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Warns Fellow Demoerats
People Are Rcvolting
Against Taxes.
Senator Kxposes $82,000 Appro
priation for Building in
\illajjc Of 803.
Wa-iutigton. Aug. 12. laBBBBCa ?'f
thr 1191,000,000 r?autiaiBC nt tha
Panama CbBBI bonds to soothe tB8
present "nation-wide roniplaint of the
people against the burden of taxution"
\sa.s d. IBBBJbI BJ* BBBBtBt Thomas Tag
l.-art. ai 1'idiana, ifl tho Senate to-day.
SaaatBf Taggart. although a DuaBaerat,
fall on thi' tieket w.th
i , in Indiana, joined
fortc* with Gbt?tboi Hsghea ofl tha
c Mrsvn*.!'
H, .. ? of public buildiaaja
propo-ed for BBBBll tOWB8 Ifl tha oinni
nblic buildiaga bill bbw on tha
? calendar, hu' brmg r<?rvrd foi
, olcition i- ovur, aa
Mr. Taircurt frafikly declared.
\ . ?.. , ? thaaa ia the bbi
i. , aarf, W. Va.. with a papalatlon
?f IOSi rha appiopriation for thr
- bu.idmg m thr pending bill is
Taggart polatod oat that
thr yearly deprecia
would * '"? ?''d the Buppliea
ng a tota"
. ... ? taara oi
TaggaaA l'leads for BlOBBBBy.
"I have not been ?? maflibar i
ho.lv vrrv long," aaid Mr. Ta|
"but it look- to me that *om<
morr attention ii paid to spei
: t.. economy. 1 wi
arouid happen to each S<
?MBiber of the Hoflae if ha
? ?'! BBOBB) IB his
he ipendi it in publie
"1 wonder how long it would be until
d ourselvei ia a
kruptcy. On I
" to the coun
.... member of the Sciiaie and
would mah* up hii mind in tne
on of rifid aconomy ami
. cut off every
1 wonder if thi
tha nation would I
: . liberal but
"1 believe the taapayera of th<
? their taxes increaeed
"I am ifl favor of givmg it a tryout
t? see what would happen. I ao
ra the people can bt made
erous by tazatioa, be it direct or
Warns af Keikoning Dav.
?is cannot go Ofl fon-ver. There
ind will be a day of n ehonii g.
rer to
lo nol waat to daatroy
:.. Congri ing in
g about to
;ury to the publ
control hold* thi
and i
tme this
? .
Ilar can be taken out ..
driven to tl
rj will
, economy ia
i aaaplalBta Are Nat on r k
"The eomplainl af tho r ? ?
1 tl.. not mran in a partiaan
county, munii ?
tha 1 nion in rejrard to local
bill :
,000 m
and harbon bill. There
aa othi i ai>
ioni could bavi
Broken l.egs and Falls Mark
ClOSlag Performances.
*?..? Bro-am wa-- walkimg lariftly, but
,ph. Pat ii a
ittachod t" tha loth Inspection
:t, ai d n?t a eowboj.
? venting a raaawajf bull Brown
collidi ? a,'<' ??*<
? ? i it rb) hat aad a cut
? accident was thr l<
one of the day at tha Stampede exhi
ihead B?j Specdwaj
rdty, and tha moat amuting.
ind people aaw the
w ...... i ??-... final appearaaeo,
25,000 attending the night exhihition.
\lr aad "?li- fhaadari BaoaoveU, .ir.,
and Hr. and Mrs. Kichard Derhy, the
latter ColOBBl Roose\elt\s dauf-hter,
. m tha ba
Diek Hornbuckic. of Dublin, Wyo..
ut out of tha pn/.e money in the
bueking broacho eoataat whea hi*
mount pitehed him, breaking ita
, ,;,.,?. lej <'o\i-rirli pai led I
tha aadienee with hat? ar.d
the injured plainaman, ''f.
othy Morell also aflffared a fi
I when thr
raa picked up uncon
Miel) umhle, but nvived.
Ward W. Simmon* Waa (anocing at
Water l.ap.
Stroudsburr, l'enn.. Aug. 12. Ward
mmons, about thirty-five rear*
old a (awallaf al BroaklyB, S, Y. wh.>
|>hH baait Miimnenng at th<- Dalawan
Water '?"!' f"r maa) yeara, ???
drowned in th.- Helauare Kvei.
oppoaite the Lackatranna itation, thia
,!.- ranoe ipidi
M . Simmon* had been itaying at thi
Water Gap for -?
raiing t.i ratum to mBrraa to hi
in Brooklyn, where he had, a -.iif< and
t^? small childran Thr latter could
rot l'-a\r thair homa owiag ta tl
fantile pai-M I y -? i ?- epidemic and were
awaiting his return.
Senator Bankhcad (Dem.)
Says War Would HtVC
Followed Law.
r'ormer Bolters Think Proposal
Is Not Good. but Will
Do No Marm.
r. irrsu 1
\\Vhin?ton. Aur. 11 Thr WUbob
itratlaa waald Otyse dragged the
I liit.d States m*.o war if it had passed
._ bill laal jont and pro
cre.lrd with ths purchase of intemed
Ganaaa and Austrian lincrs, as intcnd
0,1 ln thc bill's ontriiyitrM's. Senator
, :;,|, of Alabania. deelared in the
. ,? to-da\.
Senatsr Baahhcad was onr of thc
. . boltara laal jraai a*bo, led by
Scnat.-r Claiko. of Aikan-as defeatc-d
', _do4) ship hill- Hii speech to?
day was a r-tinjrinc srraigBBISBl of tlie
..micss which ??';.?,ract41 ised tlie
? ? fight n<
attention. itcm hy itein. to the thSBfW
Which had hrcn made in thc bill liBCS,
?howiag that vlrtually evsry chank'e
made wa* demand-. by th.- bolteri
morc than seventeoti months apo.
? ?ll ? ,ons now made in this
bill had been made in thc last Con
_>cr->," ho ?aid. ?".-lislaUBU would have
been passed lasi iarch i-istcad of dur
ing thi> :-<\sr-ion. sad thaas of us whe
?upported tire molion of thr Senator
from Arkaneai (Mr. < larke. to rtceta
nut the bill for thr purpose of BMking
L*,_ vciy chances in it that hnvr now
",ade iu ihe pen.liQg bill, submit
that our pasition Ifl thil matter hai
been absolutily and speedily vindi
Baakhcad ta Vote f..r BilL
ths oh ectioaablc feats
eoi lered i thi lasl
have been eliminated. BBd all
the su then made by the sp*
thc bill have beeB ineor
. king for "'v.-'fit. I shr.n
? fly vote for the bill. and I
, ; .;.... foi the other Pemo
whom 1 ws '"1 st
.-,.. The others ares
tan, Hal'd
wiek end Hitchcock.
Senator Bankhead not only
bai had talked over
sy to
y .... bolt on the bill
on ia now believed to bars
former bolten frankly do not
. . ? enl bill ii good, bnl on
: they think that ita
drawn sad that it will
not do any harse. **
Dmouncos Purchase loature.
one of the objec
?. ? ires, and perhap
? la, in last year'
r: the authority (.-ivrn thi
, the only
? ? j that they should b .
. : ment of ti ? board, wil
' : ' ''
. provided.
't free t I .
and every eharacter of ve"***,
Includina th?
bi longing to German} a
? porta a hen thi
red then snd bi i
?? il bill had become a '. ?
, .: had bsi r, purehssi .
? ?
ht en the im vitabli
?uch itraini ,1 pi **eei
i "..'
iralized an I
Combinc and Send Ship to
riea for Them.
Because ths Britiah | ?
coul.l not, ill view of thc war. ? I
if riea to Eui
ica, the Nsa Tork Zoologieal Parl
delphia Zoologieal Garden
. itional 1':,' k at Wai hingtoa, l?
nbined to do so.
They sent to Ci pc Colony J. A.
bo, N. V., a toi
aecompanied Tbeodore Roo
on nt oni, He
| back in a few months. Di
? i i. Hornaday '"",1 of the
;ay, with b large
? ope, tropici
The I'ronv Zoo la to receive withn
;he ne\t fea days a white porcupini
from Maine. lt
oi ?? othei
,;? the l
Two other albinoi, fhich w? re -
, whiti sqairral and a white
r,a\ c died.
Two Jersey Inspectors Hunt a\11
Night in Vain.
Plainfleld, N. J., Aag. 12. Front
Ptttnam, laspeetor of thc I'nion County
lito Bxtei mini tion Coram
came to I'iaintield the other day to ga1
toa n'i moaquitoes. Ui
And aaj.
i !,.. Herb4 rl A. .*?
ile dsvoted an entire night to the hunt
t have bt lito
Kditor ol "MaSSral Lrader" Hurt Hflp
ing \N Ifs Off ( ar.
< haric l ' 'nel "oui
?' I
elinic Uo.
? ,1 tion
arlil !',??'?
\*r i . topping
' .'
Sixth \ ? car sl I
third Slraet, whes he placed hii
? indcf m whaal. The mi startcd bafaraj
his foot was withdrawn. I
InitiuT Manlcaux Announcement
Iftirh AutUfOtl Models in WofDCfl'l CoBtl
in Norelty Materiata, Plain oi l-ur-trinmir.l. in
cludina Bolivia cloth, t/elour, tweeds, ind mre
lun . in .ill the wanted thadei
GIMBELS?Third Floor.
? 1 ? "
3^ndST "m BROADWAY-33r(l St."
Sale of "Crex"and "Willow (iras**" Ku-{s
Continues W ith Savings of -'? to \z
RoOftl 8IZ( (0x12 ft), formerly <?< ZS now
$4 50 rithera eqoally SnUresting, ia rarkwi
.:,",?., ,!,,-...?, m imall t>n i at 2k f" WA
GIMBELS?Sixth Floor.
Everybody Should Have Good Furniture
10% to 50% Reductions Has Made This Possihle
furniture meana furniture made
Lci it l)c understood tliat "Good
with .bsolute fidelity lo the master designs, of flawlesj matenala f^^^gj^i
shioofcabinctmakers who love and appreciate work well done. fhe styh ol good nirmture
hould l>c as endunng as its substanci
Three Store Buying Power the GIMBEL Secret
B- concentrating purchase* of furniture month- ahead ih the three GIMBKL, Stores
asbeen made possible to show thebesl furniture that men can rnakc, m generoua yaneij
. In' ?.. ~-l\< miuI.t llir rri'l'l.ir COSt of tr.1 I liriltt 11 f?ft
il h.is heen inatle *
;i, pHce-t 10*3 t.i 50'- under the regular cost ol g
fj M |'
s- (1 i iloni 1 Model, Mahogany
Library Table. Now $40.
$45 ( olonial Model, Mahog i ij
l.i'.r. r) I able. Now $27.50.
$75 Mahogan* Daver.port Ta?
ble. Now $47.50.
Living Room Furniture
100 3-pc. Ml over Uphol
itered Tapestrj 5uite. Now
I apestrj 1 havenport, Looac
i ushions. Now $.30.
Dining Room
Among the numeroua mag
nincent anitea for the dining*
room, wt choote t.i iUuatrats
thia eaceptionallj attractive
Sheraton Model; one of fhe
moal popular stutes ol the
? I.i-..
$200 Dining Room Suite,
9 pc, at $155.
-lu raton Modi L Int ludea S
ide and I arm chah
r :.!- ??" i-..isv (
Mahogany. New $?7.50
$225 Vdam, Mahogany ' i>
i ..i:.? Suite! N'ow ?i70.
\! i ii Hgan ., \ < !? ii* an
i me. 3 |>c. Stiiti Now $63.
.' [?*>
j?L? 1
This $475 Black Enamel Bed Room Suite, $295
Haa delicate hand-painted decorationa iu Bubdued colora. I ?"*j*ts
?i pca., including twin lieds. (YVith full aize bed, $262.)
$375 Iv-.rv Enamel decorated "Traymore" Model $180 Decorated 4-pc. Bed Room Suite,at $120,
' 7-pc. Bed Room Suite. at $325. Exacl repro- In Ivory Enamel or Black Lacqner BntB hlorai
rluctipn ofl ? uaed in the renowned At- rlecorattona.
lant'c Citv Hostelry $300 "Ritj*-. arlton" 4-pc. decorated *.uite, at $185.
Ivory Enamel 4-p'c. Bed Room Suiti. at $230. ln Ivory or Gray Enamel.
"idam Modi 1 witli full-aize bed. M ihoH iny < arvi
M ih( ??.' n.y
-Scvcnth Floor.
Absolute Clearance of
and Pumps
at $1.85
That were formerly $5, $6 and $7
Perfecl in every particular, this entire
consignment of 36 different styles to he dis
conttntted- by a manufacturer next season
are offered to GIMBKL patrons al a saving
ihat is very evident by cotnparison of the
alx \ c prices*
Charr.pazne and Gray
Kid Tumps, White
an.l BSacV Pumps,
iienuine Moroc c o
i olonial Pumps and
Ivory Kid Oxfnnl*.
with a varietj of fan?
cy tip-. backs and
lacinga, .ft $1.85.
Gun Metal Vamps, with
fawn or gra) ooze
backs; hand-turned
*i .l.s and Cub .< n
Louia hei Is, al $1.85.
Pumps with Patenl
Coltsktn Vamps, gray
ooze bai ks and hand
turned solea, with
Cnban Looia beela,
.it $1 85.
Gun Metal Oxfords,
nrith gray ooze backa
tnd light welted
ioles, w 11 li * 'ttban
l.ouis beela, Bt $1 85.
GIMBELS?Second Floor.
Shadow-proof Petticoats
and Batiste Nightgowns
Sbtdow-priiof Fciiicoais $2
With cambric topi and flounres trio*
nietl iti I variety of fashion**.
Two styles, with emliroidrrv-trinnned
flounoea; one model, with cluster tucki
in flounce, at $1.
Two styles. with full rVtamces; one model
has insertion and edging of eyelet em*
broidery. The i?econd model has flounce al
ron s oi lace, at $1.65.
Two atyles, one model vrttti lloui
lace and under niffle of lace. The *eert?d
model has flounde and embfoider* com*
bined, $2.
Hatiste Ni^ht^owns, %IM
White batiste nightgowns, vrtth bo> pkat
over shoulders. I!elt drawn tind?**r plea* - to
form Empire effect. Bdged with narrow
hems ol batiste in delicate colors, $1.
The second Biodel may be had ln arhhe <>r junk
batiste. witli narrow bems of batiate in cont
ing color. \ patch pocket givea this pretty gowa
,i distinctiv not**. $1.50.
GIMBELS?Second Flooi.
Daneing Frocks for
Fresh, crisp, NEW frocks for young
oiris from 11 lo 20 years. Delightful
models ivith all the touches that make
them desirable and "different." Malines
nnd tafft tas are Ihe leaders for the early
Special Offerings in
Women's Separate
Corduroy Skirts. Gabardine Skirts,
Special Values in
Summer Colored
Cotton Fabrics
25c and 38c Printed Voiles 15c Yd.
Beautiful, sheer, warm weather fabrics,
thal will make up smart, dainty and cool.
\\ e are showin^ a charming range of color
ings and designs. Among the weavea will
be fi ?tuid :
Printed Chiffon and Seed Voiles, Lace
Stripes, Rice Striped Organdie, English
Crepes, Corded Stripe Voiles, Bourette
Stripes, Krench < repea and Sport Stripes,
36 tn .'S inches w ide.
imported fabrica are included; among
iii. ii, is ;i beautiful Voile in wide stripea of a*hite,
rombined with lovely shades of popular color
red stripe has a lace edge, which
? the material.
Imported and Domcstic Colored
Fabrics at 25c Yard
Rtgularl) ;* to $1 yard, Thottsaodsof lengths
of the season's best selling fabrics, enough I tt .i
waist, suit, dress or skirt, Beautiful coloringa,
I--. ? ?:!- and coloringj combinattona an I
wea*.*es. Xi: excelleni opportunity to secure two
th< raal ii . - ? three summer dresses at
ihe price oi one. 27 to 40 inches wide.
52, $2.50 and $3 Scmi-madc Sport
Skirts at $1.50 Hach
Smart coloringa and chic models, Will
wear and launder beautifully.
GIMBELS?Second Floor.
Kimonos, Sacques $|
and Morning Dresses
imported and domestie kimonos fash?
ioned of longcloth and lerpenttne crepe,
in all the most desirable light and dark
coloringa. Qneof the models is picturttL
At ? 3S.50
Maline over lustre
<ilk in white or rose
little g??wn, trimmed
with silver braid.
The full skirt ia
banded with 5 row*
of silver braid in
graduated widths.
An overskirt falling
just below the hips
is banded with triple
row - of silver braid
;., i
, 2-iiH*l* width.
The bodice ia draped
with silver-embroid
ered maline, and the
belt and shoulder
straps are edged
with the narro-B
width of silver braid.
At $13.50
\ mbdel oi taffeta is combined with
(ieorgette crepe. The bodice ol Georgette
with wide bretelles of taffeta forms a jacket
effecl over the triple-tiered skirt. Wlnte
and light shades.
GIMBELS?Third Floor.
At $22.50
Chiffon taffeta ia
used in a girlish
model with ruffled
skin, and thi' bodice
half - veiled by a
quaint white maline
fichu. Pink, white,
or t iel blue.
At $20
A fairy-like frock,
is of malines, with
a high-waisted b 11
ice-of lustre silk, and
a skirt of maline
falling in long, -il
ver-banded points
<i\ er a skirt i il lustre
Bilk. \\ hite and light
c'.. ellent model arith
flaring linea. Bnttona
down front from helt
to hem. Side pock
, t,. 13.25.
Woolen Skirts, Special al $5;
reg. .*s.;.~.:; to $7.75.
Several smart tnodcli in all black, navy
blue, mixtures, cheeks and stripea
i-cirRilar models,
with s li i r r e il baek
and tailored belt.
White, peach, ' ? ral
a ii .1 ('openhagi n,
Bath R)om Furniture
and Fittings
Displayed on the Fifth Floor, Spe
ciaily Priced During the August
Sale of Furniture.
ifi/ **JaTg
*/ I *''ttP~-wh
Jf^T'iF Sacques. in Japanese
crepe ulluxtratrd i. in rose,
lavender or ' iopenhagen,
with hand-embroidered flor
al designs in white.
t >thcr Sacques in daintj
white dimitiea and lawns,
trimmed with laces '?r eni
White Satioe Petticoata
Double panel fctshioned <>f white -
"Shadow-proof. Fitted tops, ftouncea, fin?
ished with embroidered scallops.
Morning Dresses
Lawns and percales fashion these weU
cut dresses. NTew styles, semi-fitted nnd
belted models. Many have pockets. Trim?
med with embroidery or materiata of c n
trastin'g color.
-GIMBELS?Second Floor.
Tub Skirts, at $1.95.
Four models in the following
materials: Piques, repp, corda
line, crepe-cloth, gabardinea anct
GIMBELS?Third Floor.
Portable Shower
Batli, . om| li te with
in a \ duck curtain.
al 16.50. Has.ring 24
? - in dial
Fa:rbanks Bathroom
Scales, al 517.95. Ca
? 21 ? Ibs
Bl ? ui ted ol m e tal
throughout. Wlnte
ith a
. am.
Glass Tovvcl Bars, at
$1.50; 18 inches long,
*> with nickel h<
Glass Shelves* IS inches
long, ? "; ' ;;' ?'? "h
brackets, 35c.
White Bnameied Cos
tumers, at $125.
With " woodt n pega
Bath-Tub Seats. at 60c.
M i Ie of li.ir.iuood
ii ? 11 il c r s protected
with rubber tubing.
Bathroom Tables, at
$ l .65. With enara
eled \<> inch square
t'lji an,i undershelf.
Bathroom Stool, at $1.
White e n .i iti e I e d,
mi'l: rubber feet, well
i onatructed.
Shoe Polishinf: Cases,
at $1.75. VVniti i b
am< led. ' it; be uaed
.is ,i bathroom stooL
White Enameled Tow
el or Linen Rack, 4
nhelves, $3.50.
GIMBELS?Fifth Floor.
New Fall Dress Goods
j l ttractively Priced
The Result oi a Purchase Made Many
Months Ago.
All Wool Bn.aikloth, $1.50 Yd.
Tltorotighly sp<>ri^*'<l and shrunk; in
a high luatrous finish. The newesl
l-'all shades of Taupe, blackbeny, tan.
golden brown, nigger .brown, olitre,
Russian green. royaJ hlnc, ^urgundy,
nat v blue and black.
\ew broadcloths, gabardines, serges,
cheeks, -tripes and others in a special dis
I-I.t\ to-morrov' in the Dress Goods Salons
GIMBELS?Second Floor.
Best Men's Suits at GIMBELS
[ ,- ISf
Now $14.50 and $19.50
< lur Annual August Reduction Sale, now on, is the evenl where men .who
shrewdh buj "out of season," ;it "inside" prices, enjoy ;i clothea feast. The
above quotation ia typical of the opportunitiea
-n Foi Men's 3-piece Suits that Men's Best GIMBEL Suits ? .<* ~n
$14.;m) were $22 to $27.50 regularly $32 to $45 # ' ''?'
*. ^
Men's Overcoats
For Men's Silk-lined Fall Men's $35 to $45 GIMBEL <-?-?)*-?
at -K3
Overcoats. regularly $25 Overcoats.
This Is Onlv a lastc
Phese -ire but four itema out of for * Vou'll find proportionate economic
iier -nit- and overcoats, trousers, Palm Beach and flannel clothes, autn
? clothing, etc.
Men's (ienuine Pllm Beach Suits ni |S
GIMBELS?Fourth Floor.
Whittall and Hardwiek & Magee Ru^s
(io Hack to Old Prices After Tornorrow
Y<!ii have all day tornorrow to make your selection of a magnificent uMadein
America" Prench Wilton. After Monday wc are compeHed to adbere to tlie
makers' regular prices.
1 lardwick & Ma^ee's French Wiltons
9x12 it $60.00 reg. $73.00 | 8-3x10.6 ft. $54.7$ reg. $66.50 | 6*9 it. $37 00 rep. $45.50
Whittall's Angln-Persian and Hartford Carpet Co.'s Kirmans
9x12 ft. $60.00 reg. $75.00 | 8.3x10.6 ft. $54.75 reg. $68.50 | 6x9 h. $37.00 reg $4675
We eall particular attention to the nnusual stsea and the lar^e st.,ik- sizea larger than
9x12 feet
ft, ,,-', ... R -- ft 11 1x15.0 $48.00 S61.5U
.11.3x15.0 $78.00 $97.50
An'-rlo-IndUn.11.3x15.0 SM.OO $110.00
....11.3x15.0 $104.00 $130.00
Peerless B iaela.lUxl2.0 $40.00 $50.00
Royal Worceater. .11.3x12.0 $60.00 $78.00
\v.xl..V, rsi.ni .11.1x12.0 $84.00 $105.0OJ
Peerless Bod> Brussels. 10.6x13.6 sS44.75 $56,001
Royal Worcester.iaox!3.6 S70.00 $87.50
Vnelo-Persian .. . ia6xl3.6 $93.50 $117.00
. ks* Bo.1* Brussels 9 a!5 $*0.00 $50.00
Ro, .j \\ rccster.. .9 ^!; $-">2.50 r?78.0u
ln the large and unusual sizes; in sotue sizes the stock i
V K R V S P E C 1 A L
A number of Hardwiek >\ Magee's Krench W i11?>i?-> in ihe lhtl2 and s.:{\in.ii
sizes, owing to being uaed for decorationa, will be offered for $35; regularly $79
nnd *t'?<i.oO. GIMBELS?Sixth Floor.

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