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?aajcret lef? ke Men and Companies Con?
fer on Action in Kvent of War
Chiesf"?*. f*m. It. Railroad officials
and fov-* .rient Secret Service agent*
??n?-r-r i here to-day on plans for pro
*4-ctiag railroad property throughout !
the eecnti In the event of war. The j
conf?rer ' ' was held at the offices of
Hirton G 'labaugh. chief of the local
r-vtmn.' ? bureau of investigation
It was n~**.ounced that private detec
tir? sgf! ; employed by the railroads
?0,;' tb Federal officers
in |*nal ' "erminals. particularly at
-trat*? in handling military
inpp??*-. :i protecting government
proper*:-' araena - and forts and in
the pstrol of train lines from end to i
OF $333,400,000
Finance Committee Would
Increase Bond Issue and
Debt Certificates
RAISE $248,000,000
Legislation Recommended
to Tide Nation Over
Fiscal Year
Washington, Feb. 13.?A Treasury
deficit of $333,400.000 at the end of
the next fiscal year is forecast in a
report aubmitted to-day by the Senate
Finance Committee. recommending
that the Administration revenue bill
be amended to authorize a bond issue
' of $195,256,000, instead of $100,000,000,
and that the authorization of the cer?
tificates of indebtedness he made
$500,000,000 instead of $300,000,000.
The recommendation for increases
I? based on revised Treasury estimates
submitted to Congress since the bill
passed the House, placing the Federal
government's expenditures for the fis?
cal year 1918 at $1,100,000,000. The
committee estimates thai to mrrt this
total and provide a working balance
the amount which must be raised by
bonds and new revenue legislation is
i ''?:(. 100,000. This the committee pro
By bond issues?For expenditures
on account of the Mexican situation
to June 30, 1917, $162,418,000; for con?
struction of the Alaskan railway to
June .'.O, 1918, $21,838,000; for con?'
struction of an armor plate plant, $11,
000.000, making a total bond issue of
By new taxation An excess profits
tax, |226,(H*?0,000; inheritance tax in-1
creases, $22,000.000, making a total of
$248,000,000. This makes a grand to?
tal from new taxe? and bonds of $M.V
256,000, or 99jt 4,000 in excess of ab- ?
solute needs.
In its report the committee explains !
that the proposed authorization to is?
sue short-term certificates of indebted- j
BCCfl up to ,'500,000,000 is for the pur?
pose of tiding the Trea.-ury eecf until
the new taxes come in. A l?rm
tion of the total revenues of till ger?
??rnment is now payable during t:
month of the fiscal year, and proiably :
more than $.'>0i>,000,000 of r?
svould, in the opinion of thfl eomn?t
i tee, be collected during June, 1918,
"Thi- income tax, the mui
ufarturers' tax and the excess pmiit <
i tax are all due and payable in June
I of each year," the report Baya,
is practically as much as will be ?*ol- ?
leeted during the entire pn
Bieten month?. That is, while 'he dis?
bursements for 1918 may be less than t
the receipts for that year, still, at cer?
tain periods prior to June the Treas?
ury may aeec te? ?tes of in?
debtedness to tide it over."
Washington, Feb. 13.?Congress will
meet in joint session to-morrosv in the
hall of the House to canvass the vote
of the November election and to do?
clare Woodrow Wilson and Thomaa K.
Marshall i-lected for the term begin-1
nine .March 4 next.
The President j>ro tempore of the i
Senate, Senator Snnlflbnry. will pri>- '
side and supervise the official count. '
Senators Kern, of Indiana, and Clapp, i
of Minnesota, ind Representativas:
Iiucker, of Missouri, and Mapej, of
Michigan, will be tellers.
The Senate will march to the House
shortly before 1 o'clock, BToeeded lay
Senat- pages bearing the box.1*, con- !
taining election certificate? from the
forty-eight states. When
Saulsbury takes the gave! 8]
i'lark will stand at his left, while the
tellers are canvassing and announcing
the vote, -?t?te by state in alphabeti- ;
cal order.
-tfl' .'
SEVENTY per cent of the customs
duties paid the United States are
collected at the magnificent custom
house here in New York City.
That 70,000 men of the greater
city wore rightpriced Monroe Clothes
last year shows what a factor these
Clothes are in the life of America's
New Yorkers in ever increasing
thousands are learning that to be well
dressed does not necessitate extrava?
gance in price. They are learning that
in good looking, long wearing Monroe
Clothes they get both style and quality
for $15.
Making Monroe Clothes ourselves
and selling them in low rent upstairs
stores for a standard $15 price com?
pose an economy policy that saves
money for our customers.
Come up today and loo!? at hand?
some, super-value Monroe Clothes.
You can't get away from the quality I
Suits?Overcoats?Evening Clothes?$ 1 5
Monroe ? Cloth
onroe m
oAmeric^SaamGr^si Upstairs (P/ot?/ers
*?**?? St., Cor. Frankfort
F?.too St, " Bway
^Street, '? Bway
42d " - Bwny.
5W- " & Col'bua Circle
125th - ?* 7th Ave.
TQieuMB oa*>vict
Bergen Ave., 149th St.
Court & Montague Sts.
Fulton & Hoyt Sts.
151 Market Street
Newark Ave., nt Bay St.
Haig's Men Win in Swift
Blow on Foe's Lines
Near Souchez
Spirited Fighting Begins
In East?Germans Storm
Cerna Hill
London, Feb. It.?A dense fog hung
over the battle lines on the West front
and precluded all but the sim
plest action?. The artillery bombard
I ment, particularly north of the Somme,
' was unusually intense and concen
I trated.
British detachments carried out e\
: tremely successful operations early to
t day. Eaat of Souchez the enemy's po
? sitions were penetrated on a front cf
several hundred yards. Tho Iritiafa
trorps destroyed defences, including a
treneh railroad, and captured forty
?Ten prisoners, sutTcring only light
casualties themselves, according to the
War OffiCfl repc.rt. Other raids north
af Neuville-St. Vaast, north of
Loos and east of Vprcs, also inflicted
on the enemy and severely
?lama |
In a raid northeast of Rheims a
French dfltackraeat swept in tifteen
prisoner-. Destructive fires were di?
rected aga ' Garaaaa organiza?
tions in the region of 4uennevieres,
between the Oise and the Aisne. A
German patrol was dispersed with
losses in the Anspach sector of Alsace.
Critic Reports British Defeats
Details of engagements on Sunday
night north or the Ancre are given by
the military critic of the Overseas
News Agency, in Barlln, who says:
"On Suiuiay night violent engage?
ments took place between Serre and the
Ancre, where six attack.?. by the British.
wer?- ?i pal ad I '.. Bi itl h in tka af?
ternoon had open? i Bfl ? xtremely heavy
lire on the German positions north of
to drumfire
at mgh'fall. Oi near BatTfl
Gemana during
raparator** t re ?rithoot the Brit?
ish being airara of the mart ?
"'A.-' d 10 i' m. the first of
Britiak eontinganta initiated the
attack eavoto? ground
nit. They w i ro sanguinar
a additional attflU
tha san.i' point failed.
"'lu a thfl Britiak launched
BCB aaat of lieuueourt,
v | bittahon support
???i by anaaeroOfl machine guns. It was
fall?n i Bt ii;:lnl-to-l.ar,i| fight
iin'. daring which one officer and more
thirty men were taken pn
"lli- BritiaB two addi
attaeha with strong force? in this
Boon aftci the*
? ?ed in pen? Iratina C?
aa buried aftfll
hand i bat "arara ejected
"At I a. hi. th< '-?1111 made
their sixth and hast attack."
Spirited Fightin?; In Ea?t
?fighting rin tha Baaaiaa?, Rumanian
iinian fror*'. ? whs more
SB usual. liritish armored
motor cars advanced twice toward the
enera* - near the mouth of
? reth and raked them with an
Sooth of the I'utna
\ road G? rtnan troops stormed a
iring IM prison
Bchine gana. On the
upper Bareth, i . the Rus
ral battalions strong, tsvire
d the enemy's lines, dut were
Sooth of Lake Dris*. iaty. on the Rus
.iiin front, G? rman raiding detach
brooght back ninety prisoners.
\ French a*, iator, 11 rs ng a 'h the
raaj*, brought down a hostile
machina Bori Pocaaai, in Bo?
of inactivity the
Tcutonii troops on th< Macedonian
took thfl ' ??-'.'lilay in
. nd of the Orna River. A hill
? ral encampments east
ralovo hi', wrested from the
ro prisoners and
Uve machin? gana ust? captured, ac?
?? to Berlin. P < that
? i ks attempted by
M were repulsed by
thfl luiians." Successfol raids by
h troops in the Doiran sector are
chroi I ' "*ch, who i
that ? i.ecupied th?
thfl Italian front aerial activity
was the feature of the day. Italian
tnefl raided the Srsn linceo navy
ynr:. ta, and dropped bomb?
on the arsenal and ships at Tola, the
British on Tigris
Have Surrounded
Turks West of Kut
Every Avenue of Escape for
Ottoman Army Dominated
by English Guns
??> fl, T* ? Trthtir.s)
London, Feb. IS, Thfl Hritish force
on th? trouA have Completel)
surrounded the Turkish troops west of
Kat-fl] An..n.s, ?*sMO"*ding to an officiai
anaanncanient made to-day. Aftei
?weeping the enemy back to his last
line of trenches in the Dshra bend,
,[ Kut and between the licorice
factory, formerly occupied by General
Townshend, and the Shumren bend, the
British troops pressed forward for
a mile across the Dahra
The Frit!?h Una now reaches from
tiarik to bank on a front of more thsn
miles. Tho position of the Turk
It may ?
? river, but not
without m vert looses, even annihila?
tion, for i ? ie of escape is
dominai?-?! by Britiak gUUS.
The i : regarding these
operation? -ays:
"On Saturday the enemy's bridge at
Khumren was shelled. A direct hit was
!, and some enemy ?hipping was
"On Sunday the advance on the right
I bank of t; l Bfl n -'lined and
I thfl enemy was driven back to hi? las'
| lin? a ? In the llahra bend
af Kilt l'y ? ?aning our lin?' ara
L fi un bank
ink? on a frontage of f>,."??'<? yarda
and I -us completely hemme
?in. The distanca eovarad in the ad
! *anee varied from 80u yard? on oui
?riorss*. t? 2,000 yards on our left."
Onr first Mo-rga-l*; Partlclpa
tion Certifica tea pay 4' \% exempt
Irom personal tax in this State.
They enable vou to Infest any
sum without expense and hare
the interest commence imme?
The*/ are parts o? a specific
'uaranteed mortgage on New
York City property.
Vo investor has ever lost a dollar
?JoiHd^rj (?aGe Ouarantee (o
Capital G Surplus, $10,000,00?
I17GB'wsv N.Y. 17"? Rem*-?*! St., B"kl*T.
350 Fiilton St., Jjjx.akx
British Commander Says
German Front Will Be
Badly Broken
<Bj Wir?]??? Pr??a>
Pari?, Feb. 13.?"This year will be
decisive in a military sense. On the
battlefields events will take place after
svhich Germany will be shown to b'*
beaten militarily. W? lhall break the
German front severely and at many
pom'* "
This prediction Sir Douglas Hsig,
the Hritish commander on the Wi
front, made to the French war corre?
spondents in an interview recently, a<
report?*d In a semi-official communica?
tion. The Allies were ready in every
respect to meet the anata**, Genera!
Haig added, and the decision could
not be delayed.
"We shall strike with our full force,"
he declared, "ur.til the German army is
totally ?ie-trcyed.
"It may be that this year of deci- '
-si!! also be the year i ( |
the general continued. "We all desire
that and shall do everything in our
posver to bring about the dttairfld ra
PaaCfl Baa con"* only with abso- ''
lute victory, which will be attained i
the force of our arms.
British Morale F'erfe? t
"The Allies must not allosv them- '
selves to be deceive.? oy Germany'?
suggestion?. In offering peace Ger?
me rely tliinki of prepii .
fot the aaxl ??.r. If ue tr?n to
- pa-1 Kdion
'.vouiil racoiBtner.cfl la three reara.
"The ?m i) ' ra, with, their good sense
and in-tinct, understand that. I
on whom it d? pends wish to create
by victory with their blood hi
? I have en tin
in oui' trot'ps. Their morale is above
suspicion. With regard to peac?\ ss.
arfl all determined to tight until the
. m!."
lahad whether the great o:v
"iminerit. General Haig replied:
bar the Germans, the French or
we ourselves commence it, BMl
!ilt!e. If the enemy Defina it, flithflf
in the north or the south, in B<
I ents that appear to him favorable or
??>n the former Balda af bottle, svr ,ir'
'o receive him ?-.nd his efforts
* him dear.
'?'ir armies are fully trained and
aqn tirii'd. able to root 'tie enemy W
no moment will there b? any pos?;'
of hifl entrenching himself, once our
attack is ander ss-ay.
Quirk Railroad Building
"War la certainly not merely a clash
of ?I'mies. m urder to conduct it prn
digiou preparations Hin! complicated
dur two
-erious preoccupations ?\- pr
are railways and artillar**, Witt)
fflflT aaoatha s**e have cons'
in the rear of our lines Bflarl|
miles of railway. Roeently 1 aant for
tho manager* of the greatest raiir.ia i
linos m Eng and. I ahawad them on
the spot what lud h-en done and what
ra'mained to be none. They understood
the urgency and thfl ex'ent of the ta?k
"A- ragnrda aaonitiona, we have n
aliaed thfl maximum. At 'his moi
we can supply the Allies in excess of
;h->ir need? We m?i?t, however, have
more artillery, and especially heavy ar
The point is, n?<t merely to be
equal to the ein my, but to overwhelm
him with the sshole o?" our strensrth."
$160,000.060 Pension Bill Passed
Washington, Feb. 13, The annual
pensien apprc'riatio i bill carrying
1160,000,0(0, was passed by the House
to-day in fift<***n minutes.
Amsterdam, N". V.. Feb. It. Henry 8.
Ma Cores'., of Schenectady, who was
??'.ecte.t to Congress from the Albany
Schenectady district in 1008, dud I i
? lay in Setn'ieitadv following an illr.e
of a few days. MV. IV Port?t was the
Republican candidate for Representative
: am the "0th DUtriet in tha la ' ' l<
tion, hut was defeated by Mayor (?eorge
Ft, l,-inn of Schenflctad
Tired of the regular
rounoi of ordinary
breakfast fruits?
Substitute a glass of
Welch's (iced). You
will find it appetizing
and invigorating?a
good way to start the
Professor and Editor Who Died Monday
Was World I.esder in I'rofes?ion
John Adams Church, who died at his
home, at 697 West End Avenue, on Mon?
day, was one of the most widely known
mining engineers in the world.
He was born in Rochester in 184H.
her, the Rev. Pharcellus Church.
Balate? (ireeiey's pastor in Poult?
s' "., in 1828. Mr. Church received
the degrees of E. M. and Ph. D. from
Columbia University, where he served
at one time as professor of mineralogy
and metallurgy in th? School of Mines.
npleted his studies in Europe
- ed.tor of "The Engineering and
I Journai" from 1872 to 1874,and
177, as a member of the United
Geological Survey, was as
i ,-tudy the Comst.>cl?; Lode,
in Nevada.
Hfl later became professor, of miner
aiogy and metallurgy at the University
of Ohio. He was appointed b> the Got?
ernor of Arizona to report on artesian
wells in that state, and in 1884 Presi?
dent Cleveland named him a member of
th? Av-ay Commission. In 1884 he was
appointed bj Viceroy LI Hung Chang
?yen for the Chincflfl government
some famous old silver mines m M in
les north of the Great Wall.
He, his wife and infant, son were at?
tacked by a band of robbers, but were
r.srued by a detail of Chinese cavalry.
H ? ssas a member of *he American
Institute of Mining Engineers and the
I ?ociation. Besides his widosv
and son, he is surv vi-d by his brother,!
William Conant Church, editor and pro
t of "The Army and Navy Jour?
Charles MaaOflJ Watcrbury,
three -.
acute indigcsM? r. at the I
lira. Gar T. Whit?
Adama Btrcat, Mount Varean. H
for many raari a member of the firm
of Wa?erb:ny ?v. Lil-v. iL-corators, of
this citv. !!?? recen! y re".ted.
FiiKaifnienl. Mnrrlaee. tllrth. In
?Irn-orlnm iinal Pealli Notice? mar b?
telephoned in 1'lie Tribune t*n> MOM
up lu midnight fur in-.rt ;,ni In Ihr
m-st ilns's pap?-r. .lii-t ?'all
Beekman 3000
ami read the nolle? as son wish It
Inserlfal Hill tor ?ami- ss. Ill be mail??!
In yon In 1er. The notier will rem-h
over Km ?mm? reader? ?l.nls.
FOLLNSBFF. Tfl Mr. Bad Mrs. John Fulton
I BUaaflflfl i nee Ruth 8. Baldwin i. a daugh
ter. Elizabeth, in Brooklyn Hospital, F??b
runry 11,1417.
At.EXAM>K.K MIGEL On M-i-i-!?y, Fehru
ary 12, IM7, at rUAjU St. Regi*. Anita,
?laughter of Mr. and Mrs. Saul !.. Migel, to
Mr lester Jame? Alexander
HYMOM'S (AMKKI.Ia On Saturday. Feh
10, I '''. ii' UM Chapel at th?* Inter
resaion. Trinity I'arish. by the I>v. Milo
H. ?"?ates, via-:.;. Mabel Jo-ephine. daughter
of Mr. and Mrs \. U. Caiitrell, Hnd Al
ireii GnetHSfll Sytnond?.
and Mn. Walter M.
lrsii, li. WaatAau, at B'jonton,
N. J., ami lukio. Japan. Monday. Febru?
ary IS, at Ivr hon.a- 771 St, Nichola? av.,
by Uie Hi v. W. H. W.Kilverton.
NOKTOl? s? I i.l.V
i laasMOt?M CarriflflB R??*? an?
nounce? Um i ' of tho marriage
r ni've. M?<? \ irninta Rees Scully,
tu Mr. Chaster Hinman Norton, owing to
i?i' Hlnee? of Miss Scully.
Albertson, Mrs. W. D. Kraflflflk, Man?
?ai. Marguerite I rfl h, Humphrey
lllaus-;a, A ST McCarthy. Hannah
l,,hn MeUermott, John
Henry J. M.-G? -ern, Matthew
-h. hilen N. Mfljrer, UaUm
Catherine MflBtfl*, I'..i?rhen
Capron, Cyru- r. fntatm I I
Muliich, John J.
Chur.-h. John \ '??II. Jehn J
Noras, Helen A.
- orge
fKsyer, William Philip, l.oui., B.
Iimt. Katharina?". ?'hilippi. O. I
I a--r.~. William I'aover, l'atria-k
?".elm? R alan, Joseph
r mtim, Paulin? Schmidt, Anna M.
.-ors? 1er, HeywanJ
a, Catharine shannon. r)?-'i ?
<;?>nlen, lVta-r ,i. fie Witt
(.reenssaid. Charles M. S'ewart. James, Jr.
Oratory, John U i. i-.unic?' n.
Harria, Alf n-d ?Benson. Maria J.
John rhMBflS, C.caarge F..
HerUel. 1?..-.? 'I ham uaata, Jan-i- M.
Hick-, J.'hn H. C K K.
I Boo .? W Trehasr, John
. '?mi? T. Tra-nkmar.ii. W.
Hull, Davial A. -s/ai ' -eno?
llyn.e?, I>?na P/aJher, Trema? C.
IH?-. ?;?ont?- F N aaeh, l.oui?
\ \V?il. Leopold
KeOer, Carolina Ha i.eopoi'i
>rt Wiener, Hannah K.
an, Eugen?
?amuel B. William?, .Mary E.
ALRF.RTSON Mr?. William D.. 1*3 LatTeri? '
?v., 1 117. Funeral
to b? held from BtOBBfll Avenus Baptut
? . Kev. H. W. Troy.
Il F F UK At Rochester. N. Y., on Sundsy.
Krhruary 11. T'17, after a ?hort ?Une?? of
pneumonia, Frederir? K'lirsr He?b?, in hi?
Mil ><:ar, only ?or, of Walter H. and the
lata Louisa B??oth FA*?r. Inl?nn?nt in
Wutxba.sn Cemetery at convenience of the
HIKDKNWK?; On Febniary \2, at her r-?i
? Amaterdam av., Mar?ru?*nte. be
Btffld ss.fo of Carl HiesJa-nsseif. Kequiem
mas? at Church of the ; I ??th ??
1 AmfltflfflBaa as . on rpawa?mj. Febru?
ary 15, at it: ?' a. ni. InUrmer.t Calvary. -
BLAfVlCLT I>.?-d February It, at hU lata
reaideii'e. Ml Maw'i? ?'-. Eliiabeth. N. J ,
.aid .Stewart Taylor Blauselt, aged
Hm h John, .il Ten Kyrk ?t., Brooklyn, on
February I, 1.17. bk?*<I i":i- Funeral at St.
Ji hn'.? Lutheran Church. Rev. A. J. Beyer. -
BRACKKN-Un February 11. Ellen Nolan.
belosH wife of the lat? Richard Bracken
and loving mother of John. Richard and
Eleanor Bracken. Mrs. William Howa?M,
Sj?m?t4 J. linn and Mr?. Fred
. -frr. Fineral fruin her late la*BMflBflfl,
Ua^-t Lfltk st.: IhflaeS ta Church of St
r?hruary 11.
at 10 a. m. ln'Tn-.?
BROTH Y On Sunday. February 11, 1917. at
her home. a?2?3 8th av., Ca'J>e.-in? Brophy
m?a Connolly), hel?se?! wife of Edward J.
Brophy. in her 1 Ith year. Funeral from
her late residence on Wednesday, February
14, at 10 a- m ; thenc to Church of St. ?
Thomas th? Apostle, I IKth ?t. Interment j
Bl'RBAf?E Henn? J., ??elovist brother of
Nellia and Richard J. Hurbag? and ?he
late Mr?. Mamie Ford. Funeral (mm hi?
sister'? re?idence. !<ij F.aat 49th ?t..
Wednesday morning at 9 :J0 o'clock . thenc?
to t?t. Agne?'? Church. Interment Cal
CARNEY On Frl-niary IB, M?ry Carn??y.
daugh'ar ol Juma? an?! Murv Carney. a?f
L.ihola, County Mayo. Ireb.r.d. Funeral
from M4 West laltith ?t., Wetlntwday. 9
a. m. : than?? to SL Aloyiius'a Church. ?05
Wat i32d ?t.. 9 JO. Interment Calvary
CAPRON -Suddenly, at MonU-Uir. 1
Sunday. February 11. Cyrus Kemp?
of the late Rev. Alexander Capro-n.
lierai service? at Grace Church. >
'a ss n, N*. Y'., on Wednesday. Februa
at 12 o'clock.
CHIRCH-At his las? reaidei.ce. Ml
End av., on February T.', 1917,
Adams Church, in hi? 74th year. F
?erviee? at All Angels' Church, We?
av. and S 1st at, on Wednesday. F et
14, at UtM p. in. Kindly omit flow?
CLAYTON ? Eatoll? Clayton (Ooperi.
si. en The Funeral Church, "-?roadway.
67th ?ts. (Frank E. Campbell Buil
Time later. Auspice? Actor?' Fun??.
DFMMERT At Red Bank. N. J.. on
day. February 1?, 1917. Margaret E.,
of? Henry Demmert and daughter .*(
iam Re-isl. of Jersey City. N. J. Fi
?erviee on Thuraday. February 15.
o'clock p. m., at her late home, 3
Place, Re?, Bank, N. J. Carriage? a
Bank depot on arrival of train le
Pennsylvania Station, New York,
p. m. Interment (irrenwooi Cem
New Y'ork, Friday.
DWYER On F.-hru.sry If, 1917. Wl
beloved husband of Ellen Dwyer lne?
ford i. native of Tipperary. Ireland.
neral from his late residence, 511
1 "th ?t.. on Wednesday, 9:30 a. m.
at Church of Immaculate Conception,
?t. and Melroee av. Interment St.
DYER Katharine C, daughter of the
John and Ann K. Dyer, beloved ?i*t
the Rev. John J. Dyer, Martin C. Th
B. and Frances A. Dyer. Funeral fro*
iate residence, 2963 Deeatur av..
Wednesday. Fehruary 14. at '.':30 a
Solemn requiem ma?? at the Chutv
Our I-ady at Mercy, Fordham. at 10 i
Irterment St. Raymond's.
FURRIS On February IS, 1917. Wil
ifl?rOtfld father of Mrs. Bernard Kane,
nersl from hia late residence, 440 1?<
Br?>ok!yn, on Wedne??lay. February
Requiem ma? at St. Francis Xas
Church, Carroll st. and 6th av.. at 10
Interment private.
FREITAG Pauline mee MllaUt. at Tl
ctusko ?t.. Rrnoklyn. on February 11. 1
aged 50 years 7 month? ?5 day?. Funer;
It John's Lutheran Church.
FOI.EY On February 11, 1917. Com
Ptmtf, beloved husband of Julia Fol??y
- . lisan. Funeral from hi? late resul?
Hall Place, Bronx. Wednesday,
ruary 14, 1":30 a. m. ; thence to ?t.
gustines Church, Franklin av., 167th
where a mas? of requiem will be off
for the repose of hi? ?oui.
FC? HS (la-aige. IN Stanhope st., Broo?
February lu, 191,', aged M years. Fur
?? held from Ebenezer Preebyte
Church, Rev. R. Stutzmann.
1.11 BUM On February IS, Catherine
oriite, beloved daughter of Michael
M.iry Gilbride ?n?? Whitei. Funeral f
her Inte residence, 308 Eart L'Gth ?*,,
Wednesday, February II, at 2 p. m. Ir
ment Calvary.
(.ORDFN liter Corden, native of fl
fanan. County I,ongford, Ireland. Fun
fraim Burke'? parlor?, 446 Weat 34th
on Wednesday, February 14, 1917. at I
S. in., thence to Church of St. Mich
i 1'h st. and 9th as'. Friemla and mem
? ?? Holy Name Society respectfully inv
to attend.
(.REKNWALD- Charlea M., on February
?BOJ I, (?Moved father of Ira. Iaawr?
Florence, Herbert, Hattie and lieati
Funeral from hi? late residence, 687 Ei
.?v., Bronx, Wednesday, February 14, at
a. m.
i.KIK.ORY On February 12, 19!7. John
Gregory, ?on of the guard of the Old Tl
?'oa.-h. nge?I .'4 year?. 1-uneral from
father'? residence, 20S Weat 27th st_,
Wmmmmt?mT, February !4. at 1 p. m.
HARRIS On February 12. In hi? Slat yi
Alfr.-l. beloved husband of Y?tta and
? ?ti-l father of Emanuel, Esther and !?
Samuel J. Heiman. Funeral from his !
residen e, 1112 47th st,, Brooklyn,
Thursday, February 15. at 10 a. m. In'
ment private. Pittsburgh (Penn. i. Bo?
? Mn-s. j paper? please copy.
HALFT John Hauft, in his 49th year, s
.lenly, Saturday, the K'th. Funeral i
H1KI/EL (in Monday, February 12, R
HaTt/.el, l-eiosed Um. of Joseph Her\
?nee HoiLscrl, In her 57th year, mother
Cania Oiatar, Fannie Ixissenthal, Har
Edward and (?uasie. F'uneral from I
late residence, 1048 Forest av., Bronx,
?*een MM and 166th ?ts., on Thursd;
February 15, at 1 p. m. Newark papi
pleas? copy.
HICKS John Haydock Hick?, at hi? r?
dene?, New Brighton, Staten Island, ?
of the late John H. and Frances And?
?on Hicks, in tha 8l?t year of his ai
Funeral prisrate.
HO<;aN Suddenly, on Monday. February 1
Thomas W.. beloved husband of Anna
HoKan. Funeral from his late residen?
1121 Lind av., Highbridge. Bronx, Tbur
du y, 9:30 a. in. thence to Sacre?l He?
I'hurch, Bronx, where a solemn requle
mass will be olTered for reposa of his ?m
Ncsvburgh and Cornwall, N. Y., pape
plea?e copy.
HI'CHES A solemn inas? of requle
i Month's M indi for th? repose of the so
of Rev. James T. Hughe? will be eel
brated in the Church of St. Gregory. Ha
rison, N. Y., on Wednesday, February 1
at lii:30 o'clock. New Haven train 9:1
Grand Central Terminal.
II I I OB Sunday. February 11, David Ai
alrew Hull, beloved husband of Mr?. .
Hull. Funeral from 1467 3d av.. Wedne
day. February 14, at 2 p. m. Intermer
St. Michael'?.
H*! MES -I.ena (nee Guttenberg), on Mot
day, February 12, beloved wife of Corn?
lius Hymn. Funeral private.
IDE On Monday. February IS, at hi? ra?
dence, U28 Madison av., George Elmor
Ide. Ko.ir Admiral, retired, L'. S. N. N
tice of funeral hereafter. Washington. I
C, and Columbus, Ohio, papers plea.?
IVE8 Suddenly, on February 11, at her la'
residence. M Morningside Drive, S. Anna
wife of Howard !?**? and daughter of th
?ta Qflfl**ffl W. and Sarah L. Wyli?. Fu
neral pris ate.
KKLLLR Car..line. 139 Hull ?*,. Brokly
Febniary I, 1917, aged 50 years. Fu?era
ta, fea held from St- Peter's Reforme
i'hur. h. R.s. <;. <;. fVaahar.
KIRK On Monday. February 12, 1917. Roh
?rt Kirk, in his 63d year, nativa of Dollar
Sea tlanal. Funeral service? at hia late real
alen. e. 7M Meln~e ??v., Bronx, on Wednes
day, February J 4, at 8 p. m.
hNE.'Eh February '.2. Marie Knetek. wifi
of th? lato Frank Kneiek. Funeral Feh
ruary 14. Services at St, Martin of Tour
Church, 183d st. and Belmont av., at l?
a. m.
LKEFE On Monday. February 12. 1917
Charles S. l.eefe, in his 74th year. Famil)
service? will b? held on Thursday, Febru
.',. at the funeral chapel of Dufford A
\andersoort, 27! Main ?t., Peterson, N. J
and public service at the First Reformed
U?fe Ridgewood. N. J.. at 2:30 p. m.
LTNCfl <>n Pflfer-flBt-y 12. 1917, Humphrey
B, '!?? feflferSfld husband of Mary Lynch
me?; Doyiei. native of Inchacooch, Kilgar
sin, County Kerry. Ireland. Funeral from
kfc e, 282 We?t l'i'.'th ?t_. on
Wednesday. February 14. 1917. 10:30 ?.
m. ; thence to the Church of St. Tnomas
the Apostle, ll*th st, and St- N'icholaa av..
wherre a requiem mas? will he offer???!
M'CARTHY On Monday. February 12. Han?
nah McCarthy I nee Cotter), belovedl wife
of Fjgene and mother of Joseph, Mnlll?,
Daniel and MflR McCarthy, funeral from
her late re?idence, 228 East 89th ?t, on
Thursday. February 15, at 9 a. m. ; thenc?
to the Church of Our Lady of Good Coun?
sel. Interment Calvary.
M'DERMOTT At Fort Worth. Texaa. Feb?
ruary 11. 11?17. John McDermott, formerly
*.'a-w York City, brother of th? late
Wi?iam .!. McDe.-mott. Spring Valley
M i.os. FKN Matthew, beloved husband of
Margaret MrGovern (nee Guthrie) and
brother of Bernard and George McGovern,
Ml Ea?t 53d ?*, Notice of funeral here
MEYER Monday, February 12. Meise Meyer,
beloved father of Mr?. Irma Straus?, M?*?.
Mary Jaflflta and Michel Meyer. Funeral
from his late reaidenee. 446 Manhattan at..
Wralnesday. February 14. 10 a. m. Please
omit flower?.
MEYER -Roschen, on February 12. ?ridow
of J?r?b Meyer, nvHher of Mr?. Helen
Witiehurgh. Edwsrd snd Isaac U Meystr
Funeral from her lato residence, 115 W?at
103d st., to be announced later.
MORSE T.ie?d?y. February 13 Franc?? El
lraak. wife of Horn? J. Mora*, at 120 St |
Mark? Avenue, Brooklyn. Not?-*, a* ta
neral later.
Ml'LLICH -February I!. John J. MulHeh.
Concoad, Staten Island. Funeral ?ersric?? to
be held at Immaculate Conception Church,
February 15, at 10 a. m. St- Es**?.? and
Cincinnati paper? please copy.
NKSTELL At hi? residence, 17 S?*hnylar
Court,oRayonne, N. J.. on Sunday. F?hru
?ry 11, luir, John Jay. brother of Era??
F Netted, in hU 77th ruar. Funeral pri?
v?t?. .
NOYES?On February !?*?. at her r*.M?nc?.
366 i*um,o,t av., St, Paul. Minn.. Helen A?
widow of Daniel Rogers Noyes and daugh?
ter of the 1st? Winthrop Ssrgent G'.nan.
of New Y'ork. Funeral ?erviee at th?
Brick Church. Fifth av. and J7th ?t. Naw
York City, on Thurs?1ar, February 15. at
2:30 p. m.
PETERS On February 10. 1917, *3aor*-a
Peters. hu?band of Margaret Peter?. Fu?
neral from William A. Curran'? funeral
parior?. 464 We?t Slat ?L. on W?rii-*s-4ay
at 2 p. m. Interment Esergreens Cemetery. -
PHILIP On Monilay. February 12, l?17. at
his home. Westrield. N. J . Imam B. Thilip,
m th? 68th year of his age. ?Jtrr a b-ief
illnes??. Service? at his late hume. 177
Boulevard. Westfteld. N. J.. on Wednes?
day evening. February 14, at 8 o'clock.
Interment private. Omit flowers.
PH1LIPPI?O. E.. suddenly, on Saturday.
February 10. 1 r*?17. at hi? horn?. Crawl??
Court, near Winchester. England, In hi?
71?t year.
POWER-Suddenly. Patrick, brother of th?
Rev. James J. Power. Funeral from th?
undertaking parlor of LflflB F. Baile)'. 134
Wa-?t 12d, Wednesday. February 14: thenc?
tl Holy Cross Church, where a solemn high
mass ?.ill be offered for the repose of hu
soul at 10 ?. m. Interment Calvary Cerne
RIORDAN Cm February "?2. Joseph, helo???,
husband of Kittie Riordan I nee Cvirtin?
and brother of Mrs. J. Murphy and Fran
8B* Riordan, native of Caatleialand. County
Kerry, Ireland. Funeral from his late
i??idence. 3!3 East 53d ?t-, on Thursday.
I rl ruary IS, at 9:30 a. m . thenc? to St.
John the Evangelist's Church, where a
.!,mn requiem mass will be ?sffered fo.
the rep?'se of hi? soul. Interment Calvary
? : M>\ ?
SCHMIDT Anna Magdelene, a? Wartburg
II. re. MM Fulton st.. Brooklyn, on Feb
I ", l'il7, in her MM scai Funeral
at Wartburg l'hapel. February 15.
SCFDDER Suddenly, r.hruary It, at Hotel
Lenox. Bo?ton, Haas., Heywa.d Scuddei.
??on of the late Henry J Scudder and
Emma Willanl Scndder. Funeral service?
at Calsary Church, Fourth av and 21?t ?t,
Wednesday morning, February 14. at 9:30
oalaik Kinaily omit flosver?
PHtNNtlN On February 11. 1'17 Delis,
Itloved mother of Thomas, Ji.hn ?nd Tim
ithy Shannon .?.nd Catherine Walte. Fu?
ie ral from her Inte residence. ISM M a* .
.-n Wednesday, at 9:30 a. m. ; thence to th?
th of St. Jean Baptist?. Interment
STAFFORD De Witt, on Monday. Februar?
l his home. 112 Heberton av.. Port
Richnwnd. Staten Island. N. Y . in th?
Tot h year of his age. Funeral from the
house, on Wednesday, rebruary 14, at 3
p. m. Pleaae omit flower?.
STEWART At Yonkers, February 12. 1917,
James Stewart, jr , in his 70th year. Fu
n?T?l servi.-.? at In? late residence. | i
North Broadway, Y'onkers. Thursday aftei -
noon, at 2 o'clock.
SUMMON At F.li/.aheth. N. J.. February IS,
IS17, Funice H., wife of F.algar l>. Ktimson
and youngest daughter of th? lato William
i and Phoebe Ball. Funeral services at he.
lato residence, 711 South ?L. Elinlaeth, N
.1 We-tnesday, February 14. at 2 So p.m. -
SWENSON On February 12, Maria J., ba?
?.is.?ii wife of the late John William Sseeii
i ?on. Funeral from her late residence, 4
i Amsterdam av., on Wednesday, Februaiy
14, at 2'p. m. Interment Mount Olis-e.
THOMES -At Port Chester. fet, Y . Fehruarr
11. 1917, George E. Thome?. M. D.. in his
f,9th year. Funeral service at his late
residence, 316 North Main ?t-, on Wednes?
day, the 14?h in?t. ?t 4:30 p. m. Inter?
ment at Portland. Me.
THOMPSON J?mes Merrill, at 259 Tenii
st., Brooklyn, on February 11, 1917. In hi?
MM year. Funeral at Christ ?'hurch, Re?l
ford av.. Re-, Win. She?.',. ? hase.
TOMPKIN8- At Beacon, N Y , Tuesday.
February 13, 1917. Cordelia Elltabeth
Knapp, be love?! wife of | L?kln Tomp
kins, daught? r ol ?>,. lute John E and
Joanna Knapp, of Greensvi.h. ? ?inn I .
nersl services will l>e held at her late
residence, IS High ?t.. Beacon. N. Y, on
Friday, February 16, at 2 p m KindN
omit flowers.
TREI.OAR On February IS, John. belo-red
husband of Anna Tretour ?ne? TravUi
Funeral from John W. McCaha's funeral
parlor-, 263 We?t 118tb st. M??s ?? St
Thoma? the Apostle's Church. West 118th
st.. Wednesday morning, February 14.
TRENKMANN Sunday. February II, 1?T7.
Wilhelmlna Trenkmsnn. ?site of the late
August Trenkmann, in her MM year. Fu
nueral servicee at her late residence. ??7
East 19th st. Brooklyn. Thursday evening.
February 15, S o'clock. Kindly, omit flowers.
Interment at convenienc ? ?if family.
WALSH On Fehruary 12. Ilnrence. beloved
daughter of John and Mary Walsh, aged
|| sears Funeral from her late resi?
dence, 380 West 27th st . on Wednesd?/
morning . thence to Chair h of Bt ? olurr.
ba at :? o'cl.-?ck.
WALKER On Sunday. February It, '.''17.
Thomas Charlee, husband of Annie ?"?owe?
and ?on of the late Thoma> and Mcry Hull
Walker, In hi? 7f>th year Funeral service?
were held at hi? residence, ?.J0 North Maple
av., Kaat Orange, on Tuesday. February
12, at 4.'ift p. m Interment. Woodlawn
Cimetarry, New York, at family's con?
venience. Hamilton ?Ontario? papers
?alaaaa copy.
WASCH Mondar, February 12. 1317, Loui?
Wasch, aged 76 year?. Funeral from his
lato residence. 233 East 114th st.. Wednes?
day morning, 10 o'clock' Relative?,
friend? and member? Ayreh laodge. No. 6,
I O. S. of I ; Herman Ritter I.odge No.
?2, I. O. O T. . I Vicien? Encampment, a"1,
I O. O. F . Veteran? and Odd Fellows
District IaO?Jge. .no. 2. L O O. r. . Marcs
be? I.odge, No. 71 . I. O B. B. invited
to attend. Interment NataBflflaalsfl ?'?me.
t.'ry. ? >ire->? Hills S?n 1-rar, *fl (I fl| i
napers please copy.
WEIL 1-eopold. February 12. beloved bus?
h.nd of Elu* Weil, of 6r.7 Quincy ?t-,
Brooklyn Funeral Wednesday, I p. ai.?
Mount Hope ?Vmetery.
WEI LI? Leopold, 657 Quincy ?t.. Brooklyn,
February IS, 1917, aged 6? year?. Panerai
held from Quincy Str?**t Temple.
WIENER On February ,12. 1917. in h?r
71st year. Hannah Kaliach Wiener, aramon
of Simain Wiener anal mother of Dr. Al?
fred Wiener and Dr. Isidor Wiener, at
New York City, and Saul Wiener. Mr?. J.
H Manheims. Mrs B. M. Weinberg. Mrs.
F J laambert, Mr?. W. N. Hechheimr?
and Min? Daisy Weiner, of Newark. N. ?T.,
and ?ister of Justice Samuel Kaliach.
laeonard. Ahner and Burnham Kali?ch. and
daughter of the late the Rev Dr Isidwr
Kaliach. Funeral services at her late r?ai
?ience. 229 West 97 th at, on Thursesvr
morning, at 10:30 Interment In Ever?
green ?emetory. Elirabeth. N J.. at th?
convenience of the family. Newark taper?
plea?? copy. ?
In M
ELLIOTT In losing memory of Robert X
Elliott, who <lie<l febniary 13. 1886. ?,
GREIFE In losing memory of my <*?*af
father, Samuel II Gretff, who pas??d away
1 ehrsmry 13, l'.?05. a
REYMAN In loving memory of our hale-red
huaband and father. Eugene Rey man, whs)
pa??ed away February 12, 1H6. a
WILLIAH8 In memor-. of Mr?. Mary TL
William?, for many years director of horn?
economics of the Publie School* et Vet?
York City, who paaaed away February 12,
1916. Her teacher? ?rtah to record th?4r
appreciation of her friendly intoraat la
them, her unfailing enthusiasm In th? as?
ten? ion of her work, and her wi???pi*e??S
influence for the betterment of the boa?a. ?
There will b? a memorial team
In th? Lady Chapel of St Patrick's
< ethedi-al on Saturday. February 17. at IS
o'clock, for Mra. Mary E Wllliatr??. mtm
dir?ctor of horn? ?s-?nomlca. Her toaeheffl
?re invited to be present *
THK woodlawn rt**?TrTntmT.
2:ld St. By HarUm Tra% and by
Uai? of ?mall at*? for AI?
Offlce 2? Caai -Id SU K. 5

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