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Ntx* ?in* STtftirtne
SUNDAY. AKHST 13, 11)16.
Getting Business
in South America
The ScHemes of a Few Unscrupulous Houses Have In
jurod Our Commereial Reputation in
Pan-American Countries.
Form?rly Preiident of the Chamber of Commeree of tke L'nnited State*.
Oop-Tl*-M 1?1??Th* Tribun* Aaa'n (N. T. Trlbun*).
De A*>"-r'c***> bu*ii*i*** hou*e* Itafl up i
4.Tk*ir contract* in their dealing* with
J.0;, , - American countne**?
;'?'?,, .? BBXioUS to send *now
acrape"?: d w?rniln?" P"8 !?**? VLop'
f ? Thfl anflwera are that better than
tsmat tflfll ' ? r'ir obllgatlaaa arr taa
ttei and the business
th? riighest poaaiba
- about 20 rr-r cent of it
;..,<??-. no credit whatever upon tha
ffid State., and ihat w* are .1.11
. . m, rer- sm??euri*h per
- - tO .Cll gOOd*
in rf*
Th* aaaatioBa raisrd are *ure to
s who come in con
ir i-ommercial prob.em* in
intriea. The mterro
I : bus-.ne** ethics
by the fact that
? | here at home
l.t year about poor delir
, merehanri-e. *udden price in
~'*if. some case* absolute
J .. . promifled commodift.es
v?? beat echoed vriy sharply :n ( on
r*-, t. . - .can count rie*.
ll men are pain
r thl fact that, a* in
..* have *een in
during recent months
l; (V . .? nnmber of unwar
T-.'t*ed Bdrancea ifl pneaa of raw ma
; ;' ' actured products. re
ontracta for tha
and minor violations
md business. Thflflfl
been almost entirely
nd Bhortaifhted
? pti I by bii* l ?
tioni and take
?t BWingfl IB
Saefe men are
- future and will nn
ncreaaing pro
,!emand and
irn. lt ifl well
? activitiea of
to a compara
? hoaaea, but
re?entment such
up here at home
1. 4hereforc to
mape done
Biniilar methods.
that the guilty tirm*
, . imbflr. 1 nfortunate.y
active and ean
held up by our crit
.-, buflines-i
? thal thfl great
<? eoadaeted ob
I |a v-ry frc
?'iplnint in *->outn
. :.aturally enough.
of merchandiae
ihipa made
American merchantfl especially
-upplies. ln the
put ?.?. . fficulty in
requirementa, for the ser
-?.dcred bv European concerns nns
,. M r\. itocka hrld
aaaplfl, but when
? ?- out?
look for replcnishinf* BtOCka w?s very
ready to buy of the
n to come along promisin-* re
jlc- ? . .? Baleflmet)
lai-aded ('?ntral
America, therefore, floon
tI brokfl they were prnerally
? rescuera. and what thej BBd
promptly accept. d IB 1
theafl men were sent out
of 191*1 and early in
houaefl with no previous ex
, . -American countries.
^, t the confusion in the
. sf tl ? war business wns
taifl 3\ith these mer
*- ,;,; not BBtieipata tho
I arhieh *** aara to
.. ? result of wnr demand an
( ll-time employment of our
ight South American
going, but.
? tO receive orders be
| t got at home de
? extraordinar-- wny,
?r/ price* b<*j-an to climb. At onco
| these firm* bcc.xme
Im- BBthaaiaatic ?bout Paa-AmericaB
\ ? ... | BOtiCflfl to thrir new
-r? thnt the orders riTflfl \n good
f, . fluppoaod to be lirm.
tould r.ot be accepted; that charj-rs
Bflald have to be hij-her: that instead
-' 'nnable credit* which the rrpre
? --e talked about cash in Nfl"*
Yor* would be necessary, or that the
tonn, eacrrly but a little
while before could not he delivered at
any pr;re and thfl orders would have to
la eaaeelled Houaefl arith responsible
represerftaftve* in these countries or
those at home having prevmus experi
tnc* lndulged in none of this ronduct,
But ther* ib r.o u?e blinkinp at the fact
that rtary thiaga of thi* kind occurred,
and our South American n. i_hb_r? hare
exccllor.t reasom for crm\r>laint in some
direct iona.
lt i* fair to aay that in _om. ca?*s
Sltten taken were of a tentative char
acter and subject to contirmation hy
the home ofTice, but in all too many
i_?cs thn was, not mnde clear and the
buyer d'.d not understand it that way.
(if course, manufacturer* in the I'nited
Statea had a perfect right to re.iert
orders, si tn r.otify thc purehaser that
the price* had advanced, if no positiva
agreement for the delivcry of the mer
chandis. was made when the order was
taken. But all too many agreements
of a binding chararter were made
which have not been kept. ln practi
Sall** all of the principal eentres mer?
chant.*. arc able to .how correspondence
and agreement* which put our mer
chants on the defensive at once. More
over, there is abundant evidence citeJ
by responsible American residents in
tha pnn-Amcrican countries of opera?
tion* that are far from creditable to
business eoncerns in the I'nited States.
Pespite all of the education and agi?
tation that has been going on about
our methods of packing goods, our
propensity fer smothering South Amer?
iea with catalo_ues printed in Engli?h,
our habit of putting two cent stamps
on letters which call for tive cents a'iJ
rimi'.ar juvenile indiscretions, there il
no doubt thnt thoy still continue to a
?urpriaina extent.
lt is also true that we daily try tfl
fmd markcts for articles qaite BBBttod
for the tropics. Kor examplc, it is not
a joke, but a fact, that inquiry was
solemnly made in Buenos Aires only
recently by a coneern <>f considerable
standing in the I'nited States as to the
. I for snow scrapers during the
coming winter. and there are well au
thenticated iastaaces where Asaeriean
esa houses Wlita Sboat having
agenta in Baenos Aires selling good*
? "m in Chile or Pcru, a thousand
to tWO thousand miles away on the
other side of the Andes.
Dcspite al! of these annnying and
Hi-couragmg incidents, however, the
fact remaini that the great volume of
our business in the tropici is conducted
jntelligcntlv nnd rfnc.ently. There is
littlfl doubt that we blundered a gooJ
deal twenty-live to thirty years ago.
v.-hen ws Brst began to do bosiaeaa in
B serious way iti Central and South
American countries. A large part of
the first orders to American houses
came through men who were more or
less of the adventurer type and who
were in tho new countries becaaas lt
) ad become uncomfortable for them at
home or there was not excitement
enough. These men wrote back to the
, Statea, sfter a little experienee
in thc count.y, sccking opportunitics
to handle goods on commission. Mary
times has the hend of some manufac'
uring coneern called in his sales man?
ager to sav: 'John, whnt's become of
that line of spring stufT we got stuck
on last vear and have been trying to
work off'" Here's B letter from a fel?
low ia rhile whe says thev need sotn.
thing of the kind down there. lt seems
l,. mo ws can take a chance on it and
give him the commission he asks if he
can move it."
The idea usually appealed to the
sale* manager, and so the "stufT" was
..-? to Chile or some other distnnt
?v rn clmi H out. I'suaUy the
manufacturer did not realize that by
hu aetion he was. tirst ?>f all. giving
Btanding am! reputation to some
man "f whom be knew noth?
ing and through whom he WOBld
not think of doing business at
home. ln many iasUBCes men who
secured recognition '.r\ this way made
Unfsvorsble reeordS, which were later
pointed to ns lh"-" Of represcntativc
Americana. When goodi wire sold on
commission through inch m.-n there
waa generally no thought about the
.igrilicanee ?,f the net or more busi
noai later ob. In faet, b large propor
tion of our manufacturers twenty
vears ago had about the same idea
ai to the citizens of the Pan-Amen
rnn countries as the average Furopean
tonri'at of that period, who expected to
And Indians nnd cowboys on every
street corner in the big cities of the
I'nited States.
In later rears, as we hecame more
serious in our consideration of tropi
cal commerce, we sent reully good men
into the foreign Beld, and to-day one
in Rio de JaBelro, Sao Pnulo,
Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Santiago,
Havana nnd in the other eentres a
lot of Americans we have a right to
he proud of. men who understand their
business nnd who are getting on splcn
didly. Thev have been building up
i reputation* for American merchants
$295, $300, $375, $495, $550
Original Prices $395 to $725
It has been gratifying to have our friends
in such large numbers profit by our last
week's extraordinary sale of Player
Thrre are enough unusual opportunities
left to have the
this week. Any one in the market for a
Playerpiano cannot afford to overlook
investigating values never given before.
Most Accommodating Terms
The STERLING PIANO CO., Sterling Bldg.,
MAMIFACn RFKS .?1R-5'J0 Fulton St. Brooklyn, New York.
'Phone 6600 Main connects all Depar'ment*.
that are of real value, and it has been
espeeially disheartening lo these m*n
to observe the ehararter of some of the
new exploitation* that have started
since lfU. They have had a difficult
time to overcome the prejudice
arout-ed by the marauders who pre
ceded them, and, having aecomplished
BO mueh by hard work, they now find
Spaniah wholly inadequate to express
their views concerning some of the
new adventurers.
Tho number of wholly irresponsible
trade promoters who nre offering their
service* to business houses and of al?
leged association* claiming complete
information concerning all kinds of
busines* in the tropie* ii legion anrl
the sort of business men who are
caught by irresponsible *chemers i?
The time has come for American
business men to stop dismissing all
these disconcerting reports by saying:
"Oh. all thi* la all right. hut it i* very
greatly exaggerated." We should not
close our eyes to the fact that these
evil* exist. Our job is to remedy tb*m
as far as possilde.
In the tirst place, the head* of Ameri?
can manufacturing eoncerns should in?
form themselves by reading up on
th*** countries and by talking with
neople who have been through them.
1 They should not be content to delegato
, the task to some understudy who has
| not the vi*ion or imagination to BB*
: preciate what may be irivolved. Thi*
| study should not be superftcinl in rhar
acter, but the effort should be made to
I really got at the farts, nnaly/.e then
nnd get thc best criticism possible on
any plan* made for developmg new busi?
ness. Only men whose charaeters _h'l
reputations are unquestioncd should
be dealt with in estabhshing new eon
neetiona, and young men from the
I'liited States sent to foreign station,
should be selected with BVOfl great"'
care than that exercised in plaeing m"n
in home organi/.ations. Ileyond this,
however, our busme*. executives ?hould
go and see some of these countries for
themaelves. ln no other way ia it pos?
sible to understand them. In jdanning
to go the provincialism wh.ich is ao
often charaeteristic of our K'iropcnn
tour* ihoald be put a.-ide lf the peo?
ple of the tropics are not arrustomed to
taking a heavy breakfast in the mori.
iric. that doe* not by any means indi
cate that they are DBCivillSod or do not
understand modern ways. If the hoteh
do not compare with elabor.ite e?tab
lishments of New York City, there is no
OCCasion to conclude that the countrv
i~ perfeetly hopelesa nnd does not'want
American merchandise. Any oue ,,f
common sense can get along very well
in must of these countries with a little
patience and philosophy.
If we are comg tn develop our busi?
ness 1:1 Central and South Ameriea it
will be by employing the same methodi,
?0 far a* fundanieiitals are eOBCOrned,
that bring success in the home market*.
We cannot consider present conditions
when we have unusual opportunitie*
in these new tields, but we must d:v
count the future and plan for >tnbility
Wfl must also be prepared to spend
some money ar.d take some losses at
the outset. just as wo would in building
up new territory at home.
Moreover, a* a par* of any campaign
promoting our commercial interests, I
believe it 1* the duty of every Am. ricrn
business house to erert all the influ
enee it can to discourage and yuppres*
the activities of those bringing drs
eredit on Amencsn basiaesa as a wbole,
.ibroad as well as nt home.
Beach Front Hotels Crowded at
Atlantic City and As
bury Park.
Atlantic City, N. J? Aug. 12.?At?
lantic (ity will have the mont *ucce*?
I ful August in its history. Thia Ifl
the consensu* of opinion to-day of
beach-front hotel men. Not only the
Hoardwalk hotels are doing a tremen
; dous business; the side avenue houses
; are well filled, al?o. There wa* by
i far a larger crowd in town on Sunday
la*t than the corresponding Sunday
of any previou* year, and the indi
cation* ar* that the next two Sundays
1 wil! see even bigger throngs here.
Hluine Elkin*. son of the late Sena
j tor Stephen H. Klkins, of We*t Vir
i ginia, has taken up aviation and i*
taking lessons from Kenneth Jaquith,
j of Chicago, on the beach here. He
ha* ordered an aeroplane.
Among the Southerners in town is
' former ('.overnor McCreery of Ken
I tucky. Colonel Henry Watterson, of
I "The Loui*ville Courier-Journal," is
' also here.
Admiral ('"org* Dewey and Mr*.
Dewey informally opened the new
Longport-Somer* Point Boulevard here
connecting with the mainland this
week, when they rode aero** it in
; their limousine. Their car wa* the
! first vehicle to test the new road.
Ex-Postmaster R. J. Wynn of New
York City is at the Breakera this
Asbury Park, N". J, Aug. 12. The
rarnival *eason in Asbury Park was
i opened last night with an entertain
ment in the Boardwalk Arcade, during
which Miss Gruzilla Taylor, of Asbury
, Park, was announced us the new car
nival queen and eleven other young
women were presented as maids at
court. The entertainment wa* an
1 adaptatipn of a French cnrnival fete,
. the stage setting presenting a gard.*n
scene. The young women, dressed as
flowers, were brought to life by Har
lequin and Coljimbine under a magic
spell, in which the Spirit of the Garden
and Spring partiripated.
Harefoot daneing was introduced m
the new Ocean Hotel to-night, when
Miss Mary* "Wolston, of N'ew York, who
has been. givmg exhibitions in the Van?
derbilt Hotel, gave a programme of
classic dances.
A campaign to raise $100,000 in ten
days for an Asbury Park hospital will
open next \Vedne*day, following a com?
munity hall in the West End Hotel on
Tuesday night. A campaign committee
of 100' permanent and summer resi
? dents of the resort has been organized.
Plans for the building already have
[ been prepared.
Summer Folk Make Kits for
French Soldiers and U. S.
Bretton Wood*, N. H., Aug. 12.?
Colonel and Mra. R. A. Swigert, of
Aiken, who are among the several
member* of the Palmetto Golf Club,
at Aiken, playing thi* *ea?on over
White Mountain Hnk?, have given
hand*ome trophie* to be played for on
Tuesday, the 16th, at the Bethlehem j
Country Club, near which they are j
spending the summer, at Sinelair j
Lodge. Mr. and Mr*. Ruel W. Poore,
of New York, hnve al*o given hand
Bflflfla cup*, which will be played for on
the same day. Their daughter, Miss
Helen Poore, will *pend the month in
Mr*. E. Haye* Trowbridge, of N'ew
Haven, has been elected president of
the Bretton Wood* branch of the Red
Cros?, and under the direction of Mr*.
Henry T. Richard*on and other* th?
ladies of the Mount Washington and
Mount Pleasant have made 3,000 ban
dages and kit* for the wounded Erench
soldier* and our own Guardsmen in
Texa*. Mr*. John P. Duncan is in
charge of a *imilar movement at the
Protile House, a-sisted by Mrs. R. P.
H. Durkee and Mr*. Charle. H. Greer
Mr. and Mr*. J. K. Andrews and Mrs.
A. M. Chapman, of New York, are at
the Maplewood Hotel for the month.
Miss Dori* Andrew* haa open*d her
cottage at Sugar Hill, in the Sunset
Hill colony, and will remain through
the season.
Mr. and Mrs. CharlesBurnham Squier,
of Park Avenue, having taken Judge
Martin J. Keogh's cottage, at the Pro
f:!e House, for the season. Judge and
Mrs. Keogh and their family are in
the notel for August. Mrs. Ewald
Fleitinann and Mrs. Frederick Wendell
Jackson, of N'ew York, have opened
their cottage* at the Profile, and Mrs.
Chnrles W Haskins, of N'ew York, who
motored up with Mrs. Jackson, will
spend several weeks here with her.
1 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Cone, of
N'ew York, who joined Mrs. W. L
Woolverton last week at the Balsams.
Dixville Notch, gave a tea party at
Polly'* Place, in Colebrook, and a sup
per to celebrnte the opening of the
new grill at the'Balsams.
Mrs. Le Grand I.ockwood has joined
Mrs. Emily B. Hopkins at her cottage
in the Profile colony. Mrs. Charles
Stewart 'jmith is entertaining Mi.s<
Mary Phelps, of N'ew York, who mo?
tored up with her from N'ortheast
Harbor. Me., last week, and Mis* Ann*
' Hyde at her Profile Cottage.
7,000 Summer Frocks
$l,Valuesto$4. $2.50, Values to $6. $4, Valuesto$12
Women's and Misses':: Almost Every Style
ASEASON-END CLEARANCE of our entire stock of moderate priced .Summer Frocks.
' It includefl more than 7.000 garments, all new, smart and desirable, and the prices
average hardly more than a third the actual worth of the Dresses.
This is an event of the verv first importance, and the prices it bnngs are lower than
similar frocks have been sold this summer, we believe. Sizes for both women and misses
aro to be had and the variety of fabrics, colors and models is so great that practically
any taste may be satisfied. Espeeially good showing of sport Dresses in striped patterns.
Important August Blouse Clearance
650 Blouses Worth $2.50 at $1.29
nf hatiste voile ind orcaadle pretttly trimmed with iahot frills, larpe ...ll-rs. turn-back. caffl and the
various other lliventioni ol thc vear. Some are tailored Blouses suitahle for ta^JMMBi *^"Jf* J?"?
handiome enoufh for afternoon wear. .Many are in the striped fabrics which have gr.-wn so popular; almost
as man\ of tiie plain flesh and white.
500 Blouses Worth $2 at $1
Of iheer voile trimmed with laces or erabroidery snd in some cases with eolored cllars and cuffs and
iahot flillS. i'lentv, too, of plain white.
500 Blouses Worth $3 to $4.50 at $1.95
VoUei oreandiei and bstiitei in iboul 2 5 pretty models festarini the deep laflor cllars, the jabot
frills .he la.e anci emblSdery trimmin, which have made .his summer unique. U>nf OT three-quarter sleeves;
all wh.te or in colors, including pleat*. ol flesh, rose. maize and other very popular shades.
md Floor.
Printed Voiles : : A Summer Cleanup
Charming Patterns:: Prices Average Half
CI EARANCES FROM OUR OWN STOCKS and those of several importers totalhng
J thousands of vards. All new and desirable patterns, all fine qualities.
25c Printed Voiles, 38-Inch, 12V2c 29c. Printed Seed Voiles, 19c
<Sl) a limited .uantitv ln anv 0B< r*t,er,i. but un- , Noveltv str.pes and flower patterns.
equalled values Clearance Remnants of Dress Cottons
d9c Printed Voiles, 44-lnch, 25c a Kather-ep of ill short todi and remslnden from
i . _u, er;..** a busv summer.
Borders and noveltv itripCi.
This Is a Record Clearance
Men's Summer Suits at $12.50 to $20
From Our Own $15 to $30 Stocks
Taking evervthing into consideration-variety, values, size ranges-we think we have
never 'announced^^^?;^^^inc]nae6 (until the beginning of this d.s
A 1 the Sultj J?*?v_\_fti__ price. Almost every sort of fabric is to be had; the
flh&t^A*,w 'vorf?ik ^ b-v j-?ung men to the
<'S,SWor_r..1'.u.l'faiH. SSpBt* "* tn van give reasonable promise of filling and plea.,
|ng lAorv manTno matter what his proportions
$5 Striped Flannel Tennis Trousers, $3.50
M?!n Floor, Elra Placi.
The Abraham & Straua Prirate Subway Entranee
... ... m II r_. .. la ILui
int* nuwauaut w ^mb*. ....-?-*
at Hoy? Streel ii qaicldy r..cbed by Brooklyn Eipr.... a. follow. bflflfl
247th St. iB'w-y..81 n,ln. *?-"*??'? ???"?' : "?
lAOth St. (Ilroni) .J* m n. M8> Bfl -. , ,
??,.. u. .88 mln. Brooklyn l.rnlg* .., "
izdst .::.'.'.'.'?'.'.'?'..??.?? ?-' **?'??? liiillaa aaraaa.Bi mm.
The Great Midsummer Climax Sale
High-Water Mark of the Season in Value-Giving
Women** Coata Now $9.95 Men's $32 & $38 Suit* to Order,
Nol a Oaal ln Ihe enllrr group haa been l*.a thnn
819.95. *. great miuii have been $'?l.U.*> and ?rJ.l*">.
lonabl* rtyle* la gahaidme, fln* -a******, w....i poplin.
ahephetd ..he. ks. tfl , ... ??_,,_
Alao Areen Coat* fur afl-rnoon w-ar. of al'.k poplin
or , , .. . , ,i floor, Ontral Building.
Women's Suits, $7.50 and $15
The aplendidly tailored rlolh mmlrl. and hand
aport. .o.tunie. ihat liu.e Ireen *|r>.:.D, 8I8.1B, R4i.... -
*:U.,*.0? lake ( llmai Hedwtlon BflBflflfl that t?P ?? P?3B*BI
un. offerlng.. ,._ ?,,,?,
Th- cloth* "?! - -t ti BBTfa, Rabardln*. poplin, c.un
check* *nd paatel ehevlota. m*e*m
Bult* fur np-rta wear hav* silk J.tv>v roats and BKiri-a
?f atrlped i rep- . *lafl ?; ' '?'?^ir??|'? "r
"??* ?'*-'?>? AM?"" "y.. .: - ?,,:;;n.r:,l nu..d,n,.
300 Women's Silk Dresses,
The.e offer rhnire of < hi.rmeu.e s,ilin? -?ilU Taffeta-..
Silk < repe d* I hine. in dove gray. nau, Inky l.lue, g*r
net, purple, < npenhagen.
As wall as all Lla, k or white. Bklrtfl ar* ln imta
tunl.- i>ftv!.- or one-.klrt -rSect. Curd.-d. ruffled. hip
oockett d, plt ai-d , , .
Bodleea .-.'iow the Jacket fashion. the aeml-h.ia.|ue or
Mont of the Dre-ses ba I "* white La I
cr*l'.-. in v.irl..n. :. ? fla
They ar.. Indeed loveljr Proekfl in which to enjnj
?h-M..o Hu-nn-.-r ^T____
Women's $2.50 to $4.50
Autumn Hats, 98c
Trlmme.l and nntriii'ined. beautiful ad*an<* model
Mllllnery thal we have oht lined In a rrmarkal.le M-oop.
HaU of tatln and velvet. katia aad r*
ln tha acknowledged faahtona ot th* new *?*Bon
Ther* ar* ail black* aad th* faahlonabl* e l *** ef i3t?afl.
green and white. arhlti I ob.
sti. .t and Keiaaalnc floois. ta-t Bui.din,*.
Thi. rlearan.e ln .?.r T.llnrlng krlhfl will ^BjjB
pattern. that m?l pi?rti. nlar men wil ?'?'*?_ ?* ',? ,
man.hip. fll m.l .tyl* i?'? "?"? "."" \offae '"?"" "r" *""
?.uit. x-.il! br obtained at Monday - tatee. .,,.,,.
and I v"' - '?-??* '*"? '"
Men's Palm Beach Suits, $5.75
The .ea"
, lowe.t prl.e. we think. for Mll like
,hr.r_.>*r4 one n.iidr of genuine I'.lm ?.-.'. ?**??.
Nrh jardof materUI In them ?*, ???-?*^ ?";???* ??* "
it wa* "M*d. Tbe -nll- ?"- "'a'1** ^ ' ' * ''"?",n'
man.,fa.t.ir*r in \m*ri.? In tht. i-aru. ular Im
Tl -
nlaln or fancy. Ther.
______p. Eeat uuihim,.
Men's $1.50 Straw Hats, 65c.
When tbe-e llaln were tlr.t ..ff.rr.1 at the be?in..ii J
of the .ealon. |IJ8 m Ih* ln*ae.t regular nflre. Sonte of
them roing >loi?ln> al 8*4*. ?ere mn. h liial.er
There are -urinii. l.r?i,N i.n.l |.r"'.";*'<'"- B^**rtt****fl
Hat bargain- al?, M?**?U* at *? a?d 81 ?'
Men's 75c. to $1 Fancy Shirts,
"llern. a?'l - ..ll.rina* Mfl .. *.I u ? rt ment in e?ery
,|"V from ftt' ? t? I*. V- tktt i- a .|.-;.ra"..-. -me ol
th.- ? ll tt t ?? are a Irille nui.?ed.
Women's $3.95 White Oxfords,
$2.95 Pr.
OnlT 4e?terda* lbef.e \erj shoen haxe been -elllng ut
rem.Ur prl.e. I herr nre :'IM> pair- of tliem?nll perfe. I
** good-lnohli.B-.ill re.narkul.le g.md 4?l..e, at their
?"'^?he1'!'"^* nf WhlM B4WI ?l?l*er flt?l*fl
ann atltehed, tpring
:. t;ni> and Ben< ral r. /
$1.25 Boxes of 25 Cigars, 69c.
ala month. Just Ibe l.ox and ( li-ar, (a lak* I***** ?"' rn**
Va. "tion >ever before haxe Ihe, ,..1.1 Iflfl Mflft .. bnt t**ee,
$2.25 S?mor H*v?n*-Fill*d Cigar*. Boxm ol Fifty, $149
Genuine Frenck Bri.r Pipei *t 24c, lnile?d ef 50r.
uid -lr"?
.\ft a'*
$1.89 & $3.69 Parasols, $1.37
Thev are extremeft handM.me in tbeir rl. b Moral ef
fe.U. bl'ark and "hlte . ...nbinalion, .hirred an.l eaeti<-o
erTeil.. Al... beaulifnl . rel-.nne.. plain .-.?a.-bing, and a
V4lde mmmttmmmt ti -port. and -'ai'an.-.e eff e. |. ? .,Ung
$2.47 to $4.98 Hand Bags, $1.49
4|so Mr.ip l'ur..-s Bl IWfl "e.i.r.l l..? prl. e. I he 1I.UT*
are of ?hlte illk ar kid. eltke* olataaaeMMaM
?lille an.l Mark, l.;.n.l....i.'ly lined and rltted. *.***??
gee S||k BBB* Wlth or ..lllio.il inslde . omparl menl ; BBBM}
"-T^^'rlfrPar.e. conu ln
vaehett* or pln ?*al; la all i
,,?.h..n.ti.-i. Atted purac ?nd mlrror ??!*.
> r't .fvl*. ln a
':""lP"irtm's^t lleor. r. ;;Jln?
$5.00 Camping Blankets, $3.25
An**) recnlalion ?eiRlt an.l ?i*e. \ maker . .iir|iln>.
made for .1 f.reign *<>? ernm.-ilt. -.?.-*
$3.49 Full-Siz* ComlorUbles. $2.49 E?rk
Medinm ?elKbl. llgi.red d.itte.l m.iH ?ltli l.'.r.ler. one
,ire lleured .ilkollne ba. k. Ia>en.|er only. the rr,- ,. |...
Ihe prlee. _?*.,..? I ?' "?"?
Webster's New uCentury" Dic
tionary, 39c
Thia prl.e b.diU good f"r M"n.l.. <ml* -elf-pro
nnunrlnc, ?itb an a|.pen.li\ rontalBina .ynon>rna nnd
anlonym*. Bound m . b.th. an.l.>f I msi i i| -
i: ?? I. - ? ' ?'? <
Pillow Cases and Sheets?Special
Bradr ainf r Tataem Caaaa, i tt taeb
lnlll.il rillow < a.e., h-m.lit.hed
1 .r. I;
$2 Dutch Curtains, 98c. Pair $1-49 All-Silk Chiffon Taffeta,
99c. yd.
raaaa fa*>lia*>?* ???"??"? ?" "f .>,',r,". ^"'J"r
S,ri,n and are Irlnim.'d wlth i-lini* la-e edge. Ihe-e .?|,er
extraordinary ..ITe.in*, fr"n. tbe l pbol.lery More_
50c. Nottingham Lace Curtains, 29c. fr.
$2 Nottingham Lace Curtains, 98c. Pr.
"'"" ?'?" '9 ' intral 1
$23.98 Hand-Carved Floor
Lamps, $15.98
.. I.e bad in ...Inl i.i.iIi..kh>? ?' I
at Monday'. prb-e, C-BBM l
?llk abadea in till tolor?, t
nisbed gold and,
Ijeautifiiliy made
.'.?le.t rr****.
a> Boor, Ontral Rullding.
\ fine .liiffon lltr.h. pure .ilk. In the be.t . olora. In
ilii.liiig plentj of naw l.bie. ?hile unl 1.1.i.k, :!.. iii.h.
$1.49 All-Silk Crepe de Ckine, 99c. Yd.
lt lt IS ?orl B4Hr4lfl
at thi* ? - I ? .11 ' ' ' na and i
,. A, |, , . -a iii maka c
.. ?, Boor, Uvlngai n -rtreet, Central ft '?? ung.
Drugs and Toilet Goods Under
65c. to $1.75 Sterling Silver
Flatware, 45c. to 95c.
Here la u nn* ...lle.-tion af -lerling silrer Tnble Ware
und\t\t\Sm tmetea at rer- mark balotfl their aaaatl Pr..e..
Ilenvy lreighl. ln atlra.tive de.iKi.v
At 45c, Regularly 65c. to 75c.
i.emon forka, Miartai I tpacia, tamaa ape .... iktaaaUtfl
At 65c, Regularly 90c to $1
(. , itter pleka, Ie*
t*a -'.ooi.i tea ' ' ?'?**?
frultk.lv-* ieaaest knlv? ^ i(,;Udlnr
A. & B graln 81*
;ii> oa, usuall) *,4'-, al *:??'.
A. B ?- wi'.h Hai
Z2 m uaually 37c . at :ilr.
ra.-kei's Tur riuaii. anuai
l . at lle.
PflflMCa T">rh r**t?,
u*uaily :.'-'?. al Its,
pi . a. ... v w.tf. ra, ft,r1 ln j
bottft, usually IBe . at fl9r.
,- He.
, bottlaa,
h- Iflfl,
?;.|,a'e, 1*0*.
lina, u* . My tie . at me.
Powdar, larga
tlns, aauall-i 1 k . at 19<*.
Btreat C^or. LtvlBfffll
Eaat l I
Needed Notions at Low Prices
Misses' $5 to $5.75 Diamond
Rings, $3.50
J?.t 40 of lhe.e lieai.tlful lillle King-., MlM 14 1- Ni,
ea.h mo.in.e.1 arllk ? .m?H. "Wte, fi.l ' * aMBBflBBBl
Ihe pri.e i? Ie.. I hall to-day \ < *JB8 at IflBlllflflll.
$1 French Pearl Larrings, 55c rr.
Thr," are at. Bt tha be* I ?'?'* ,th*'
$9.98 Couch Hammocks, $7.49
The tlr.t lime lhe.e llamm... k. exer ..Id for ? Ifl**
. nn.e The model i, made on a .leel frame uth B r.i.t
ii-oof ?nring. It hai hea?y ran?a. end. BM .liiel.l ni.il
lrZ bS "."fl d?,k-r.n.-red Iflp mUtt t*M edge. ( omp et
ullli I pair of .haln. an.l .el||ni: book* at Maadai . pn-e.
A'o len '..'"
and U..I-* H inaen i
il Ic.
i. ira* it Bew
Ing i ci'* ?
ai ift.
Toilet Pln*. us'ially 5e...
at ;!<?.
Ban 11 a rr "'?'
at BBr.
Bt ?-.'ap
klna. i;
at 19..
John .1 r*!ark'? aoft fln
gtreet f
. ilidlng.
$ 1.50 Gold-filled Eyeglasses, 75c
lhe.e Kyegla..e. nre rimle... v? i 111 gr.mnd perl-nople
leii.e. Bfl*fl 4-4-4-Bfortable .iff.et ii...e g.iard.
$1.75 Wool Velvet Carpets,
$1.35 & $1.50 Yd.
Onr l^.t ?ool Velvet < arpet.?from tll,- -anford, IC t
hur* and Smith millv Ibe rsrclleacc et il... ..ffer nee.l,
no furlh.-r empha.i.. A .plendld line in hall ...d ei li*
pallerns. _?____' ' ' ' B"U4ta*
125 "Sample" Metal Bedsteads
30% Below Regular Prices
.4 Wonderful "Climax" Offcrinf,
From the Midsummer Furniture Sale
".?.Ith the pre.ent high prl.e. on all metal., thia Ifl B
?er? e?ti4.?ril.nar. opporlutiily .
\te bonght tbe entire ...lle.ti.m Bf .ample full .ire.l
metal lleifttead. frvrm the l.elii?;li M.ir DflddlaflJ ? ompan. .
?f \llei..o?n. l-B. lt "J" .pe.ially i-repare.l ta "M '?
hlblled lo .how Ihe d.-.ii;n. for tbe .oinlng .ea^.n t.i tho
buyer. of -lo<k. f..r relail ?elhng.
-, ? ? n turn ou! ara li
.l.n. tha braaa H*d?!-ad? tn Mtln, velvet and i
tohca'aad wlth lmaro*r-?d aeld-i ' ia.-.|uer. The atee:
Bedatead* ar* flnUhcfl in a ral
Mtlrah nem erTe.-'.a--an.l are ? Aa no two
,( .,.. Bedatead* ..re allka, *art] eaaaert arUI ka*
f9-- . .- 114 "HBia.tB, H ? 888.78, r->- 848-88
ati"i on. reg *"" ?:io., < ?::i..V?. i-w- 84.". <i >
ai taa, r?? ??*" *--'??"? ... -.-.
814.88 * "-'< '" ' 13708 <
r #.,.. r *|t uo . t9*ei,mmf
; ;;? ..*.-.?... -;
ai*':3- *- 8SB.04), r*g >i 845.88 .- !?
$1.65 Kitchen Tables, 3-Ft.,
?.tr..ng. ?ell made tables with r.aind-lurned lega and
while wood top.
Otker H .. rh..!,! Need* at Little Prieei
neeee Baai ?? ????-? atta P "'* Bad irona,
L I'l.
-?' ? *? '' I han
tr?d. itroni and
?. Eaamalrd i-.. --rv
|i | Ki?? Ufl ? ? ? 4
a- 'yji ., 10 Bt, ?:z'- I '? ? ?? fllB***
_ - . :. l.aat Btdfl
$3.24 Cottage Dinner Sets,
$2.35 a Set
Ju.t *4 of the*e ?eta in thl. de.i.Ue rlean np. In b
nrett\ pink and gr. en Moral de.igu on e\.-Ilent \n>eri.Bn
por.elaln. **el. ...main 4* ftttta, to ttett ?i? people.
4'uly 81 flfltfl in tbe uffer.
Low Prices on Fine Cut Glass
llornl, Veiietlan
lleaiillf.il glft pier*. in
other de.ign. in pure,
illi.illt . ul *l
$3.49 Flower V??e*. 12-ln. 60c. T?ble Tuaiblen
$2 75 25<. Do/ea
?y fl
25c. 'Triscilla" Bacon, 21c. Lb.
Bflflflflflflflfl Btrlp., weighing from .1 lo * pound. *4.ig?r
rnred nnd ?m..ke.l n\er blrkorv l-g.. Impariing thal nul
like llmiir for whbll onr .nii.kr.l :n..it. .rr n.i.e.l
Urappe.l lo In.iire rleanline..?hut you "Bfl) for meat only.
"PuriUn" Coliee
r.i-er - .1 rn
ind ra- -
ton* Larg<
? .
lll. carton. reg. "4c.,
.- |flc
r?g $1 "4
at 8*r.
reg, I '. **le.
81 84.
"H?nkiw Te**
< .. |
ll.h ft
reg BBfl.,
? < 11 JJ.
XI .01.
8 11 *?,
? *
Thlfl flo r, Weat B llldlng.

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