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Mi\ I Rl I-_MI M
Tire dealers say
that practically all
last year's United
States Tire users
continue to buy
United States Tires
this year.
sells anything the
second time.
ha t'-Tt*
trery bi^-h
;:itht first.
ro n.t
? ? s. d
? "rd tire
wi? h urutual
? '? ?? d q'i?li
A front -wheel
tire of extia
ro.le.rr* qual
Legislators, in Moditicd
Plca, Ask Governor to
Act as Peacemaker.
I xccutivc for Arbitration
law. but Will Not Call on
Senate and Assembly.
'.-nan flrlll i Ol i sll ?
f tbe letfislsture, He
? aaterd . ta thi eem*
of leglalatara irbe preoeated a
?o him at the St Reg bai
thair srfBtBSBtfl In favor of
.,., t,, deal with the
lation did not ali' r his fiewfl.
He x. .peeifl ? on in the
? of a campaign, and pnrticularly
one ealled to deal wltb BB dslieatS B
: uhject as liihor legislat ion.
Only seven of the cominit'<*e of nine
atora represeflting city d
. i.oxernor'a hot'l suite
t the a] pointed hour 11 8 tw? ab
nteai Kaaai > men Nathan 1?. Perl*
liftriel nnd Air red
, D Bell, of the 8fth, xve,e alao the only
I nei'ublirani on the eommittaa. Perl*
1 man ealled the aaoxcrnor un hefore
hand to sav he xaould not a'tend he
he did not fafor an r\tra r-c?
?r, h eoi id DeSB*
| *
Whitman Aaked to Make Peace.
State Senator John J. Dunnigan wa**
apokesman, remi i .? i Governor ?
ment which eonsiderablj modi
the refpie.-t. for a s-per.-.l ,-rssion
. .1 m the Biltmore c?- ' >'
ited. hn'our thfl itatfl be put to
? 4 nxpenflfl of an e\'rn BOflflion, the
? rftonally to bi ing the
rporatiom and
. ther.
"We do nol believi
ther partv to l
; ,i;,re to refuse tn meet ?* Iti
igfCSl ma mado hy thr Go
: ? ? ? ona parts to tha
- ?
ade hy
ml ?!-,'? ap
you We ' '
? ? Fort in y?ur
?o enforec * * latlana
? co. "
"If either partx re-fuse* to eomply
Ifl ? Tnade
' ' - <*""
? . ? * wi li are pre
by law whai yo-.i | avS
... ? ? -???"
I aaa rianncd l<> Stop Strike.
. . ? ? ... - i providea
ti 1 i tiea co r
-., ..,. i i<. employe agre? te ar
-- Bnd thii acrer
-.. ?
if a mlidemei ? ' ''?
..-,. hy a r'n"
. ? ? . tceed $600 foi eaeh offeni
. ?
I ? - . mploye, by a
r.rr-ed I
11 r. (iovernor toM hii vialtori " ??'
i 4 .. ?? I wil
'-ration. in th* ' "
i -hp publie Sei ?"*? Comi
. . .. ? . 'or a laa mllsr I
fnnrln.ierl frnm p?.? I
. . . ? nataiial aaa? li ftoeote ?f
raetare. An letoal eiwation of
. ii nol eontemplate!
. . - |||| of thoaa hrewerv --rork
,. ? I c?*ai werl 'r"' t few
I ? . laborirt,
. . - . ? r they hav. th- Ucit
?I n' their employera <n lakin? ,
n wai leea e??aemt'_ than Mr,
- - ng v '7'' poaitiveniai
?-,,. 150,000 perioni will bl Idll bv
??r.r- '1 Tlt
w..K tA-morrow," hi aaid ' ___?
,]sv flr.nthrr ]nn non will quit, and
- ? 100,000 ?lll Qoit Frioiy.
Elfhl) Inlon* Ma\ l.o Out.
"Eight]* uniona will iuit. batwi won't
make j ' - ? ame^ now."
eighty. be ixplaimd, included
? -.1 bodiei.. ; ?*1 lo
. \i.vie mirely U.cals.
Ioi fahoramai wera broutrbt
,,, i , _?? . ? . flral 1 r ' of a V.reaV. Ifl
thl n ' hit organi-'.aiiou ?-'h
; firenec
"I don'l kno*v the flril thing
about tha longahoremin," he _napped
h-vrfl not bad a reprcnenta
. | . rr- to-day."
? or rn town ?"'
?| , bot be ha-r-.'t bren
i ri onnor bad arrived, n d af'cr rrc
t thi rloUl ^ oi datock put
. ral ? ' bi al ?f tha
latlon In thi . a"d
headquirt. ri "f
. , \ ? .- ? ? Wood
? ? th Paul
eai aid, and 1 homai
ternational vice-prealdii I ?
? ? , i ., i oaat atrike. a
.- ?
WOI 't ttr kl to-morrow," ha
? and I mb foinf *? Waihii
.? . ? -i pnr- :"n
me iiinler the
?i Wil romplcted
tO-dl) " ...
??\. ' -._,, call a atrike Iiter?
?| , .pt, r to -' ? Mr. I.omper* ? ri
"and ne ba.-lc
ttl I hava
II 1 nnnor I.aurb* at Break.
? ! ? r i ; <_? r' h
tha ??* "??"ee and lhat li tbi i.
taad of iha
." iaid the leportrr.
r-ltal wa* I
? . . e report*. I
? | v. ith Fitzgerald on
and lv- undi ratanda me ;rr
Krom another aource, ktWtvlf, !? ???
,, i rifuied to
mll hia men out to-iW-., bat ga\"
: < t\'\ei\ v. jt|
o'lid c?ll them <"i' .i
., .. leretoi
? ? | : ? t hi did nit pi
? ir illow ' 1 ?
? ?. in a uailiat Aght
I .? la r> oorted ta 11_ aaid, "bul
. Mt ?'< '"nd of fightinp that ?,
. fo| ? i , ' of ? ?r .'il thl
.-? ' ' I '
i . .
era ta pull thl chei I oui of
? Va tr* 1',r a ln' if foUf 1
1 blntters. 1 hey hnr- bex
... .....
??\\e ^a-.e i o grtevanci. a ir eoatraste
.re being reapected by tba baaasai wa
: , nothii g bai * e? our IT1<*"
and xaeaken ou' org
what you asb. Aml xa r '011'; d> lt."
RiK Mcetinj- To-day.
Whether er Bot thfl
' of labor rhif"*. f ? be ralled in
?: ? tieet, l
iiorning is doubtful, There
doubt, hoa ? ? ? . ' intially
1 ? . tradfl in thi
there when Hugh rrav
neeting to erdi r al 10
? .... ?? :
,,' thr (.rganizationa in line
witl the Bjrmpathetie mevement will be
madf pabliC,
OrganitBtioi - which WBW ;aid to
lined up yeaterday inelndi
building tr* ? ? I Borough of Man?
hattan. Thin line-up. however. WB8
'miirr apparenl than rea luapen
- axpeeted nntil ? ? 1 cent ra'
I cil, made np of delegatei fr
eral boi
upon the quesl
led. for tl"- -
er ihe lor., 1 e the
finel \ ote, a mo\a that fl
1 any deeiflion until well Bfl xveck.
Thi axeeutivi I esm*
Btera' Union ! a. ? ? g ? , .
Brork in flympal
a' a iiieetir-ij. in the building
Eightl \..:. .1. ted
tei of George W. Plui Iti Sl J,
1 bb! al, s-oneral orjrar lier, 18 Id tl
xxouid ho t.4?.d a? a meeting of tha
buainei agenti of the twent) loea -
: io-.a.-. Hi isj :ii" oi der i
20,000 men.
Indrpendcnt r,f lh- lympBl
j moveraent, William B. FUagersld.
l^Hiler of the enr men, xa;a. cheerful
laal night. He wonld nol diflcu
phasc of 't. refrrriiij* al! ojueationeri
to the committee, nnd inaieting
1 - p?rt of the light , progl
I itrg-erald la ( lierrful.
"Kexvi r rar 1 1 I UI Op*
i eratnip ln The Bi a te daj." he laid.
. "That ihoa i 1,,, tl | .
Men i loflfl " l ? tgeral I and O'l
iold laflt nighl latter wa
within the farts arhen he aaid hi and
Pitagerald have a perfeel understand
| Areordmp; to tiirse, Fitzgerald has
'heen inellned to spprfse the ?
thetie movemenl ?*? anything more valu
? ahle than a move xvhieli iintrht shorten
.i- .-tnk<\ Th? imi sulhority
ha? it that hr told O'Connor he woald
nol expect him to ilo aiiythinc hr could
' ol (Ojuare a Ith hia men a
bc "i ee
Pitsgerald *aid lasl night that. he
knew of no pending move to aettlc thr
car atrike, nol havtng heai I of the eall
of Frayne, Tlmothy Healy BBd Morrii
llilqui*. on Mayor Mitchel in the efter
noo i. Thia viait, made Bl tho rei
of the Maror, wan for thr purpi
ii forming him of *
nat I el le iii... i "., i ?
Aceording to Mr. Mitchel and 'hr
lahor nirn. nOthIng WBI 'a'd ab< .
:' On made
that he had any move
"H* ivanted a clear itatemenl
altual lon," aaid Mr. Fl nd we
gn-e it tn bim, Tl a( ii all there xvaj
to it "
Sign Anti Strike ( ontracts
Brewery Drivers May Quit.
Staten l>!ar.d r<" men accepted la I
?'? r ? orV ing
bi tl i Richmond Llgl l
i on psny ?id signed eontracl - '?
thei to avold mpathel
offer, whieh on'w
the pa> from 25 eenl tO !
hour, flxei overtime pay al ih* raw
id a quai tei aad ?
ten-hour v orklng
it xaa- reported br?
Btaten I lai d rould b<
oul to day, and the tt
moet of the night dell
:;: of beer m ai' ton
Hebrew Trades Will Not
Retiini io Shops, Says
Labor Leader.
Needlc Workers, Painters
and Drivers Included in
Suspciision Order.
.4 ...... ||
??' ' ' ? '
berahip of il.Mll 100.000, all of
th? b rf< ' ?' ' 'nir'"?f'f' ,n ,h*
| rad_ Will Jail !? ,h**
jreneral inipiniiofl of work to-day. ac
rnrdmir to Morrii Felnatoni, uiliUnl
' lecretarj of tho United Hebrea Trade..
Thoaa of ihe . maller unionp among the
, 100 eonpriling the parent organiralion
[whieh hare nol > rt announced their
? quit Will d<> fl-o within two '
?\ r. Eeinata.ni deelam,
The full e:Tcct nf ihe work *ur-pc |
tion i';. the Hebrea aorkera will nol be
II Friday, howerer, li the J<
N'ew V.nr holidayi bafin lo-d.-y. When
the holidiy per od I Wtf a chance ?,,
?te thl aid thi Hebrew- workers
me preparad tl girl 'ne c*r men will
. itran.
Needk Trades to Quit.
needle tradea conati*
tuti thi griiteil proportio-i ot the
memben! ip of md Hebrew
d almoal all of the.ae hava
deelin ' on of auipi i
work, Eeinatonc aayi. Included in 'he
La Gannenl IVork'
i nion are 10,.? lidie -' wail I
0,000 cloal miken and other '
- on lad ( ' ifarnicnt.. .
\ 'i\g thr nihor union., \flhich h;i\e'
?'d. BCCOrding tO their lead. ?
t ha' thi .ii in the iralkOUt a'<*
? ?' the paintera and paper hing
ers. with h membirahip of 9,000; ih .
urriei , numb. ring 10,000; the bai -
'ner . tho c_p mikera, 'he ahoa workii .
the wai ten nnd thl tnat've-.. makcr
Twentj fire hundred teifflltlM and
driver and 3,000 rlerk- ln clothing and
i ; f thi laapen ion I crneral.
Mo* ie BhoWl Nol Affected.
Mr. Keinatonl iiilimatcd Ihe theatre
Ould !'?* e\rnipt, froi-i thr
work . order, in order thu*
? i i:-,icht have meana of
Atll" :? ' . Ol ?1 pr nCipa] e|a*?e* nf
workei li I In the menbenhip 41
the t nitld Ilrhrr.* Tradei H'.r
100 leither goodn
worker and hundreda of metal work*
. nllei?, bi nah i ir.'lt y
? *.k?- r>fl. ia iii -
I I r?-. Ilpholctl t I - ' inr-ral
pi ing maklM
lllinoi. Dcmncrals Declarr fnr
Equal 'Miffracc- and 8 Hour Dty.
t ? l Thi 1
?-ar' ,,' |1 io ? m ention
, went t rn ord 'a-.or
of equal mfTrace for women. th. Ilgbt*
day for both men and women
workei*. lagafad ln non-agrirultural
. i a eonpalaory ___?*_*
cotnpeniation ac*.
Eor th.- flm tiaoe ln the h-.tor> of
Mine ? ? ? ? i proHiin arai
iaid, | Vctor.
!.?:? ra ??.ii1' Head
l re,i l. ?Soherer, of
. , of Eiat -St.
_? Large.
\ organiud labof 'hat
: oeatl an amendment
a mei ? ? ? '*
ared wirkroen ??< not eompliod
,,o. W<ti "h" reqailt for an antl"
I ' lull law.
Three Police Sentries Await
Attack by Car iMen.
,., || rae on Fon -ha**
\.. ra il andt r 'hr -pecial
| Of three pntrolmeii, whu were
? | thil duty ye,t rd.v. h"
I-. ' , ( | f D| |1 \\ olff. Il <a?s rt- '
triking <??*
thr itenid an attack upon
? i e p i .'.; a aata
? umoi - Or homh plan' |
rlc4<. preaident ani ?
genai .' manager of tho in'..rh..rougli |
and the New j
rl l ? ? - my.
Walkout QuffttiOfl Refcrrcd to
Printcrv' October Meeting.
I | Committie at Typo*
praphical I'nion No. _. known a<= "Bis:
..,._" | ? 'he World Build
injr, bul oflleeri Of "*e orgam.ation re
fuaed II 7bv what action, if any, wa;*
taken on the itrlkl Qttlltlon. ll wm
I owever, that "Big Six''
?r. ?? itiponalan of work."
??[? ally certain," iaid on*
memb Eioeul i Committee,
"thal ai aetion uat mrtly ti refer
iti r of a itrlke to th* meeting
I fl.\hole, which arill tlkl
I Sundiy ni (ittobat"
N. u System of Qualifying Of*
licers To Be l.stablish.d.
.< -... Bept, 20 Tracticei
? ? the individual
. , ...? . . _ ,-,,,_l;,*4 infl.
, prepire to eitabllih
the plan al tha teata to bo held m n_
tober, ai i ? ' ???" ittbjeeti of
ateam ?* I. nivigatlon, gun
.,,'-. electrlcity ind leinnnahip th'
rlecidii g fat
Not Alone Quality
and Style
But Economy as Well
Monroe Clothes posses? even- element that
makes for good clothing.
The Fabrics are wonderfully good and depend
able. Monroe Clothes impress vou at once
and your first good impression ir. lasting
because of the service they give.
Monroe Style? arr au then tic. They are the
result of conference and consultation with
other leading Clothes Designers- and you
are shown only models finally decided nn
as authoritively correct.
But that's only half the story. The biggest
factor in the success of Monroe Clothes
is?the economy of their price Sl.x
Jt is only because we manufacture Monroe
Clothes--and fell them Direct to you ?
in our lower rent Upstairs Shnps that en
ables you toget so much real Clothes value
for so little.
Come up and see .Monroe Fall Suits and
Overcoats and Evening Clothes?we wi
both benefit because ol your visit.
*42lld St., Cor. B'waj
'IVassauSt., CoZfrsZtiotx
B'way, (or. Puitoo Si
?rxpin Ol-flBlBtfl
2ND I *1^5thSt., * r-h.v.
FLOOR , ,JerSf"Aver?!!;r"s,
| Court St., x r MontagtM
151 Market St.
?i~>p?p Ox-flalasa I'nlll 8
Accedes to Wage Demand,
but Will Not Recog
nize L'nion.
Drivers* Meeting to Con
sider Proposal Is
Broken Up.
OIBela ef the Borden Condenaed
1 ?uiipany 0B_r0d ye.terda*
gran' the *:! weekly inereane m wa^-ca
denianded by tiie itriking drivlfl in
Manhattan. Th* Bronx ard Queen-..
\co.President Henry M. Rllloil
that he would refu. e fo pay the driver* :
2't per eenl commission on n*w bu*
0011, ar.d, for the proilnt, would not
recogntse the union.
Th'a announcemer.f from thl Borden
nflkes. at 10. Httdaon Street, followed
th* rilit of lolonei M. .1. Heagun and ,
Johfl .1 Bealin, m*mb*r. of the State
Board of MldtatiOfl and Tonciliation.
"COnditlOna look favorable for an ami
cable adjuatment of the points tn con
troverey," Colonol Reagan aaid aftor he
had eonferre. with Mr. Hallock.
Inatead of dealing officially with t're
milk driver*' local organi/.ation Mr. ?
llallock went io ail the depots a*Tect*d ,
:?? tl e t'r'ke *o explain persotraliy the
offer nf lettlement ir* addn
(,-roup? of Itrlkiri a: four depoti in
Harlem ind Tho Bronx and then;
I tO I | I-land City, where i
forty-flvi dr vera employed a' thil
Stlinwi* and (irahani Avenues depot
join*d the r<trike yesterday.
I nion Not Deall wifh.
Offirial" of the International Rrother
hood if Team. tern, at 7M Kighth Avi
nu . aaid tha:. they bad received BO
communieation from the Borden offl*
elill. Michael (,'anhin, organizor of thl
milk drtriri, who has beon in charge
ot' the stnke, -..a,-. reported to be in tat
?ey City. "This orter to raise wai.es
arill not llttll the btrike. that'* cer- ;
tain," wa* the on!v eommenf made by \
t ;i*htn'n eMocietes at the union head- >
quarttn. Mr. Bealm, of the State j
Board of Mediation, had conferred with
the itrikl committee. it wgl said.
Mr llallock found sixty driver-.]
tOrlng nround th* depot a' 117th I
Htrelt and Second Avintte He told 1
thern th*? 'he lontOlllon of the com j
panv would mcrea'* wage* from 116 to .
lll a wMk for the nret twenty-ilx I
?\eeh^ nt employment. from $17 tO **"
for lh* aecond tw-*nty-?ix week*. and
from M* to *21 for driver* who had
heen With th* I'rm tnore than a year
II* rarnie^'od the n'rikers to ltiform
him by to-morrow tnornit'g whether
thl) irottld accepf the o*T*i
Hallork for Open Shop.
ln regird to Inereiaed eommlaaion
. m, whieh ii paid uml-innuilly,
Mr. Hallork said he had arranged ?
plan which met ihe mbatince of this
demind. "Von kno.v my Ittltodl <*>'
the closrd ihOp," hr told tiie driver..
"[ have no objeetlon to employea Join
ing th. un oi I ntll 51 per eei l or the
f the on, however,
I .hall not force thim to join."
ihe eompany'i <*>?**er -Mf eonaidered
?< a meeting of 'he drlveri held m
i-flhor .emple. Before a vota eould be
taken 'he janifor ordered the mon oij'.
expllinlng 'he hall Wia nee.led for a
rr of eirpenter , Tho drtver.
then ihottted for ? roiee rote, and
HlllOCk'l propo.al waa ttirre.l .044 rr
..< far thia action would bt
hlnding cannot bo Ioi,) until thil
rhero 11.4 r.o ixtenalon of 'he atrike
raaterdai -''h iha r-creption of ore
r>iekBta from The Bronx were
; in gettiag ariysr. tajaalt
irtnna depat, in Braak
Ixn.the Botden officiala aai-1.
SUte D.nent sf F.-od *uppl>.
eriticUfld "... larae sailk ea*******.***
I yeeterdaj ir we
tiAfl[Vnd ?ther/acHltl-MthMu|houtthe
lUte aa-h eh Bardea'a. ????.??*????
and other big distrib
Mta-r-, have." hS satal, "m'!* would be
..ll ,ar in N>'.v York I Ity t? ilw *??*?
Rfafarall ' ***? ??"1_5S
We sre making prefreae laa
milk. butter. cream and cheeae from the
"ig Drma arr no* siMls-r ?<????
.... iMgue Oar only difficuity ?
r.hortafeofcaBB. The large concern.
control moat of Ihe milk CBBB.
garsral of the atrfBlBg Barden
Hrivrr. havr aftaed contract. flrith Mr.
,i .genti for thr pe]rymaut
J,,,.-:, : ,? pUi toatattli bu-.ir.fM
for themaelvc_
Democrats Want President lo
Make Two Speechev
reaa ? Sus m at 9m tHaaaal
Long Rranch, N. J.. Bsat M Baaa*
u,-! Seabury, Detaae-ratle eaBdidaM for
Gorerm H( U Vork, c-afno to BksdOW
l_WB ? ? ? , eoafsr xa-ith Praal*
aaai Wllsai rha PresldirBt i. cx
tremely intere.ted In the situation ln
New Vork BUtS and Mr. Seabury 18
understood ta haxc urfjed tbe Preei
leasl oae, of posslBi)
t.ao ipeeche*, in Near iork Suu.
As a roflUlt of the primary return*
inni. - ?Bey have "
f..;r ehaafc of earrylng the state. rhey
. *m ,. greal ra isa meetinu at
Madiaon Square Garden early in Oct*
ber, and tl ??? bIbo desire tho Preeident
,ri |,,,. nf thfl dpstato eltiee.
prtferably Byraeaas, xxhere there haa
been a heavj Pi-aagraaBl-ee leanintr.
To*morro? the Preaidenl arill hold
hia ireekly conference with Chairman
Vance C. MeCorBBiek, and ll tfl un.lei
?tOOd that tlu* also will relate to ti**
York politica. Later ll thr week
..?ii !?' SfcCombfl, Deraocratle nom
inec for Beaator, will eome ?o Bhadow
l.awn. Hia vi?it ifl in the nature- of a
Preaident Wilson eaat hia bailot, No.
1 t. in thr ol.l tire engrine houae on
Chamber. Street, Prlneeton, two honre
aft?i- thr polla opened to-ila>. He
motored over arith Mrfl. Wilson. ac
conipanied by Becrat Berrlee agenti
and Beurspaper men. A lutlr rar: r
itph P. Tamulty, roted
v old polling plar... at X'arick and
Vork Btrseta, aleraey City.
Rolls Up Big lead Over Col? for
(nivernorship Nomination.
f'r.-'on. Srpt 29. Early returns
I'day'fl atate primarirs mdicatol
ir Btata araaaurer Frederlcl
W, Manatleld h?-1 been nonnnated b.
'or Governor, over
4 ? General Charlea H.
With ahe i* hslf tl a electlon x-re
i reported at midnight. M*
had ?! lead of iix thousand votes.
* prOfll If the ratio \xrrr ror
roll up a plurai:'
Alonse I I BOB ap
pf4,rr.' rtrfr^red Jovepli H
for thr Republican nomlnatio
\ iditor b) 4i plurality thal praai
? ? ,| 10,000
That Manflfleld arould havfl ao deter
? i
impaign mai ig
upporl fron
- igmen of thr mill e\\ <
Lawrencfl he received 2?a7d rate .
-. _ . ? 710 for f'olr BastOfi CM*-'
:,:,? t oi er I oir
Real Estate
ha* become a |w
businesa and theT!
reauiu are obt??
through an orgZ
tion developed by?1
Wm. A. White 4^
"* aaal .,,
46 Cedar Street
Refuses to Intervcne
Strike?Mitchell an:
Lynch Disstnt
Th* itrill t?iti:Mfl
a rote of three t_ '--o, ri .
d.ty lo Intenri tki trv,o- a*
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? r M ? . ? '*r h all'l
Health of body .nd health of
mind. How can you have
either if you are handicapped
by constipation, by the failure
of the body . waste-disposing
This mechanism is delicate and
easily thrown out ofgcar. Wor?
ry, hurry, improper food and
insufficient exercise causc con?
stipation. rill-t.il.in_; only
makes a bad matter worse,
because laxativc and cathartic
remedies, by wcakening the
natural processes of cvacua*
tion, tend to make constipaticn
Nujol is entirely free from
these objections. lt flcts ?
eftect as an internal luhricant
preventin., the contcms ot :hc
intestincs from becomin-. haid,
and in this way facihtatmK
normal movement-.
All drugijists carry Nii)ol Which
ii manufacturcd onl> bj tne
Standard Oil Company (Nt**
Jersey). Avoid lUDitituUl*
W ritc today for booklet " I hc
Rational Treatment of (.o-isti
(N?*a Jara.,)
New Jtttay

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