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Special ?^oticc
To Tecla .Patrons
It ba* come to our I many women have
* I 'gets Peora, at other Fifth Avenue jewelers
pr? Oder the rmprashm that Tecla Pearls
ted ai freely a* Orientai pearls.
the CODtrai Oriental pearls are to be
? r i ' - i.cri in thu country, Tecla
? not available to ?eaiers, but arc to.d
t to our patrons, on.v at the Tecla Shop, on
1 ?. re? ? . and hv our authorized agents in
his :ir..' San Frarci?co.
Tfcij Penri f/e, kistsst
i ait
jqS i ifth tAvettue .T^riv York
tO R.uf r.f in PaVX, !
- --l^i^f?tr-l. ,t7,J?.-.,l.-;.|."?f~-;T -1,1 l,r ,t,-3T^.Tra;
y . ?*
? ? them You
s chance!
i mit. ?In?
d * trains.
ifeno tinu un mongralt,''
?.Tin.I RapMs I "t Pur
... --
_?>? I . .?? |ik( ?*c
it\ The
- ??ri.-!>.
*? i ?Ta^?llla*
. lOr llvC
. cor. Churci? t. .
?jpassssaaaa a p ' i msnaaai at i
Haviland China
Attractive Easter Gifts
Trad? '
rrar.ce ?UmogeS *
Haviland & C9
ii East 36th Street
10 East 37th Street
^tam-mm-mm I' ' *?!
150 Sophomores
Hold Balance in
Princeton Revolt
Fate of Club System Will
Be Decided by Signa?
tures To-day
eeton, Muni. 21. With 151
omeros who have not yet taken ?
. salt of the revolt againal Prince
Bl ent social ?ys*.?!!i h II
the linlancc at tl
?n the m. .
and the coi *avor of the
ard P. Cleveland has ninety
sophomort-s pledf
ciaba, ami n have al
ipted the Invitations of the
men of the
? ? ?.venae
?/al fu ned in no iscord -
i, and the Hate of the twelve
who !. .
,i one to .
:ii?-ans that
<onn- of the moro recently org
? . fficalty
with the n then may
hi? foi
Of the ri:rr: v ho
I ?
f:ftcrn of tiiiii v. ?..??> i ?? ms el ab
pita of the fact tint Prei
llibbrn and Dean MH'lonahan have de
i r o f 11 <?
ment ted by I
entiment of the m ,
? he r*vol4 hi
In ? aro
?.(.-.i* i.'" eligible for <?luh
rho |< 'lareii
thoir intentions. Two resallar
?r.? oipht tO?
nine, hi
tions? .-?s in which
proi "f the
ted to ?.?how which ciaba will
Two More Companies on
Aqueduct Patrol Duty
Twn of tho three compai
.?.- 'S*?,i h Nal
? i? duty
! ?
?i. anil K of
Ori| rdinp
.?. York
City i
?. according
found, how
Ist Infantry wen die the
Safe Crackers Get $2,778
trial Comn* I
I .mp* and postal card
ant cashier, told it tho
loeketi bol
Guaranteed Exchange LOCOMOBILES
| maSaaftm ?? - *,.-? f ft], f'UfW ???!, ft *_ IM -ll?"' I "Uld
bto pcrftvt -running cotadition by our
perrta, a Guaranteed BichanM Imco
?le oifera s?) peat an automobile bargain
that the d'i/iand fr.'ci'i''n?ly.-x(Tcds tlif supply.
61st S'n-t, o? xt to Broadway
,?i 77.r?0. _
Would you invest $400 or more at 6% for 3
years in a business that will pay 10% to 40%
thereafter? Company will furnish bond
guaranteeing safety of principal and refund
of full amount invested if for any reason H
is desired. __ _. .,
Opportunity, Box 300, Tribune.
Special Military
Police to Start
Drilling To-day
Next Week First Detail of
250 Will Replace Militia
Along Aqueduct
1,500 Men Seek Places
Eajrer to Get "Officers' Sal?
ary" Provided For in the
Lockvood Bill
! of New V.ir.
cial military police,recruited und.
Lockwood bill tu
will enter to-day on a week of
diill In th?- l iraory.
week the ?WO men will enter
activo servier, i
.il the Na?
tional Guardaraen now on duty between
. ? ? .. ? ?
Since the l.i.l providing for the fore?;
lay i 600 applicat loi
. w M. ?>'?'.
head of the Home Defei ? Lcorns am:
the new onaniaation il
dirai exam?
iners, and
to form
. intr.
1.100 Will Be Needed
Aboui 1,1
guard tho city's wat? ? ig the
, .
l ter
i itorv I
ra at Elm th of
. to bo
? later at Pe? ? itiini;
I "I'tr.
'1 re
*?? ill rx ? ?heir main*
etor I ahalane ai
tants have ral days iti
ird and lodging tor
en. 'i he
rded with po
to lud,,'.* the men :
The ? i -policemen will
khaki un;fo:ni of the Hon
Will ho
? I 11! 1 S -
and shori
? ach of win tn \
It? on duty, by a police '
sea Pit
? ?
tain. He will be
: ?
I lieu*
Gomper.s Protests
Against .Limiting
Right to Strike
A. F. of L Accuses Supreme
Court of ''Dragging In
Compulsory Arbitration
liBfton. March 21. Samuel,
1? eden tio ? of I ab? ?. to nifhi author?
the i ents
*?i he prei di ?? I and '-- er? tory <?f the .
Atnci f Laboi .iniuol
hortly ;
after to-day pros? nted to A4 ti
in the name of the wor!.???
? : den d
Itat* i Supreme Court
i.?i goil li OUl "f Its way upon R
not b ? art and dragging in
comnu sory aib:ira
"Tin: Supreme Courl
in*- into the law ai ? ? ni befen? it
a i.i11 .?i?, n
?., . int. a-ork m furtheram
? '? i out
. .. ? e
? wort in ordei I
tlic ??.: the pub
"Mr. Gotop? i. called to the
? rntal dec?
- through a
anger a treaa,
the i .-?? '??
"Tl.pinion of the United
?? ? en with the
te the
? ? ra of '
..ill Of harmony ?
lens of thi? r?>
public. "
Man, Hat and Augur
the First ?Submarine
? ? ? .il ?a?
, ? ..? in?, COBSB*
tirad), told
Ann? and Na-.y Clul
th?* other aiajM
P? i local > i aad toro-f. bal
rorry the ancien| g?n?ral, < om
mander IfcConuick explained, and he
? ?! hia und. ???rs U
I swim,
plua i*, waterproof bal and an autor.
"You are a aubm ? .'.."Alexan?
der \. or any '
his warrior?, ??lui would in.nii
diately adjoat his hat, nick up hi?
and .?Wim a?*av tu OOOSBI ?
? . .
le? by boi ing bol s In hi r bottom.
1er said, o i
protection from th? ?rat? i n ?*?' -
I iad th?
loman sobenoriOS OB the conning tower
with brier..-, or ooything e',*(. handy, ,
whenever b< the -urface to got!
i. breath.
For BtnOa or homeuic in groat
variety of style and price.
?4 for rlr?. firlivr rcMi'a-v or rr; re
SrOlata?**! total! *?ith ?iimplri.
B-fkmao-MII 150Na?taeSt., N.Y.
Flowers Dropped at 'Tex" Millman's Grave
From Warplanes of Mine?la Funeral Guard
1 he Means of Conveyance Change
MolOfS and aeroplane? ?suiting at the obifquie? of a drad airman ycstrrday
W th n ? of the air
the ! rsi t rae ? i? h
paid in a\merica "Tex** Milli
sti ie
the ge~< ' ?,ol at
Mine?la, aras buried ye.-terday moin
Elevi umy biplr.nes ?
over the pis - of Hempetead. Eleven
bing motors a thousand feet above
irth joined In s rimnt of lament.
And when the grave In St Bi
lUry, had been t.lle.l
three ll , '?? within LOO
ind, while each pilot
flung d'.'.ti ? bnnch oi red and white
tamal h ribbons of red,
white and bl
P? ?ter ? arl M ?liman bad b?
unique figure h
the youngest players in s .
primarily for I ... ing. I!. . .
'iin'Ki- of machin
. ? the mastery of
the air to more men, perhaps, than
othi riean ?.viator, hi
He died last
Sunday from pneuin? :
\i the Chan !> of Our T oaf of I "
ret?o, in Hempstead, possibly on<> ban
to i 1, ??I ?rath?
? .?.nth-?
. accompanied by
U. S- War Risk
Bureau Raises
Ship Insurance
Change Accepted as Recog?
nition of Practical War
with Germany
bington, March 21. ?Complete
rged by th<?
i ?1 War Ki-k Insaranea Hureau for'
: per
through th? announced
t by bure i I i
The changes follow the extension of
iti. ur,. SSSOS ef eontra
band nol heretofore insured, and are
.?f the prac?
red by the
arming ( \ en hantmca.
Until now the ?
for 1 .'' th? war
zon<? have wir.e.! Up te a m:i\:mum "f J
pet ?'' m the war a much
lower maximum was obtninrd. the first
important i omiag after the
, -lew schedule nahes th?* Set I
, si rut.- applicable to all vessel?
and i . pass through
whetl er bound for
?r neutral porta.
In the ' ? les be?
v ? ... parts are made
apply hers. S >
? tiorts. Th? the Atlan
\V,?-? Indies are twice
? wise traffic, and
South America are greater in
at?? i( the urne proportion.
The 'nnding the
ai ?? i oasiderably heh
ratos charged by m: ny private com
going as high a? ? per seat.
Democratic Fusionists
To Name Leaders Monday
started recently by
? oun( ? f. s''""
hem! i Democracy, ta
. i), rnocratic-fusion eaasmitl
committee m the comin?* municipr-.l '
campaign, ?rill eulmiaate in an orguni-:
meeting Monda?, nieht at the
Hotel Bavoy. Democrats fross thej
D?mocratie county committees in th?*
five boroughs will select the genera!
The I'animan\ Hall <?xeeuti?*e com?
mittee yesterdaj suthorisod the seiec
? ?" .?-iv delegates. The Rronx ?Coan
? Ed?
wr.r-l KiK-h. Anthn'iy .1. (iritfin and'
Frederics If. Schildwaehtef as n? dele?
Tha. Clevelaad Deasoeraey ha*.
.?"? : ' Dunty Clerk Schneider. Will?
iam H ?Seidel and Bigmaad Wechsler, ?
it.- ?ssaenttve coma?ttoss la Rich-,
mond sad Queans will s?et ta dal to
? irates ea?"h arul the
Kmgs County committee will select six
???s to-morrow.
members of her
family, .'?...
Corps A vial n er h o
. - were
? ?lieh, and
Wh.?ii the time earai i iffln
painted gray, like sn army
: i i?n ;?) the
men wh n the
air is due to thi ' . ' ? of Millman
.rthur i I
H M H? ?? i ?
i'. !) III . de and *.. C
aviator?? had tiptoed from the church.
were I
a ?.??i the I
B8 il i>,. SlOWl)
the ? ? .rated the
?. when
it reached the grave made it aoem a
comm? . eral.
motor? could h,. heard at M
?.. Into the air
No. 167, in I I.
Then followed '? "
: II. H.
' Il Ri
? Ivan
P. wheaton, Corporal I!. I. Watkins,
w. II. Bleakli ?.?. v. ? Jenk n , H. II.
Simons an IW.L.V ' ?
? an altil ? n soo
Bell Receives Medal
For Inventing 'Phone
Tells Notable Gathering That
Credit Belongs to Others
Besides Himself
Alexander Graham Hell, inventor of
sd the
im's medal of I
? g in l H The medal
i? given no! i than on<*o a year.
aftei en elecl tee ol
men from civic ferun
fj ,, . the candidat?
At the inventor's right on the plat
.? Admii i
Edwin Markham, who con
uni! rood a special pa m for the
Trouent Bise to pa
to the great lav? Btoi were Dr. .lohn
| II. F.nV;. who i nan of the
g; Henry s. Pritchett, pn
rty chief eng the Ai
? hone and
York Telephone (
A. Watson, ? 1m.. in
for Mr Bell the
nun' ad the
Cong ?l?o-? wen
? re N.
Vail, William Howard Taft, Ogden
R< l. El ?
and others.
In his br;? Mr. Boll ?nid: |
"I am known a* the inventor of tho
telepheae, I ara no by. I bo
eoBSC ? ? convince?! that
at un
rrovement, he cooperation of
minds. I may have blaz?d the
trail. Bul tho honor for the telephone.
lay, belongs n many
o'hor.** as well as I ? '". '" tsoe
who ? and
for the '?
Dr I'? tel ? ". ia his address, ?aid:
"I have a eouvietion thai th? chan?
cellerie? of Europe in Jul?.
onnected tanc? tcle
; e, and if th.
Ruas <?. Gei man]
had heard euch ethers
of the last thirty months might have
Assembly Indorses
Universal Service
Meyer Resolution Calling on
Congress to Provide Military
Training Is Adopted
ll*l I.Vlltl
Albany, March II. mbly
went on record n favoi of BO
?il -a: y tra.ninir, an a ertCOO
principle'' to-day when it aOiopted, by a
rot? ?? ? ? a, tho Meyer n alutioo,
Calling upon Congress to provide for
such trBininjr.
Bewaral democrats t . - * the
reoolutioo, but voted for ;
blyman Bunh, a Civil War veteroo. de-.
dared ?. showed an "attack of hy?-'
tona" and that it? w..r!- were "pure;
itiiah." Minority Leader I i 1 than I
teroiad il "a substitution of word
action," saying that it did not tell (on
grooa along what, lines military service
should be adopted. Majority Leader I
AdliT then eharfod thai Mr, I a !ahan '
was merely tryli** to make a political
speech, '??
Hg eil 1 -i 'plane
? IV few minute^ above
pire on the ehe
And ',?.!??? ?re 'le
ng a greal radius of
which was sum,. |
'plane- |
: a biplane
sn rig downward
' was hear?!.
or the
I'??-- R ..,-: . iddenly again '??? ? ?
.a the
?, \ I later the
ahile fmrn
?in. i ?
bunch I land
? ?arth
A f? Bjork
1 I .
i pall
A- Bjorl mi the power
and rosa MJa W low and
reates oreo moro ?grew
... . ? . ircled.
Garden City, and volp
gh board ?"??
.t landing on Mine?la tidd
Clearing House
For Patriotism Is
Opened by Mayor
Office in Municipal Build?
ing Given to Local De?
fence Committee
The Mayor's C? in National
: a r?'nr i :il
liead?iuarters in the Municipal Building
as "a sort of ele or the
patriotism of New Y< ? I
mg to the announcement of Willard
Straight, chairman of the comnn.
"Jn view of the nre-ent situation,"
said Mr. Straight, "the Commit!
nahe itself
as us? people ef
?hi.? eiti govern?
ment. <>n ever) han i need
n the
private citizens .
? v.:,o h:?v our
trge, Many aha deeirc * offer
autonmii .? -, moto boal ? aeroplanes
and oth? r pri
ernmenl sr? rest rail ? d bj tl
? prop? r k<
themselves to lin? Mayor's otTice. when
'hose lid have been made to
"In addition to tta other efforts,
?>f clearing
hou^c for the pal i
City. T<> thi? end it ha- !
through th?? Mayor 'he use of Room
?i th? Municipal Building.
?' l his ail entrai
?ir.mittee. Mat?
? *o thp
? tioa of th. ? ?rill
triers. Any
information of service to the national
ttortei n ment will b?
.art.-r? and forwarded '
desires to offer material
or facilities to the government es
. in touch without loss of time by
.t to the ?mm;'
Ira II. I'ntchin will be in charge of
the new headquarter?. Mr. Patehin
until recent ? rank
I.. Polk counsellor of the State Depart?
ment, and is therefore in touch with
the government d?'partment? in Wa.?h
Ensxeanent. Marrtaa-e. Birth, In
Mtin?riaai and Death Noiire? mar 0?
UUptvonvad to Th? Tribune an?' tiro? up
ta? midmsht for ina?rtiun in tb? n.i?
lav; a ?ap?r. Just rail ?
Beekman 3000
?nd read th? nolle? ?a *r>* wtah it
<_*?>rUd. Hill for ?m? ?ill b? ? ?.il*d
(? jam later. The notice will reach
?T?r tOO.CXXI ruder?, dail?.
III KM II Mr. ?r.l Mr?, g M. Hirsch, ot
Hoe a. . announce, th?* birth of a
d.iuichter, Kuth, .?n March 17.
LmOWITI T Mr. ?n.l His, I), l.iebowi?.,
ItfM Ml iv . sa Mar. h It, a ?on, Bri?
M i Iah. March M,
VAN DINE DA>S Mr and Mr?. Richar.l
?I l??>-. at Holiu rar* Oordsas, N. Y .
announce the enuat-emcnt stf their dauith
???.'. ?Klau Natalio, to Mer'.e Ca Van Dine.
of Cedarhurit. Long Island.
BASSFTT i VMI vt Christ C
Rroadway an?i 7tut ?t.. on March IS. L-?
the Rev, Lewii H >?.???. ?Bertha
Annie C'a?h and Williass Alfred I4a??ett. .
SE.MlKK WATERS On In;ir?.U>. March
N.-?-. V, r\ i le? Se>m?n:r.
of Ne?. V .. ti? PlasuaOC Ainirea. daugh?
ter of Mr?. Jo.ephme Waters, ul i
oifue. N \
Adam?. .'\a:ne- |
Adei*oii. Jon?* 1. John W
\ \
?n?. fre?da
., |? . .:?.. Mar) !l
r, Elks m
., ltaB|H O-Brisn,Johaaaah
Man " ' ?
. rrlH CC0?**?? Marcare? .1
im. JoaOph "'<*?'?
!?? , - ?>'
t^rini?. Duntel J. .4
im K.
??-. Frank II ,' ,nra,|
. 1 IB
Heaaii ? ?en ? (
1 | ?.., V Il.llllll
1?sa. May ktbei ioe
\\ , liatai -. Martha
McCrath, Miela?!
The -Colonial Purr?...
? Asms Crltti I
? -eker
I.Ian ' I Of 1 1 I
Coh?nl. fal
belo.. and lanni
? . Harry I...
?. Simper.? at
\ 1 . I ?. ? ? I ? ,
\\ I 11????. N \' ?. mi . -n
Wei inert 81
Anthony, ? 11 ?ni :i \
rar of
? I 1.f tram : : m.
M m!.' . ' !'
Bitsetaa ??
the lato .) ? . nierai er?
< lier
and friend? . ? '? Dot to ?end
ni ISfl M *
M ?-?i Bliss
ami i
nonwealtfa uv., Bostoo, The
. Si ? ??? ni.
HIM UU *i On I .
Hriarlv 1 n- ? 1.. ?
Richard Briariy, Funeral fi
!. n.-??. 1171 I'ark a?., ??n '
? ? , ? Church i.f II
.?la, ('.ill-. .1
? "ary.
liKlfhl g1 i'" Ra '? ' ' ??"
*ml Jon lie
Brickies 1 bob Joli? I, I
I d. Funeri?.
her ' ...
Mai- si 1
? ARRR M U11,
H ?
;it hi. bUe residence
1 itbtjsh), un i h
I ss 1. '
il av. Intern
cu \SK n., Toseds R . Fob
? ORTRI *i?ii \'- ' .
. ,-.x
the late William I Cortelyou,. Kaneral
n her
? ?
191 .
? ? ? ? . ' p. ss.
?arna?i?M will n.?
C. It R. "t N- J- at 1 ill p. m.
DORMAGKN Un Tasador. Marsh ?,
h Ilurmatten, in his l.'.l -.ear
ti. \ ss at I
I p. ra., 1
? >n. N. Y.
' I
Han . ? I ? .
Patrick and Do:.
tin 0
tuts ami ?
?f her
? iater, Mr
. n, on Kri?U>. March I I,
' nurch,
where a ?oleinn hiirh mae? of requiem will
? .'. In?
terim :it in Bt ?i. ?. Orange. -
KNMs Dsi March 1 I, at hh
ll?, Hr .na, ? .-?..?..?H hu?
laand ot Mary T. 1 tie?. Dolaoey). 1
. them e to
?any ?t. and
I :. wh.?re h ?.l? rim r?
mas? ?ill
' '? ?':..'
PAGAN 0 '?'.'.:-, '.". Manrarct
' Mr-. El
O'Keilly. Funeral from her la
. i. Marsh ... *t
1" a. m. ; theme to the Church of Oir Ijidy
Rares?, Marion nv. a
where a rei|ui-'m ? '?
p?a?e i.f her ?oui. Interment Calvar;
F.UI HAMFK On March '_?'. Fiank II
haber, belove?! eon of the late ?
CathoriM Faulhab?
' ? ? R 1 ? n ?? . I'hurs
?iay. Mar?-h 1'i, at 1" a. 11.. Intcrm?nt
GOLDS? On v Me . Nr!
li? Golden ? r.r.- Har/.eri, belo?ed ?if? of
V. alter QoMsstu Kur.erai ?ervicc? will b?a?
it the
? -K'.-law, Mr-, I>e-. ?
laoeahss >?.. i ?stea Ossaec, Ixmg islaadl
Interment at rschss ill. N. Y.. Friday.
? -1
MAGGOTY Buddsahr, March : -. ;??.
l?hen J. HatCkCerty. bolOVed huntaaiid u! ? ,
lino Haitxerty, ii, his ?IN \?.?r h jneral I
from ? Weat Fordham road Thui-?day.
Mar-n -J. at J p. m. Interment Calvai).
11. ??. n v ? r.cer? slesee ?
HA!.1.1?.AS On March SS, 1 > 1 7. Drulget
HalNRSa, widow uf John Halliaan and Ik
I?jm"I mother of Mary. William and It. h
ar?i Hallixan. F'uneral from her late r???i
dSBOS. J3? Eavit 36th ?L. on Th??r?.l.iy at
9.30 a. ra. ; thence to St. ?jabriel? Church.
Interment Ca!\ 11 >
?M VHT*? On March P. Jo.eph Heaarty.
*r. Funeral from hi? late residence, 10.
W?l 11th si . Ih.jr-day. .' P- ? Inter?
ment Cal.ary.
HEKZO?, On Tueadar. i-ireh 20, 1917, at
bis r?i.i?!i.-o. HoOl iVsbtoa, Louis llrrti*-,
in hu 7?j?h y.ar. beio?e?i huahand of ?.'?
I and fathvr of Ha ? I . How?
ard K. Mauri?** a:id Edith lirruip. In
noral i
LAXI lay, .March :\ Mary M.
line Kui r-rtl -?rrwi-e* a? tre I'hutoh of
Incarna-ion. Mth -? an.? Ma.tiaon a? ,
Th'jr.ita?. .'ta-, h IX a: U a m
lata? IWnjan 1.1 an! Ma:> Lash? l-uneral
\ :? a?.. Thursday ?om
? ? ? *?? Kinia'iul'a.
I I ?1*1 In Ne.? Hai?.?n. IMS, Mar.-h \:>.
t-ureral a??r*,-??*<Ki
will Ivr hrM in llr?nii?v.| ? tii.-t-.iy Cli?ixl
lay aft*rn?v>n
M?;K VTH On Mnr.h :??
?ira' .?i a?:.i of Margar? ?
,.l irvoii hi?
lau- -
? i.? the
Church ?if St. John ?he ?nnuli-: Int#i*
M \ Uli i 0 -.-?heth Mc*
Name*, at her resittsfl ?
K> a. m., at
??? \ ? . ? S Chi
?t. and 1*M av.. v\ h-rr* a ?..I
mavaa ??ill bo cele--. I 1.' rr-ma? of
her ,-oul. Ii?.t.?ru.ent ..? - l'e.ne
MlKllKlt lohn Willi?>m '01 f...rn-?e??n
j in'v of Mr.
Heary H Vail, ?t Orcenwi a, i s Mess?
Mi A? .(I! .
??r-rtoaa Thuraday, ? . at tinted
.?i Church, iv ?ii ?' an-1 :
I*. and A M .
InviUd to attend. .Ii?r-.
MiiHIMi ' " . ?i St,
?r.n ? ne?? .- , .f i '.
13d yeai?.
In.m ' Wo?!
? ?
I v
?i M i? Marrfe
i i. B Maman. Maas will ba
? lUv*
Hill*. N v . Haset.
hlizaheth S . I incril
?osa a.
m aasvl] aa rhurw?y, Marah --'. a* 1
um ??
Hi ? ?" Maes
Btrassph, M I rank.
? . :-->>
??nth I March
?? If m
I, .l.h-niiali
| ....
-t . on Th
and v Ith *' in? ? '
I m hoc
' ita r<-?l
? I. ii .? er nv . 1 I u day, ,-tt I ??
a. m . ? ? I of Oo
viour, 1? l ?*. .i I Wi . h ,??.?!! av. In
tormeal I
th. K. J M Tueaday.
I . Ms l I' ? lrfat.-ll. Ill her
t'hur. I ibetl ?? '
? ?? and
A ii n '
n.iniii.i .i vh
i ul.ar?.
KIN?. Ms I
I uneral fr
ihm ? ? a. m.
latevsneal Colvai i ? sa ?
? i
It i?
will. ?
mad? ..f th?
? . . .i
\ i ?
nimm I bUs,
? ur>.
ROI Bl im.
At . ? e.'
held M
? ? .? pmoakat
? .
attrs -? ? seslleat
t? ? i ? ?
Us fam*
tho . ??
JO 'iry.
ROI ri. Y.. March
tlTIi . ?
s? HR0#RR
? ?
i !'. Ill
tltheran I
SIIIIM \S 1 ' -
.?., bo?
Tarrj . Kmnn I..,
aired OS year*.. Panerai m?
Haiitiat ? iiurcli. I r da/ afternoon.
. Bl
STKKI.E On Mar??h M, HIT, /arm I .
d huahand of Alire Steele. at hi?
???idenee, ,r>16 71th at-, Brooklyn. Ha?.
mas? at Our l.idy of Aniel?'
h. 71th ?t. and ith a/., on Friday, at
IIHiKMANN Monday, Marrh 10, IS1T.
loin? (je-orjre Hei ?on of laouis
and Dora H Tt-irmann. in hi? ?ith y??r.
? ? ?.
R. J.,
1 rl'li-.
? lf0 Of la? (
MevMa, Sanvja-I. ?? '?auline SlU
vertnan and Hrrtr.a hr*. raen at
?*h at.
Mil 1.1 .MO > < la.,
MOSS* W, Ma-?ha. v. .do* -if .1 nn U. Will.
' Mount
kt th?
r*?idence of her da . IW, Mr*.
K H ? ?v . Mount
WINRMORE Oi '?'henna
Winamorr. r of William J-*.
. . ?
?!??!.re ?U ?Vntra! av . Hrooklyn, Thurs?
day aftirr.oon, at 'J o'c .<l?. InUrment
? ?ivary. ?
V\i>li? Marsh ?0. PIT. Mary. b-*love?l wife
H<*rman and mother ot En anuel If..
Kanni? Fowler and G?rtr?ad? W. Smith.
Paaeral on Tb??r?<lay. March . a- ,
from her late ?aidonce, I'." W_t 14Mb
at. riraaa omit tViwcr?. ?
r.relay IP* THOS Dt*.WOSTn CO. Craclay I}a*S.
I? Wwt Vte S? ????'af? ?a?l*a??at.
Tal-- ?AOOUL.t? > t tVMt.Tt.RYa
|];' bi. |t> llarictr Train ?nd by Tteusaaj
Lol? ?t SBBBll ?it/ f?i aala
OflSca 1? Kmaf ii? -i'-. N. Y.

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