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The Conning Tower
How in mid-lovolinoss of garden hours.
*,*,-, >d round with larkspur where the heo-hird Mp-,
(%u di and the hreafti of SoWflTS,
of quiot alipa
rj,(, an.i steals t'r43m cvcrv m
. ire. nnd from the mind itl ft
ft-.m my limhi their happy indolence:
And suddenly there ia no joy in joys
Long proved and never trcacherous . . . for one nerve,
qt, ,*rve crics . ut "Fool! I am here!
Think new of me. me only! Do not swcrv.
? ; ;houi:ht of me. till al! else disappe.ir!"
. . . throh . . . throb . . i
M tiny peevish norve shmild eJoflfl
I *i the Bron'fl light, fragrance from the rose.
Lfljj Wilson DOOO.
Making This an Outdoors
Country Aim of Recrea
tion Congress.
?ound and Rcc
toaaaa, ar* well pleased with. thfl re
.perr-e * Iheir announcemcit of the
RKrf. . taaa to he held in
Gr_'-.d F.sr-:* tha BlBl waa* of Oc
?ober WhHa tha congress is prim&r.ly
. . _ygreaad eeetre.
jLllf"' **? Umt?d i?ta:e3' busineas
asd prcfes-.cnal men and women ef
?;i ranks arc planning to atttnd. So
H ar.d erthusiastic ia the r,maha
-reatiea that he
.?? Bl '
-I _- . . ? *._> that Recrea-,
t.on Cor.gre- ? I to Bop a f;
and beat r.-.y way."
- hoped hy the organi'fta *n cor
I the vanous movements for pre
;aredr.ess, A-Bflrieanlan. and mjlitary
c.r.tred in outdoor work ar.d pla. .
forrna'.. ? *
co.r.try at large. ln their
i I American
ed. can bring about
an American rflnaiaaanee."
? be discussed
before tne ! ons expeel
en for Amenca."
BB Indoor Nation Long Endure'."*
the **',.:? , ua? of li
aad its pn
People." Leaders
iential can?
didates, ex-'i'- md Other promi
Bl -. rr.en have been invitcd to address
the mamn-.r- sessions.
Among those axpected to attend are
.rrounds ir.
-, as well as many community
Bwiiifi ;n ather I
Amato to start in September
on Concert Tour.
rhileff's Ballet Baase,
ur.a.r thfl direction of \Var_l_iv Nijia
_e a coast-to-coast tour of
reeha, ftarting in October,
BOBflrding to an announcement sent out
ropolitan musical bureau,
i the extra peral
? ? Metropolitan Opera Caa."
pany. . Vork season of the
weeks' duration, arill
r plans of the bureau fl
nclude a concert tour for
Pa*qu_!e Amato. the Metropolit-.r*
barytone, Barrieatoa, the
prano. Amato's tour
'.leratura soprano. Amato's tour
Barrientos returns from
; November to beg-n
0 been arranged foi
vanni Martinelli, Jo
?i- bi d Erni I Sel '
ropolitan Opera House Or
- .- I r.T r_>
LYCEUM: To-night at 8:20
Ann Murdock PLease
HAT*.. im KSI> \_ _ SAT1 Kl>\\
;;*- "Eiceptionally Funny" "",::-:
/ Da.irl Bela-i-o r
17 Chances
EITINT.F e_~S i ST at ; _o
?.a_J 11 .?____.
- ovy
baa .
Twlca Dallv.
?ni 8_A
.0 Phots Sa.rta.la
F_ .:ll->!_
k'ii .'.*>'**'_n-m
3 E l A S C O A
B l_m t johai E. Hau-.ard.
r.l?r J.AIL Tu DAY.
. ARPl^.
MADl I K . NSf 1)
LOEW'S NEW YORK ?.. ft R/.-rf
_Aa.ii P. M Roof to 1 A. M
WiARLlS RICH MAN ra -Tl. n.._n of Fr_e_?W
**-'? Annerican Roof 4 \^y.v
. A,IS,.t.
_m i i. ,. *vLHrm i !I>1 : li i i \"
?iiit- Aitm i m i < oMr.nv.
U ti _?__
l.v -in
e_r?_._ _____ A _>_____la.
Frohman Season Begins
with "Please Help
The season will begin for the Charles
Frohman company to-night, when
'Tlease Help Kmily" will be presented
at the Lyeeum Theatre. The company
is headed by Miss Ann Murdock, who
has in her suprort Charles C'herry,
Kerdinand Gottschalk, Jeffreys Lewis,
and Alice John. The curtain will rise
at Ir! _
To encourage courtesy to patrons
the management of the New Brighton
Theatre will award a world series
tieket to the most polite member of the
house staff. Railroad fare will ac
eompany the ticitet if non* of the
games are played in Brooklyn. The
was made after Saturday's
diflBfltflf at F.bbcts Field.
Rehearsa!* of "Go To lt," the new
musical comedy by John L. Golden and
Jack Haz/.ard, wil! hegm on Thursday.
|| inelude Lva rallon,
l.uura Hamilton, WelUnfton Crofls,
,.o, I'ercival Knight. Charles
. Helflfl Bond and (.ertrude
According to present plans, Mi
Hoben, wh. g ifl "The *.a!"7n
t th< Wintar ['OTdtn.
, tfll thfl dramatic field 't*13'--1*
?oduction to be made by the . nu
bflrtfl. _
Blanche Ring. in "Broadway and
rmilk," will appear at the Maxine
? Theatre to-morrow The play
Wflfl to have opened last Monday. but
-.ed on account of the heat.
Cyril narcourt's comedy, "A Fair of
Silk Stock- . tfl have a fourth
lll this country Itv-ill he pre?
sented by - r.r.pi>sh_pla>ers
who will arrive or. Augfist 87. Ihe
plav will b? presented for a brief New
nB-agement at one of the Shubert
theatrea during the rresent season.
Al Jolson returns to New *iiork to
day to begin rehear?als of 'Robinson
Croaofl, Jr.," which opens at Atlantic
City August 28._
The seat sale for "The Happy Knd
inj*" will open at the Shubert Theatre
on Thursday mornin*-.
H H. Fra/ce has decided to keep
"The Silent Witness" at the Lonj-acre
Theatre inderinitely.
Constance Collier will appear in a
picture veision of "The Ftcrnal Mag
dalene." _
"The Cohan RflTUfl 1016" will open
in Atlantic City to-night
14th Street, near Fourth Aren*ae.
-?; katinka:: ;;-:. \,
TO-MW EV(... B:lj
,, I ci*jr\ ? ? . i *>
CaSINO i i ii
ri.al (J Ditti ?
i *? V *-> -P-B ' *TM*Xt* HEAT* NOW
II \ \ !
~']lTT4~*VT7A'iiTs *J-* T Ht AT?E
"Hinl 0*7 *J
^tVtShiOMATS a-.5AT2**iC
0l..lOv?Allf?BACH5 MEWIHAV
;<??*. Mat. Wed.. |0c to H.M
Mml mv <.ai.l , " i '
Civic Orchestral Society, Inc.
\*..llrr ll.-nr*. 8<i.l liwell. < ftft'-'V ' "** ,
. , . I'ACLO &ALLIC0. ' -
' '
Wa ?ii;**ri ?.
PI! r- Kl ITH - GRACE LA RUE Fraae*
X I A /T Pr.tcfard. Bankofl i. Glrlla
ALAtL 4 Corp. da Ball-t. Fl-naaan
. .- <, A Edward- an* NAT M.
li wiLia.
li, II. i. tifl I .-monarlr- >rrreA Free to All.
Rl A LT "im i btmot.
y la-tt* a
,, , K .
M \* Mul ril ?4> IKIM FK\Nhl IN .1
r.r,.ftil.,n lleaili.
a* 4k a'U. i ?<??? kTUNl. Itta PILLABO.
The Patriot" Finds
Hero Who Can Do
All thc Work.
Drew Comedy Pieture at Strand
Provides Laughs Without
Pie or Soup.
Surprises occurred in the moving
pieture plays shown here yesterday.
In "The Stronger Love." a pure feud
play, the herome married the wrong
rnan. and in "The Patriot" there
wasn't any heroine. This, of course,
was the greatest surprise, for the piet?
ure is piobablv the only film ever de
vised wh.h does not end with a close
up hu_f.
The author made some concessions
to tradition. The pieture has no hero?
ine. to be sure, but it leans heavlly on
a blond child and a pet dog.
"The Patriot" is the feature at the
Rialto. Arrantly sentimental, it is,
, nevertheless, at al! times intere_ting
and often appealing. The story is co
herent ar.d Monte M. Katterjohn, tha
author, u.cs to good efTect all thi
nical devices wliich belong alone to
the movies.
Thousands of horses have gallopcd
up and down the screen by now, _:.d
1 yet a pieture p.aywnght should hcsi
| tnre before writing a frlm in which
there is no charge of cavalry across a
plain. The p'aygoers are not yet sated
'. of flying hoofs.
Next to a gallopir.g horse there is
nothing which brlflffl B Western tangto
a pieture so successfully as the :ine,
.oTicr, m.laneholjr face of Will
Hart. Mr. Hart ean do thing:- with his
eyes and the con.ers of his mouth that
alraoal make vou feel the sween of the
Wind, D-ling country am! hear
hoef beata. He hns the sad, fsrawa*'
look of a man who expects to get
? kicked by a horse, murdered bv an
Indian, or swept away in a cyclone.
As h matter of fact. his forehodings
are justified m 'The Patriot" eTOfl
though fate takes none ef the three
forms to which Westerners have be?
come aeeliaiated. Hart ia Bob wiley,
a prospector who is swindled out of
his mining claim by government.il
lraud. Kmbttered he throwr, in his lot
, with a gang of Mexican bandits, and
? aids them in their pian to rai.l a bordi r
town. At the last moment he repents
of bil treach.ry and helps to fight off
the invaders. Hart I -'ork ia BBB I
convincing throughout.
Vivian Martin is the star of "The
Stronger Love." She is a mountain
1 girl who saves the life of a member of
'he rival clan, but decides to stick with
her own set when it comes to marryrng.
Miss Martin is pretty aml vivacious,
i but unfortunately she is hy no nn-ans
' free from moving pietnre mennerisms.
Tho pieture is splcndidly set.
A rather more intcresting nymber
on the same programme is "Nobedv
Home," with Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Drew.
r .cure is broadly farcial. but r.o
soups nor pie<" are hurled, and r.obody
falla downstairs. Strange as it may
.eem the pieture is highly amusin.;.
There is abundant movement in
"Sporting Blood" at the Academy of
Music, but the pieture jumps so
hastiiy from place to place that there
i> often some little diffieulty in follow
i ing the thread of. the story. Small
snatches of irrelevan. aetion are fre
i quently introduced lor thc sake of
local color. This device is employed
frequently in ino.st lox pictures and
la often affective. This time it has
. been grossly overdone.
There are eome fine glimpses of
horse racing, and it was a pleasure
for once to wateh a f-nish without be
' Ing a pennv the poorer for the result.
, Dorothy Bt-rnard ar.d Glen White __-.
effectira in the chief part.-.
Marguerite Clark is the star at the
Broadway Theatre. where she is seen
in "Little Lady Kileen." The current
bill also hns a Fatty Arbuckle com?
edy. _
We wish to deelare ourselves in re
I volt against educational pictures. We
, think it little short of impertinence
. that anybody's Sunday rest should he
disturbed by the gratuitous informa?
tion that Bermud- was diseovered by
juan de Rermudns in 1515 and that a
dredgfl which can be purchased for
1150,000 in Oregon eeata $7.0,000 in
Alaaka. And. as a matter of fact. we
don't car-j how cocoa butter is made or
co] per smelted.
In Hr. Stigden's Alaska pictures at
the Rialto a game of baseball is sho*_n
going merrily on at midnght. In all
probabilltjr it wa-* a pitching due! be
tWOBB Slow Joe _ ;y!e mnl Kddie Plank.
Cowboys and Cowgirls Need
Their $30,000 in Prizes.
The cowboys, cowgirls and Indians :n
"The Stampede" are going to stick to
Sheepshcad Lay another week. By
Btlckiag they will get the prizes of $30,
000 that wrren't distributed on Sa'.ur
dav. and also some others. Most of
them relied cn winning enough to pay
their way home.
When Harry S. Harkness, president
. of the Sheepshead Bay BfH-edway Cer*
? poration. learned of the general dia*
! content when only $20,000 of the |50.
1 n00 otTered in pn/e> waa paid he pvoni
Itcd to make good the re<t out of his
own pocket. In return he asked the
contestants to break broncus, iteeri
' and bones for another week. s0 that bfl
i eould reimbuise himself. They agreed.
I here will be performan..
;.,:d Wfldnflflday aiffhta and twice on
|Mrs. Lord and Candidate Argue
Over Sports for Boys.
Replvn*. U a protr-' from M-?. John
' Havncs Lord, who wiahofl to k.-ep ehil
i ,;rVn on roller abatea off tbe aidewalka
0f Montclair, S. J. Arthar P. Heyer ?
laU for Tewa CommjflflloBer, has
dfldared that the authorities should
i incourage the sport.
Mr Hi-ytr has fllao suggested that
1 tpea air roller rinks be built ifl the
, ublie parks. He says DO boy regards
hvntelair as a "bully" place in whieh
to live, beeaaefl IU B_p?r-ealtare haai a
. ,-y to depress its youthful citi
The. marringe is announce.. i
Tillie Sel, daughter of Mr. BBd UTO.
Beniam.n Se!, of Nutley. N. J. and
Benjamin Oordon, of Pittsburgh.
\ - - !
(icorRc Rcdhead Froome Wins
?vitl Three-Act Play.
IHr T*l*fT?pli lo Tr>? Tr''"iii? I
Hnstnn. Aug. lt. Thr Mai Unwell i
flf hfllflfflhlPi opr*3 tfl puoil* in rro- |
f.rsnr QflBtgfl I'. Hakcr's play-writing
ii,ur*e, has bflflfl M?Hrdr<l to tlforji'
Pedhcad Kroome. Hlfl three act play.
"I ho (ilory ol Their Years," will bf
i irrodaced tf. 1 ? wflflh al thfl Harvard (.'oi
Irgc Hflflty Pudd'ng Theatre, in I'nin ,
h. dge, ln sftident* of Profcssor
! Ptker'* cour*es in the drama at the |
inmmflT school, who will give perform?
ance* on Thursdny and Friday even
ings. They will be Rssisted by mem
l i rs of the "17 Workshop" company.
Mr. Kriiomr*'.-" play wa* the moit
promising Ifl thfl competition, and
l*TofoSBOr Baker hai recommendrd him
fnr a fellowahip next vear. The Hflfl
Dowell ?cholaraflip, which is oppn to
'. itudenti all flraa tha eoafltry, ha* been
p ovided for BflTflral yeara bv member.
I of thfl Ma.-l?..we!l ClBB of N'ew York,
J an onaaiaatiflfl Bflfllfld in honor of Kd
' ward MacDowfllL th* musician.
Issucs Statement of Scores in
Reply to Recent Criticism.
in.-hington, Aug. I'l. Statistic* of
th.- -^pnng targct practice in the At?
lantic flee' were made public to-night
by Secretary Daflifllfl as a reply to re?
cent criticism of the navy'* gunnery
efficieney. Th? statcmen* says that m
long range tinng last February and
March thfl Yirgir.ia seored 26 hita on a
target thr Bisa of a battleship, while
ind, which made thfl
? he six ships mentionr*!!,
landed eight shot- at slightly greater
' I he eorreel .-oores, said the an?
nouncement, "spotted on a battleship
target ?',(?> feet long, 95 feet beam and
30 feet freeboard, were:
"N'ebraska, 21 hits; Louisiana, 15;
Kansas, 10; Virgmia, 2**; N'ew Jersey,
20; Rhode Island, 8.
"The nring was at ranges much
lonper than ever before. The Rhode
laland'a mean range wa* from 1.600 to
:;.iiii,i fardl greater than that of the
othrr rflBflfllfl mentioned. This was due
to errors ifl range flnder reading*. Even
at these greatly increa.-od langes the
Khoric iBland'l shot* were hunch<*d, a*
r,r. the battlflflhip target *he received
Bight hits.
Senator Lewis's Equivalent, 'Non
Dimicare,' Means 'Bluff.'
[l'r-ni Tl.- Trlbun* Burrau ]
''. . biflftflfl, Aug- IS. "Too proud to
light." th,- phrase used bv President
Wilaon just ifttcr the sinking of the
till risinjr to plague
him. ".Mm Harn" Lewis's defence of
the phra-e ifl the Senate last week,
whflH he attempted to j-ive it the digni
?v am! authority of hoary age by quot
liig what ha eallfld Ita I.atin forbear,
"non dimicare est vincere," has given
great joy t'i Republican students of the
lanBuaBc of Rome.
Mr*r LflWia traflfllatfld the phrase a*
light is to conquer."
Whatever their lineage, the words in
plain American appear to be more
nearly "not to blutf la to win." The
I.atin 'dimicare" means not so much
"to tight" a.- "to brandish," referring to
a hostile display Ol* v.capon* rather
than tfl their hostile use.
In Btrid Lat in ity, therefore, "non
dimicare est vincere" is n phrase which
Mr. Hughes might properly u*e to
criticise the policy of the Administra?
tion, rather than one by which a good
Democrat may safely excuse it.
Says He Is Undecided Whether
to Accept Call to Pulpit.
The Ri-v. Joseph Fort Newton, pastor
of the liberal t'hristian Church of
Cedar Rapids. lowa, to -.vhom the pulpit
? City Temple of London was 01
ferfld reeently, arrived from Liverpool
on the American liflflf St. Pflfll yester
day. He sHid he had preached in the
Temple and soon after received tha
eall "I rmild not make up my mind
thflfl and there," he said. "so thev gave
me unftl Sei.tember 1 to decide."
Dr. W. J. Maloney, of 40 Kast Sixty
: Strflflt, Whfl was wounded Ifl
Gallipoli, iaid th? -aflention of Rog ?*r
CflBCIflflBt was a great blow to the Irish
throughout the empire. and that feel?
ing against the government wa* ex
ceedingly tflJMfl. ...
Among other passenger* were Fnilip
Osler and 11. Gordon Selfridge, ir.
Richmond Foes Still Hope to
Prevent Its Construction.
ftontractors arill have 300 men on
Lake'l IflUfld this morning to begin
w.-rk BB th< garbage ditposal plant
which has brought threat--. of jecesaion
from Statfln Ialand. Edward P. Hoyie.
nrdent nnti-garbugist, has retauieri
1 William M. Bei-.nett, who will apply to
? da" for an injunction, pending an ap
1 pcal of the court's order dircctmg ifl
i suance of a building permit.
I.-.-n after the order fl-flfl issued the
i eefltrsetora did not obtain the permit
on Saturday until Ralph Langers, act
| ing su'ierintendent of buildings, had
crncked the department aflffl with a
hammer. He didn't know the combina
? on and tha anlf copy ha could find
waa in i-horthand, which he couldn t
Or. Wedncsdav membfrs of tne
\: ? Ga rl i.\.ge League will
preient to Dr. Hflraaan af. Biggs, *ute
health commissioner, evidence which
th"v be';eve will show that the pro
pos?d plant would be a nuisance.
Policemen Find Them Removing
Goods from Showroom.
a. dilapidatfld delivery wagon in front
of a loft building Bl 229 Fourth Avenue
attraeti ' <f PflttfllflBBfl
Stahl ye-terdav. Surnmoning two other
polieeman, Stahl entered the building
and by the door found BflTflral bolts of
I silk ready to be carted away.
Proceeding further, the policemen
foun.l thlflfl busy men taking more
bolts fro'ii Bhfllflflfl of Jansen tt Pretz
feld'a shoMTooi.-,-. They urrested the
trio and Iflehfld them up al the Twenty
iMond Strflflt station on burglary
Thfl BBflfl BBf they are Samuel I.ong,
of 1B6 LflWifl Strflflt; So'.omon Gold
of 112 Goerek Street. and
' William Toder. of 127 Goerek Street
1 The silk they had packed up Is valued
MOfl SAKAH m. hay to wed.
Misa Sarah Mover Hay. daughter of
Mr and Mr- Jamflfl R. H:?y, of N'utley.
\ J . and John N*. Valcolm Peter*. of
he mnrrerl '.o-norro*- eve?
ning at M ' ':ne- Th? c?i"e'
will be performed by thfl HflT.
rt, nctor of Graco
tpi-copal Church.
Tribune Fresh Air Fund
Plans Daily Jaunts
for Children.
Physicians Will Guard Against
Spread of Epidemic Proj.
ect Before Emerson.
"What shall we do with the chil
dren?"- tho question thousands of,
anxious mothers aro asking every day
ln plague-ridden New York -is being
solved by the' Tribune Fresh Air1
Fund, which Is playing host to the
children of five hundred mothers at
its varlons Fresh Air homes.
But this is a mer. drop in the
bucket. It is impossible to increase
I the number of youngsters in the coun
i try except hy bringing those now
\ there back to the city, Additional
places cannot be found.
Day Outlngs Planned.
To meet the situation tha Tribune
Fund is planning a series of day out
i lngs for boys and ciris at some of the
? less frequented beaches.
Kvery possible preraution will be
taken to see that these outingfl do not
become a means of spreadinr disease.
Eaeh party will he made up of children
of the same neighborhood. Since these
would in any event play together, the
outing will introduce no new element
of danger, but will merely keep the
same group together under mueh more
healthful conditions.
Medical ___i__mlnatlon-*.
Before any child is ineluded in a
party it will be examined by a doctor,
' who will also ascertain that its resi
dence is free from disease.
The children will leave early tn the
morning and return in the evening. At
noon each will have a wholesome meal.
t'ompctent ov_rs.errs will be in charge,
play apparatus will bc supplied and
bathing suits provided.
That these outings may approxi
mate real vacatioiis, the same groups
will be sent out on several suce--- - >?
days. While they will sleep at home,
it is hoped that the sea air will so in?
crease their vitality that they wi!l be
able to fight off infection if exposed.
Awalt Kmerson's (). K.
The nlan has been submitted '..
Commissioner Kmerson of the Board
of Health and only awaits his 0. K. to
go into effect. I'o you approve of it?
It will cost money. Won't you help
ns bear the expen**? Send a contri?
bution to the Tribune Fresh Air Fund
and feel that you have put a day's fun
into the life of ten or a hundred of
your little fellow citizens.
Contribution--. to Fre*h Air Fund.
I?0 Mb a.-noirl?-_-_. ? I
Mlaa -ra<? s-oTille. }_???
Mr- I J I.;?-.?:. ?BBB
Tn>?Lrt_l? ai. . HfotfT. F'-.lmar.. NsfsUO,
(_..:, (precceds frvr.i .?_*<? sad ?'.:.!>
a... ri"-' r? r*?4) 2?'2?
a a ii .
I- I' WariUld .
IC W. II .
'Mlaa Man 11 liU'.lnfa.
r.. ? ? -
i I.' iad A C. A. **???
Mla. I*. 1>o.l_rr . 9*.**
Mr la.l; (....l.ton. *? J
UflOH. Ff Ps|-** . :?'?
4 I .. s "'
Mbs gofrs-ts !*rar.d.
Fr.m a ttttwi.
i c \v r .
Mlaa Am-'.ira ._T.nf_.im.
J ri.lllp Ii>r,-ar-. 222
Cmrie P. Wllacfl .
a .-. I Dew. .
}.i-an.r M I' fd .
Mr. EdlU H Wsrf .
Oaawja f J--"" , .
-.ir. > . Vr?. li Vr.-.man. * .?
5 A Warr.r Ha'.tatil. t_Q.
I T *____._-_- . }??__
Mn WtUtsai T ..'.. .
MLli K. A . Jt-H
Mr, F T Bavta
J ..rp A I_.nr.nt.
.... . ..fl... . ]'. r"l
tnV./ toatoXt M?. ntnfham
In lu.tnf memon * G ll
Mra A R Udnui ' {__
iMSerVK.* .?_. --
rr^'^.- ::::::::::::::::
Ma. Jaws C _i.*rt.
rih/. m B-i.; .. :::::::::\'.'.'.'.'..
Hr I ntlUt H. H.ne41rt.
UW. V S Valentlna !
Mr. I M T .
. \t r ? ????.
. , nr Pui Esebs-ft, la_ .
Mn Wl "- - .
i t IB B Paa l .
Drn..- Wl!. : lf .
.-? ?? Ha.laru .
t r n
K J rutnsn .
1 ,.i?r1 J SlirtT-r. . "
Mr. 0. W. BUI .
J F.lwarl H'.r.llflon . _ ''"
Has atrnusfl .
H.rt.r' C r-rr.'.-h.
I. f OtfTTl I" .
.nlla CookllB ... .
M-. BaiiJamln r.ri-r .
? *'? l'"'-' .a
jmaas Bart Daai "* R* ????*? M?ma sM
? ' Jr .
.-.".-.. r.rv r?n?.
. r . - ,..
Mn. D W flfwh
(iria ttnli K.^.Sr.r
Uiiii A i| - wa a_d B*rU.a.
s- P?l 'l ! '"' .
Mr? J A Trnmntiota.
Mr. '' BSBS?I ,
n ? f tfathai .
[air II ? '?? ?. ? .
____ I- A- -*"1'"
Ml-.'ll C Whl"?mnf- .
Mr. Trr tortd Wl IIam
nt, .::.
Garr. ?V*'.ltr <;~achlu*'. ?
Frein a trlenrt
? i'- '-'-v:, _ ..
I in.rii^rlam I. I
rn. m nn?fii. n- r-. a r.t
Mr, T.4 T i'*k" .
Carrl* IV (..rtelrou.
p a r.::
W I_ K .
;j Alr .i^.H-.-<! Mn wttwhm\:::
Ira A Barraan.
r.'irr?r. .
?? ? - *?'? .' J5*ffl!L .
.-.. fr. V BiM-'ln.
Mr, | 11 Oaisnrr..
? OrahAM.
1' g .
Blinch 1 ' ?"'-.
V n f3janl? ilafl
Ml.l J >v J .
,. l. Bi??t?ia .
ti thattta.".'.'.'.'.
m 1. bieiiaaii.
Ml-.i Kuf. .1 VT.lna.it.
l.a.ler. I>a?II-? .
i-..- i lara L HH| | g
II 1 M rr ,M
Mn H **?r?n ?
Bi*" ???;___!
t..' awaai u i9i? .$_i.aai.ai
CeatribBtiOBB, pref-rably bv checV: or
monev order. should be sent to Thfl
Tribune Kresh Air Fund. The Tribune.
New York.
, Mining Engrincers Meet in West.
For the :'.r-t time in the forty-nve
vear? of Ita h-story. the American In
' stitotfl of MiBiBf Kngmeers will meet
i nflZt month in the lUte of Arizona.
1 SflBBiBBB in tbe principal mining eoa
Of the state Will last throughout
the week of Bepteaab-f la. The Eaat*
noBBben ol tha iaati-ata wr..
. New Vork bv ?peciai train on Septern
( ber U and ihe Western from Los An
I iato*
Woman Denies Demoerats
Led in Americani
Campaign Financed by Cities
No Money Appropriated by
the Administration.
The weakness of the Admini*tra
tion'a claim to having put the hyphen
out of business in Detroit and el*e
where is shown in an artiele in the
"Hughe* Campaign Service," out to-day,
by Mis-. Praaefll Kellor, chairman of
the women'* committee of the National
Hughes Alliance.
Frederic C. Howe, New York Com?
missioner of Immigration, declared in
"The Times" of August 10 that the
Amcricani7.ation work in Detroit which
Mr. Hughes so highly commended in
his speech there, a* well as Americani
zation in other cities, wa* due to the
Wilson Administration. This Miss
Kellor denies.
"The real truth is that the cities and
the industries of America have rallied
to the eall of Americanism and have
at their own expense done many
things which Commissioner Howe sug
gests were inspired bv the Wilson Ad?
ministration," she say*. "That Admin?
istration has worked out no sustained
national policy, and is the phrase
maker, exhibiting a flimsy structure
that could be abolished to-morrow
without violating a single law."
Detroit Financed H.
That Detroit's campaign for Ameri?
canism was carried on without eooper
ation from the Administration, that it
waa SflBBflfld by Detroil aad was De
troit's own ni.a, t'ur whieh l>;iub!icau
National Comraitteeman Charlefl t;
Warrrn was lsrgoly r*snonsible, are
among the pomts nrtadfl bv Miss Kellor.
"Wflflt part of thfl gTflfll appropria?
tion* made by the Democratic CflB
grflia haa gone tfl inerease thfl power
an.l flfleianey ot" thr- Barflaa of Nat
aralisation .'" -he B8?B. "What has
CongTSflfl done in the matter of Jed
rral aid *o local communities in educa?
tion? What flpproprifltiflfl does the
Hureau or" Kducation get for its immi
grant work" In apitfl of Mr. Wilson's
words on hyphem-Tii, Wflflt national Iflf
OH covers the subject, and what
monev has been paid out or appropn
Btfld to achuve a united America that
hasn't been paid out in other adminis
trations when Wfl did not realize we
had ? hyphen situation0"
Miss Kellor savs that the real test*
lie in the answers to th.se question*
and not in Mr. Wilson's address to the
foreign-born at Philadelphia.
"Americanism is a practical issue,
-he concludes. "It i* brought about in
practical ways by appropriation*, ed
neational poileiflfl, prot*>4jtiYfl laws. I
commend the cstHblishment ol tl.e
Hureau of Industr.es and Immigration,
which was in many ways the initial
step in this country toward the doine.
tic immigration Bflillej wl.ich in ?ppna
tional way we still have to attain.'
Many Guests Are Seen in the
Saddle Daily.
[Hy TVlfgraph to Iflfl Tnb.ine j
Briarcliff. N. Y.. Aug. 13. Horse
back ri.ling is very popular with guests
of Briarclitf Lodge thi* season, and
among the rider> Bflflfl on the country
roadl in and about HriarchtT almost
daily are Mrs. K. D. Bnxey and her
daughter, Doris; Mrs. W. D. N. Perme,
Mrs. F. W. Anne? Mr. and Mrs. Sidney
.1 Keilly and Miss Frances McCormack.
Miss "Helen V. Drake. of Chicago, whfl
is long-distance touring. is breakiug
the joumev with a week'.- -ft>p at
BriarclftT, and has as gOflfltfl Mrs. Bld
? tx Starbuek, of Chicago, and Mr. and
Mrs. Jam.-s T. Mix and Miss Margarct
11. Mix, ot' New York.
Mrs. Andrew Litlle is entertainmg
her daughter and son-.n-law, Mr. and
Mis f B. Hurd. of Flberon, N. J.
Mr. and Mra. L. G. Dubois, of Dover.
Mass., Btfl i-u.kmg the Lodge headquar?
ters for a week while motoring to near
by point* of interest.
Mrs Hall Abbott. of New *iork, and
Mr*. Alfred Bedl'or.l Bl M M. Vflfl
ft.u->-ii. af Brooklyn, hav* arrirfld tor
thfl fall BflBBOfl al thfl Lodge.
iivei- Standaj ?rflgiatratiflfl of long
distflflflfl touring parties include Mr.
and' Mn. J- CilDflrt, of Rydal, Penn.;
Mra Jordflfl Stabler ar.d Miss Stabler,
of Baltimo-re; Mr. and Mrs. James M.
Wilcox. Mr. and Mrs. .1. A. Pearson, ot
Philadelphia, and Mr. and Mrs. Paul
Spencer and Mr. and Mis. Joseph A.
Kverett, of New York.
*,mong those lunching at the Lodge
to-dav were Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Kun
yon. of New Vork; Mr. and Mrs. K. II.
i'atton, of Fast Orange. N. J.. and Mr.
and Mrs. J. W. Whittlesey, of Yonkers,
N. Y._
Clapp Case Unfortunate for the
Nominee. Secretary Asserts.
Waihington. Aug IS. I hurges of
Char!"- E. Bnghflfl regarding the ap?
pointment flf Daflial K. Fiflfl to suc
ceed Henry t lapp flfl BSflifltaat ap
pra'.ser of merchandise at New York
drew the following staiement to-night
from Sflerfltary M.Adoo:
"Mr. Hughes la merely pettifogging.
He Is WfllflOBBfl to a monopoly of that
tield. The Clanp case \-> a vary un
fortBBBtfl one for his purnose. If 1
thought that the public was really in
1 ! would BBflhfl a statement
aboat it."
Commission Denounce* l.a*?>er* Who
Take Fee* for No Ser?ice?.
The activ.tics of some lawyer* and
other* in eollflCtiflg money from pr.;
? ? -. es on the prom
Billg an early parole bl
?fte htter tfl thr Bar A
from the Parole Commiflfliflfl y<-sterda\.
Benient Davis, chairman.
; writmg for the eommiaaion, said thal
if -"jfticient corroborative evidence
. ? aid be collected in aay individual
?:ic matter would be p*-esented tfl
?:on for -uch action as
Dflflytflg the promises held out to
prisoners by men who have been taking
way. M iflfl liavis wrote:
"The Parole I does not
der apphcatiens for parole frfllB
! outside BOBr-Nfl. Lsmjaxa, therefore,
! who t.ike money fo? *he purpose of
B| par,.,- I 11 ii< tflklag monev
Ieea whieh they cannot p?;i
Will Deliver Address Here to
Catholic Societies.
Boston, Aug. 13. Cardinal O'Con?
nell, of this city, announced to-day his
acceptance of an invitation to deliver
an address next Sunday evening at th*
opening of the eonvention of the Amer?
ican Federation of Catbolic Societies
in New York. His topic will be * Our
Country," and the addrefa is expected
to sound the patnotic keynote of Ihe
The meeting will bring together for
the first time on a public platform ia
this country, it is said, thfl three Amer?
ican Cardinals. Farley, Gibbons and
O'Connell, and the Papal Delegnte,
Archbishop Bonzano, of Washington.
All will have a part in the celehration
of the mass in St. Patrick's Cathedral
Sunday morning._
Many Golfers Out at National
and Shinnecock Clubs.
[By T-lefraph U Tha Trtbon* I
Seuthampton, K. Y., Aug. 13.- ("ool
weather mad. to-day ideal for golflng
nnd the links at both the National. and
Shinnecock Hills golf clubs were filled
with players I'reparations are eom?
pleted for the annuai invitation tour?
nament to be held at the National
Golf Club for three days, beginning
next Thursday.
Among those giving luncheons at
the Shinnecock Hills club to-day were
Mrs Albert S. Elv. Mrs. George Leary,
Mrs. T. Arthur Bai!, Mrs. Edward W.
Humphreys, Mrs. W. Rathbune Bacon
and Mrs. K. W. Kelly.
N arly all the cottage colony at-'
tended the services at the Church o.
the Seerad Heart of Jesus and Mary
to hear Cardinal Gibbons.
The Kev. Dr. Walton W. Battershall,
of Albany. is the guest of Mrs. Thom?
as H. Barber at the Claverap cottage
The final contest ln the tennis tour?
nament for the Babcock cup, played
on the Meadow Club courts, was won ;
by Miss Helen Trevor. daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Trevor.
One of the automobiles on which
ehances were issued at tha Merry
Whirl at Mr. Breese's orchard was won
by Charles Sabin.
Miss M. C. Turnball, of Washing?
ton, is snending a few days at the
Irving Hotel. Also there are Mrs G.
M. Hitchcock and Senator Hitchcock
nnd daughter, Miss Ruth.
Other guests at the Irving are Mrs.
R. D. Acosta, Miss M. D. Acosta. Miss
Andy Oshorn. Miss Violetta Proctor,
Kisa A. Q. Darie, Dr. N. G. Shield*.
C. B. Alker, W. J. Morgan, Mr. and'
Mrs. J. Louis Khret und Mr. and Mrs.
K. J. Farmer, all of New York City,
Mr. and Mrs. H D. Leopold and Mr.
aad Mrs j. \V. Brainard, of Brooklyn;
Mra, IL __. Carter. jr.. of Memphis.
Tenn.; Mr. r.nd Mrs. Wayne Parker
Congerman, o* Orange, N. J., and 0.
B. Wiekh.m and Mr. and Mrs. George
S Yail, of Cleveland.
First of Tennis Week Guests j
Are Arriving.
iBy T<._rraph *. The Trlbur,. *
Newport, R. I., Aug. 13. For a Sun
dav there was a large amount of en
tortaining among the members of the .
summer color.y here to-day. The fine
veather brought many of them out
far drives this afternoon, and there ;
araa a reeerd crowd at Bailey's Beach
in the noon hour.
M;ss Julin A. Berwind and Mrs.
George Henrv Warren gave luncheons
to-day, as did Governor and Mrs.
Beeckman to-night. Dr. and Mrs. Alex
ander Hamilton Riee entertained a
large party of guests at Miramar for I
dinner and there were also dinrf_rs !
given by Mra. Henrv P. Perry, Mrs.,
Ciarence W. Dolan, Mrs. Hamilton Car
hart and Mrs. Lawrence T. Paul. the
latter entertaining in rnnor 'of her
raeata.*'Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Mill**. of ,
Philadelphia. who were among those
? red at the Casino to-dav. Others
red are Colonel Char!ej L. Mc- ,
Cawlejr, I'. S. If. C, of Washington,1
who has joined rMs. McCawley as the i
of Mr.. Winthrop Gray for the I
S. I. Elbert, Walter Merrill Hall.
Miss Abhie Morrison, iMss Winifred
Tato ead Miss Molla Bjurstedt are
tennis week guests of Miss Adele Bull.
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Burden. jr.,
ire tha f Mrs. Hamilton McK.
Twom'olv, Mr. and Mrs. N. T. Niles
will be guests of Mr. and Mrs. Stuart
Duncan this we-.'k, as will Hosmer J.
Barrett and Miss Marion Stoddard.
First of Thirteen Hearings Set
for Augusta, Me.
W.i-hington. Aug. lt. Dates and
places uere announced here to-night
for thfl Brat thirteen hearings to be
held by the Farm Loan Board for com
piling information on which it will di
tha country into twelve farm loan
districts, under the new rural credits
law. and determine the location of a
Federal loan bank in each.
The tirst hearing will be at Augusta.
lll-.. a week from to-morrow. and will
be fullowed by a trip across the con
tiaeat to Spokane. where the first leg
of the board's tour will be eompleted
September 4.
The itinerary, so far as worked out,
with the dates of hearings, follows:
Augu.--ta, Me.. August 21; Concord,
W H., August 22; Hartford, Conn., Au
...; Sprmgiield, Mas>.. August 23;
I'tica, N. Y., Augu.t 24; Lansing, Mich.,
AogBBt 25; Ma.li-on, Wis., August 2t5;
Des MoinflS, Iowa, August 28; Sioux
EL u , Aagaat S*): st. Paul, MIbb.
Aaguat II; Farro, ... D., SeptOB.ber 1;
Helena, Mont.. September 2, and Spo?
kane. Waah., September ..
From Spekaafl the board will go to
Oregon and Califoniia, and return
across the central part of the conti
rent. Later a trip will be taken
through the South.
Strays to Twelfth Floor of Loft
Building-?Is Seriously Hurt.
Wa'chmen in the twelve story !oft
building at 424 West Thirty-eighth
Street yesterday heard screams com?
ing from the elevator shaft. They
found Charles Sherwood. fifteen, of
45;i Nmth Avenue, wedged between thfl
floor of the elevator and the door of
the shaft on the top fluor.
He was fre?d and removed to the
New York Hospital suffering from
r-r OBB internal rnjuries. How the
boy got into *he building ia unknown.
C___A______T 1. WEBNIR.
Charles .1. Werner, tw.n'y-thre*
years old. died Saturday night at the
home of his parenls, East Orange, N.
J., following an UlBOBfl of several weeks
from heart disease. He was graduated
from a New York high school and had
been prominent ifl athletics. The funeral
will be held on We.lnesday afternoon.
? Ilt (.EOI{(.*K Tl RNER.
London, Aug. 13. The Right Honor
able Sir Geerge Turner, former Pre?
mier aad Tl -ri-urer of Yictoria, died
Baly to-day ifl Melbourne. accord
. a di.-patch ro Reuter's Telegram
! company. li? waa born in 18-1.
Hospital at Latisana, Italy,
Attaeked, Relief Com?
mittee Hears.
- I r.
NOW $281,418.10
American Red Cross Ships a
Consignment of Shoes for
Belgian Children.
The Vaeation War R?*';ef Commi'tcB
thia week received a leiter from Ma?
damc C. Mazzuchi, who i* in charge of
a military hospital at Lati?ana. Itatv,
which ha3 been a*.?ist?d by the com?
mittee. Madame Mazzuehi tell* of ?n
aeroplane raid in which one fll I
assistant nurse* was seriouslv injured.
She a*k* for supplie*, such as linena,
aressing gowns, jersevs. *ltppers and,
in fact, everything that can be used in
a hospital.
Contributions to the Yacation Relief
Fund last week totalled $1,142.4-1. mak
in-r a gr?nd total of $281,418.10.
British-Ameriean Fund.
The British-Ameriean War Re'ief
Fund, 6**1 Fifth Avenue. acknowledg<*s
the following check* recently received:
John G. Milburn, $100; M*-s. Herbert
L. Satterlee, $10, and C. F. Ayer. $10.
Auguit Belmont, treasurer ff tho
Committee of Mercy. 200 Fifth Av.?
nue, reporta a total of contributior*.
received, including fund* raised ir?
eooperation with allied eommittees,
of $1,648,301.75, of which $5,463.67 haa
been received during the Ia*t week.
The contributfon* to the American
fund laat week amounted to $16,283 3;.,
while to date the contributions to the
Joint Distribution Committee. of fund*
for Jewish war sufferers. have amount?
ed to $5,677,807.88.
The American Red Cross last w-*k
forwarded 131 casefl of supplie*. valued
at $5,050, to France, and also shipped a
large consignment of shoea to Bel?
gium. to be used by Dr. L W. N'eele
man in his work for children. under
the patronage of the Qneen oe I -
giam. Another ahipment of eiothing
collected ty the Armenians in this
countrv, wa* aent to Russia for thfl
use of Armenian war sufferers.
Many Supplie* Shipped.
The American Girls Aid ihipped tet
Krance on the Roehambeau. arhieh
sailed August 6, a large consignment
of supplies. To date. the organization
has received contributions amounting
to $2i'.!>4H.40 and has provided Amer?
ican "godmothers" for 137 orphan*.
The Polish Yictims' Relief Fund,
33 West Forty-second Street. receivfld
this week contributions amounting- o
$1,064.71, bringing the toUl receive i
bv the organization up to $410,7."j. '.<:'.
The Polish L'niversity Grants Com?
mittee has received $11550 recently
toward its fund for destitute Brflfaa
sors and seholara who are refugees
in France and Switzerland.
At a meeting of the American Relief
Committee on Wednesday plan* for B
nation-wide campaign, to be carried
out thi* fall. were dlseussed. During
the week the committee received about
$1,500 for German widow* und orphans.
Jarne* A. Blair, jr.. acting treas
urer of the Committee for the Relief
of Belgian Prif-or.ers in Germany, ac
knowledges a check of $10 from Mr-.
C. W. Hubhard. and one of $50 from
Mrs. Herbert L Satterlee. As treas
urer of the National Allied Relief Com?
mittee, he has received contributions
amounting to $2,235 durin-- the week.
Purpose I* to Facilitate Forei(-n Gold
Mexieo City, Aug. 13. Word ha*
been received here that for the purpose
ut facilitating purchase of gold draft*
on the outiUde world the commission
appointed to regulate the selling pricfl
of hemp produced in Yucift.an, headed
by the Governor of the State, General
Salvador Alvarado, has put out an
,- of paper monev backed by de
posits of Mexican and American gold
in Yucatan and Aniene-ui ij..:i-.>. Gold
drafta ara being so!d la exchange for
thi* pai)4>r.
That there can be no doubt a* to the
?*curity for the pap.'r. Gflflflral Alvar?
ado ha.s exhibited nublicly in safes an.l
strong boxes at Merida the gold held
in Yucatan.
S>mphony Orchestra of Sixty l.ed by
An open air concert was given in.
Central Park Saturday afternoon by a
symphony orchestra of sixty pieces
under thfl direction of Arthur ClflflBflflfl,
at present conductor of the Syai|
Society of Ban Antom... Tea .
formerly conductor of th.- I.iederkrun'
Society and Arion. of Brooklyn. The
concert was financed by several citi?
Mm*. M;riam Ardini. of Bfll
Opera Company, tapxaaa, and Court
ney Kastler. Unor. were the .-oloiits.
An lrew?. Edward R. Studwell, Y.dv. I a.
! McGill. M ..v I H. Vond.-rmuhi:. A. M.
, .Munger, Mary S.
' ANDRIWI At Putney, Yt., A-ig
Fdward Rflyflold I -. I Bfl
trtn, in hlfl Mth ye.r.
1 M'GILL AugiW 12, ItlB, Mai;. I.. II.
wife of George W MeG I.
? ter of Wil'iain ? rgi Hari ...
I.evinia Pi-.-oies, of Mwickle**, rl 81 ,
at her residence, 214 Bivei
Funeral and interm?-nt at conv.-r .ence
of family. Georgetown Wb
ton. D. C) and Bflflricklfly, I'enn.,
papers please copy.
! MCNGER- On I Uflfffl I 19,
] Mary Stout. widow of thfl late M,
Dwight Munger. Kuneral ai'd intcr
rnent at Canandaigua.
8TUDWBLL Di?d a- Ba
V Y., Sundaft A !? dwlfl
A. Studwell, ui thfl 00th sear at hu
Iage. Fur-. lence
Wednesday, AflflJWBt Id, Bt 10 ?
a. m.
' YONDFRMl'Hl.l. Anna Margarot,
vounger daughter of AJfrfld E. IM
Mary Anderson Von.iermuhll. ?,ud
denly on Sunday. August 13, at thfl
home of her pannts. 10 H?-i:?. n a\ ,
Montclair. N. J. Funeral pr raaa*
Please omit Iflfl
TltE WOOI>l.\V""*. 4 r.MEt I.RT
llll .-? ?> Uarl? ar Trail***,
*_*'.* f flflBfl ' ? ? f r aa'.a.
? flu* 81 /?? 114 fll. M. 1.

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