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Revolt Likely
fo Bring Big
German Drive
gut?? Must Show Power to
Withstand Relentless
Strategy Is Probable
Berlin'? Hopes of Separate
peace Entirely Destroyed
by the Uprising
h, | ?U W. \ChlUM\N
volution in Rus
' von Hird
nternal erui
i*p'etrors ow to aid him ia
rations acainst the;
cn prepared for,
?L'iisif '?'" t!^H?p-i
'..j with lhp revolution,
the turn which j
Tiemu ? ,na>'- h(ivvcvcr'l
?" . denbury'? st rat
c war by use of i
Crises .. ??'?'? "' sgainal
U-*.f?': ' '?makr "
n'i I*?"0
-j Dteert '? '? ' '
? g made his
? ? chief mili
jjjijor ?n Berlin and a personal
I von Hindenburg and
???> *re convinced that Russin is at
?rec-. The food
.,nd the transportation dim
lie. It will
? -
?., gagan Alhcs !" tt
We know we can de
te -eparate peace
- Rus
prepare, and un
? nough influence
? Bt? to
?ike p*?ce bob R?sala will have to
BW?aeor?t? peace."
>ur? of Succeas
'?r colonel was addressing tatt
?woident* of neutral countr:
remark? ? ?
rs concluded that
?Asachief of the General Staff and
Latcdorf. w ' i whom von Ilaefton had
?t?ned two days before, were eon
rjasj tv> vould succeed.
iirlkrr B Peeemha? I ??pent three
x?u o Ramai I he armies of
frai n ij n I ? ss w:th the
?taft* . r
rea Delmiagsiagen, un to the fort? of
Bucharest, si d the - ni re talk of the :
officers a*, that time s
Rd ' '.ovi the\ would
' ? 1 y a -
'? ?? ? . K . ? 'A ina in
the fall nf HIS.
Even ,it that time Germany hail ron
c?ntrate! in Hun?' i ? rig the
roads from the 1 I in Alps to
lluchare?t more than a million men anti
*rti!ler>. including two 12
and the long-range German
irun, capable of shoi
? ifrht kilom?tr?e. 1
the time for halting the offensive
aga r.?* R ? ??!,, t rae is not
German*/ hu? I Rus.
? ' ' ? kugusl in an < (fort to
make Russin agn ?
term? \' th? Kowno conf?rence,
? ami Hindcnhur? met
n preei i Stnermer, former
Poreign Afl Petro
t rail, s?, parate r prae?
pon, bul throiich the
? ? nee and Japan
of the pro-i ;< i .....ii I;
?> ere turn?
^?..ieht < ontrol <?f Huma
then thi ' enl
; he Dums
. -??i. ti,
so ??ii .. i. d It rivets
It destroys in Kopi ?
roi Hil
denburg to make good
of the rea- I
H indei burg ucceeded
ii ron Palki hief of the
ii Staff a s '
raised final vid i t Rus*
His policy, ii is believed in Berlin,!
i? to hold the Allies ?
front, ss he did on the Somme and
and to launch a gi
Von Hindenburg
lution. Hi
foreei demoral?
ised I I at leal
?ling, ruthless German
It appears according to dispatches
rere;,. have
any*a plan? und have
won the revolution in Russia. The
Durna will now have an opportunity to
reorganize Rrussia's crippled transpor
? -o the
Russian army ition is the
? ncourajrin^ sign for 'lie Allies
in Rrj
io come. i "n.- ai '1 te -? ? ill ;
power ol' the Russian people and the
!. an government to withstand
.i Germen i
\ ulnerablr ni l?o l'oints
The Rnst ''retche?
from Riga Baj to 'he Black Sea
an military observers
to be vulnerable al two points one
I on the Sereth River in Rumen
- m YolhyniB. on the Stokhod
n Gi neral Brussiloff made
his su? t Aus?
j tria last fs ick on the
would give German control of the
' transportation
port the Cent] covet.
because they believe it will give them
control ot ? s fleet.
The revol ' bout a
: military erii "? ith ?
' both the Fr?tente and Germany. Bul
I the indication? are that von ninden
bi.rp will have to make the Ural
i?o\ e
Revolt a Heavy
Blow to Germany,
Washington View
Elimination of Czarina
Kills Hope for Separate
Peace with Russia
Grand Duke in Control
Final Setback in Series Ex?
pected to Bring New Of?
fer from Kaiser
Washington. March IB. The new?
from Russia ?lectriAod and daziled dip?
lomatic and Sute Departnrent circle?
i aim consideration of the facts
the abdication of the f r.?r, tie ro-i
? ni elimination of the ( /arina and
her German court followers and the
ascendency of the Onad !' ?
led to the conclusion that the
Russian bouleversement is in reality a
ung blow to the Germans. Hope
of B separate peace with Russia van
There were many prominent person
'.ho gave expression to-night to
the thought that the war is in i': last
The last stages may be terri?
ble indeed, as terrible as anything
which has gone before, and the
for a year and a half or two years.
?ermany is beaton. The end is in
sight That is the opinion here. It
would not be surprising to diplomat?
and officials in Washington to hear any
day now of new peace terms from
The Russian news I? regarded as the
culmination of a series of (Ierman re
verse? of which the following stand
out most prominently as Washington
looks upon the xvar:
irmed guards on American mer?
chantmen with onlers to fire on German
submarines on sight, and the extreme
probability that the United Stete?
another 100,000,000 people jn the scale
trill participate in the war.
-. The practical failure of the sub?
marine campaign, for it la assumed
that the Germans put forth their ut
? most efforts in tne first few days.
'!. The rapture of Bagdad and the
continuation of tinfish triumphs on
the Tigris.
t. The German ?loxr ret ron? on the
Western front.
r>. The desperation of Germany, indi?
cated by the foiled Mexican-Ja:??
The diplomatic break betwoei
< h ina and (?ermany and the seizure
of German ships In < binn.
7. The financia] indications. The un
paralleled ?uccess of the last British
war loan and the recent action of the
Federal Reserve Board of the I'nited
withdrawing previous disapprove.
I of Entente war loan?
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Russians Here Say Revolution
Means iMore Vigorous War
Country lo Be Whole-Hearted Now in Fighting Germany.
and a Constitutional Monarchy Will Result.
\ i^w in New York
Rrxr. i? ?-,,- ,, Ruaaia mean? more'
x ?rorous ar.d whole-hearted war against
Germur the opinion of Russians
in Ne-.v Veril All of those 'amiliar
with conditions in 'he empire xxho
could be found bt I Bight were unam
? ? ' Bg that belief. All
thong t th? revolution
up' ? ?' an irresistible
force wh.ch permeated even the higher
military rank". Mo-t of them behoved
titc would h?- litti? v olenco, and
that the movement portended only a
constitutional monarchy.
Even at the Russian Consol?te not
the slight?--' ? . lence of anprchen-ion
was to be -?? Evi l .body xxas ?mil?
ing, though n tit
"Wa have a g to say.
We a?o getting all th?- new? from you
. ..i ? beaming official.
Al;. at connected with
the consul,,- ?red
the best informed men in New York
on the ..-r?.r of i,!-1 government, sa...:
"The Liberal of Russia do not feel
that a republican form of goverameat
is what Russia most r.c'iis. They xvant
a constitutional monarchy, based on
the Engl.sh form of governmi
Russia I ighi nur for Existence
"The people of ROSSIS have KCOg
nized exei -ince the betrinning of the
war that Russia was fighting for her
? nee, and that the cause of the
Allies is the ?anse of freedom. They
are determined to tight to a victorious
issue. The position of the government
has been the opposite since the first
shot was fired Tho government has
been more friendly to the German than
to the Rosslen peopi?> right along.
"li.,- army is behind the revolution,
so arc its leaders in the field. Gi ind
D It? Nicholas mai be an exception.
ile ?a a brilliant commander, but uncer
,?? ,l ,,p? ? |y
ni,mu a yeat uko that if the miniatrj
made or attempted to make ? teperete
peace he would ead ?? revolt. I hope he
has not chang) d bia a" tnde
?-As for General Broeailoff, he hat
alwey? been friendli govern
. - and it x.as lie xxho di BOUHCCd
in public the Influence? of Merlin in
the council- of the Ruaaian ministry.
He ha? been a foe to the dark f?.'.
Russia ?loee h g befori the war begun. I
Old Regime "Scrapped"
"So the revolution li on, or maybe
, ? : for a- cal, tie judged hy?
the cable report ;t vas most success?
ful and practically bloodless. The old,
,1 ; ?srime of i.
1 a? been scrappt i Ra
off h : ? '?? Russia s'amis to-day
at the beginning of a new national life.
a Ufa of splendid freedom and unlim
ited oporl it
"The traitor- of the government xv-,11
in all probability be executed "
One .?f Uti bloodieat revolutions of
Ru?Ma's moa]
pr?-?l eted by Herman Bernstein, editor
of "The American Hebrew" and a close
? a,- ? i \ ?? r of condition? In the Cser'a
domain, as a result of the latest move
of th?- Liberals. He refused to be?
lieve that the reactionary?
"forces of darkness" had been de
feated io quickly and so effectual!:,
"p is no1 difficult to believe,
ng what ha- gone before,
, ,?- ? hut 1 can
hardly credit the r, port that the Lib
have permitted the naming of
the Czarevitch as his successor, ?ven
though a regent boa been placed ia
actual control." ?aid he. "The reac?
tionaries are !??<? -!rongly intrench, ?!
to be defeated in such a brief tim?
and so quietly as appears to have t,. n
Many Arm* OtsV ers Liberals
"There littli doubt, howevei -
the majority of the officers in th?- .
af Liberals and will support the r<--. ?.
It.at being ti-,'
tsj -.?,? bou th?--. in.?ht he followed Ox B
large number of the M dior Should
the revolution succeed, there is no
doubt that it will result in a much
more vigorous prosecution of the war
against the Central Powers.
"This is the boldest stroke the Lib?
eral- in Russia ,'ier have made. But
it is what might have been expected in
view of the repeated complaints of the
Liberals against the pro-German ele?
ment, which Les been retarding their
prosecution of the war. The declara?
tion of Grand Duke Nicholas, former
commander in chief of the Rnasian
forres, that be would lead a revolution
himself if an effort was made to con
dude a separate peace, shows what tho
temper of the people and at li-ast a por?
tion of the military In Russia is."
A M Bskhnovsky, American repre?
sentative of the Russian t'nion of
ZemstVOS, x?... of the opinion that the
revolution would resal? ia redoubled
efforts in Russia to aid the Allies. He
waa paxsicd by the fact that he had
heard of no progres- being made in the
f-iogramme of the Lib?rait for txx?
and that nothing ' of an
overthrow of th? government previo,i?
to that time. Ti',- and the fad 'ha*
he occupies a semi official po?
tion during tin xxar prevented bira
from discuaaing the situation in de
( ause of Mlies Advanced
"The cause of the '? | ? boen
advanced notabl) hy the revolution in
Russia," ?aid Richard J :I Gottheil.
or of rebl I a! literature and
th? Scmitii ? ? nubia
"It seem? altogether hopeful, from
the point of viexx I ? -, that th?
gri ut ma?, of t hi Ki lian B4 opl? I I
nobilit -.? things in their o*
hands. The world has knoxx i that
Ru?sia has no' beoi abl< to bring her
full strength te I,ear in th,- xxar; the
| ,. he.-,i 'he control |hl
-ed oxer the goxernmeni.
Ship? loaded xxilh ammunition and ?ar
kuppI :. ' i New Tote
becoese thi Russian bureaocracj did
rot aranl to push the \?.,,r rigoroaaly.
"Th, Bteegn repa the) ha\ e
reached m? and th? earloo? fact that
?. ,?.??? onie bj xx ay of
Rerltn nu??? if difficult to gather the
the r?volu' inn.
- \ ,i Jet I ti ? status of
te?, people In P. m m s chenco
? ? n bettered All my Ruaaian
lid me tha'
th the Rus?
sian peasant or xxi'h the Ruaaian mer?
chant end thal their whole trouhl
' ..- ar len from attempts mad'- !
Gel .cracv to keep ;
them ht ?i other portiea? of the Rus
nan population in subjection. You csn '
understand, therefor?-, that 1 riew this
n?mg of the better elements in Russia
ri!l of promise, no1 only for ti
Rnavia thal is hound to develop after,
;',? war bul for the cause g1
Alii??? in general "
limited Wen? it bj Bayected
I should think that the revoluti?,r
?ill sweep through Rus?ia," said James,
T Sbotwel), profeooor of history at
(.olumbia. "if the report? we h*\e of
It? rrogreei ?o f*r are authentic 1 do
rot look, fes :.??.;? St Uli ;
time on!y a limite.1 monarch;, The
'rar. although a noncnity, would h?
tee tfreat an a*-set to the revolution
Mi* to be done away ?rita, \Si'h the
pf>8?nnt dal .-arries im
m? a?'ireRble preelige, till r regard for
beleg somewhat of a r?": .
"The rr ..' |( ,,? if ?Jet.Si '
war be prOSCCUtcd more vigor..
Until tS? "-urrr-? of th<> A11 ' -
achieve?!, and the army for mon
a year ; s keeans te bi '-? f.ympathi7fri
with their aim-. It ia not a revn
f?. masse.?. Ir u a revolution of
?he crear middle ria??.. With the arm'.
foor'linareH ?rita the Liberal ?
men'. I nee no rea?on why it ?ihou
|.e successful "
"This ?* only ?rio bek,ii
Leon Trotsky, n Russian n
"1 he revol li . e all
ii\?r the empire and a general repub
hean movement will h
?he establishment of a republic In
Polish Leaders Chosen
Parliament and Constitution
Framers Pick Chairmen
Merlin, Marrh 15 (By Wireless to
Sayvil?e). Th?. sub-committee on Pel
Lament of the Fo!i?h Crown Council
has sleeted Prinee l.ubomirsky. Mayor
of Warsaw, as its rhairmar, sa]
Overseas N.w- A/..;?-- unr.ouncement
to-day. The sub-committee on eoi
tution has chos...i Dean P Arcs
as ita chairman. The committee has '
unanimously decided in f;i\..r of a par?
liamentary system of t?o chambers.
The centenary oi tac arebbisk
?>f Warsa?) was celebrated on March
11, The reremorn v. as participated in
by the archbishop? of Gnesen, Prussian
Poland ari'l Lemberg, the bisho)
Cracow and Prxemysl an I thf Armenian j
( itholic Arehbish? rovie/.
"In Bl ?'?? ths
? ! '.? ?? \.-.
I boodoroi.? a gav<
Ho!'. Pal hi r ?ras ;?"
independent Poland "
Beach Patrol at Calveston
GehreeteUi March I Inder direc?
tion of the Coast (?unrd Service s - *
hour beach patrol has been SStab
here. There kees I.I rino! s of a
(ierman naval base somewhere M ihe
</ulf coast ol' Mexico.
Durna Founded
After Rebellion
Of Nation in 1905
Modern Russia's Struggle
for Liberty Measured by
Life of Parliament
Foe of Despotism
Forcibly Ruled to Suit Czar,
It Turns When Trickery
Is Shown
The ?
the hist Ruc?
af ' ?
revolul IMS. The
Csar m pro?
viding for s rational assembly,
. ich unanim
t the g olidly
The ! rsl Durna, the
all, insisted upon I l
lia Hur ti
would not cour'
enes on the pari ' goi
ernmont affairs
in of thi
ed early
in 1907. TI
. ?
But thi ty of th?
! too progre
huma and the Pi
'l be iro\ ?. re ??
Thi I c isful
a hundred
Finland. There an appeal ?
nul ti
\ then pro
mulgated by !'?
lan barred
? I rho
? ? m in i ?'! '? .i
Durna, the prt
? ed, Befo ?? thi ???? ii
?ir. !> ? ontrolled bj I
The war, hoWi
made '
The Taurio I arhere
the Russian Duma meets and I i
come the birthplace of thi ne? Pro
vi?ional go\crnment, is one of the most
interest tares in Rus*:a. On
*e more than a century and a
i ihe house o'" Prince
Potemkin, the fai
The generous empress showered
?i af'er his eo?j
i In I7M
rdered a maa . ?
rite on the site .
is called Taunda, the
tar the Erapr ? ? . palace
fr..m :' iblei But
uhen the latter returned ia IT'.M a? a
\ etor 'rom another campaijrn he apa n
the night of February H of that yea'
a ha || B tliere in honor o'
arina, which Is remembered ha
ta history as a seiejee event.
One hur.ired ami feet) thousand lamp?,
and tOfiOQ caadles ?cr.' used for I -'
ir.g purpose? that night
After the Vath of Potemkin the
rids Palace \? a^ HgM?i acojuired by th ?
Its career for more than a cen?
tury ?a? fall of leal
In l'.'fl."> the I Tar ?ie> gnat<-d it si
?ssemblv place for the Duma, which lift
then it has alaran boen ia the foti
ground in connection ? th I '!'??
?f Rai sia's parliament.
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