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Ntt? Itotfc fttlhmt
?- JchnPurroy Mitchel. Mrs. Mar
j* Malts, Mr** 1-w.rned Hand.
[mmmat ci thc WornenV c 1,y CIub;
??'itajinon.! Robins, president of th*
vldenal Woman's Trad.* I'nion League;
t ft Aberdeen ?nd Mrs. Ernest Thomp
B Seton will be guests of honor at
??.????eheon of the Conaumers' League
/s** Tort I ' ??> b<? he,d ?-- I)el
Lice's or February 15 Dr. Alice
Mil'-?"-? of Hull House, and Royal
?j*7ker, of the I'nitcd States Dcpart
!,t of Labor, will discuss various
r* 0<* the shorter workday for
?jnong those reserving tables are
RAitmsr. 4 Co., National Civic Feder
con' Girl?' Friendly Society, Junior
[m^. and thc Association to Promote
. Housing for Girl*?.
, mt?ti.'.g ol Ike Woman's Forum.
Helen Vanck Boswell, president.
? ...m of the
Hotel ? Friday morning,
. |0:45. Colonel Jame? Emory, ol
Washington, president of the National
?jsocistioii of Manufacturers, will
,ptak on "Current Industrial Prob?
lems" and the Hon. Robert If. Allen
Foo<1 er of Kentuck
?Oar Bread
T(ll iien's Club of New
at a valentitn
?1rs. F. B.
hint?*r a' "
iffnU( .bei Heyer, contralto.
?ig. and Mr??. --haw, vice-president oi
a* on the origin
ml observance of St. Valentine's !
The National Opera Club of America.
Nur. Katharine von Klenner, founder
ud president, had as its guests at the
iit meeting, which wy held in the
Hand ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria.
February ?. Mme. Yvonne de Trcvillc.
se-prano, and Mod Altschuiei. i
- of the Russian Symphony Or
*estrs,and Mr-, Altschulcr. Thc sub*
? ."tcet of the opetaiogje, delivered by
Havrah Hubbard, with excerpts by
i laude Gotthelf at the pumo, was Wolf
Ferrari's "The Jewels of the Madonna."
A novelty in musical instruments wa?
! the orchestra accord?on, played by
! Granville Smith.
The New Standard Club, Mrs. Nellie
B. Van Slingerland, president, held Its
; regular monthly meeting last Tuesday
at the Hotel Aator. The guests ot
i honor were Mrs. Harry Hastings and
Mme. Filar Morin. Mrs. Hastings spoke
"ii "The Higher Standard for Women,"
The club voted to bave a badge pin and
; decided upon a design. The next meet?
ing will be held at the Hotel Astor on
Tuesday. March tj, at 2:150 p. SB.
The next regular meeting of the New
' York Browning Society will be held at
the Waldoi f-A-toi ?a on Wednesday
afternoon, at 'J S'cloch. Mrs. Run:.?
Gillan will be chairman of the day, and
will present the subject "Tho Power
of 1'nconscious Influence." The princi?
pal address will be made by the Rev.
W. I, Dawson, D. D. "I'ippa Raises" is
to be the study-drama.
A one-day convention was hoi
Wednesday by the National Societ**,
1 Daughters of the l.'nion, with the presi?
dent general presidias;. The forenoon
i was devoted to roBtiae business, amend?
ments to bylaws, reports and election
of officers, which resulted a.- follows:
Prtsidenl genual, Mrs. (liarles 11.
Ifasary; vice-presidents genera',, Mr?.
William R. Stewart. Mr?. Charle..? F.
Terhune, Mr-. Joseph S. Wood, Dr. J
Frances W. Monell and Mrs. George 0. I
Jenkins; recording secretary, Miss
Grace Osborn; corresponding secretary,
Mrs. Bertha Hinson; treasurer, Mrs.
Herbert F. Davidson; registrar, Mrs.
i Victor Frodcriiksi'O; SSSistaat corre?
sponding secretary. Mrs. William A.
i Cable; historian, Mrs. John .lucid.
The chairman of arrange'
for the convention was Dr. Frances W.
Monei!, state regent for New York.
The guestr of honor were Mrs. I.
Tod Helmuth. president of Holiun.l
Dames; Mrs. Jasper Cairns, president
of Dames of the Loyal Legion; Mrs.
Martin L. Tirrell, past department
president New York State Woman's Be?
lief Corps; Mrs. John Fowler Trow,
president of the Post Parliament; Mrs.
Charlas A. Bryan, president Woman's
League for Protection of Riverside
Park; Mrs. Simon Baruch, president
Southland, and Mrs. Henry Hersey A:.
Mrs. Cora Wells Trow, in her "Talk
on Current Fvents" last Tuesday at the
McAlpin, spoke on "Our Duty to the
The Society of New York State
Warnen, Mrs Robins A. Lau, acting
president, will meet at the Hotel Astor
?an February 12. Mrs. Oscar Dennison
Simmons, chairman of the day, will
read a paper on "State Patriotism."
The Southland Club, Mrs. Simon Ba?
ruch, president, gave a reception in
honor of the presidents of the other
women's clubs of the city on Thursday,
February 1, at the Waldorf-Astoria.
I i- masical programme was under the
chairmanship of Mrs. Anson Dudley
Branhall, and tin- artists were Miss
Klein? ds 8a*ra, violinist; Mrs. Howe
Cothran. soprano; Mis; Dora Gibson,
soprano; Miss Beatrice MacCue, con?
tralto, and Yernon d'Am?lie, barytone.
.Mis< t/ata Giles, Miss Reynolds and
Miss Erifl Ballad were accompanists.
Among the speakers were the Rev. Dr.
Nathan A. Scagle, who made an appeal
to his hearers to stimulate universal
military service; G-eneral Kdgerly, a
I'nion veteran, and Dr. Simon Baruch,
??x- Con federate surgeon.
I I <? National Organization of Cath
tt omen. New York Chapter, ?rill
hold s meeting at the home of Conntes?
!,???! ry on Tuesday afternoon, at 4
o'clock, for the purpose of discussing
in what way the organization ca1
assistance in the event of war.
The Stage Children's Fund, Mrs. Mil?
lie Thornc, president, will hold their
annual luncheon at the Greet Northern
Hotel on St. Valentine's Day, February
14, at 12:30 p. m. Mrs. Dora M. Marble :
is chairman of programme. Members
of her committee are Mrs. Marcus Har
ris, Mrs. John Van Tine, Mrs. C. [*.
Brace, Mr?. C. \). (arpies, Mrs. ijerruan '
Cockles. Mrs. A. Morrissey, Mrs. George
Davis, Mrs. Julia Schacffer, Mrs. A.
Ilonnamey, Mrs. J. Allen Turner anil
Mrs. John A. Mathinson.
The guests of honor wili be Mrs. A. '
M. Palmer, Miss Mary Shaw, Miss Fran?
ces Starr, Dr. Walter Bentley, Mrs. John
II. Dorn, Mrs. James D. Mortimer, Mr?.
Susanne Westford, Daniel Froh man
and Rabbi Samuel L-evcnson.
To-morrow evening, at the headquar?
ters of the Political Equality Club,
Eugene C. Gibney, Assistant Superin?
tendent of the Department of Exten?
sion New York C.ty School?, wilt speak
?>D "The PlBMBt Day-Echo of Lincoln'
I In- Daughters of' Pennsylvania will
hold their regular monthly meetin,: on
Tuesday at th? H?lleclair? lintel.
The New Vork Mo/art Society. Mn
Noble McConnell. pr??i<l?*nt, will hold
its second concert of the season in the
ballroom of the Hoiel Astor on Wednes?
day evening next. The artists will be
Miss Alice Nielson, soprano, assisted
by the Mozart Society Choral, with
Carl Hahn, conductor, and (Charles Gil?
bert Sposs, accompanist. During the
intermission Mrs, McConnell will re?
ceive and at the conclusion of the pro?
grams- I be dancing, followed
by --upper.
ASID BENNET1 il aS?p SU embry-i
cet child, who is I
?till unspoiled, or, at is what
j,?,-?? when she talked to the one,
?hoi? writing this. PeVhaps by the.
pcsred and then the
,?11 b? a full teased scieen ?tar, and,
?j?, decidedly level head,
way to develop ego.
One can ? ?" ***** hliadtty
?at the neter will realize how de-;
?, for as soon as she does
?rr chief chsnB ?rill be gone and she
play her parts with that
-*-s*f consciousness which is se aggra
I * characteristic of many oth?
?ung women of the
*r?n. Little Enid need not fancy,
oncesl her real
:uch a truthful medium a
Kr?n. It thought,
???rtic'j i tier?. At |
.?:' fault, as they.
ontidenee in hei
ault. May it never.
rn>w :?
-Oh I .vas when I
?Mtrd myself before the camera!
terribly, and I
?s on:y ju t learning to ealtifat
the rate I was going
. -rel picture
I hiihed in ?bout I fteen min?tes, they
1 ?Mat.
"My first picture was difficult, too.:
Darl ? U
? ?la) ind girl. You have
H idea until you try it how alo
?Bjc?*..' ? keep your eyes ?ride
?fea and .. to look at an> -
?j raged, but
***& the picture was ?mished every
?s?*? rith it excepting me.
All I thought of was how much better
? ?aid do * next time. I love acting
'? the * ? nly 1 will tell you
?*? cae fly m my honey. You will
?sink me : h, of course, but I
-eteit ??? . d I cannot get]
a ballroom scene
flock in the morning.
"Issey e's face and put
?s a b?!i go-.wi a*, a time which ;
??s-ild ,ted to Morpheus. I
*?**?? feel that I should rather stay ?
11 than get up. Of course, motoring
%tt**s, horseback riding, gardening
?s" thlrtfa : ,. .hat may be entered >
?*? in the morning with a fair de
*** of brio; I should not be so tem
Mraacntal, but, to be ?,uite truthful,;
?t only or.e place I really love
'?**? at 10 o'clock in the morning
"w'nen peepl? ask me, as they do all
?"? lis ..refer- the
1 never know
???st to lay. .?s well say:
hich r?o ? otoring or
'g?' Ther? .. no ?imilanty It
? a?h mut? difficult, however, to
**?? for the llau, for one hss to
**** on?'? own ?nvironment. There
'***"? ?, acane as ther?
' ?* th? ?ugt. with the lights, th?
'?*?>???? and the other actore to help
?"*?? P?rh?p? you So B?t even know
? ?!l abo.' : rectors
***f?r to ?s ail of tl .- them
' lut Uli or ta
I wlth
vou why,
tas ?at
sfaction conies in acting before the
camera. Thi.*- ?a just hard work. It
comes after the pi'tur?- la finished and
you see yourself on the screen and
know thai .1 work reached
one pi ?c no? \ou will reach
a thou-ar,.!. It only Mr. Ince would
not insist on niy going to I
geles! I don't want to go West* I
want to stay right I,ere in this city
o: tall buildings an?! splendid thee*
tres. There is no place like Sam
York, unless it is Australia. Of
course, I must be true to the land
which gave me birth. It was in Aus?
tralia that I met Katherine Grey and
she induced me to go on the stage;
or at least she encouraged me when
I made known my histrionic longings.
"?alisa Grey was playing
'The Third Degree' and she helped me
t?. secure my tirst engagement. It was
? y in "Everywoman." My work
attracted the attention of Fr,-?1 Niblo
Foaepblne Cohan, and I became an
ingenue in their company. I appeared
in ?^'?vn Key? to Raldpat c.' ?The Fort
ore Huntei.? ? I l,< Whip,' 'Excuse Me,?
'Broadway Jones' and a number of
other plays. It wss wonderful train?
ing. Then I came to New York to play
with Otis Skinner in 'Cock o' the
Walk,' and you will realize how quickly
I became Americanized when I tell you
that your critic spoke of my Ameiican
accent being noticeable in contrast to
the English spoken by another member
of the company.
"I fear that I ?hall never go back to
Australia again, for I cannot contem?
plate that horrible sea voyag?- There
is only one sort of person I datast XXe
is the man who will tell you that sca
. -s has to do wit i
alway? go aboard a vessel firm in the
belief that I am going to enjoy the
?rip thi? time, and a? soon as we leave
port I go under and stay there until I
am carried out on the dock at the other
end of the voyage I vrish th? "whole
world maa solid. "In my opinion Noah
was the bravest man in hiitory.
"I r\i, want to continue my stage
work, but you are liable to see me on
.* tissa to come, I
have a cor,' h will never be
i.roken ui'.I Mr I????* a*ks me
? >,*. heroin? In ?
fil?. ?J'lr""' i
d pol
?????son ?arthenwar? f?,
..?a hou?ehoid -?Biyaaes, book?, doll?
.., eloch ea ? snd ?lata
o.tage ?tamp album? and
A ?im.lai
eaalf matt
iv* animal-, unlit for
toU ?o-l r.'.r,.*d .?--,
A< ' ( HIDING to the best itifornia
tion available, and sapareatlj
accurate, the plays of Horace
1 Annesley Vachell give but little indi?
cation of the man. The slightness of
, "The Chief" and "The Lodger'' and
'the sentimentality of "Quinnrjs'"
certainly lead one to picture the au?
thor as a (juiet man, of meagre build
cdulent habit?. The contrary,
:.- you ha. e guess? d by this time, is
the truth.
Vachell ii oac British playwright
who knows America. For years he
was a rancher ?n California. Hi
hunted big game and tished for tar?
pon; he roamed the canyons; he t
worked shoulder to shoulder with the j
American ranchers. And he writes ;
plays about Bloomsbury!
CI HARUE RUGGLE8 is i saetl] th?
J kind of person that Oliver
Morocco has in mind when lie talks;
about a typical More'... ? ., \ Rug
b en under lontract. to Mr.
Moraaeo for si\ jears, and he i-i
bound for two more. Thereupon he ,
will probably enter into an addition?
al agreement, because hr like it He
never has to hunt for work.
Just at prcrent Rugglcs is doing
exceedingly well in the somewhat
violent "Canary Cottage.'' Ho .*.a
idling about New York last summer,
when there came a telegram from 0.
M., in Los Angeles. It bade him col
| lect transportation from George
Mooser and travel at once to the !
Coast, where a good part awaited him
in something called "Canary Cot
tage." i Rugglea pause? to interiect'. ,
at. this point, that all parts are ?
"good." i So he went to I?os Angeles, ?
and was considerably taken aback |
when he fourni that "Canary Cottage''
: musical piece, lie had never
been in a musical piece la his life,
but that didn't deter him. Why
: hould it?
It was the San I-ranci.-co earth
<iuak<? that shook young Ruggles out
of the ?Irufc Ihimiiiss Mn?l make an
actor out of him. II?- Wai about
ready to leave the drut,' ?aaiaSSB. any
how. He had been doing a little pri?
vate investigating, and the result ?asa
the discovery that the a eravga earn*
ings of a drug person at the end of
the seventeenth year arc quite incon?
siderable oh, quite! When th?
earthquake arrived I'ugjrli-s took tin
hint. He packed what waa lefl
went to Los Angeles.
In Los A: | Prod He1 .
.to?-e. company. Raggiei decided that
he night a well be an actor as the
way he was, so be foiaed the eon?
pany. He stayed I've ?...?., It*, that
time ()!?\cr Moroco had
a rival company in Los Ans*?*lc?, aad
he offereil Ruggles more money. Knc
gles took it. Thereupon he was nein
ly live year.; with Morocco's it... i.
cornp.my, su h" learacd a lot
?t?sck companies, anyhow.
The hit of young P.uggles's care? i
was made here last jear in "Sailing
Stones." It was only his second New
York appearance, and the first WS8
not of a character to earn him much
fame. It was in Jack Lait's "Help
Wanted," which created quite a .stir
in i hicago and didn't create even a
semi-stir in New York. "Kslliag
Stones" was a Selwyn production:
Mr. Morosco had nothing for Ruggl? ??
st the time, so he farmed him on?.
Now he is back under the old Bag.
At the Winter Resorts
Belleair Heights, Fla., Feb. 10. Most
of the members of the winter colony
from the cottages at Clear-water, Hpir
boi Oaks and Belleair Heights were at
tne Belleview Hotel Saturday night
when the news of the break with Ger?
many came. There had been many
dinner parties, following a dance in the
ballroom. Later the company adjourned
ti, the grill, where exhibition dancing
by Mr. ami Mrs. Jo:,? ph Halpin was a
feature ?luring the supper dance that
lasted until nearly dawn. When word
finally came, late Saturday night, that
Ambassador Gerard had been recalled
and Count von Bernstorff had been
givi ii his pasnports the celebration out
di?l even Now Year's Fvc festivities
George W. Klkins, of I'hiladelphia.
brother of Mrs. Alexander Hamilton
Ric?', entertained a ?core at one of the
largest table?. Mr. and Mr?. William
Stewart Reyburn. who had given a
dinner at their cottage, came to the
grill with a party of ?ixteen. Andrew
J. Carty, who had started out with a
big ?tag party, had two other I
join him.
other? who entertained were Mr. and
Mr- N. S. Meldrum, Mr. and Mrs.
Walter B Manny. Hamilton Kerr. Mr
and Mr?. Jacob Disston, Hamilton I ? i ?- s
Mr Bad Mr? W, t, Morrison,
George Ail?-, Mr and Mr?. I/oui? Brown,
Mr. ano Mrs Henry .1. Topping, Mis
Robert J. Ally?. Mr. and Mr?. D. A. |
Luring, jr.. G.orge Orvi?, Mr. and Hr?.
| LyoB, Mr. ajad Mr?. Harvey
Mr. and Mrs K. F Low, Mr.
??inl Mr-, Otil H Csjtlar, Mr. and Mr
\\ il Bowman, J M Hyme, Mr. nnd j
Mr? C B. Seeley, Mr? Hamilton b?a
ton. Senator and Mrs. William Flinn
and W. W. Spadone.
I ??-rtaming on private cars :?i .1
yachts w a I gi?/OB up during th?
Hydro-aeroplanes were put in their
hangars and many heads of families
took the first trains for New York, t?>
retBHI later when business hail hoat
attended to. Theodore P. Shonts left
in a private car for New York when
the first news came. Charles V. Rich,
jr., who had been racing the day ocfoi
in his hydro-aeroplane with a spe?-?I
motor boat la Clear-water Hay, sped
North to return to his duties a? ?/ico
presideat of the National City Hank.
R W. McKiiinon. of Chicago, start* ?I
North. Hut all will return within the
coming f..r'
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Rich an.i
Frances Rich and Mr. an.l Mrs. William
Lothrop Rich have joined Mrs. Charle
V. Rich, jr., at the Helle?, n-w Hotel ?Li?
the season.
Miss Margaret (?oodrich and Mi-.
Goodrich have joined th? form? i
iiat.ee, H. II. Skerrett, and hi? moth?-:
Mrs. H. II. Skerrett, at the Relie?. i? a
BataL Misa Qsedito?, an.l Mr. Sk?i
rett will he married in New York in
April and will sp? nd their honeyn.??..
?I Old Point CaSBlSTrl an.I White Snl
Other arrival? ttott KtW York have
iniluil.d 1, M. H\m?. .1. M. Byrne, jr.,
Mr. ?ml Mrs. la?*??- D? i.\,\. Judge E. M
Hatch, B. i Mattia, Mr sad Mr? H -
Mills, Mr and Mrs Walter H. Mannv.
Mr. and Mrs. F. I M.?ri??r.. J?j.|
Tn.1,1. ,r a Phtlhrteh, Mr. ?ml Mr?
Q K MarrisaS ?nd Mrs and Mrs S H
I nar to ?In? and
The Abraham & Straus Private Subway Entrance
at Hoyt Street is quickly reached by Brooklyn Express, as follows, from
-liai M. all'wai?! .SI nun. PStli *?t !S niln. liriinil Central
I Mill h ?i ?Hrnim IH min. 1 .'d *M I ' min. Ulli >t.
Il min. Hf?klya llriil??. 9 min.
li aala, HaaillBB Ur??? m\% min.
Stoic Open
All Day Monday.
4 Specke Ewtits fcrl/mcoins Birthday
Two Extraordinary Purchases of Women 's
Handsome Spring Sample Apparel
Coats and Suits the direct copies and adaptations of the Par?a modes for
the coming season; the samples of the garments which will soon make their ap?
pearance in Fifth avenue shops at $32.50 to $55 and higher.
In ?addition, these Coats and Suits most 1\ ?nie and two of a kind embody
the finer points of tailoring to be expected in samples.
$32.50 to $55 "Sample" $32.50 to $47.50 "Sample"
Coats at $24.95 Suits at $24.75
Delightful costumes fur Sports Wear, for
Country Club, Tea, Dam?'. Visiting, Street
Por Country Club, Motor, Matinee, Stn
Evening Wear.
The materials are an index to the tincom
mon. individual, authentic styles of these
Unusual and artistic styles; linings of
harmonious beauty. Materials are
Quality Serge
Oxford Basket Cloth
Hairline Striped Serge
Velour Cloth
Plaid Velour
Poiret Twill
Burella Loopine
Chamoi* Velour Bolivia
Wool Jer?ey Poiret, Twill
Black Satin Wool Velour
Taffeta Tweed
Khaki Kool Velour Pati?
Paisley Silk Gabardine
.Some ,-how the new barrel or bowling-pin
silhouette. Linings are the fantastic East?
ern novelties or more conservative mono?
tones. Sample sizes 36 and 38. Colors
Sand Gold Rcm Green Gold Clay Wiefaria Black
Orchid Whitt Black and Others \ Navy Sand Copenhagen and Others
NOTE?In fairness to all, we suggest that selections be final at time of sale.
Compose of Taffetja and Serge Melton Cloth
Besides 36 and 38 are a group of Extra
Size Samples, 42\ g and 1 p *. Colors Include
tral RutMIn-;.
Bedroom Suites at
Fine Savings
In the February
Furniture Sale
Dur attention is paid la Hi?
l'rliriiary Furnitur?* Sale t?? tin
import iiur O? kh? Bedf tMMB ill
lioriK'-fiirnisliin^ plaits.
\ liuinlitT ol < vi'llrnt lirdroom
Suit.?, r;?ii;*iii,?* tT*m tin* \?-ry siin|.|a
to tin- ?|nit<' cl.'i!.'>r.iti-, in
Wim! . mm i? ?rltle range of periods,
ix';?r considerable -.<r'.???? reductions.
Id. i, ! ??there I pieces
.' dlrrrait*!
It uust slways be boras '
i? under? ritten by US i"r it ?. n Us
1 v.. r > Kn.imcl: Bedstead, Rureau,
i lier and Dp bl i, $136.
rtgulitrlj 1170,
MlSSflSj 1'inish : Hr.Ntcad, Ru
nier and Dre?-?.ing Table.
$162, rtgularij 11
With '?ad?, $41.50 addi
Blsch Lacquer; Twin B
roHii, t'hiffonier, Prrssinf;
Bench, ' I . y
Mshaamn*. -.
. $262.30, regala - |
?57.10 addil
Table, Chair, $295,
<irca??ian Walnut; Bedstesil, Ru?
reau, Chiffon able sod
Chsral Glass, $333.50, r
A Triple Event for Men
Who Are Eager to Put Their Lincoln's
Birthday Holiday to Good Advantage
Here is a three-ply offering by the Men's Furnishing Store (right inside ;
street Entrance) that will be especially tempting to men who will ha ve time on Monday
to do some much-needed shopping.
It heads a budget of other news of Men's Clothing, in whid ble quality
and line price savings are happily blended.
$1 to $1.50 Grades
For $1 Grade
Terry Cloth
Bathrobes y
For $3.50 Grade
? 1,488 at that l v icured n this lot I
i.'jou Scarf .
? ?? | in hand- ?? . , . "
?at' quality, d ins ''.'" of aoft' ???>
rhej bear .. ? ?. ,..,? exB#d .
? ? n expect i o nna rum Mpei
,. .. ., ' met -?^J"'- || under tks
I 14 to 17. ? .??ors and pattern .
--' 'Ir.or. But Bui I - ? M?n'a Shop, East Rjllrllnt
Men's 98c Silk Socks, 79c Pr.
('Kiili.f 99e. qosllt; ; pur?., silk
d tops, In blaek, champagne :
? vritB black clock
Men's Cotton Socks, lie. Pr.
Men's Walking Gloves, $1.50 Pr.
Women's $5.95 to
$7.95 Shoes in
Fashion, $3.95
Lace and lmtt??n Mine? tlir
graceful? ir???xl-lo?>kin?r Shoes that
bare been Malina? right along at
f)5M to $7.95. Grey suede Shoes
?.?.itli ta-oTcrcd Louis XV heels and
light welted soies: light-colored
kid Shoes] Russian calf -ind tan
suede uppers and others : a
du/, ii vi\ 1? ? in all. The si/?
ronge in each kin?! i? not entirely
romplete altlaougfa .-ill siaea in a
rangi for choice.
On tables according to si/.r, to
iiiak?- s?l? ? lion simple,
Women'* Smart Pump?, $3.95
Patent ?t^dher or gun rnetol, ? itl.
hand turned ?ol? and fxiuis \ -
Women-? $5.S5 Shoe?, $4.95
Ui(rti-?ut I'laak kidskin Shoes, but
I .m ?tyle; u, Ited or turn?-?! soll'S'
. ..-.i rrd Louis X * licfs".
Women'? $7.95 Shoe?. $5.95
(iiinriittiil, -.s i tli dull kid top.*.; bu'
t.iii st;. lr. Marl?- with bigk nr.\\ last
\lfzhi u-rltrd Miles| bather LooJl In-?'!-.
Other Offerings
I Ha. I ?r'aiii "Trlailllii" < offre. SU*.
I.irl? :i'!c?.. ill .'!?. .
i ... ?ail
?ladtli-llarlfaanl, l!ia\l.ury ?in a I Sallfairal
I?. ?1 H.H.I Aahrla, ?l.">ll TO.
SI.9S l?rr?vt C'liarrnnia? ???tin. SI.59 r?i
S'j-r?. !l - - W-' H. I?
f,r?' lo $10 I*rr ( nrtnin?. ( Irariim-?
al '.'Hr., 49r.. Sflc. to S.VS!? pr.
1 |a?r, r*iiHa,.. M <*?ntrs.l Bid*
S3I.9S USSOOM Milna Dinner Sri? al
map s i!.?-?, fl?x>r. Orrrj.1 Bl If
PALPS la, -*.;:. lulil?* Motil? -?ill? Vip
l.iii?, S0..V? ?<> i.'7.9S.
I ??? H l|
M ?nilrrf ill' ?il- l?r??? Nft?. :>'><. ? ?r,|
$1.9? I" ?-Ml? Noii-ll? ?ullinir? at ?I ".9
,,| - '.Vr..' II {
?in. . lion*?' Broom? si :'9c.
r?-' Bi.if
I?? to I9<*. St. (?all *??mi|ilr> Emhrold
erien. '... lo -'*??' >?l
1 - airr.'^r. ?'??ltral Bi'lf
i:niliroi?l?rr<l I'.a .l-i.r-???l? and H??l??rr?
ill i.V. to ?I 19.
\ ?-....- - - S4.ar'.,l flam-. That Bl'l?
s?? ,, i.IiiiM?* Sulr? ?r 9?<
Bof? *? I I ??? X''" ' " ;?-?-*?
M?t Bid?.
Wainirn'? Sfl 9? I'mbrrlla?, S4.9?.
. -i.'ral nid?
'.-,?. I'a ?t Hlu?k I inline sal^n. I5<*. yd.
*ac. Tart?r -lar l'??tr ni Se,
m . * inl n .
:.. I'rinlr.l \aille? ut IS*. ??I
."?9?. Niijol i Mimral (lil. for ?un.l.|p?
tialD. 19r.
? - ? i ?i i .>? ' M BU?
?;.<?. PUP mm. llrnimi-d sl?r?-l?, 73?'.
^l/r? ?'iltV? J'l?.
I ,r?i.i r, *r ?Tal i .
1't liKh I ??tit ( olor, il l?r?*?di*D Klb
laiall?. He?. tSm . ?t I !? ?. '?I.
Stra^ I ? F.?5t F'.rl?.
\\ lilt?* Blanket? of ''ii?lil>. t"nll ?I??.
SS.1S pr. Ultra all?. S?."??? pr.
.?utra.4, S??r, ??at T U
Ma, I?, .VI.. Whltr <rri>r. H t?) 40 In. li??
??i?lr. ill I". ?<1.
Strre' floor, ("?rtral ?t'Ai
:!.'.?-. \?h Trun at I!??.
?4- .'?? ?-?' Bl '.f
PAM, SS.SS un.l ?.'.T.". Mall?n? *?olt
? ii?.-?. S1..VI. loar. I ??? irai fj ?
.1. Moiitiiol. ( hi-rol.-ilr Broad????? at
I9i'. Il>.
Medrtlli.nl? IS? ?asi I'?? (.rmlr?. ul SB?.
?a. h ii nun
"?prill? Milliner? f..r l'rr?4-nt Wenr. In
?nmrlr.l Idea?, at *?|>r< ial IT!? r.
?aKi ? l m-'.? ? ??!..? , .- y . wf Tifh qU8i . . | , ? . ? ? ?? of ?larkrr color, 'nelu'lma,* I
??uiiifii'? \>h |irr?.r?. ?ilk or ???v??. n,j gmm,) ; :'.., ;!:< I is
-ASS a?.a ?us? MmnXmm $1 98 satin Stiiped TafFeta, $1.49 Yard
\\,.mrti'? n.ai^ln? -?klrt? I. :?? ( Crnnnrl? 'n cbanErablo color?, wi?h Mtis ?tri-??? In |-fctt :hination?; for ?port? skirt?, compose
mtsssf Nirin* Coses .Tsis-ss.'' suit.? ami irhol.- irssass. H met?
??ur rc)--jlar 98c. qoa Is thread W'c eon sell th?M ta at this pries only !
black, champajrne ar ,oss than I
: - '? .'h black el?
?its' Cape Gloves in smart tan ?hades, P. |
\- inosnolly low uch irood .--(ack-; in
Men's Balbr?gg?-.n Underwear "Seconds,"
Soft, comfortable nulhrii-'-an l'ndor**'ear: selli'icr
ordinoril*? I : if perfect would be
? floor, Km'? Bhep n?.
Meyer's Washablo (uric Glove.,, ivory ?haa!? with t
ion? biack and self-embroid?
All ,air.
$2.50 Soft Hats, $1.95
An excellent lot in Bpring ntn and young; |
men; all sizes and fsshioi It'? abou
. ... Walking Sticks bof? bson part of our reg
itock Altogether there are .''?"> of them, sod B
?'(in they make. In all th? Dopolor
Bn,i ?-eat .1 with sterling ?ilver.
? floor. Fulton St . I I ?? ?
Men's $3.98 and $4.98 Canes, ?mo t? get a ?aw Ha
<r*o no
Men's $5.50 Arch Comfort
Shoes, $3.95 Pr.
Men who st. bothered by havi*i;r weak arche? or
want ."'hoes that ?Till prevent them will be lnt<*re.*e?i
Men's Handkerchief?, 25c ^??*- ?*.ten* ,? ,?,,
li boif-.it tc-day. these all-linen, hemstitched Hand- both of blacK vici kid; one with narrow toe, lace; the
kerchief? would be 35c. each. Full size, with ??, and other broad toe, blucher laced. Size range ?lightly
'--inch hem?. broken.
street floor. Llvlng?tnn 8U, ''antral Bulidlnf. Third florar, il'n'e Shop, r.?n ?TrntAmamO,
Really An Extraordinary Sale of
Men's Overcoats at $11.95!
In unart ityles?Pincat-backs, Slip-ons and the always favorito ch?'stor??'Irl. Mak?
ing, linings, etc, are Car sbove what you might expect in <u.?rcoat ?
" It's a wonderful offering; plenty for Monday ; all regular and stout sizes in
or another.
Plenty of the New Spring Suits and Top Coats for the early buyer.
ai Sat?, Mm ?
Three Fine Offerings of Silks
Fashion's pets in Silks this season ar--* ChanneuM Satin and Taffeta. Here thev
arc at savings quite extraordinary, considering the present high cost of silks.
$1.98 Dress Charmeuse Satin, $1.59 Yard
laptfb finish, ar i I I Bs l"S : n!?o ?rhits and bl?ek. ?10 In?, wliie.
$1.49 Colored Chiffon Taffeta, $1.19 Yard
? . ? ?'-g

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