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ije Declares "Humanitari
laisflT Musl Not Menace
Country *s Idcals.
progressive Leaders of
State Indorse Repub?
lican Candidate.
Ha nvv m. LEEI
-humaniurian" r
made hen I
from un
? I
? min
tent that ha
aaa a arge
' ?' '
vcores Piflaarratk < Utfaaa.
..... readtha tei
ned be
- "
: ?
-e wa?
?as be- ,
? abroad in
? .
I '
Bould Be Juat to l.abor.
? an re
aat acl
;. eom
? ?
? - ;. . it
"' tl ?
__ ? ?
down nnd ? ? r to f?rce of
? ?
Attarks ?llumanitariiini.m."
Mr. Hughei struck a note thal aaa
... _} old
Prei -
. ? -,. m," the
Of thr Wll
"If \ae are to cheriah humanitatiail
very pood," he said. "hut
bc i-orrect n OUf diplnmaey. or
i obi trooble a-d
4. " Ich we
? ' ? ? vo.
MWe must keep the resp
lo the 1
and BUpporl them in every |
'.. ? .... ? then to nnderstand v/a
? irfere ofleioualy
in th- Bat we want 1
one underatand thi? preat m
ta primo policy, will at all
ar.d everywhen B the
?i want to see adequate mi I ?
r.repa-. -
it v re not
| ?? am
na, and
? .-.nn on
ourth that reall) ? not want our
Early Returns Show Great
Strertirth for Jcffries.
Milwaukee. Sept. 5. Senator I.a
Folletti ? te day the pri
? blican nom
ination for tor, but
early ? how that, if he ha.-,
? ?
eattered re
rna fi gave La I
The La 1 ttl are turn -
record. The
-? Republican diatriet bb the
other hand trong, deapite
t the country \ otfl
? ? ? . ? ? il ready ap.
...... . ? : .
i Governor F. C.
McGovern, Bull '?' it for
? '.'? II Hatton,
Says L\ Ambassadnr Is Quali
tled T<? Be Senator.
"1 he re--: '' Ir :f"^'
the oppor
... . ....
erienced; a
??. Amer?
ican ? id teat
Thal ? n' Job ri.
Republicans yesti
Bacon for 1 '' 'r;
he favored Mr. Bacon and waa
rking noraination, i
.- ? primary eam
??\v -? ? per onal pride of opinion,
let my judtrment
.? ? : mmi
leration tr.e can
f Mr. 1 "' have
e to Mr.
? -
reer * uld be a further
B to the
... give inereasi
..... .
l ? . ? , ? ?
Awaiting Senience, They Cut
Bars in Brooklyn Courlhousc.
While waiting tenl on per.
f thi e at Brooklyn
... ' ' ? : imarl
' ?
. front
. the irl i ,u"r-- were
... h loe r 1
: ? first
the flve-foot arall
ng.Street vl
- him, was
g his gi
rchi ? ?
?. . t senl
It tO BI
le, ll
Bather Drowns In Janaica Bay.
? rg ii B
Money By Wire
To jret money there quickly and to
the ri^ht person is often vital.
Money Transfer
i* the quickest, surest, safest meana
to send money anywhere for any
Canvass Indicates They'll
Help Beat Democrats in
Monday's Election.
Opponents Predict They
Will Elect Their Guber
natorial Candidate.
i ? ?- a BtaB f eneponaaal ef Th* TrlttoM 1
Auguata, Me. s>r?. r, Tha
Moose of Maina have returned tr. tha
Republican fold, according to the rc
sults of an unofTicial canvass of Ox
ford Frank in eeuntias, reeeived
? ? l ' night Two years ago
countiea, hich the Pragreaaivea
w r re atrong, pave Baaatantial plurali
to the Deraocratic ticket
The figurf." reeeived to-night, how
ever, indieata a good aised najority
Republican eandidatai and an
. Republican rietorj Mon
atate election. ihe Democratic
plura ?rd two yeara ago waa
.,.,; ? . ... night
eatc i Republican plurality Monday
:?: Frank in tw.
lha Democrati had a plurality i I
The eanvai i ahewi a K< pubhean plu?
ra "? ' I ?
Reporti reeeived from other c 11
alao iadieata the Bull Mooae, with
conripai il few axeaptioaa, are
iroing to mpport the Republican can?
didate!'. Eighteen thousand r*regTi
aivaa voted for Halbert a Gai
their candidate for (iovrrnor, twa ?
ago, snd il the eanvaaa la a n
. ar leaat M pei cent of them
will vol --,??-.? Mon?
day. Aroatook County report
Republican majority of more than
i The Repul earrii
ago by .'.'. but Gardfler re?
eeived tei t is e -i" cted
\?ar to almost doubie tht- raa
two yeara ago.
ihe Democratic leaders diapute I
run t energel
fire depending on Bull ' e voti ??
earry the 1
and thej poinl to the faet that
0f ti ? rai n-.hf r1- of thfl Pro
I . e State Committee are sta
? ? i Di mocratie ?
former Proj - ?'/? '"r '? ?
, . ? a ned the I'emocratic
cauae. The Republicam do not seem
t4j he worried about this. howevei
thr leaders bave inereaaed th" i
d etiona to a majority of 15,000 Itofl
the rar.dida.cy of Frederick Hale r^r
Senator ia provinjr the
spot in the Republican ticket
Republican leader.- say he will wifl,
but that his majority will be eonaid
? w that of (%rl Milliki
publiean eandidata for Governor, and
Berl Fernald, ?'?-" a candidate for
United Statefl Senator, to till the va
cancy made by the death of Senator
Mr. Hale, unlike Srnator Johr.son,
hii opponent. aeeking reelection. is not
much of a rr.ixer, and tha* eountfl a
up here. Johnaofl
. -., n ?' ' a free trader, and
atei are fraely made that he m ,\
run at li .?r 7,000 votea ahead
of hia ticket. A Republican majority of
however, will iand M r. Hale
aaffl and sound, and the leaders here
?t Btorfl than that.
Had Been Warned Away by
Mover, Who Is Arrested.
In spite of the waraiagi ol the fur
niture mover- that he would jret hurt
if hc didn't mova away, Joaeph
|, of 81 \".-terdam Ave
ruf.t eontinued to :f on a \4oodrn
in front of M Manhattan Ave?
nue yeaterday and Buperintend tl
? | of a piano in'.o a third story
. police chased him awav oncc,
hut he returned and perched OBee more
thfl horae. A minute later thi
? ..... | || . parted and the piano
rf-a-hed dowa into the street, literally
I when it hit the pavement
A bit of the cover hurtled throuph
the air ar.d Btrueh the child in the
. jt. He araa taken
kerbockcT Hospital
Manv Saved from Blazing House.
I dosen familiea wara earrled from
a burnina tenemeat at 149 Havemeyei
Street Brooklyn, early yeaterday morn
in- Several peraoBa were nearly un
.- from auffocatioB. Ihe blau
. - Hed in the lowar hall with
k> rosene.
Shadow LawrTs Pink Tea Ways
Rile Nation's Plain Democrats
"Dignified Campa.grT Meets with Disfavor?Wilson May
See State Delegations or Abandon Summer Capital
to Answer Flood of Invitations.
Demoerata threaghoot the eountry do
. . io thi laa af a "diajained eaw
I ." dended upon hy tl l casapaiffl
comm ?"? ?
ull right for thore who can go
odow I.awn and hear V, ? ?
speak from his front porch.'
"hut how about tho. e of us who
v,r. Wa ahjoet ta heiag If
nori ! '
j ..; u;.- added tO the fl.me by thi
BBBOBBI . ? ' ' ' thal thr I'r.
, ? ? abaadOB thr \,\g front porrh un?
der the Htately trees a little later and
rj i-t<- bfl w..s Boeded, r rom
.., .-,.,... of iBvrtatioBfl aad n
poan d into headqaai ?
.?rnerit It aoemi he is
i r. ded in evei '??'? 'a fhe Union
,?(..1 haa luen the derniind for
.bbb Vbbcb C, M
, , , .. ided te v" to Wa i . .
.l take m liat of the Iflvlta
.... ,, .,, Preaidi nt e?n deeide which
robabh thal all
will he deeflnod flad Mr Wileen will
. ,,,. ? Bchedola ef vialt
'-'<? dolafatioaa
Willi.rn M Ha' r. eSBipatgB BUH Bgei
'?r laaifli I- rlookflr*! eandidai ?? foi
publican BomiBotlon fur
? , , trollor, lald laal i Ight H
itlon ?? thi primarti | thii aionth
waa jir.rtic.lly ??>'l"l ltoo.rr ? .t '
titadfl he said, that the Republican
"eleaning ita own
,ht much commenda
.??? rn.ined that hii 0| I
for r' ' ' M' T1"8^'
rmitted to evade the
mpaign and
Mr H'X'h'-r aent iinoihcr ettei i
. ?? .
i curred bi the W I
ta trip to tha Paaaaaa
Nf/Uaoi' BIub l<' " Iba titla fiveii
to ? eroup of l A/;rh
, on riew at the epeaiag of thr
. eampaign exhibit
,,,r, 221 Broadway, tfl !?>' Bl noon
Theac model treat j bui i ?ua Bfld
?atii ei ' ' ' " ::;h'1' ?*
. '.'. ' ?"" : -:
arith the Me ean muddle, Deai i i c
Demoerata," tha United Stati tri
? ., ?..,( tha l oagrei hobbI i ora
rtauiaatta Feah, one af 'he beal
rormerly ? Prograaalae. dropped mio
. . .,i headquartara yea
tarday and announeed aha wai ?
n/ilaon win Miaa Funk I
lo,Z talk witk ' liBlrmaB Met orraiek.
aid aha I.?-1 "- w",!"" *"'"'
? -. . action thal thej bb
J,, ,,,| th* Prei ident'i eouraa ragard
[af the ivffraffl o/ieet.O'fl
Hughes Pleases G. 0. P.
by Arbitration Stand
Party Leaders Feel That Nominee Has Found an Issue That
Will Be Potent in the National
- , - . . ...,,
Waa] agton, Sept. 6. Republicans ifl
Washington were partieulai
to-day at Charles E. Haghea'a BBt
footed deelai tion for arbitration in
labor m.de a* Nashville,
Tenn , \ tei The prompt-.ess with
the Republican candidate ha.<
leixed upon the weakaesi of the Ad
ministratioB ia tha recent railway
- a ?ource of general
? ? amoag party leadera at the eap
? day. There waa ? feeling that
thi ireah poiat af the Admiaia
tration may hava btOB I
Eajaally pleaaing were the reporti af
?he accepiar.ee of Mi Hugbea'i decla
- Opealy hoatile
to the Republican candidate. who ir. the
....... .( | paoct had heen
heckled considerab'y by Wilaoa syrr.pa
thizers. the deelaratiofl that hi i
"opposi ? being dietated to sithei
the exi ent or Cong
I re the faeti
are known ar.d m the abaeaci tt tne
facta,*1 met witl tremei n applau.-e
The fact that the demonatration lai-te.i
for -everal minuti ' ht're
..... i gnifieant
Busincss Men kroflflflfll.
s. aatora an 1 Reprc eaUt - hava
rei ahelmed durir.c the laat fea
? tl letl ? i? ' ?? ? a~?mi '!"RI
- md eommere al arga' '"
tricU eondemning Con
greis'i luirender to tne railway broth?
erhood?. Not a few of their.. I
made rathei ineasj
I ? ":? ..ready
... for reeleetion, ren
?? ' more diffieall by tl e fmlure of
i nr gr< ? tfl adiourn. and now 'he right
BBother alo
of ronfusion.
Thu? .Icetion potefll al I ei of jhe
onke weri
in ir. the lol ?
the Capitol to-da Repub
lican. nor y?t eorr.mit
them.elvea to a dear-cut exp:
Both arr i
I * - the full reaetion <n the
.-.,- to the ' dramat al
? ed through ?b Satarday
fflr aa can be determined new, it
can attack,
' . I nol be oa thi
taelf so much
f its paasagi N I
? . r mpa t h
-ith the b :.. bul they fear the p.
eal reatd ' *' *ha' would
, .... ,. ftult OB the measure it.-elf.
Goes to Atlantic City Friday.
Then to Shadow Lawn.
Waahington, Sepl I Proflldaat Wil
BOfl ieturne.1 to Washir.irton to-day
from Hodgenville, Ky., and immodiaU
I. began work iacideat to the adjourB
ment of Coni
,....,? - .,;.?? the National
ii Womai ? '' - ? * SOCIa
After the Atlantic Citi addresi the
lenl plam to i tabliah himael
at his summer home. Shadow Lawn, at
remain there
durintr praetieally all of the Presidaa
.. at Lone Rrann the Pr -
?ontinue to att ' ?' husl"
neai bol ? ' i'T*
o?, 20 h<
to make a IP""
To-day tha Prei deal urged l hair
man Newlai
' ommittee on Railroads, ii
I ,r.y. to been. as soon
?, Dova,ble. an invi ? gal on of ques
th, recently
threatened railroad Stl
Man Seizrs 1'istol from Midland Shoot
ing l.allery.
i. the band leader broaajht h:s
rn on the final BOU B the
... er 0f the evening eoneert on
Boardwall '?' ? B"c_
' Bight ar.d prepared
to bow aehnowledgemenl of the ?p
?ied by
a pistol >hot. . n__
ing toward a shooting jral.ery
from whieh -he BOUnd had come. they
found a well dreaaed man dead OB the
walk with a bullet hole ifl hia rifhl
? , h n lay bb MtogwtU
? ed from thi
nllery while the attendanl i
ir.K !?," ???'? 4-..:..-ei' ' ' '
pcrmitted I wheri con'
I certs are heing givei
f newapaper ??? found ir
n whieh wa
William Koenig, Duboil Avenue
W< ' H bolu i. N. J-"
Io attack the high-haadad manner in
,j railroaded throuch
i ongreaa at tha dictation of the
id Iea lera, on the other hand,
arould be free from this del'.caey, but,
in the opinion of many ve'.eran cam
paijrr.er-. would be even more efTective.
Situition Without a Precedent.
The MhumiliatioBM vialted on Con
eress laal week, h> theac RepublieaBa
-. lias never been dupiicated ifl
Ameriean politieal history. Never. even
l id Mark Hanna.
did a power ever aet Itaelf up so openly
' --a'e arhat Congress should do.
And tO have th* hrotherhood leaderfl
-"?:.-. thfl
fapitol itsi I ar ta be m touch
to.fl, they ma.:
? "d:scrace."
The ;:? pa 'ave a'.so been
.- ?'. , . ?: their deteraaiflatiaii to
-ue "?! thfl fltlihfl hy the
rrowing inea ni aad auap el i
the shippers. Seaatara < ommina *: I
.... aln ady v...c*d the i
.- ?'..??101 with any harjrain that
?o an increaaa id fraight rates.
.er> ly passe*. on
the b '! to the public 'o pay, Repub
:.,. decidedly ur.popular
with th.' voters.
Several Senatava, wha are going to
N'ew York tO confer with thfl Muehea
. K--i mar.??"r> after 'he adjourn
I ? - Thuraday, it i- un
., diacasi ?".* issaa in
great deta I Already thera haa been a
general gounding o.r of the party a
on the BjeeatioB, and
on their repliea and the ror.frrences
will depend the party'* attitude.
I'eare Slogan Relied.
To mee*. the Repur-'. -?. ittach th*
Demoi a apparently prepared aad
? , ? n ar* confident that the
.-, ol "h* kept us out of
vh:" ? as effectively here as
. ? ? ^ | ere.
The advan'ice* of that course. how
r:.! high 'he nnce might temporan'.y
? . ..-.,. -a || wf gr. higl *r with
han any abstract .! KUBSiOB
- arl -rat;..r."
?.?;,? .,? at out: That
..? went into the situation
? ? irae ha adopt
ae that would save
? v from disaster; that the
virNimjr on the arbitration
.' . tl permanent aban.
?? ent. and tha- the President stood,
?- alvsay- ha-. for humBBity as
-?: rnr>;.der?':ons. They
ghl r.our day is too
gel erallj BCCej ted by r-oriety tO be su?
Vvd already forti
????.! hv *uch measure* as the child
labor bill and the workmer.N rompen
;,r'. they are confident they can
beat o'T aay Republican assault from
that quarter.
Returning Labor Day
Parties Swell Acci
dent List.
Seven death* due to automobile ac
aatfl were reported yesterday Many
more p4Tsons were injured. Some of
the acc ' ?? arera due '-.. late-return
ing Labor Day parties.
Two were killed on Ftaten Is%nd.
Marie k| ' ???> flf Sll Kast Th'.rteenth
.-?reet, got out of a taxicab in Li
noleumville and started to cross Rich
mond Turnpike to the home of a
friend. when an automobile knocked
her down. She died in St. Vmcent's
?.al, Weat Rrif-htor. ("harles
? n or, of UBOlcBBBVllla, was the
driver of the car that h.. her.
Auguat Wigcrt, a coal merchant. oi
S16 Waat Forty-llfth Street, fell from
an automobile roadater a* it jouncec
across the ra.lroad crossing on Rich
mer.d Turnpike, New Hnghton. A real
w'r.eel passed over him. and he died
later in the hospital. He was nding
OB a seat built on the running board
In attempting to avoid coilision wit'r
i, wagf.n, Samuel Sartin, of 110 Boule
vard, RoCKaway Beach. swerved hii
car abruptly to or.e s:de yesterday ar.;
ran over four-year-old Nathiin Dul
berg, of tU Washington Avenu*
Rockaway Beach. The accid.it Bfl
curred in fror.t of the child's hom?
The I -aken to the Rocka-va;
It,.;,,.. ? . *hera he died a aher
wh'le later from a fracture of th.
skull. SarMi v?a? he'.d blameless.
An automobile in which four me
u,-re returr.ing from a picr.ic up.-e
Montclair, N. J., ear'y yesterda]
morning BBd B.rr.ard I.impcrt.
Mount I'r I IBUB. Newark. wa_
killed. The other three were IBjured
|and are in Mountainsidfl Huspita.
? ? n r.
Ilnrrv Cimpbel! wa* run over an.
r i ;'n North Caldwall, N. J.. by Bl
l automobila owend by Fredenck J
? er. of BrooKl>n Mr. Fischer
IchaulTeur, Krar.k vYilliama, ?-a- p.u^?*.
i in the rustody of the t'hief of Police
Ihe dr var of an automobile lost coa
! trol of his machine on a hill on th
(Jreci.-*.! I uae Turnpike, near Pa'
N. J , and 'he car caps.zed
rhomaa Matthewa, mar.atrer of the Mid
: park ' N. J. ' Hotel. wa- I I
and another pa<s.-nger senously in
? i oroi < r DflBI . of Paterson. ha
-?^r'.e.i an lavestigatiea of the acci
Jen? Neilson wa* killed by a deliver
? -v.h;le near hifl home in Ne'.
Bruaswiek, N. J. Lara Hansen. drive
of the <'i>r, -urrender.d himself to th
H* ^a:d that Neilson staggcre.
The fatal "S" eurve ot the "vnnder
? (up course at Alberton, I.
tnipped another machine y.sterd..\
Thre.- aviation iBBtruetera from Por
Washington and a mechnnic. r.one o
n, know of the dangeroui teit
flunf; out whafl tha car r?r.^ei:
Howard Ingalls. of Chicago, is in th
Vaaaau Hosp Ui, MineoU, his left laj
'ru.-tured. The others were able t
ra hf.rne after their injunes had beei
? d.
Pj,Uu CbbbbbIbbIsbtt WH1 tlea on Mnr
ray Hill.
j. | te Cnrr.mis-ioner Arthur Wood
I,, brida are to be res:dents 8
Murray HilL They have leas-d th
dwellinu at 110 Eaal Mtl Street fror
Miaa Fraaela Braeks, the present ten
aal through the Deaglaa P.obmaoi
i harlei 8 Brown CompaBT.
The hoa ' bfl eBtiroly ramoi
i , lled and ?hen furni>he.l for Mr. an
I Mra IrVoodfl
Special Train Will Carry
Party from This City
Next Month.
Writers. Speakers and So
ciety Workers to Have
Part in Trip.
Womefl nr? to invsde the West ir
? ???> ? terest of Charlei E. H
It u to he a real invasion and BOt
merely a flying trip. For thi ral I BM
m the hiatory ? ' tha woi ' a. .
womea'i political ipeeial traia ? h
u-"d for u i tour.
It is to be manaped and financed by
women. and will carr^
ica'i l iremost women, ?
nnd workera, who have declared in
favor nf the Republican party.
Mary Robrr-a Rinehart, Gertruda
Atherton, lr.ez li i more, Marii
Van Vorat and ZoBB ( BTfl among
thoae who will no.
Othen Of prommenee include Mrl.
Henry Moakowitx, Mra. agjnei Iliddle.
MiM Heleii Todd, Mra. Kaymond
Robins, Misi Man Di " Joaepn
1 Bowen, Min Mary Anl .? " i
Plagg Voung, Mra i hai ea Beai I
Miaer, Mrs V, <>. Simhkoviteh
and Fdna Ferber.
Women of BOCiety will p'ay s promi
nent nart m the traBB-eoatinental trip.
Mr Harry Payae Wbitaey, Mra. Aliee
p....,.? Longworth aad Mra Mary
Harriman Rurrm > hav< ent telegram
to more than five thousand wom. r. IO
cially promment ifl th- I nited Statei
who' live in ri! ' ? which the
train will pass asl to turn out
and welcome the ipeakera
Thr train arill leave New York early
next month. and be'ore its return wil!
? -iore than or.e hundred cities, car
r ? ? i ? ? age I i aeeflflity for
.in th? BBOvensent for
Amencar iam.
The journey, which ia to represen.
the Republican party, i :r
dorsed bj 'be Hughes Alliancc and
;. ndents, a* well as tha Republi
eai national eommittee. Although the
women will have entire eharge of th.'
trip, the me< ? t ? b for I oth men
and women. A wi Rei iblican
in each eity will open the ma I ?-?
and introduea tne vP. . ere tho
tra'n only itopa a few minatea piat
form addiov-es will be given.
(,o?ernor> Psmphlet Will An-wer Sea
bury's CrltleUaaa.
(jovernor Whitraan'i eampaigB ma/i
agen declared yesterday that the op-n
letter addreBaed fo the (,over
formcr ludjre Seabury, his Dem - I
opponent, ehallenging him to eite ia
stancea of progressive tendem ?
Btration, would be answered
111 the pamphlet the (iovernor woult!
aead voter* ifl a few days. In thu
hia stewardship in off.ce is reviewed
The pamphlet will probably be ready
by the end of the week, and will bl
mailed to the enroilcd voters m the
The (Jovernors pamphlet la writter
I in a frar.k manner, and h:s eatnpaign
manaper^ believe it will carry eoovie
tion. The $20,000,000 d n cl itate taa
which hai been one of the WI tl
administration asatters subject to con
siderahk' criticism. w-.ll be fullj
eussed, 'opether w;*h the whole finan?
cial policy of the administration.
Primaries Over, He Says
Campaign for Hughes
Will Speed Up.
Declares Lukcwarm Tales
of Candidate's Trip Were
Begun Here.
William R Willcox. Repuhlican na
rman, per". tt
I luxury af I
He hi. | aat Bl il
' that he was about to
he had ever tackled.
The thoucht that he v,
at t
| taae was the signal (
laughter. Evei ?.???* ?
the CHmp;.:gn management. he
| be put on a
: are over.
Mr '.\ ? aaa extren
no li al ?? ' '
ia No
? r Reporti
I he ha
? f the
. Republican majority which tha
... .re \\ .... ,.\->*,'t
l.owest rNtimate, 150.000
"The loa
? of the Republican plurality in I
? matea were KI A I'
Hert, Republican national eomn
man of Kentueky, told mi I
uas certa.n to taae a |
pubhean column in the N'ovemh. -
ton. Mi.->oun
tha nol ... |
ful stata 1 n Ind sn >. of e rae, I
ligh I th two Senatoi
I But it
"(iovernnr Rughes heard. like
that thi re were re;
uf lukewarm recept
ng tour at ime plaeei thi '?'? ? I
Me ua< delighted with the reccption
he reei ?-, ? re.
"In Sl I nis, where I attended ?
i meeting he addr. ised in the i ..'n-'eum.
. the pnerrr.o.;. ? 1 and
? enthusiasm for Mr. Hughea Was 're
mendous. Th:s lukewarm re ?
i story in the West pu7.7l.-d ever
[ tamiliar with *he faeta, Thaj
tl ? al! su.-h reports came from the
, Kast and not from the piaces where
: the Governor hr,d - ?
"We are going to put pep into the
' eampaign in New York just
ment it is needed. We can flon.l tha
? ?? w-ith speakers at aay -
, There i>= no use doing this until after
; the pi
Hitchcack Vlaita Chairman.
Kran'< H. Hitchcock ipeat a half
! hour w;,h t%- chairman yeaterday.
Mr. Willcox "-iiid afterward 1
glad tfl hear that Hitchcock v.
| to take a trip through the
1 ful stH'e*. Arrargon-'.
h<> axplaiaed. wara made through
'.'. ? --rn heaflquartf rs, whic
everyt | that kind in Ita own
territory. Mr ?'
matter'- to Chicaga, ho BBBerted. The
af Mr. Hitchcock'a departura Weat
B p?n.
He made a viait ro all tha depart
tl at headquarters yesterday snd
?,-pe,-t for the
hich he said might
? ;tiOB one way or
?? ? West. Mr.
s ok .t the
.' he believe* thi y
.ire fll) 'or Mr HughflS,
Willeoi wil po to th.
:av. lea.ing
? ? BOJ . 4 . - |fl
ty miles from the
? ? , \ .IU?
t ee Hughi - *? the fur Monday.
- a
Fomer Ohio Charily Workcr
\\ ill Join Mrs. Sanpcr.
I>r. Fredenek A. Hlossom. former
manaper of the Associated t hariues of
will arrive here Monday to
gfl the hirth control headquarters
which Mrs Margaret Sanger hBfOfl ">
<h. Mrs Sanger announeed last
I.ater on, when "we are certain
11 ? pol i laterferaaea," to
,? p - ? v.a rhnica. une in
?her in
Brownavillc district, will be
"I hava already enpaped four r.uraes
? ? ? the eliaiea," s.id Mra.
. n pr Bloaaom n aehea
.;. *.<? w 11 determine ther
? ..n Wa ? alao select
,-,r> for "ur road flfllefl here on
? ? rk flf the
iganda will be i
?? ?- d."
i .-??.. na l
Cleveli ? ? r reeVriek A.
from Bail asera
Bfl thi
| Charitiei
Ho u .. ...rk for th
iritiei aad
? ?
e work of the
ough l W \\
? ? '
? ? i ? Di B
iciatod l I arltloa la
June ? iwiag hii ali ?
the Hirth Control
- a>
65. Can't Get Work, Seeks Death.
j , . p v. i itriff, af I ? ^nu'h <ocr.,i
ll uned from bitler
? r; e worid koldl : B
? for ? fl bi
haired iftei tri ing
: work, he b-aped fr..m
home yesterday
lying al ? -trict Hofl
Sn 9Detjuate ?.\pre^ion
of tfje J?ampton 3bea
IT was the thoughtfully pleas!ng
arrangement of their Furniture
?the nice disposition of each
individual Berg<*-re and parquetry
inlaid Commode?that gave to the
18th Century French Boudoir and
Bedroom their atmospherc of b'r.rhe
somc charm and graccful fcmininity.
In the Hampton Galleries of Dec
orated and Furnnhed Intenors may
be seen not only dehghtful Furniture
from the atclien of leading Parisian
Cabmet-makers, but decorativepa;nt
ings, Chandelien of gleaming cut
crsstal and delicate Porcela:n$ as
well as the original ideas and trained
comprehension of artists slcilled in
the carrying out of Intenor Dec*
^ampton g>r)op_
IB SaBl jDth _?trrrt a^r

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