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(arran/istas force All
Civilians ifl Juare*/
|0 Disarm.
TorrCi,n I'racticallv Under t on
trol of t'onspirators. Ri
fOM in t hihuahua.
? I ?-'? Carraaraa
.-.r^anza aoldien I "'rmfJ ?"'
ilan* .a Jua.
had be. ' tha
v trieaaa,
wfr* takaa froBi 'h,'n '
?ne fvciv aapn aefc ta
Laaaa ' ,k" ,0* .:
nr.-tcd ...
toiag rut
under 81
i . leaaraad
. , ?.-?
' ,h0
I iare/.,
?a wai 1-1
1??ed bv "?' arraal ot more than 100
iovvers l?
cluditia Gaaeral Taea Salaaar. all of
.hoT BBtBeat-l by
.?rnment ifl th, - '
? BBBda m * bi
fttkns 'rJ*'rd' Go"
,r?| .- rganiaed a icree to
the Car
?litc a now
l'lottrrr. l.ainin-t Strcnj-th.
? ling to re
'" ' '
? ehack the
- eoatrol ot tha
that v .
? wh0
ror i
o for
uabua, and the
| ,n order by General
? jrn in to the com
. BB-bbbV *"ris h*
' m- ?. twa - "r ._??"
Dg forcibly
of th
? ro.
M-vt-ral VllllaUa Held.
i Rod
irc held
,hua and il
ll vvithdr."
i . i
? '
: from the
v. The r.
i- more than
Recruits and 65th
Ready for Moving
tl '?
i, who ?av<
? hi Forl Ham
i'ton. Three infantiy recim.ent-. <h<
1 ? 10th an.l 17th, were recently sent
?,?, k to their Htmorie* and relrased
ttaat Held Barrica.
ln addition to tbese reeiinrnt". Mai?*>r
r ii Shaataa, af tbe |BBiltrBjaatar*8
dapartBlBBt, ka now forminj- a \?,*j*on
Irain foi aarviea on the bordar. Taa*
Major ShaatOB issued * Btate*
eall for 441 team*ter>?, borse
. aaddlara, paekci*, cook-., wheel
uii)-! ' . ftiputTeurs and niechanics to
increeac tbe enrolment of bia com
I ricnds Say McCormick Was i
Not Intoxicated When Clubbed. '
[B| T. :-*rAi !i I.. Tti- Trtl.un* I
Miasioa, Te\? Aag. IS. Mountedj
bataaaatfl svvarmed the town to-night,
retnainitiK here until the sound of tapr
i.t the camps. Trouble was Iooked for
'.,-?... ..n tbe men of the '''3th Ket*iment
and tho*e of tbe li over the elubbing:
laal niK'ht of Mtchael McComutk. ot"
Company I. of tho Mth. The private
nnd his friends claim that Corporal
Aerult. of tbe military police, from the ,
M RaajiaBBBt, aitackad MeCanaieli with-'
out BrOTOeatiOB and sent him to the.
hospital with a broken head.
Lieutenant Aber, of the 14th. in eom-;
mand of the military police, drnie* the
charge. althouf-h be wa* not present
when tbe trouble took riace, accordiv _*
nmm ftatemerft. He said that MC
Cormick fell and burt himself while re
sis'inj* ariest for iBtaiiOBtiOB. The
members of Compatftv I lesent the statc
aad nom? to McCor-alekl seven
vonr record in the (iuard.
Offleera on both aidea declnre that the
end is not yet and that help had to be
sent from the camr before the town
eoald be quieted. All statements us to
tbe real eBBBB of the trouble are <B
confliet, but an investi(-ation is on. The
men of l ompany I threaten to get even
witn Corporal Aendft who appear* *o bc
unpopular with some of his own men.
Former Commissioner of
Accounts Baek from Se?
cret Mission in Texas.
I'aymond B. Fosdick. who was MajOT
-ft Commi.-^ionor of Accounts,
has been on the Mexican border for
three weeks on a special mission for
Secretary Baker of the War Depart
mei.t. Not until yest<*rday, several
days after Mr. Fosdick's return, did
hia trip boeoma known.
-., the purpose of his vi?it BBi*
ther Mr. Fosdick nor ofticial* of the
War Departmeat would fiaa any in?
formation. Most of those in the War
ment j-onera'.ly conversant with
ffalri profeeaed utter i|-norance
?? the faei that Mr. Paadiek had
betn sent to the bordc-r. Secretary
Ilaker would not disc.iss it. The mis?
sion WB8 a contidential one, he sa:d.
1 ?r. 'l'liornas .1. Darlintjton recently
rated medical conditions in the
camps, representing the National Civic
Con-niaaioaer Fosdickft exDeriencc
; : tn to exannne into the state
of thi gaardiag the frontier
? hi.v poiBt of view. As
? . r ?if Account?. charj-ed
erutinizing all parts of the eity
meat for wa.ste, few departments
? hia notice. At one time or
another he dag iato the furthest eor
? ??' moat of them. His manrelloua
.-a.l and ability to eOITelate
Iftcant array
isioi ...":i"i with tha Rocke
Burean of Social llvgiene.
4 .. repraaeatatiTe of the lureau he
| n I'M'; and made an
| exhaustive -tudy of the police methods
in -rarioui ooaBtriea. Later he con
! limilar iaveatifatioaa m the
United Stat.--.
I.overnor Open* First Elks' ( arnival at
the I/odge There.
PatehogBBf Loni* lalaad, Aus*. 12.
Governor (harles 8L Wbitman opened
the lirst carnival of the Elkj Lodga
here to-niirht.
'lb.- Govcnior motored to Patchoj-fue
from f"evv York, stoppin<- at Sayville
on the .va\. He wa/ eseorted from
tbal place by a squad of BBtOBlobiliatl
and tbrouirh PatchogBC tfl tbe K!k
ft by offieials of the ]odge, vil
iftleiala and the uniformed rank
of'the Junior <>. U. A. H. Lodpe, the
only military BrgaaiaatiOfl in SulTolk
? fty.
"Onmy 12,000 mile trip
they never refused me a *park"
L an account af bia 13 BBOBtha, 12,000-mile motor boat
eruise tbrouKb tbe Mississippi River, Great Lakes, St.
Lawrence River, Atlantic Ocean, and Gulf of Mexieo?
that', what CbBB I Wellman says of the
A Size and Type
for Every Motor
?* ?-.
??Ir in a ,. , .
'? '??*. 1'. ?
?lr, -aotor
*?? l*>it. ira.ior ir*
' aBalMl
" l'U|s 11
II you,
i tMail, m .
?I our kti,..
WHb tbe GrMB Haaaaaoal Jataat
Thaaa plafa are practicalljr indeitruct.bJe. Ther aie poii
am? and oil lifht, and as neaily soot-proof a* human
it* can maka aay plaf. Naawrow ra-es a:e on
? ars e.|uipped with Splitdorf P1b|8 ha?e
? mio. .-ftOOO aad 30,8*8)1 mile"; w?jhout the pluj-s eier
Btring h art removed trom iha crlinder-.
3-5-7 West 61st St., New York City
25 DIE, 63 HURT
Motorman Loses Control
of Loaded Car on Grade
Near Johnstown, Penn.
Onc Entire Family Succumbs to
Injuries Before Aid
Jonnstown, Penn., Aug. IL'. Twtatj
ti\e persons Wttt killed aml Mxty-three
injured to-day in h hoHd-on eallisian
between trolley cars on the Southern
Cnmbria Traction Co.'s line, batWSSS
Eoho nnd l*rookvr_!c, .-even nnlrs from
here. Fourteen died instantly, eleven
after being removed from the wreck
age. Several more will probably .iie.
The cause of tho accident iia.s not
been determincd. Tlie company sai'l
it \\as without datn
As soon as word of tho wreck was
rer*ei\cd here physic-BBI aad tiursei
were rushod to the scene, folio'.ied by
motor trucks hastiiy fitted up a* amhu
lanees, an.l motor lire apparatu*. Be?
cause of the lack of doctors, many of
the injurfd waited noarly two hours
for treatment. The victims wore taken
t) Softhfork and Johnstown.
According to witnesses, one car wns
standnip;, at Echo, when tho othor car
ran down a steep grade into it. Both
wore demolishiii. Shortly beforo the
accident the moving car rushed past
Brookdalo, with thc jr.otormnn franti
caily waving his arms. Bolieving the
car. which was goit.fr thirtv miles an
hour, WBS not under control, officials
had the current shut off, hut it was
too Iato to prevent the crash.
A majority of th? vioiims were
members of the DisbsBg an.i Ribblafft
families ffoinf* to a reumon at Wood?
lawn l'urk.
Uarriil Dishong und hii entire fam?
ily wcrc killed. Alda. B_Slj twelve,
and Chest.r, five, died shortly after
the acudent. Mrs. Dishoag szpirsd
after being brou_ht sevn miles to n
ho.pitai. __
4 ontiniied from p__<- I
pursuits. ln tho mean time thil de?
partment has taken ???;>.- to mitigate
an.i relieve bs far Bl possible the un
usual and exceptional hardships which
have arison in I pselally sub?
ject t>. distrer-s by roason of the ?er
vice demanded. To the SXtSBl that tha*.
mn ba done in fact it arill bs done. but
tho primary consideration must be the
safety of our border and thr preverva
tion and protectlofl of the lives of our
citizens there.
"lt will be a sourco of great happi
ness to me when fail relief can be
givefl to theaa men, who hiu-e placed
themselves subject to this eall of duty,
and in the mean timo I am fillod *"*ith
admiration for the ipirit with which
thc militia han met th" eall BBd wlth
which they ;ire peiforminc Bil impor?
tant and ?nec.ssnry aerviei ro their
country at this time."
Stotesbury in Texas
to Pay Off Guardsmen
l;. Tj_s_H_*i ta Th" Tra*-1 1
McAllon, 'i ? ' . A ig. 12 Vijutant
General 1.. II. Stoteabury arrived here
to-day, coming in B special car from
Harl ingen. With him were Major P.
L V. Hoppin and Lieutenant Frank
Eerwin, of the quartermaiter*i eoips,
and seven of the pay squad from New
York headquarters. 1' ? rted that
the paylBS* otT the men wil! begin <>n
Monday, and Adjutant GsBSial Stotes?
bury anticipates that all handi arill be
paid in ten days.
When tho Adjutant General arrived
at HoastOtl laal night, Governor Fer
guson xr d hi- s:a!r wer" then '
him. The Goverr.or bad hear.i a roiBOI
that Govcmor Whitman accoinpaniod
tho pav-day par
Lieatenant CrV-aael' ciarenc 8
Wadaworth has reaigned from the l_th
Regiment He was colonel of tl
ganication until relleved by Colonel
Gordor. Johnston The retifing
gjvea preaeing buaineai ai hii
for reaigning. He had heen wlth thc
_2tb for thirtom an.l half yeara, huv
ing riaen from Second Lieutenant to
the eommand.
< olonel Hsikell, the new commander
of ihe C.th, has r.ot arrived, hu. it I
thought that 1.' will gel hen befori ths
regiment <4_r'r- Ofl iti ton day hike next
week. A troop "1" Squadmn A lefl fOl
Monte Cnsto to-day and the remain
ing troops will hike to Sam 1 .i-lycc SB
To-ni_.it *?n sntsrtaiBBisBt by tns
squadron was given at division head?
quarters. !t consiated of music, sing
ing and bo-ing. To-morro-.v th
and 71s1 Ktg.nisat teami aill plaj
O'Ryan Denies Troops
Have Been Mistreated
Washington. Aug. lt.- Ma.ior _k
O'f'yan, commanding the New York
division on the border, ir; a repot'
made t*ublic to-day by the War Depart?
ment. denounces statements published
in New York City that Guardsmen from
ths Empire State have been improperly
treated in Federal sen-ies on the
border. ln dttail he dct.ounces allega
tiOBI regarding eqmpmeiit, medical a.
tention and rutions, and deelare- it
|. actaall] iiBacaH U> persnade msa
whO have d-pendente to muster out.
?statements from ofticers and mon are
appendsd ifl support of the gencrali
"{faj.r General OTtyaa daelari
publication of a lettsr fron - Guards.
n-.an discouraging enliatmsnta, while
r.ot tna-onablc. 1 Na.
Met. Cricket Team Chosen.
v- .ouncement was mad.- yesterday
>,v the Metropolitan Diatlid < neke'
I ',? _uc of the psrsOOBSl sf the team
which will rsprasanl it in the annuai
ft th trr s." V" I Md
jersey Crlekel Assoeiatien. Thur
? , rroandl of the Staten I ?
Cricket aS.i Tennis l lub, at Livini
[*hc eleven will bc ma i- up - '
|. , || Brot ie. ?;.; iin; J. I*.
Pover H. Poysr, J. H. Briggs. H. A.
Move- < M Lauder aad l! Rashton,
Brooklyn ?'. Cl I Hj -- ' **? "?*1 ,1
Miller.'Manhattan ?'. (.: h < omacno
and 1. O'Connell. L.lumbia 0\al L. L.
CUdrance Sale of
Women's Gloves at 69c
?Made of js'laco lambskin. with
black embroidered backs. White
only. Kxceptional value at fi9c.
*?ak0 Sc tEomjrattij
liroadKau at 3$h Street Telephone 26*96 Greeleif
Wavy Hair Switches,
All shades including gray
Made of strictly first quality.
natural \Cavy hair, in all colors.
Real Hair Nets. special at 85c doz.
Beeinnins Tornorrow, Monday9 at 8:30 A.
, r "T*
The Final Clearance Sale of Summer Merchandise
at substantial reductions from former selling prices
t*. -
. //.s-o Continwng this week
?7-N The Annual August Sale of
j Fur Coats, Scarfs & Muffs
An event in whirh NEW fur gannenta;
of every description, in the NEW
styles for 1016-17, may be obtained
af much below regular stock prices.
We will store free of charge. until
November 1st, any garment selected
on receipt of one-third the purchase
price. Balance to be paid at time of
taking furs from storage.
The items listed below are just a sprinkling
of the exceptional values offered for the
annual August sale of furs.
Hudson Seal Coat, 40 inches long. August Sale Price $77.50
Hudson Seal Coat, *."> inches long, with skunk
(.?ll_tr_ August Sale Price $94.50
IIih1m.ii Seal (oat. 40 in. long, with exceptional
flare in skirt. August Sale Price $119.50
Hudson Seal Coat. 45 in. lopg, with skunk collar
and border. ( Ai illustrated.) AugUSt Sale Price $142.50
Mole Coat with taupe WOlf collar, cuffs and border.
Flared skirt. Wry smart model. August Sale Price $224.50
Near Seal Coat. 40 inches long. with dyed skunk
collar and border. August Sale Price $74.50
Skunk Muffs, bail, melon, half round and pillow sliape.
August Sale Price $19.50
Mole Skin Muff, choice quality.\ugust Sale Price $16.50
Mole Skin Scarfs.August Sale Price $24.50
Kolinsky Scarl's.August Sale Price $33.50
Kolinsky Muffs .....August Sale Price $39.50
Hudson Seal Capes.August Sale Price $19.50
Hudson Seal Muffs.August Sale Prices $9.75 and $13.50
(Fun listed U Hudson Seal an. made of Dyed Muskrat) ,
7'omorrow?Final Clearance Sale nf
Women's Coats, Wraps and Skirts
at remarkable price reductions t
Into this important reduetion sale goes every coat, wrap and skirt
in our regular stock without reservation. Models for every occasion
ln a wonderful variety of fabrics and colorings. Every garment if a
wonderful bargain and cannot be duplicated anywhere in town for
anything near the prices quoted. The materials include:?
Soiree. taffeta. aatin. wool velour. strge. gabardinr, chfckt, tweed?. cordu
roy. chinchilla. silk Jersey. wool Jersey. pongee, and timah cloth.
Coats.formerh/ $15.00 t<> $22M..
Coats.formerh; 0J9JO to $29M..
Coats.formerh/ $25M to $89?Q..
Coats.formerlu $#.00 to 095.00..
now $10.00
now $15.00
now $25.00
Women's Sport and
Dress Skirts at
$5 and $7.50
Formerh/ jglTg tv *25M.
Made of fancy stripes and plaids,
pongee, khakikool. taffeta. satin,
Jersey silk, white serge or
Women's Washable .
$1.25, $1.95, $2.95 & $3.95
Formerhi ?%>,'/> to $7M
This otTering embraces our entire
stock of washable skirts. in the
very newest models and ma?
None C. O. D., on approval or exchanged. Fourth Floor.
Monday Final Clearance Sale of
Misses' and Girls' Summer Apparel
at most liberal price reductions
Misses' Dresses.were $9.76.now $3.95
M isses1 1 )resses.were $12,60 to $1 \J>o.now $6.95
Misses' Dresses.were $18J0 to $25.00.now $14.50
.Misses' Coats.were $ltJ60 to $25J00. .now $7.50 & $9.75
Misses' Haincoats. . . .wete $7*96 to $1S.50. .now $3.95 & $5.95
Girls' White and Colored Dresses,
u'wrr $IJ60 to $6J96. .now 75.-, $1 & $1.50
Girls' Lingerie, Net & Silk Dresses,
were $6M to $18,60,. .now $2.95 to $9.75
Girls' Coats.were $6,96 to$12.75.nom$\.5Q, $3& $5.00
Girls' Middv Blouses. were $U0 to $1M.now 75c & 95c
Monday -Final Clearance
Sale of Women's Sport Suits
at remarkably attractive prices
A choice collection of models, beautifully fashioned of silk and wool
Jersey, pongee and heather cloth in the season's newest colors.
Suits.formerhi $19.50 fo $25,00.? .now $10.00
Suits.formerhi $25.00 to $20JQ.n6w $18.50
Suits. . ,.formerh/ -Wt.00 to $.iUM'..now $24.50
Final Clearance Sale of
vv omen's Bathing Suits and Accessoriei*
lomprising a large variety of the season's smartest models.
Silk Bathing Dresses.formerh/ $8.50 to $10 .now $6.75
Silk Bathing Dresses.formerly $5.95 to $7.50.now $4.75
Silk Bathing Dresses.forvierbj $+M to $5.50.now $3.50
Bathing Caps of rubber or fancy silk, marked
below cost. Prices range from 18c up. Fourth Floor
Ver]/ special for tomorrou
Women's Union Suits at 95c
1,000 garmenta in this important sale. made of- fine quality glove
silk with fine lisle body. Pink only. Sizes 36, 88 and 40. # '
Tontofrmc Final Clearance Sal, <>t
Women's Summer Tub Dresses
at $3.95 $6.95 $7.95
Reduced from $7.50 to $16 50
Made of fine quality voile, linen and fancy striped gabardine,
in while. blue. tan, gray'or pink. Remarkable values.
Pongee Sport Di-essei
Formerly $25,00 and $29^50.
Lace Dresses .'.
Formerh) $S5M and $89,50.
Toffets Afternoon Dresses
For im rl/i $25.00 and $2940.
12 Eveninfl Dresses, slightly soiled.
Formerh/ $25.00 and $35.00.now
Final ('learance Sale oj
Women's Linen
Dusters, $2.25
Reduced from >'?""? Raglan
?-hoiilder and set-in slfafiVC mod
, ! . A> ith convertible collar and
w ido belt at baek.
.\/. tor Apparel Shop?6th Floor
Monday I'ernSpecialSaleof
Pin Head Leather
Hand Bags for Women,
Copy of a high priced model.
with self-covered frame in gilt,
nickel and gun metal. Fitted
with inside compartment.
liccjinning Mmdny The thal tceek of this
Extraordinary Sale of Women's
All White Washable Kidskin
Sport Footwear at $2.95
Owing to a remarkable purchase we are able to offer in this impor?
tant event smart footwear for women, in the most fashionable lasts,
at a price which is far below usual wholesale cost
Models for walking, golfing, tennis, and every other occasion
in the following leathers:
.tll uhitr tmjahabfe kidtkin uilh rubber tole and herl, also wkitr
leetkif toli nnd hrtl; cauva* u.tth 'rubber' inCe 'and hrel.
Every shoe in the 'lot'ari absolute bargain and cannot be dupli?
cated anywhere for anything near the price here quoted. None
C. O. D? exchanged or eredited. Staond flaar.
|i ..^agl^Sli-.I._|^^^^_!___^_g_3]___[i^__Mj|_]MB___^Mm__C___l_i^MM

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