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Britain Gets
Check for
U. S. Steps Into the Ro
of Banker for the
McAdoo Receives
England's Not
Aid Also Planned for Hah
France, Russia and
s formi r r?!e of banker for the A
? ?<. ?ire;
I and the pre
.- al relief to Hal;
- ..
Amba.'sa.ier, <_u. o ?
? ? ? notable for tn
It eras negotiate.
??? than twe-.ty-fo*_.r honra after th
|?,WO,MO,(.<*t0 -,- .re ha
M ..
Whether tain, Italy, Pi
Enaai? or Bel/flam?for Belgium i.? t<
h?v? money if ahe wanta
-. - .ext loan had rot been decided to
?light Secretary McAJoo exjx
?pet.d the- no.; ten day? or so in study
ing the altua'vion in each country.
5*.'.000.000.000 "Shock Ab*>rbrrr> '
e :?? bill it ??nti cor
tifleatee. authorized in the |7,M>0,000,.
'"*>0 rr?-ri * ?ddition to antici?
pating tare receipts, are to be used as
"?hock a>
the fro billio: bondi?
Mr. McAdoo announced to-day. The
certificate? will be
amounts ai n
later refunded bv *.cn.?r term bor..-; if
to make the es
will hard
- n the proce? .-r sub
-.im could be ma
?-.cr of
Britl -., meet
du? for
and other loppliea pur
ted States. Th?
- of the
Prompt and liberal subscriptions to United States
bond issues will strengthen the nation's defense, hasten
the war's end, and make for world peace.
The Irving ?National Bank, without charge, will
receive and handle subscriptions for United States
Government SHORT TERM Certificates of Indebted
These certificates, the first issue of which bears
interest, may be used for the purchase of the
LONG TERM United States Government V 2'?
Bonds later to be offered by the Secretary of the
Treasury, which like the Certificates of Indebtedness
are free from taxation except estate and inheritance
Form of application below.
_I'M 7
.:??'? I
Please cuter , ' application for the next issue ol
(our) ' '
DEBTEDNESS, in the sum o? Dollars,
1 ours very truly,
era of the French commission met by reception committee al ' i ight the picture ihowi the Hon. ..reckinridpe Long,
ant Secretary of State; Franklin D. Roosevelt, As . .am Secretary of the Navy; Secretary Lansing, General -lofTre. (ionerrl Scott, R?n?
Viviani and Ambas.-ador Jus.?-?, rand.
world, and after indorsement was
Bui ke, Treaaurei
? that the raonej
A already had been <ie
:??? Reserve banks by tinan
ibscribing to the
v.ply a matter of
I ookk ' he amount
friitn American jcov
ernment t" Great Britain. It ?
? ?? probably
. bonds and the
withdrawn and
honda pi"'
ink ?'as dry on
Ir. Bal
Hank ol
ng to meet
incial needs
v ?? ..- onth . The
? uffiee to ray for
irehaaea in
nd is buying
? 3,000.
n four montl ? he will
'"<">. a-.d it is not un?
likely 'hct receive approxi?
mately this ?\iin as a loan.
presented an urgen* p?en
ration, Hei need- art
tn be ? 1 immediate, and indi- j
i*an *?i!l b? t ?'.- i
tended her promptly. Italian finnnci
id to
Km? cc "r Rusi..i. and
? count ry
ol'tai** ? not be?
Britlah Xeed .25I.H0,tM a Moath
\< : n ii.
I_h offlciali have riven :. definite ide
fun :i month, I?
ehalf ??.
'. im on
.- French como
after will have m Im",
an ? | '::'.t th'
French government will n ? i
Ital ?"?' ii"i
ted her-?
The ?.
ratood, however, largelj t<i I
:>ry ?1*1.1 ni;.;.- be revise? 1 at latei
conferei ce Ja pan, thi
iea, wants n<? Ii .
ill step
lend a help
t'.um wanti tin- aid. Belgium hai
cated informai'.;? that s1.?- would appr??
tai.!, instead of
mok ii reqoeit. A
heavy auffarer from the war. any loar,
to h? f feel, would be from the
Amcr'cr.ri nation- hehi?
Russian Radicals
Join Hands with
!. W. W. in America
Violent Protest Against Re?
ported Hanging; of Mooney
in San Francisco
One of i ? of re
' his week agi mst
\.ri ? r iba " ' ." ad
treme i i
ution "f an .
American member of th? I. V'. W.
named Thomas Mooney at Sun Vr i*.i
The Moor.. . ? ? ?. had
attract erf more notice n Petro;rra.l
' ? fork.
The I? f the Petrograd ?lemon- I
in, Nikolai Lenin, is an intern?- j
tional H: \ ,t ws coincide ,
with thoae of the I. W. W. The wel?
fare of labor is considered by Lenin
?o be ni, intei ? n atter. His
? d?monstration
? ? agitate foi a social - ?? ition
Onlj i roupie of day.? aj?o Lenin de
rthrow of ?he Provia?
Government in Russia and the
up i ? ? labor dictatorship in ,
I it.? pig .
'reipn language
i dey oted coa- '
? of Thomas
labor 1? ..der, of "-an
I last sum
01 th? chare," of bavin*; thrown
iredness pa
which kille,! ai ,i wounded more
than fifty peuple. The "International
U ? i , ? rs' D< f? II 'ook un in
?er?-i in the case, which accounts for
"league" and the othir defenders of
Moons-.- held that he wa: the "id m of
me-up" beeaus? ???" li ities '
abor organiser,
Sentenced (?? liane un Maj 17
The trial of Mooney b<*gan in Jan
iaotitif- more lh;.n two
efence, represented bj W. Bourke
Cockran, contended that Moone; was
. conapiracy nnd tha* the;
bomb outrage was the won; of a maniac. '
The i 11 trict Attor
! kert, demanded the conviction of
? he A rst degree.
The star witness for the prosecution
??i Prank Ox man, an Oregon cattle?
man. ? ? ,1 thai he "saw 'he tic
? a suitcase on the sidewalk
ot where the e>.plo-?ion oe
Mooney wa? found guilty on
and eondemtied to be hanged
on Ma
Since February a nation-wide agit*
r? les has been taking
place : "i of -1\ ing Moon? J '
v cting in Carnegi? Hall
held on March 7 ,, collection was taken
?ng Mooney. When a man in the au?h
? ? ?i "He " oa't be hanged! "'
neb.-,, the speaker of the
"No " We'll -ee to that
and if th? y lian??
have t?i provide
.iiioth..' ?
: va trial gained
ta e< k when
I onal charg ? ide by
one R
Mooney was mainly eonvicted,
ried to induce h:m ;
perjured testimony ?<.
? ? '. .
Mooae* (?raated Set* Trial
?i?in t ior Judge 1 rank- !
lin (?riiTin, ?* ho y, de- !
i dared hi- b? lief thai Moone)
He stated I
I ? ? ? Al ? rror
? ?i th? ,
I la?t Tuesday, a? ?
nol respond to I
? i t ?ir.
At the same t une a cei ? , . "l
I Smith, who wan a witness far the pr? -
? barged
with complicity in ih<> alleweil bomb?
outrage, paused a senaation by submit-1
t in ? h ?eh ? ixman ? d<
i a In i be '
"If ;, ?hi wil
i I will ? im in five .
District Ittern? i Fick? ?t ?ntrndur.-.i '
? , ??
ter off? red the bribe to her she asked
"Did Mr. Fickert ?eiid you to me?"
"No." answered O .man. "the men
higher up than Fiekert
i)*-man is now under arrest. Dis?
trict Attorney Fiekert. fare? action for
his reeall. now proposed in the Cali?
fornia Legi loma more .?en.a
developmeuts aie expected in
San Franc n with the
"men hicher up" ?_ Bourke Cocieran,
the def? nder of Wo? d that
thf conspiriez against hi-? client
should now be completely exposed.
Peasants Assure
Russian Soldiers
Of Share in Land
Alliance Tell? Men That
Seizure* Will Only Caiue
Internal Quarrels
!'? trograd, April 26. The Grand Com
nit tec of -h" Allianca of Peaaanta ha
.?"M.ised ihe following petition to th
passants n' the front :
I)o -,. *
th? lands will h? divided wi
. annol be made
olated . il' t. that ? ould
provoke ii by whleh
\ emo ' ' you
will be represented, 11 decide thi?
ins] <>' tant ?|ue??iion.
London, April 28 Dispatehes
igrad repoi ? I I revc
nrr itielf hi the
rural ? ?fing the
. i a nu 11 oubli I to a
i on . ' ich are do?
t r b? t to
understand that the Ian.I question
to? be ? tel ettled until th?- i o
bly 11 ele? ted
peasant - are in? lined to tak? I he mal
? :.. - telr ..-.? n hai
Soldier? visiting th? ,r rural homes,
and arithout perm! ision, '-pr.-a'l
new? <>:' the re olution and lead
the p?a?<?_t? Beam?* tho l_n?l ?>?
Thi?? is chiefly the ci ?e in ; ic
.,-.? ernment. The pea tai -
? i ded ? ?? take po -
and drive the 'and owner?
? inced that they
II ui del take the spring so*
, bul owing t.. lack of sei .1 this is
said to bo imponible. In . on3cr,uance
?ho Bowing is likely to be much de?
layed and g neriou?? shortage of crops
is feared. The authorities are taking
the matt'-r in hand.
Pi asa:.* ' conferenci i are
? .! in every province of P.u..ia.
?ii*-. ad) held ? listed on a
!???'.'.rr distribution of land. One ehni -
actariatic resolution <l?mands ? hat all
lind which private land owners cannot
Immediately hi- surrendered
temporarily to the pet aldiers'
wives to receive share? free and others
??lera*'- rent, to be fixed by the
local community.
Ill-feeling i- show" ?n ?<^me districts
toward land owners, Bessarabian pra?
I ants m one instance ??eke?' a country
1 hou?-" ai-,?! ???tatr - belonging '"
family. The peasants of the Tambo?
government Mirrr,ur.dc?l the houses of
land owaei and compelled them to
THERE is a ,J.-|-*-*nwc pror
crb rbfch tays:
A toi cannot be ditpcllcd with
* fan."
1 he clouds 'li?t mkTMUld
t.tlc?* canno? hr dlspclied by
merc opinions anles** it {.**
the opinion of the court 0/
lait resort.
A poitcy of title insurance
becked up by money ?o 1 nak?
It good, will t?rivtt the foi,
TiTlE guarantee
and trust c?
capital . . $ 5,000,000!
Surplur-'allcarn-d) 11,000 0001
> 76 b'vtay, N. Y 1 7r> N-.-nsen St., D'il*-*?. I
lo? Fclton St.. ?jcica.v t.
?ign document surrendering their
In ome par' ? of He
In o-v
trong n
Large Part of British Loan
Dcpo?tzd with Morgan
A substantial amount o'* th?
delivered to the Bt I
iah Ambassador !>:. X? ore .
Treasury McAdoo at *ne proceed
cate -. of ?ndebt?
was deno?i'' . th J. P. Mor?
I? ?
ish go ?
ly oil
demand loai \\r it
.-.in in tbi? market since the eeseetion
d import* ar.d to tnret purcl
Hunker? eatimate these oblljratioii
standing 'o range between ?"1100,0
and 1160,000,000
Financial Folly Charged
To Britain by Cunard Head
don, April 26. British war financ
in? ws y to day by
red Hooti?. chairman of the board
of directors of ihc lunar?! Steamship
Company, at the annual nie.
?'We hav? . ?'art,"
he < iid. "The method
adopted might have been compar?t
ly harm!?-.-! for a short war. but it; this
long wat they ! itone
around our necks an?l ??? ;!1 surely hani
per our powers of recovery af*
conclusion of neat". We have borrowed
? we should have taxed, and n-i
when are lie\<* begun to tax we are tax?
ing production and mption
Elihu Root Takes
Chairmanship of
Russian Mission]
Will Send Mutend Aid
Well as Advice, to
'. April 2^. K.'ihu Ptat
'o Accept tki
?.merieaa m.
Other m'-mber? *t . .
ted n rspis? .
.. .'i the Am<*ncsn ?n.
terial r??? . IBCC, ii
.-ad today that all Rassis te*-,
?o d?font ?.i-rmsny are r* .
? mmont and cr*'
??-??'?r. <i h? ?i,
oked" ??> -.
? f? :-.r ar.d SCSI
ea ?i Ru?'ia makir.i-? ?eptrsU pea?.
- he saw r.o pojubilit?/ ?|a
ever, ?T?t-tins* tnst the Provn-.}?-,
rr^pl? cf Rr.M.?
? have i"1 peace ?uep*. that
foui dod on j i * ce sn-l fre?dotr.
: .
-smtt l'a? lu?
operations are understaed to hi?. r,.
dueed to a minimum the smooat t.?.
as bren recei .._ fron ?rM.
and the .uppiy from Japas >
Recame of s shorten of fis?i. pat
? ? ?'o. Ru.itJia looks of ttes
?ity to America to a"! h?r is kttrii*
her troops effectively . i"tp-4rf.
? nides th? sh< rtage in mi
Russia's railroad problem .
?? .e-oui as any difficulty esairoii..
.ing th?
?1 o facet di?a?tct_ aal?
rcc-ds ar<- supplied. It Is "ot b#li?r<_
- ! ere or by dplomst? and em
ernment official! ,n Petrograd th?
temporary (ierman successes wo'iM *?
ng mor- than eph-".?-?-, -
I - ?ven the?? msy h. sr?rt
,-d if Russis is ; irrt] ??.?_?-!
.-? ? ?
Niagara Defeats Rutferi
Sam Brunswick. N. J.. Apn! 24. To.
N'iagara UnlveraHy nire ..?fest?'! Rat
?I ? her? to-ds; by ? km of 9 to '..
"I know," said the race driver. "My mechanician.
After winning the Vanderbilt Race, we were having
our picture taken b.v the newspaper boys.
14My mechanician produced a pair of cigars, saying, 'Have one ?
you'll look more like a winner.'
*M lighted up?the cigar was a winner! f said,'What's the idea,
Arthur,spending your prize money already*"'
"He laughed, 'That's a Ricoro?price U !'
"I was more surprised than if I'd been passed by a flivver!"
Sooner or later you 11 discover?
* '\ ' ta* '.''?'*' ?'?'''1'"?'*
* ? ?*/.* *\ * . ? m*. ***0 t a'
Pac?fico Si/.c. (k M?st smoker.** of Ricoro formerly paid double and treble Ricoro prices fof
. rf ' their cigar?. They claim Ricoro t ?better smoke. It hat a rich, wty, tropic
flavor, yet is so mild you can s?iiokc it all day without ill effect. It'i a quality
Imported cigpr *n ever>' particular?low priced because imported duty free.
from Porto Rico A dozen sizes and shapes?6c to 2-for-25c?according to size. Sold only in
Thttitk You,

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