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Tumbler and Mard Cash
Badly Beaten?Pennant
Runs Third.
?a-fadaaja. N Y. \ug \2- Witli
idea'. r-uu.K wcnthcr. tho Sarato-a As
*oci*<K>r. ftlfl nf'ernoon ,
attractod the Iaif8a1 crowd that ha*
maaa sci-i oa tha groaada thia aaaaaa.
Thrre wa* a be;i ' laal night,!
but it belped. rather than hurt thr
track. patl thal WBfl . T- '? ,:
wa* of the very be*t varn
nacra eama from un- ?
were none the les* ir.toreft ni-. Tha
the di*aj?;
moatfl of the aftirnonn. whei
Tumbler and Hard Caah were weli
. in thfl running of the Saratoj-a
il, and Prnnnnt could tini.h only
third Ln l ad a hniaaaj ??'
the Chaaplaia Haadl<
lt -aaa Richard T. Wilaaa'i i amp
. laacr ni the Saaford Maaaarial,
? ga Special,
rh he
handft tl x fur
difltancfj flBakofl tnany gOod
ni ip-rs l.ro thal hi ;,; tha bofll of
the <??? division. To-day he
? '
aad, forcinj th, race throughout,I
hand: l Bl? thfl Hr
nt'fl impoii i 88 v"*
a rlo^e third
H. ( Mallol b< flk'i '
one tO *core in I Bl plaiB, Pan
nad made nll the pace under
Lhi aaad of the
? The Fi*. through oa
the r*a ? an tnay win*
? - arhilfl Str> - '"nmed the
plaea bj a
Thril'.or in Strfplerha-io.
The I'reen Island Steeplechase Han
ghl aboul I. tt ui;. thrillinp* ?
contest wi. 0 and
Hiblei niflfa only head*
After thfl raaalag af the fir?*t race
from $900
to $2,1 I Cai
man. Then Rednck claimed t'h I
from J. A. 1 - f the same race,
and shortly after aold him to Emil
Hon. lt w?s roportod thal thi* colt
came out ot" the running very laBBB,
At the end of the procramme Kil
lani a, thfl . from
11,000 ta 81,8-00, and al that price *old
iile of
thoroujrhbred jrearling* imported from
C'iarence 11. Mackag'fl 1 renefl >tud in
N'ormandy. There were nineteen went
under the hammer for n total of $1 ".
fully pood average of
eacl Wlllifl Sharpfl Kilmer. of
Binghamton. S. V.. paid the top price
when he succe-sfully bid 19^03 for a
cheftnut half sister to Whiak Hroom
Results of Racing
at Saratoga Park.
rintcr i -.? ?
< i < ? ?t. >.
? . .
Hta.?afl \
Alnim T
, , , . .
IH ll
l"ime. 1 1*
I'-.. ? v
- . .
:; l . arman i J .- ???? bad
t.k?i* n
IBLANP s'Tlffl.i:
? I
? ?
11.000 Iii piat* i
Bfl i.
' .????? <
? I 4 114
?flanl > a-J I 1-4] .M
l'i..; eei
. -
I. H*ah
\\ ? | I
' -
p.nrn ?
? - 1. ?
\n:.|i aP
Mn .1 ? ? ? ? 1 ? ? 1
1 k
Kti u ?,
Irt : . 4 I
4 . ,
fl ? **aH* Tli * 1
-ATll BAI 1 8*1 llr>* ' ??'fl "f
?.-1 1 -iJ aad
> | tlnr.1 llll* ?? I .1 tn.
u ?
I,. ? .
I ? ?
M.r Uaa* *..] . ? ?
1)*> l'?. I i* llu|
*nrl --? ' R1ni,M
I* m . \ ? ? 1 traiiitf
* -, I. - ? ?
I II. H 1
Sarntopa Entries.
Marl 1 iflua ><
u.-?? .' lu >
^.- , . ?; u itrai ? II
Kco ?? ? ia*r?rd
l?o -ai**0 ?
lal* 11 ''? ?
Tt.lrt r. - '"' "" >"' t ????
I hl'f I ?
14. *k?
Irnka 1"4 \>id|.Ii
? 1*4.
? t..-, ifof ? Bparard
? i.? i) H
I 1 ? ? l>li
I * ?
? . - 1 ' -r, 1\t.
?ai. ln
| Mr I |
- ItallMi. II
IV 'U.i*i .? l.j.i. *" ' '.?'. HI "Ba*
i hifll r
01*1'1 ra?. <<'?? Ihr** " ??
ira? ?' >
- ? attl 11*1.1.
1, m M .'? ?fran.lt
Cllfl* Fll II" VIIM Kluiplrl.
I**! 4. "?*?? ??
?*B4-r-*ll ? a.. ?a-irt -lalai-4.
Michael Doyle
Stars in Games
at lielleville
Unknown Sprintcr Carries Off
Honors in Bij* Catholic
Union Mcct.
b* \. c. CA. AGNAKO.
Mrrhael .1 1'oile. n rompnrat ively
unknown spriatOf of the Fath-r j
Mattki w*s T. A. B B. was tke sei
nt the t-.nty-s*ronrl BtaBtUal ___?<
the Catholic Yaaag Men's PloeOSSB
I'nion of New .T er?ey. held at Millside
Park. lielleville. yesterday. Probably
not more than a handful of the speeta
tors knew the speed of I>o\'.e before
tkfl fltarl of the games, but when U|M
ended for the afternoon his name was
on the lipa of all. Doyle lared te
brilliant victones in bnlh -hr 100 and
| ,' \_rd handicap daflhei iB I
faahion, snd h.s performance- stamp
him a* h iangeroufl ipriater.
v. Ic thii created a itir, the ir" '
?urpriss of all came Ifl the firal i
of thi 1,060 yard n.edley event. Doyle
wa* pitted against Pred Maeaflter, oae
of the befll sprinteri in New Jeraey. The
i i who doubted his abibty to
hold Muen.-'er were *oon reaaflured.
Doyle let a blaslag pace for kis rival,
. ained bb sdvsatags of twe yards
? tape wa* reaekea.
Ea*ed I'p In Century.
lioyle leapcd away from his -t.utin_
_e a greyhound, making most of
the handicap* allowed hi* rivals. IB
the century iprinl he eascd up. ti * ??.
b] three yard*. while m the _a|-yard
event l'nyle found time enough Ba turn
und to wateh his opponent;
? || win by three yards.
In ipitfl of Deyls's great aid the
T?bi team was led to the wire In the
1 y the St. Boae oi Lima team.
: th,- disappointmentfl on the
Father Uattbew quartet was William
C. J. Kelly, hold.-r of tl ?.y?i I
junior national indoor title, who Bp
peared te b< out of condition. In tbe
. at 600 yards, K, Ile n
posed br Charley Coll, and the latter,
taking the pace. ran away from
Kelly. to lead by i.ftcen yard*. Eddifl
Garvey, anehor for the Tabs, although
i itroBgest, failed 'r> make
loaa foi hii team. beiag ' i
by tweal) -iive yards,
W. H. Goodman, of Sl. Rose of Lim ..
nutive athlete with a iteut hesrt,
. many of Ir.* rivali Into lubmi -
In winning the one-mile haudicap
run. He showen
on the last lap, te win ?
plea-ed. Roberl Simgerlim mon
doubled his allewaBcfl of 1
capturing the three-mile run,
while C. A. Walah, represi ting tl
Tabs -ram. flashed a great
iB taking ti ?
yard handicap run.
New York Athletes Compete.
Manv local athletes who rCflidfl -O
New York City competed for the Jer*
,bi, although the rules prohibit
However. the sfllcislfl madfl BS
o investigate the unki
Bfl ., result many prisei were ...
awaj ? Several eloei I ir ?hi i featun d
th? 100-ysrd dash, sad then- decifliona
caused wranglei with the competmg
athletei. ElboWiag and gOHsB-yoU
running marred isversl
, but no effort was made to rep
rimand the offender*.
The Bumssariee)fellow:
..... , - ? | B, 9tt
M-iih.tr. T a H ? . Kvwsrs W
i . . ,
si h.-a* of lima, News-1
na, \-_srs fisi i ? Tln_
441, ,4 ? ...
Bl ll'*>- "i l.'ir.i NewstA ll
i ,, . mair. Bl MaU_-? I 1 A 11 .- \eWVt ',
I , .,,
o k rsll* run batirllrai I .....
. ? ??
r j n.,!,..-.). *. ix?e .f i.inia iin rar*
? . wslsha,
Itw's T A 11 ? 119 jai.li,. .1 r M
( raiih. -sr Msiili.vi - 1 A H .
M _; Tom Uii . ? ' <? ,v'*, NfW
. rr,l> rut! .... ? R?'f rt
i A I- - ' >ar Ul
j a ^ ' ? ?'? i't'"? lawsi I
i \, _i i, ran i r lewwm HM >*r.,
.third Time : M "
tntUeaj Won I
i ,. j - .. .. U ran, I A B H
- ? . -? Ptirt ?, lenwi
__. ??
sn IM
l/ras "llli 1
? U - I M i"
-. i- ? > M i' ? ?
i *
T. A. IS. * ' *? '? v,
i | l. -
.. i es Bl
r a u H. thii i. Bacrs- Bs_n '?_?__
The yachtsmen who sail the "klrdfl"
' and "Stars" and other one de-'iRii eraft
(during ths Bsysids Yacht Club'fl isa*
j son had to bfl landluhb. i- ?
Thev stood on the pier head and
red the etforts of theii wrvee,
daugl tei ? '? f" sad Bweethearti
he an
rnodore Archiband Neabit's
"bird" Teaaer, flailed by Gertrude
Hickai, proved the wmr.er In tkal clas-.
Sk? defeated the Curlew, aalled bj
Willard, b> nearly four minutes.
Ir- thfl "StSr" elBSfl Mahel Teller I
the Tsufttl to vietory, and MiSI Curry
?ron With the sloop Ue.irst in the Bay*
The Bummary follows:
!-.__- 11 ?-. HI l.l > I'l.A.-s BTABT, 4 I.I.--I nl ll-' .
? 1.1..
I i.n.
rs ' anl islllnsii .? H M ?* " M H
: | \\1ll_r.l .
sTAlt i l LSS BTAIT, 1:1
T.'iru- I
? .? ? '*
w sm,
? . \ i. ?
g si?r. Mrs W 11 I'tH 1 v ?
- \\! i
M !!.>..*
' l
Stamford, Conn., Aug. 12. The laal
race for thfl Marion Cup among the
rd Yacht Clab oBe-dei
wa* sailed this nfternoon "vir a **" r
triangular (lurse in a fltrOBt
weaterl) breeie. Polly. owned hy
DouglaSfl Eilitnan. finished first. 1 mm
ute and :(" seconds ahead Sf I.ockwoo .
and Bell'a Pawn,
Bj flnishing third, Craest O. Draper'?
Billy BOy won the cup. wlth i total of
I., peifltS. Commodore K Y. Weber's
Priseilla, which finished fourth te aay,
scored 44 points in the cup series.
Aug. 12. The N
II Commiaaion, m a fiadiag iiro
? ere to-duy, disaK'ivi. d ?'? ?
of playet M. L Ckaaeer. ef the
M.icon, (ia . club. to eleven days' pay
from the Boston National League c!ub
The committee held that Chai.cey re
i his unconditional release. nnd
that in accommodating him thr BeStOB
t'ub shov:!,l r.ot be held for the ten
days' sslary. which. under ordinary
londitiors, i* due a player from the
day of hia release. I
Their Records Make ThesetheGreatest Golfers of the Year_
taa four men Chick Evans, 09weU Ktrkhy, Walter C. Hagan, mdJmmvn M. Beram, stand to-day a* the montprorninent jri/m *??
lotui an /? i' ? nTrtrnrds. AY?? L thi n.ttotutl afeu chntnp^inp, comprtm, again.t thi heatprofe^onal, KirkUy ou-ered the color
:f1i:i!,dZ ammZtln Xi ki wen tka nutrepaUtan omateur ekanaaaanskip et Nnanam, Hagen ?,on the metropolitan open title from a fine peld
?t Garden City, and Bnrnea ia cn-dit-d tvUk bring tke biggssi maneg vinner among th,' />r0'','"^^___=?__r_g
Who Knows Sets
Season Record
in Pacing Race
Leopold's F.ntry Takes First
Money in Featurc Event
on Parkwav.
Who hi.i,ws. the Parkway'- fieetesl
pacer, owned and driven by Fred Leo
pold, . i "IBSOa'fl record, at
_:1'>, in v. mning the free-for-al! race,
the feature el th.- regalsr wsekly
matiaee of tke Parkway Drhrlng club,
held ; d tkfl Parkway track.
The old mark WflJ "J: 1 .*?'*. h< Id by
Hollywood lack, Wilson Beid'fl feat
In thi hi al of tbii bruflb Who
Knowa sron handily, taking a lead at
the fivc eighthi poflt, sftei El Vivillo,
a Hai ? Beey cup winner, be
loflging te M. I. ArOBSOB, had ir.ade a
break. In the following tilt, which
v.a- perhapi tl iciting beat
ever conteated ob thia track. Leopold's
', 101 ? broke from the
bsrrier Wh> Know- went to thfl fore,
" '
for tbe I it 1
for the le
artor mile post Ihe
fci rt-. '
until .'1'" yard, from tke wire, wken
Leopold'i ?w ap on even
term;-. As the. roun led Into tl i
turn they ran iti Ide. Ten nty
yards from the line Who Knows
I to gi n a sea life aml Issaed
; a challenge whieh wai tea strong for
the Ilarb m eup winner, eroeeiag the
wire Inches in front of Ei Vivillo.
Coasiderable Intereel eeatred in 'he
A trot. which brought together
foar Btartera, Afl r taiing aeeond
place in his Initlal effort, i
Sammy Bn . came
back strong in the following two, aad
ea.tured both after beiag estended
to the limit.
I ! ? , : I ng owned
_eam ly, was sec?
ond, with Fort Orange Lad, belonging
to I'r. Lannia olstion
honor*. Elaatic covered th reate in
Th? lutami ? '
. i 'I A - * I
I 11
:' :'
1,-11-, ,.,'!" s i
- lt
?t IC s>am?.i l i l
K,l?ar. 1 I
Tim. ....
MIX1 l' 1*1 \ - \
I . - i I- i??? 1 1
,| Ars
lv \ \ ? lll
Bm n m r ? ?
j i. .\: ? i m aiei i i
1 j I
'...-. ? r,
TTOJTT1NI1 i l \-* v
i .11
, i i . ? ' I i 1
I -i 11.... I I 1
I M 4 4a
| - ?
1 |
1 Ur
London. Aag. I_ Ihe tatSiSS for
the Derb) - ?' 1018 sloeed dur
srhen 18. seminstieBi
for tke Derby and L'i'.") for the Oak*
1 were r
K ?. nj hu. flVfl nomination.* in
aaeh big elassic, ard rntriea _l?o have
be. n received from ths itewafdi of
?he Jockey Club and all the leading
r.SflV IS throujrhout the
Jr.innctt. to Fight.
I netti rtll s v I t aa
pearai l
iiver ? ' ir.
Snisth. of " at the Arv, me
Sporting Club, Arrerae, Lonp Island. on
Thursday night
As SB a i'ied Bttractioa the Masked
Ofe der will wrestle Teaag Hacken
schmidt There wil be the usual six
and three l.ur-round b.uLa.
Tales of a Way side Tee
1 hl C.entlemanly I'uffer *?reported
with the nnnour.i'onietft that ho had a
number of gaafltiona to aak.
"Fre av.a>." Wfl remiirkcd.
??Tei! me thia," ha said. "?'hick Bvraaa
ha* practised pattlag for hours, days,
Waaka, Rll Btha and years at a time 1 i I
pattiafl* ha? booa the ?r**akaal part of
his [ame. He has B4 ver nractiFed dnv
ing 10 atlaataa, he aayfl. yat he i* a
most acearata drivei aad a l'>nf* hlttar.
\\ | ... || it. if practice mean* so much
a* everv one advieea. that Kvan* laajt
n wondarfal pattor aad ? feet driver?"
While Wfl WBTfl pondcrinj- this cora
plrx ouerv the Centlc-iumly I>uff**r in
toi ttxei with this: i
? ?*! ,ni nighl onflwor thflflfl two -raoriaa
? ? i ? tax athar. Of late
trearfl Jorry Travafa ha- spent -aora
titnc working hia driva than anything
11. bai t'lven na groat time to
, ?? ?, v. ? ;.,. . ? -ill u wonderful
putter and ? aaaiewhal erratic driver.
wh-it, if aay, i** the aaawar**1
Knark nnd I'rnctice.
The an*wer is that individual prob
\ lem* in golf are beyond BBI I?ariiest
i piekfld up the knark flf dnvinj
| when he wa* a kid. had confidence in
troka, aad aa tt aairtd no practice.
On the other hand Evani itartad
? on alaw graaai with a mid
ron, loal bia eonfldonefl whaa h* hit
fa td to uae ? putter,
onatanl praetiei fa II < ?
hia trouble arafl r ' eholiigia u, <?<?'
Tr iv fld Ifl i Itl early, d< -
velorci eonl Ii ' ith thi* club, aad
ni no mental worriaa attached
when he pickod it up.
Me i i had fault of ehanf-'nt,'
; hi* BWiag, Bhattldat hijrh in drivinj*,
loat his eonfidenea in the driver. and
this worked af-ainst hi* *uccess from
the tee.
For the Average.
? problem* must tie worked ou*
for thfl geaoral BVfliagfl, not fer the in?
dividual. Ted Hay can ?way all over
B tea BBd Btill hit one down the mid?
dle. Bai ? aai af 1.000 with
? : would vear out three
niblickfl a round.
tat pro fi
wi know of nofoi praetiacd in minute*
m hia lifi 'hat is, actual practice not
involved in playing aroBBd. He picked
up the game whm b kid in Scotland, ta
hia caai ? ana ta follow.
i BBJdtaCB and Such.
"Judj-inj- frara the above," eoatiaaad
the Griitlcmanly liuffer, "you would
bat confidence in a club is a bij*
: part of thfl frame. I b< n flxplain thi*
I manv Othorfl that I know, have
: gone out frenuently when wa had full
COnfidanea In "ur tomt and were sure
od 'eores I.t we playad misera
iin other day8 **? haw r-one out
denefl in anv club,
jret everjrll
each ihol earaa of] much better than
.mr normal gaaie Whj ia that?"
We bogan to hav,. a bricf, but ?trong
| Inwar-j hunch thal our afternoon wa
I to bfl ? toti
\\ . hod Only '.his an-wer: "l"on;i
?? in a elob eounti aa tl n
: not for individual instanees. Golf,
more that*. any other frame, i* a matt. r
of one day'l OI one flrflak'fl mental atti?
tude. Ol .. inddflB. for no nnta't'tit
roaaoa, ' n< on tnaa boat gaaaa. Of a
ladden, for no apparent reason, one is
Why" The player is .n poon
health. ha* been playing good colf,
eondition* .-.re all favorablfl .;??
lho1 Why afain ! Be
cause hil mental attitude for the day
,-. .. r fl] i '
focBfl. Thfln - Bi ei i i nal
tween his mir. I r.nd h:s mu*cle. As old
Maiaala ha- aaid, "Hi
ior la matter when thtrt i* nothing
itt?r "
Btti If Iha proper cobrd'nation be
: tween hrain anl -BUflclfl is lackmt*. no
living man can haul il togt-ther again
under Ita
1 Ighilng Againat Fate.
"When I am playing good golf."
! Franei* ouimet once told us, "I am
? re-ult- flHthfl-at e'Tort. I BBfl
at mv en-* B ll WBM I bave tt
foi ai ' hai i '" work 1
? Ifll I w rk tl | more
. ? ararao oaT."
'he ?'rand average. a
, <rall a* of the individual. You can
force a faster pace in tennis; you can
' force greater *pr?d in baseball; you
? can force extra power in football but
i in golf, arkan :h* bic test come... yat
have eithflr not it or, in tha saain, you
haven't pot it and you can'f. get it. por
the haraef you force your shots the
greater trouolc nralti shead.
I-'or tha moment is ripe, then, not tn
hut te haul in to use a slower
i hit with less effort,
? ? elub do more work to let
eoordinstion between mind and j
Inuscle drift back, if it will, of its own
The Gentlomanly Duffer, for politc
ness sake, let this stand without com?
ment, hut he still had another simpler
one. "Why is it," he said, "that golf?
ers like to read about scores that other
golfers make, or like to hear of fme
shots they never saw?"
Bifltplfl enoagh. ln such games as ten- '
nis. football, boxing and baseball al!
eom petition ifl comparative.
It is man against man not ?eore
against score, one man's score depend
ing largoly on the other man's play.
But Ml getf the Duffer or Average
Reader knows fjBSt what score he takes
for a certain course. In this way he
can eompare his game deflnitcly
SgalBSt the star's game.
If the star is around in 72 and the'
duffer takes a 98, he knows he is just
,kes worse than the star.
There is a f.xed par for each hole.
regardl'-ss of comparative play, so that
?h?> duffer has something definlte bv
which to measure hi* own success or
failure. _ ,
He readl wher* Chiek Fvans or W a!
ter Hagen started off 4 .". J ?>? The
ilutfer recalii a round when he 'oo
i off 1 3 4 t. Nevor mind
, ? , ,, ? ,.? lt -He reads wkSt
ti" best pros play a course in, hole
for kale, sad measaree hii own arhu-ve.
direetly by the reeult There i*
:. definlte itaadard of success in golf,
and a fairly detinite standard of fail*
ure. In most oth'-r games these stand?
ards are measured bv the ability of one
man thrown against the other, a most
indeflnitt affair.
Williams might heat .Johnston in ten
i nis. But there is nu detinite, tixed pnr
to show the read*r who wasn't there
whether Williami won because he was
exceptioaally good that day or whether
Johnston lost because he was off form
We know that Williams heat JehnstOB,
.av, I I. 7 r>. I t That means
little. Bat if Evaai gat a 72 and Trav
readei kaowa oxactlv
how well thi twe a*ere playmg nnd
what thc winner had to do to
Which is one. among other reasons,
why golf i- read by golfers more than
aay other gama la read by those who
Qolf is the one uutdoor game where
ench eontender plays more against him?
self than against ony opponent. While
it laeks certain physical requircments
that belong to other games, it calls for
greater nental sad nen-e control. and
therefoie it* interest cut* in deeply.
Also but ar this point we observed
thal ' Oentlemanly Duffer wa? snor
th flXCflflflivfl ieal and abandon. *o
Ihs diseassiau ended just there.
Narrsgaaseit Pier, R. I., Aug. 12.
In the tinal for the Rathbome Cup this
afternoon the Meadow Brook rugoy
t?am bsat Point Judith, conceding I, by
||U tS I Mrs. Thomas Hitchcock
made thc prr*entation of thc trophy
thfl individual pri_es, and Mrs. J.
?'. Rathbome, donor of the prtse, was
Burih aa B marve! for long hits
and perfeetly itralgh. direction Biteh*
eecB eaal the team a peralty hy a /ou\
but redeemed himself by seoring two
goalfl In one neriod J. C. Coley's mount
Went down. Ilidiag him easily over his
h.'sd The rider was unhurt, and after
thanging mount- went back again in*o
the game. In a few minutes he shot a
hard angle goal to prove he had not
been urnerved by the fail.
War.amak.r was always trying, but
luck was against him, and Randolph,
ir, also had the worst of luck. In the
last three minutes Point Judith made
two goals by Stevenson and Wat.a
mnker. both fine drives offside.
Th,- ?eore:
'.???, |
I. Boufllas P ??? .i t i'
rk. p 14 a-H i.i)
' - .?
-? ? ? I
- ? fl_ Mflfl (ll; f.*.-a
lll, T'l.r h_i?lt-j. s
'l'_l. - _rnt*l. |T. !._> p.i,
. t < rsrn^l | |-_rs ?.? h_..,lt
InllTi-i'isI ,r_ra Hlti-r--*- 10 Hu-... |;
i l.*_? i s_>w*?a.,ii ; Wsnai __m
i I ? ... ? i ? .? ? mi t
? ?*"'?,? i 1 l>r_f. ..--??-:.
*A llof*jH?fl. J
Hayes- Burdick
Tennis TeamWins
Doubles Match
Hawkes Victor in Singles Con*
solation in Western
Net Play.
Lake Forest. 111., Aug. 12. Wniter T.
Hayes and Ralph Burdick, of Chcago,
to-day successfully defended their title
of Western lawn tennis doublei cham
pions. Kenneth Hnwkes, of Los An
geles, won the men's singles consola
tion final, and Miss Marguerite Davis.
of St. Paul, won the women's singles
title of the West in the wind-up of all
but the conte.it for the men'" singles
title in the twenty-ninth snnual tourna?
ment of the Western Tennis Associa?
tion here to-day.
Hayes and Burdick easily defeated
James and Jerry Weber, of Chieago,
the latter captain of the Yale net team,
in the doubles final, 0 ", 6-0, 6-0,
and won a place in the national double*
preliminaries, which start here Tues?
day on the Onwentsia Club courts.
Greater experienee and B careful plac
ing game won for the veteran*.
Miss Davis won her title of women's
Western champion from Hiflfl CaffTie H.
Neely, of Chieago, the holder in the
chull.r.ge round, C, 3, ''. I. It flrSJ B
big surpris,' to 'he gallery, a* Miefl
Neely's greater experienee /a* expect?
ed te triuniph.
Hawkes, a fresfcmsn of Leland Stan
:"ord Vnver-ity, came on for the tour?
ney wi'.h Mauriee McLoughlin, of Los
Angcles, only to lose his tirst round
match to Will Futterer, of Chieago.
Hawkes then went into the conaola
'.ior.s and easily won nis way to the
tlnals, wher* he defeated Elmer Oels
ner, of Chieago, f5 !?, I fi.
R. Lindley Murray, the Coast star,
was foreed to call upon all hls cunning
to defeat B. Howard Vosheli, in semi
fina! round of th. slagles matches in
the tirst annuai toaalfl tournament of
the Cre?c?nt Athletie Club, held on its
Bay Ridge courts yesterday.
The first set found Murray racing
1 along St da'.zling speed, placing his
' shots along the side line. while occa
.ionally he would go to the net for a
hard drive. Vosheli eould not follow
the speed of his youthful opponen'.
However, Voahell reeovered himself Ib
the second set, and it was a battle
1 royal Murray gained most of his
1 points by plucetnent shots, while Vos?
heli, at times, foolcd the former Le?
land Btanfertj bay. Toward the end
Murray was beginning to suffer from
the e.treme heat. but rallled at the
i end to win. The third set was I
' bornly eontOSted as the opening two
tiits. with Murray gainlBg tha Jump on
his veteran, and holding it. At the
' end both players Wet* glad to get un
? der r> shady spot.
The final match, to be played this
afternoon, will find Murrr*. pitted
against Ichtya Kumagae, winner el ths
New York State title.
William kferrill Hall and Charlei
M Bull rallied ln the fnce of almost
certain defeat when they defeated
Frederich C. Baggs arid S. Howard Vos?
heli in the doubles, after five hard
fought setS, by 4 6, I .1, 4 0, 6 3,
I 9, Bull and Hall have their work
cut out for them in the tinal match of
the doubles this afternoon, when < lar
ence J. ('rifnii and Roland Rr.berts, the
CalifofBiS pair, take the court against
Kenosha, Wis., Aug. 12.- In what is
I said to be thfl longest champion. hip
! match ever played in the I'nited States,
\>d Allis. Of the Milwaukee CoBBtrf
t lub, defeated Diek Caffsaagh, sf Kea*
. ,<ha, l up in forty-two hoi.s, for the
-?_te golf championship here Ifl day
? It was the fourth Wisconain title to
I r,e won by the Milwaukee player.
Th.? match was squared on th* thirty
sixth hole. For five holes thfl ir.rn
II played even, then Allis took the forty
second. The extra holes were all played
in par or under.
Joy Victor in
Handieap Event
Among Yachts
Loafer Takes Pri/c in Second
Division?Cyrlc Also
a Winner.
Under the auspice* of the Marine and
Ifteld Club the eighth championship
r.*f*atta of the Yacht P.acinf* Associa?
tion of (Jrav'-'nd H?y 8fha ?ailed over
the usual ea-arsOa yu^rday afternoon.
ln former ?ea?on* lt ha* been tha <u*
tOflj for thfl Marine nnd Plold < lub to
start itfl races otT it* own elui.hou.se, on
tbfl wath side of the hny.
Mn- wind w*s from the north north?
west and waa a ?trong breeze when the
era/l itatiad. The competition wa*
k.-en in tho variou* cia-se*. The wt,
n.-r ;n the ftr*t division <>f the handieap
el-i-s w-is Joy. Th? prile in the ?econd
divlflion hundicap wb* taken by Loafer.
Cyril WB8 the winner in the S class.
Skrlati led home a ftVet af knock
ahouts, ar.d In the Star cia** the win?
ner wa Shadow. The ditif-ie* of the
NOW York i ,1111." Club al*o raced, M'l
cury bfling the tir*t boat home.
The si.mniari.M follow:
bloupi* utna u stakt. j oo ood Bai
v. .p r
H ,11 il
V.ri.1 ..,.1 flflflM II M- H U*
}m i* flaufafli *n 1 DaW* M ?' ? '
BMln**, i ? airrh 5 4 ..
HaLi*. J P T*l i ?
Lorrtetad Uma '??. ' '-? U BafllaflBr, IJfl Ui
&***?*, < "1 11
ui BBB, 1 3 MII.KS
i..-.- * aajto-a, ) M ?? ? ' !
M . i. i .? llll J
..,.,., ll W RumaMll 4
. ibi ... It II W.l? : "
H- h\ Aitd 4 '.. - 1 .J ?
rr.m. <' .- flr-M-i-fifl ' M '*? .- '* ot
rrai <-** B W a?i I> d n * fla atj
WaliK.i lt . II M .?-'!
(o.-r- . ?. ? r. I 4<i II: WiiiOTi.tl. 1 4 4 :?
,, i .- :i >: r.aa*. 1 4'
Mal.k-'i IIft " I
HLoora?clabb a BTABT. :t lu?4*4H'R3B. :a
llrk, C I'ftlnr-ii-l . . 4 r M ' " *
M * K ti 1 il WriflM Wllhlraw
stu; U..I-- sTAitr | :o 004 BBB
r-B*d<*-* W, L IflflBH I '?" M
, g Ba'lei 5 11 40 I Sl 41
?I am i: ii na u wi
itaxuiCAi- i i-asm Tima. Dirusoti ati
o*. aaa i Mnaa
sniit.r-ar.1. j i rmam
Kpid-r 11 l? A Burtlfl ? M 43
im- II. ll lloiinirr . '
? | . ? . : B> - ? I .' II.
. ui BBI BUUta
Mercury. J J llr-mm. 4 : : ? 1 17 1"
M*.? li lt-ln..-r 4 4
Baa, KtLsa
? rlait, i rn- . 1:88 ft l 81 o:
N :. it i* fluppar ". M u 1 Sl ft
BMMifl. ii u Priiaaj S 11 4-. l 51 U
CBfae, J r. Qaihn le.i i.ui fljiiati
T. W. Tannock won the Starkey tro?
phy yesterday at the Fox Hill* Colf
Club by defeating A. A. DoaicO in the
tinal round by 7 up and 0 to play. The
(tualifying round* for the Colonel
0*Donohaa trophy brought out only a
small pcrcentage of the club roater.
owing to the fact that most of the
members are out of town for the sum?
mer season.
Those who qualined were: to. Roy
Barnhill. 77-4-73; J. S. Primrose,
98 22 78' T. W. Tannock. 89 13 7**;
J. G. BattflraoBj 88?8)- 78; P. M. Ken
dig, 105 25 80; W. F. Prior, 88?18
80; W. to. Van Loan. If ??78i J. D.
Barnhill. 96- lo M; to. 8. Kimball,
81 18 *2; J. M. Kleming, 88 18 -885
Waddil CatchIngfl, 94?11- 83; Decotir
fly Cleveland. 99 -18 M; L. H. Hub
bard, 110 88 86; flf. Prain. 98 12
-?ft K. H. Bykoa, 101 -18 88.
\\*. Roy Barnhill was a double win?
ner yesterday, taking the first prire in
the Class A medal play handieap, with
hi* caid af 77 4 7:i. M. II. Lloyd
was the low man in Class H, with 92 ?
18 74.
Clovclaad ha* exercised it* optlon on
t'.ve players that it ha* sent to the
mirtors th ir* year. The quintet is com
posed of t'atcher Josh Hillinp*, now at
I.ouisville: Catchai .lack Rradley, with
Columbus; InflolflWr Joe Evan*. on his
way t.i Portland; lnrielder Walter
Barhare, with Little Roek. and Piteher
Pael de- tfardien, with Marshalltown.
Notie of the live, however, la to be
rccalled ur.til his minor league engage
ment la over, which means that Kvans
ia due tc r.-main in Portland until
after the American League campaign is
The Indiana have a few others out
o:i options, but have not decid"d
whether or not to recall them. D?fl
.lardien is pitching great bail for Mar
..halltown, while Barbare is playing
brilllantly for I.ittle Rock.
Bab Emslie ha* every reason to feel
that hi* tWOBty-flVfl years a* a National
League umpire have not been in vain
He rounded >.u* that quarter of a cen
tury af eontinuous service to basehall
Vflsterday, and as the guest of thfl
Iflague, aaa bonoiad at Kbbets Field.
whila the Hrooklyn Robin- aad Boa?
toa Braves rested between the tirst and
second games of their double -header
Bob was called to the plate. Bar
roundad bv the ^iav*ers of bnth teams
BOl John K. Tener made a BBDOch
Bad prOBflBtod Bob with a purje con
Uining $50u in gold. The league chief
llnad that this wad just a sligh*.
token of the regard in which the
veteran umpire Waa held.
Bill Klem. rflBtraaentihg the uiipires
Of thfl lltagao, made thi pres..
speech that Beeotnpanifld a handsome
diamond stickpin.
Colorado Springs, l'o!., Aug. 12 Raa
Lentr won the Pe:.ro.-e trup'nv and thfl
$2,000 cash prue in thfl 1' kfl'i Paak
auto raees here to-day, eovoring the
twelve aad a hulf tn.ie- ia 10 ? nut
88.8 aacanda; Ralph Mj'.f..r.! was aaa
Bad ia 11:40.8, ar.d Prad Junk was
third Ifl 22:1'. 7. Thfl nue was up IB
BBCOfll of over a s.ippery
I .-ti.r'iiy weather eoa
dft'.oi'.s. No lerioui aeeidentfl ocearrcd.
Loata and M ilford raeed in tha fourth
aad ??'v.ni graap. Baraoy OldAald nrd
H.-irold Bnnker, who also were Ifl tm
f*roui). ri rushed in 88.81 and 22:01.'). re
Rani Wins on Sound.
Greenwieh, (lonn., Aug 12, Commo?
dore CiitTord D. Mallory's Rani won the
race for Arruw clasg yacht* over the
Indian Harbor Yacht Club's flvfl nilo
course thia .lfternoon. In the ra<je fat
Indian Harbor Mt-dflMiffl
Minnehaha, ownc 1 by John R. Johnaon,
tlnished iir?t, nosing out II. N. Whit
telsey'* Salonj by r-eventcen second
LifktUiaf Kills Stallion.
Mount Pleasant, lowa, Aug 12 Dur?
ing a race. at the fair grounds here ti>
day Blaaag-flr, ? arlM-wiaaiag |.??
stallion, wi,* k:lled by a bolt of light*
ning. Hai McKinley, another pacer,
owned ia Omaha, was scriouily Injartd
by the lightning. The driver* escaped
unhurt. Manager's mark waa i:06\.
Evans, Kirkby, Hagen and
Barnes Prove Leaders
in Tourney Strife.
Although th* BBiatea. _0;'?rt ^
yet to deeida 'he ownership
tional title, | '^'?rr?d au
next month a'. Mer,,,,-,. th?) hs?. ^
spring, and ? ''and tt 3
on the sehievemeBtt* the*/ hflvi ?.,j
marked oppoeite their naasea. A? ;v
? he profeaaionals, they sr* ;uat aa. ?
al thfl fiai?h of tl r i irnaauat ?*_?
for the season, ard It ll no
It is not our p . \y th at t_,
golfer or tha* ifl Better thsi h i '.
i,ut to pcV
? ? on th? b-,. .
lournamer.ts the;. the *.__
,w;rii* to a clo.e.
D. Trave-*. :? - a- a-,
?eur* w tii.n tke i resri, ?_
been a BOtekh ? B s',1 to.
nament eompi I
once remov-4 ? 'tlTy ftSrs eg
sideratiofl in th,< n
Montclair amat, i Ketiec MB
rnonih ard fltrip 'ho rrnwn 'rom B'i
? r. present ehsmj on. aml :? 'a.
ir._ it now that he i- th* Jerry of 4.:.
then ke mb _??...
u p!ace trrar the I BJ 'K't.".
pinnaela of _-?' it ?
Caae of f.ardner.
Oardaar*s case i? n .<? *h? um
The great Hin?da!>' arraie-jr, vh? v
the nf
i\ Pi ? roit la ?
ed from the din of ilg toi-.
hm I sssapet ' ??' ? '-"?'? *??-?
irr.4 Bflflflj
BOSt fOrgOttfl thfl _?|
But Gardm f ss :?;??
namer. I ?-.??- - '\
tl 1 grsate ?? eoi**'."*
:n the w,, k' H* air
i-epeat, ln which ? -lUit be ,
To turn I BSSI BM
throegn ?? sssasi
tion. Twe smat re pr^'*.
sion.-'ls started tbl rsj
f'hick Kvans. tke fl kisd youi.
man fi bsd lotj
beea retogaisi d ai
ted Ussa
eren b, for? h* won ,v." nati 1
championship Bl ?Bt IsSB
M an authority tksn Harry 1?:
don, of Bng
opinion tha- ItSSt mst
ter of the iror.s, Bmsteui or profe.
Time after - .Bfl had tried ti
mount the heiph' bl bflflflB
back. Bometimofl i'-. ?: Iset tre-j.
.rtrly in the frav. Tiien .?_?
? at triurrt; ' -nhd*. .V.
the rnd of the ifrsi Slsy Oi.?
led a field ln whic '?*' H?r?,
Jim Barnee, Bob MacDoi al I
oil . Jack Hutchinaon. T-.r-i McXamarv
all names known to larm' iS tbe vo.v.
of irolf.
The brilliant professjor.al SN*.
made desperate efTorts to evervrv_. ???
flying Fdgewat r _mateur Ol
day, bat Ckick 1
safe marrin. I With a t
:"or thc sevcnty-tw?
medal play.
This accompl-Nhmont wa*
tla n.che all bj
himself, an.'
wading through :
Merion, there will be no 1
nght to the high"*: honon :!
the lir.ks.
Kirkby Rcpresent* Kaat.
The El st will have a rep:
at Merion. in the pei
Kirkby, of Englc
and New .Jersey _ha_B|
m to brinr. the title b ?? * to thr
Metropolitan district, where .: hu ro'.
repo*ed flince Itlt, whe.-, 7
feated John G. Ander.on in th* tln*.
Kirkby beirnn ? well BM
gavo early indicatior.s that 191* **??
to be a banner tor h m from ?
point Pie 1/ hi? iror.i
. er beferr
.md getting exceptienal i -ance off th*
tee, eaaabiaed wil - 4 con:re..
the BBglewei d golfer came into *??*
first important vietorv 1 , rfcatiBghii
old rivnl, Max Marste:.. ifl BB* flnil
round of the New Jers"> *tat_ chats
It wns onlv after fortv holes ha.
beer, played that Kirkby wai able ?
eliminato the Baltasrol itar mamstch
that was described at the time ?? ?**"
of the ii'eal - ? I b?t???"
amateurfl Ib this eountry. Lfltsr eaa*
the New Jersey amateur's triumph ?
NasflBB, when, nfter b areek of play"1'
Ib ram ar.d
Herreshoff down to dflfi il * the t'??
round ' '?"0P')':U''
amateur chel
In add.tion to these echievemeiB
Kirkby tool ? *??' , l,
raatehee, in which tne so:1 InwflSf***"
game was furthe- ? 1 and M
ght 1 ' * i?i 7
foremost atr SteBffS deSBiW
- . '
loading pref ,-mnot w
mueh ,1 wfQn'r^
Walter C. I!
Hajren Shon s Worth.
HageB, always a ci
did not reach hll gi I ? rifnU ?
ther* "
: well up an "n''!' w .
Bnt s aa
a. evei teed ... '
at thc ind of the iSVCBty tWO hol*? ?'
Barnes h id
like ths winner _?
? Hagen by thr.- iti ik ? ?? -'
' '?'" ?*12
g. n drew evei ?ftn
.?? deep trap snd ' I
?- t
-1 then or. It ~a* a ?? '.,
b> a - r l>?rB*! \\
holed out for a brilliant *w0Jf".sit
home l
Van ( .
ib's big tourney. snd
isksd 1 lt ?*___??
k, arkere h* mme "^
r.lly the san.e I
before, and won the firs
ve rouadfl
Long Jim Barnes I
Valley 1 oui trj - luh 1 1 ?''7!0.n*\*
the biggeet 1
son to date. The tall Briton heSBSW
dawn nt B<
alaefl in the We.t Coe M
f, I'mehurat. H. C . *"?*? _i
-rietery, for '? _
won the North and South '?('?" *_^
i At M'n.kahda. in June. Ueg J.ir?JSg
home m th'ird plaee. snd tbeJoW^B
J month he was runnerup U> tl*<?
1 the MetropohUn honora.

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