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,massachim:its bay
("ver your broad hrraft there came,
In other days, a earavel of protest?
The Mayfic-wer manned with men,
Who stood the rigors
Of an alien winter in a friendless land.
Their rfliBfl were lined with iron
Ktad thrir .. 1U
Were *rt with !*ufferitig and utrength.
In their eyes were droam*-,
Whose ctaBtfUrfunatiflfll only came
\\v. . they Wera dead.
v-we ol each man's wife
people came for liberty
<-ip th. ir OWB Ciod.
And they were Men.
? our time a fleet of flimsy ships
? '!i across a dirty tide?
\ irakf of paper hags. discarded food, and filth?
ara and empty bottles?
? pervert harp and flute,
That play "The Kartime Pipes of Pan"?
.ft. -fliaaaj and sweat,
And talk a lingo limited
elievfl me, kid, you're there." and sex.
Beyond the path of these. the bay has this?
lt> or.c remain ingr grace?
?turdy boat. who wrests
tenee from its rockinj- depths.
These men have landed on an alien shore:
They, too, have strenpth aad suffering in their eyes.
Their w.irfare ifl w;th elemental foes?
Their dreams?their God?are elemental.
mea, the Piigrims' closest kin.
Came here for liberty.
H. V. W.
Because the doctor-- have not annihilati-jd the paralysis plague,
%]r ? faith in medicir.e and the science of thera
? *.he church. and the press have not done away
^.j. : rverty and ini'--*.: e. yet they are not without
Bill Wl tfl of --mporia was regard
jnp -? ? *& BM aa ." he .ftched, "that:!
pre: . ' '?' " "i -](Z""
Wc th,. -varrp Kill Kare, and other?
t ? ad, but out r.ear Longmont, Col., we
saw Kaunp Lafl
ooWX><><m^o^-x>ooo<>oo<>^ 0<H**-00<>-00**><><^
:-: Gotham Glcaninps :-:
?..,,.. .,, | rojjjnng.
? -eabrigh*. :.'. J . ; ? rtei ll
t Scitual
tfc r Londofl
a few da*
nery expert
of Bul
tc* sufmnei in 1
? {. o. Da - "" '-re !0i'
n the 2:4:
t popular; ng men ia putting
in a lot of time writing letters to a certain party in Rochc
ter. Ah thero -'.c fi
the worlcTs sreate-r pfaotographer
ha* led yc scribe a couple of swell seegars Friday he being
.! ue were in town again. Come again Kap say we.
Mrr*. wl 'A.i** editor of Harper's Weekly until
,. ith the Progressive^arty until Hughes
wa. ?<,! ha*- accepted a position with the New Re>
? ers are not superstitious.
For to-day. local thunderstorms;
W, fair and warm.
H waa Mr. Clayton Hamilton, the famed critic and author, at
bunday night who vas hoasting of the effect of the
training camp upon hia j-'irth. -What." he a~,ked Mr. A. E. Thoma- .
think of my PUttaburg middle?" "Well." madwagged the
rywrighl and golfer, "I prefer my New York Central."
Shoot* from the Young Idea.
N .' . hlfl ? Mlaal * not* iw,k |
?* Nflbalar Hypothesis The Theory about the whole universe.
rea which everything has to attracted anything
Gravfty 'l the a.traction the earth has for anything.
Th* ear" ' ? tkfl diameter of the earth.
A mendian is an imagenary line running north and south.
? Sunday's Tower. Wfl shall draw a picture of typical
BCf.. D a typical Sunday motor ride in New York and
Addrr*..'. to a J ad> Friend Who I* Golnf to Be Married.
Wi .....
? ? 1bB4 ! from yesterdaj
.r BusaaJaata money
You graat care mus. t;.'r,?
K\ery month pat BWaj* a little
K.en tkaagk a sacrai.ee you nuist BBI
Buy whats good and useful
:?y \our money down
?j jou owe every one
; be the taik of the town.
.de* its very trying
thost that has to collect
? r time and car fare is wasted
| to get mone> that they expect.
A young Husband be.isted to me
About hew well him and his young wife did aprte
Aad yet rani there are many anoyencts
.-. I do not j.retend to see.
?he once met me at tlie gate
had *omething rare
Ard that *he g?Bflfld I would like the Dinner
That flkfl did for me prepare.
,'To be continued."
Bnajfallifll for vi-r-.es: "For I was born at Brzezany, at
ferzezany on the Zlota Lipa."
The other day. in a paragraph referring to the fact that there
is one automobile t<> every forty-four persons in this counti-y, the
hflt proof mad< it read "fordy-four"; and we foolishly corrected it.
Now and then a elipping arrives which we haven't time to read
"-"""ough. Ar.d with equal frequeney it happens that it is unneces
^T* to read it all. Last night, frinst, one came from the Boothbay,
*tf*-, Rej-ister.
lt he*;an: "K. ( . Bump, local agent for the Ford car-"
r. p. a. i
Cottage Colony Folk to Appear in the
"Movies" at Bar Harbor Hospital
Benefit?The Week's Gayeties at
Lenox and Southampton.
Bar Barber, Me., Aug. IS, Massberi
of ti.e surr.nn r colony are nhearsing I
for a motion pieture melodrama writ- '
ten by Mr*. (iouverneur Morris. to be J
presented at the Casino on the flTSB*
:ng of AagBSt ti for tln B-BflBi of
the Bar Harbor Hospital. II,.- . nt. r
tainment la in ebargfl of Mi*. Edgar
s'cott, who im-. alwayi takes sn
interest in this rhnnty. The lilio Itt
being m.idc by AisSSSadre l-'.'il.l.ri, who
made tkfl rseli of Psiti Kial ler and
Erner?; Scbelliag which wer? bowti sl
the cottage of Mr. sad Mrfl. Era<
I'abbri last season for tkfl beasfll of
I the 1'olish fund. Tl.ere wil! bfl I
l of seventy in the plny, wkieh will bfl
preceded by fl tntirieal prograiBBIS.
Count Otto Saltn took the laun
the men's ekaaipionflklp tei
this week. Richard Hartfl, whe for
three eoBfleeuti*.. yeara h Id th? bor
ors, and Joseph T. BowflB, tke winner
last season, did not cnter thc eompflti*
A "preparedness" ball given Tuea?
day evening by thr Surnmrr <
Club under the direction of .1. Murray
Anderson sttractsd a large audience.:
, from the various colonies. In addition
-?-_*" ?
J ef wat
b "neutrsli!
Miss I ' ' iBting
England; Hisa Msrgmret Lee, E i
Miai .1. flphiafl Gibflon, German]
Adelaide 6 ? Bd Mr.
Anderson, s West Poinl ?
Kobert U ' n *?*??
tinal tablesa, sn I ' I Howlaad
sang and
Gloi ? _
1 cool 1
Wednesd_> mad
],.,_," . . ib Bt Psrish Hall a
n-o.t sBJeya
ment arm
cottage eoloay for Hifl Kminer. ?
dinal GihboBS, i
' vacation with Fstbet t'henv.
rectocy, broBgbl OBl i '
a.'.ce at the fair.
Mr and Mrs. F. Barrall H
vi ill give a garden party
tl Eden Glai ie, -' B-kii
Mr. and Mrs. PkiHp D. ?
Ckieaga. fc;tv<' Brtrhred to paaa ? moatk
here, kariag - hlrs. J. 1
Kaapp's i ittage.
Mrs. F.irti'-ten Smitk _a*/s a
recita' WedBesdaj st tki
Vr* Hean "? tntjm ?? l':it ;
Mrs I rank K. P
haNe heen occapyiag tke Wjrlltfl home.
j h.s.e fljoae < ' I !'"r SIX
|| return , ?
temher. and during the.r sl
Mrs. Marshall G. Dedgs Mn Will*
iam Laws Rics ?"
at the Bkiaaeeaek G H ? ?
da_. others giriag iBBcbseas vaitj
Mrs. Edward L Eeyea, Mrs. Comelius
Tiers and Mrs. Gflatgfl Leary.
Cardiaal Gikkoas and Bishop O'Con?
nell, of Biehn.ond, Va., were informal
ly entertai.ied at tea by Samuel L.
Parrisk, at his home last Sunday af?
ternoon. Among tliosc pre.ent were
Mrs. Thomas H. Barher, Colonel and
Mia. Henry May and Miss Lee, of
WaskiagtOB* Mr. and Mrs. William
i> Gatkria, whs are stopping with
Mik. James C Parrish, aml Mr. and
Mi . A. J. Dallai Pixon and Mr. and
.1. I'crry Kealing, of Philadel?
A suhsc ript.on bridge tournament
was hi-ld st tlie Meadow (Tub on
Tkarsaay, nadsr the direction of
CkSfrlss Bteela, who ii stopping at the
i I. proeeeds will go to the
Volantaei Hospital ln New York
through the Local Berries eommittee.
Ai Saratofja.
Baratogs Bprings, N. T. Aug. 1-.
Old-IBol ha: heen trying his hard
est to diseaaragfl racing at Saratoga
Springs, but, *n,ile a\ broadly as he
has during the last week, the crowds
at thc track are daily increasing in
The huge | taad il packed.
k, and
ruce of tl s??
ternoon ia called thfl graadataad ifl a
:or. Among the
for the racing
? R. Inio.nt, j'., Mr. and Mr*.
: ? B
I lasoa, a Bl
Mvsll Clar* i
I enea Jones, New York; Mr. and Mrs.
V '?'
. ?
man, '- ? ;
?ho has been coming
? more tl.ar. ?
? d to come a njonth earlier this
summer and take iti the race*. His
n to a.-rivr
,;t ths Uniti
{.;.., ? ...nr.ers
? r both at the Grand I'nion
B feature of the
at the I'nion.
,,. ef Philadelphia
? i r, Joseph '??
ner, at th- StatflS
Tle PriBCeSfl Brag.i- ? : \ >r. o?
.. member ef
? ? i ,
accor.ipauieJ b] MtB.
New I.ondon.
\ . 1 ai -.ion. Aug tl The week at
. y hej-an oti Monday
ekeen ti**aa bj Mrs. Thom
o, Bodhary far bar house ?? ? -?
a iiii.un Ellis, flf Brya Mawr. Mn
?.'. r f SprtagfW
u ti ? -. Mary Men *
I *jr_. -kaxlsi lr-aad M;__ _l*?v
C Internatl'.nal Kllru Ott *
Ogder.. ef New York, were of the party.
On Tuesday afternoon Mr.. Robert,
Moor.-, sf New Qriflaai ?????? , garden
party a* the MooreU- 1-0-08'
beautiful summer home. Miflfl Rose
inarv MacHilerv and MlSfl Porothy
, r, of Mew Orleaas, wers thc
honor guests.
Mr- Otli E. Dimnioeb had ? ckarm
ing dinner and eard party st lad 'tori
Wednesday evening, and Miss Dolly
Bil e.itertaine. ? numb-r of her
? i Boiliag party on board the
? rn.
Mr Harry Chappell have
???:-*.ain.Tier.t.4 'his
_,.,. ie, Baaday i''>,"'T taey er.ter
tained ten guests at dinner at the
un Wednesday night they en
tertainel Mr. and Mrs. C. H Hynms,
jr.. Mr. a::d Mrs. Samue! Frothii gham
and Garrett Kip a'. a d.nr.er at their
own home.
Thursday night Mr. ar.d MSB Samue!
Fr.thir.gham gave a dinner at tr.
talaiag Hr. ar.d Mr*. H_rr>
Cnappe'.i. Mr. ar.d Mn. Charles Vor
? i.yme. i bi aln Barclay, from
Fort T' n ?. lieateaaat Wanriak end
Mr BBd Mrs C H. H|__BS, jr.
Ofl Fnday Mr* W. B Reyburn gave
a luncheon la celehration of tne sev?
enth b.r'.hday ?f her daughter, Helen.
Edwia C Da'.e has ckartered Edwin
Palmer's yacht, I isadei ft, for Au
Beverly and the Sorth Shore.
R.-.erly. Mfl * , Aug. 12. The week
has been crowded w.th pleasurei.
There bn\* be.:. several polo matches
at the Hyepifl Hunt <"iub. at Hamil
.,,, ;l ? ? . ? rrr-.air.ent at the Esse_
(_* at Haaekestsff.aa'd peflht
:__ ?V Mairblehes'l beti.ej tkfl uiual
Here are -howrt the beautiful .ottage-*
of Clarence to. Dolan, of Philadel?
phia; Mrs. James Richardson and ei
(...icrnor Charles W. I ippitt, flf
Rhodi' Island.
K ftnft.-' ood A I'n W'vo<v*
round of eatertaining at the cottage*
and <*:
A '. ? - :'ii was netted hy the gladioli
sale given en Thursday ut i edar Acres,
the aatati af Mr. and Mra. R. H?m
tnond Ttneey, at Wenham. Miss Julia
Mflyi r, daughter flf former Afllbflfl?*
dor BB i Mra. George von L Mcyer, wa*
tho chairman of the committei in
Thfl procet'd*. were devoted to
the fund for the muinft-nance of the
An. iriean Ambalaaca Corpa ia Franc
Mr. an.l Mrs. Richard T. Crane, jr,
of Ipawieh, hava o:r?-.-ed to sub<cribe
? ii for ;. fund to light tho infan?
tile paralyflia plutup ia N'ew York City.
Mr. Crane has one of the show places
ot" the -.hore ut Ipswich and w fth Mrs.
('ranr* is buil.iing a rnemorial hospital
far the town of Ipawieh. The hospital
!s nanied the Benjamin Stickney Cable
Mflmorial Hoapital, in honor of Mr.
i abla, who was killed atlpswich in an
nt w-hne out motoring w th Mr.
The weddm? of M iflfl Margaret
Thomas, daughter of Mr. and Mra.
I'. Thomas. of P
:ng, ia to take place at noon on
Saturdf.v, September 1-3. After the wed
rkiflB will take p!ac<* a? Netb*
I, the Thoma* country Batate, a
reception arill b<- hei.l. The waddiBf
of Miaa I'onnne Searh*. of the Ipswich
.. t.i Hareld D. Walkar, ef Bos?
ton, flrill take place at Inajllabf, the
Searle plac. al Ipawieh, on Bflptaaa
In the PocottOa\
Dtlawara Water Gap, Pi-nn., Aug. If.
To i iateaae heat af the
last two '???-.:-, eity folb bava b-'en
poarlag resorts of this see
? aad Howard Clark, of
are regtstered at the
Dfllawara Houae. They have bee..
iag for black bflflfl
ia Kre.da Rill aad Joha Dyer, of
Sea Y.i'.. City, men tba lance con
??.* .-.? ft ?? Rivenria** on Priday avea
Mr and Mrs. I arl A. If. Strom. of
New York. wno are tounng the state,
are spend'.ng a week at the Forest
Mi-.- Darotky Btaray, of New- York
fl-fla firat priaa at th? big ma*
querade dance at the Ca.*t!e Inn on
Fr: lay ,*vening. There were more than
88)8 .-..rft'-'.tar.t*.
Mr and Mrs. A Wfllflh *re ?pead
? z a ?' - ranm ?* tka Caatlfl Inn. Mr.
? ia pre-'.dent of the Faige Motor
The Cataract House nine de'- atfld
the Castle Ir.n r..ne on Thursday by a
score. of I to 4.
John Knapp, jr., Pr. H. F. Schwartz
**b-IJ Mjx Shaw,'of'N'ew York'City,'are
at the Fair...a.
Opening of Polo Season Brings New
comers to Thousand Islands?Lake
Placid to Have Hrdroplanes for
Scratch Matches Next Year.
Alexandna Bay, M. Y , Aug. 12. - The
Biat polo game of the season WBI
played Saturday between the Thousand
Islanders and thi Thousand Island Eei
fliflS. The line-up of the Thousand
Islanders waa: t| A. G. Miles; 2. Lee
M. Rumsey, jr.; 3. Eddie Clausen;
back, J. Laroc .ue Anderson. The Eei
Flies' line-up was: 1, L. EL Ross; _,
S. Preece; 3, George Tower; back.
Lealie Shaw. The Thousand Islanders
von the g_me by a score. of 4 to 1. :
Mr. Miles rolled in three of the goals I
for hi? team.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Young, ofl
New Brunhwick, N. J., are spending
the summer st the Thousand Islands
Country Club.
Miss Margaret Dougla;, of' New
York, has arrived at the Thousand
Islands for the month of August
Miss Douglas has just been graduated
from tho la.v school of the New Tork
Univerrity. Miss Douglas' IV the
youngest woman ever graduated ;':.rn
New York University. She is not ye*.
twenty-one, and cannot be admitted
to thc bar until after her next birth
Mrs. Richard H. Eggleston. of New
York, _-:d Mrs. T. E. Rrigham. of
Springtield, MSOS.. were the hostesse*s
at the LSsites* Welcome Club card
party Wedne.day. Next week the
hostesses will be Mrs. Spadone and
Mr*. Chflfltflf K- Hoag.
One of the interesting events of the
season was the annuai tea of the La
tIic.->' Welcome Club, which was given
Friday of this Teek.
Next week one of the important
events of the season will take plae*
the Thousand Islands Yacht Club mo?
tor boat races. These race* will tak?
place on August IS, l-i and 17 and
Will be run over the Thousand Islands
Taekt Clab coume. Among th* ?n
tries are the Hawkeye, owned by
Commodore A. L. Judson, of I.ake
George; the P. D. Q. VI, owned by A.
Graham Miles and Mrs. Henry P.
Whiton. of Long Island; the Peter
Pan VII, owned by Joseph Simpion
and J. P. Bicknell, and several other '
boats, inc'udmg one of John Wiilys's
raciau bostS, whose Miss Petroit won
the sjold cup races in New York last
ln the Berkahires.
Lenox, Mass., Aug. 12. Society was
greatly iaterested in the expioit oi"
Miss Cecelia Poclger, daughter of
Mrs. Peter Doelger, of NflW York. Wkfl
drove her automobile up a trail to the
summit of Mount Greylock this week,
a feat which never before had ben
accomplished. Miflfl Dofllgflf bad with
her Mrs. Frank Diamond. of Philadel?
phia, and Mrs. rrederick Kusan. sf
Nea York. Greylock is ,....>.'. feet
high, the loftiest peak in Mas.-aehu
Mr. and Mrs. WH'laa, Hall Walker
have done more to entertain the sum?
mer colonists than any other cot
tagers this season. On Monday the
members of the Garden Club of Lenox
were the-.r guests at Brookside, in
Great Barrington. and on Thursday
they gave the third of a series of or
gan recitals by Harry Rowe Sheiley,
followed Friday evening by the third
ball of the sea.on at their villa. Mr.
and Mrs. Walker had Mrs. A. B. I.'e.rle
ton, of Illington, N. J., as their guest
this wee_.
The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. George Gren
ville Merrili have been rehearung the
children of the Stockbridge cotugcrs
in Biblical plays which will bfl given
on Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Su,ij
dart's lawn next week.
Invitations are out for a series of
.imncr entertainments for the remain?
der of the month. Mr. and Mrs. New
bold Harris, Hr. and Mrs. Henry H.
PaasS, Mr. and Mr- Geor_e Baty
Rlake, Mr. and Mrs. William B. Os
cood Field ar.d Mr. and Mrs. Cort?
landt F. Bishop will be the enter
Mr. aml Mr-. FzBBfl * *'.antori Blake
and Mr. and Mr*. .1. Searle Barclay
have been tkil we.-x with Mr. and
Mrs. George Baty Blake, whfl fr*-e
several dinners and entertainmen:
for them.
Mr. and Mra. Appie'.on Robbin*have
Iflft for the Wkltfl Mountains. a'ter
a visit with "Ihatcher H. Adam?. Mr.
and Mrs. Archtbald. Hopkins, of
Washington, who were Mr. Adam's
tjuests, went to Wil!iamsto?n for a
Dr. and Mrs. h.-r."'. M. ( ulver. of
Jamaica, West Indies, arrived at their
.-ry BState >n Mew M.-irlLoro, Mr.
and Mrs. Paul C. Darling at the G.
Wfllifl Peters cot*_ge in Great Bar
rington. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wkitaey
at their house in Great Barrmgton
and Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Rawson
occupied the Bliss cottage in Lenox
for two rr.orrtht.
Mrs. Willard D. Smith. of Lee. vas
the lesding hostesj at the Greenoek
Country Club. where the Housatonie
Valley tennis champinnships were
won. Geor_e W. Pike. of Snrirri**"'*ld,
Mfl?S . gam.d posse*sion of tke Green?
oek cun. defeatir.jr Prof>-ssor Ralph L
Cksaey, ef Bariagfleld College, in
finali. A. J. Ve.ey, of Mon'real. and
L. H. Wiley. of Hartford. Conn.. won
the men's doub.es. defeating A Tl.
Chapin, of gpriaaBela. and Huntting
Worth. of MflB York
Lake f'lacid.
Lake P.ac.d. N Y . Aug. tt. Mem
I bers of the Lake Placid Yaelt Clab
plan to purchs.se twelve one-design
. hydroplanes for u?e in a sen*s ot
! Acratch races on Lake Placid another
season, taki.ng the praee o: the. present
I handicap racej between bo_t3 W var_
ing power. The new boat* will bfl
alfljbtaflfl fflflt la length and will hav?
a wymei of from twaat-r-fva ta thirty
miles tn hour. Tkey wHI be owr.e-i Bf
ftve'e Member* of the club. who4?
nainca ha-e not been announ .ed. and
the total cost of them prob.ibly wil!
be aboul SCiO.OOO. Th? matter is Ifl
C.5 handg o.' the rega'.ta committea of
the club.
Detaits of the arrangemer-t* for 'he
ob*enarcc of John Brov.n Day flie
now being worked out. If fair, Ikfl
morning exL cise?, opening at 10:2*1
o'eloek, will be in the open air For?lt
of Arden Theatre, at Lake Placid Club
and if not. ia a hall ifl the village.
Tho excrcise- at the grave wi'l open
at liii o'eloek in t.'.e afternoon with
the arveiling of tka bron:e raemorial
table*. on the great boulder at 2 o'*!ock.
The old song about Jjiin Brown s body
will be sung, and the orafto.i tie.ivercd
Bt t:ie gra-e by Wer.dell Phillips at tbe
fljaafl- of- the b-jrial, ::' 1869, will be
read. Among the speaker* will be
Frftnk B. Sanborn, of Concord, Mass.,
Lu:'nqr of the "Life and Letter* of Jo'r.n
Brown"; John L. Mi'.holland. of New
York. and Rabbi Stephen S. Wiie. of
NeT York.
The masked bail at the Stevens
House ea Thursday night w-as led ky
John D. Dunn. the New York golf ex
pert. :n Scotch Hi-jhland co?tume and
piay;ni- thi ba'g'pipes. J. MelviHe
Br. vr., of Fdinboro. Scotland. anothe
j*o'.f e*;r*rrt. followei" '.im. also in
Scotch costume and ?la-rn*** th? bas?
? Supreme Court Jusu'e ,!). P. Coha?
lan wbs among those taking part th.?
flrafll in the contert on the. golf eour-e
Bt the Stevens Hou?e for the cup flf
ftred hy *he Rev. J. J. laytn Heore,
oi P'r.iladelphia. The TrflBtlwflll -"up.
offered by Colon**! H. H. Treadwe',1.
o*' N'ew York. was waa by J. Hub*-*
ttaflflBfli w-ho defeated hlfl brother, Raf. ?
m.->r>d Stevens. 1 a| a" th-; eftg'.itecnth
hole. -
\arragansctt Pier.
Nanagansett P:er. F.. I., Aug. \1
Yaehting, polo, t*ol!';:n* and tenni* have
been tlie popa'ar dr.ersion* of tkfl
laat aflflB at Nanagaaa?tt Plar. My*
cral of the large yachts of the New
York Yacht Club n><*t arrived at th*
Pier on Sunday, on their annual cru.'*
along tka New Fngiand coast, and
rsst anchor .n Nariaean>et'. Ba1,.
On board the Arcad;. wer* Mr. and
Mr*. Arthur MflflkflT, of Chicago, and
Mr. and Mr . Wa'ti-r D. Denegre, of
New UrUan*-. Members of a yachun,?
party on board the Crusader were
Mr. and Mrs. Aithur h. Brockie, and
Vr. *nd Mrs. 'harles Churc'nman and
Daniel B. Wintr., of N'ew York.
The ("a*ino has been the scene t*?f
n^merous luncheons and dinner par
? a . and Bfl Sunday Mr. and Mrs.
Rowland Hazard, flf Peace Daie, R. !.,
.i,*<rrl at lunch'on or. the p!a:?
Their tfuests included Mis* BflBltiea
W-tmore. of Warren, r?nn.; Richard
B. UdlicB, af Ijro- idence, Mr. and
Mrs. 8. Hinman Bird. and Howard
Hitchcock. af Naw Tork, and Mrs. To*
Wh te. af Washington
Many rc.-enations have been m?!e
for tables in the Cocoanut Grcve,
which ail] be arranged in the Casino
on August 18, when the Hawaiian bail
will be presented by Talbot Hanan
for the benefit of a New York iea
Ofl We.lr.esday the annual fair in
aid of St. l'eter'.---b>-tne-Sea took place
on the church gie.'ii. "wr*-. John H.
Uaaaa, af NflW York. pre-ided at a
la.ft'e table lader. with fancy war?4,
wh,ch uc-n- of*>r~<j for charity. Other
cottagers interested Ib the fete were
Mr*. Henry B. Kane, of N'ew York,
Mr*. Samuel H. \ale.itine, of New
rorkj Mrs. P. M. Preseotr. Mr*. F
*I. W. Pn -enmayer, Miss Lyra Bro-.vn
NiekflrflOB, Miaa Fmmy W^hlen and
Mra. Pae Whito. of Washington.
l.icatenar.t (iustav Bro<k and Mra
Brock, of t'openhagen, Denmark. ar*
a* the Ariingtea. Lfaataaaat Brock
i* a portrait pamter and h?s a o.m
nissior. to paint a portrait of Mrs.
John H. Hinan.
<'o.>per*iown. N*. Y., Aug. 12. -The
aiath annual tennis toarnament has
been of mtere?t this week to the sum?
mer colony. Tho?e in tht lead in the
men's single* are Anthor.y McKim. L.
SkUBIWBy, Waldo Johnston and to, J. A.
McKim. Those * . .- -ftll in the
men's double* are V, .11 am C. Walker
and Ne'yon C. Hyck, K. R Perkins and
Waldo Johiikton. Henry Ilun and An?
thony MeKiflB, John S. Applehy and
I - Apr.leby. Those who still remain
Ib the mixed double* are Mis* P*lm*r
and L. Avatflll Bro^n. Miaa Klsie Hun
aad Sanford Rejnold*. Miss Cflflil
Kim and R. R. Perkins, Mr*. John M
Bo-.vcr* and Waldo Johnston, Mlflfl
(jrac* Brown ar.d James Fenimora
Toopei-, jr, M:..s Mary Brown ar.d
Fr*p.c:g atawart, Miss Margaret Cs?her
and Beary Hun.
Thone **'ving teai 'o day at the club
are Mr-.. Willlflfll Pflfltflfl Morgan, Mr*
John M Bowers. Mifla Kd:th W*llman
and Mr*. Fredenck A.iam? Savage.
Th.s evening d'.f*n*r? will be giver.
by Mr. and Mr*. John M Bowers, Clar?
ence HarmsUd, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. A
McKim ani Mn. P. A. H Bro*n. Af
?<.-r-.Hrd the O-te-sa-ga dar.ee u:l! b*
: the arene of ga;*'.
Amor" tho^e who *r<> Btaflf rg t*1.*
, \?*.'k al the Otesa ga from N'ew York
aro Mr. ??** 1 Mra Joseph Kit'redga
t hoMc. Mr* Mora Mr.r-.ha, l arter. Mr*.
i . M. Ba.lgley. William Parkin, Mr*.
(ieorf*e Deni?on. Mis* C. Demson, Miaa
i M. Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. Clarkso/i K.
, Latrtf, Miss Helen Lord and Maiter Joha
I Clarkson Lord. 1

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