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Physicians Get Favorable
Results with Cure from
Normal Adults' Veins.
New Cases Number 167, In?
crease Of 2 42 D'-aths.
Incroasi* of 11
Ihe ini.ti.tile paralyais SfMSSBlS
Bkawod in..ther light Increaaa la ih.
gTSBtCS dtj ic-lirda.,. Iwo BBBM BBB
_a,- .,nd I'lrun more deatha being re
ponod thaa aa FrMaj Iaa non caass
numb.r.d Iti and thc deaths 42.
? , rom ths veins,
? ?
: meat-l
at the Willard P
I been tiaatad by Dr.
r with serum made.
Iron: al blood.
p a use of tl ns i* baaad j
?y that adults. as a rule, aro j
imrouno to tho di?ea*e, and emb
ioui;.. piiaalpla. Haalth _a?
partn ' iri>" ,hc T?~
btained thus far are very grati
fymg, ait'uugh n.-t so striking as
Bed frSBS the employment
id from the b'
s who ha d from the
. iat.
\e? Serum Believed Kffective.
in particular was cited by
. wherein a child,
brought to the hospital la B BtBBOf |B
whu-h ihe lay for irren days, was
1 with the r.ormal blood .crurn.
Her eonditlos bogaa to iasBi
iaamedistcly, tr... i i tarkt d rs?
n in her fever. ar.d sySBptOSSI ol
| aiout her crib,
abU ? limbs and apparently
? y. And yet, ill
lf the disease, _n
brought ifl with
i.n.e .symptoms, was
? r neither of the scrums, hut.
. who wai ' There
r BBCS Ifl the
?. ? BtisBti yasterday.
' what
re ulti sf ths u>e of normal
Di sat ol
' .al. "Thus far. however,
be continued. \\ e d.
i.ot . : blood foi
? will be obtained
its of children thus
'. 9 have already had B great
? -?- 'rom mothers that their
..Ken in an effort to save the
Pj BBd other phyir-ians
:. various hospitaU are
? uing the usi of the immune
bloum serum, from which very ber.e
Bg obtained. Thc
MTurr. treat?
ment of I'r \"ml, of Flushing,
i ontrad the
Dr, Vi . - eonditlofl began to
? immediately af ?
had received an intrn-spinal injecGon
now et.ter
ttracting mueh inl
I should n.any physicians
ie disease. it au
.in t.> receive an lajeetioit
treat ? / i stlsats
Manv Give Their Blood.
who had the disease
ehlldhood appeared at tht
.. iterdas and
. r to draw blood
from their veins. A total of tifty
ounces was'seeared. which will be
? ipidly as po
and l of the lit
Sunda>. Monday. Tuesday. VVednesd.y. Thursday rrid*>; ***** JJ*^
?*.,, _~*~ oou.wutnt? e-j..^ --;?-,? M , M. .?
::::S ; - ? ? ?? ? " s ? 2 ! S '. ..*
Ri.hm.ad . I ? ? ? ? ? > * ? ? _? i ?
T..1..I .IM
u TT- Ti iu S im ii 175 n m n i? ?> '-10
tle suftercrs who are erowding thc ho,
thrOUghoul the greater city. I
o: resterdayTi volunti *v?s "
woman twei rean ala, b*bo
. years ago. Sho
gave ten ounces of blood Anotnei
. man twenty years old, wha had
;">" .>""Y.
,.; blood to
help the tiddiee." Al Othei ot the for?
mer vietimi of saralysii wha tavs
theii blood in the hope that the bSDl
might be i ? travslllag en
: for ths W.-t.in Kleetric ( om
-1 lost my wife and three children
whn - '? ? iBtland snnk a*
llld 1 know what
b haay. I waat to
blood I CBB, an.l I 11 com.'
i.h.k end give more any tune tho doe
ton think l ear, ipare it. I want ta do
_,, save some mother
or fathsi the pain I loffsrad.
Aaas Bawrd, ot T'JK West lad
I i City, s frail womsn
? . ng *ince sr ?
, ralysii tan yesri gao, gat i
air ..'." ' l00d She WSBted tO
yaicisai de
, . ;.; Sevsral oufleei aare
drawii from -.:"' vsIbi sf Bltss *?"?
parviior of tha woman *
Fiftfcenth Street,
? . Gr. Zinghei had sffsrs
froai two persooi bv tslsphoBS, and
from twe ofhen bv mail. The depart?
ment of Health urges every person Ifl
\,. , york wh.. hi.- I ad parali
of their blood for th'
There ii n>. pail in the opera?
tion nnd no illncss will result from it.
Dr. Zingher Treat a .S_venty.
Dr. Zingher sad his arsistnnts hftv<>
noa treated seventy children with the
immune serum. Bfld excellent results
h.ve been observed ifl more than half
of tho cas.s. Two typos of sasss sn
choses for thi work those in th<
liminary itagS, where paralysis i
:n tho par.
I stage. where the paralysis has uc
. 1 the use of an cxtremity or a
ir-scle, group. ... i c
|? , ? ? eaa, 11 has been doti
r.-telv determined, the use of the serum
prevented the OBSSt of the actual pa
i; in oth. ? SB dSBBJte
|t determined the .rum has caused a
of tho paralysis and a
marked improveraen! in the general
condition of the patieat Bsttsr results
. btall l i every day, ar.d
'-bil, - are serj eoBservatWe
wg opinions conrerriing the
! s(.rl:r ' ? 'ig hoiled as the be-t
id r.ow known for combating the
ard Parker Hospital now houses
tf.O children and a few adults sufforing
from ' I ?11 stages und of a.l
Dr, Haven Emerson, < ity Healtn
CommiBiioner, e-nducted a party ..:
rewspane- men through the paralysis
, wnrds yesterday. thot they might see
? tro tvpe of children who have been
nriek'tn and view at first hand the en
V.ronraent under which they are treat
; ed and the arrangements for their care.
Newspaper Men Visit Hospital.
FxtenMve precuotions were taken to
prevent thi aewspspoi msfl from be
coming germ earrisrs or eoatraeting
, ,,,?, . ,.h man vyas sub ecte.l
? o vaecination and was ihroadod in a
wh;to robe nnd hooded turban. i oming
out Of thS hospital, every *#?.** bathe.J
in alcobol to destroy whatever germs
! may have elUBg to his garments or
^Otsoot the remarkable features of
the pati*nts ifl the Willard l'arker is
: their spparsat good health, and their
vircrou* bodies and smiling fseSS.
Hardly a child was crymg, and hardly
a one appeared to he in pain. Some
were unable to move, and by with
and bodies encased in ortn
opadie spplisnees, or with their mus
elVi bandagod. White rabod aursei
ired to bo everywhere, attending
to the little suflerers and anxious -o
' do anvthing to relieve them.
Many of the children in tho wards
Tisited had been treated with tbe im?
mune serum. and the beneficial results
. Btmenl were apparent in the
imiling far.'.-, the keen eyert und the
ability to play. Soms of these children
had come to the hospital with their
? muscles almost completely paru
lyied or with the.r legs drawn up in
the grip of parslysiS, and some of them
rday were able to stand alone and
walk about in their cribs and upon the
i floor One child. a little girl, ha.i so
fai recoverod she climhod from her
I bed and ran acioss the floor. When
I she came to tho hospital her ebSSt WBS
?aad. Another patient. s little
Waat Indian girl, had not had tho
What Will Happen When the
Storm Cloud of Infantile
Paralysis Rolls Away? '
What will happen to the hundreds of crippled little tots
when they louve the hotpitalt. What then?
When thev Ioave tho ho.pitals they will need aftor-eare.
i>v Bwamped os with M pi-eeent wa have under onr
UM.j x, i* poR HELP. Will jroa can- 760 crippled childron. Many
?|(>l., -tly aflHeted rie- mort arill bc added to oor list as
tinv' ,rv orthopaedic they i rged from hospitals
tmtment, 1 and care? Part "^??^J2r^0lS^llVA
af oar a 1 nt children 'HE MONTHS OI CONVA
I ,um baeomins crippled. nvffg !
K,,r the past 16 years ths A81 \V.V '.??..? *U1V. addJtional fnnds
CIATION FOR THE AID Ol- or the inereased demands cannot ba
working for and in th* Interest oi x picHTING CHANCE TO GET
the crippled child in Manhattan ^ g* . >
U( , . | :? ?. . . THE NEEDIS URGENT.
calv trained in orthopaedies, who Eleven dollars (111.00) will care
vi*it the h ?!> tha children for one child a ftmt and m-rhaps
)iml, i) th.it save him from a eripple's life One
II ,. ..... d prorideortho- thousand dollan ? year will sup
pa_'dic appliance in instancei port a nurse who can keep under
vvhere the families CUXsTsOi ,1 . -vatioii 125 children.
Association For The Aid Of Crippled Children
Room 509, United Charities Bldg., 105 E. 22d Si., New York
(Iaeoryoratad Under Laaraof8tatao| New Vork)
f. .uollar-- for the Aid of Cnpple.l
Mar.' w? Iu payat.le |o ThoCMI '; Ifel BIM . Trfa-un r.
Fcruri). but araa raeatariBf. ht i,r
BmaraoB i>?.ss. .1, she ptpod :
"1 in almost wall now. d<>. lat.
"I I an Wigglc My 1 Oi-:"
A* th* doctor* and new*|>apcr m*n
pn**.*.! (.rn- rnb yaomaramy a littla aai
; boul twa yeara aid, who had been
i -jritfl tha Immaae MraaBi callad:
"Look, doctor, I aaa wiffla my toe"
Aft.. li." could movi. his \vg BBd hi ?
i.inr. 0b1| b few (Uya "I-'" aa la|
Btill aad nlent. unuhle to move
So oncouraging hnve been the reaulti
fraai tba bm af tha iuajaaa aerOBi
thnt tba I'cpartm.nt of IIeulth i* BBB*
ildcring a plaa ta -end a elrealar let*
ter to all peraoaa arha baee racovarad
froun the diaaaaa, aad whoae namea ar'
on file in the records of tha I>*par'
? Health, irgiag thaia ta giVe
thah h'ood fei Iba benefit of thoM
?tricken. It ii al?o proposed to estab
liah ?tatieaa Ib each baroagh, where
pti waa bmb ga aad hav. thait
blood drawn by enrgceaa of the De
? ol Hi altb.
Dr. Emeraon daclared yesterday he
ii vfiy well aatianed arith th<- progreaa
beiag made in eombating tha spread of
the plagae, althoagfa ha doi ? bo! yat
eonaidar il Bndar caatral. Fia*urea
made public > t terday bf tba Deaart
n,..nt ol' Health show the death late
aiace Aagnat ' la almaat ?-> blgb a*
that of the month* of May, June and
Twelve nur-.s eni*a|*ed in ' anada by
th?- DapartBient of Health to aid in
hoasa to-hoaaa rlalta sft.rtod t<> New
York ver-tcrday. hut WON held at Mon?
treal by the I'nited Stutcs Immigra
tion Service under an application of the
alien labor act. Dr. ?8981*808 il BB
daavoriag to obtaln their rel*a*e *o
they ran hurry to N.w York and btfaB
their work.
l?r. ( harles B. Hank.s, ?eni?r Mirgeon
of the I'nited State* l'ubhc Health
Serviee, Ib charge of the intaratata
traftic regalationa in New Vork, re?
turned ><?.-:< irday from Washington,
where he went for a preliminary 80B*
ferenaa wlth tho Geaeral Senrlea Board
rcgrardia** tha maatliiB af atata an.l ter
ritor-H.l health representativ.s. Aae*nat
17. I'r. Baaka aaid tweatj
already ha.l ae-reed to send representa.
titea, and it la hoped at ahe meeting
to siandardisa qaaraBtlaa regnlatlon*
and adopt a uniform method ot Bghting
tlie plagae.
Would Har Raby Show.
T?r Baaka alao aaid three addil
?argooBi are i :i roata to New Tork
and will be put on duty at tha '
and railroad stations. Hia atteatiofl
also araa called t,, tha adeertlseBK
a carnival at KeaasbBI**, S, .1 . from
Beptember l to v, whieh, ft I
nounced, will clo.se with a baby ihow
and parade. This was eharaeterlsed hy
I'r. Bank ..- BB " 11 0&\ laed an.l 111
timed atfair." The baby show, h.. aaid,
should be eliminated
Kev. B. T. Il.uvry. pas'.or of
Trinity Baptiai Chnrch) and the I'.^v.
1. M. Haldeman, ot tha Kirst Ha-.tist.
Chnrch, jri -terday reqneated the pae
???r- of New York to offai prajrer for
??? abatemaat of the paralyaii epi?
demic They ttrge the pia.ers \n>g.n to
day and continue until the plagda haa
been checked.
Forty-one new ca.-.s wora reported
yeeterday in the Btate of Naw Vork
de of the city. 'i hera ara ta ?
m Locaa VBllay, c<-i Cete, Tonkera.
Montajoaiery, Syracuae, Good Grouad
ai.d Babylon; three in North Tarry
towB and Mount Vernea: four ia New
. Ile, and OBC each ifl R
Hempstead, Saagertiea, Miaisiak, Har
riman, South rallsbargh, Moatieello,
Lindenhorat, Deei Park, Eaal Marion,
Piermont. Haeerstraw, Pocantico Hilla,
1 Milla, New York Milli. Porl .Ui
fesaon and Bag Harbor. There bare
now been 963 case- and '.'?> deaths in
the state oataide tbe eity.
Jersey Has St**. enl> -i:ij-lit New Ca*e'*.
Beaidenta of lalip. L I . im
Horace Havemeyar, William K. Diek,
h Dick, L S. Llndaay, Harold H.
VV'eekes, Mrs. Brandish <;. Job
Mra li. B, Hollias, jr.. and Allan Pink
oitoa, began active work yeatarday to
aiouas tha town te the aeod of proper
qoarai I nrea. They spent the
ontina day ridinj* about in automobile.*
vith large sirni iasned bj the Board of
lhalth, which they poated COBSpiea*
Many towns in UUter BBd Sullivan
eenntiea are protaating againat the re
ctnt warning iasaed by tba DapartaieBt
of Health, which declared these towns
overcrowded and the aaaejer Bf lafaa
tili paralyaii there preat. J. W. Bapp,
hialth otl'uer of Kllenville. telagi
t.. The Tribune yesterda) that the
\ ..rninp, 80 far h* it concerned Kllen
villa) and vicinity, was "unfounded and
? iity- eight new **BBB8 of paralv?is
wera reported Ib New J terday,
bringing the total number *ince July
l to 1,461. Many town* in New Jeraey
BBBoaaaad yeBtefday a more ripid
quarantin* would be establisited im?
mediately. In Plalafield, the Hoard of
Health issued an order thut botel
keepera, landlordi and others must re?
port daily the arrival of BeraoBB from
out of town. Eti rv naareamar *Aill ba
Immediately qaaraatiaed
Tb.e Tribune received $1 yesterdav
from Alfred Parker Morell, ten yeara
old, of 926 Samniil Avenue, Haeken
bbck, N. J.. with a letter atating tha
little boy wai.ted to balp buy I
for erippled ehildrea, Thi
been tutned over to tba Health Depart*
meiit. and will be added to the i'und
for the Aft. r t are af Children.
New Case* Keported.
Following i-rc addreaaea of new
reported yesteida-* to
the Hoard of Health:
12 Rutger* I'lnre, 1 1T W'cft Hnu*ton
Street, lll Weat li ??? 108
rhird Btrei '. 13 Jone Streat, 20
Morton Street, 62 ??
renth Avenue, 262 Weal Twanty
fifth Street, 206 WcaJ Tweaty-aixth
Hrooklyn . HI
Manhattan . .'>6
tjueenx . .10
ihe Breai. 17
Richmond . 3
Total . 167
I'im'. re'M.rted Friday. 163
Ilr.M.k!>n . I?
Manhattan . II
I'ueen* . 4
The Hronx . I
Richmond . 0
Tolal . tl
Doatba reported 1'riday. .11
Braaklya .t.ii?-*
Manhailan . I.ill
Qaaeaa . hHi
Tl?* Krnn-t . :'i"7
I'l. hmoii.l . J Ih
Total .. ?i.H0
Tolal Jf.ihi ._. 1,871
Sf.et IM Wost TVeatyflfth Strset,
288 Wost Thlrtlath Street, 4.r>9 Wssl
Tnirtieth Btreet, 4i:' Eaal Biehtietb
? ? ,,-t 1B7_ Third Avenue, ISl r.? ll
.... ht\ ftrit Street. 4ln Eaal Seventy
lifth Street, W.'Ul Second Avenue. ..(?..
Etghty-fourth Street, IM East
Eiirhtj flrat Street, 72 East Eighty
, i?th Street, IM West Fifty-siBth
Street 1489 Amatcrdam Aveaas, M Old
rtroadway, ?'.:< Wssl Piftj third street.
:,i;t West Fortj i [fhth Street, 102 l asr*
,, Bes Btraat, 661 Weal Forty fourth
Stret'. 658 Eleventh Av< nue. 69 West
itreet, 801 Well 150th Street, 239
Wssl Blity-ieeend Street, 251 Wesl
S'xty eighth Street, 88 We I 119th
Streel 2340 Scvcath Avenae, 141 Weal
I4_td Street, 210 Wssl IMth street,
2489 Second Avenae, I8t8 Part Ave*
, b, 1869 rhird AveBue, 822 Easl 126th
?. |Si] Third Aveaae, 71 EaaJ
IMth Street, 191 Stantotl Street. 249
1 Street. 244 CliBton Street. _HH
East li.11,1 Btreet, 19 Norfolk Straet.
108 Norfolk Street, 841 Avenue A. 418
Easl Bisteenth Street, 881 Easl rw,'?'
.. third Street, '"!s Bsst Foarteeata
Street, 816 Eighth Btreet.
The Braax.
177 Basi 'll' ny lixth Btreel IM
i ? iir.th Btreet, 121 East I38tn
.,,, ? 57] Ea_| 138th Street, BM East
IMth Street, IMO ABthooy Avenue,
1461 Webater Avenue, SM8 Hu,;hes
Av.nue, I3M Wshstor Aycnae, 679 Best
ith _ti. 1704 Part Avenue, nn
treet, 861 Eaal Ittd Street,
(?" Eaal IMth Street. 1415 Hiltoii Ave-'
ru(, |6M WS hiBftOB Avenue. 18-11
Vj e Aveaae.
Hrno. lyn.
Belmont Avenue. 911 Blrts Ayo-|
?., Brl toi Btreet, 1886 Deaglas
Btrest, 79 Elton Btreet, 827 Ellert
? 7g Herzl Street, 118 Hin dale
? 6M Hopkision Avenue. 10 Jar
dine Place, 76 Dabern Straet 902 Rock?
away Avenue. Mi Vull.leVeer Street. Z81
e Street, 368 De Ealb Avenue,
rence Btreet, 629 PaeiSc Btreet,
|S President Straet, Awnu. ? san
Eaal Seventj fourth Btreet, lll **/??*?
. 1627 Emmoaa Avenue. <?ld nocan
.. _nd Eaal Twetity-aral Street,
200 Van S ???? n Btreet, 88M Wssl Bai
. Weal rt
. ?, .42 Sixtieth Street. lh*
., Btreet, '-'? Decatui Btraat, lll
Street, 137 Georgi Btreet, 164
.... avenue 2 9 Hurt Street. lll
Knickerbocker Avenue, 631 Rnicker
bockei Aveaae, 804 Ko c d ko Street,
.?,, | , | ,.;,,,., 1196 Maoi -..ii
street. M1 btarej Avaaas, 9 New Tert
p . rnetto Street, 762 Part
Avenue, 1493 Part PI se, 1377 Putnam
, |60 Pulaski S-.reet, 264 Beld
Avenue, 1617 Bt. Mart'i Aveaue._lM
\ ? ; i". 72 North **j**I*htli
16 V..i.: Strei t, 201 Siegel Street
, ! Stre41, 622 Metropantan Ave
???.ni Avenue, M Lori*
204 lluro-i Street, 42 John
! Hewei Btreet, 128
t, l*?
BsadlS Stieet.
421 Twslfth Aveaae, Aal
Wilbur Avi
. . Aatoria; 412 1 u
Streel ?
? id; 171 I'nion Btreet,
Flushing; 464 Onderdonk Avenut,
Ridgewood; M1 ' Ridge
v oo I; 281 St. Nieholi v Ridge
.".l Pol ion Avi nue, Glendale; 32
Hoopcr Btreet, Gl< ndale: N Bevei t?
Street. VVoodside; 109 Judge Btreet,
Eltnhurst; 118 Fiftieth Btreet, Corona;
66 Weal -; IM
Nieho h I orona Heights; 16
South Oak Sl " :
Jnrnel Avenue, South V.
\ rei . . W i od
.-., j) p ies, l'i ...n Course j 1489
. Osobc Part (two
: M Liberty Avenue, Morrii
Park; 61 Wittier Avenue, Jamaica twe
. !:.? i r ion Hall Strast,Jamaica;
imaiea; 51M Hill
Idc Av,ti ii.-. Jamaie : 14 Rea*
Avenue, South Jas .ies sad 8 Bwaaa
Place, Arvei ne.
18 Porty-aightk Btraat, Hem Darp;
112 Lexington Avenue, Porl Richmond,
an.l 8 i '? New Brightoa.
( oiitinii.il fr,,m |>.'i_r I
?ervici ? this morning at the Page ;
Bad U bod; "i Bi Page will bs
to Auburn,
where burial will be Bur.de m the Porl
Hill . netery.
Ambassador Page arrived from Loa?
das ..ii thc liner PI ladelphis Friday.
I far a shorl from his ol
i ?? r and ; ? scl . i Garden I ity Friday
night He will seeompaay the body to
Itigid Qaaiaattee Demandod.
Tho death of Mrs. Page has lacraased
the alsrm fell is Naaaau eooaty over
the rapid and nnchi eked ipread sf
? ?;..,.? and rt tei laat night in
taking drastle maa.
qngrantines aad pi i
vent the entraaee sf persons likelv te
bs k'1'"*'"1 eerrierf,
We rtbui;.. M neols sad pr_4 *
i illags .ii ths eouBty bai ordered
?ln,.ii af every clnl.l until th*
epidemic ii eheehsd. Throasrhaal the
ec'unt'. h authoritrt- i
last nighl thal qaarantinei wer*- being
np. ni'.
cut the baek doon nnmindful af ths
notieei posted ?** tbe front doors sad
It is probable thal hereafter a
palieessaB will I i d sl saah
houie a bi i esai i sf
palyiamyelltii, ta see thal the aaaraa
? ed.
? it\ \ isiiini* Ceaualttee (.i\os i.T'io
r..\ s tn Paialysis rstlsats
Tho (it;. . I ?:..??? af the
? . \ I .\
toya. fruit ?n,l
? othei Iiiiren in the
luring t he lafaal i paralyaii
epidemic, Bnnaunecd ' estsrday the
progre rh and ecoounted
;,,r eonl r ibutions.
? ? ,m iritere-te,| <i, alen
< nabled thi ttae to bbmIi te
? : Idren 3,11
i" bsw rietrelai sad records, 460
a, 100 pain sf
faney 11 erates ef srs -?
?nd ise >?' un treets for two hospitals.
Of fl ? , eived all h_- ??? ? ipenl
? 11.54). ' '!:??.?'-.- may be MOl to
.i 1- fhai retary, IM Kast
Tweaty-eecoad S.**4 ?'
t. FASQUELLE, EcUteur,
Un vol. in-18, 3/T.90
Grace Humiston Outpoinls
Proseeutor by Getting
King Transferred.
Another Copy of Confession Is
Signed Before Prisoner Is
Taken Away.
A woman Inwyer's defeat of John S.
Knickerbocker, District Attorney of I
Orleaaa Ceaaty, fajisiabed another era-1
matic epi.sode yesterday in the lotjg ,
and oftentimes apparently hopele*.*i
light to *?ve ('harles F. Stielow frora
tho .lectric chair at Sin(- Sing.
Mrs. Grace Humiston, the New York j
law>er, who stcadfa.stly has believed
that St.elow wa* unjustly convicted of
the murder of Charles V. I'help* and
hia houM-kcepcr, Margaret W'oicott, in |
West Shelby a year ajro last sprinc la
the woman who gets credit for out-i
-reneralling the Diatricl Attorney.
The ? la*h between tba two took place
at Little Valley, N. Y., where tba
i.uthoritie* held Irvintf Kiag, an ttui
. ? ,? ? junk peddler, who made the xen
v at .onal confe**ion that he and (harleii |
O'CoBBOll. an Auburn convict, were the
real murderer*, and not Stielow and
N'elson Green.
IMstrlrt Attorney Skeptical.
Knickerbocker, who convicted Stielow
and Greer. of the crime, wa* pro
feesedly *keptu*al of the Kinp eeafea
aion When Mr*. Humi*ton ?*ked him |
to charge King with the murder and
lake him baek to Orleans County the
Dlatriei Attorney fistly refused.
He declared that he would lake no
action until he had the uriginal con?
fession of King in hi* po**es*ion. Ile
Indieated Ihat nothing King had ?etd ,
ha.l alterid hir. opinion of Stielow S |
"How doe* King's confc*mon chrcs |
up with the known fact*?" he wa* i
"it doe?n't check up at all, except,
with the fact that I'help* wa* killed,"
the di?tnct attorney r*toited.
"Well," *aul Mrs. Humisten. "there *
your man; auppoae you ask him if ha
didn't kill I'help*."
Queation Wa* | Poaer.
This waa somewhat of a po?er fori
the Diatrict Attorney. With a ?how ]
of rcluetance he finally ordererl Sherirt* .
Hartlett, of Orlean* County, to take'
Kmg m charge. Hartlett did not ap- ,
p.ar at all convinced of King's guilt.j
"Any one who has been reading the;
papers could tell that sort of a story," i
he averred.
Ne*/ertholoar? Slflg soon wa* on hia
way from Cattaraugu* ("ounty to Or
lenna County in a motor car, In the
car, al?o, were the Histnct Attorney;
and Attorney Make, of Albion, Or
leaaa County.
A flfth member of the party wa* I
George W. Newton, the Huffaio detec- I
tive who got from Stielow the confes- :
sion whicn convicted him. It is the '.
charge of Mr*. Humiston and others
who hav* been working in behalf of
St'elow that he had no idea of what
was in the document to which Newton
induced him to put hi* mark, Stielow
being unable to read or writc.
Newton Claimed Reward.
Newton was one of the dete.'tives to
Shara il] the 14,000 offered for the ar
rr*st and conviction of the Phelps mur
Mr*. Charle* Vorhee*, of Friendslnp.
who furnished clues contributing to
King's arrest, now is the claimant of j
the reward. j
Mr*. Hunii*ton, after her brush with |
Knickerbocker, boarded a train for!
Sing Sing, with the original confessio-i
?till in her posseston. She wa* expected i
at the pri?on late last night for a I
conference with Warden Osborne, Pep- j
uty Warden Miller and others who i
ni.ied in the fight for Stielow'* life.
Sheriff Niehol*, of Cattaraugus I
County. agr**d ?<> relinquish ciis'ody
of King only on thc understanding that
th. prisoner would be triod for murder
by the Orleana County authorifos. Ai
an extra pr< < ui'ion, King, before bt
left for Orlean* County, was asked M
sign another copy of his confession of
last Thursday night. This he did. and
?aain ieelared all the statements in II
were true.
I'rivate detectives who sided in ,
aaaertaiBiag King'* movements thej
night of the crime would not say if
they knew af an accomplice in the
murder tl wai said that the identity
ef all who had a part in tho killing
would come out in tlie trial of King.
Some Disrrepanriea Pound.
Warden Rattlgan of Auburn prison
would not. let any one BOS "'onnell
yest, iday. The latter's ?tatemont,
which plaee* all tho blan;* on King,
is said to contain some discrepaneiei
which will have to be explained be- )
fore ho i? ablo to clear hinrelf.
An extraordinary term of the Su?
preme Court, when Stielow's motion
for a new trial will bo argued, was
Called for August M at Roehester by
Covernor Whitman yesterday. Justice
A I. BS-OBbast was named to pre
Geveraer Whitman. on a recent ap
peal hy Stielow's friends for timo in i
which to ea-her new evidence. refused
the re<iuest on tho ground that it i
would SS MB travesy on justice." The |
Ktay was obtainod from Supreme ourt |
Justice Goy "n *ho day Stielow wa* to
have beea sent to death.
Mrs. Inez Milholiand Ltoissevain and
Stuari M. Kohn, Now York lawyers .
who have been greatlv interested in
Stielow's ease. wore in conference early
yesterday with Deputy Warden Miller,
at SiBg Sing, but as Mrs. Humiston had
not arrived erith tho oor.fession of
Kinir. no'hing developed from th.
Five hundred thousand rabbits, j
whieh will supply food for the AlliosV
armies. composed a part of the cargo
of the British steamer Cumborland,
which arrived in Norfolk, Va., from
Wellington, New Zealand, to coal, ?ay?
an exchange. The ship wa* en route
to Liverpool.
There are 4.200 species of plants
,1 commercial purposes. Of thee
?1_Q are used for porfumes.
Kepresentatives of |Jm Allies at %.
Paris Conference formulated a h*l*<
plan to boycott the Centrsl Powen
?1... .I'.se of the war, but it ii by w
means certain it will he (?'?-epttd v
the Allies, vritei Charlton t^.^
Strayer. in "LoaUea.*- Kven that ??,.
tion of the F*riti<h pr?*? whieh waa
straas-ast in the ?upport of Aaatfabaa
Premier Hughes'* plea for immtdiau
action by the Uriti-h govrnmerrt i,
Heclaring th* purpoie of the AJliaa
to be the <de?trueton of militaru-aj
tba "Manchcster Guardian" ?????>??,
that an economic boycott would |>
justified only on the supposi'ion th?*
Gerasaay waa not convinced of tka
wrong of militan-m. and after tkis
war ?et out to prepare for another.
"If Germany u?e* her co-nmerelallaa.
as the cat?paw of bai mil.t?n?m," tan
the "Guardian." "ther. we muit fi__k.
her commereiali?rn, for th*. wh*|?
B of milttari IBI - ? .j ?,.__
the evil rf ,ti or:*; ;,?-*_.
eoaeladea that the pr ' ? t*-.
cott are an ack/ oa hf th"
Allies of their defeat in the m?w a*.
)ee>. of the war.
In a remarkable addreis on G?r
many'* economic future d*- vered be?
fore the Associa'ion for Foit-nii
German Economic Irte-.-" Abrsed,
I'rofe??or Jastrow, af Berlia l'*|.
y, *couted the idea of t.oycott br
the Allies, declaring It to ba ";ait ti
impossihle of execution a<= tha dtmaa*
th..' we shouid u*e our n Ittsry M.
premacy to influence tn- it .. opata:
of iataraatioaal eeaiBii ree *.o aat
benetit." Ptafoaaor Jastrow iayi that
afer *h<* wsr there will be jU-h t
tbat *a?
will take thaaa whe
and < '"? tkat
th* v. . ??ria
commeree. in the in'-rr . a'. **>
change of raw mat>-nal- ?:. ! ''.n.ik*4
prodaeta, ia for tba people ta wark
more and eonsume les*.
Pnnc- von Bulow, forr-v r 'j?r?u-,
Chanceiior, :n his Bow b..ok. G?i-asa
Polieiea," take* note of tha bitur
hatred af Franc-. Eng . I and Russia
which Gemaa-f ariTl haee ta f?i
after the war. and advises the cu'.U?*.
t.ion of friendly ra B) tl!
Stern Brothers
West Forty-second Street Bet. 5th and 6tk dvenuei, Next Tork West Forty-third Street
The August Sale of Rugs and Carpets
Should !?<? of specift] interest this year on account of tlie growing seareity of the popular Kastern m-ave**.
ConauUriag this fact, thc foUoxcmg value* for Mundaif nre most ihmimm*-.
S.nall and Medium Size Oriental Rugs at $7.50. 9.75, 24.50 up to 88.00
This price range includea Bdoochistans, l-urdistans, Lrana, Saitniks, Kirmans, _kc.
7x i<> > j 11. $uo $78.00
8%xl2ft. l "-'.">
B \i.'f::|i'i. 178
???"'.ixl 1'ii't. 100
s'4xioft. $160 $118.00
il^xiOUft. 168 128.00
ii' oxUM.jft. 188 1 _.").()(>
loxii-i..ft. 180 238.00
B _8%ft $198 $138.00
o x._vt. wi mm)
<i-' ,vioi^fl. 898 195.00
ioy4,xit%t\ 888 228.4)0
Chinese (tllga
ti xHloft.
sl ,\!M.,it.
: ix8ft. ..
$ 19..")0
The Upholstery Section
II.is prepared thest most decided price
indueeinents foi To-morrow, Monday,
.80tol?.80pdr...1 *5.50 t<) IO.iO
10.50 to 19.50
Rlel Lace Panefe,
Iiiip td; rals. $1 1.00 to $80 ea.
Figured Tapestriea,
VaJues $8.00 to 8.80 ;i rard. .al
81.25 & 8185
[mported Linen Cretonneai
sixt< * ii designs; raloes i?o. to $1.80 i yard.at U.)(.
Midsummer Sale of Towels
Th_ half v.'.irlv iak of [_____., beld la eoajtweiioa
with onr hntjaoi Sak ofi Rugs aad Fornttore, pioridei
_qu_lly idT-JlUfOOOJ (.pportunitii", tor larings.
Hemmed Turkish Bath Towelfl
Sizes rt*?t*"g irnm -0^S to 3-x(i? *?*?; 1>lal" "r ,'"'"ml ?Jor,,,'^,
at $2.95 to 10.50 doz.
Bath Seti
?_ guest atnl _ batli towela;
2 face cloths: col'd boidera,
at $1.00 set
liath Sbeeti
Hemmed; Heassi J; s8
B.x72_ns., by B0 los.,
IIuck Towels, hemstitched, doz. $2.95 tO 6.50
(inest Towelf, hemstitched do/. _/>.") to 3.95
August Reductions in Reliable Household Furniture
Rangiiig from 10 to 50%, provide some very deddad rconomies.
Jtcobean ()ak, LO pes,:
ForaM rly $807.00... .at $1_22...)
Mahogany, 10 pieces:
1 ormerlv $289.00,.. .at $200.00
Mahogany, 7 pieces: ^
Formerly $888.00.. ? .ai $300*00
[vory Suite, 5 pieces, ?
tarifl beds; foraw rl\ $881, %'~ * 5*00
formerly fttOto $180, $70tofllD
Bookcases, Babogaay, ? _
formerly$80to$100, ?*. 10 to $0 ?
Drawing Room Suite, three pieces:
solid mahogany Hepplewhtte; formerly $110 $100.00
Mahogany Library Tfbles, __ ,
Formerly $88X0. to 75.00,...at $25.00 l<> ?>>*,l<)
?|-r?-.'??**? ;T
thi te! d
i*.*4r^?*r'' *****n
Velour Davenport, Etegolarly .200.00, at $160.00
Velour Arm Chairs, Regfr. $110.00 tocfc $90.00
Mahogany Bookcaae, Etegolarly $100.00. $66.00
Mahogany library Table, Reg. $100.00, $78.00
" -__^

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