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(itv Shifts from Shopp.ii
to ?Preparations for
( hristmas
Ifjinigrants Welcomed t
America in Ellis Isl*
and ?? elebration
to tl
?. muc
rtely r
on 11
r nd P' roc
I ? ? k.- had be?
' as the
.,8.-? ti the tree
. .. - ght of th
be othe?
Im-nif*ra*.r?. Rocotvo Gifts
? Bl i i' I
: i if .' ?ri to rece?4
?fis fres ft ne land tha
?? be a part of
-? i | tarai d '*? i
rda and
in ever, mer?
f I
r ' ' ' -
rr.r from Y B
ate oik
' MS < I
tels ai
I '.
Police stations Ready
for i heir (elebration'
ttle Uitterde
ton year?
? .-.
*.r? shoe?
i the little
? :%ed on
-e Beach
?-, t mot
? ? king
. -. ? ? - ? . .
* ' -? ? into < lans
i doll bugpy
: ?
.- rapscallions What'd
that if
- stealing looks aga n
.?:-' Bg t
hod k ? woret and
a sister 01
i hei i
sr face
s ? sp.
? ? in ai
? r." he
I -. d ? < e
wal of
beii elebn
? is on j
- Woods and < hi? f '
mmMmmmmmmamnwmmmu&*-*st>rrArT-K-m: ?r r, .... , .?,. , .
r Otenie} Pnntr. \rm<m
\ a/ -? ? | ' hristmas pr?sents ?it TN.lire Headquarter.*- for a dowi and orphan- of policemen.
Inspector Rchmittberger down to tl
? -
r and Mi
? l I
. .- the vi do?
I -
-a I? '?? ? > e ?-a r | ?"ht, tni
??ted t!
rs liona,
Colonel Plays Santa
in Oyster Bay Schoc
?. adore R< eoevelt playi
Santa Clam yeaterdaj for -vie benel
' I is trie! ?ehoo!.
Oyster Pa> Vor more thsti thin
1 years he ha? pvov.ded the tree ?nd th
gift for ..mon*? whom hat
been numbered ?, of I li ebl d:-en ei
??:? Mr- Longworth. Now Sagutnor
resented in the i<
?-art en, who motored
? nel.
In ? ? ' -??-?-,
tea< el fharjre. had deeorated wil
greeni aid hong apon the 'arpe tre
i a g*ii r ?
There were fruil ?nd candy for each
, and ill ?. books ar.d doll? Ale.
there * ? (its. aach a? th?
i eloi al told t - he used il
rarr.p ifl the tropiea to make sure hi
wa? sot going *A itep upon a snake 01
* tarantu'a; a Boy Scout's ax*, ear
tooni - leouta nao; knives handi
amp and garden I?
? - the San ti
? dis*
on of a wisli
?-? - company of Boy Scouts he or
jrsr iaed i lehooL
To ? | er-.rr.meT.eled their ?'
forts v ast year,
Th? ? tmaa in Africa
wed, the Co el ti ng hon oa
the day apent ? - er the Etna
a and hi? ?on Kerm ? killed ar.
elephani thai had beei terrorisini
rant-?? and deati ng their plarua
? . - -. preaenl T ha?! that ("hr:?t
he, "wa? a little paper of
peppei ? ' t-irl? T had
met way ii gave them to oM
? i H':?, hunter, foi
- atmaa morning he star
Ther, with the handing ont of the
? day of th? ret - h
? ed 'he frar.
. -. ? th el r hoat motor?
tl ? - -, ?
ids wont
Africa ' '
tre tl
? .
El!is Island Christmas
Makes Immigrants Glad
- fi?-,
hear?-':- of thl
? - ,
w< pt and laugl
Buy This
Christmas Gift
In a Handsome Christmas Box
to *? a- *o your ab- 1701717
iO it? Bl O? HSU Hose * IVLja. ?"
??or* for and freedom from I
ana ro?,..-ry ??xpeziM* What more u.vf. <
we'enrt'.-' pift for any mar) or wom?n to receivgl
For Men. t> poire, $1.S0| Merr???r1s?*?d, $2; LSMtTO, $3
?tens 811k 11 o!-?pro?-??/ Hosiery, 3 pairs 91.50
For Women 6 pairs. %2- SSV* Mole ?)
Wokop'b ?Ilk Haoaoproof Hosier*', 3 paira - 93
Mai/ ?no* Phone Orders Given Prompt Atttntion
?7)lilt ?Q?*Ut?K*
14W Broadway Broa?.wa> at 49th Street
t7? Broadway 2 Flatbuah Ave, B'klyn
47 Cortiandt St 791 Bro-?d Street, Newark
44 E-aat 14th St 1192 Main St.. Bri-)f,,.p0r,
12iSth Streot, Co-ner ird Avenue
ALL BRiu. biORK-s op,,n mis EVENING
s.? they received the t-f??af;' of peac
ai ?i good will that America I
Hanked against a long line of tnb'e
, fr ese of children'i faces, eagei
tant and happily curious, I ?
bai k were th< romen ind hehm?
? ih?- men stood on benches. Ther
a goateed ?nd muatached ol?
veteran, a hoy of ?*onrteen in bill?
??er? and ? 58;lor cap. ? cigarett
? ?hi ; 8 th-n woman
w -h -aver, hair drawn tightly back
hugging to her bo?otn a tOOSlod, flamin)
head, h.s rr,i a* the waiu*. she wore; ai
Italian, who?e mu?tache tip?. re?emh:ei
two Croaaed ??hre?. holding an infan
aal a?!eep; ard in '.he front roe
? ?wo dark-complexioned old worn
?? . sich a? m.(*h? P? found in ihe oliv?
grove? of Capri,
They were *he firjf. to bur?f inte
tear? a.? 1 --?????. J, IforettO addresse
them m their own tongue.
"V??.i have left a country thai ? ' at
war. ano have come to ?eeK peace ami
work," n?' hejjan. Musing a?
,-. hundred sobbed, "with thoei
taari ii year ?ye?," l.e went on
"yon are jual BCBliag your pi
a- 'Amerlea,1 ?he song you have
the massage of peace and
good will. I: Il year welcome here.
1'ti- t jour new found joy?, remember
re friend? to whom you prohabi;.
promised to ?end ?hr.stma? (fr?e! ngs
they are ?till in a counti-y oark with
the cloud of war. Prav to (?od tha*
they may have the ?ame peace you now
enjoy, but. pray also that with peace
triHv come the gift of victory."
then the Rev. J. I). .MarmarofT. of
tre New York Y. M. C. A., extended
? hriatasaa greeting? to the Greeks Ib
tha r tangua Others followed in Hwed
ish by the Rev. P. Peterson, in Kpsr.
lal h?, ?'afher (.. J, D'Anrhne, and ?her.
the rtev M. L "?(ohinson told the story
? ' the Christ child in Knglish. A? the
gu"?ts passed from the room eacn re
?. randy, fruit and nut?, while the
. "..e girls received dolls and ihe ho-,?
game?, marbles and top?. A doil ??hs
'hrust into the arms of the man ? tl
the ?ar-re mustaches as he carried hi?
sleeping baby out.
"No! Boy!" he expostulated, hand?
ing back the doll, and a baby ratt.e ut
tofsed to him
Hospital Children's Wish
Answered by High Tree
walked for mo?e
1han a year. >, ? ? >t-a--o!-i Tor a
.- n'a? tel ? ., i. r.tiii
icen't i amen be i
? de o; hospital '? ta, ,
. ? t 1 ; ? hriatmai ? ??
Denn* -Urted it. A brave little 11
' e told the other rh;ldren of
, foi i - rmitiea and
.-.?, up m Mount Mon s Park,
??.ma? meant, and bo
couldn't be real without a tree. The
??' ward i.a ?i li?t, ai ' listened
?i. If the.? ci...M OB
layb? Supreinteden! ?rage.- drop
? the matter, or perhaps
Dr. J. (?at.: ? ? ? r. , Bead
!.m lern 1 roe Commi?a,
?-! ho? * mual foal toba little and
anubla to go a i! ?...t hunl
?... ... ....
< ? feet high. .
? .- drods of red, a aits snd blu?
i, will itand
opposite tre hospital on Kunri?'.
ever i ght intil the New "?,.
ana joyful little faces will be
ad t?*? ihe hospital windows to
la it
Marcus M. Marks, President Bf the
Hnrnugh of Martha'tan. will li<*) ' ,n
treo on Banday night a? I o'clock.
? i i ata ib l laj ' ' i ":?-'' ely ?-? i la of
, al? i ' ? " will an a wer the invi- ;
?rit-nn o1* Miss V})a I.. I ..'.4 nshery, of
the Ilarl.-ri Branch of the Y. \v. 1 \ .
d gather .-.ho.it rh? tie. |v
? ? pi tal youngs ten will Ilk?
the Boy
thelr win
.??u.?. Il??? i?. -1 Turn. In their
- ? r easts, wil enj?
Hurrying thousands rr.mip a detour.
tare last nijfht to :
pay homage to ?- ' istmas tree.
parhape, to ?*.'ni a march >>n
nn and get an ,; - mpse
Of 'he tr.e ??hen the electric.an? uere
1 ting oui the lights. They were dis
? ?? - ted Hacghty and qu at .'.nd
'lie old tree ?tor,,) r? ?Tgnlfied
darkness, while the light? of cc.mn-.<?r<-e
blaz? ?: si a1'-?'.,- it.
When Bail J ready, and the vtilf-ar
? ? ..t ? - if lights of the office '
? g are ?..-r.poi... subdued, .??' *
to 1 ght, thi Tree a ill burst ? ??, -? -.
I or? thai ushei ? in ( hriatmas, for
'*? dren acting in panto
m ne, 1 andreds of c I ens ?
? plaving all thei ? i - p, but
'he Tree ha? the centre of rhe (,'Ln *
8,5.000 Santa Will Aid
Poor Families To-day
A f*re thooeand dollar Santa ( Ian?
will arr?4-e ?it thl Astl I Broad?
"?1, at N aet fe treat, this
morning with (rifts from Vincei I AstOI
to poor families on the booh- of ta
ty-sevon hospital?.
? hristma.?- good thing? ir one thou-'
sand bags will be distributed. Mach
bag wiil contain two chickens, rice,
potatoes, onor.s, erar berries, eolfee,
t"a, butter, sugar, ?vaporare,! cream,
canned corr?. canned peaches, two
loaves of bread, cake, candy and I )
The dinnen will L<- n bags instead
of baskets thil year, with tne ??lea thai
the eoi . be useful ti n
out the -.ear lor shopping and mam ?<
?ng, Each will be fastened with a big
bunch of holly.
admission to the Aetor Christmas
oil] h?j by ticket ??n'y, ai?<;
. been distributed through the ere
? >, of the ?Belle i- Se
. in iharg?'.
ris ? ' ?. - bej resterds
? 1
elinic n? Bellevue,
1 . ? hobhled to the
.' .,- erre a great red
.,' the . - al paraphernalia. Shrill
-? - that were far from paralyze 1
welcomed Santa i laus, and shriel '
or ?the presents the
1. ?,nrs?' of the elinic produced.
There ?vere eights children in the
yesterday afternoon, ?on...
iralyaed, ae thai tl.
0 tottei about with gifte 'or the
' lapa.
Hn?'?l on tinj ? r il thai
... ?? . -ms.i t'?>?
In the a ? h*?'*
\ si every 1 and I
t patient ?? d bj
? - K*
"Vil] ird l'a. ker H ere are
ward now.
The Reacus So I ind
., ?
g its nighl
. . - and ? - itant oi?
ifp.?-jta* n't'fX-r' t\??__JU'I?^L?t? 'i |__
The Gift She is Hoping to R?crire
The fine art of pivinp h to pive vh.it i*
wanted rather than to give what von want.
Most Christina**. -Gift6? ifford a pre.it dial of
pleasure and ?satisfaction?to the putt
A Necklace of Tecla Pearls h ill afford BB
infinitude of satisfaction to the recipienl.
Pearls are at once the moil beautiful, the
mo?t envied, and the motl prized of all
jewels?and Tecla Peaiif are auch indir-tin
puishablc copie?? of Oriental pearls, that they
pans for Orientals and are worn for Orien?
tals by women of afHucnce and ?social
scruples on two continents.
Tecla Pearl Necklaces ? $7.') to $350
uith diamond clasp
3w Firm ave. -SE** rom
?v.t.m ,i,.' -..;...?. ri '?I
a? I r\, ;,{-,-- ,' rnar, T Other BOti OS
Ul ' ??r.? '? , ? ,
foe,i ih r, , ?? ,.., t.,,rur s??.- ety.
n-?ma? J *. ...i ::?, saperiatei ;-?
ras boon I -. Bg | ' fei th ?
? hr'atmai basket? winch a-e being dia
? te ??? ?lay to familiea % Doyen,
Mr.tt. Poll ann Bayard Streets H.
that f? ? ? - sren sg sent oui
?h I year thofl lasl ? if the more
general p'?.?p.
New York's Tars Ready
for Navy Yard Xmas
K g! ? unter *he gun? of the toper?
dreedneaght Na* York in the nm-,
yard in Brooklyn Is the, finest little
? of pines and ribbon? and hollv
? yard hat ever known. At iBBeel
rda 'he men of the warship
their pr?parations for the
tlBOr ami reception the..- are to give
? 100 poor children on I'hris'mas.
"Th's is tome gun deck," observed
Mr. (,i)".?n, munter at arms, a.-? he
I ? Itched OB a hundred l'ght?. Bl 1
? ?'.r?l the brillient decoreUon of,
k--een and red and blue the ?ackies
had prepare,] for their little guest?
? for every kid."
Loddy, a bo'i
r?ho -a th GoWfM devised the
rmi . scheme n yea:- agu. re?
?ported that he hod Joet packed trie
lasl ditty bag for BOCh child. He
opened up two as -.amples.
"Here ? <? have nn overcoat. ??. '.
IB, s'.aps, cap and stor,:rg? for
:i hoy. We'!! hand ?"-er flfty of the??.
Outfits to the boy??, and the lift-/ girls
" ill gol the same deal, onl ?
?IreMe? and fcma'f- duds for them."
?arrangements wore made n?--,
i Km Fork's c"ie?'s to rh?
rerd b*j automobile. "Sei * .
' '?m?" Loddy will be there to
them, ami on their return from the
battleship ?rill deli-.. .-,-. a,r!i child
and his bundles *?4 the awaiting put
Christina* and Hir-h Trie?. Roost De?
mand fair lln??-l ent Riere??
i he combined eifor?? r,' Christmas
and the high cost of living have suc?
ceeded m h.??.sting the popularity of
the !o4?lv one-cpnr piece so much | v
banks have been offering n premium
for them, and the I sited States .?*ub
Treaeary has had its hands foil supply?
ing the demand,
i'art of the penny", popular.r-, can be
?> amed upon the Christmas ?hopper.
Doriag th? \4eeks prer<-ding the holi-?
day sear-on requests for small change
are alwav.? latger than at any other.
t?me of the year H?jt. banker? attrib?
ute ?he unusual de-re for one-cent
P 'ri?i mainly to the increased cost of
food products. These bave risen n
i" ?? n fraction? of decimals for the
? i ?i :. Articles thai ?.?id for '0
cents aie now purchased at 13
Bl d IT cents hence the demand for the
bronss bass-reliefs of Lincoln.
Vaver before In the history of the
city haa the crowd of Christmas shop?
pers been so larg.' a? in the last week,
sa. ? a bulletin issued by the Interbor
oogh Rapid Transit I'ornpany, which
gives figure-, to back up its assertion.
Compared 4m:h ?he week preceri ng
i ? ?irnas m 1911, and with Saturday's
figures lacking, the number of pa- I
gen carried by the company since la?t
Saturday Shows sr, increase of '".'.!('."..
000 04cr %?;? yoor. The daily average
in the subway alone has been 160.000
greater than last month. Last Monday
the Intei borough carried a total of
195 passengers, the largest num?
ber of persons that it ever transported
n twenty-four hour?.
Powet l-acking. Counsel for Railway
Company \dmits
? mm of Brach > s have
choice of s'ltur.g in *nrm car? ?
tationary and dont move or I
in cars which w.f -lowly bu
itone col 1 I e f..r?> is trie sai
Arier several weeks of ini
!.. the Pohl ? Service * ommisi
hhS been found that the Hr. -
Rapid Transit < orr.pur.y bar? jusi power
**h to move Itl cars v?. ithout heal?
ing them or heating them without
moving them.
Distr et Attorney llan-y H I
yeaterdaj demanded of D. A. .Var-h,
.-.- I "?el ? -
?. a foil statement of.
Mr. Ms ' bat bii > oi
... .i: an e.ce -i- |
of the machinery n th" B
roken, he se ,i. and il vaa? in,.
,.e ? ,i gel power el icwl ? re D
Utero? bat M
??-? ??:*..' him ?. de
? ? ? ? s to-day, and
?a ie en
'he Public
.-i? Commission.
Will Introduce Daylight Sa? ing ?Bill
Into ( ongr?*s?)
Marcos M M
? . ? -nan of the v*"v?- Y.-.-.. 1' ?
Bg '.:.?.??. I word yes
lay that Bepreeental am P.
;%rlaiid, of Missouri, had becorn. a
eonvi rt to "the ttra boor ? I
l ajunshin??" poney and would soon intro
; duce in Congress a bill seeking to put
1 the dayligl?1. saving plan inte en*?
: th? United Btatee, begianing May l ami
'extending BBtil September M of eaCn
| '.ear.
The bill also will prov ?it* thl
torn of standard tima adopted
?h the BO'? by the railroedi
made i?ga. I
t.me ir, ?-a?" 1 be adv-OBC?
i ..uiir in th.? turr. ?.
Plans m,- Lving made fot
I tional ? ?*.? lighl Saving
which ? ill i" bold at the Hi - ? l
? and 91. have
extended to the Goveraoi f all
rvsentatives, the Mayors of IM
. ? a?adan Governor Oeners
Ota? ? i., ipoi -??*? rec? . -ed ?nd*>
, at?, a laig?' sttendance.
Contracting ?*>le4?*dore Most Pay lor
Taking Woman's Affertlona
To Thomas A. Nolan, a customs in?
spector, of 119 Baal Eightjr-eiatb Street,
wss awarded h verdict of I15.M0 yes
vr.lay b*. a jury la the Bronx Supreme
Court against Peter ?J? Halley/e ceo*
--. stevedore, of Staten Island.
?a ho ?? as SCCaeed ef alienating he af
fectiena of Mrs. Nolan. M^*?^*;
for- |,?r ?marriage ?a? Loretta A "g<
? . trial that Ml
- I Malic] bad ? .*med - ?taten
?%La*ld ?'~ie. '
Rush on Sub-Treasury t
Gel Coin for Clerks'
( hristmas Gifts
DIVIDKsS $1,250,00
.Mr**?. Russell Sage Give
S10 to Kach Kmploye in
Park Department
I <?,-? before ?h? T'nited S'ate? >?;?
?? oponed for bu?ines? ye?tei
da) morning a Ions; line of clerk? ar.
messenger bo;.? extended from If
c,.rr:dor? far out into the ??re?
all of them had been Mil
there to evcha-.?-*? greenback? and B?1
ro!d coin, so !hi? employe
in the fina-.cial district mieht reeeiv
their ? hristmn-, bonuses in eag'.e? an
naif saglea
I tli? week, officials o* th
Sab-Treasury -ay. at least $125.ooo ;
?.-'?id baa h?en taken from the build
?Tester day's ru?h came h??
? .'"?' \: least $M),000 wort:
.? i.? changed for pape
?ma- bonuses were net dia
tributed airorg the business houses o
' e cuy ,-i'ono yesterday. Tn? .-,1
i,?ik employ?? of the e:-v yesterdo'
???nrned from <'onim;??ioncr Cabe' Wan
?hat Mr? RuSBell --?age had armouneer
Her intention of giving every man s
?r-r?m a ten-dollar gold piece. Forrnerl?
Mr?. Sage'* annual gift to these work
'?-? r.T.; been 16. The increase, ?h?
?ays. it due to the high cost of living.
ViOO.OOO in Xm*- 1.1ft??
?The Prudential Life Insurance < om
"?any ye?terrtay aiit'.'.'.inred tha? it irould
give ' 'n r ??n-.a? gift? amounting to
-' .10 to te employe, m the home
und branch offices officers and ag'-n'?
? i company excepten, an extra
? salary will be awarded ever)
man and woman rere.ving les.? than $.'5
n week. i lio?e who?' p*> is higher,
bul does no: exceed $4?) weekly, will
I a $25 bonus.
American Expreea ?ompanv will
g . >? 'o all its emplove? who receive
?Tegel of Ml 'lian $"?,000 a year a
bonne of one month's -alary. It is
< ?ima'.'ii that thi? will co?t the com?
pany m the neighborhood of $1.260.000.
In reeognit'on of 'he increased cost
of living, 'he American International
? "rporation will award its ?taff addi
? '.tinI ??alars. baaed upon the amount
: during 191(1, The ?rsle of boOUMI
will be so graduated that the lower
paid employe? will receive proportion
r.-i'.\ the ;iirg?-?r amounts.
Trie Stock exchange firm of ?'lark,
?iiilds & Co, ?rill distribute a bonus
to its employ?? amounting to 30 per
The V. orthington Pump and Machin?
ery I'ompany yesterday announced a
?? a-- Inereaaa of 10 per cent. Th'.r
will be paid m the following fa?hi'?n:
All mechanical operatives, beginning
on .lanuarv 1, will receive a 7 per cent
inereaaa fnat month, an 8 per cent in?
crease of their loir, wage ib Februaiy
ef nex? year, a I per cent raise in
March, and a 10 per cent in April and
every month theteafter.
Bonus?*?? for Other Workers
More than $20.000 in gold will b?>
divided anio-i{* the employes of Oppcn
h?? m, Collins <v Co. to-day.
The Fifth Avenue Coach rompan-?
?/?H give each of its men who have
MiMl?II-l 'HAI
MiV ! >.' ! ,sl M| NT
Bakers Cocoa.
stands ail tests of
laboratory and home.
It is pure? it is
delicious, it is
Walter Baker & Co. Lid
tSTAfSUlHCO 1780 CXa*OCM?_*;.TCS,M*^a.
been in its en-;,le] for more than thi
months a five-dollar gold r '??-<
Turner Construction Com]
?crduy awarded bonuaes am..
t.". per cent of the yearly sa -ir-,
?loh*?. I?. Rockefollor and the
?lpany also wer-e ac'-.ve i? g*j??|
out Christ mai awards yeaterdny, T
?' I King himaelf gave each of the <
. . on his e?tate a %\t gold pie?
rai ?1 stributed
official.? o*" the Standard Oil Coi
pany'i -. ? ? ? rday ga
? .?? ?ylre and Police departments
? ?.? town, h ti-.'ugp - on "? their ae
? ees during the i ike, i'. ?
each, to be ased for the pennon fuiii
ol each sen ice
I he Tidewmter 0 ' ? ompanv ga
%? DUO to the po' <-, and t- DO to the Ar
n at 'o be r|?,.,'?r| 'n the ?am? parpo.
if-..? Gulf Refining Company, of Ba
bo, announced a da.'.y inereaaa af
cert.? to all laborer? and a 10 per cet
bonu? of tue yearly Balarlo? of ? I ?a
urted men
? - ? ?
? ommerce <ommi??ion Set? Hes-embe
2S for Hearing on Freight IleU.?.?
Washington, pee. 22. An order wa
?"?sued by the In!er-?*ate ?'on-mere
? 'ommission to day recjoiring railrond
?o ?how cans? at a hearing here, o
l'ecember 28 why they should not re
'urn at once to their owner-?, witbou
divereiea or m?suse, all foreign coa
and refrigerator car? immediately af
tor unloading a? their doatianl
The eomnsiaaion's orier 'ollows si
announcement yesterday by the Ameti
?an Railway Aaaeciation's car servie
COmmisi OB thai eight, of the large rail
roads, SOVCB Of them in the East, ha?
failed to comply with it? Instruction!
to delii . eaignated Baeeaa of bei
car? to .-southern and Weatoni COnnOC<
tions above the number of such car*
The car ?erv.ce eaUSflalasion has e?
fabhshed headquarters here and fot
weeks has been working in cooperation
with officials of the Int?ntate ? om
merce Commission to relieve the al?
most nation-wide car shortage.
But Minister Se??? Po??ibility of l". S.
Sovereignty in (anal Zone
Washing'-on, Pec. 22. In a s.gned
statement here to-dav Minister Porras
of Panama says that the acquisition
from Panama of complete sovereignty
over the Canal Zone, as luggoated re?
cently by Major General Goethala, "is
rot an imaoaaible thing, either morally
or in the light of international law."
The minister's Statement appeared
in a letter resenting a published ittg
gestion that the I'mted States take
over not only the Canal Zone but the
whole territory of the Republic of
l'erguson ( all? Statements bj Rasto
"I'ure I ,ibr?. at ions"
Frank I. Feig
of the aoord iteea of Hyi
Cbareh, Brooklj ated yoetei
day |i to I ave receiver
of the church, sad s - SOStSH
of eoi em for u. the *uii
in arbich I rned. Mi
Ferguson was being ? lamined hefor?
'?*. ml ' ' Ilia??'
l . Re.,-her. t
Mr. Beech . .
. c her- writtei to Ml 1 '
by the elergj mei
I to bos ? Albei
- ;?on to himsi
?? rose ef the print ?a have
lined I ? if col
? i
"There -
ok tl '
. make any s-ic1.
? ? ri ? t \4 a ? ? ? !
- ? ? ?
In answer ?o .
he believed Or. H
i ? ?? -r, know-.r,- ? ? accord
? with the fact?. Ml i - rgUSO "
"I bavent the si ig
ssy.ng the.* ? ?? ooold do it, ami ?lo it
? a ??' of them."
- ?
?-?50,600.000 TO HALT FLOODS
riumphrey s Rill Fa4?>rahly Rapocted <"
Senat???Fight on Floor Predicted
Wash ngton, ? ' ?he Hum
nhreys flood cor I ~:?ating
, o,ooo for the lower Mlesissippi
aad?Sacramente i rere, ?hch ;
louse at th?? last leaoiee,
dered faveral
Senate i omn ttea <???. Commerce. Aa
unsuccessful light ? ? le '??; Si
?.?o? *?.,-.?. roi mees
?ire, ro include 11 ?* ' ration plan
or the creation of a ri*?er regulation
and a cemprehi
?chcme of waterway ??? il M and
Rejection of the compromise, which
venid have carried the Humphreys bill
appropriations of 146,000,000 for 'he
isippi and $5,60< . ? Sac
ramento, besides S 1,000,000 ..r- il
rating the item, will
, . te the
Humphreys bill en I I of the
Senate. Senetori N' ?lande, Kenyan
and others from the West have banded
together to prevent further "piecemeal
44 a ' e i v ' -1
Before the cos " ted to ?lay
Secretary Bar.?"- appeared m behalf of
:h>? Newlaadi compr?te
LIBERTY illuminated
IF YOU travel to or from Philadelphia
via the hourly trains of the New
Jersey Central and cross the river
alter dark, you may see the Statue of
Liberty sheathed apparently in silver
from the new electrical illumination.
A radiantly majestic figure command?
ing the harbor, plainly in view from
the ferryboats.
Don't fail to see this beautiful sight,
noted in the press from Maine to Cali?
'Your Watch is Your Timetable
- tlkot '.*> nst-He-? ?i? foot 'minr \tnr*
Cree; flour on tht It-"' fro* '
-yts: fro?, ' A. \l. to ?n P. 1/. . ?
- It d M tod sonr?a fri n 9 A >/
P V Surt.ia*. Miduifkt 'rciin
Stoouer teaittt 10 P ?>/ Leave W ' l
S'rtei 10 ?iii'i'e-i cnrHfr for n'A '
via New Jersey Central
New Year's Day
Mummers Carnival
The- moit Spectacular Pageant and Unique Celebration in the Country
A .Northern Mardi Crai Join the Jubiirr on Philadelphia's Bi**grst Day.
Train lea*, in.* Neu N ork. W. .Md St.. 7:50; liberty St.. 8:00
\. M.; Ncv-ark. 7:S4; l.li/abeth. H:2(?; Plaintield, H:.W A. M.
keturninj* on train lea\in?j; Philadelphia (Heading Terminal)
H:00 P. M.

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