 ft. 11'
' i
, . .4
II 14'
. |: ro:. -n 1 '?'
tVa-taa . 114..Bl Ab i .84 18 14
?>'wjpl"l aa Ih* Qal , - - Ifl | I I
rkrat. * KiH 'Miia. UeiaorU*. Husay.
Ilr - a '
Sft'.IM. HA.T s-ni.I.W ATBR STTKI-l.l:. 1IA-E
l.-i -1 H
ol $1* aa * *
, 'II .. ? 1 . . '
. , I
ii .... **,-? le-ftcf 04k I
a . ? . 181
? ?.
h t . ? ' . ??? M 1.
. | W . rr i
* lt.
TIIIKl. RACI i - Ita aaa* *M r..'. . bf b*A
| ,
? n** ? 1 a half
-*sn* BTI ' - - " ata IBl
. ? i i ? I 1 1*
J 4-8 V
Mn... IB-T. B-S B"
M'lm ' M .
? . ib-y. . I* ** ;|j
?Vhltr.ej F i
I , IN 4.' II
flUlt flaaal 8 - - I 11
- a ! Marlinr.
. IRATIMli AM'll 1 II CIP;
? ith JT'lij a ? of
ut i- *a* ?'? h PI
1 M, II Tliek?r 4 14 l?i
v . ?
i i , ?. II I
i ' i. a
? ?
II r. ?
rirra bai > tm roHiNTii im
i ' .
a. i i .
Har** w ?
I . ... , ... -. M . ahey..
.- :
I), 11. IMTlea ...
i j. a
--.-?- ...
? .v ?: M .
lla ?
' V! 1 - 1 '
tax i
U.iar W. s. W'altel
l j 1
Saratoga Entries.
.,.-. - t far me /**! ? > ?
. ;" ?
iir-r- I
ft ip for ? rra
? ?
, . . ? ?
it -.
? ?
' '? 0
?. -,!?-- BBBBff. laafl *
Oft in the Clammy Night.
(With Apologics.)
Oft in thr rlnmmy night,
Ere nlumhm ehainn have bound me,
l>idl memory bringn the bliakt
Of foozled xhotti thnt hound. me;
The piitt* I blew a foot or two,
Tke driven I ttliccd inanely,
Thr majihu' /ritch that caught some di'ch
The. while I ovraed profancly.
Oft in the hitter er",
More. oft than I might mention,
Sad memory tugt my ttlceve
And cnlh ?>?/ paived attention
To driven I dubbed and puti* 1 dubbed
Like nowc one drunk, or drunker,
Of okatt I Otrueh with ghoulieh luck
That buricd in some hunkcr,
Oft irt the angninhed vight
Wkon I have hit the cover,
Gaunt phasitoms croen my eight
Above my nleep to hover,
Of flying sand, of tom up land,
Of eurooo howlcd to heaven,
Of thnpU .Is I farcd with toAC
Thc while l took a 7.
While in th* act of joshing Connie Mack it ii just ai well to remember
that he is the only leader in baseball who has won six pennanti and three world
Also, that for four years he was berated for having a ball club too atrong
for the good of tho game. It may be, therefore, that Connie decided to take a
ftyer at the ancient maxlm?"Variety is tho spice of life."
Red Sox at Home.
The Bed Sox are now facing s fairly extendid home itay of rital im
As (arrlgan's club spend most of September ln the West, the hour is now
ripe to get a running start on friendly eod, and so prepare for any trouble that
n.ay follow later on.
To carry a first class chance the Red Sox must atart West in September
with a fair lead, for, while they are facing Thicago, Cleveland, St. Louii and
Detroit those last thr*e weeks, the White Sox at home will be ahooting at the
Maekmen, Yanks and Nationals-which is eomething else again.
Boston has been powerful at home ever since Carrigan's pitching staff
eaSB. back to life, and, with the pennant virtually at stake during this home
he Western clubs will need every detail they have in stock to hold the
Red Sox at bay.
Another Entry.
In the meanwhile Fielder Jonea has raised an unseemly squawk about the
.'? I. race being a "two-club'' affair.
The fielder is nearly alwavs a late summer starter, but once he gata BiS
rr.a.hine under way there is always an unusual quantity of fur in his immediate
The Brown pace has been the iWl-tSSi in the league for several weeks, and
a ball club that can come that far from behind is not to be counted out with
seven weeks left.
There Might Not Be Any Race Left.
Sir- Where would the St. Louis Browns be in the race to-day if they had
ksd Charisj H.rseg playing third eight games ahead or twelve games ahead?
G. L. R.
Johnston vs. Williams.
Within the next fortnight or so the lawn tennis test is to outline the
American champion for 1916. ?,.?.?
Just at thi, juncture it seem* to be a matter of Johnston vs Williams.
, This doe, dorsn't mean of necessity that this pair will meet in the final round.
j But it means that one of the two is pretty sure to rcaeh the hnal round, and
' having gotten that far, to win.
Fhere are other tennis players capable of beat-ng either man at odd m
! tervals. But we doubt very mueh whether there is another, unless of cour*e
MeLoBfhllB .. right again, who is capable of going or. through the field am
' up.ettlng ? Johnston or a Williams at the finish. A, between Johnston BBd
i illiamf. you can write vour own ticket. It will he ,n the main a matter of
which entry heppens to be at his beit that particular day.
The Maekmen made a tarriBC efTort to imall teMML*XT__
bu> were nipned in the hud. With over tifty games, there is still hope left
j for another record dash.
Who Has the Answer?
Sir- I *ee where some one has started the d.scussion as to whether or
not women are people. This interest* me no whit. But what I would like to
;know ., this: Are Umpires people? Or, are they merely umpires.
Brooklyn has now offleially set her date for "cracking under the strain."
[. || Deeember 14, between the hours of 3 and 6 P- m._
Sprinters and dnders
The idea of conducting the event* at
'the national championship at Newark
1 on September 8 and 9 on a time ached
ule. received the unanimous approval
of the board of -rovernors of the Ama?
teur Athletic 1'nion, according to the
mail vote, which elosed yesterday.
However. one change will be made. In
the orig.nal table both the running
high ard running broad jump were
,i r.led to beg.n at I o'eloek. but as u
YHubtedlv many athlete* will compete
,n both events. it was de.-.ded to start
the broad jump half an hour later.
The welcomed and imaortaal ehanga
was formally commer.te 1 tipon by BMJB.
ber- of the bodv. who predicte.i that
tha ianoTatioB woald briag aat racord
. ng parfornaacaa and keener
i competition Cheerful news also reaeh.
,,1 tne local headqaartara v-hen rcpr.
sentat.ves in the Middla.W4rat BB
nounced that several of the athlete*,
whom il wa* believed would not make
the trip. have begun earnest training.
Eddifl Stout. the Ualvarsity of Chi?
cago di-tance runner, is expected to bfl
H Variou. eoaUBdar for the t.ve-m.le
tiUai Ha i rapidly roundmg into
farm, aad i* <<"<' *<- force h"- rivals
every inch of the way.
Pcr-aiaaioa has been (graatad >v"
MetropoliUB Aw
Brooklyn Athlatic Flald far tha
ehampionahiafl on Aagait M. m order
,? ? . track will be ifl perfect .on?
dition far thfl K3mf* the local bmo*
'1 will aecure ?ome help for TOB*.
,. -he earatahar, and pay litM
pe-, 181 for the bru.-hing BBof the track.
The fltartiag of the middle .liatance
r*ce* down the sprint chute, thu* elim
n?ra turn*. i* certain
r,. briag about the smashing ot mee.
IH . Cathallc Voung M
National I'nion are priming then.
' for the ftrst champion-hip raeaa, wniclr
are to be held at Cflltlc Park on Mon
,i?v \ugust 21. Tho Knights of St. An.
teny track team are favorite* for the
tal a hard fi-fht i- *ur? to be had
' with tha Bt Aaaalm'a Athlatic ? lub be?
fore the issue is settled. According to
Jaal Lagas, chairman of the athletic
committee. more than two hundred
athlete* will toe the starting marks.
Time only will tell whether Jak*
! Sfumpf Will be able to accep' a posi?
tion a* a member of one of the eaflB
mittees of the local difltriet. Friend*
have prevailed upon him to **ek the
, manahia af 'he ragistration eaaa*
auiLa*. -aciAii ha ha'U several ica.;*
ago, as they believe he will be the
riK'nt man in the right place. How?
ever, Stumpf says that his friends will
hav.'' to bi.le their time, as circum
stances arill be the only judge.
Half a hundred yachts are satarsd
for to day's annuai race of the Hugue
icht Club, of New Roehelle, which
vvill be Milad on Long Island Bouad
over the c'.ub'a triangular courges,
starting at n.".n. Yachts from all the
one design, regular and handicap
. ???,? rn he at the starting line,
Odd ? sna are excelknt for a
good race if there is a breeze from al?
most any quarter. It is expected that a
feature of the day's sport will be th.
- in the s'ar cla?s, which will
probablf ^'art the greatest number of
yj.-ht.-i in say el ?
Boston Nines in Conflict.
Boston, Aug. 11,?BostaB*8 major
league team.s will bo'h play home
gani.'s on September 2". the first con
| n ergagement* here in recent
\ .ar-, as a reault of an arrangtment
made to-day. The BrBT.S, witb
. , ea to play with Pittaburgh on the
l.ii'. r'-. laat trip here. have only three
. l dr,t<M for 'hem. This made
the n.W arran-rement neeessary.
Open Air Boxing To-night.
The Washington Par*. Sports Club
arill stage a popular priced show at
the Brooklyn arena to-night. There
will be tw. star boutH, betwe*n ban
iBBM and middleweighti. Youn_ Zulu
Kid meets Abe Friedman in the main
ln the sem.-final of ten rounds
PraaB I arbone will tackle Sold'.er Jack
Kelsey, muldleweight champion of the
General Todd Makes Best
Time of Day in Heat
of 2:05 Pace.
Pittsburgh. Aug. 11. Kxprenire Lon
won in straight heata the Matron
Stake, valued at $6',00rt, which was the
feature event of the third day of Grand
Circuit racing on the Brunot? Island
track here this afternoon. Lightaom*.
Wotts, Geers up, finished seeond in the
first heat and third in the second.
The Caaastasfe IMM purse went to
Box R. in straight heats. Thomas Farl
took the 2:14 pace, worth $1,000, with
little difficulty, and Worthy F'nnce.by
finishing first in two heats and second
in another, won the 2:12 trot.
The best time of the afternoon was
made in the second heat of the ItM
pace, valued at $1,000, when General
Todd covered the mile in 2:04. R. H.
Brett, however, finished in the lead in
the first ar.d thrrd heats and waa
awarded the race.
Directum I, world's champion paeer,
made hu first appearance of the year
on a track and. pai.-d by a running
horse. negotiated a mile in 1:59V The
meeting will close to-morrow.
The summary f-illows:
r_< l.v.;--I li . i ?.??<.-. TTrTf-BB hi ?.r n.AN -
l'i BBB, || oo*
TT'.rr.si Farl. b h . hy T!i? Karl . M_.-Tlr-1 . 1 1 l
Tr," P|__B_ Ml h '?> < .?-i,at., .Hi'
Pt.r.. 111
Rayi .? Oro. ch. * . _/ i'ai* dr Oro A:
klnson l .311
Time. 1 0**?. | ot*i. I l'1*
TEOTTLNO? 2 13 < i.A.i.S? THBKE HKAT !__*.
1 ' I_S_. 11.140.
Worth. Trtnea. br. _.. br I'rtnc* MrK.lr.ney
"'oi.. 1 1 J
A...' Wiira, ch. a_. by (i*n*ral Walu (E4
man.* 1 1
Rr.-i-t,. bB.br BlniMI iflaa) .. ' 1
Huni/a.r, b m , by Trampfaat iMirphyi.. 4 4 1
*_r_OBor*. b'k h II *a- .515
Rnr Miller. - - h. "ir, .-. ? ... da
Tim*. : ' <'-, lasn. : "> _
pacim;?: itCLAsa n ...'dmsto. k? thb-F
III.AT _____ . Al.. _. }
I B*i R.. h t. br Boi K.-rr. Jr (**__*_?
Un*. 1 1 1
Ity Lll Mack. b h . by B J wiik.^lMM
. Mur..1.-. I lll
I Dleosrter, b i b? Dl ii :. laaj 13 4
w . \ . .-.. . "rk-.
I i ___.*.. > . 4 4 .1
naymar. b. h. (McDonald
; hiprtni Vlaid s
IArkan.ei,o, b a (Bdaoo . _!?
Timo, I 0", .
! R IT Br-Mt. b * , hy WoBoaa* flra.lTi . t I I
_*n_ral Tn.lil. h li . bl li? >r__ I- . ? ?
B*0 114
Camella, hr. n. , br Cu i 1 3 _
w. ?? - i n.lllr. i'r. i.a.lo I'jr
trr, 4 4 i
Jrir. Ont.. .', , ....'ra l<--i .. ..5 dx
Tim.. ; o5H. : oi. 1 tt%
TBorn.vi; rv.v. IfATBON iTaVKKl rwn in
ra_PE vai.i _ i
B_J ....?? I/,u, |>. f. by Allaiiu. Kipr'Si
| ? Marpfcrj | ............. 1 t
l_|Ma-_M WatU. b. f. tv _?ii*i*I Wstra
lOasrs \ I
l ^ilk, b i- by Blnam ? . ? ..31
T;m... I lT*sj. 1 II.
Two paatpsass* semi-final matches ln
the first annuai frescent Athletie
Club's open tennis tournament will b.
played otf this afternoon at Bay Ridge.
tn the single* s*mi-tinai R. Lindley
Murray, the Coast southpaw. will try
conclusions with tha Brooklyn left
hander. S. Howard Vosheli.
At the conclu-ion of this match
Vosheli and Fred C. Baggs will oppose
Walter Merrill Hall and Charles M
Bull, jr. The winner of the singles
will face Ichiya KaBMfM la the final
to-morrow afternoon, and the doubles
v.ctors will meet Ciarence J. Grirflr.
and l'oland Roberts, of San Francisco.
The matches were po^tponed op ac?
count of the Kai'-West team match
at Forest Hills and the Seabright
tournament this week.
1 .'ab.* 1* T> M - 1
Newbuiy. Kngland. Aug. 11. Th*
N'ewbury Stakes of $2.15'.0 was run off
j'to-day nnd won by J, Hu-h man's Hurrv
Oa, ndd.'ii by J. Child, hy thre..
; lenglh.s f r >m Red W .lker's BUck
' Adder. with Hulin,-k in the saddle.
Lord Derby's ? anyon, with Martm
! up, was third, five lengths behind, and
| W. Singer's Market Girl la-t. Onlv
! four horse* vver.t to the po<t. Th.
i betting wa;: Hurry On. J f?. 4; Blaek
Adder, 4 to 1, and CaayOB, I tn fi
The fea"ire sf th. closing day af
I the meeting to-m..rrow will be th*
I N'ewbury Summer Cup Handicap, whieh
has .ttractad tw_ntj*-eighl cn-r
Montclair. N. J , Aug. 11. Mis* Edith
Haiidy. of Tornpk. i'en Uland,
, and Shss inn Kiaaal, of Morrtetawa,
] Middle ' irapioa, will meet to
n,..rr .w ftftalBOOa il the t'nal ?f th>*
vvorn in's lawn 'ennis tournament at
thn Montclair Athletie < lui).
Miai Hai Ay wai t tl i?ugh to th.
tinal >esl.".l.?y. d.fMttiBg Miai Krhel
, Tyndale, sf tVMt New Brigataa. Mi**
K nel won from Misi Haz.-I Sawy*r,
tne Montelair Athl.tic Club champion.
Miss Hainly, WBO has scored v ..-tories
ip manv big tournam*nts. is the fo
vorite over M I I Mai In the necon-1
round Miss H.in-iy d.-'eated ihe na
tio-ial in.loor champion, Miss Marie
Rfaaa.r, in a threeset. match.
We liave our say this morn?
ing ?"everything mon and boyi
wear. Sporting Goods in all
Thf* wild waves can ha\p theirs
i this afternoon!
(f*;oa* a' II)
]\<h-;f.rs Per Comtamt
Broadway Broadwaj*
atUthSt. "The at 34th St
1 Broadway Cofneri" Fifth Ave.
atWarren at4UtSt
?rtcwlir.e Ailay. . . : * i" .->
T?il?Mfr. R.|v?l i --, ,o_
Buppllo* _tarsHi*_s.r V*ar?"_
?a, VmSnm _-~?^ "*- -*?"?

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