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Allied Net
Tightens on
St. Quentin
French Smash Through 9
Milc Front; Take Four
Villages and Heights
British Command
Cambrai Highroad
Germans. 1 ighting Desper?
ately. Are Beaten Every?
where; Fire 2 000
Shells on Rheims
i The F i k'co Bnt
i-h ? drawn
of the
- ?'
? amb
el tl<
T?o Thousand ?-lulls Hit Kheim?
The ? -
lentl'. ?
than 2,000
Toe i wer? I
The Kren?
s1 da) - bj
m t! ??
whicl eai
ing. emplated prop
the lit
? y and i'enay
ilion as far a? the
Th?- '
? .- rt and
well timed Frei barges forced tr.em
t?aci ? Every?
where the French ohjectivei were at
i. and Nivelle'i victorious detach?
ment- no? ne de Gal?
lon and the villages of l>i.!lon, Girfe
well a" several
Ben ?i i.
I .?pture Village and (?uni
In <
; -hit. sonto o- Ni iville-aur
i i?d the hamlet ot \ i well ai
I rises north
? e ??tin* were
' ham
nil ai.-d M? hampagne. A Ger?
man attaiN o? hea in
forr the cl . emy .'?ached the
Aral line
-ores? north
ot Arras aeemi ased for the
lay war -tatement
chronicles a successful raid laat night
Ria tii-rman ma?
chines wen brought down yesterday b>
the British, two by gunfire and fouT In
air flight-. I wo mora wer?' ?jamare d
..-id ?'?
arc ?iiaing.
Banks to Pay Recruits
Employes Entering Service
Will Receive Salaries
1 >lrector? ot tne ln;ni- W
decided yesterday u> pay all employes
entering the an < rack salary
as was naeessary to make their total
compensation equal to the sum they re?
ceived fro- . at th> timo of en?
Amont; Hrooklyn banks which will
continue the .salar,?? of employes who
are members of the National Guard are
the Mechanics Bank, the National < ity
Ban'a. ivings Bank,
the Brooklyn Trust Company and the
Franklin Tiusi ? ompany. Po
will be held foi tne men.
?. S. to Aid Polish Liberty
Entry Into War Desirable, Says
Former Duma Member
London. April 'A. Roman I'mow-k,
leader i ,s and a former mein
au I?uma.
ment to-dav concerning Pre d?ni W
address to < .
indpoinl the pai
tieipation of the States in the
wai "? tire In
ruggle foi ,.
full I '.
? ' our task i?
prOVil ? I .rnpoi
? anco ' tun The l'n;t
ed Stal 'actor
in BUpp
1 ! I] rushing " i? aii
inger for tin
Tu id-Six. ?iw ner
hi* hill -|>ee,)
na to i niiii-ii.i'iii-f ami
I-. II?
aU" . . ?
: ' ? De) 'lien'
? id M?>t??r Car
( uaip inj of N?-u York
?Beoadway al ??1st street
Vori* Citj
nut lifil a, Mm, ri , il - IT,
Russian Fliers Seize
A Turkish Vcssc
Drive Crew Away with Ma
chine Gun and Sink Crip
plod Aeroplane
' By i
and mad.' sail foi I
a hea\;
? , ? ?
, whicl
were r?
Germany to Extend
Economy After War
?Only Necessities and Raw \l?v
trnals I o Br Imported
'? ?
by 1 he
nment ? ?! e importation o
?he war, according t?i
which r?"ached W
tor1 to-da; Her object ? to recover
? h ?le.
?aid. will
? ma
i manufacttir? ol
? ? ? ictured
I ? |fnl ? ten . ? ??", will
? war,
ctions upon
ery other com
? what
Wilson Liner Sunk;
Crew of 40 Landed
Cannizaro, Which Left Here
March 14, Carried Grain
| Aronts ? thi Wi ? ?-? ! Ine ?-'a' ? H
r.ourced the finkmp in the U-boat zone
iir | i n er'
on March 11 with a t:
of forty was land? outh.
The vcssc! was en ?? . . Eng?
land, when she was sunk, presumably
about March 28, although n<> d?
I word as t" the date has been reo
Sne was a reesel of 8,183 tons gross
. - built In N'ew Castle? on -
Tyne in 1911. It ii believed that there
wire no Americans in the crew.
Kaiserin Sends Her Private
Jewels Away To Be Sold
Amsterdam, April '.',. A Berlin d c
| patch to the "cologne Gazette" says
her private
Juwels to a neutral eountry to be sold.
The jewels are valued a' a larpe sum
100,000 Exiles of Siberia Race
To Freedom on 50,000 Sledges
I ?berated Men and Women, Including Noted rerrorists,
Defy Cold t?. Regain Russian Homes--Many m
Chains. Others 111. fell <<? Cruelties m Prisons
, Match 31
? I ? v
? -
? '
i ...
? mot I'u
naiuie of th? ft eut , hange
.-? .
Invlrnclin-a* Tribcv in Voting
, . .
th? are i
".;? ( onstituent \ i iv.hi
le the '"im o :'?? ia
ha? barcl" l'cr m
Many ? ' re ??? ipp pd n ' I
two had !" t 1 and ai m frost
hites and one. who .
week heloio the revolution, had hee
5hot m ih< !og when ? !'''.:ri"
The exiles had -n.art.ed west o hui
ricdly that they arrived <r. an extraordi
t. n i \ \ ariety of i . Som
I wore tie"* tun
? pat I - ? . ? ? _? the i
i ovi'l
? ? hei ? hideou ? jail urn
form. Among those who wore
tel co -- urne v B
Black bea Meet,
dm? man from the Irkul
the dismissed Governor of Irkutsk un
der a ragged and greaaj oven
A the ne**
d through Siberia
'who ha?! the means started foi th?
I , .?w ay, I ra . an?
? ?> \ii ? ie cold ? n
??ledges, or governm? nt post ? | I
Not Knougn Trains
revolution 8,000 exiles entered Irkutsk
proceed west, cwing to th? lack of roll
inj? stock. Thi-e encamped about th
town and along
mth will pass before tl ?
'1 h." president ?
. ? ? Ekaterinburg
there probablj were altogether
nt in Sin? ria s ho had been re
leai ? d under 11.? amne itj mi a
the provisional government.
In the mining district of N'ertchinsk
ion exiles, including ?even women,
convicted of conspiring aga nst the
Emperor, have been released. The tirst
to be freed was the famous Marie
lonova, who killed a colonel of
gendarmes for torturing prise
At Tyumen en
i mou.? terrorist Nicolai Anuikhin, who
' shot and killed the chief ol the Petro?
grad Warsaw Railway n i i0fi His
?lc'im, General Puchloff, ??? about to
! 111ki
i re 11
biri." tic, hi .....I
., |-i..;.
I!. a
.... com
. >
1 ron viel j
red t<
of Ru
. ? ..inril in Harrow
.... n I
, .;, -, v
? sd
1 ?
of COI
ido ?vori
! criminal co
? -, . ? i.ly appeared ?o
, . free.'
Ii . ?
?? tting II
la red that I
.- h farewell flogging, 'in o
dei i.? >r. pai i ailbird foi swat
libei ly
Shackled Men at I oaM
, 'l obol I ? *? ? Popofl ? ?? ho wi
... . ?
against the Em] ? argi which Ii
.i. dares was ? fabrication by I
1 lice. I'opoff, " ho is ? highly ?ntelliger
? ned b> the ariati ai
anklea for foul years. In ?iei-cribir.g li
; release he -
"A un.-' reinal hablo feature of an
.lay m Tobolsk wan the sudde
?I. man.| for bli I ? priso
? ing the vengeanM n
: -, fled, ?nil private Mac*.
. ? al orgy ol r?volu
i ioni . r. uld r.oi be found, I
d men v. .ii*.'
I eii liberal
"The newlj formed Committee n
Public Safi t v. . find blaek
?mull--, .?rove the still chained convict
I to the disn ? ?'? ernor's palaci
? .. banquet had been prepared, an.
-?? e i meal. Above t'..
.? ?
Russian republic could be heard th.
ji nglii g ol our ?
l.irl Exile I'reed
Another liberal 'd exile was Soph i
Lijnaitzk; . ?i prettj girl ol r
fion i .i yea
in of being engaged ii
political propaganda, and was spirite.
?wai !.. tin- ren
??fV ?? .T?
Another girl, who ha<l bei
| B place neai Lake Haiku!
sa d ' hat ' he ne s of the r?volu* ?or
? was first g the villas;? ?
I in church.
Ai once fifty 4
it, determined on
h? local po!Ice captain,
i a-.'. They were
policeman' ten-; eai old
daughter, who stood before hei
; and exclaimed: "Kill me first." lue
child's art.on saved the captain'
In Tyumen are convicts and admin
? r: thei r way
? 10 prison und exile when the :
I tiun occui red.
? I to retu ?.mong
them was round Has:'' Muravin,
, tetic?.! to death in 1907 r01 belonging
I r?. the "Militant Organization of the
- "
kifle Saota signal Freedom
Muravin gave the followj ig account
of hi Ubi ration :
"W.ien -ne ii- eurred l was
Like the Genie of Aladdin
for the
New Home of
?c Fitch Co.
, . ? the largest
??iff sporting goods
store m tlte world
Atypical Installation
on United Service
Madison Ave
?^) 1 Starrett &. Van Vlech, Architects
The United Electric
Light <L Power Go.
~ 130East5^St.
ill (Jdinsk transpon pi
. new I
? . i haracter. I heard n
outing ..'i.l afterward i
c rifle til M soui ded
a million cartridi ? ?plod? >! in |
?|lliek SUCl ? -?loll
... ?- fiy ovi
i lag
?\?\fii over the prison building, The
flag dropped on the roof, and shortly
... i ? >, i ion
i hoisted the red revolutionary en
U. S. Envoy Verifies
German Atrocities
Ambassador Sharp Finds Rav?
ages of Retreat Even Worae
than Reported
I I'nited
.-i i miction?
I . i . ',-.1 the dav
tat? ited by t he Oer
, ? , Ham
:<:..! iJoye i.n Saturday ana cabled the
Department an account of what
he ?. '
'.? s April n.?A long i<?poii
? ' ..m i ' doi 3ht ; at Paris, de?
C the I ? ?? t net ion ? rought
bj the ret? sting Germans in Northern
o .1..'. at tl ?
. ? .i< ,,' .
or, ' made a per?
otial ... . . ondi?
lions, ? ov
in any
. ggerau d In om? n spects 1,'
r? poi ? ?.,,, ,? -, ! rible than
tho! e i. <??? w ted n the n? a ? dispal
British Deny Germans
Sank 8,000-Ton Cruiaer
..' dm . Api il "? Ai n'li.-ial state?
ment issued * ? > - n ii; h r characterise* m
ual pun invention" the (?er?
? ? ent, rna.l?. offlcially ar Bel
lin, thai si P.oOO-ton British auxiliar]
m< sunk ii .March.
Whitlock Crosses
The Swiss Border
With Belgium Aids
Chinese Minister with Part)
of Americans Now on
Way to Berne
B? i ne, Api il ? ?: i -?mi Whil ???
American Minister te Belgium, mi?
parte and the "i. r?e?e Mil tei ?ritl
? mbei ? of the Chin? se Lega
lion, ?-evrntv -e\eri persons in a'!, n r
t rsin a' 1 "'t lora. : t,
?* SchsufThausen. They coi
? '.' a) to bern?.
en 'i embei ? of the comn -
? ' urii-e.i hi -:?n ..." Mini tei lira-,
Whitlock, l*ft here this afternoor
foi Paria. The party eon iati ol
Traey S. Kettredge. .Vfr? ,l i. Ii
? i. < hm les M I ? tl -. Thomas
Nr'hui Maurice. Philip P, Pot
! Rob? ' ' M ? ' ? ? e
Tha AinerieBii? M) they me' -.?
courteaj and good treatment from
? ? ...
hat th? Hi |g . :>?'?? work is going
on withoir interruption.
London. \ .1 ; "? I.e.-, ,, f, ??.
" iio l-.,r. " :iirre-?i to r"!i'a,n for two
weeks beeause 'tie;, have been working
nrhere tin German armie ar- no*
actually in operation and \
Director Pi Grey arvl three ?<?
countant ?? ho have been breaking
th?-ir Spanii h and hutch -urce?, m
into the work, all u.e err.ploves of
the *? ' 'i 'ip' now
either m Switzerland or on their way
The great ? porti
I left yesterday with Miniater Whitlock.
Ii.eluding those still in Brusaels under
?H? existing arianKer:i-?n*s. ail th" '
American workers will be in Switzer?
land by thi end Vpnt.
night, until thi d nig? r u i
over *hat they nrlll <! i leras i
of valu? ding the recen'
',??11111,11 HI
ite, i hartes 11
.'. .... .1
i A. Van H?
an De U r?ch y, Seville and Stamoor.
I he Fflee Of 'He eomminaiori
' ... -,
garding the ?afety o? the?e men.
Vandal Visits Pacifists
Societies' Names Are Partly
Obliterated from Doors
., > .
? f i in the Ed I
eational Bulidii ;?
iterday morning: ths'
om? o ?
the peace lociel ies off
The nar? ?? ? \
can t i ha.| bee
taken of with acid, while enough let?
tering lad been remov?;?! from tr.e door
of the Neutral t'onferenee Committee
ike : read: "The Con Comm
The names ha.l been partly rea
from the door? of the American Peace
Society, i ne Woman's Peace l'art v, th
League to Enforce Peace and the
. ce Un on.
Rome Hears U. S. Is at War
Newspaper Extra? Stir Enthu?
siasm in Italian Capital
p..ire. ,-?a Par? I i 'ndir
larg;c headl
? I ' . ? -'ale of wn
I ai.t
ii rmany.
Kewaboj i n iroug i -iree*?
sellini- extras and here \*as great en
thusiaam amo:,)?; rhe popuiaee.
of Real Estate
requirea an organiza,
tion and exp?rience.
We have both.
Wm. A. White & Sons
46 Cedar Street
Berlin Offers Cash Aid
Proposal Taken as Attempt
to Impress Argentina
Huero- Ayr???-. Apr 1 - ,-r-run
Min ?ter ha- .-,- lured the ? - g0. .
ernm-T,t that e? I
the Reichahan??. ar? ready
Argentina. This a-?-?rnsutt
? as a move to nortii
meat with tne '
ta of lierrnany.
'I i p B.ienos Ayrc? ''Hen
?? e ?if rmsn?- sre u??r^
i diff Itw? ' . : i
lie Heart of Chicago
in 24 Hours
A Typical Chalmers Performance
At 12 noon, Monday, March 26,
a stock Chalmers seven-passenger
touring car with first and second
gears removed, was started north
on Michigan Boulevard through
Chicago traffic.
At noon Tuesday, March 27,
the Chalmers was stopped at the
starting point. It had gone 586.8
miles through Chicago's densest
traffic. The motor had never been
stopped. Nothing but high gear
was used.
To prove conclusively Chalmers
flexibility on high gear, the low
and intermediate gears were re?
moved from the transmission.
The car was a standard Chalmers
seven-passenger touring model,
complete with standard body, top
and full equipment. The same
model you can buy today.
An average of slightly over 14
miles per gallon of gasoline was
attained, an excellent example of
Chalmers economy.
586.8 miles, through the famous
congested Chicago ' loop" district,
is a wonderful feat. This perfor?
mance on high gear is even more
wonderful. It is without an equal.
It is an endorsement of the
motor. It proves Chalmers reli?
ability. It demonstrates Chalmers
cooling. It shows Chalmers flex?
ibility and perfect control. It is a
new achievement.
A condensed summary of the
signed certificate issued by the
Contest Board of the American
Automobile Association, under
whose supervision the test was
made, is reproduced below.
THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the Chalmers seven-passenger car above mentioned was a
fully equipped stock car. || was driven for 24 hours through Chicago traffic. Only high
gear was used. X?1?5 motor was never stopped during the run. The mileage obtained was
586.8 miles. The gasoline consumption was an average of slightly over 14 miles per gallon.
Chairman Contait Board, Ameritan Amtomabi/e ?U>.? of. -n
Some Other Chalmers Achievements
Chicago to New York
On J'inc 7, 1916, a Chalmers
stock car shattered all existing
road records between Chicago
and New York, making the run
of 1047 miles in 31 hours. The
'."?est previous time was made
by a Packard driven by E. C.
Patterson, whose time was 35
hours 43 minutes.
( tianl j Despair Mountain Climb
On October 6th, 1916, a
Chalmers captured the free-for
all event at the Wilkes-Barre
hill climb o:i Giant's Despair
mountain, w.r.ninR the $1,000
Hollenbeck Trophy and defeat?
ing four 12-cylinder cars, sev?
eral well-known racing creations
and many of the highest-priced
and highest-powered American
Wim Pike's Peak Climb
August 11, 1916. a Chalmers
carried off first honors in the
230 cubic inch class on the ter
ntic grades of Pike's Peak in
Colorado. Its time was within
a few seconds of much higher
powered, and specially built
Detroit to Indianapolis
On June 12,1916. the Chalmers
srt a new record over the roads
between Detroit and Indianapo?
lis, 305 miles, making the trip
in eight hours, 23 minutes.
Atlanta to Chattanooga
June 24, 1916. a Chalmers
lowered all records between
Atlant^ and Chattar:c>*o-ga. The
distance of 125 miles was cov?
er e:i in 3 hours. 53 minutes.
This is faster than the time of
the Dixie Flyer, the fastest rail?
road train of the south.
Dallas to San Antonio
Another 'famous tram - th?
Katy Limited--was beaten by a
Chalmers between Dallas and
San ?Antonio Th* Chalmers
made the run in 9 hours and 22
minute? I hou* a: >' 33 minutes
taster Iban train time.
1?! ? irt-tt- ???o
?hnarmm 0?wn Irai.I Mi.lnlght

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