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Testifving Thnt Service
\\ as Ifticicnt.
?*?. StJ lh*lt Nl" ,oxas
(ommander Hm Never
Shrun Capacity.
By COT1DW Ml 1*1 H
. f ' ' rovot
0,8 battla
th tha
"l pamted
.r.vRriled 10
i Naw*
MtlSraaa B*fOT
Zaammn\nmg} rta* n*/w^!f
|, always made a bnll
aUaaasaiai Int
lic. and tho
I h,Kh
ImiraJ niue.
heen c) .rr* tha Bl
pk-aa Dajatola
Miat, office *' '^y of tha
fmry, immedw-ft - the delivery
aj-fc, p-r.-tatit H '.eved of h,?
rink u r**r ti ? i ?? captain
a*g bMOO*'" aaa ">xa? in
r ic* of US r- ? mander. C'ap
u.r. ialr. B 'he second plnoc.
?nosu brilliant
-.**-*r? i** ' *???* commanded
j,s iMt .- a year of rhore
\ua it wfl v r promotion
'is rttr i
Hood* lantg Dasiliav
ifthed ra*'
k.ki-.d Ca] I t0 *hf>
N'it?1 A'
he ha*
j-ir* ?nd tartn months of conspicuous
8, He had command of tho
Hiwk dv ???erican
Wir, *?? I dttria*}
bj, lajajpi - ? rorara-f, ami
iu b*fn * ' r'le8 i"3*tructor at
\M N?vai .' ]n addition to all
. ivlaware
..... a the bat
? 'y cap
whlch ha*
?, and is one of
' i
---.'? ~ht*.
? ,., of whirh
, ...,..- -? ? ? ?':>?? . in ac
$20 to $50
$10 to $40
$10 to $75
$25 to $50
Formerly priced three
to four times higher
anviz-i 40 -AffD ro-ra
_KFU. ESTATE I ()R - il I'.
KfcW .11 Kftl >
Sacrifice M.OIIO ? Now
11 i:*i> lu v| 11 G
lli'iiu \ .1 the "tlHler I
-Bf>l '?'
ag? ?0? Bl *IXES3 PURP08B
? V. I .
.- . .
'.!*?} "?'?'<' ?d3erti?,ementa
"?l*a?8 7, I'art III.
SStATlOXs ?? \N',n?.
?'?*?'. \(k. ?*,a,,?
'?"Wh** i
11 ?B.?ilietJ BdMTliaeinentB Bce
r?*? *-. I'art UL
enracy af (as Brs .arpasssd nii othor,
ohips'of the t'rrt hy the jrreat.e*t mar-,
1 Biflcs target practlea
\i?a laaastafatsd ia 'hc n..vy. A* one
tunkine Ofll-tr hns f-Miil: " l'hc Tc.ni l*s
ni a clas- hy 1" ' 00tt.m
Naval 0__c__i Raaaatfai
There Is, *c, ordinjrly, hitter comment
thfOUghoui thc M'tMii' that tho eom?
mand of th* -uperh ship should now
fail to tho lot ot' Captain Blue, who
the Baraas of Navigation to ra
it, Very latarally ths prosoal
Seeretary of the Navy wished to lrcom
psass hy sb> bmssmi |n l*1* power ths
or ly naval oft'icer in the entire s.rvioe
Ily upheld hi* policiei
ia i,:i\ >, |f laen thsy Bsas hs
rSlled, an.l hai stood be
.ry hu.1 CoB_T-SS, thfl
.nd tho soai Hag ths Bee
'- unmilltaiy adr falstrallon of
the drtpartini Relal sanetion BBd
?? !> ncsded from
lt wns Admiral Mlue who testitie,! he
,; thi fit r'. wns up to
Bjhosl poinl of sftcieacy, whos
dosBBiSBtarj eviaenes froai Kiar A,i
Piake snd Bsaf Admiral Ptetaher
to thr d roel coatrarj **bs ?? Il'? U1"1
thr department lt will h< rseallod,
too, that l:< :ir Admiral Hlue testified
thal I I UfiS tinvy were fully
niiiiiin ?? , of thon had sn
ment, W hen, a* S mat
tir of fact. tlie rommnmlor ni chief had
\ ing m
l hon liske wan Kiliiicd.
l'rnr Admiral Hsks wai rsllsrsd
ofles ss ehlaf "id to
tho Bscraiarj for darint. to tell 11*o
: iruth coneern inc. the unprepared con
,. y. Commsador Yatrs
; Stirlinj, wu* .taperseded m eommandst
Of tho submarine flotilla for darlag tO
tnal eondition of
a Baaf Admiral Hlue
lommanded the littls 1.000
? wn', bs was s-tar
? ims, ss-catirs omcei
of thc crali - i Hs has
i never ? ? ? ' miv kind or in
B, *i et
* lum fnr lervicej rendered, the
| rry Of tho Navy row 1" t?WI ?'''
hita saprsme eommand of or.o of the
? laperdrsadaoBiaits in
J tlie _
(".i)-!.'iir John Uood, rotlrlns; fom
\ na'iiler of thfl Texas, eould ahly nnd
irgS any losponsibility
ih'c f\t\ o irtmsnL His
IBuecoflsor, Rear Admiral new Captain
Hlu- ' > protr), in the opinion
ot naral officers. his CSBacity to dis
ch..r$r<" SBf rSSpOBflibilfty whntPV. r.
: His ? ? forth-T notice to
? politio rather than
rr the msSBS to promotion
?n. that the Seeretary gtill prrsists
,? tho navy
,1 lon, where pro?
motion attsndl the extreme of *elf
sacrif \^ctk and devotion to
-? ? . ?
Plcad fnr Prosjramm. Equal to
That Adopted by Senate.
Washington, Aag. 12. (hairman
:' the House Naval Affairs
i Committee hns received a strone np
i peal from the hus;- of the
.ountry in the form of ? IsttSl
yf the eom*
of t*ie N:i
I Commerce, iirpinir
doptiOB of fl navy progra
?-.''' A rcferendum taken hy the na
1'or.nl charr ? ? helm
mgr vote in favor of Bfl fldeqliatc naw.
"This- record of bviinesa opinion ib
to us momentous," writei Mr. Little,
?'and I am v. 90 snd
your committee the adoption of n pro
n that pHs*ed hy
Kven the construction ln
W* ar"
rmed, _t?ain the full messurs of
re v.-hich tl of i
rsetlcal si
? upon you on that account."
that a pro*
?aa of naval construction suffleient
. ? ? ? nited States at -
? position of second naval
r in the Atlantic. with _ ?urplua
in the Pacrt o suffleient to protect
? . trade rootee, po?fl<
. and sdjaceat territory,
? , .,.:., ndsd Ib the referoadnm
_-,. *
Philip Carter Carries Off First
Honors in Tourney.
?ii. TalaaraaS I* <**si Wl
Soathampton, N. Y., Aug. lt Tl"
' golf links i ? ? n-cock Hilla ( luh
Ifurnished the ehief i today,
. : nals in the club tournament
ln fnr ths Prssidsnta
. i up, oBsretj
and truflteoi of the
<luh The Philip Carter, son
of Mrs. Colon Carter, of ISridgehamp
giraa at the club
I in honor of the winner.
Mrs. (.eorpe I.cary, who is occupyinp
c. l>. English'a cottaga nt ShlBBOcock
er,\. ;. small luncheon on Kri
il (iibbor.s.
.1. Muhleaborg Bailar, of New
Glonwoodaon-the-Hadsoa, i?
at the l-Tln*. Wlth her is her yo.ir.C
randchild, seeoad rlautrhtrr of Mr.
Gouverneor Morris,
ave tak'n their oldest child, Miss
? to Newport for s
mon'h. ?
Henry <<? Trevor Is lraving South
,ampton'on Monday to visit his mother,
John B. TroTor, at Loaox, Mbbb
? te.v days there Mr.
rrevor Will gO tO Cooperstown, N. 1 .,
to visii hii coasla, Aloaaadox Btswart
Mr. and Mrs. J. Cooper Lord arrived
'from Ni'v York to-day to upend BBT
Mrs, i srd's mother,
Mrs. Henry c. Trevor. at the Holly
r, South Main Street.
Joaephine Russell and her
?er, MiSS Marie RaSSOll, artiv.id
? r BpoadiBg several days in
New York.
Mrs. Henry C. Phippa, who ha* beea
orcup nverlook cotta(*e this
I r, board her
? i
the rems.Bder of the ?eason.
her mother,
lur tl." A< '"' tT.1I
Bpend the remainder of the month.
Inder Se<ret:ir\ ( i.niinif from 1'ari*
in NoMinbtr.
Paris, Autr. 12. Albert Dal
? ? . for Pias Arts, expeeta
., m V,,rk ,ii Nol einher for ?
t of thfl . rench theatre
A company of Paris actors will
Manrici Doaaay,
I Wolff ar.d
. desn.
Bliss Left Hospital $1,000.
wil of Erneflt i I
owriei ' -'? was filed
? peaterday.
tan Throat
? tal and to tha LittU Mothers
( - John
Bliss, a ni ' "
left 150,00
\ Dalli tt, s cot ? . ??
in Mr. Bl
, r., .r, 0f 4i<* Park Ave?
nue. is tha i-ssidusry legaUs.
Hundreds Visit Warships
to Which They Have
Been Assigned.
Week Ol Marnruvrcs To Bc Fol?
lowed by Targct
Krom Nrw York office*, from inland
titios nnd from Middle West farms men
will gathor at th? Hrooklyn navy yard
next Tm -il:.> morning to 1*0 down to
;hr aaa la battleahtpe. A month later
? - Brl]] roll down the gangways 011
their ncwly acquircd sea iegs, swappiii''
yarns flnvored with the tang of tho
BM, for they will hnve ?pcnt that time
as member* of the training cruise with
which the navy i* rivailing the military
training camps at Platt?burg.
Yesterday hundred* of the prospec
. live "tars" visited the ships to which
they have been assigned, to receive
their billets and draw their equipment.
Pot weeks tiny have been dteaining
nt the -im i/"i ita mystery, and their
vi-ion* began to he roalixed a* they
climbed the ship's laddor ard brushed
lelbowa with the uniformed regular*
1 who are to be their companions for
four week*.
For many of them it wa* their first
: time aboard a warship. The great gray
guns, the shining brasses, fascinated
them. The glamour of the sailor's life
ftlimmed the fact that tho training
' mapped out for them cor.Wiined much
hard work, *ome of which might e**n
provo di'ngreeahlo. They Iooked for
i ward to the cruis" ns a lark and woro
j impatient to don thtir jumpers and to
' weigh anchor.
Men of Many Sorta 1" Cruise.
On the Kentucky, anchored off Nine
1 fy-si\ti; Streat, PayaaaJtot Hark wa*
' kept busv receiving the depoaita of t'dO
1 requirei from tho men to cover tlie
? o of equipment and food. Tha
widespread intereal in the cruise and
i the type of men who are making it 3\:is
I demonstrated by a group of four who
office ift me samo time.
One wa.- a businesi men from Stam
i -nn.; anothor WM a youth from
i an upstate farm, a third was a univer
' sitv man from Cincinnaii, and tho
fourth was an electrical rngineer.
? Whon they had made their depoaita
? ,. ?.. ,i <? .ir ordera for elothing
qnipment thi j wera led down a
? fa hii.I thmugh a labyrinth
tridoi tn th" paymapter's store
The Stamford man. somewhat older
1 than his compaeiona and deeply versed
mayt pf -he 888 from Beveral
motor boat cruises, immediately put
iea lega. He was taking the
ln cause its novelty appealed t<?
Reeruil* Cet Supplie*
"A felloW could get lost in this pjnri
?; u-.il ro ships." he Baid
stumbled down tha narrow lad?
der. "Well know onr wav around be?
fore we get through I guoss."
The men preaented their order* and
r!uh g I*, B hammock and
ropes with whieh to swing it. After
caeh bag was tagged the quartct pro
I to the clothing room. Here
were given two mattreaa eoTere,
n pair of bathing trunks. a necker
eblef, a scruli hrush. a watofc cap, four
anden I ? I ?? tour white
, four pairs of white
?f legginga, a mattreaa
, gahranisi .1 iron burket.
The business man could not under
whv each man could not carry
tha matter of un
rt . PeraonaJly, he eonfessed,
he ahraya wire anion suito. The man
who was issuing enuipment BXplained
to him that no buttons must show in
the V-neck opening of the jumper.
"Oh. I see," thr man from Stamford
remarked. "Hut where de Ihep batton
in the baek or aa tha side'.'"
Smith, tha university man, hid
around tha eorner. He had run tha
milo in eollege and knew a buttonle**
hirt when he saw it.
Hammock Hookx l.iven Out.
After receiving all their supplies tho
??,,, wera introdueed to two books,
which are to be in their quarter* dur
i ing the cruise. From these thev will
swing their hammocks, After marking
their baga they hung them up and
v. er.t on deck.
Tha man from Stamford lingered be?
hind. Ra reached tha deck verv much
"The paymaater tells me that we can
come aboard Monday if we want ??
ti red. "That will be fine, for it i*
going to take some time to lash up all
our thing-. lt'- just like going to Ea
rope. You always have to engago fOUI
steamer chaira ahead of time. And
arho knows but what we will ba
in Germany before this cruise i* over."
The Kentucky wil] move this morning
tO the Brooklyn navy yard, where she
will join the Maine. The cruise wil
begin at noon on Tuesday, the ships
proeeeding flrat to a rendezvous near
1'lock Island. Strategic manceuvns
will be engaged in fer a araek. aftei
which the Aeet will move to Tangier
Sound neat Hampton Roads, fnr tor
ret practice. Tha laat week of the
cruiaa will he deTOted to manmuvri
in the vicinitv of the pointa of emhark
m which a mobiliaed Beet of pn
owned motor boat* will take
Must Wash Their Own C1othe*?.
I ieutenant Comrr.i.r...ler Ki yes of the
Kentucky aaid yeatarday that ba
. . ';t would take at least a week
,ko down" tho men to life aboard
* "The firat nnd hardeft thing we will
have to do." he aaid, "will be to teach
the volunteers how to live in a deck
bucket Hlid keep happy. I supposir son,.,
,,(? them thina they can have their
laundry done for them, and thej
? when thev find they mu<t wash
their own elothea. Baaaa al them may
demand the uaa of the enptaina bath?
room, and may not tare for the way
ood ia Mrved. .
"In order to make this cruise of any
praetical value it will be naceaaari ta
make no dlatinction between the civil?
ian- and tha aaliatod men, and no dis
tinctlon will be made.
Rear Admiral Jamea M. Hei-. i
command the cruiae. and bis fla
will he tha Rhode I ?"?''? The other
ment will be the
.. n,v. Jeraey, the Maine.
. . .. | ky, tha I.out.-iana, thl
.. tl t [llinois and the Kearsa
Lessee for 71st St. House.
Ih Moughton (ompany has leased.
. s lly I CO. for the M
K. Hamlin, tha dwell
ing 806 tot ? ?*?**?'?"? "f*1
End av. and Rieerslda DriTo, to Sophm
Uuise Stebbin* for a penod of lee|
Lonely Gerald Giraffe toWed;
His Fiancee's Arrival Stirs Zoo
Bachelor of Bronx Park Is Soon to Settle Down in
Domestic Bliss with Fair Miss Geraldine, from
West Coast of Africa.
"My goodness," sniffed Priseilln Tea
fowl to her mafe. as he strutted paa*
terday afternoon m the inclosure at
ihe Hronx Zoologieal Park. "have you
heard of this new animal this ffiaffs
that joins us to-day?"
Of course, the peacock Heau Ilrum
mel of fowldom had. He knew thut
she (the jriraffc) is a lady from Pakar,
BSBSgali just thrco yesrs old an age.
Bmonj* all well rc__lated giraffes, of
superlative beauty. And he knew ahe
hnd arrived at Staten Island on Friday
with a load of mahogany logS on the
gOOd ship Memnon. Hfl knew, too, that I
the North African BStrieh had heen
turned out of sti lB_losar_ and thal
tha roof *>f the loan to whieh Bholtored
Sir Ostlish in iiu-leinent weather had
heen raised bj some ten feet to make
room for ths attOBBBtsd throat of the
\Ve?t African beauty. Ha was aware a
reception coiiinuttee, headed by Ptofos*
sor Raymond L. Pitmars, eurator of
the Zoo. had f-one on a special tue; to
Sta?en Island to escort the, dehuUnte
to her new home.
Ala*! She Has a Taat!
What he did not know was that,
Miss Geraldine Q. Giraffe had B part. |
She hns heen bOBght nnd PHid for. It
i, ? toaSBiag story. WhSS Ceraldine,
was only six months old a dark man i
. rj 'ln i path. The dark man was]
? nativfl Sf the West Coast. He caught
poor OsraldlBS and sold her for a red;
flannel undershirt and a high *ilk hat j
to a l-'renih trader.
After ths war broke out. the trader
had to go back to fight for his coun?
try. Geraldine, then a two-year-old
flapper, had to he left unchaperoned.
It. was terrible. W. .1. Yeiby, American
1 at Pakar, heard of it. He com
mnaieatod with Pr. William T. Borna
day, head Sf ,v'o Hronx Zoo, and Ger?
aldine was bought. Ineideiitally, the
0 paid for her included her steam?
er passage. Pr. Hornajay says it is
at least $1,000 less than she is worth.
The fuct. you understand, that Ger?
aldine comes from thfl wSSt Coast
makes her h marked woman in giraffe
_Om, for the 0>aal home of the lOBf
neeked, ling llmbod ereaturee is la
? , ? \frica, from Cape Colony to the
Blue Nile. J
IVr-onally, Miss Geraldine is not at
President Richmond of Union
Will Perform the Ceremony.
Miss Wyaaada K. Hoardman, a
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry t.
BoardmaB, of Troy, N. Y? ard H. Pun
ran Hulkley. a son of Pr. and Mr*. L
DaaCBB Hulkley, of r.:*l Madison Ave?
nue, will be married on Batarday, Sep
? _, in Old BaBBlagtOB, Vt. The
ny will bS SO-far_B_- at I p. m.
in the Congregational Church, hy the
Rev, Pr. Charlss Alexaader Richmond,
president of I'nion College.
The reception will be held at the
Mount Ar.thony Country l lub, at Old
The bridesmaid* will be Miss Chris
tina Brown, of Bpriagfield, llLj Miss
Helen H. Hmde, of CbiCSgOi
Loaiss K. Pattat, ? ?' Moatdaii;
Miss Margarct Richmond, of Srhe
nO-tady; Miss NBncy A. Van Pyke, of
Milwaukee, and Miss Marguerito Will?
iams, of Lapeer, Mieh.
Pr. Kenneth Bolkley, a brother of
the prospective l.ridegroom, will be
beat rnan. The BShOI- Will 1>" Henry
ir Bqlkley, a eoasin; l?errrk L Board
man, brother of the bride to-be; Rob?
ert EL White, i. Wiafcai Kendail und
Milton I. Cornell, of New York; Jamea
li. W'ardrop, of Pittshiirph, and Jeaeph
i iyerasa, jr., of Chieago,
The Staten Island team retalned the
l.ad in the championship series of the
Naw York and KflW Jersey Cricket
ntion hy easily defeating the
Hensonhurst Rovers yesterday at Liv
ingston. Exccptional bowllng was seen
in the match. The totals: Staten
Island, 143; Hensonhurst Rovers, r,4.
Richmond County and Hensonhurst
battled to a draw in the association
match at ITmer Park. Three hundred
runs were registered during the course
of the game. The totals: Hensonhurst,
131* for six wickets; Richmond County,
Kings County was outclassed by the
Manhattan team in the Metropolitan
I.cague game at Pro.pect Park. Kings
County was all out for Dl. The Man?
hattan*. totalled 1 .**** for fivc wickets.
The Colorials played a close game
Wlth the W.st Indians at Prospect
all Balta8aed of her past. She r.ither
glories in It She [i not a bit frlee
leua I'lifectly tractable and halter
broken, .she i* readv te become a home
huildcr. And it may hnve heen BB this
account that (jeraid Giraffe who for
the last >ear or so has been leading
the loneaoma ?xi*t*neo of a baehetor
paeed up an.l down his yard yesterday
with that "(Jood-bye-boys-I'm-throu-ch
expression written larfc-e upon his
Noe since that dark man captivated
her. has ("oraldine had such a time as
she did yesterd.iv She had scarcely
tinished her beauty ?leep. when a tug
bumped its blunt nose against tho
Memnoa. A derrieh rudely swung
aboard 'he ?i<'i.-n foot crate whieh
eonBtltated Geraldtae'B *tateroom. The
tag headad into the stream and atarted
for 'I h? llronx.
N'ow, the captain went off hi* cour*e
a ffood five miles, and it wa* not until
afternoon that the strange hurden wa8
tran*ferred from a dock in Westchester
Creeh to a dray. Geraldine's compart
ment seemed a bit top heavy to the
Zoo atithoritie*. *o four feet were *awed
off and a hole wa* cut, through which
the giraffe promptly poked her head.
With four horse* attached to her vic
tnrin the debataata made A trlumphi'.l
sntry through tha aonrtoa gate that
opens mi Southern Roulevard.
Arri*al Kxcite* Old I'oc Yak.
Followed hv n large crowd of visitnr
t,, the park. the procosQion moved down
the patha ta tha Insloaura next to ??< >l l
Doctor" Yak's home. The "doctor" waa,
Indeed, almost the only animal that
showed any extraordinary fervor. Th*
emu peaeeiully swallowed pebbles; the
Kast African elands quietly gaied at
the purise'. But Dr. Yak, desnite the
fact that h1:* placard says, "In Tibetthe
yak is sueces*fully dome*ticated," ran
abont with his tail lifted, butted th*
wire fence, bellowed, and altogether
worked himself into a fine, undignified
Although the newcomer arnved witn
a health eertiflcate from the American
Consul and from a veterinary surgeon
in Senegal, I'r Onrg" Davidson, a
I'nited Sta'es quatantine officer, last
night took some of her blood. ile will
test it, ar.d, providi d the lady is fre*
I from germs. she will remain in the
bungalow neat to Dr. Yak for a month.
At the end of that time well, C'eralJ
I Glraffa will sing hia bachelor bwan
Park, but managed to get the decision
hv a BCaat ten run*. The. totals:
Colonials. W| West Indians, ??.
The Veteran* tackled another
Tolonial team at Trospret Tark, but a
drawn game was registered. The
Colonials reached ISS. When time wa*
called the Veteran-- had seored 82 for
tl,. ioss of four wickets.
David Jones Taff 95 Years Old.
David .lone* Taff, the man who fur
nished spara foi the yacht America,
whirh brought the International trophy
to this country in 1861, eelebratod his
ninety-flfth birthday yesterday at his
home, W Morton Street, Hrooklyn,
Cape Town. South Africa, Aug. 12.
General Tehiaa Smuta, Member of I'ar
Itament, is dead. ?;? neral Smuta wa* a
, candidate for the Preaidaaef of the
1 : nfiraal ln IWI against Paul Kruger.
! He took a prominent part in the Bocr
' war.
I An'Irews.Fdwaid R. Squires, Charles.
Mci.ill, Mary I.. H. Trnvis, Floyd M.
. I'age, Kathenne S.
AXDRKWS At '"utney, Vt., Auguat 6,
Edward Reynolda Andrews, of Bos?
ton, in his 16th year.
rfOILL Augu?t 12. ItM. M*ry I.. II ,
wife of George to. MeGill and daugh?
ter of William (laggett Harry and
l.evinia Peeblea, of Sewiekley, Tenn.,
at her residence, L'l 4 Riversule Drive.
Funeral and interment at eonvenience
of family. GeorfOtawn i Washing?
ton, D. Cl and Sewiekley, l'enn.,
papers please copy.
PAG1 On August 12, 1116, at Garden
i , Long Island, Katherine Sefton
1 **?, wifa of Praah Copoland I'age
Funeral private, at Auburn, N, V.,
on August 15.
SQUIREfl ??n August 10, at his home,
Amityville, Long Island, Charles
Squires, for forty-six year* a loyal
rant ln 'he household of the late
Thomas T. Ruckley, at 112 Montaguo
ht., Hrooklyn.
These few words are given in tes
tiraony of the re*pect and apprecia
tioii felt by the family in whose ser?
vice Charles hibored so faithfully.
TRAVIS0? Friday, August 11, 1916,
Floyd Miller Travis, hu*band of
Grace Ullian Thatrher and son of
William Jewett Tiavis, aged 36 year*.
Pnaeral service* at the residence of
his father, Cherry st., Katonah,
N. Y? on Mondiiy, August 14, 1916,
at 1 o'eloek. Train leaves Crand
( entral DepOt at 11:14 a. m.
THE -*iooi?i.\u> rraiKTCiiT.
ISIri SL Ry Har.-ni lraln anu *r Trail***.
Lata of amall alza tor aai*.
?ffle*. J* Eaat 2Id Bt . N. T.
Rft-h A*e. ?t Forty Sixth St.
at thi late OpemrujS xrfjh*
rJjcSuits'- Qttoeustet Qfti^e^^
(Fettttn Swk?x Four* F\aat)
Rector of St. Matthew's, in Bed
ford, Celebratcs Annlversary.
A yottng man was ordained to the
Fpiscopal ministry and nssigned as
rector of St Matthew'* Thurch, in
Hedford, N. Y., on Augu*t 12, !*-?".?. H*
I* still there. All Bedford turned out
yesterday to honor the Re-*. Dr. Le*
I.uquer on the nftleth annlversary ot
hi* reetorship at St. Matthew's. The
venerable clergyman, who is eighty
y.*-ars old, was tenden d a reception <>n
int thurch lawn.
Th* Kev. John .**. Miller. rector of
the House of Prayer, in Newark, also
eelebrated yesterday the completion of
hi* fiftieth year in th* gervlce of the
Fpiscopal Church. Owing to tho prav
alence of infantile palalysia, a for
mal celebration was deferrerj at the
r'Ctor's request until Novemher. The
Rev. Dr. Miller wa* ordained in Ralti
more, and has rald hia present charge
t'**enty-se*ven year*.
I*aac A. Harrisnn. *on of 'aptnm
i.eorge W. Rerriaon. who waa killed in
the la?t battle of the Civil War, died
yesterday at hi* home in Orange, N .1.
Ile had been ill for some year*. Mr.
Harriion waa sixty-tlve year* old and
was born ln Newark.
Polo, Oolf and Tennis Events
Make Busy Day.
IBt T-lo-raph to Tii* MMSB.]
Newport, R. I., Aug. 12. The annoal
dog show, polo, golf and tennin were a
few of tha things that were on the
outdoor programme here to-day. The"
tinal matches in the round robin mixed
doubles tournament on the Casino,
rourts rcsulted in Mlsa Ruth Twomblyj
Bad Thomas Ridgway defeating Missj
Moila Bjarstsdt and Oliver Perrin and j
Aribai Scott Hurden and William
P. llnrden defeating Mrs. J. Gordon
Douglaft ond Craig Hiddle.
Not as many of the summer resldents I
0.1 usual showed dogs ln thia y**"*''*
show. but the exhihition was one of the
mo?t successful ever held here.
?f interest in the social pro?
gramme centre. to-day in two com-1
lag out parties. That of Miss Kthel
Bordofl Harriman, daughter of Mrs. J.
Bordes Hsrrimsn. toos thc ferm of a
dance given at the Clambake Club to
night, in Misa Harrimai.'s honor, by
Mr an.l Mra. If.rb*.! M. Harriman.
Thii pr -r ',!??.! l.y a din?_?r
givefl in Misi Harr'm.n's honor by
Gi rernor snd Mrs. Beetkmaa, at Land'*
End. There were about tifty guests,
chiefly young people, sevenal of the
aesa*_a'fl debutante.* hring on the liat,
Bl we!l a* Mr. nnd Mr?. Vincent Astor
rmd Representatlve and Mrs. Nlcholas
Longworth, the latter being tha hon*e
guest* of (Iovernor and Mrs. Beeekman.
Mia* Katherlne A. Morgan, laughter
of Mr. and Mr*. Edwin D. Morgan, wai
the other debutanfe of th* day, making
her debut at an at home given by Mr*.
Morgan. nt Reacon Rock, this after?
noon. Mi?* Morgan assiated her
mother In receiving, as did her sister,
Mra. Delancey Kane Jay, who is vislt
ing here.
Mr. and Mr*. Pembroke Jones gave
! a dinner for forty guests at Sherwood
1 to-night, and a amall dinner party wa*
given at Sandy Point Farm by Regi
nald C. Vanderbilt.
The funeral of Floyd Grant, for more
than fifty years an auetioneer, who died
Friday of caneer ln St Vincent's Hospi?
tal, will be held to-night at 8 o'eloek
I in the funeral church of Frank K.
Campbell, at Broadway and Sixty-?ixth
Mr. Grant, who wa* pre*ident of
Floyd Grant 4% Co? at Saventh Avenue.
' and Fifty-?econd Street, was in hi*
I seventy-aeventh year. He wa? a noted
yacht?man and a familiar figure on
Great South Bay. He llved in Roclrvillei
! Centre, Long Island. He was a Scottish
i Rtte Mason and member of Howard
Lodge, No. 35, and Mecca Temple, Mys
tic Shrine.
William W Durland, eightv-nvs, the
aldeat Republican in Springtield, Long
! Uland, and one of the oldeet re?ident*.
having lived there seventy years, died
'at hi* home, in Springfleld Boulevard,
How England destroys
German Submarines
> rXl
The first of a series of four big
exclusive war articles written by
Alfred Noyes
in co-operation with the British
Admiralty?begins next Sunday
OVER fifty U-boats have been put out of action
by England since the beginning of the war.
The Kaiser's threat of a submarine blockade has failed to
be fulfilled, due to the astonishing measures taken by the
British Admiralty.
These measures, so wonderfully effective, are revealed to the public
for the first time by Alfred Noyes in next Sunday's Tribune.
Mr. Noyea has investigated every detail of the tremendous or?anization of
destruction Britain has built up to protect her merchant ships against undersea
attacks. He was given full liberty of action by the Admiralty. His report of
what he saw and heard is uncensored except for some few particulars which
it would be obviously unwise to reveal at this time.
Thrilling, indeed, are the accounts given by Alfred Noyes of these highly
developed methods of U boat destruction. Think of a body of men far larger
than our own army on watch night and day to capture or sink any enemy
submarine which may venture near England's shores.
When you read this gripping artiele you will have a better understanding of
the dangers which the Deutschland is running on her return trip. You will
join with the crew of this submarine in doubting that they will ever see
Germany again.
Be sure to start this important, timely series of articles next Sunday. There's
a thrill in every paragraph of Noyes's exciting tale.
The Sunday Tribune always sells out early, t?.o. Better place a standing order
for it with your newsdealer to-day.
XVxt ^uuitajj
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