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Williams Is Victor
in Challenge Round
Wins Cup When He De
feals QcorgC M. Church
ia Five Sets.
Conqucror of Murray l.os.s His
Spicd When Hc Sprains
Mi> Leg.
iti j\Mi 18.0 NIALS.
N J. a :f the;
Unk% | -s Church. the Tena- ;
erted into tenris j
the w ? 'ment of j
.harle> korse he wou' have |
lifoated Riehai Williams.
?_. is :yr ehallaage raaad of the
asaaal "? til?l*t ?
?his afternoon. A*
no great sets,
d tke
Ibirdfl who had
?' his eareer. wou d
? ? ? the
tiful for n brief
U |1 -i. that
waa achillo
?1 of the
tendon and
or charley !
.ily l n
, hurch. after a
broke through
n '?
p on shots that
. i have made every
nued to do tho best
t.1 and the
B rubdown
? it, made tt
. exhibitien.
. ? mueh for him. as
I the laal
" for
vicl ?-. ?
of the Acnelis
. and contains on it |
en of th.
Champi.n* *i\ in Apain.
? '? B. AJexander,
n and
San Franc,
at Foi
Ivantage of an
the score. T.'ie
-'??* loat in the
four Beta, "':?!
den C.aters
. | champion*
and only
C pinches by the
and the heady,
c'h.r.V -red thc tide. The
and out. at times
. j.-1 ta, but in
:.tch there were
Laariag uut mention of (hurch a
lliami -.v.,n by pam
backhand to a
fare-ve-u'e... hut usually BOt so wel.
. at Princetonian,
on the aad, did his most ef- ,
.... ? ? tacular
tbl net, where he spread- I
.ourt and nipped off every
id not just nrck the lines.
?ms, in his ch.. I C dar
many of the beautif'il
,;ve been the admir:.
? , - he has
T wonderful baekhand cross
out in his play, and
time. rary.
. . with line drives to
( hurch Fight* Braich.
.- permitted.
laring net game.
ranee 1
Williama into I
?'? opponent
rather poor day
? . : way into tl ?
\\ ilhams
rrratic in.
..; attack.
'hc net c
. areskestj
I to Chui
not often g
. .',
? ",-np- ,
? nough
bettei he did
., mueh ?
? ?
played ?
? .-. when they
Bath Wild oa Service.
' ent o,
? ? ? . greater risk of
hoii bound At
? ? ?
or ac. opj ment's,
??- making aboul
faultfl a'"'
than '
?., ;rive, from
10 fast that
e. aid not
? - delivery
to get flterted
Church did m
putit ;
'nd di ung man drove with
l forehsnd or
? worker on
through seven
pulled the trl.k
J* CI erea tia.es,
six times.
i ded ln breaking
i to the net
r ot follow .. r
he did po
by n.adly
"shinc for the ? d engag'njr
Williams, on the
th less cf- '
eat aaasing
. though often hitting the
ni enough
even games. ,
J}* ' ' : that even
? . sevei feet
urtled for
hard to reach that
tl .tu fairly on hia
? bv break
2 _vuf'' hls adveraary on his see
"J ?n<l third serv.ces. Williams took
**?* next two sets in practicaUy the
r.?me fashion. although Church rolleri
un n lead of 2 0 in one and 3 1 in
the other bofOlM the Harvard *tar
Bwaaaj lata th* full po*?rr of hi*
gaaaa, After the laal Church attaeked
with all hi* old vigor. and evened the
hlag work.
Ifl the fifth rittif of the eoncludinr '
BOt, however. he was in such distre** i
that at one time his leg gave wav and ,
he fell lo the ground He rrawled over
to the umpirc's chair and, after hi?
I'.mb had heen rubbrd, gamelv con
tlnuod to the end. doing his be?t la
the faee of William*'* attack, which wa ?
at thi* 8taa*fl goinir great guns, not
to say band irrenadcs.
The doubles wa* put on after tbe
singl*1* final, and la*ted *o late th*'.
must af the erowd wora compelled to
loavfl hef'te the final point. The fierv
Pehr, as DflUfll, made extremelv *pec
tacular shots, hut wa* al*o inclined
te be erratic He u'ually held a win
nini* perrer.taire. neverthclea*. ?nd
some of his backhand drive*, sent to
hi* favor-te cross-court corner. and
his sharplv anglrd shot* at the net
?i.i ravelatiOBa Alexander enpiti
eaeed trorhlo with hi* givaad strokes
oM service all afternoon, and it w?'
perhaps the inabilitv of the veteran
national doubles titleholder to get his
drivea working nt their best that de
Blived the two internationalist* of the
honor ot" catisng an upset,
Johnaton Servea Well.
Johnston made many of hi* unplaya
b> forehand shots, and *erved well.
Peck Cnffin eo-it.ibuted just aa much'
to the victory as his more famous
pnrtner, far, ' bnrrlng several wild
tpella, the chunkiest of all the Cali
forniani Baahod brilliant, heady ten-,
nis. The ehampioai were troubled
.. ry littlfl by thfl net rushing tactics
.1: Behr aad Alexander, who placed the
partner of the receiver of the '?econd
service at the net, where he wa* joined :
h-, the one who had just stroked the'
delivery. Behr and Alexander often
placed the seiver's partner on the
? rl ' flidk when service went to the
right court. but this mnnn?uvre fllso |
worried the Coast *tar* little.
The point *core and stroke analy*i*
of the sine-les follow:
William* .8 4 I 8 7 8 8 4 4 4 8 8?81 5
Church ....4 8 10 4 5 8 4 1 0 1 l 4?48 7
Net*. Out, .I'lace. S.A. D.K
WilliamB . IL' 11 1 ? 4
Church . I 1" I" 1 1
w.iiiams .1 8 4 8 4 4 4 8 8?41 I
Church .44888081 fi?32- '-'?
Nfltfl. Outs. Place. S.A. D.K.
Willmma . 10 fi 81 3 '?
Church . I I ft' I I
WiJHnm* .2 4 2 0 4 4 4 1 fi-88 I
Church .4 1 4 4 I 1 0 0 4-20?3
Net.*. Out*.Place. S.A. P.K
W.lliams . 7 I 1"
Church . fi ?'? * 1 4|
Wiiham* .1 4 1 4 1 8 4 4 1 8?84 I
Church .484848814 5?81 4
HflB*. Out*.I'lace. S.A. ft 1
William* . 18 11 14 I 4
Church . f> I ,: ? "
nrra set.
W I'lum* .4 | 1 4 | 4 4 4?2S?6
Church .28484184 II -
NeU. Out-..Place. S.A. D.K.
Wftiams . 4 I 12 3 ?
Church . f. fi H ? |
Mike, the big brown pet horse of Dr.
J ( . I'eterson, furniahed the six thou?
sand spectators with a thrill when he
raced to nn easy victory in the Class D
paao at the amateur light harness
horse racinjr meet held at Wecquahic
I'ark, Newark, yesterday.. In the sec?
ond brush the rubber tire of the sulky
slipped off ns the field was cominj*
down the Ptretch. but despite this
handieap Mike showed his true speed
by racinf- awnv to inerease his lead. ;
Guy Cord and El H opposed Mike, but
from the flaj-fall always trailed in the
dust of thfl vicor.
In all but one of the nine events on
thfl propramme the races were won in
Btraight her.ts. The exception cam<- Ifl
tha ? lass (' trot, v. hen Maboo, after a
bad fltari in tha Brai beat, and tharoby
finiflhing third. rotnped off with the
i. nt two heatfl la easy fashion.1
The luflflmariei follow:
, ia. a Bu)i?.- i i
I, > At'% ?-! ? '
M . -.'
1'AftMi ('I.ASS A
? . m Dr 0 C Brvkrttl- 1 1
Pprlnllni I ? miJkt ... 1 2!
?rta** ? '?
tkottin.; <a*aaa B
r > li Batkl 11
.. m h 0 IJoaon) ; ; '
Bill. ch. | ftamr- 1 ?
Drrnlbie, ch rn ti. W Hiirtorii 4 I
I 18*4, I I*
|-A?'1S<; 'I.ASS n
Capt Arm';' cl l ? *?- I- Man?B*ldl - i .
?ftnif. I 1". - ? .
i'aum; < UBB '
AUnrl.l. hr. h IA 0 Sli-rm.n ? 1 j
, hiOM*. h h 'I'r I I Mft- tnl - I
Tlme. 2 U, I --
i a ir. i tmh^noai S 1 1
(hartojr ?-anart. b .? ? K-H-i .* *
. Ban law Bj" * ; ????844
, bj, .,,,, i , ipi b piaiB?iflwi 1 i
"? c S***>j1 *,?;? r '?
, ..?., n Ml i ill I. ?Jtor.r) . ?? -
l! mard. ch I '," W Arin.trw.gl
h. fl. IM. K llamaft .J '
V. Mi... mk * ? J <- B*B-****aa) . " ?
, ? (j Rctbj ? - I 1
Bell- b ... IB M-Vkm.r.i ... . *
M Insl nwiopsoi I m A lv'i,grtt?r)- ? s? .
T.rer. 1:88. I ?
), it J C Tr-ti-r-ift ... I 1 '
? . i Holihturrl ?? * i
Bl B. I i ?'-' ?!?'? 'I-'i' ,, .. * *
Tlia*. I'IT. 1:5 ?
M.M. I I '?! Mbl
?rtta t ' J Ma?arill ? ' -
Tlmr I 40 I .3'.
Monroe, N. Y., Auk. 12. This wa* the
Baal 'lay of the race meet ut the:
jrround.s of the Monroe Drivinj* Park
Association. The races on Thursday
were not completed until to-day on ac?
count of rain. The owners of Oak Tree
and Ante (aiy each won a left" on the
l.n.ss, Blhroi trimmed punch bowl
jriven by H. C Crossman, of ( omz
?Ot*aa Farm to the owner winning the,
cup three time* with either a two-year- ?
Old or B three-yeaf-old.
Haron Frisco captured the silver:
presented by Theodore Proling
hayaaa. Richard Delatield'* Native
JuilK?* Iooked a *ure winner in the
three-year-old trot, but was beaten by
oak Tree. I
C.darhurst. B*4**Bg Island, Au(- 12.
B) a score of 7 *??? goals to 3H the,
Iliues won the special polo *-ame that
Biaa plavcd at the Kockaway Hunt:ti? j
Club thif evenind. defeating the j
White*. both teams beinjc made up OZI
tbe member* of the Rockaway and]
other polo cluba. The game wa* faat
i <!
Quartet of Tennis Experts Whose Play Has Been Sensation of the Season
Forty-Mile Ocean Race
Week's Swim Feature
Charles Toth, of Boston, and
Henry Sullivan, of Lowell,
Face Hard Test.
Oaarded by fully eqaipped
f.phters. Charles Toth, of Boston, and j
Henrv Sullivan, of Lcwell, will en
gage on Saturday in B -O-mils ocean
match race, from NaatSSket to I'rov
ineetowa, across the mouth of Mas- ,
achuaetts Bay.
Toth *ivam last summer from
Charlestown Bridpe to Boston Lighl
Sad back in 11 hours _. minute*. -'??
tinir an American time record for con
twimming; Sullivan ? few
ago < ov? red th< :"':'
Nantasket to within 8 miles of Pra.
incetown i'i ! ? honrs 20 m
i . thi i.."- r performancfl ll
I e :,?<??! thal the ' '? alfl fae<
griad of about eighteen hours. hach la
iching 'he goal
Und Goodwin'i victor* in laflt Mon
rr.il- flwimming ehampionship sroused
a feelina of regret ,t hii
. t,-,rt int!- '?"' ' -'l thi
tanee, aml ' ' '"'":
a.^ainst Ludy Lang< r. ot thi i." A'
gelei A. C. Deapito repeatod
. with opponents sad erowdine;
which foreed h.m to eover mo
the course with one arm eonti'
striking the side of the pool, (]? ?
i -,. ithii 11 lecondfl i I I
iccord of LM minutea M '..'??? iceoadfl
Pittod against the Californian in ouei
water, there Ifl hardly a dOUDI that It
would hav, taken new ngurefl to beal
him. _
Philadelphiani expect I
on Satarday the 100 yard Sackett cup,
which tke New -?rk * '
| ave annuallv I fted foi everal see
sons. They believe that with Herberl
Vollmer and Teddy Cann on th- I SS I
thi local organizntion will nol nnd a
sprinter faat enough to defeat Bay
mor.d I'hl. of LsBfldowne School, who
is doing the century con.*is.entIy under
one minute in open v
The-metropolitan high diving cham?
pionship hns at last found a flpoBSOr.
The Bya B?ach Club has consented t.i
hold the eveal at Rye, N. T. on Sep
t, mber -'.
Miss borothy Burns, of Los Angeles,
will be a eoBtestaat in 'he ttO-yard
swim for tbe weSB-B'S championship of
Califoraia, ln San Diego, and her coach,
Vanct Vieth, leoka for her te shattcr
tkfl national record.
Nicholas Harker, of the Detroit Y. M.
C. A . ifl herslded Bl B new candidate
for A. A. U. laerelfl in distance ..wim
Bling, and will be entered for the ten
mili title race In Bt l.ouis. In the an
nual marathon around Belle l*le he cut
tha couree reeord by more than twenty
minut< I. although sn sasy leader sll th?
way. nnd tmished in 3 hours . minutes
42 second*.
Thfl promiaed visit to this country
of Ifias Fannv Duraek and Miss Niaal
w-,he. Aestralia'i ehamp-on _irl swim
Btera, should be arranged for th_ in-r
door si ...son. il poaeible. At thfl regu
latioB pool distance M to 100 yards
we have fair n.-.tators able to give the
foreii n meidi inten ting competition,
but owr the longei outdoor eaarsas
. |j Rflh woald be outclaflsed. In
:.,?-. the i-raeriean one-mile record for
iron en stands ..; 33 minate* H tt onds.
aad Biisa Duraek haa doas close te M
minute -.
Champion swimmen do nol seem to
b? of ? mind on the be?l way to train.
Vollmei and Langer had an Intoreeting
argumeat on ihe subject, Vollmer main- ;
taining that othi r exereiee. than swim- '
ming are haimfu!, and l.anger contend
ing that rowing, running, boxing and
other flportfl which strengthea the,
rauacles without hnrdming them are
benefleial. Aad so It gaas.
The Gleamore A. C. will hold s meet
for girl Bwimmerfl ea Thursday at i
Steeplechaac Park. Tke programme isl
mad. up of -wimmlag, dmag and eaaas
BUly Williama and ClinTord How.*, of
th.- Los ABgelei A. C, Califoraia sl.ad
inc '"alr>".' dlTOrS, have lo "I. giving ex
hibitionfl foi motion pieture features
and BM BOW threatened with disquallll
l,v thc reaifltraUen committee
of the Southern Paciric A. A. I
Golf on Nearby Links
The f-reens and the fuiiways OB the
local courses did not get much chance
to recupcrate yefterday. for the tire
|?M army of golfer. began their day of
ph.v early aad kapl hftiaa out the
dirotfl until darkneaa put an aad te
the.r activitiea. The aoalar weather
evidentlv aneoorBfad many club mem?
bers to try then fortuius BB the 1 nks
Meijaorofinfltaadoflaylng their elab.
Baidfl until the l.ot ?**-) il WBfl gOBB for
good. _____
Montclair Golf Club.
Three plavers landfld in a tie ln Clasfl
A in the refular weebly medal play
handieap and each ga*??<* three point*
in the Aujaal poinl trophy eo?peti
ion. The playar. and their rei
were: Walter Rrown. B! :? ? <. ?' *_?
Sbri|. Jr.. M"? ????* W* llub
ba[.'." the ClBBB B division the three
b.st aeoraa wera ral ??
Allinc >*T 16 72; Percy A len, ?''
#_* aad J. A. K, l-l ? '.
the points far the. t.o,ih> be
5 | and 1. respcctivcft. ln < Iaaa .
"he tirat thnc were: K. 8. Uttlajaha,
?" 81 77; R C. Blaaehe, Jr., 88 18 -
-o ard W.P. Paataa, 108 H 84, and
tbe pointa dhrided 6, I aad L
ln tne women's putting competition
the results were aa Mlamoi Firat
,)l(fti,? R R Neff and Mll E W.
Clfud.i MCOBd eight. MiM Hotothy B.
Alien and Ifra. ?'? 1{- K.:e::.cr
Hudson River Country Club.
ln the bail sueepsft.kcs hatid.cap the
?..?,,,,. ,,., .*. a. founa, erlth a eard ol
79 10 88, ar.d Bocond plaee weat to
c' c Dala, wih a score oi 88 -'. ...
r>r. ('arl Oatarheld took tbe iow graaa
prize, with a card ol r?3.
Ridgewood Country Club
Tho oatch scheduled with tha goU-,
ers from Yountakah was postponed, but
the memben found plenty to oceupy
their time with the special handicap ar
iiint:e,| and a goodly number of players
-.?<?. off. The three low net scores ,
were as follows: K. .1 Humphrey, R5 ?
1* 87; W. C. Phillipa, fO 4 76. and |
i. li. Dawaiag, M i* i*t\
Baltusrol Golf Club.
'Ihe only event scneduled yesterday
?va* the qualifyifllg competition for the
l?ing K Taylor cup. and the success?
ful player, the thuteenth to qualify
for the tronhy, turned up in K. L.
I'armlee. with a card of (JH 20 7*.
Scarsdale Golf and Country Club.
A bai; iweeastskei in two classes
brou_l:t out the numb.-rs Of the club .
good numbers. In Clas* A the win?
ner was F. B. I>e Jahn, with H7 12 7;>, .
and in CleSfl B C. B. CaskOf waa low ,
Bflt, with 101 tl U
Apawamis Club.
Kighteen-hole medal play hundicap
eompetitiona morniag and afternoon (
and a ball sweepetakofl heiped to keep,
the golfers husy. In the morning the
iow net WBfl re'un.ed by B. C. Hoyt,
10. 3f> f<k. ?"(1 *n tbe afternoon two
plavers end.d in a tu- for th. BSBt
arise, as follow.: W H Conroy, !>6
.. Md N. T Walben. IM 12 -Tl
su* also a Ufl is tkfl sweepsUkes
event. wi'.h E J. Laidlaw, 8. 10 78. i
aad w. H. Coaaey, 90 ll .8.
Deal Golf Club.
In the qualifvinp round for the J. P.
Chanley memorial cup H. gteeei Smith
tbe gold medal for the low net
suth ? card of M 15 ?*? sV-f men
were tied at 82 for last place in the
Bret s.xteen. Smith's score also wot
for him the daily cup. with *A. v\
Duvai, 102?27-76, in second plaoe.
Thomas Rooney
Wins Sculling
Title at Duluth
Rav.nswond Oarsman Defeats
J. B. Kelly. nf Philadelphia,
by Half Length.
Duluth, Mias . \ ig. 12. Tfcoma 1
Beoi ey. ei I Rs
Lon? Island, ia Beulling ehampton ef
Ameriea. Be wou the tltli here to-day
m the aeeond an,i laflt day's racine of
ths farty-fourth annuai regatta of the
Natioaal Assaeiatlaa ef Amateur Oars
Weather eaaditiOBI were rnuch more
favorable than they w.-re y.'S'.erduy.
The wiBd ?a. nol so brisk an,l the
direction interfend leflfl with the oars?
men. The tirst race was the interna?
tional senior four. lt was b repetition
of peeterday*i i inior feurs,
;.nd the Duluth erew made a romp of
Roon. y v.oti ln titlfl ifl thfl -ecoad
race of tho programme, one of the
prettieet eaatests oi the regatta
There wa.s only three eonteataata, fer
to be eligibls to eompete, ? pereea
must win th. a.*s eiatie's seaier singles,;
which kooriev captured :?>?-.?
joi.n B. Ksll:. ol ' ie v. per elub ol
Philadelphia, won in IV14, and waldo
Bs ith, oi ths Sm Itork a. I., was tirst
last year. I
K,., ral an.i too*
the lead Booney being second. b-eonei
?parted deeperately, nui Iteili rowed
ov-r in froat ot hun a.'.il Braa gtving
the Bavensweod mar. hia sveah. Itoenej
pulled a little to .-ne sidfl sud staged
the greateat spuit seea on thi eeuree
this rear, Hall way up tbe graad
staad ke caught helly. They raced
tu th. i.n. . liBS u.most abreast.
Kooney BOB by a seaat nalf Length.
Smith waa a good third. The ttau sm
,i : M 1*0.
,.. iatermedlatfl double sculls
came BOXt At the tinish the Duiuth
oarsmen staged a little spurt that was
not needed and crossed the tinish line
thre* lel gtha te thfl good. The Bcnn-yl
vama Barge Club, 1'hiiadelphia, was
second. BBd the Lincoln Park, Chieago,
ejwa last.
Duluth won Bfl <a?> vietory la the
senror qUfldruple shells, takir.g the
lead at tl..- loaflBg to
-ave the men for the senior -ighi.
The summary follows:
__ W
_, ir1..3
tOnb t.o ?i_r-.i? I
De Foe to Box Hanson.
Billv de Fo<\ thS H PBBl Ught
weigh't. will box Larry Hanson ten
rounds on Friday night at Browns
Far Rockaway Club. ?
Clara-m A. C.-J*hna> H?**r4 aa* bat
tllni (lani. . ? ...
0 yntfllc A. C?Paul 0*?l* an* Paul U
Harlrm S. C. | Haramflii.?Jlmaiy C*ftry
.- i Wt.trr Matir.
PIob?t S. C ?Klil Bnrn> and ChK? Slml-r.
la, L)i'." *i<* li?JB> HiiMi
Harl.m S C?Wm Wr? Bartoa BB4 M8BI
CU?a\m\ i r.r oaaamam A. c.-Biiw o. F.
anu Lfir/y Han.on.
Maialftcn A. C.-Wlllls laat* an* Ouaira?
Arv-rn- S. C.-H?rlnB PatJY ClflB aa*
*h?mu? 0 Hrl.n
Welsh, in Form,
Should Kasily
Defeat White
?;v it, 0. McGEEHAN.
If Freddie Wel.-h reft.in . the ft.rm
be flhOWfld when he met llennie I.eotl
...??,- thi leeond time he ihoald tie
. White mto double bowhnoti
,n '.hat ftserity-roun 1 go at Colorado
Springi on I ft oi Day. Until Leonard
made biaa look i:ke a r.ovice in their
,r.;; ; , . was content to ?
and hut through a bout. Hut when
he met the Harlemite th" second time*
he Iooked lil'e a champion for the ftrst
tiasfl liaea be took the title from Willie
Bitehifl ifl I.ondon.
Welsh probably will not hurt White
ta ony extent on Labor Day, but if
White hitfl Welflh anywhere at BB)
: * i| probabl) will be by accident
White ia deeidedly Iaaa pramiaiag aa
:i eotitender than Leonard Me has a i
punch on hlfl P?rt -^ide, but it take
bia- ;.n hour to BWiBg the batu-ry into,
action. Leach Croafl made the lead
I Chleagoan look like a daaea
when they fuufht at the ilarden.
Ob funn thara ia no chance of the
title chanpinj* hand* on Labor Day.
I.eonard huu th. be. t chance ft .
on the kaeekeat route. ahd he did not
come within a mile of it at Wasinni;
ton Park. <>f OOBItW. there ifl the:
chnnee of a lueky punch, but Welsh is
? mo*t cau'.ious person, and the man
who ihiida a lucky punch on him arill
have te h.i'.e lomflthing more than B
four-Uaf dover. a horaeflhoe and a rah
b;t'; faat
1 bfl tbaneet nre greatly in favor of >
Welab retirina witb the title unles* he ;
iroxes Bennie Leonard once too often.
Harry Pollok .s greatly puined be?
cause Jack McAulifffl ia inclined to be?
lieve th.i* he -.va* a better hflthtei than ,
Preddje Welab ifl '-day. Of cour-e,
.lack is a little gray around the ft :n
ples and a little wide around the porch.
M1 aamahaw we are inclined to believe
that he vroud not do *o hadly ir. a
* [th Welflh to-day. Put an
Oregoa baol ob FTeddle, io th.c
would not liave te run too fast te catch
h;m. and Jack might ?!ip something
.. .- at that. _
!? bflglna Ui loo'. as thoui*h Franci*
..- .?! J.d r.. t ? .?? be Carl
Morria i>*'ut at Talaa OI*la*, any too
?eriou?l>. Franc ll has tak. n his ben
zir.e boggy with him, and. frora all ac?
counts. he due. mo*t of hi* roadwork
sittiaf baek or. the cushons.
It's bad -turT for Fnnc:?, who ad
' mi** that he ht* develop* i a Broadway
' Belt Line. I ertainly he was not in
1 shape when h? faced Dillon. The bout
ro?t him considerable in money and
Pop Geers Has
Big Day With
His Trotters
Veteran Driver Wins Two 1 eat
ure Events on Track
at Pittsburgh.
Pittoburgh, Aug. 12. Pop Ceeis won
the two featarfl events of the (Irand
Circuit race meetim; i.i.' to-.Uy, the
Furnitur" ManufacuiWl .*' Stuke, valu>'d
at $".,000, nnd the fn-e-for-all pace,
worth $1,000, in both inetaaceo beating
the vanous favonte-.
The veteran took the tirst race with
St. Prieee from Mabel Tra.-k, and won
the free-for-nll with Napoleon D l. "
beating Single G. Both ev.nts wer.
won in straight hea*>
Geers drove St. Prisco in the fleeond
heat of th.- kfanufaeturers' Stake m
-':ui'-4. which sauala to.- atollion record
for the year. .Mai,,-: !>..,>. set '.;.- peae
tke wkale Joaraey, but on tbe itretoh
St. Frisco ga.ned tbe lead by a srnalL
margin and h.ld it to the tinish.
Another upset came m the 2:1-1 trot,
when Junioi ffattfl won, Truesada, the
tavonie, Raiabing third an.l Baby Doll
s.cond. Billy Da!. won the _:.'.' pn-o
?n straight heats. The BBBOtJBg sloeed
here to-dny.
The summary follows:
l'Ai'iM' tM CUtsa nim.r. 111 i'i- TUsSl
im ssa ii
Hill. I>a> '. i !? ? 1' ' I lll
Hai, IWtl.a. t B. by Hill I ? ? i . '
Ar.t* V . ili ii, Sl ___-t_Brni lUusoaUI.. I . -I
j.-a. 1, i.. . M-) , lll
i __.t_a_>_> '. I by Ol ?! K ___?)
Tl.-l.. ..?-?>..
liiulTIVi; ITHBKS _____ PLABI . M _L__H
\ a\ lIB, IV404.
r, #.'
.-i' . !?.,". b ll l,V S*H Ira. ? I..-U IQlfSl lll
I_.ran.'li,' !.*?. . '<? ? S .
__ui i ?
Vlrflnis B_n_HU D- ' - 4 5 ||
ram... i lB-n>t. i * ?.
rin* . . . - i 4 1:01
raa. *--? -it six racixa imaaa bbbt ???._. m
- ri Bas ?i aa
M;. LMrart. ill 1. I. Ua.r.r Mr-'
,,,,r.l I l l
-?.,'. v l^r>_:, VVl.kn '. ?
.^tjl lll
:. m_ Bai 4 I ' S_
13 4
1 |] i . ? ? 1 ?r i 1. N,? sUrft-ion.l
iHta) . , lll
tBBiiiwii i m c_us_ rann heat rtaai
l" BBB* >'? '??
J,in!?r W?IU b. b- br tl lt'.' .' 1 l
H.o. IM1. b. B. by T - |.,rr?-i 1 i ?
rr,_-,i? ? '"? M ' * -
< l Nl .1
' ,. ar-1 .4 ? -...i a r. .,...! ?
, ..-,. ;, ,?. r n. f .i?:. f 471
r..u_i.j I>? .-?*??, ?- . ' ha.. i . r ? 7 ( 4
Ttaaa I ?s , I -i? * li".
Auburn. N. Y. Aug. 12 John IL
Pbirell, fleeretari sf "he National As?
sociation of Ptofessionai Baaeball
I., ague?, aanoaaced te niich' that rec
cgnition of the Ketitueky-Illinois-Tea
neisee League had been suspended be
eauSfl of unpaid lalggiss an<l other
i!-im?. Warren, Penn. terrrory, it
wn announced, has been dropped from
tke latoretato I.?-?rue.
Farrell aUo called attention to n Na?
tional Association rule forhidding
players from joming other clubs jtitil
t'.e end of the season in the leagu.j in
which they ? . playing.
McLoughlin to Compete
in Sectional Doubles
at Chicago.
This ll the week when the play of
the j-rcat Comet. Maunce E. McLouj-h
lin, wil! a-fa.n b- watched, actually by
Chicagro inhabitants, and through tho
eyes of the pres* by Fnsterner* gen
eral'y. McLoughiin will appear Tufls
day at Chicajfo in th* preliminary
double'. when the sertiopal team win
?'ht it out to deaida which i* to
challenjre Johnston nnd t'rirT.n at For
est h ::?.
i'rnbabiv the 8 II 'hat are
geriou- -unninif are the Ea?t
ern titlfl helderfl, Gearge M. rhurch
and VTilHfl B. I'.iv;.. aid the Pacific
Caaat aanibiiial oa ol Mel^uarhlia and
Ward : ' '. \ -relea. Red
Mae will :-'.'?? B ?r-rririe burden to
carrv. fot Da '? n is not m hu eiaa*,
and Charth aad Dav.- ajalte opuniy
Btate that th-y .ftirally, to
phiy ?;? reak al tha ch:.in to
It will be remember. 1 that the be
love.i and impotueaa McLoaghlia could
no* stand IBcfa troatlBflnt, accorded tfl
hi* partner, Tom Baady ha Hrook. s
and Wilding ia l Da*4*ia t'up
?atehaa, aaa BaahH fana faa from hu
best. although in the aiaglea he played
prohahly the boei
ever Bkw, K'ports, therefori ai Mc
LoaghUa'a piay ia tha *?etion*U doubles
will r.ot altogather tell the tale of
Mac's iorm.
The turf cour Se.,br.|*ht
! Teeaifl and i lub, where
the aaaaal 5*eabri|*ht ir.vitation I
Baaaeat has ju-t been held. ar- b]
the besl a baae run aeraafl thia sea?
son. They are supenor to the LtaaJ
wood reurts. which to Ro'tonians are
the acme of IBDerti
Thfl raaflofl foi the apertatire eon?
dition of the Se.-ihri-.-ht turf ifl that it
nnorted from England l
reari : 8 I ** Biehard Sl I Faa*
? earefnlly
teaded e**er ih*aea, Btawaaa aad Ke-aae
brouj-ht 'he era-1 over for encket pur
B4M0 . BBd gai ' '?' " ll -and oldest to
Be boaghl la all Eaglaad. While we
played t hoa the same turf
felt under the mailel feet of William
the Con.jueror.
Ir ?]'?- opinion of the Vflteran Fre-I
C. Bacga, of New Tork. the tirst ser
?' tal! fOBBg VTillisal T. Tilden,
2d. the PhiUdelpk i ?-? ka
baa ? ?> ? r played againat Tildaa, who
took a flei from Nurraj nt *teabriaht,
i? a most pi Hfl has
rarel;- left 'he Ph ln . -'rict.
however. Aa far tonceiBed,
Tild in bbbj Jaal i the
Qaaker City, on of
*he ipood of Tildea'i del ?*ery doi
take iti'o teeoui
bullet servu- "? B. Da
A BOW theory of doublei
be creepirii* into being. It il
there he, that a deal ?
be corr.po.-cd af t*fl BBflB
who are almost
their own d
and who could occaaionallj one
set would be 'enouj*h breaa thl
their appeaeata bp hard driving. Such
;i reno is the new OBi re M
i hureh nnd Willl
double ebami am I
bigl baandiag, :? rblle
aaal Bvllet'e ?P4
said by many to he the
world. Baeh baa faal drhri
Fred Alexander Bad Haroid il Hack
att, BV many year- ft;e inv ru'ib'e 'eu'ii
:i t'ns eoaatry, arere aai bath al Ihe
hard Bavriag i ? | ad ai
much upon the m aod *i.i af the i
attaah a* upon .-.heer velocil . \ I
under'* delivery ifl a fairly faal one
flf the American tfl -t I BO, B481 Hack
ett's has always heen BOtoriouah
. -h very effeetive ahi n baefced up
b) 'he taro great playera, -.ft
the net with uncanr y ihill l>c>?
(iriffln, af Ihe piwfleal ehaaapiaae, hn
not a ' Ifl such del
-*o nowadaya Tom Bundy'
twiat eoald aot tompai with
bia partn.r kfeLaaghlin't Keithei
(Ir.irin nor liundy drive- with icreut
Charch gave up Dean Mathey, ahaae
plaj la not of the hullet type, ta t.^nm
\% ith Daaia, and th<- pair arill ba
I.I ehaaee to orne through In the
prelun e.ir', ia lUaa !??'' al ' ' ?>*'?
If they do. and win tha ll 1 ? I rOBBd
agaiaal Johnaton an l <lr dln, therfl may
Ity/te -et in douhli-s
barc-ly aoflfliblfl thal laeed fl/ill vjper
sede flteadiBflflfl, the old doahlofl .deal.
not oniy on ier
?trokofl aa w?ll Bac ni*le<
now mean* -uperspeed, and dovble*
may follow suit.
Just after Bllly Job ?el .
aced Dieb \V 1111 a *?
of their torrifle tueale ?' meek tga h
dAj ,.t foi bb( HIHi -i narma
heard fraah
ln P I i ??? - ;- P A al l be CoaaiBs*
Tower the rin il pai itent tennia
? in thfl world. The humorist i"
claimed, earneatly, haif t.. bimaolf:
"<;.e, I was boping be'd put il thara
it's just what Pd baai iaaa."
Th.re WB8 only one ng at
? be Eaal Weal a*ateh< llill
That one 'hini* a ll ch. sturdy
form of thfl
Maaria MeLoughlin, itamplng around
like a lion at bay as* he waited to r<'
-ome one'- ?.:-..?" And on?
other thing a kid in the neif-hboririK
tieetop." and ihrill, friendly ul'.ice:
"Right on tht r.o | V o , r.|*ht on the
Bt, i.oui*. Aiur l? Ludy Imsagax, al
11 ? i us diigalfli A C . won the nat eaal
championship of the A. A. I' for th??
.rd swim at a meet hi-ld here t>.
? la-. faagBI**8 time wa* 12 minut. ?
| 1 1-5 leconds.
1*1 Caaa, of th? N'ew Vork Athlete
i'l in. arafl Meaad Ha 8nUhed about
l aaa*ar, Herbert
Volimfl Ne?j \(<Tr, Athletic
1 '. ih, wa* third. I Her
Imaa Laabla, af I iri Athletic
.t thr?e inches
? v. hen the latter swam ou*. of thecourae.
Mandot May Box Leonard.
Ward ? f rai
Joe M.indot BBI airr^ed to box 11. BBf
Leonard te*i roanaa in I
SO 1 lll..11 -i| l I.i'
prices iini Taraaa ba BaB
Thr ltr.:n,?!. I. Hj;l.r 4 ollr-n.l-r ( ?^
tfl to 16 West 124 Ot . hear JJrw*.Jwajr.

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