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blea and Cuillemont will fail at th*
trst moment at wluoh the Allied eom?
mand .haasaa ta attack.
Day's Official Reports
on Somme Offensive
Pan*. Au- li. To-night's official
statement *a>*: t
North of the Somme. after prepara
torv fighting yesterday and la*t night
our troopa to-day attacked the third
German poaition, .atandinf from east
of Hardecourt to the Somme. oppoaite
.... On thi* front ol .ia and one
half ?, lom.tr.* OBr infantry with
magniflcent dash cnptur.d al! the
trench. s an.i strongly fortified work*
oa a dopth ol froia sis huadrod to oa.
'houaand metres.
\\, penetrated tho rillage of Maure
?' whicl th. loathera part u 4
?rl. W.
earried our new lines on tho
?ra llopei of Hill I0?, along the road
?ro-ti Maarvpai to t'iery and on to the
well of t'iery.
number of unwounded prisonera
up to the
I,rr>, . . while thirty machine
.. ?? captured.
A i, inter attack between
Clery and Maurepai faiied under our
-^mrne we earried out
r bctmbardm.
laatiOBI in the I
of Deniecourt.
Os the Verdnn front there was an
?Uiel m the region of
. an.l Vsi.x-i'hapitre.
Freneh NCSMBM Becorded.
|s] earlier a>,mOMftOWWU nt read:
North of thr Somme our troops made
to organi/r their new
- noitrinf parties pene?
trated the wood east of Hem station,
where thev found the boriies of numer
Toward 9 o'r'oek in the eveninjr the
? make a rigorons
cotinter attaek on the qunrry north of
tt waa eaptorod by us
yt.t.rdar. Thrir attack wi'hcred un
rr fire nnd cost them arpreciablc
losses. . . .
800th of the Somme. after a Tiolent
Bt, the enemy deliverrd at
. .cainat !<? Mai.on.tta. Our cur
taia ot tire caught the waves of men
-auit and foreed them
. trenches.
0-1 the ntrht bank of the Meuse
\.r,!un front 1 ?'f advanced during
? tha region south of the
Thiaumont work. ln the region of
Fleury two German attacks. dehvered,
respectivelv. about 9 o'clock at nifrht
?k in the morning, against
??nches in the village and our po?
sitions to the northwest, were entirely
he artillery struggle con
aetir. In the ssctal or
iad Chsnoia.
Northwest of St. Mihiel and in Lor
near V.h. German patrols were
received with rifle fire nnd disporscd,
kd on the field.
British Announcement.
I.ondon, Auri. tte?Tko official
onttsUsttoimttO* mmtsti tn-nioht reads:
Between the Ancre ar.d the Somme |
?1 no change. There has been m
Dg on the whole front
Ait.1 a h.avy bombardment of our
trenches southeast of Ypres this morn?
ing, the enemy's infantry, of a newly
amed corps, nttempted to leave the
trenches and attack. The attempt was
tverything is now reported
I- enrhrr etntement eaid:
Th. enemy renewed his effort* to
tnre trenehei w. lately wrested
hrm on the hiph ground north of
, ^ hy <ielivering a strong in
? . ,; \. iterdai .rening, aup
ported bv heavy artillery fire. This
London. Aug. 12.--Ac?
cording to tht "Beriincr
Tageblatt." wircs Rcuter'?
Amsterdam corre?pondent.
thr transpoit of Turkish
troop* on ? great scalc to
the Kuropean war field is
proceeding without a hitch.
Thr troop* are being taken
from Asiatic provinccs of
Turkey. and al?o include
some Ar.il>-.. ,
Al! the mrn are well
attack wa* repul**d wlth heavy lo**,
and nowhere did be *ucceed in piercinir
our positions.
(ierman Statement.
Barbat, Aug. U.?To-day'a official
report is as follouf:
Stronp British forces attack.il BB
tween Thiepval and the Foureaux
Wood BBd B8BI* Guillemont. North of
(fti)!er? and near Poziere* they were
repulscd bv hand-to-hand fighting aid
bv count.-r attacks. North of Baaefl
tiii-le-Pitit and near Guillemont their
attacks were rendered futile by our
artillery, infantry and macBine gan
fire. ?
? ? B *
Fly Along Coast Line to Make
london. Aug. 12. A Reuter dl?patrh
from Bacharaa* reporr- that (.orman
seaplane* from Bulgaria flew over the
Humanian coast line ye*terday morning
fof the purpose of inspection. The
d.spateh says:
"Three German *eB_planes coming
from tbe direction of \ arna, Bulgaria,
"rw over the town and harbor of Kus
tendje. P.umania, Friday morning and
alonf? the coast line. They were oh
viou.-lv making a minute inspection.
The popu'.ation wa* greatly alanned."
To-.h.y's German report on Balkan
operations reads:
"Balkan front Weak feint* by the
e-iemv np-atrd again yesterday south
of La'ke I'oiran were speedily repelled
by our artiHeiy."
Passengers on Duca d'Aosta Hear
News 3 Days from New York.
\>ws of the Italian victory of
Gorizia wa* received with much re
loiciBg three days ago on board th<
Italian liner I?uca d'Aosta, which ar
rived here yesterday. A general cele
bration, wi'th u special dinner. was
providod by the ship's officers for the
1,431 passengers.
Amonr* tho^e on board was \. BjrB
rev Rothschild, of the banking tirm
of'Havdrr,. BtOBfl A Co.. of 2b Broad
Street. who had been in Genoa BB
husine** for several year*. He saul
that the vacillntm-r. policy of the pres?
ent Administration had lessened the
oreetiare of the Cnited State* abrond.
554-566 em 560 ?\ft\\Je\otn\U.*P% 46T-" ano 47t-h ??_
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Final Suit Clearance
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?-Total Disposal of Summer Millinery
$18 & $25 SUMMER DRESS & GARDEN HATS at $7
Carry Two Summits and
Village Beyond Val
lonc River.
Aosta's Troops Batter Down
Austrian Defences at Tol
mino and Plezzo.
| Ut Cahl* to Tha Trlhuna 1 i
I.ondon, Aug. 12. -The Italian ad
vance over the Cario Plateau is un
ehackad. Baraepiag across the Vallaaa,
1 dividing tbe liobcrdo Plateau from tlie ?
' Car*o, the troop* of the Puke of Aosta
! (arrled two summit* and the village of
j (ippacchiasella, a mile beyond the Val
! lone.
These *ucre*scs have advanred the
' lulian line beyond the Austrian posi?
tions aaat <>f Monfalcone and Gorizia.
. Thr new wedge they have lodged ll
the Carafl Haa enable* them to attack
the Teuton lines from the flank. Thi*
is the formation that both the Ger?
mans and the Allies have found suc?
cessful, the Germnn* in Poland and
the Allies in their recent attacks in
Opparchiaselln, six miles southeast
of Goriaia, i* a strong position on tho
l Piat au. With the Poberlo posi-'
tiOBfl conquered, the Italians did not;
dfllaj- the naxi atraka, Pu-hmi: aeroflfl ,
the Vallone stream, which thfl Aus?
trians did no* have time tfl tottity,
they assaile.l the enemy position* on
1 the Carso Plateau proper.
Italian* Seire Village.
Th - araatara alapaa ot the Monte
HadlogBBI, -12 metre* high, and the
i summit of ( rinihrid. both of them eoa
verted into strongholds, fall
! this assault. Th.-n thr Italian I
i pushed on an.l, with little opp"
i toi ; the villa'-o. 1 he Austrians. routed
hy tke iwiftBeai ot tlie Italiaa ad
1 vanc-, hnve hnd no ppportunity yi t to
reform thrir line on the Carso Plateau
With their lines well BBBl of Mon
fflleOBC. the Italian force> are now in j
a position to begin their advance along .
the coastal railway to Tneste. lt is .
likely that the movoniu:: over the i
CarsO plateau will be continurd at the
same time. for once this plateau is in
Italian haaoa Triaeta arill be flanked.
and will havo '.<> be evacuate.I.
Eaat of fJaristfl the Austrian resist
BBCfl ifl still very stuhborn and the
Italians hnve madfl little prnr-n-ss. Ifl
this taetor the Teuton-* hold ? serie*
ol stronf- position* on the hriu'hts east
of the Isonzo and aie aidcii Ifl defeud
ing them hy an entiladin-- tafl from
ithe heavy Austrian guns on BBfl Bain-;
aizza plateau, north of Monte I'abnele,
' tbe keystone of Austrian opposition
? aaal of G mia.
Italian Left Wing Advanrlng.
DiaBBtchafl from the front, however,
indicate that the Italians ure battering
down thia reaiataaee rradually. A
Havai meaaagfl from I'dine says thnt
the left wing af the Italian forces
again has begun the advance. The |
wedfl*e on the Carso aids the Italian at- ;
i tark in this sector.
The Teuton rearj-uards northwest of
Goiizjn seem isolated and far behind
the rear of the army. Their .surrender
< may come at anv moment.
On the Cppcr Isonzo line the Italian*
are attaeking Tolmino, ciphtren miles
1 north of Gorizia, and PlflSSO, thirty
miles north of (iorizia. The capture of
i these places is believed to be immi
i ncnt.
Statement from Rome.
To-night'? Italian statement follows: !
"Yeeterday, on the Carso, our troops
eroaaed the VallOBa and earned the
?reatera slopes of Monte Nadlet-CBi,
212 metres, and the summit of Orni-1
I brid, both of which weie strongly de-i
i fended. This morning at daybreak wa
. occupied Opparchiasella. Wa took 870
, prisoners, three Said guns ;.nd a largu
(?uantity of material unrl ni-init ions. |
' ln the Gorizia area the enemy, after
itctiving reinforcements, eOBtiaaad to <
i hold out on the hills east of the tOBTB.
, supported hy an entilading fire of ,
; heavy artillery from Hamsi/.za plateau.
"On the remainder of tha front ar- !
I tiller-f actions took plnce. The enemy'
I was intensely active in tbe effort to
: strengthen his defences. On the upper j
i Baitfl we carried another position on
| Monte Tofna last night.
"Enemy aircraft made ? raid on
I Grado. No damage was done to the
u.habiunt* or to buildings."
To Build In Valentine Ave.
A five story apartment house is to be
built at tbe southeast corner of ISOth
' st. and Valentine av., on a plot 67lll9
feet, by a client of Hrooks 1 Momand.
The seller was the Kikin Holding Coin
: pany.
i ..nliioir.l from pu*T? 1
birthday of the heir to the imperial
i throne. the Grand Duke *\|exia Niko
, lai.-vitch, by a fortunate cuincidence
happened at the same time a* the bat
tering down of the forti'ied wall which
tha enemy erertetl last winter from the
Pripet Hiver to the Uuiiiaiuun fron?
To-day, ciding tfl tbe vigorou* and
detenaiaad efforts durin**- the last
.seven weeks by the gallant troops un?
der Gaaaralfl Garhaehfli and SakharotT,
under the leadership of General Bru
BilOit, the villaires of Gliadki, Vorob
it-vck, Cahrafi Caaaa an.l PekropiTaa,
, all etronglv fortitied. fell into our
hand*. Further, Kosloff i southwest of
Tarnopol ft well protect.4 by the Hur
kanow forest and tha whole line of
the River Stripa, met the same fate.
Thu* the whole region of the main
enemy winter positions b.-fore Tarno?
pol aad Buciaez., pressed by us on both
flanks, fell into our possession.
I ? i a-allaat troops under Geniral
Letthitzky captured Nadworna south
of Stanislau i and the village of Fitkov
ard then crossed the River B\>tritza
tt Sift'tvir-.a.
Kuastan Victorle-a Reported.
Ab tmwtaer stattemaeni aatia .
"In the ngion of the middle Sereth
our troops, nursu.ng tbe enemy a* h.
retreat* from his fortine.l Baaitiaaa,
continue to advance on Weerna. In
the virmity of bucnacz, to the north of
this town. our troops are continuir-i*
their advance They have crossed tha
nvrr Koropice at some plare* by the .
middle stream and captur.-d thl
lagea of Slobudkagurna and FolvarKi
Dcclares People Are Barbarians
and Should Be So Treated.
Parii. Aug. 12. Sir Kdward ?***??>
in an inWview In to-day's ' Matin.
derlaren '.hat the (Iermans are bar
harian* and should he treateH Sl such.
"Iti peaee, a* in war," Sir Kdwaid is
qaoted ss Mjring, "the Osnaaa in a
barbarian and we hoald treat hita as
Mieh l.et all the allied trovcrnmetit*
dfclare forthwith t-. th-- [.<*rm-nn
p.'ople- 'EvSfl when we shaJI have.
viene.l peaee we shall not send BBJ
diplomatlc repr.sentattv. to Herlin n-.r
r.reive anv diploniatie rSprSSSBtative
(.f (Iermany in ntir capitnls a* !?
\,.n Germani shall not hav.- rourselvei
punished all those who have been
guilty of murder. all tho*e who hav*
violated ?hos.- interii.it io nal lawn uhieh
were set up iu the interests Sf BB
manitv durm_ past centuneti which |
have witnessed th* progress of civiliza
ttSB.' . ____.!
"There is still another reason whien
raakai such aetion nerrssarv: N.awai
powers have pnssivelv look.-d on at tne ,
,.n of custonis of law SStaBliSBS*
hv all nntions. They have been power
|MI or willing la protest. lf, then a
special penaltv does not show clearlv
thnt then* law* cannot he transgresse.1.
thnt these usagrs cannot b* violated
Iwith impunitv, we must renounce in
future all hope of introducinr int.n w?r
rules of humanity, nnd hencefortn no
nation in the world would see anv use]
in lending representatives toa Hague
C_nv.nUon Br anv other diplomatio j
conference." _ _
Spartacus and Hannibal
Outdone in Present Great
War, Deelare Experts.
i'aris, Aug. 11.-The diseussion of
MV-rag. ar. developed by the war and
as manlfMted by individual soldiers
unler tire has drawn some Bt*"".'?/1
contribution? from Dr. Charles Kichet
of the Freneh Institute, and the Abhe
MorSBBX, director of the Hourges Ob
servatory. .v_.__.___.
|ir. Rich.t il ?r the opinion that f*nr
and courag" mu-t be considered sep
arataly, thal thc famsr exist, n cer?
tain UapsraBHBtS alongside the iStUr.
that a man may be unable to control
the ternfying effect of a dnngernus
iltoation upon hia physleal '"*????"
and vet staad his groaad a ths f?ce
?f al'mo.t cettiin death throu-.-h the ?
?xereiM ot his aill. Thsss men, he ,
e maiders, the bravesl of sIL
War Haa I'nxluced Heroes.
Tonsidenng the whole war, taking,
into BCCOBBl the atrocious features
that have developed here and there,
aad with nll allowance made for occa
llonal weakness. Dr. Kichet ronsiders {
the soldiers have shown heroism that ,
justif.es a great deal of pride on the
part of the present gen. ration, m ,
apita of the bsli.f that sasssad ts per- -
rail Rfon th. graal eonfliet, tnat in
tellectual development, with BfBfTSSI
in science, l.tteri aad arts, while en
nobling the mind, had aiminlahed per
,onal courage. A,__?rdiBg U> Dr. Richet.
the mo-t ealtivated and r?BB_d of tne
yOUBg men of France and Gr*Bl Krit
ain hav. ahowfl th. greateat brawry.
N.'ver, ev. n among the heroes of
anti iu tv, n. th. tima. et Leonldaa,
Spartaeui <>i HaBBibal, sc-Ording to
pr. Rlehet, BBl 'her. shown so mueh
abnegatioa and supreme eOBIBgi as IB
the piest nt eoaBiet
Maay S( the men who are nntura.ly
brarc and take ropremt ri.ki aithout
reqniring a> i?'*'? ? lll to nv*r
ear, Ur. Rich.t laya, d. nm be
li?~ |_ dai ." . ? ??'? - s__a*iB. th-S ?r.?
invulnerablc, that they have a lucky
-tar. In other case*. the*. naturally
brave m^n, even when the. believe in
dSBger, ar. not intiraidated by n.be
. have ii: th.ii own raindi
already mad. thi ' their
? . one that coneliisu.'i is reach.-d,
tc di. or be aroaadad daai r.ot tarssaat
Many Motive* Oulnrigh Fear.
Others, i.nd perhaps the great ma- ,
jority, i.re men who M. bsfor. them
other issagea usot* pawarfnl than thal
of death, laeh ss th. fatherland,
of dutv, of honor, raaaars sf th. regi?
ment, ambition to earn pra.se .1 1""
motion. pride at being admired by on< a
camraaas, aad bhaaic s1 being taken
for ? eoward. In nearly sll these easas
the IdaS of death. an.l d.mger dnap
;.e.irs and the ioldi.1 ta brave without
.ffort He forgtti >-very risk he is
taking in th. pr.il I.<??? cf the imaga
that he has in his mind.
The number of thes,. naturally brave
men is notably larger m daylight and
in the piai mee of eomnaadiag often
. omrad.i than at night an sentry
duty or on solitary missiOBI that no
witn.BS W\V be able to i.count. |f_a
wh.' SCqail themselves on sti'.-h tnis
nehing, Dr. f.ich-t con
th. bravest of all.
I. the constant habit of it, all notion
of dangsr laally diaapp-ars, <is in the
ol aviatoi ;. mo-t of whom, the
Bnt tim. th.l are up in the air. have
a iSBSBtien of fear iii sp'te of all r.n
? onin,;. After n certain number of
aacenaiom their fears disappear.
A.bb. Mar-BBS thinka th. war has
developed sll the lateat fortitad. of
the race, ai.d he exp.hfft- th. _BB.rB
tion thnt aaa iBiTered thia war will
?^?lf with new resources created
by it
In the directitn of Monaiter/.yska we
captured the liuhvay l.ne running be
tween Mon. tersyaka and ('*ortkof7
anrl th* ground between tbe Zlota Lipa
and the Rorovanka from the village of
Kra^eczuv up to the village of
In the region of StanMau our troops
0. to cro?s th* ri*/.rs Bystntza
Madvoraaakoi and Bystritsa-Solaitrina 1
to the south. B.fore eraeaating Stan
rhe er.eny blew up railway june
tions and switche*. Otherwise th.
town WBS _alti undamaged and in per?
fect ord.-r.
'.. riu.in Statement.
Berlin, Aug. U.--To-day'* official
annouici SM Bl rwodo:
Front of Arch.luke Chsrli - Francis ? |
Lively fighting wa* ttill in prsgrsss
.outh of Zalaass la.tt sight Othsrwis. i
no infantry aetivity di V.lopsd north of
the t'arpathians. The 10V.SI.a-l BT.
hav. 'tied out in ,
accordanoe aith our plans.
1'uring a progre*s;ve attack south of
Zabie, in th. Carpathiaae, a. t.ok Too
men priaoa.i sad eaptarad tkrss
machine gun-. 'ln both sides of ( apul
M -' ? ... rmsn troops now have
ert^r. -I the nght.
Front of Pi.ld Marshal von Hmden- ;
burK N'oar Pubuc_c_e, on the Strumen, J
v.est o f Lake N'obel and south of
Zareer.e, Russian attacks were rendered
In the angle of the Stokhod. east of
Kov.l, we captured several machine
S-ronj; rnemy attnek. on both sid.-s
of Troscianiec. weit of Zalocze, were '
Huri.ig the last few daya our aerial
squadr.itis found noteworthy object,ves
for their aetivity along the K-V_l
Sar-> railway line and in extensivaj
troip encampments norfh of the same, '
on which they freely dropped bombs.
A s-BSSisn aerpplane wa-. ihol down ID j
an aenal Bfhf north of SokuL I
Two Seaplanes Drop Four
Bombs and Smash Sev?
eral Windows.
London. Aug 12. Two German sra
plane* raided tbe Briti*h naval port ofl
Iiover thl* afternoon. An offlcial ?tate
ment *ay* four bomb* were dropped.
and one officer and six men *lightly in- j
jured, but little material damage was
"Two ho*tila ?eaplane*," the atate- j
ment read*, "Hppeared over Dover thi* |
afternoon. Four bombs were dropped,
but no material damage waa done be?
yond the breaklng of ?ev*ral window*.
"ABtl-airrmft gun* eame Irfto action
and aeroplane* went In pur*uit of the
raideri, who mi.de off *e*w*rd. The
ca*unlties were one offlcer and ?'x n*en
*lif-htlv injured."
Italian Rald on Trieste
Wrecked Torpedo Factory
Paris. Aug. II The great damage j
inflicted by the recent Italian aerial
raid near trieste is related in a *emi-!
ofleial note laaaad *t Rome. It *ay*
twenty machines dropped four ton* of
explosive-,. Mowiflg up a great petro
leum reservnir on the Gulf of Trieate
and deitroying all nearby building*.
Three buildinp., of a torpedo faetory,
eontainuig a large amount of valuable
machinery, were wrecked.
Austrian Air Bombardment
Destroys Church In Venlce
Rome. Aug. 12. The fhtirch of
Santa Maria Formosa was destroyed
In the Auetrian aeroplane raid JMI
Venlce on the nlfbt, of August 10. i
Nearly all of the woika of art in the |
churrn had been removed month* ago. I
The Church of Santa Maria Formosa
arafl *everal centurie* old. it* exact
building data being unknown. It waal
remodelled in 1U99. One of it* alUri>
wa* eon*id*red the maeterplecfl Bf
Palma Vecchio. Another altar waa |
BtBBlaal ln 1473. Tbe ehureh al*o eon-i
tained Madonna* by Sassoferrato and
Pietro da Messina.
a.?i ?
Shoot* Down Two German Alrmea in
One Week.
Paria. Aug. 12. (J. Lufbery, of New1
Haven, lonn., is the American aviator
who was mentioned in the onVial |
Frenrh announcement of laat night for
having brought down a German aero
plana ln?ide the French line* *ooth of
Iiouaumont Ha wa? flylna* at a height
of 12,000 feet toward the Garman line*
when he percelved, 3,000 feet below
him, a German aeropUn* m-?vingtA?
ard tha Trench. He planed down ?wif?
!y. working hi* machine gUn at ,.*
name tlme, a* he wa* alone in the aerZ
plane. *"
The German machine waa hit r*
fieatedly and f*ll in flame*. ".ufb**,
anded aafely. It wa* hit aecond *7
ploit of the kind within a week.
OffiVlal* Inaiat on Reeiainlnlng Ru
Alexander H. I.e Marchant, ?-_-,
brought over $2o,000.000 |g -ecuriU*,
from the Rank of Kngland ta tbfl bank
ing firm of J. P. Morgan A Co. on fn
day, *alled for Livernool yesterday ??_
the f'unard liner Orduna.
Another rainenger on the Ordaaa
wa* Lord Bradbourne. who nm* h*r*
a fe-w woeka ago to risit friend*. Ra
wa* greatly dl?turb*d wh*n th* v*iM|
wa* about to depart beeame a atewtra*
ealled. him to the gangplank to haia
hia pa*?port reexamlned.
Summer Business Hours: 9 A. M. to 5 P. M.
On Saturdays during August the Store wil! be closedal! day
1. Altmem $c ?0.
is now io progress and will be continued without internniission
throughout the month.
Extraordinary preparatory efforts (ante-dating this Sale by many months)
fadiitated by a rarely close rdattonshlp with ths famous rug marts of ths Onent,
enable B. Altman & Co. to offer, notwithstanding the disturbed conditions prevailing
abroad, enormous quantities of Persian, Turkish and Chinese Rugs, of the f.nest
quaiities and in all sizes, at astonishingly low prices,
at S 14.00, $19.50, $24.00, $28.50, 535.00
and upward
PERSSAN RUGS (medium size)
at $48.00. 568,00, 585,00 and upward
at $95.00, $135.00, 5E<65,00, 5250,00
and upward
ai 545.00, 568.00, 585,00 and upward
Oriental Rug Department, Fifth Floor.
A Special Sale of Leather Goods
?';?? '.- ? - ?. .-??? _-:__de articles of interest
to the vacationist and traveleri
Traveling Bags (sizes 26, 17 and 116 Inchtf)
of russet cowhide or black walruf-araln
leatf *.' S5./5
Week-end Suit Cases (sizes 24, 26 and 28
inches) of black enameled duck, cretonne=
lined, with tray, hat and shoe partitions,
Women's Hat Boxes (size C8x_2 inches) of
black enameled duck, cretonne-llned, * '
two hat forms and ihirred pockets, 54,50
Women's Hand Bags, of genuine pin mo=
rocco ln black or colors, with inside frame
and mirror <.52,90
Bnvelope Bags of genuine pin morocco in
black or colors, with inside frame, purse and
mirror.? 53.25
One of the Special Offerings for to-morrow
(Monday) w_3_ consist of
Women's Milanese Silk Gloves
Mousquetaire, sixteen ? button length, ?i
white or black
at 65c. per pa:*
Imported Lingerie
New assortments of dainty Lingerie are' " -
rtantly being received from France and the
Philippines. These undergarments are made
of flne-quallty nainsook, linen, silk, etc, and
are exquis.te&y harcd-ernbroidered Ifl new
effects, giving a distinctiveness of style that
sho'U-d pleaM the most discnminating buyer.
to be on Saie to-morrow (Moncay) will
pTQvide special values in
Night Robes .
A Selected Nu - ber of Nev/ Autumn Styles in Bnvelope Chemlses
Women's & Misses' Serge Dresses,
TaHor-made Suits and Coats
at 52.50 & 3,25
. . at 1,45
at 2,25
a* ' l__
? ? ?*?? _...!'
at 3.25
are now ready for viewing in the Ready=to^
wear Departrnents, on the Second
and Third Flcors.
Betalph Guaranteed Silk Hosiery
is made exc.usive.y fer B. A.tman & Co., in
black, white ar.d ths fachionab.c colors, for
? '?-.?; -..?*.r>dressed man and woman.
"" . :'.-;? of Quality at moderate prices.
The Fur Fashions
for the Autumn and Winter Seasons are '"
dicated in a number cf beautiful and ?:.
ous Coats, Manteaux, Capclets ar.d Stoles,
in many handsome combinations. V.
these are Neckpieces and Muffs of se'.ects'
furs, and wonderfu.ly matched skins for
those who desire their furs made up to order.
Displayed in the Madison Avenue section of
the Third Floor.
Ail charged or paid purchases will be forwarded free of charge by mail, express or
freight, to any point in the United States.
Iftfth AufUM-ifla-riBott Atmttt?, Nmu f ark
tDf)irt**5fourtl) j^trrrt telephone 7000 murray hill C Ijirtj^fiftl) jfetrett

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