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l^ouMtffping m a
'Brains versus (Prudger^
Tk Rcformino of One
Tenement Home Due
to Its Teachmgs*
?? ?
. PLATSK1 waa Po*
lUh and poor, and
| ,._ aeth-Bf about
had t? be
cooked three tlmea a
I a raft of de
I g sfl and chil
now ond then, prefer
- 'hes had to
n thi waah-and
a few shades
eafoely sea
ight bs "spread up"
? that an occasional
Sf and yon was
ll was no more
than were dia
I - - ^l k
ten appealed to
- heart
?ter house
rerd. her stolid
mother ? ider-f-dden
riouft ** ' ' "? eoasploin*
nf gTeit- | traina that
' and black in
people'.* r. she
vti SSfltent ' '" <B? of the
house *. " ' ' "? trading in
tbe ro-' : ' ?od.
? requent pe
riods that l P, tha
soups and - '? themselves.
and tbal ? dp fli,f,i from
junrise to n
Whe- ' l asae.
Then one a*ai f-ixteen.
Rosa wa h. I el Sty front
door, picked her ^..y through a scram
ble sf itiei ? waved her
mother a . itarted
forth I ' ur.dertak
iag- a story.
ealixs that she
; lesson* in
Model Food
- a inodem effi
? additional
tbe il direct
of modern
.? ? i i
:. ny factory go
back ' i n eareleaa home and
-. ..w it ame eyes?
\ l.i.'un in Sanitatitm a* Well a* 1 irst
Hu'.. i.m ihs spend eight hour* every
day amid shining tile and nickel and
| i.'-.d whita paint and be quite !
d during h?I leisure moment*
with tho rooms at home that hav.
too lil for their good ?
She can't, and ihat ll exactly why"
lal . araa to bc found, ber first
Saturda '? aerahhiag her
Ol llttla kitchon with
a worn old brush and a leaky pail, ro
tha next week's
-vagfll should go for "a swell enamel
pail likfl thfl Modfll nmitor'* and a de
:i-h witfa n blifltlfl or two in lt!"
The Power of ( t>ntrasl.
And that i* why Kosa Platski's poor,
squalid home finally did Uke on an
Bir of clean, lidy hominess because the
Model Kood Factory BBd it-* perfecftoi.
--.-mutic boaaahaapiag got to ba
piirt oi iha-up. Th.- fraahblua
and-whitc factory uniform, laundcred
in the plant's own Bpotlaafl laundry; tha
sunshine streaming in at "he windows
on sparkLng enumel workboard*. the
girls' cool graen rfflt room, the em?
ployes' choerful rest-aurant all these |
Rosa could -- ' when ?he w(*nl
home for fluppar at night.
One by one, thea, came the innova- |
Cold Dishes for the Dog Days
OT days eall for coolmc
dnnks BBd food Bfl
natui i
demand warm
eration for the inner
man. Cnn-equently we
are con7lne*d that it
? weather 1 ? a.
i the
If fl
Biide taa cook to meet the
fcot * aat ' ' ' need
li a good, up-to-date frcer.er. Ther
?r? * i.ur-.b-r of Buch free7.ers on the
B*rk*t, aad :? ll only a question of
rhfn Bg tl al eh rvppcially fits
the p rcha-r: s own peculiar require
The r.ext step i* to learn thorouphlv
lll that thara is to know about the
freez: - bt w to gflt the
b*Bt ?? aaa ?.th tho
m of labor and material, and
lt not least, how to keep it clean
BBd I | this important
*<? ' ? been omitttd from
. . r the direc
bfl thrown away
.. safe rule to I
?<> carefully
?aeh I , : metal parts, drying
Ihe*** thoranghly ovrr the fltOTfl before
away. The v.-ooden buckr*
rill fd and drled
i? the *un.
A itout wooden n-allet and a heavy
f,,:""'* ba| .. rh come f.-:
tba ice
'or t!* '??? l rock salt, pur
B 1 be found
tl,f*r- pur
eaaafld Ona usea
?bout thi af thia salt te a
? 'wo or three quart
? ? ?
ity a ocond
n of J
?fl-B to 1 ft?. the Fre.eier.
Pael r Sfclt
u*- ; tho rim of th.
BB tha! ?-Tt is
*?? dk - gettiag into the
tttkn ' ? 'ro/ei,
out ?? .
Ur ? ty clean and ie
"*?**? )t. lake out thfl rSBfl
?*?*? cream from it am! : - - . ream
BBBB tltaa Wlth B W(t0,*en ?poon
kaaflfl thfl << -. r-r and gcatter the ice
'*" '' ' - araai *und thu?
l' r'J>e*- ort1 rr.nv ta BBfl I
wlfli rn., ;. BBfl thfl cream draw
*') th? ??? fr*m tha rraasflr, aripa it
, * w"* ' '' K free from all *alt ar.d
i*\}11' ,},f rl,,''*r "r 0f'rv:';C <?1!,?'
?"??* and wt*p a c'oth that has been
^"^ ?nt of hot wRter around the can
*aiBom-rr.t, Then rerr.r.ve the cover
**? can, and the perfectly i-haped
*?"? m\]\ eiie, eBt anta th* piat*.
^naaiXJxantt brvn-r, lU own booklet,
?hat tO do and what not to
do and oaually Ineludei a few recipes
ms and ices, but
one ean always use n few more during
the season, especialh' some that are
not to be found in cook books.
I m Only the Best Materials.
? f..r aay of the frozen
.. the freabei I ???
m quality that can be purcbaaed.
.. of the raailla hean,
or a nyrup made from these beans, is
? tn .' >' of ths ordmary vanilla
.ringi for ice cream use.
All mixtures to be frozen shoold be
r made a littlfl sweetOI than those which
, are to bi served in otlicr ways, for the
froesiBg seems to nullify a portion of
i the Bweetness.
Foi uncooked cream mixtures, part
! milk and part cream may be used,
' though straight rr. i.m will make a
! richer cream. For the mixture. which
include sffgs, plain sweet milk will give
I ??'?
Agar-agar, arrowroot, corn starch
bfl used ss
thickeaing sgent The agar-agar
and arrowroot will be found to give to
watei leea a ligbtei and more delieats
r. than the eoifl March or fO-B
tine, though both the latter are all
right to us.- in mixtures containmg,
! cooked milk and whero one wishes to f
economize slightly .in the u.e of egg*
t.ood Plain lee Cream.
In mai ag lc? cream foi ehildrea,
the pur.st and hest is made ifl this
way: Take one quart of light cream.
? and add to It half a cup of sugar and
tbe soft ce: trc I f about Bfl inch length
, I a long vanilla beati; mix and freezc.
Frozen ( uMard.
Freneh vanilla, fr07.cn custard or
'? country ice cream, a.s it is vanously
called, : liked by nearly every one
; and is sasil** made. Bring to the scald- j
I ing point oi of rich milk ifl a
I boiler. HaVfl lea.ly lia flgg** I
well i - half cupi'
ig milk i
into thc '..-- beatii g con- ?
? gyjt and all. '
?maining milk m the i oiii i
'.ly and cook ur.
to thicke:;.
set as - ' When cold add two
,,n. of vanilla flavuring and
I ro/en Fruits.
Tlie ?o-called froxen fruits are made
* cup of heavy .~ugai
irt of cut-up large fr..
halved berriea Fruit cream.s are made
by waahing and cutting the large fruit
imall piecea, or halving the
berrie.-, and, after adding a heaping
1 Cup < - r tO each quart, allowiag
them '>V(1 hours la a warm
place, stirnng occasionalh. When
read) to freose add ? ? ?
f cream tO two pinl ' '
fruit; then freose. Tl u ssesl |
? i for spricots, peachea,
banana-. piBSSBplea, itrawbflrriei and
pears of good fluvor. 1 he smaller
bon ei me too aeedi to b* nue ia
Working in a
Farli.rv Where PO*d ProtJBCtfl Mflfll Be llan..1 *lth th.' I tflBBfll ? in- and < l.-anl,..fss ||,. ft , lacrUflhlfl I He, I I BBB rhflflfl VoBBfl U omen
from Ihe T.ne.nenl*. r'r'1 Fh"?*"???>
lions direct from the big factory on
Ihe hill,
Bit hy Int, and mueh to Mamma
Platski'a bewilderment, Rosa revolu
I ? d the family boBsekeepiag.
1 - ' it was the new Bcrobbiag pail,
. white enamel on*! Who ever b-.r i
of a white scrubbing p.-.il?
Bat Mamma PlatSfci four.d that .t did
arorh very aicoly, to she jrtolded the
old wooden thing, bought wbeil she wa
first married so many years ago.
Rosa planted a goranium in It
fartory had whole window boxes fnll of
The family liked the geranium. Rosa
eould have desired more in the way of
a jardiaiere, bat nobodv elao minded.
Next, Mamma I'lntski !iad to aubralt
? orough washing of ? verything in
her house whether it needed it or not
rolution v-; not a
little. Bul i laj off, Dee
?, ? l rs,
01*, furniture, bfldding, nnd even
!.'? . al.co curtams on the eupboard,
with a most unrelenting gusto.
'i all foel better,1* said Rosa
Her mother gronted unappreeiatively.
"1 know ws will," iasisted Rosa.,
i us up f the fai
?hat ra 04 Ifl rnme-i from I
. ion."
What the Factory Taflght
!*? particular duty a'
?rafl thfl king of little bl
?rid'T. Poi
.. ! .
Bnd | Bl *ftid her hanJ- ara
utnl gll
? ?
eakei had I
! off on gla
1 in waxed paper, air-tight pack
r to tho vaiting motor
Son ? ? to ba "cur
Iyeued" nnd iom?tim?fl "icod plain,"
It \.
irtlod one
? lab a
quc-' .. "ger in the
teakettle to seo how the water wm
r-.g along.
Thfl bar rai?ed a loud vo.ce
The Rest Room BstB a New Standard
of Home Comfort.
"Say, y. ' ti>0 fBsap, vou
are, with your grand new job. ?
geltm' this meal, anyhow ?" And she
stuck her Bnger ifl the water again to
show h.-r indiffereaCS to the modern
science and "siinnytat io'." that Ko.a
).:. I ^ ; Idl :.'.;. idoptod.
Seeing for Themaeliew.
. got perm
." of tl:.- ' htl
mother urr-r ? Beial
tour of thfl inatitation wlth
?igbtseen who were escort.-J daily
around the enormous plant hy .
sonal Conductor, and at the end BS-V**d
with ? i ? Model'i ipeeial tea
? md preaerves.
And after that RoOO had firm allies
it home. "Fhatever th* expert at the
Model i i Wt"' in th.' i'latski house?
Mamma l'!a* Jki was ladeed s'.iil her
lazy ... ? Itked the looks
? ? ? derfal Model, and ?he kt I
Rosa's ehaagflfl Well enough, too,
bamped beiaolf a l.ttle. ind made besse
a bettOI plaes for her old man and
I boys and Rosa and her s^ter.
After the lesson* WOTS once learn"d
they t'orgot all about them, too. Thnt
is. Rosa stopped preaching and teach
IVhat Sunshine, Fresh Air
and Samtatwn Mean
to Some IVorkers.
mn Btflfffld groanir.g. thfl Bifltflf
st.pp.'d argu:ng and teasing.
Li unaccustomed decency
them *e!f-con->cious a' ' ""-'? l ' ,,"*r
-Bfll th.-y soon got v they could loik
cl-an ftcri in the faee withou* a
trflflCtor, ard thfl| exetn really en.
laflaaarhal i.r.-on?'-:ousiy, the ata freaB
oh, af t. ? ? ? -ra aa ?? tneai
sr-reaming by, scatt*nng a ?'orm of
rackiagchaii still saoawad ur-.o
on one rorkrr; the calico BBBrtalBfl *??'"<?
still fadad aad faiBt fraai lai | *
But the ht'.;.. i , hflty BBfl I
tho r.cking chair d'd boa?t a new
-. pthfl and tho .
aartaiaa atafll aat brave anl cl*an
uch aad ag'ta
1 brace ? iicm I ;;
What ( ame of lt.
'I btfl I! . I?? BBB '0 have an arrbi
I tion of her owr. I' con. 11
i tairi \oung Tuck dnvr Bl I
luniii eattaga ;ar fraaa tha ra
track", and i,r? bright farattaffl BB
the il an. The yourIg tnteh
drr.ei ha 1 ? ' ber head
| of eoursfl, aod >he onrri-d it around
| as H - , | i.'? ft Then
;d hor BBOthl r.
"Jifl * i ? %
vy... ? hflfli aaa house*
baek I ->lgt."
.?All ... | ? ? ? Cflwsfl
I .
"Sui.- I ? - ' ' rT
ultantly. "FflBBJ i (""iflfl .P
but t . 81 Blfl a
rr.au '"
nll tha i:>
pro homo anaed w.th brooms and
; pailfl and new id?Ifl, r ?cOT.-tru. : I
j homes. and tinish the job by bflflflflB.ag
l the iiio.l.>| flrivraa an.l housekeepers fflf
, young truck irirara
Hut WH fl\ ... ? ftj*t as wo" f
in a departmei Bflhflfl a R.rl
to drtflfl flrall, and "yp'r.g a man
tor< for l.-ii tflBChflfl a girl how to
*pell corr... ' ?? iaiflfl); flfl work
ing m a properly equipped- tweutiotn
century food factory t.-ache* th* r '
work- r 'no -.ience of sanitarv
or.lored hou"ekeeping, which even la
! thi? day ifl one of the rnost intet.
nnd valuable le*sons a woman cmij
"fl.""*! THEN a woman emharks upon a
VV rcnrke'ing expedition she flnds
it. just a little bit anno-'i:
to realize that she bas not ercn a bow
ling acquaintance wlth tbe rarlous cuts
of meat, The fact is espeeially brought
Ihome to her when, looking over the
! butcher _ head at the meata hanging on
' the hooks or in the icebox back of h m,
|she fails to recognize among the large
, pieces anything familiar; then, notmg
'the patiently waiting buteber, sh* de.*
pera'cly asks for the first thing she
thinks of a sirloin .teak. or something
else aqualljl cummonplace.
Aa niost of the meat products are in?
tended for borling, broiling, roasting
or baking, it is not a difficult taak to
learn to recognr/e the different pieces
on aight if the marketei ia willmg to
pive a little thoughtful study and time
to the matter.
The beef rarcass usually make* i'
appearance upon the marketman'..
counter cut into four quarters. From
these the various smaller cuts ar-'
taken as they are needed. The choicest
cuts are generally considered the first
and second prime ribs, tbe sirloin and
the tenderloin fillet, for roasting; the
porterhouse, sirloin and Deimonico cuts
for steaks. while the round and neck
are best to use in casserole dishes. Ot
course, there are many other useful
cuts to be had, but those flrst men?
tioned are the most costly. The rump,
navel, brisket, plate and round are usu
ally corned. A chuck roast ia BWOOt
and good, though the meat is a little
bit coarser graine.l than the more BB*
peiisive piece*. and many people OT*
kOOfl to get a chuck or flank -
The beef that Is gOBSroOsll reined
With fat i* the richest and has the
finest flavor. A little wMli ?e_lt m.
the market each day will famlliarlze
the housewife with all meat products,
ao that she will know just what to se?
lect and Just how mueh it should cost
In tlie matter of meat boiling the rr.c'h
ods followed by different cooks diffei
widflly nanyi sying the meat shouhl b?
I put on to cook in eold water, allowing
it to come to the boiling point slowly,
, while others follow the advice of I.ie
big, the highest authority on matter.
pertaifling te *h* chemis?ry of food,
and believ. i: best when plunged into
Loiling water, whieh they say yeals in
? he jr. 0 B tains in the meat
both nutriment and flavor.
However, in boiling meat by either
i, allow twenty minutea' cooking
to the pound, and if the meat is tl
loued to remain until alightly cooi in
tha water aftei lt is cooked mueh will
be added to its flavor. In boiling meat
care ibould be tak. ". to sk.m
. the surface of the watOT.
ln roasting or baking, about tho saru.
left to righl: Kump,
I'.nel. round and
itime per pound il allowed, 'his rule
of eourae, upon tbe
fire used to cook with and thfl -
of the piece of meat. The heat; of the
coal, gaa and electric orens vary in in
tensity, and *he h'rusewife must experi
' ment until she becomes fsi
; the oven she is
0 Bg.
Freneh W.l Soiiffle.
Mix two tallespoonf'.i ; of I
wi'h two ta " to a
? to it
one cup of hot milk
|y; then add a cup of
; real, a teaapoonful of ch<
parslej and th*
?? | ? from
. '. when co' !
buttei ed 11
Bweetbreads au Gratia.
Parboil, blanch and
larg* heart ai idd to them .
-ouild ani BirlotD,
a half cupful of dry bread erumbft
licfl of an ot.ion, flltspoonful of
and a hn. I ful of <*alt,
gratfl I cheese
and one egi; b i a cup of
cream. Pill b ."?red ramekin* with the
ira Hr..| baha nftaan m ?
**arniihfld with parsloy and a
y fried bacon on top
of each.
Beef Olit.es.
Hav- two
thin. Then divide it into
? ! savory herbs ar-.d sprinkling of
: oil each i
Put ??
pint of stock in a lt iwpan, lay in tho
eorer thei n --lices of
. then top with a rou: .
ip tho rollft
on a hot piatter. slightly
?i th<* grii> ; ?? . ttlfl butter
fl >ur rubbed to a cream, romo^e
the ike tfl the rolls and turn
-i Spring Lamb.
* ng lamt) ifl alwaga welcotne. but
inger it is thi ? ;.nce.
ihe luxury class dur?
ing the eariier part of the aeason.
fera quati or leg, ac
uce, spring
. :ileal ?pnn /
.linn*r ie* is made
ifl th: fraai J
?. after
Bop it flnc.
Melt two d.
Bfl of boi! when
Colors in Children s Clothing
I! nothewi havs
need to b? exf-.
refu! at thfl
Mme concernin;;
the fas'Tie^s of th.
dyCS used in the ma
terisl of their chil
dren's clothing. The
,.-:T - W01 -. bj Httlfl people ar?
likely to " eh hard BM and to re?
quire freojuent launder sg, si I if the
ro'ors ;.re iblfl Bfl 0 I ha\ I
been j. I to havs them we mav
be both diasppeiflted and lurpriaod.
There is a reason for this. and
would be sure that the goods which
we purchase to make up are going to
gjve - it arill be w*il te
make a tflflt of samples of BBeh goods,
so that we ma_y be assured of the faat
aatara of their colors.
We have long depended upon Gef
many for the maaufacturfl Of '? e larg
rhfl reason
?',.r this wai that German chemical
story. proes had i sei I i i ai
advan . flOT pnce of
Europaan labor snabled them to pro
i es and
n output that American dye*
makfln foo ? tition unpi table.
When the war broke out there wer.
insufticient imported dyei tO last manv
Thfl Rr... .'n bloeka li
?r gupply. Bcaidea, many of the
d in making
? manufac?
turing high
AmericBfl iageaaitji . about
finding waya to supply the great lack
but, of ' took tinie and mone-r
ta put ip
laboratoriei and make the aeeei an
-. There haa, sf ae_
been ?
the use of i Bed natural y*>r>
?* ?-. ttc
thal the on< , able dys
stuff indi| i te thfl
t ii melted and cool add two table
apoor.s of '_
vniegar and the [__(
??ne ho _r b.
I.amb's S_c<'tbre_d? l.arded.
?????? min
aad throw them : wa'.er
-.?-. and
lay them in a laucflpaa with a half
white steel
? ?? up the swcetbreau- l
i litl
: .bbed to a cream; u
not boil. Th.
. pars
. . r\c.
ibla Ifl any quantity i* the quer
?Bt**aetfld treat thfl bark i
Gflargia aad tha
I'ln BBflBBt 'hat much im
portatioa ef atateriala had to be ar
| and the eoa! tar dye indii-'.y
ilevoloped. Tha '?* rnaiiufaftur> . 4
.. an flstablisbfld o<ftf ' ?I r
promptly overwft n I 'ii orders.
Tlie price of dye* naturally BTflBt ft?
? .? ihortaga. ihi* teaakBcy ??<
irtber iacraaafld by *ho demand
for the various chemical* Bflfld il uye
stuffs . ???quired m the mak.ng
of txplotixat rhufl, tflrtaia .<? thi-4*
cheraicalfl aro now ?i> eagerly
for tbe charging of ?hells tha* the
price has increased fivefold, ar.d car
bohc Bflid ifl te:. tiaiflfl a* expi-n?ive Bfl
it was before thfl opt-mng of the eon
.. .
All of these thing* go to *how that
. . of the dye* usod in gonis
manufai 'ur>'d recently are .ft
?. >et thore are lafga
:> coloring* which ar.
to be up iu par.
who does the dye mar.u
r which he is in r... *
Iii* manufacturer of
| . |riag 'he best he ca:i get
. . ed
to go vithoat. Ihe sale-inan is hon.-st
bellef that the goods will Bfl ?<
."..?nt :n color as in form*r
?::<-r-> .> a pOflflihility of d.sap
' pointment. The housewife who make*
a garment. laund.rs it and laflfl the
llthoagh she ha*
tried sottmg the dye with a ???
tioB, is BBN tfl feel that she ha* been
unfairly dealt with. Perhap* she may
baog 'he garment in tho sun, only to
ktfll that I -' -potted
a- i aai to 'he
laun.l f ma ? * appoifltiag
: ? | .? proCflBSCfl of cleansing un
The I.aundryme
ifl Portland.
recommends that all
?'? pur
: fabi The laai
Portland have felt this situation -i
, ? ., have run prommont
calhnB attention to the l.kelil:
| '
public to patroi: ? -.hants
g out some of the a.lvan
of up-to-date, sanitary laundry
i the clothing <>f chil
1 B
by a care' . I
. 1. Life i* *o con ,
J across the ocean 1 likfl ?' U
'children playing about o..: own -oo'fl.

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