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One of the best
Secret Service Men Seek
Proof of $20,000 Purse
for Food Disorders
?f.py were
rday the report that
?vas deposited by
^?nt- ? tral Power? with a |
fms Tl jrtators to \
? g ? ?
I* th?? >?-. ? r\ . e men in th-.?*
report to-day
r,formation of value
? '.-trd at once before the
s District Attorr
Accordr-i; to tl
,1? ??? ! ? men, ,
?rtatied by an East Side dsatiat. The i
with i
?? ma?:* - ? ??? ?*?-,?? ??f the e*c
?tmef et -rjch a fund. Other pee*
?s< ror ereee] ??. ? >? also er.
-.in. two women,
loader? of the agitators,
?erne* -.-* of the money, one.
dknai y trie
?urck ?l lay.
.?..presses Indignation
????? !,an:rr, whs was ar
-ssttd following tr?* . ? the
*ed her indignation
-rtttrd-i that any women's leader
."lould he accused of taking money for
"Suri: ? story ?0_ ridiculous," she
??ert?.!. "What a silly, stupid thing
-, -av '? ' ' ? IS hungry people are
*-. boueht up by a foreign gov
?rnmen-' rhese women aie iungry
nid their children are hungry, and
??y d:?!? '? need any leader? to make
?irrt do what tr? y did.
"The ?ay ? happened to '.?ad the
??onxti . issdsjr was
?? K I ?sa? on r
-?mo.?-, ?hen I -aw women upsetting
atiler?' po
'Hots t: rere er.ratred
*cirj?e the pedler.? had raised pr?-c
women and told them the
?or ped'.fr? were not to b!ani.\ The
?or?*? itair.-.ed rr.e to talk to them
and I *-? Rutgers
? -?*
?Isg for then ?SS to lay their
?se peac??-. -. They
uked ice? I
'-?Ta and : bu* warr?
?hey ?sist hr ? ?
Poli?-?*- Bmotaoi Pia*-?
-rave been no tioubie
' the po! i-e pared the
?onsen by barring the doors is their
- them
taoll Mai ?'-" nrotc-.rstat.on? were
? i ?ome doubt by Mrs.
tke_oth<-- tesa that protested
Wedne ?da?
her commrt ?
?lar e "
"Our c. ? peace
J?." ?he ? because w? do not
'?'?inf. .rko Mane Gar.:*,
a bad face
This Is a Windfall
in tli?- old. old days, when feudal lords
owned pretty much everything except tin
it air and the sunshine, tenants were
not alloue?! t.? chop wood.
v could only wander through tli?- forest,
I pick up the branches that had fallen.
So \\\n-u a big ??nil cam* and blew down a
lot of wood? they profited accordingly.
And tabey used to pray for a windfall.
Hen p> a ?modern "???..ndt'air and you
nay profit.
A Special Lot of
Hart Schaffner & Marx
Suits at $27.50
1.\ ?? ire had looked in vain for more
Wmh r Muts, we found a lot of tin<* fabrics?
mostly medium weights at Hart Schaffner
k Marx. They had been luid in reserve
foi Special Order .Department.
W\ had them mad** up for us in the
newest models.
And they re ?hen ipecially ?priced ??t
127.50 luit worth much more. 4X11'!
*ith .then arc Suits from our regular
k. r?dneed to ?*?*?-".50.
Wallach Bros.
||?r?l N *-?*..' "* '"'? I "I""
, ;l- \xr I ISMS ) ' """-?
' ??
Women Continue Food Riots as Relief for City Is Sought
East Side Babies Get Stale
Tea Instead of Milk, In
vestigators Find
High Mortality Feared as
Result of Eating De
cayed Vegetables
. ha survey of living eOttdil ?ni n
the city promised by Mayor Mitchel
began yesterday, when two hundred
? ira tor? r'rum the department of
i harities set out to disco *
now noch povertv exists here.
"Whenever there ia an exceptional
?aerease Wi . ?? rat tS
William J. Doherty. "Hut there ?a
nothing at present to indicate such a
?m. One of the first signs is
the number of parents applying for
? tional care for their children,
but we have had few applications.
However, we do know that prices are
verv high. Just how much dis? res?
'hat factor is causing our investiga?
tors will try to determine. We will
have some facts and figures in two or
three days, 1 expect."
Preliminary reports from the inves?
tigators working on the East Sida
? , tien ? * a: DK ?their
- tea, instead o* milk, and that
the adults are eating d?-?-av<-,i vege
tables. Mr. lioherty ?a.d. Meat has
been almost eliminated.
Milk Heavily Diluted
"Su I aaill ? - the children there
are getting," he sard, "rs diluted until
it is little Letter thSS water. The
people are using 'loose' milk, the
vheapes* that can be bought, usually
one or two ?rents' worth at a time.
"They have found tea to be cheaper
because water is added to the same
leaves day after day. If mothers con?
tinue to feed this to their children
New York may be faced with an an
pallir.g infant mortality."
The East Side has _een divided into
eight districts and squads of twenty
, .-?I to each. Investigators
were instructed to go thoroughly into
the ! sing conditions of every family.
Wherever they lind poor person? in ill
health from lack of nourishment physi
cians accompanying the investigators
will, if necessary, send the victims to
Dr. Edward T. Devine, of the Charit?/
Organization Soc.ety. said that he had
called his visitors into a conference on
? y told me." ne >ani. "that hign
prices are causing serious hardship?
arnunj: people who w.ll not apply to
charitable .societies. These people are
meeting the situation bv using up sav?
ings, careful planning, lielp from rela?
tive? and. in some instances, ratting
their food below the amount they
Vegetable Prices a Problem
"In some respects increased pr>, ?
onions, potatoes and other vegetables
- ??re serious than an increase is
meat, because people can usually 'a
.pon vegetable? when meat ad
"The number of families under ou.
care la considerably le'? than a year
ago arid ery much smaller than two
ago. There i? plenty of work
vo-day an?i good wages, but I do not
trist to minimize the seriousness of
these high prices of food."
'? was po:n*ed out by another socia.
worKer that *he effect of present d'l
tress might not be felt by charitable
agencies tor some t.me. but would be
' The results of H ? al nourish?
ment to-day may come to us, weeks
later in the form uf sickness, infar*
morta. -ality," this
person explained.
Mothers Threaten
Strike in Schools
Women Will Keep Their Children at Home
if Officials Refuse Their Plea for
Lower Prices of Food
W 11..?- .. aiUlf 'a' .. ..
? Sew Y?.!k war?
arresteii yesterday for rioting S[
high food prices, the lub-coan I
?n *'r.Ce I
..- ^ ..i m ai .i Hall, ' !
Broadwa; . ?i? ?cidcd to keep c?a
from the oublie schools unie?? tr.
found a pernod*. .
This ??et-' mi- announced by
!i? lin...an Paatar, ?no Mid that
children would i>e permitted to atteml
school to-d*> W i.i-'.her they will be
permitted to attem! school .?!?
be conditional "ri what ii eceomp
at the BOetiag ni 'he Board of
mate this morning, when a committee
of 100 women, composed of variou? or?
ganization! throughout the c,:y.
tn?' leadership of A i. shiplan-:'
! cialist Assemblyman from Brownsville,
will asK for immediate reliel
?hup?' of a 11,000,000 appropriation to
I purcl :
The committee '?*???
ward Hail at 9:90 thi?. morning. Speak
Ill placv before th.. board a re
! port of the in ?
ing in the ?!,-? v af
: fected.
I'lan Parade T<i-itii>rri>>?
Whatever the I
in*", a lie:: ? will be : ?
neon to-morrow. Jacob Pankea, the
; Socialist lawer assisting the M
Anti-High Tree !.?;.?;.? itettU]
thousands of women would march
-?' .Madi-?.ii Square Park and from there
parade pest the beiBI -althy
.an lift h A-enaie. The original p
| invade Wall Stree? was abandon? .1. be
I cause the rtnanea! .: ?
noon on Saturda . -
This ilemonstration will seep? *.a ,m
. .?o ri. en
,d national legislation, i^
Il ? ?on*?? o'
r, . - ?: ? ? tka
?ssitl a An!
League. *
Tir? ? ? Il ?1er ' rie .han ?
. ., .?jikie!. rSCaCtSliat
,:*-:. ?j? is .?es.?ion ai! ?iay
? day, an a...- ' SS meeting
. of Eat?nsU, to-mor
cnd plan; f?SI
. - ?- childrss from
While the coiiimit'ee wa
Mr. Pauken conferred with meml.-r? of
of ths radical -??? .-? aa sf 'he
-, hool A? range
- wer.- nada for ?cure- of outdoor
re 1 I last sigh!
the Ka.?t Side, Willtsaabarg, The
and Hai Ii ? A ma.?? aassl "K
? ?irg yeeter
I ftei r. oui:
( hildren Are Hungr,
In a r ?,m ? ?
"I lie courir. ttCS SSI decided ths
I be n [iissti ?l to a???
? ??hool beginning
with ir- I Mondajr. Th** children are
?,ol hungry. It is imp,
'or them to ?earn their IssSana. They
horn?- with faces pale as ?no?
I ?. ? m _. I piec of bread
.? irlas? of v.e?K tea. Man? ?h;'r
I k.iow. ited m the
room? i-, ?he !a?? ?ew months
- had enough to
..,- 1 - es? Mnsthiag is done for the
to take the children
r?-T ? Momia;, w II g?> rnto
? '
Mrs. I'a-'u: isid th >?i '? ?.
Mrs Rote Pa tai Btokee, Socislist
? ?!, irould aid tha esoaa aa ia?sn
Id he able - e tha bad?
-?.it ??:' hi r hu.-l and. ?
?gone an operation.
First Capacity Trainluad
Started from .Minne
apolis for New York
k r? m ..-? The 1
Minneapolis. Feb. 11. ."*
I.fry (jara, loaded beyonal the;
mated cap.??-.-;- \,' v, ?
li.?oi) barrels of 1
lie to-night 'ot New York Cil I
similar consignment will follow
This is the beginning of trie
ment to r?.
? on ! n the Ka**. a::?i especially m New
: York. Il vas made possibl.
'cent order of "he int.-' mmerec
Commission fer all Eastern .
?upplj MO tmpt* eai ? a wee) t Cl
CagO, lea l>e *'Ock?i ?a' M
All trains are ta be w l tl
?ago to the
delay oi reduction to ' ightage
To-day's flour train ?rill go o-?
Chicago. Minneapolis i ?imaha road tu
? hicago, and thence b) the Stu York
| ? entra! to ta destination.
?the? ipeciali due to ge i
row wi!! lea.? OTOf tli.' St. Paul roml
*o ? hiftngO, ? ?
(entrai and Baltimore & Oh
deiphia. ove- the Bur ? gl Penn?
sylvania for Near Vi>'* Cit .
New Yerk Central for Boats
Kngland poinf and orei the I
Great Western ano Baitimwr?- J
for Pittsburgh.
< i rain and m
????h of Sftj car* loaded to OU I
now be.r.ic made Op in
?raids ?rill go to Boston ar..l .%??
and po'.ns er?
Western and the I ? ? Ifef
over the Bui | and the Pei
vania and over the Onu
gaii ? en! ral a:iil ? nr !..
The Soo Line ? ? .
i-.e Wif coiisir. < 'e
-hence over the Nickel Piat-: -h.-. M n
r.eapoiir & St. I.ou.s Will mOT?
"rom M.n'ieapolis through Peo*
?he Wabash and 'he ?Teat Siioi?
and the St. 1'.- ?' ai i Erie readi i I ?
for West Virginia anai a.i s?
Holiday Offers Opportu
nity to Clear Out Con?
gested Yards in Kast
?A ash .ngton. Fob 22 \!a: emptj
i eight cars n aasssi ,.-?'
peed 1
road ;, arii
Inter! * o.mmissrun ad*
?tl liel?l torce of rii Ml
y. : . d S holiday
Hrsl real
tun ?t y .11 more 'nm a seek to
? their maximum to rt
lieve the car shortage tha' ha? tl
-.ear-famine in . ? pf
the con?
Official? or both ?iie larrroa?
? mn. -i? ?*i
. ? ? ?? i icati tags of tha
??ge had passed and
tha - ? satioa would
continue. At t, ? 'rnu. ? vns sani. ha?!
condition? reached the SCMSBSSI of
*.?? n)4,i A? the ?am?
I up, a. I >-r?i -,g
,. -? . .
rn the count essed by moiethan
one--;. ? reek etwees
?Januar?- 21 atnl February 10, and on
otter ih'i- reached tho grand
I of ?le'.a.le?! ? : ? [?or- -
American ?i<
unable to *av i!?t'.r,i!t :? ? h*?i
neen taken to rtlievc agf of
eanl which I aatoa i "possible
:|j- loi " of II . ? ii-at
and pa ? ? i in eight? -own?
a ?.?I citiei Idle Weatei
that the
? ?? ?? day that
.. ? ihi d to ' he sSinl - mast
The ? i-aus
.- ? ern to government I
?a, no? regarde?!
here a? desperate official? sard that
-, -o great
?? other citiei throughout '-re
iiiurit ? \
The Brilliant Young Soprano
Gives a New York Recital
February 23rd at 8:15
The Instrument of her choice
will accompany her.
?l-areroo.ns . if tftb Stir at ;*tOtfi *bt.
"Boil lv?o medium make era Chine?.
\ei. ?or the um; pr:. r that American
ttorage egg? bring Neu. Worker? mav new
breakfait on egg? that h?ve ?een a 7.000
mde ?lice of the world, Several carload?
ot Ch?nete egg? reached lh'.? c.lv ?.?.
lerday trom Vancouver tnd brought at
wholetale 42 and 42' ? .?ni? a do ?en,
practically the ??nie pr:?e paid to? *\mer
?B *tV
Shipments from Four East?
ern Ports Shrink Great?
ly in February
Recent ?ood Weather Has
Helped Situation. State?
ment Says
Deciease in the volume ot' gram ex
p'ite?l from the pert! of New Vor?
and Baltimore in February, as com
paied with December and .January, and
increases at Boston and Philadelphia
an shown :n data made public ye?'.er
dtsj by "he car service commission of
tht American Rti?way Association. A
general decrease in a!! other classes of
'leg!.- ?e -o snip? i? also
'i he ? ptaeati a( grain 'rom
the foui- p.ai-- p? Brat half of
February were approximately v
In snels. or at the rate of 19JA
i.u-hei? a murrh. competa?
?"i in Januai ? I.??>?i in
-.on. ?'he .,?: wheat await
ports t
.i btaahela, ? deereaae ?a the
Jar, .
.. ?? and :- December
The itat? ?
"The American Ba Iway Asse
lg ts ? o m tu is s... ? ??
?et ef the i nun?
at t at i Eaatein uoi? ?
Vork, Bu?-(ir.. Philadelphia and
' mure -en of expert
'l?-.gh* ,ie..\ ele.' . -.. .?
? - a *.po'
? ghl i." r.avd a- the I.,
... freight fer
,aa?r*'?? ? ? - fted oi ipecial
"These . eirnit? are issued foi ?\poit
? I . - -
??. 111 n ? . .1
?el spa, . ??. ;! be pro", 'i ?! f'ai or ar
Ihe -???'' bes r? Phe i epai *
'ne Bfoathl sf December i-nd
arjr ?r.H the Irai '-*??> week- hi
Fchraaiy. and 'He auantitiei .if ?
i mentioned .<?? a? between grain
sad ?p'h?r :'. ? .?
?W ??.r-K KXToi * ?
a |
.... .a ..
P.. .. a . .? ?.
Bat* D ? . . ?
4 - .?
K. ? ?? i
? . ? ? a .| ...
a ? \ ?*,.,*
i -? ' ? Nn ??'.?.?.?. l!? '
. II '.
(in..si.? teuiA tXTOt r sires ??
a. a I
'??'?-?? * M|
I. a . m -?. H. . .
a .
l?..-la.a gj . ,
D? I? I- ?
a. a ? .
... .1
? | .a. M ? ? 4
a. a ?
? ? ? ? ? l'a .??.,,.
\ . ,
Weather Help*. Railroads
111 giving Ont these t.g'.ie? the
spokesman for the asseeiatioa laid *::??
*he freigh' sitia'on ?hows much im
?i.ent. ;argely because of the ?>
?ua* four days ?if u:tu?>ua"iv favorable
?ea'.her had been lia?l durn.g the ween.
This, it was Stated, ha.) MU ed te un
?;t,''n? generally, bat o*r
ticnlarip in the section about Buffalo
[he areathor element, nowever. will be
?i -"ae'er 'intil aflei March 1. cipcr,
? thawing thai delayi **..i o ochado?
... ?? ireatner eenditioni :?re a- then
??*.>r-.t. a* that time
The association issued a formal ?.'?
?wer ?o the rhaige nia.ie bj -I P Grif
president of the i ?* enge B.jar.! ?.f
Trade, 'r.a- the rend? are g.*. eg ?
er.ee in moving freight te th ? ? ? *
paying arge?- rerennes. in thii *.'?'??
n,ert i' ?a? ?Sseiteri tra* ?'hicaio
Kram ihippers lad iaformod "ne com?
mission -hat -liey were be :?g fairly
?lea'eii. hut aske?! for guarsn'ee? that
had not been given r?> any other c:a?s
tf shioper?.
"The reprenante! res Board
a.f Trade v. anted aeenraaeea." say? the
itatemeiH. '?tha- 'hey '.vou.ai ..??
?ai gel ?M ?ars a ?lav, ?tatmg ?hat if
did n.>' ?et IDi) cars the grain
merchants <,'. Chicago would leee
? .
e ., the individ'jai lines
: or ei|'i omen
Dr. Samuel Hart 111
Hidd '.?:.. y i b tt, 1 .'?? ReT
!'? Samuel Mar*, dean of Berkeley
!' r.tv School and secretary of ?he
Ho<i?e of B.?hops of the Protes'ar*
..',?; ? hnrch of *he laited Sta'es
, e - ? of pneti
The name is easy
to remember and the
full rich quality is
hard to forget. It
pays to ask for
. JEAN .
" Truly a Ciqar"
Where Good Cigars Are Sold
Meyer London Says Cc
gress Must Make Pro
vision for Crisis
Representative Bailey L r
es Embargo?Lays Shor
age to Exports.
I*', . !
Wa?h ngtsn, Feb. SI "Ca?
no busrrr??? 'o etijourn until
ruion has b*?en ma.ie o meet the f?
emergency." averted Repre?en*a'
Meyer London to-day. ir.'roduciug
resolution to croate a food emergei
commission to purchsae tood. eat
lish food siatributios eentrei ami i
food to the peop> or to ?ne itate
municipal government! at rei
Represeutati? i Londas ue,
the investigation into the high sast
li'. :ng suggfste.l ny Preoidosl Will
would require many months. "The ;
called bread rro's roii.-titute a rep?
by the people t hem-?el\ .*? OS -lie tri
j ditieni ?hieb mu?t be relieved arl
I out delay." ie con?. i:r
The rseal Itioi i cotr.m
I s.on. to be compooed of the Secret!
' Of Agriculture, the Se?-retary of ( o
I merer anil th? S*cr*t*1
' an appropnuti?,n of 15,1)00,000 ia -.??;
by Repreeentativ? London for this pi
nose. The arort sf the bad]
.continued u I the Preaidenl shall a
nounce, by proclamation, that
- ?? p
gbl aa the cm
| ing fo?>?! situation n I
ill) attribute!
? to the tremendo! rnti abro:
sf PoSUS] Uania, introd-i ed ? re.'oi
tron is ' is Ho? -- seas SI
ing an embargo en expai
produ? ?
Representative Bl iys that, I
cording ??> ;urrei
'ire -.?.arr.r.g : s.-'e?! f
ally all the available ''.,,?.1 ?>r?)
a ! ear to con
pnces in coirae?; 1er .-?? I:,.*. Qg adTSBC
- Itic ? ?m.-iimer in an alan
,r.g measure." 0 i distre
I hont the Ui ? ? as a t
' i. Baiie\ .: ..* . ? [.lacing
an embargo oa experts of food pio
? nance
i'ongres? psaeiag anj legialstios !<>o
?? i .i
Hold-Up of Grain Held Re
sponsible for Soaring
Pr?tes in the East
Fol ."-' \ tetegram ?
svhicn -'-.-re wan ?race? of apo!, |
?he belligerent -one of on.? -?
Ha] --?a? s?*nt to the Interstate Con
mores Commiaaioa ???-da-- by Joseph f
Griflln. prei ? f the Ch ?-hi:') Boar
' "ade.
"We recognize fully," reads the up
tha reap?
and if 1 Save been emphatic il
.en?, you irill understand i
i? bscsuae of the desperate plg'n'
which we fl thia
In a hoard's traffii
committee confi
question sf gsing ato 1 ? courte or oi
appssling to Csngresa for prompt, die
? arghten ou- ma.
ta -
I rlrgram a I mal I'lei
? ? rd on thi
? ! -i.ef ln.g
from the Intsratats Commer?a
Commission, hi.?; tha lecond telegram
a Baal plea en behalf
i : d o-' Traite an,! a a general
way on behalf of the farmers and
countrj gram elevutsra of^he ''
lipai and Miaaouri '-a. ? -
llr. GriAi ?- ? ?
? ?-.?n ef thia ?iis'r.? ' ? ?? desperate.
Forty mill oa bushels of grain are held
up in '.he !oca elevatora: ,' ;?
b-i?h.'!? more sre is es
ibipi ad '
ago. Ha .? tl a- food p
factOI ? -*?g" ? niaiis
?,- ? > .'."> per cent capacity
. ihip theii prod
. e- of the brggesl
M in the world
Bight hare 1 ;"'-'-n if condition!
in? ? ?mi ile added that si?
thoag.?' -a?l cease?! to op
the feared, because of ?he ?
Mfn , ? i ri-en. 'o lay off any
handi, a aot he able to >?<??
?hem ?
! telegram aga.n direct!
, ?? a? . .. m r.. ?., ???? eg pn
Minneapol ? I |
tot to the fsrm
' ? ?
Meanwhile sriea
|DI ? g?n
,. - gher priesa be?
fore new crape were han est??,i 1 ii-v
exhibit most reporta as to ?ran
Th-se .?, - Ol '?? lade an ,n.
? -ine?)
. . ?. d armlet in it?
? ra ta the !<r itisa gsvernmeti
petateea ht
t tha Beig.an ;
i asid to ha
Bg tha fiber?.
, ,* . ...
mid at '_' and Z ie? ? ? a
hound a year a| ginf 12 to
13 cents, rieur:?, which aotd at .'?
?a?- ye?.. are v? inging 16 enti
Live hog?
highest pr-;ce il
country, including Civil Wa
top prrce ?tas I12.M ??'??.a?
Rreari \lone High Hiere?Cabbage I p
from $S to ?;??' a Ton
-r- ? '?- .'e
Kai.?a? City, Mo. Ken. 22 W;'h the
possible exception o-' bread, re'a., food
prrrei n ?ansas ' ?;,. de?pi'? ?he un?
precedented recent advances, still are
ronnderably lower than in ' hirago and
I N?w York and oth?r Eastern cities
| when* th? food ?ituation ha? become
acute. Throughout almost the entire
Todav and Tomorrow
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subtle touch in shaping that give to
lord & Taylor Neckwear the inspira?
tion and expression of sprightly elegance.
Sp< cial
the c
rtiese are Open-end Four-in
hands, brocaded >ilk< and satins,
heavy textures for a luxurious
knot, l-ut carefully cut to avoid
binding in the collar. Contrast?
ing color combinations and sell
color effects, wiih Hor.il designa
? m .1 deep background. Qualit)
to make one .?barf a \..lued
i?i your collection and variety ample
noosing >it a dozen.
Shirts of Tub Silk in fine, firm weaves,
striped in new Spring colorings . ?$2.95
Silk Half Hose, plain or with clocks . 75c
Scarfs. 55c to $5.0(1
Shirrs. $1.50 to .VMM)
Half Hose. 25c to $4.50
(,o!f Hose. $1.50 to $.*.75
Pajamas, $1.50 to $12.50
Ground Floor
: Entrant rs
? Street
Smart English Last
Men's Boots
I r;iii ol Hu?' .i- a i li|)|K-i ship,
sturd) of build .i- ?t sea-going
tug. Pri?ced on low leather cos?
n opportune purchase months
ago I...- ed -i\ les, in dark tan
and black Russia ( alfskin.
Boots. Buckskin lops. $10.00
Walking Hoots, $7.00
Dress Shoes. $8.00
Spats. $.*.00
Hoys' School Shoes, sizes 1 to 6, $.i?.45
Boys1 Dress Shoes, sites 1 to t>, $5.00
,' ' rani ??
Ground Floor
jSth Street
Lord & Taylor
.'?til Street FIFTH AVENUE * .Wth Stre
Would you invest $400 or more at 6% for 3
vears in a business that will pay 10% to 40? 0
thereafter? Company will furnish bond
guaranteeing safety of principal and refund
of full amount invested if for any reason it
is desired.
Opportunity, Box 300, Tribune.
S" pi ?
?? 10 '.? i" per cent
I -ne c?3e?
,?" *l a.
Chock pound;
and rom .
Dushel. ?
i o ?n \ _ . \ i wera
f.a\ i-x |8 a . ?
r.ound. r
?nd be?
Visit lag I'ur. ha?.er? Kno?.t Prices; \ll
\\ailable (.?md- Reld
- rex I?
? aratlf.p
of hayon, re?/:
hou??- | i-lpnia and
?j ?he locsi
market ana! '.??ughl ai! the a-?liable
Arrangementa aren made te sen?i
ths pinchases east on fa?t e\|ire?>
trains to relieve the shortage? in Last?
ern cities. The v-*.iting buyers of
fered price? -naterially higher thsa
those which hav?. been prevailing her?.
.i?e?iuent!y wer? able to obtain
inaat It is feared that
?mi be a fooii shortage here a?
11.? h na? e i . -, prim
14 a to ?*>*"> and the first
.?.'.apm-nt si ???? i lintel ? le this mir
? Eeetera men
tor them
A Neu Novel
"... >*r M renn ' ne
Published To-aay
\ story of ?lie Ihimiks?s
world ami it-, influence upon
in? n ;tii(i wtiiiicn. It i*? per*
haps the Hist novel which
given the reel dey-by-dey
life of i tvoaien *>m the job,
n lin world <>f oAeee end
in 1<?\C.
For the woman who works?a
? ? 'i ?xi'tei'?;?*
For the business man?the nov *!
? il help him 'indfr'.tincl th?:
i.. wurk t"r him
For the lover of reel things in
literature?ill Amer1c*n *.torv if
-I ft.', net.
Harper & Brothers

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