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Ifcadora Duncan Dance*
\.a Marseillaise" Is Again
K.cfived with Acclaim
as ?oiirludcil. at
an ?fternoori of interpreta? :ve
'.? r. pi.Iit.in Op?ra
?her.? s-tere many
them, a? upon a former oc(a?ion. "La
? ? I
claim, relit I.oniiinr"
?Far. ?hrouichout this nuni
1.? rlappin-?*: ?an?! shoatinf wart
iVrh-ip? tht aiott art-mtic ?ifffrinfr?
on the projrrajrme were the Schubert
? \v all let," ? ? ?ral of
?.?hicli had t,? he r.-pcated. Am e.-itri?
day'j pro
,,?? la to be repeated, will be given
April 11.
Grant A. Wheeler
. >r. n second eoasia of
I r. 8. tirant gnd ?ho hat* ktaa
- tad with tht Mataal B? ? II I
JnKuraiH'?- (oftipany of
more than *hirty years, died yesterday
? S'.ruben Street. East
Orange, N. J. Mr. Wheeler was |
-nn of Isaac
a. Whe? - _^^
I W. L. DOUCLAS First Retail Shoe Store, Golden City, Colo., 1866
L. Douglas
learned howtode
sit?:n, draft and fit
shoes, a I so pained
valuable retail
shoe store experi?
ence in Golden
City. Colo.
!l.{ N i .-?.tn ??trePt.
155 l?ro.nlw.iy, corner 8th St.
?47 !*> i ? hv ?>. h?..ir 14th St.
I8S3 Broadway, cor. ?i??tli S?.
I4(?8 BroatfaWaj ? Times Square)
???si | i?tr.1 \venue.
! 1&? riilr?! Avenue.
??"raoa Iliiril A*?., ?or. 120th St.
Stores marked w
53.00 ?3.50 ?4.00 54.50 *5.00 $6.00 *7.00 ?8.00
You can Save Money by Wearing
W. h. Douglas Shoes. The best
Known Shoes in the World. *****
W. L. Douglas name and the retail price is <?,
stamped on the bottom of ail shoes at the
f-icTory. ?"he value is puaranterd and the wear?
protected a? pinst high prices for inferior shoes. The
retail price?, are thr same everywhere. They cost no
more in San Francisco than they do in New York.
I hey are always worth the price paid for them.
The quality of W.LDoudas product is guaranteed
by more than 40 years experience in making fine
shoes. The smart styles are the leaders in the fash?
ion centres of ?America. Thev are made in a well
ecpipped factory at Brodcton, Mass., by the highest
paid, skilled shoemakers, under the direction and
supervision of experienced men, all working
with an honest determination to make the best
?hoes for the price that money can buy.
For sale l?y over OOOO slioe deniers
and Kl.'? W? L. Donq-l.is stores in the
larjre cities. If not convenient to rail
at \V. La I>?"?u<"r'tas store, ask tout local
dealer for W. la. I>onrrlas shoes. If he
cannot supply you,take no other make.
B-?; id ??.>> W< r.d
$3.00 $'2.60 $2.00
to tt?$rirt<a*6>t4
?I. Pi*?-?ld?*nt ?*
None genuine unle*-**
\V. L. Douglas name
and the retail pri?e Is
?-.tamped on the hottoin
Write for booklet,
showing how
order shoes by mail, _
- W.-UIJou--la.eSho?> Co.
postage free. 210 spark si., r.r.?, ki-i?, ?was?.
W. L. Douglas Stores in Greater New York:
*"_'77!> I'hinl Av.. bet. t40th* 147th Sts. ?859 Manhattan Avenue.
:?*7 KighOi Avenue. ! 177.? I'itkiu Avi-nur.
?2?O Weat 12"ith 8tr?***t. JKRSRY Cl IV I S Nowark Avenue.
BROOKLYN ?HOBOKRN' 19? WasMagtoa St.
421 Fiilton >tre?H, cor. Pearl. 'UNION IIILI- 278 Barganlin? At?.
708-710 Urtittdway, cor. Thornton. "NKYVAKK Kot Broad str.ct.
?1H87 Kroa.lway. cor. Oates Avenue. ?PATKRSON*?193 Market <tr??ct.
?47? leifth Avenue, cor. 11th'-"trf-ct. -"TRENTON 101 K. ?MateSt., co; Bro?r*
ith a * carry complete tine? of W. !.. Douglas Shoes for Women.
|3nltimor?"-*-^3?viiafrimtt i
?rrr- ? m ^ .-?w y.
g_fr _____?
;?*T"j?'.*--? ii ?naam
Samuel Hopkins Adams
T? IE WORK of advertising reform carried on by Better Busi?
ness Bureaus in a number of cities has now reached
Baltimore. The new Vigilance Committee of the Balti?
more Advertising Club is organizing for a clean-up.
The curious part of the Baltimore situation, says Samuel
Hopkins Adams, is that it is not the local advertisers who are
primarily to blame, but the newspapers whose willingness to
print all kinds of misleading advertisements seem-; to be induc?
ing many stores to make exaggerated claims of value in their ads.
Can the Vigilance Committee, backed by the honest adver?
tisers, break the newspaper blockade )
In an article commenting on the attitude of the different
papers and summing up the advertising situation in Baltimore,
Mr. Adams will give a most satisfactory answer to this question
in The Tribune for Sunday, April I.
Don't mis? this story of a little journey to a home of con?
siderable misleading publicity. A word to your newsdealer will
protect your Sunday I ribunc.
'?rat \g last- thr Truth: News?-KdHoriaN--Ad>'rtii<-inrnts
R. R. Rate Increase
May Be Suspended
During an Inquiry
Commerce Board Expected
to Delay Advance for
Sixty Days
Plans Public Hearing
Coupling Cost of Supplies with
Higher Wages Complicates
the Situation
Wasainfton, March 28. Suspension
pendln?/ invi>?tigation of ?11 mere?**??-*
in freight rates proposed by the raii
roadi uf the country in their forthcom?
ing applications for u general advunce
?, npeared to-night to be the course
?vhich tho Interstate Commerce Com?
mission probably will follow when the
various railroad groups file th?*ir pro?
Such suspension, it was indicated,
rraald "ot be for the customary s.x
months, but probably would be for a
paliad not to excenl ilxty days, during
the lomim ilofl xxill undertake a
? hensivp inquiry into th?> ?raaaafl
?.bienes?. ??! the railroads' tlemnn.l
Hearings will be held, it is nderstood,
ai?! ib?ppara, commercial und civic or?
ganizations, state and utilities eommia
sions and other interested partii's xv.ll
be heard.
Eastern railroads, it is understoo?!.
virtually have abandoned their pian to
have tht* proposed increase of II per
rent go into effect without invent i ca?
tion by the commission, and have inti?
mated that they either will withdraw
that portion of their petition, or con?
tent themsel'.-er, with an ix?lver?c ruling
made by the railroads to have ?!,.?
period of suspension limited to thirty
riea of what they characterize
Hal'- Roldan, presiden' of the Chi?
cago, Burlington _ Qunicy, ?represent?
lag the Westen group of roads, an?
nounce?! at'cr a conference? ?late t" day
xvith Commissioner lieChord that '?'?
??it! roads would file tiie.ir formal peti
t.on for increased ratos next week.
Mr. Holden did not indicate what
p^rcer.tag" o? increase the Westett
roads would ask far, but It is unaer
Stood ' I ; o?r. the tasten
lines in asking for 15 per cent. Com
minees ot both Eastern and Wes'.err
lines, Mr. linden said, were working 01
the pr? Near York.
In coupling with increased
paid nnder the Adamson law inrrea-?
in the cost of fuel, supplies, equipme' I
and various-classes of labor as : ?-.
why a general advance should be at:
thor.zed, officials think the railroad>
have added to the complexities of t!u
ra.e, ien?iir.i* t) lengthen the proceed
| pro'.im.r.ary to a decision. The
commission is understood to have beer
.:e><\ for r-n arr'-''"'?'-:o:i to ti
it ? sufficiently to reimburse th.
roads for increased wages, but almost
totally ur.; reparad for petitions asking
fcr sweopiag advance? in ?11 rat??
DB'ed on other ground? a? well.
Caffey to Replace
Marshall as U. S.
District Attorney
Francis <;. Caffey. solicitor of the
Department of Agriculture, has been
selected b;. President Wilson to suc?
ceed H. Snoxviie.'i Marshall ,.s Federal
!':?tnct Attorney in New York. Mr.
Marshall's term expires next month.
V.r. ?"affix's selection caused no par
ticular enthusiasm in Tammany .
as he ha: not been closely Identified
?vith the Murphy orgar.iration. I
? ? .-. Bsoia Indica!
th.. Tammany leaders of President ~Til
bob's Inclination t?i go outside of *he
Fourteenth Street 'irKiinii-ation in se
Althiuiict' Mr. Caffey always toe
? Ne? York ?pol?tica, ???
" ai ki i til ? ? ii peadenl Pomo
He aras never a canlidate for
office and aerar held a political posi?
tion prior to his appointment to the
?ment of Agriculture, by President
W IIson in April, [(It. For some time it
had been rumored tr.at the President
xvould ramo Mr. Caffey fcr the post
hire It had been known that District
- "j M irshall would not be reap
Mr. Caffey is forty-nine years old and
unmarried. He is a native of Alabama
and a graduate of Harvard University.
I- r ?tarerai j?-ars hi- practised law in
Montgomery. \!a., a:i?i a* the outbreak
of the ?Sp/xni-?h-Amerieaii War became
? i.ant colonel of the 3d Alabama
????? li.- Braved '" -hi? city in
rid ai 'ere.| partnership xvith John
?'. Kreckcnridgi?. He Is Baa? a member
of 'lie firm of Clarke, HrecKenndge &
1!?? la a member of the llar
?iiri. 1'tiisersity, Cosmos and Manhat
tan elaba,
? - i ..
Offered by the Albro Society
The Opportunity is YOURS
to Earn Your Share
Whether you xxin a Rexvard or not. the fun. knoxvledge and mental
stimulus you obtain from this Pastime mak?* an all-sum? lent induce?
ment for you to take part, for example:
This is Picture No. 2
Whichof TkeseEight Titles?
>uppose you ?ee lioxv the Pastime is played by selecting a Title
trom those printed beloxx MM which you think best fits the Picture.
These have been picked al random from the complete list of 3,000
Titles obtainable I REF.. In the vxhole list you may find a Title that
his better than any of the 8 titles given here.
You may enter the History Pastime without paying anything whatso
e\er. as explained in the rules. You will find it advantageous, however.
to purchase our DATA BOOK (price 50 cents at our office, or postpaid
SO cents), which enables you to enter more easily 3 different selected
Titles for each of the Pictures. Hie Data Book also i? of benefit in
.?(her ways. Satisf.u tion guaranteed or money refunded.
Wilson announces policy of "watchful waiting"
Balboa taking possession of Pacific
Death of General Warren
The "Wasp" captures the "Frolic"
Intoxicated, Slaughter signs death warrant
Indians plotting around campfire
Dewey circling the enemy's ships
Bacon marching against the Pamunkies
Albro Society, Inc.
181 Lexington Ave., R. 660,
Near Sill Street
.Telephone Madiaon Square 5428 New York City
Ngn your name and full addre?.?, beloxx on thi? Coupon. Mail 01
bring to ii>. or telephone and we will send you "3000 Epitwdci in
American History" containing all the allowable Titles to be u<e<l ?a.
th- Pailirne; 30 Pastime Pictures; full Rules and List of Rewards
FREE. ?Act NOW. while the matter is fresh in your mind.
ALBRO SOCIETY, Inc., 181 Lexington Are., R. 660, New York City
.\ attic.
idiirr-M . .
Rockefeller Owns
$65,625,000 Stock
In One Company
Has 25 Per Cent of the
Holding of Standard Oil
of Indiana
The lut of stockholders of the
S'andard Oil Company of Indiana con?
tains many name? ?hat might be
in a "Who's Who Financially in
John D. Rockefeller, the largest
?tockholdei. ..* one -fourth ot
thi? entire stock to his credit, rcce-.ved
on, or about March 1 .x
MS, reproaonting dividei him
for the Mrs* quarter of 1117. H hol i
in?*s on thst date xvere elosc ?.?.? ?"j.OOO
shares, or 26 \"-v ?sent
shares al
As thf ito | ??uoted at about
|676 a >han . Mr Rockefeller's ho Id
in this BBS lione are worth
about |65,625,?*rOO, This, hoxveer. is
orly a small fraction of the total value
? ?: :h.? Hoc) - or ?Standar I
iltgB, which ?MToral months a*??
?at i matad at approximately $000,000,
A list of all tl dors, com?
piled by "The Oil Trade Journal,"
shows that next to Mr. Rock?
( ?liarles W. Harkness, of Now York, ii
? -atockhold?"- ofir.y.
?rita [Silt ihares. The list of holders
of 230 shares or more on th?. books at
.lame? A mm. SS l ; J, E. I
i. Ai ? 1,868; Mi ? rama B
acloss, 1,100; Mr- Harriett M.
Arnold, 806; Lydia R. Ba I ruatee?
ihip, 1,910; K.'T. Bedford. ?16; W. Y..
Remira, 881; Urs. Anne E. Benjamin,
17?; 1!. R, Bishop tr? Mr?.
Helen C. Bcatwfcka 1344; Bo I
heirs, 2,687; Mrs. Klmira 1? Dr
700; Qeorge S. Bi ?ert S.
BiaWster. 750; Clifford v. Brokaw. ti77;
Charles C. Burke, 306; Horace P. Cham?
berlain, 2;">0; (hurles M. ?'hapm, 458;
Mrs. Mai Rogers Coe, 100; Continental
Insurance Company, 1.000; Harley P.
Hutchins. Sit; Mis. Helen J James.
1,058; Miss Anne B. Jennings. 1,068;
Mr?. Mary B, Jennings, 701; Oliver 0.
Jennings, '.'42; v, .
Jsaaap _ Lamoi ?. John?
son. 190; Mrs. Ka1 "
Lewis Casa Ledyard and Payne
Whitney, 1,4 estate of I). H. MeAl*
pin, 126; Mrs. Edith Rockefeller Me?
Cormiek, 140; Leslie M. McCrnaa,
Mn. Janet Walker McCune, 1,308; SB?
t?te of James McDonald, 78 ; V
Ei sril Maej ? ? si., MM; V. Event
Maey, 1,700; Melville Seeoritiei I
paay. 1,260; James A. Moffett jr.. el
bL? 117; Northern ?finance Corpora?
t.on. 12,100; M. P. Plant. 812; Ha
Dane, i.'.?."..?: Hunt T. Dickinson,
W. H. Beardale-f et al., 4.002; Mr?.
Mary Uly l-'l???'..'.-. 4,880; Ida A
1er trusteeship, BIS; H C. Polrrer, Jr..
M14; I!. C. Polger urul Emily C. J. Pol?
per, 40S; General Education
'bar?es W. Hur'.
B/ard S. Harkness, 4,633; Harry R.
Harkness, 1,334; William !.. Harkness,
4,283; Harris. Winthrop i ? o.
? ?tata of C. P. G. Hen,
?;. Here, 382; C. M Hiajgina, 7'
t?te ?luirles 1!. Hoc?'.
( barloa M. Pratt, 1,919; Frederic B.
Pratt, 1,910; Gaorra D. Pratt, i.919;
Harold I.. Prar. 1,010; Herbert I.
Pratt, 1,919; John T. Pratt, 1,918;
Masara. Chatios Pratt I Co.,
Al'a P.orke?>-.?. r 1 ? Kalpli
J. Preston. ?00; Mrs, Lilla Radi
Dagmare, 444: Roland B. ?Randolph,
Ml; John I?. Rockefeller. 74.4M;
lam Rockefeller, 2,000; H. 11. Rogers,
fit; estate of H. H. Rogers,
Dorothy Whitney Streicht, a*?2r*; Mrs.
H A. Thompson, 547; William P.
Thompaoi', 63a; P, J. Thornly.
H. M. Tilford, 1,818; Mrs. Mary K '
l?a] H Weatl rb<
Messrs. Carlo Wedek
T. H. Wheeler, 110; B. P. Wl
1,742; Pajne Wh tn?->. 276; Prank !..
Hall et ai.. MO; Hornee H. Work, 311;
all of Nev York City.
James M. Lockhart, 1,408; John Mar?
shall Lockhart, 1.311; Ella K M
868; estate F.liza Thaw Edwards, 252;
Mrs. Lela H. Edwards, i.884; Mrs. Mary
C Thaw, I 161 Mr I ?'I: ? Krov
Mason, 1,42?"), and John Worthington,
501. all of Pitts!.
Commonwealth Imparting ?'ompanv.
1,100; Pennsylvania 286;
George W. Elkins, M6; George W.
Elkins, trustee, 640; estate C *? '??
rom. 44.".; ?stat?' H?nrv H. Houston,
8,687; John B. Warden, 282; eaUte W.
?, Warden, 1,784; Mrs. Eleanors E
Widener. 826. of Philadelphia.
Elitaheth S Allen, 1,017; estate John
Huntington. 1.981: James W. Ell '
a. i o.. SOO; John L ?Severance, l."
1 and.
B. B. Chap n ft Co., 163; W, P.
Cowan, 80S; Eugene M. Hoyne, 175;
University of <'h;cag<?, 1,600, of Chi?
Frederick P. Brew^ter. New B ?
M Nellie P. Carter, Boston.
Mrs. Myrtle H. McComher, Bur
lingamc, Ca!.. 1,834; Harri Harkneas
Plagier, I1 it< I I
Wilhelm A. Riedemann, Bemhurs.
many, 250: iVashin?gt?n A. Ro<
Trenton, H. .,.. 804; PI ?rei
terwhite, Great Neck, ?Long Island. N.
Y. 600; Mrs. Ida II. ?Schiede, '
ville. Penn.. 8n5, an?! Joseph ?'. S
Franklin, Pena., S61.
Josephine C. Kissam
M las Josephine ' . Kissam, ?
? i m - old, daughter of Rear V
Benjamin P. Kissam, who fought in the
? .
died yesterday at her home in P ?
kill. Miss Ki ?am xv.?s bom in I
mnnV, N*. Y.. and whci '
moved to Peekskill. She was active in
Cortlandt Chnp'er. Daughters of the
Revolution, for many years, She
two nieces.
The Rev. James P. Sheridan
rhe K Jamei P. Sheridan, sen or
assisfsnt of the Chared of Our ?Lady
irdeg. Wasl ?gto Ha ghti
yeiterday after an lllnei ?of two months.
Father Sheridan waa
.I.isoph'? Seminary, Dunwoodie, and I
his no?*, ^-ra?uate itndies a? the ('ath
olic University, Waahington, In Sep?
tember, 1901, he was assigned to Our
Lady of Lourdes.
William R. Ware
Newton, Maes., March 28 William
R. Ware, a", arc
?diterai "The American Arel c
and Building Nev..," died Bt his home
here to-da>. He was sixty-eight years
old, ar I lell known as a ??
on architectural subjects.
William P. Wuest
William P. Woest fifty-three years
? ?!d, former ?'ounty * ierk of ?
well known in Democrat., politics when
the late Patrick B Mc<
County lee
home of his brother, Dr. ?"haries V.
107.". Baaha led I
Ko?:.i*rmaaxl. MarrWa. RirtK In
Mrm.iriam and DaaaUl Sotlr.? mar f?
'l-;.hn?i?i ta Th? Tribana any tima ap
to aMnla-f.t for <tna?r?rtlan In tna i?.?t
day'? papar. JmI ral?
Brckman 3000
an4 raad ?ha notara aa r-ii ?ish it
,n*?ri??. Hill for aatna ?ill *>a raxltar]
?a ?mj latar. Th?* notaXra will rvacB
???r 'JU'XAj laadci? xUU?.
ST. ?.EORl.E TALMA 1 JE M- Thomas H.
Talma?;* iiaj announced the en?ag??n*nt of
aWt daughter. Miss Li?ian H. Taln
:;. C. Cacil st. George, af ??
?law? lias been arranged for the wedding.
..-;nounc* the enga?;*nient ??f their
daughter. Mte Manon. ?., Mr. Paul S.
Town??, of Bergenrleld. N. .1.
IllAM. c'l.ARk O: Wedrc-aday. Mar, h .?.
?? Jar?-, Chvrch, l/ong Branch,
N. J.. h> tl.e K.-?. Morten A. Barne*.
Krlioty Campbell Clark, daughter ?| Mai
Ktnriey Ciarla and th? ?a'e William Camp
b.'ll Clark, to Richard Ba.he Duane, ? n m
Katherine K. Duam? anal th* lat? Jame?
May Duane.
?ASH UHUDfl On March 2. 1?17. at
M.? stell, DL, Marguerite L<?r*ni t-> Homer
M Hat?-!.
KKKl'DKR HOLLAND Sophia Sarah Hol.
lanJ to Clemens C. Kr*uaj?r, on W-ainea
davy. Marro ?S.
W*.KI\?. i.REKNK Cornelia Antirua
Omi t<> Arthur Newlin Wann?, on Mon?
day. Marrh l.<. >17.
Wll LETT HOHKIN3 At I'r.m-eton. N. .!..
I . S, A., (?ara Bra.1!*y H *kiris. daughter
"i mrr. r. K. H.??fcin?. of Beirut. Syria,
an-4 Hinter*. Ix?*rK?so?*d WiJMt. Jr.. ti Ott
Malte 27, 1117.
Anthon. Cattel Im M. H> land. Daniel
? '. fistelst*. lUmo?, 1-ouls
?.?*-?-. M.W*? M Immen. Charlea D.
r, Frtdoliri C
' tertl I. keep, Eli-_b*th V.
Brown, H? - *. Annie
II rush. H Mul?BKM l?.eni'\. Kirbard I?
aW. h ?:i>at-w?.. Baaata I
? ?Mr, BW?
'"-m ?'. I.aughlin. William T
I -BMW, ?.lien T.
fetmm ?Kiinah
Nanette*. Mayer. Han-, 1.
?*. Hi ill?.-.' Merntt. Martha
? Daasal ? . Mater. Mai i I
? ' - -. ?? w. K..,-k?A^u, John >>
Desmond. Albert Kyder. All-*"" M
?1. .?-anils, Willanl J.
Evan?. Jrim?-* M Schreimr. Arthur
Ferguson, ?.-.?rue A. ?ichweppenhauaer. Call
. -aft, Heat?t -i-anahan, Mary
??'-'latin. Almy 0. *?hrru!a?i, Rev. J. P.
I'ihh, i... Mary A. l"hom; ?on. R?. J. R.
GUIt*a H.?/.r.ieT. Walker, Sarah E
' ?MM A
! ,bella W:?,*lan. Ms-gar?'?
Uwbt, * While, Jam?-- J
Rill, h . i'avnl
.. ; k. Uk t?meme n
\me'ia B.
ANTHON At Graame.e, Eng'aiul. M Mar?-h
? ?tteitte Mary, ?Hf? >?'? Ik? his team
ir.ne Anthon and ?laughter of the lat?
itera, N. V
ARNOLD 0* Ma ' ?'. fatearWi
Arnold, at ill .?.**i?leii.?e. tfl Baal 1 ?
?ral Thursday, 1 P- m. Interns*n?
AYREM Mar. h U, Mana lliidreth. widow of
.. M. I> . ef tea Francia.'...
in her '?4th year. Funeral servi..-? Friday
a-vajs* ? ? li..-r. a' the residence of
'. r, Mi* la' n? W. llut!t-r. 134
^l>n. N. Y.
BENNBTT M laaly, sa iaid
H B?aa?t>. of M'.nticello. N. Y. Fu
, . i.l Im ImM I II Highland
' | rtusrn, N. Y.. Friday, at I p. m.
Interment Greenwood Cemet."-y, Br
:. I
BOLLES .;?i.lder.ly. at Jarkaon?ill?, Fla..
v.,r.?h : '. Rick ird J tellaa, ?. s ?I
the laS? Dr. .'. Ma lMles. in hi? 74th yaaar
Funeral MSrkM at the chapel In Gr**n
.1 ?.Vrrotery Thuisdiaj, March L'O. at 11
o'cloek. ('..lifornia and Colorado papers
r!*as? copy.
HROWN Bs-an N. i? MaSMi 11 Funeral
!. ??. ?, 14M Vys* ?v..
?, Thursday evenmir at S o'rloek.
Ulli -II Dl B Mortimer, on We.ln.-ii?,.
. al UN Ilnhneman:
ices at hi? la'?? reeid?? re. I
at 8 p. m. In'e
ment t -
Bul HIK Hiram W.. b.-loved husband of
Harriet Ilrusie. ^crvicaa at Ins late resl
:.i*S Wn.?hinK?a-in ??v.. on I rid..
| W, at H?:.1'l ". m. Interm-? ?
IliltNK <?n Mai-a-h .;, .";:. lame-? I
-? rn hi? uite .?eeiden'-e, ', lrt s? .
'.?id.. I. I.. Friday. March 30. at ? :3?J
?. rn. , thea<*e to Bl Mteattaa'S Chun li.
? ?a a re?|'jiem ??.vu. ?ill be off.-re?! for
tn? rei'.ne at bis ?oal
? \ M ' * I ! I : I I \?. lilla i. 0 . son of Cli??
Cami-b?:!. 1-uneral 1
: p. ra. ?
? ? . Htm V"? . '?''.. Mar.? - .
la Ite 4-"?i :.ca- et In. an:*. I-..lierai
servir?? will be held on Thursday after
M? - ? ate ?" * ealnh Bar
tteteaa Cterck, III Faxt ItTU ?t, at I
o'ctetk. Tte R?" . Dr. ?i. Hammersko: t
?till c-fli<Hata>. Racaalna ?trill ba cremat?*d at
I rea h Fond. Ix)n(t Island.
rha r-A.-ntieth Century 1 ? .-. ? I
?ml' ? ' > :? ? I ? ?.? \l.raham. ?n
naas ?ith retrret thi death of 1'
I'r-atdent Jacob Clark on March 24, 1917.
it charter n-.enibcr of ihis orn-aniiation, ?.v;n/
Ian ?. . ? rasaa
y ..I t!?.e ifran.l lodire, for the la*t twg
-.. Sob*l. .S.H-retary.
I ?illl.N . :.?,day, March |7, in her Ml
? Herman Cohen. be!o\?ed
? ?I K.Hv.iril J.. daughta-r of Dsvid
Shermnn mil the lat? Kebecrta, *!?'?
Ml . s ?nd Bernard t;>.. rman.
Fu?era! ?awicai at the Harlem Funeral
?.'hapel, 208 Lenox ?v.. at 120th st..
day, Mar.-h Vt, at 11 a. m. Cincinnati pa
? copy.
CONNOU Tueaday. Marrh 17, IM7, Brid
?r?, ?.? idow o' Wiiliam Connor?.
I ui'eral fmrn her ?at? residence, ?r.O Jef?
ferson av., Brooklyn, on Friday, March Z?i.
i. to Church of Our L*dy
of Victairy. Thrtaop ?v.. n-?r McDor.otiah
Hr?>.*!yn. Interment Calvary Ceme?
tery. I'leau!? omit flo?*'
( 01 FRT At Ocean r.rove. S I , Ma-ch N,
1117. Daniel C. Covert. a?Te<i 70 yaar?. Mi?
neral from St. Paul'? Meihodiat Epia^-opal
Church. Ocean Grove, Frida?, Matf?s, a*
: m.
DAVIII Mar-h .?. ?'eorire W , b->.ved hus?
band of Adaahl Darte? ?ne?! ,8. .-.?r-vir-e*.
at his late re-.ddence, 1263 Washington av.,
-esr | * ?? . Lateas, Thursday eveninn.
111 : *- vt ? ) N I > Suddenly, Albert, ared .'
2 month*. II days, belo.?-d son of Albert
'. ' nee Foj I. l"atla
.?r.l f:ien.ls ar* Invitasd to a'.tend th?
. 11 *. av., on Tr. ?
-. St, at 2 p. m. Interment Calvary. -
FMI-li; tadataalr, on March IT, IMT,
(ieoi?e H Empi*. aired 71 years. Fun?ra!
EVA NI Jame? Matthew Evena. Remain?
lymn in atate at The i'ur.aral Ch'ir'h,
Broadway. fi'Hh and 87?h sta?. ?hVai.k t.
< ompte!! Buil'lingl.
rgSGVSOH PTsfwaai n?rte a. at hi?
? .?????ant av.. Brooklyn, on
W lr-.lo-.--fd h-jaband of Elsl?
, ? Funeral ??.r?.-i?-e? Ma-,
it I ? . Inlerment i ,-i.?te.
UMil il luisait?!!. Mau- . Marrh 27.
? ?'. the ^(r Homer
anil ' ? I . "t, in : ., "-ith year,
a*, his lat? residence, Fridav.
March M, at 1:31, Intrrm?nt rrivata*.
ieste.1 that no flowers b* sont. -
I.ALI.AT1N Un March 27, 1917. in th* 77th
year of her aje. Almy Goaiet ?alla'm,
ilau-rliter of the ia*e Thomas and Hannah
'. '.erry and wife of Frederic (.allatin.
Funeral Thiraday morning, March 3?. at
10 o'clock. Church of the Heavenly Heat,
Fifth av and 4Sth st.
?.IBHONS- On Monda?. March 2?, 1?17.
Mar> \. i.il!.i.?.a. aatHW ?I CYiui.?y le/
!-el?nd }--.r.i--r (tea \rtr-?ir\* Mr
'??-m.tck'? funeral parlors, 278 Weil P'.d
'hiirsdnv, March 2?, al | a m I- ?.
Ball Cnr.a Cen-.e-"? '.l.ataan. Mata. ?
i;iLI.II,AN -on March ML Re_ts??ffH baio??*?!
wif?* . Matlhaw J. ?.illiean. laU
of the Hth V.aid. ManhatUii. Funeral
Thur-day monnns. at 9|89? fn?*" the ?*?*?'*
?ten.-.- of lier sea. Matthew Olllinan. 2250
Kait Ti;-. it.. i -air Keek Road. Brooklyn
?Hri(*hta.n ?each "L"i. ?HagaBB- mas? at
Si. Mark.'? x'huri'h. i-heepshead Bajr.
HALFERTY On lii-a.1?', March .7, Char?
lotte S-..M. ??i.l.aw et John J. Halfertj/. of
Londonderry. Ireland. Funeral pri**atr?. *
HART On Tu^Jav. March 27, 1917. laa?
Mia, beloved ???'.ar of Juli-? and Aba Hart
nnd Mi?. J. 1'. Armatxon?. r-uneral pri?
vat.-, en Thurday. March ft,
BBCRT Ad??li h. at Maywood. N. J.. on
.ueadav. March ft, 1917, in hia 63d yeaxi.
Funes B plai-e on Tliuriday aiier
noon, at 2 e'eleeba, from the chapel of I.
v ? tem. "teat UCth st. Interm?-?!
at Manner. m*t, Cypraaa Hill?.
hindly omit ?IBWBBB. San l-*ranclaco l>ar*?ra
plea.?e (??-i >. ?
HILL On March 21. 1917. David B.. I?al.>-??1
*?n of William and th* latat Mary A. Hilt
ire* Horihan?. Funeral from Ms laU r?
Maaae, 816 Fast 1481 at.. Friday momina?
Kequiern maa? at St_ JaBBBBS ? ? hure h at 6
?OaeaaBasB?. ?
HOFY Michael f . beloved ?on of John and
*nn Hoey. deceased, formerly I f "th Wan!.
Manha'fii!? I BMtal fmtt Bar, Bl I !?? W-.
fro-n th* ?NbMhMB of hia sis'er, Mr?. A.
Whit?. 888 U'.wker ?t-, Hroa.klyn.
??OTT ?al N?-* Caaeaa, Oeaa, March es,
191?, Amelia TV. widow of .turn?;? Ho-jrt,
aged 66 fOBIS, Funeral ?er, M at the
residence ? I -tevhen l> heeUr. N?W
Canaan, on I hura.lay. March ft, at 3
o'clock r r.-. i ??!...-> ?ii. v ???.?I im?*t trmi?
?...,..,. k- <;-. I I 11 C"! no'l?.
HYLAND M*, k 16. 1917, Daiel Hylantt,
belove?! ?haBhaad of Emma Myland idn
gargles 1 raaaial fr""i the rcsldene? of
Mi eaWtoer, *?"??? < Waip?v. &*' Es-*
r .lay nxorning, 'J o'clock
gTMBa U M?-.''i "T. I91T. belo?r?d
Ryaaaa, lather ot Jamra,
Jeeaoa, J entreno. Derethe ?n?l William?
1 urn 10 a. m , from hi? late
? t . ?Bieaa Mtmtvra
at J .'? '. P and A M . and
, | ?? It A . i'-.l'?-4 t?i
attend On.?t !'.. I ?
1MMBM Mm rlae D immer,
at hi? restisace, Wurtihere, M. t. inter,
mer.t ?leaSBSB CaMMBaiTi <<t >on?enience of
'?mi!? ?
JENNY S'id.leni?. Tiae?.iay. March 87, 1917,
at New Yei'< ? ity. I ml.?:..) ? Jenny. ?Kod
38 yeara. of th* Arm ot fOttOt, Wvm A
? o.. Zun.h, Swltaerlead l'tu.cral ??rvioea
at 166 Wee* nth ?t . Th'iraday aft.rTno.ji?,
Ma- k ?
KKI I' ' i- '* ? * I mmmtk V,
v ?il.iw of Robert I'.irt.r K.-i?. nf Farmina?
..,j?ht*i ?if ?h* late Rub?
elt i ? . N. Y. 8er.
vie? n? Hain'iii/tuii. Fr.d??. jt I o'clock,
l-.l.li, '?' **_-* 86, Anni? Kelly I n?aa
. Moved B*tfe Ol John Kelly. Fu?
neral frein !.; !.-?t.? rr id. i,. r. 116 E??l
?1th St, Thui??lay. '.'..(" a. aj ; therve* to
?hnr.-h of Our l_.tv .<f O?d .nun?*!. Ir?
trrmrnt Calvary ('<m?i.-r? ?
KENNY Ofl M U: har.l r . helovi-ii
?on of th?* !.-?? M.irnaret and Harry Kenny.
? al from hia lata r.-.i?lei., e, Tl Wrat
? . .?? Thur?day, Mnr.h . ', a' | M
a m. ; then??? lo th? X'hur h ?! tf l.r?*a?)ry.
?X M| ? ? ? ? ?
hll.l'ATHK h On March .7. : uaan T. KfV
l?at-. If? of li'lii hilpatrick,
. Rlai ' rtdae, Breas. F??
n.-ral from l.*r Into residence on '1'huraday
at I?' ;? m ?
KNOF.NF.K On Tuaa.laj. MaSafe IT, t'Atft
Kncenor [mat Balte), at Bat hum?. 116
Vermilyea av Funeral Wrrfoai Thuri?
day, '.' a, m. ?
I XI ?.HI l\ ?.". Iliam T. ?on of th- late
Ribert l.aiKl'.iln, at New Brdford, Maas.
t- ii.er.il 1 . i? n .
LBXOW Ar March 27, ia
I' ? .. . ? ! ui ? ?al prtvatr.
UBKBUn On March 17, in h*r ??-?th
><ai, HannaB (aee Mfon , ???loved wlf* of
Dr Thie? H and ?iesalsd BMBBae of Hor?
BMaa and ^.Uter of l4wi< A Myera. lu?
n?ral from h?-r lat? larfdeasa, -?. AudulioQ
av . on Friday, Mareh .to, ?t ?0 a. nx?
New Havin it. -.ii rar.-r? v ?*>** *"I7 B
MAiKR On Mareh *?. Harr.- I.. Mayer,
I uiiaraI privat*. ?
MFKRITT Mr Mxrfhi.. K| Atkln? a?,
ii: etmtn b_-? 17, 1917. a,.ri .,. ja?.
?Mal fr.iin XX. ... . - h. ?
MINER Al the raatdaaee ot ft ?later, Mtx?,
. n Toaaiac, too Wem Ittd ?'., on Tu???
dar, Hasch ?7, Ma-y .I MI wr, of Brid?*?*.
port, i ? r :. .-^r-.i.. i ri-.i'.. Kindly omll
? ? ? ?-;?> a
kockxx i:i.i. x Udr?atWd, Caaa, Marel?
"?. i.nn w. RodtwaU, aaed M reaiB, h..
n?ral ? litwa ?? U." M.-# I?.? Kinaeopal
' I ' ||88 P ?n.
RYDBR O? X". ? 'r ? . Xlhrrt
Hlnkham Uydcr. N. A . In Ina 71nt yeau,
' !u>, Miiri-h 3", al
p. m., at 'X (ierry av., Wmhurrt,
I.. I. Train leaves fvnn?ylxania ?lutlorx
I :M p m.
SANM F., the I isa of E?.
lata Juiiua I I.rother
! .. < al i n. at*, a
?I of N'ath?:? - anH
Si y*? ? . .Servie?* at Rtaptwfl M? riU'.
ciiap*i, 3i'l W? *. . ' ? H.. ?Taareeag '-.en.
II u, ? o-.-'.. .
, Catharine Behwippaii i?a.i??r. ?f?d
,7 xeara. Relatives ai.d f: :--n?J? rw-ieet,
?..?.-it?H ?.> atlead ''?ri-ril on Thura.
day. March ?. at L' .'.') p. m., 'rom Ht.
Taul'x E- an??.'lical Lt.theran i h . i rj:?r|
???r Seventh av. Intermer.? Woaxllawn
? ?n.eterv .
SHAS XII X\ ?i . ' 1917, Mary
f.- r. . :? ? i-. 184] V; ??llar
a., Rron? I iin?r?l on 1rur??ij??. March
?Si ? ?? m. ; thence lo < ,..,r h ot
'. aiy o? Victory II ? Kay.
SHKIMDAN <J:i Wedneada. Ml B I ?". the
H?. latr.c? P, Sbl - ?????ant of
the Cheieh et Ott .rde?, w??h.
irrrtori Ifeifrr?.,. N*?v York ("it> Tha
'livme <ji?;.b f.ir th? derr! ?: *?d on
--lay. Mnr.h il?, at S p m. p'.lemn
?j?? will be ?una on Friday,
tfarefe :.??'.: a. at,
THOMPSON tem, J I ? i? D,
?? N'e-? ..-..,?: . '.'. Y , on 'I i?--,: iy, '?Mr h fjt
I | wn- ? r?
will b* hrld at \X ? .'.'.-jr.
hur?rh, N. V . on at 8
a, m.
WALKER- KnUr??d into re?t. N T?*?da?\
'?arch I'. P17. at her | 'A nit
8th *t . ?arah E. Walker, daut;h?er of
tita late Francia Lona and Margaret MeKae
Walkar and missionary of th? Second R*.
formed I'rc-i'yterlan Church. Funeral ser?
?rleaa at tha ehxtrxxh, 30? W?>t 122d at, ?m
Thursday, at ! .30 p. m. Newburs papers
pl*a?e cop-. a
WATSON X? lu'l?. Je. H. J. March IT,
Kmrtn A. v. ?'? of Thomaa M WaUota.
8 ! . Th.in.day. March Z\
a: .' . r m .
xxMril.AN ? tarca ? w*!e'an,
I Mr? VX. :??m I* Mr.
'??t |WI late home. 5;J|
... Thiar,,la>, March 89?
? ?M a. i.
? 'th at and Fifth
av . Brooks i .?.?-re a a ... !.?fh mass
of raqui? a-:n.?nt C??
sn ?
WHITI On March :?". Ian.es J Whit?. Po?
naral ? I i ? '?? ?;r?e?tipolnt
a . I '. C ty, on Thuraday men?.
I ?? therce ?o St RaDha?!"?
i poUrun rr.a.? of r~?ui?aaa
?ill b? ?sHStei for th? ri-posa- of hia eoal.
In'ernaeni Cal.i.ry C?m*t?ry. ?
YATES -Or M?-:h 27. 1917, Datid Yataa,
- '? ? ' atherin* and ho*b?nd of
Martraret Y>.' -:??hixv Ki-rjuiem
?a?? at O-ir l.r !y o' A?.*? ? l'hur^-h. 71th
?t. ?and . a' ? a. rn.
Interment Calvar* I ,-r-w .
m 1 ? ? aim Ivin? at Tha
l-'ur.eral Church, Broad?? .:>. | ,th ?r.d 67th
' .r.-ral and
. .'e-n.an'. Alt.iny. Friday.
raelay 7s*. TNO?. DUNWOBTH CO. a???ay IAAO,
\tj ?it ?.:n 8? Naorei ?: t,-?at.
in?: xx??DDi axx> ii_ai.rk.KT.
l.j? m I- Hal -m Tram and by tr?U*
_*ta o( small a?** for sal.'
OAcs xt _?a. .14 ;?-. ti. U _

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