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i?'?& /ir?hb?uli /'*/w ?
fT?/r-M t55U 0")*>^^**-' -W'.'*
**?? *a*.. Se? f? Ml ?
I from (zallotand Qhertl?
(Which ai nvcd tit S, 5. Espagne Friday)
tyxujuin - tyre met Jesinu -Aarwiti
adxH?c?? ~at%mUilet -oDrtxoU' ~ ?corye?c
%cr -[Bulle; -[Bernard -W Worth
toc]c?Krr wt?lv Oriqiixal Giddiroj Dc.siqivs
Princeton To Be
Military School
If War Come.
Hibben Tells Student Mas
Meeting of Plan to
Train Officers
Princeton, K. .1.. Morel? -?"? If war i
??red rrmecton I'nivi ?
change the cap anal ajOW? for the sloucl
hat and khaki, and will become, to al
intents, an academy for ?M training o
Thi. announcement ?as made to
D.ght by I'rc-ident H bbo? al a mas
rtieetitii*, which \ lolotl ?I a lo
lnhctl College tradition. Hitherto ni
rvrcpt religious .??tudcnt activities havi
het'ii fi owned ur?n on Sunday night
but at the gatherinr* this evening thi
?undergraduate:? not only attended in ?
hody but n." ? t?r the fa-ulty were ala?
1" '
All acad?mie \\nik of the university
dent Hibben said, would be sub?
ordinated to the activities of the off!
?era1 training corps, which la now ai
Vrork t:nd< r the direction of ?Captain
t-tuart lleintzelman, I . S. A.
fmttnt Meeting I orbidden
He also announced that be bad re
i the B| ??' ? on ol some student?
who desired to hold meeting
?he university's halls. At thli
ave the uni
t utpo.e i-'
the rank I I naval
organization?. *>
rea.iy torn? i their bocha upon then
?ftnfitoa arid have gone t'i N't v? pott to
ta.? ? it? ?id a COUra? |n I boat hunt
? ? he aid of 1 ? ment a.?
?ful1 ?' . ai i bai urged
them to remain and float with the
1rs i'iiver?ity authori
have already alt? red then
? urn nOW un BIOI
? ? he undergraduate?
for orb,.
?.deque?? I raining: Offcic?!
? authori'1'
Ha- a" ainde-,? an i ?? ?n opportu?
i to i olunC
then fO ' ' ?
|ng as ?ill t:' ? one officer?
I the opinion "f Major <??
I,??onard ? the training can be
given betti ? ? Prineetoi
than anj In a letter to
Preaid' ? ? Hibben General Wood said m
Tt|": "l'y all mean, advise the men at
Win. ? ? *y are, fol
lew their i worh mid puah the
Cap'- rimai T
> ? : e.| to an extent which
in anj w ag col
lea, or irymg to volui i he prea
h Connecticut Guard
" Gets Bakers Order
First Regiment Will Report at
7 To-day?Rrlurncd from
Border October 11
" - ?
1 .itional
Cu*'. three
at Nogali I
I '
? Mar. .* M
u-i ' '
log, bul
?ill be ?
. -
*w'' ? aeh ni
will rema until
further i i I ,-hing
?aiti he had no
?if w h.! ? ? would
. ,
ent a?'?!I b. used fo? -? ?
tat., at least .
gui*r :
f.a lid
Ai ?
th? lH 'legim.nt was on?? of 'he
??ait I..
. .- da> a
' '!?!?.
Schenectady's Plant for
Defence Not Revealed
H, '.' ? a
other ?"
ntertl ??. ,.?> ?.,
guar? watati
Guard Delegates
To Oppose Bill for
Universal Drill
Measure Will Be Discussed
at Convention Opening
Here To-morrow
The National Guard oaaociation of,
the United States will begin ?ta an-,
nual convention to-morrow in the base?
men? of the 71st Kegimen: Armory,
Thirty-fourth Street and Park Avenue.
The mebiliaation of the 71st is not ex-!
pected to interfere with the conven?
The Guard of all the states will be
represented by delegatoa. It
pected that the chief item of d
-.?ill be m?thode of opposing the
universal military training bill, which
National (?uard officers o? high rank
dialike in itl ptrsent form. Major Gen
eral < lenient, of Pennaylvaaia, will be
among the speaker?-.
Bacorted by part of ?he 71st Hcpi
ment. with its band, a hundred or more
guests, including regular army and Na?
tional Guard officers in uniform, the
Governors of live states, Repreaenta*
?i Congreaa, H i shop?, m.il othei
Church dignitarlea, railroad presidents
and bankera, will parade up Fifth Ave?
nue thia evening .ui.-t before ,?? o'clock
from the 71st Regiment Armory to the
Univeraity Club. There they will dine
a.-) the guests of the committee of ai
rangerncnts of the National Guard eon?
??.. The civilian gneatl will rule
in automobil? s.
complete programme for the
three-day convention has been given'
mittee of arranger
? : i | .?i ? i i ?? i George 1
chairman. The other members
?if the committee are I ihn H.
Colonel William <?. Hates. Colo?
nel GeOI .'?? K. \\ ?lone! Cor?
nelius Vanderhilt, Colonel Sidney
Major l?e Witt Clinton Fall .
i William n. Fearn and ? ap?
ta irthor II. Miller.
Secretar** of War Baker and Gov?
Whitman will speak at the
s;<>n to-i? orrow aft? moon. Other speak
er-- will be Bri*radier General William
A Mann, Major General John F. O'Ryan
ami Representa'ive Thomas B. Crage,
of Pennsylviin ,i.
Mayer Mitehel will make the addre- i
at ?he opening st-ssion in
?he morning, while Governor Edge of
! den. ral Nelaoa A..
will be the principal
? he evening,
New Negro Regiment
Is Ready for Call
A report that, the 16th Regiment,
N. Y. N. G.. (he new colored unit, would
aeon be called out wa- .strengthened:
? lay by the activity at headquar?
ters in Lafayette Hall, IStd Street and ?
? \vt!IU?\
'i ne regiment has- been acceptetl by
the s'ati. but cannot be mustered in
recognised by the Federal
Colonel William Hay ward ?nil hi?
? n tl rough a prelimi
? ?pection yesterday. H
rgimenl ape !" meet |
'he regular army te?t without suff'-r
thiough physical dis -
There are ?-??in enlisted men in |
::? and the number is grow ?
71st Regiment
Quick to Heed
Call to Colors
600 Men Out by 10 P. M.;
All Expected To Be Ready
This Morning
Speedy Mobilization
Pleases U. S. Officer
Guardsmen Expect to Set a
Record for Quick Assem?
bly and Muster In
i he '. i -? '?? ???? Y-! k Infantry mom
Iizeti so rapidly I following
the receipl t,t ordert from the War
l'ment that ?to 'lay I nited
officers are planning to muster it for?
mally into the Federal Held -ervire.
Thi.? .?.il eatobliah a record foi i
zation anil mnater of a National Guard
Six hundred of the I ed men
of the regiment were at the armory,
Thirty-fourth Street and Part Avenue,
bt-?oro 10 o'clock last night, so ;-mr>oth
ly did the system of communication ar?
i by the Bald officer- work. To
allow them to ge* rid of their citi/.en
clothes and also to avoid making them
sleep on the armor) floor over night,
'I,, r offleera told them to go hon
repoi t back at their cumpa:.. ro?
8 o'clock this morning.
Soon after midnight two hundred
r ore members of the i
for duty, making a total of eight hun?
dred in the armory. Major Hatch
? ted l?verai hundr? d more
rive in the course of the nighi.
officer?; of the regimeni I'
? .-cry man in the regime! l will be
and by io o'clock to-da?
the phyaical examination* prepai
to mustering can begin within half a"
hour thereafter. No other fact could
?m atrikjlngly illustrate the dilferene?
? M trie National Guai i
now ami at the time the Pi ?
called out the Guard foi Mexican bor?
I ice.
Pirat Musler Took a Week
V that time the 71 I Ai mor? , like
all ol i.' i . ? aa a ad ne of pande?
monium, and it took almost a I
get ready for the muat? i \- . ? Flat
? eially determined to-day to make
a good record in everything it does
during the t -
Captain Joaopk L Gilbrcth, r. S. A.,
v.ho will art ai muatering officer, ar
rived at the armory al 9 o'clock, while
of men were I ling in and re.
porting to their nr-i sergeants. Ha
took one look al the orderlj crowd ai.J
ed himself
?Sen - thai th : id b? tit
called on! waa received ca I ?
oi moi | ?. ? - ? ' rda ftei men
who happe' ? mem?
liers of I he t '.: nent cai
after reading extrai announcing that
thirteen National Guard regimeni ? hail
been ordered oui in th? East? rn De
pait in? i -.
Many Inquiries Received
Wires, mothera and ? i ethearta
anxioualy telephoned to a-k if the
regimeni waa to leave the city at
enliated men wanted to ?
when to report, and scores of out?
dei were telephoning to verifj ?I?1
Waahir "ton iepoi I until
late tha? i in ? could be an a?? r? d, foi
? I W. <;. Hates, the regir?
commander, did not
from the adjutant general' office at
Albany uni il after 7 o' ?? ' <? or?
tier-- were placed in the handl of Ma?
joi -1 M. Hntehinaon al 8:45, and ho
promptly telephoned them to the col?
Wool uniforms, overcoats and nn
derclothea are held in plenty by ?ht?!
regimental quartermaster, according
report, and the men s'noulc' be ?
ready t<> 1"' ma tori I ate Pederal
service in reeorti time.
It is expected to take several dav?
longer to get tl.e L'd New York h
reatlv for Pederal mnater, aa tl il
gnniaation'i headquarters and thi
l( eompaniea are in Troy, and the re-1
maining companies in other cities'
ti.roughout that poiI ol ? - ? t?te,
"'.'her New York S'al onal Guard
OUtl ' - a'-e affeetetl by ti ? U ;?? |i?
men? orders, though othei exp?
be called at almo.? any mont?
The 2d Infantry i regarded as one
of the bei I National Guard orga
Kurt Schindler
who will conduct the Chorus of the Schola Cantorum in a
Russia d Folk Song Concert at Carnegie Hall, Wednesdaj, |
E?ening, March 28th, write? of the
.''\broducwq ?J\atuy
"Hi?* Ampico reproduces faithfully ihr iiidividu.il
style* of die virtuosi in all ils minutest detail,
"\X lut a pity* sued an in\i*ntiori did not exist in the
l?inr of the j*rral classical compfi'rrs l?> hand down
to pfistrrity thnr own lofty rncsagr."
Wareroomi :
?5th \\c. at .Wlh St.
It ii practicallj*
? i -n ?? ?i1 m.?r itmctn ?!
men. la w<?ll officered. at?.?l SSO?e M I
Of the bc.-?t rernii'- ?>:' th.? regimen -
\b?.u4 l.?OO in Tlst
The 71 il il the b'-*???*e3t O.iar :
r?i<?nt in .V
the 1,600 '?i?- who went to th* bordei
:* itlll he:ii}. in 1' ? ran'-..'. [I
rr-onths on the border.
Hii'l this i.a beli'-vr-d to he the rea.*or.
for it be;njr on" of the ?r*t two called.
thoueh the 47? ?;. .? Brooklyn re;: ?
did not leave New Vor'*? at all.
i 'orr.pany Bo:
men employe?! in the John
ink r **nrr. Betidei Colonel
? ir Guard colonel
Hut en, the
- ai?> Lieutenant i'olnr.el (i
II. w? *, E We] - and w;,i.
11 and < aptain 11. A. Kehl
? <?nt.
Al suo:- ?, regiments are
i -?'? ?.: Held ser
? ' bei will ' under the
'? d. and
*ui>po.-e?i thai il.e compaaiea will he
:nr (ruard duty at nee
thnmghout the
Jersey Militia
Ready to Enter
Service To-day
First and Fifth Regiments
Anticipate Mobiliza?
tion Order
- of the v National
1 Guard, ?ritl
? ar.rl Patenon, began ?hortl
o'clock last night. Commanding offi?
cer? oniered *he men to report at the
arateriei at 9 e'eloek thii morn i i .
announced that the regiment?, both o'
?m the bor
der, will be ready by noon to be -mi?
! service.
? ? . ? ? ? ?
ha*, the two regiment? would gr
.tiena G
i detailed to guard
northern and eastern
rait o:
* ? partmi t of I b
the inetan? Militai
of al!
Ferai sa f muni?
t Genei
I men and c-tab
**?!(? for Newark? Twpi
waterfront to guard the larga
. while the Patei *?>n eont
? to * ? ?? fe pou ?!? r and
- fron Haa?
to Plimpton Lokoa nod -?* Wnyne
. . ?i ?.. i-. Detaili alao
i :.:;- -, aver I
J >hn D. Praaer, ?
men to
? ?
.uld be mil -
Ubei v Van Wain
, comma 5th. urd? : ?
I moriei Pat? .1
and it
er wa m Ad
T Barber, : 1 d the 1
mg *;ie me in led on all
I" ? ?.; gime it in??? t
officer .. and efforts will be
jo to full war
?th of 2.002 men and ."?'? of)
etun ?I from the
border ?he Co a pan y at Rutl - ?
a tail thii company
--? I to Hover, but the
ecruiting has bo il irte ;
Private cuerda airead,? *_T^*
stationed along the right of ?!, ."**?
Kailroad an.l ?-?i ?ft**
' ?"?Ha, .wn*?v4k *?*
K?st ' l?ewer&3>
which aupi.i ci r.'ar.o'i ?,.?.?**?''
lee. ?.mV'*'"'
plein.* ?4, "*-i||
Keail? i?r l a||
PreaaraUeBs foi lb. mobll
? ??' in ,l utl?
*ar>' ('*,? -j?t *????,*"?
??*r>' *"**" .4?! ?.?***'*
have extended to the p0:-,- ?. ,5 **"?
? */ "*
remaii . ?*** U,
tere?! ?/a"**
which orders _? ? received hZ -" "*
I ; ?d'.ka,"***?"
, and esemk? ?**
lineai th(r. b?? **
' ??er 5 _?*?***
ception of lmoer ,,?{**/??
Comirencinq i^HHTfT. ???_-? ?
Les Amis des A?listes Asseciiti
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