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British with Cutlasses
Sweep Germans Into Sea
Two English Destroyer?
r>feat Six German Ship?
Off Dover
?Midshipman Halts
Teuton Attack
^Inuman Refuses to Re?
port Wound Until
He Faints
? rman
d tear
-j, locked t- . S the men
nr rd de
? f the
? man fought
feck ?.th an aut olver.
\ft atrr .. again into
?jtsseby Britiah jael eame to j
atBldsh-r*11*11'*' ?*?"*?
An British deatt.
*at*t and the Broke, ;.r.d. although |
tar received many wound?, they re- ,
fjned to port The stor> of the en- |
m-fa-jyt-rU tamp. ? : from the- accounts |
d ?fleer? and men, has been made'
-Mit in the form of nr. official report
|_ sa <v?'''?"
th cutlasses
ai ba?/onft?. n
: -
v. t_r'v
a*?k,bBt caV..
,-,-. at I
?aiuatlv epei
itmaa' ?"?' '
d and
y c\r
IjLjIUU. I ---*r
? _so?>c ?nother boat m the enemy line.
i boat
? the marl
Brake's con
und .?quarr abreast the after
? lemy's
*.o pompon,
royers at
a the Brol
Donald Gyles.
? him
fsmtk? : of the
?Misiid .:? . them- '
?wept aft in a shouting '?
Bo*. Met Onslaught
in. ?mid the dead ai d
**yi*a ' gun crews, and
blood, mi ?
"?J* hand?d ?? .'.omatic re
*?* ??' ?rman,
*1' JjW olver away.
luth an e
J* avei , t?Ao being
. '*?" a m-t the ;
m her '
?'???r ?'i' frsai -, ?ram ?
? ?ut ?
? ?
"* **? nging . ^;ed m
? the stem
? ' " . : - with
J**;wo "?* Broke
,***& '? * ift ?n the
but a
struck ?be Broke'? boiler room,
, ? . r main engines.
?appeared ii
I rok? tl te r i n i
. ' a
nutei later
. and the
bled their
I rea? herons Ship Torpedoed
i - being out of c i
. ? ? ?.
? . net on prcv -n' - ,
? r from maintaining
and sought
? _: the out.
-oui \rl ich
?hid. the
. ii.ly be?- .
? -mi.n?
? ? .1er "
. '
? ? .
o\ er :. the crew
I e, and
the a: . lasted ap]
mately five minutes, i.ppeated to be
over, thi - itched on her i
and lowered boats to rescu?
swimmei remain?
the Broke,
? xchar _ - or the act
1 he Brit ? et down
as comparal - t, nnd the spirit
of the ated by the
cond, helmsma:
?-*. Rowles, who. though hit
four times hy shell fragments, remained
ut the whet it the action and
<"ii.<. betrayed the fact that he
ounded b; reporting to his cap
tain, "I'm going off now, r r," and
"A number of the wounded only pre
?he sick bay the '
ng day. o:.c stoker giving the
iiae: "I was
too busy, sir. clearing u;. the ru
:? ek
The de -t royer B
of Commander Edward R. <? R
econd in comman?! of
Shipping Board Asks
For Full Control
Would Direct AH Resources;
Wooden Ship Fleet
gton, April 2~k At a joint ,
?nee of the Shipping Board and
??cial committee on shipping of,
of National Defence it was
decided to-day to ask Congress for im-|
bonrd :
-g control over all the 'hipping
resources of the nation.
Reporta to the board indicate that
:011s of c pping will
North At
e next month. There
conference of the two
beards within the next few days to de
ie hew best ? 1 the coast
ess? A cording to officials, no
coastwise coal carry:,g vessels will be
removed from the New Kr.gland trade
-. ? n t.
The wooden c.-.rgo stripping pro.
: roceeding sa .y.of
sa;., aim plans are well under
pplementary con
The additional
?g prcpramme is said to be
? continued
German submarines.
1 ?need
to-day for cd.ta ning thousands
fleet of wooden
About 150.000 nun a
.nu-nt lervice of the department
art an immediate census oi
ta, painters and
men of other trades whose servie?
al construction of the wooden
fleet will begin :n a few days
throughout the country. In many yards
preliminary work already has started. '
Wooden shipyard? idle twenty years
are being started ;
Gunboat Built to Fight
U-Boats Launched in France
Bordeaux. France. April 'J?. The
liqueuse, 1 ? cially
" operate against suh
marir.? - ?fully launched
l.i re I"
Whether the Skies
Weep or Smile
preserves a per?
petual pleasant front.
The man at the wheel
of his car or in the af?
ternoon throng uptown
looks his smartest these
Spring days in his
Drizzler top coat.
* *
But more important
?he has the comfort
?ble sensation of feeling
fully prepared.
Two coats in one?
for sunshine or drizzle
?with all the points of
s thoroughbred,
a a
From $20 up?and
th* most useful coat
you will find for Spring
and Summer.
a a
Imported topcoats,
$35 to $45.
(Jolf suits, with two
pairs of trousers. $30.
$40 and $50.
\teber ^ileflbroner
Ctothiar?, Habardothrrt and Hatter? Eltvn Store?
i->*dw?r 345 Biotduxay 775 Broadway 1185 Broadway
*d Broadway 1363 Broadway 58 Nauau 150 Nauau
*?" Broad? ?y
*!** ?ad Broadway
*" ^-ortUoch 3\j Droaa mint
Clotttat at: .10 ProaJ. 341 Btoadua>. tlSS Broadua
44th and ?ioaduioy, 43d anJ fifth Aie
1363 Bro^way
3? Broad
58 ?auau ? -?. > ?-?<-????
42nd and I iftli Air
The" whose ca| rtcd the sinking of a ? terday, photographed before she left an Ameri
\- for her Germany's submarine declaration ?if February I.
12 German Liner.s
Will Be Put Into
Service at Once
Shipping Board Is Expected
to Operate Them in
Allied Trade
Start on Wooden Fleet
Yards Throughout Country
to Get Help from the
Labor Bureau
Waahington, April 25. Twelve ?
seised German merchant ships -
read;.' for ithin little
w.an a week, Ihe Shipping Board r<
ported to the Treasury Pep..
day. 1 ? ? ? pendi ng
vould empower Ihe Shipping Board
?.?the* or operate
them itself. Thei
nouncemeri" a= to the governi
? . but indications poinl to op? ra
Seven of the ?-hips about ready for .
service ?.i at Sets Vor "thcr*
are on the Pacifi? Coast. Repairi ar?
being rushed on ail si I those
at Honolulu and the Vater
York. Those at Honolulu w
to the Pacific Coast The
Vaterland is too large for any Ameri?
can dry dock, _nd before being
ready for sea would have to be towed
to Balboa.
This will g?-. ? ? g Board b< -
tween 37,000 and 10,000 '
the transport of supplies to Kuropc.
Vessels to be ready for service within
this period include the N'assOvia, the
Armenia, the Port amen
nig, 'he Maia and the I n dry
dock m Sea York, and Ihe Arcadia, at
Little Damage Inflicted
On German Vessels
l rum the al...*. ? di spati I
that fii ge that
ha?l been done to the
were great Ij ? ?
Soon aft r the breal
reported that the injury do
the Teuton
ble; the damage
000,000, and
der of the Germi
the m..! mai-s;-. palt
cry had beer, wrecked and i
placed only in Germany,
Lord Devonport Warns
Britain of Famine Danger
London. Apr.l 25. i h pub?
lic was solemnly warned to-daj !.;. Lord
Devonport, r ood Conti ..?the
country's shipping wa
dail) in large volume and *
the ni
:; the House of 1
question bj Lord : ,.- to
. 1 attei ded
\oluntai ; r.Uion
e effort . bal ar< .r made. He
described a
election with the
allegiance o
H coi
I iiiued :
"Uni? 'yol
:-elf-denial ii. the'consumption of bread
! ?? blunl truth we shall
. ,,? ..... .i, - i with
? t severe P> t it in
"There is no margin for t
ug tl .1 '?;?'? c decided to set up
rationing, to be | ? it h
the control and d ? sup?
plies of bread, su?,;. ?- and any
mod at short notice."
?.? ,
Mme. Bernhardt Gains,
Physicians More Hopeful
"Mme. Bernhardt ; orne
progr?s? every day since last I
and her phj siciani a i <? moi ?
?a Hs the ?.ftii-ial bu i '
Maror, Baruch, I bmi
which was given out at 10:30 o
last night at Mount S na Ho pital.
There was no nun! i
blood transfusion opi
any of the four bu lued during
the day
admirer of Mme. Bernhard! had an?
nounced tha' h?- had been
such operat
"He has not been invited to eome
Luxemburg Government Resigns
Amsterdam. Apr 11 25 \
trom Luxemburg
ministration has p'aced its
in the bands of thi Grand Duchess.
Ihe action Was based ?.:: ti.. ground
that the government n.. longer enjoys
?In- eeafidene* of the p? ..pie .?;,' ?hat
neither producers nor
doing their .
New Portuguese Cabinet
Headed by Dr. Alfonso Costa
Liaban, Api I '.' a ? < ? ? ?
tee at that of Art.,..,, i Mmeide,
?jrhieh re>!_r.e I Api ' . ?
??Ken??. \ote in the ('himl_r of
?he auseUun of tlie tr..\?rnmfnt estafa
a nat.'i al si onomlc ?-" in.-.I.
. M .. ' at. ? . ? .-.?? rollo*!
\-*<\tri p. ? Mialater of Koreiga Af
?.r? l>- Ai?/?:-!?. ?
< M'l \l\ EMERY RICE
67 U. S. Citizens
On Mongolia When
She Sank U-Boat
Owners Pleased Thai (heir Ship1
l'ired ihc f irst Shot I
for America
I- ternational Merean
txpressed aatis
? Is, had fired the I ra1
shot of -ii? wir for the I nit?'?l States]
1 Milimarinr.
only information camp
thron ' ?.riati'il Press.
Th? ?ft an American port
for I ? ??'. .? d on April 1, with h pencrul
of 15,000 tons. She carried no
She 'i ;i . in romrnnnil of
ii a crew of
MR n ?- ?\merican citizens.
ncluded Thomas Balu,
er; W. K, V.
? ? ond officer; Jo?
seph ? i eer; ( 1' I
!. Wilcox,
of San Francisco, was
per; ('. \V. ! rat in, first
. m llodgkis i, second,
? 1. The wireless opt-r
ator was <; I-, Dan forth, of Syracuse,
Dr. ' harles (?. Randall, of
lot (*ol ., v, ? built Bt Camden
N. T.. I, and
ought by her present own? ?
m the transatlantic
? feet lone. '
and a : ?
Would Protect Soldiers
Chaplain Tells Army Relief So?
ciety of Bad Influences
rhe Army Ri ur--ed
Silver, of
try to arouse the
? being
?" in the treatment of
? it the
annu'. n th?*
Lame . i We I
'or?otten man on
' ? , hap
. !. " -.? ;,r ' ?rerj army pout
he dirtiest,
' : can find anywhere,
gates of West
little v:!.i/.' containing twenty-eight
? m the eonaeiei
. > "j irfc State permit
"If ? real prt par
. ?, iw pro! ectod from
Immoral influent ?
? pre?ident
rnur I year, and
Mr?. II? v I m? " preaideat.
Brokers Give $7,000
For Belgian Relief Fund
\ .le, an officer of
upon tin confront:? .
r, ifter the exchange
? I
-.nimmt of 17,000 had beet?
toward the tmil. A com
1 ,i aham
Hron.dx-.-ay. is continu- !
? fellow members for
? n?.
Dr. J. H. Low Elected
Principal of Erasmus
r?r J Herbert I.'?? ?il.? electee' y et. le "Her
??'. \nr a
...t? ..: I of th? l?,.,r?l of M'iratlon '
'1 h<- .!?l?ati' ove? ti,.- r|.--t | ?n-l at
time? bitter, s
l(. lA+i .e.eral \:meaa aun hv
'houjeh \?ith
? :\?l> nuii-h np),<-*?
tii.ii tf
Commit! "f the Hoard
Mongolia's Shot Brings
No Comment at Capital
I I I pol
? nen! is to m?ke no an
? I '
1 ???! man submarine b> ,
? ? ? time J
Press Restrictions
Are Broadened in
House Spy Bill
Measure, as Reported, Re?
garded as More Drastic
than Amended Sen?
ate Act
Washington, April 25. Wider pmv.
er? to f-aif the pre?s and 're.' Ipeech
than arc conferred in the present draft
of the eapionage bill pending; in th?
Senate are conferred in the bill report
? ! to-day by the Hou?e Judiciary < .li?
mit tee.
The censorship section of the House
bill folloxvs:
"During an) national emergency re
g from a xxar to which the United
State.? v a party, or from threat of
luch a war, tin President may, by
proclamation, declare the existence o?
. and. by proclamation.
prohibit the publishing or communi
cating of ?ir attempting to publish or
communicate any information r
to the national defence \xlnch. in his
judgment, is of such character that it
rfl ghl ne useful to the enemy.
Whoever violate- any such prohibition
be pan ?shed hx- a of not more
than |10,000 or by imprisonment for
.??re than t"i. ;, ear>, or both; pro
:. that nothing in this section snal!
be construed to limit ti 61 any
discussion, comment or criticism of the
acts or policies ot thi government or
its repp tentatives or the publication
of the same."
This is much milder than the ori?
inal Senate section, but is con
nior?' Btringenl than the provision as
it now stands in the Senate. I'erhap
the most important difference is th?*
the Senate bi|l prescribes that the
regulation draw, by the President
mu" I" "reasonable."
The injection of this word into the
Senate bill was declared by Senator
Full to make useless the ent?re section.
Si nator Fletcher pointed out that to
obtain B eoi It would be nece,
sary in each ease to prove that the
regulation xiolated by the offend? :
"rest oaable."
- ?
Metal Trades Pledge Aid
To Rush Munitions Output in
Aid of Government
Members of the National Metal
Trades Association, which include?
practically every manufacturer connect
ed with th? of the heavy war
munil i adopted resolu?
tions to take :teps necesaarj to rush
produ? '
This action xva = taken at the opening
nineteenth annual convention at
the Hotel A of the queal Ions
? . behind the closed <l?"v
"he possib!? of (he eif-ht
hour law as a means of increasing ou'
ilution? pledge hearty sup
W on, Jer? m iah \\.
Jenks, of the New York University, was
the chief speaker at the banquet, Con
er William A. Prendersnut and the
Rev, .lohn Herman Randall also ipoke
Diamonds Worth $2,000,000
Reach Here from Holland
A shipment of ?liatnonds valued at
more than $2,.,000 arrived in the
United Siates yesterda* <?n a Hutch
steamer from Rotterdam. According to
those in charge of the shipment, tin*
gned to American deal?
Por a year the South African dia?
mond industry, which was practically
Closed b) the war, has been arrive,
ite still limited to about 25
per cent of 'he normal output.
125,000 Enroll
For Service in
T. R.'s Division
Headquarters Here An?
nounces That All Have
Met Requirements
Only 50 Are Under 25
Assemblyman Urges Action
on Bill Authorizing Roose?
velt's Appointment
Appt?.\ mati 125,000 men have np
plli -I : bus far, and have met t1
quirementa for mnmlicrsh.p in Colonel
- -. .-It's proposed nrn- .
diviaion, it w-ns announced la *
at etirolmen' headquarters, which were
oprnr?! h' r? sonn- time BgO, w-th th?
former : approval.
Only fifty of the applicant?, il ?
said, were undo twenty-five year-,
V.ne below this a?/? are now being
accepted. Of the total. 10,000 are ne?
gro. -
ty per cenr of the volunteers aro
from Virginia, North and South Caro?
lina an?l other Southern states. I
in Seat York City not more than I."'
have enrolle?).
. . IU8 (femsaaodtnl .f Tt ? Tr-h'irw '
| ? 25. Assemblyman
Perry Armstrong sent a petition to the
Rules Committee to-d.-.\ to report ou*
his bill authorizing the Governor to
appoint Colonel PooscvpH a major
gen.-ral in the State Militia. dc?pite an
provision of law to the contrary.
Mr. Armstrong said be had been in?
formed that Sect.on 71 of the military
inw would prevent Governor Whitman
1 promise to the Colo:
iny commission he wanted,
without legislative enact men*. Section
". I pr.r. idea that:
"A ? ral at the time of his
appointment must be an officer in ac
' .-nice in the National Guard of
State of the grado of brigadier
general or field officer an?l for seven
successive years immediately preceding
his appointment must have been ?n
active service m ?aid National Guard
as a commissioned officer."
Governor Whitman said to-day thai
he expected '?he Colonel would have a
conference with him soon.
Censors Will Put
Lid on Telegraph
And Cable Lines
Government to Prevent Send
in?; of News Valuable
to Lnemy
Washington, April 25. Cenaorship
on all cables touching the United
States ami on telegraph and telephone
lines into Mexico will i,e established
shortly by executive order. Regulations
formulated jointly by the State, Wat,
Navy ami Justice department? and the
now Committee on Public Information
were approved to-day by representa?
tives of the various wire and cable com?
The cable ceisorship office* will b" at
New York. Key West, Galveston and
San Franeiaco, where the cabl?-i touch.
The navy will direct the (?able work,
probably with civilian eensora, while
the army will control the communica?
tion lines into Mexico.
re is no plan for extending the
censorship lines of internal communica?
tions. The chief object will be to pre?
vent the transmission to Mexico and
South or (.'entrai America of informa?
tion ?hat might be of value to G<
many. As the French, British and other
Allied governments long have beci -
erciaing strict supervision of Eut
cables, whatever is dona at th
will be Supplemental to that work.
Representative*; of the French. Postal.
We lern l'nion and other cable com
panies, including these with lini
South and Central America, were pres?
ent at to-day's conference. The
lations ?luggeste?! by navy officials wen
found satisfactory to the companies
ami the government was assur
ii ration in putting them Into
S. Altmatt & (?o.
A Special Sale of
Women's Wool Jersey
Sports Sylts
at the extraordinarily !ow price of
is now bein? held in the Ready-to-wear
Department, on the Third Floor.
Jiltli Anrmtr - iflaMflmt Anrm?
3-lt.b. att? J3th ?trrrt? Nrm ?urk
Baks Se (Ermtpmuf
?roadw.tv at *4th St
garments are
made full
over the butt
and nr.rrow
a c r o i s the
.ou'll find when you put on
underwear that it fit? perfectly without being
i hi'd at any point, and with no wrinkling or i>;ij.
giness anywhere.
?i Athena Underwear
ah Athena is tailored to conform
tu the lines of your
figure. There i** not
r...? much fabric ;-.t the
waist, '??M' too little at
the bust or hips. This
is true ol no other un?
derwear that ha* ever
oc.-i! made.
Choose a suit of
Athena Underwear of
your ? orrect size, and
you will find that it
fits you snugly and
comfortably all over,
afford in?? free action
1- <ir the arms and body.
Athena linden?ear is the only underwear that is cut
i., correspond mth the outline of th? human figure.
For Women?Vests and Tights... 55c and 65c
For Women Union Suits.55c to $1.75
Marshall Fte'd ('*?* C'onip?fiV. tnal(crs
Saki & Co.. sole Xcn> Yoil( distributor--.
w in
cannot (lip
Patent pock?
et-like ?eat
stay? closed
and is, always
Nine Steamships
Arrive Here from
Submarine Zone
Ten Other Vessels in South
American and Coast Trade
Also Reach Port
Nine steamships, aggregating about
100,000 tons, came into port yesterday,
having passed through the submarine
j war zone.
Kven in the ?lavs of peace, v hen all
ships xxere permitted to go where they
; xvould, the list of arrivals rarely ex?
ceeded that of yesterday. Besides the
nine uteumahips from European ports,
'??n vessels engaged In the South Amer?
ican and domestic coastwise trade
came in.
Il the westbound fleet cf blockade
runners cam" a huge si earn, hip which
1 ;.?i been built in a British yard. If
ad not been taken over by Britain
she xvould one of the most
ornate and commodious passenger car?
riel * ? \er put into ? transa! lantie
CO. Mie has enormous possenger
? capacity.
The li! | .;. i'.| ?| the
lithographs of this steamship early in
1914 were not spparent yesterday. Her
three funnels, hull and superstructure
wore the drab punt of ".?r She docked
at the pier of an English \:nr that will
have her after the war
Anothe- large British steamship ar
tiveil in an American r?rt ;, e?terday
with ?-eluding helitted
members of the British and Trench
Commissions, with their clerks and
formad members
of the Scot? Cluard?.
From New York
to Nankin
A short while ago, forty-two young
college men, graduates from twelve
representative American Colleges,
wen* sent to China to serve the in?
terests of the Standard Oil < !ompany
in ? lie Flowery Kingdom.
Those forty-two college graduates
wen* outfit ted by the Franklin Simon
Men's Shops, as to clothing, furnish?
ings, .shoes, and evening attire.
But the most significant circum?
stance isthat there should have been
such unanimity of opinion!
Forty-two t?ficu for Franklin Simon
& ( ,o. and not even "a *a illful t welve"
to dissent !
Chily the $7,000,000,000 Bond issu?
can touch it !
Men's Suits und T?peosla
?25 lo $50
(-JfJW -*Df/WtR?D-\
v attheprice Q?* those that?k\renot /
Mcn'e Clothing Miop ?R WtMl .'tilth Street
A \\mmasrmt? *?h..|> ?.?? \txe *Mr?-<?l I.-..-1
jfranfeltn Simon &Co.
( lollnni* ! iirni-liin-, Sbnea
I'hnnr 8900 tireeleu and -,?r -<,// rail for your
overcoat or far overcoat and ami U m storage.

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