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*ee airainst the |
\ War C?
?rd at '.he tren
When the menai ? r to r**"? ?
- House v.*
?cnption. ? hairman Den? of th?
ria-k and Chairman
r Kitchin,
revena? leg
< ommittee. Chairman Padgett ?.f the
,-tittee, and otr er Democrat?
ed to vot? i ption.
i.de . to the call for a quorum just
un?, voted
( lark in an \ngr> M?>?>.|
Thri* . ? th? !
House ?ich?.
irequentiy reop?- if their
proposal, the when
SpeaK?* -dared he might drive
out of his if tho?e who
had urged that he vot? lor cons? *
"A lot of old skunkers all over the
? '. into thi*
--pcaker said, "and thai
coaardiy h ?ir- ?) ill be tafe, have been
ry man in my d
has telegraphed me, an.i 1 know who
,. i tan take
^rreled shotgun and un out
of rr.y ? . ? ry man who ?nt me
a telegiam to vote * ription,
I school doesn't keep to long, I
run a few out, too."
Persistent efforts were made in tho
House to niak? all member? of Can*
gres? subject to draft, but all of thorn
failed. An amendment by Ilepresenta
tive Good, of Iowa, doubling th? pay
of enlisted men in the army during
the wai *.?? ? idopti ! i it generally is
expected by Administration leaders to
be thrown out in conference.
On the objection of Chairman
gerald of the Appropriations Comotil
MM) appro*.*
provided for carrying the bill into ?f
feet trae linally f-tncken out by the
Hou?e by a vote of Hol to 26. and it
?-??as agreed that the committee should
bring in a separate measure Monday
ranc? the raising of the war army.
When Representative Saunders, of
Virginia, presiding, announced the
Kahn amendment had carried 279 to M
there waa thunderous applause from
?he floor and the crowded galleries.
Another long debate was evoked over
amendments by Senators Thomas and
l/a Follette to exempt from conscrip?
tion those having "conscientious objec?
tions" to military service. Both wore
defeated without a rollcall, and the
bill's exemption proposals left un?
( h airman Webb of the Judielary
' ommittee, announced that "a little
later a bill will be introduced provid?
ing that all eitlteni of Allied countries
who ?re of military age sha
round- ed over to their
Harding Urges Roosevelt Plan
Debate in the Senate to-ilay was be
gun by Senator Harding in support of
'?.?Imitiistret'.on bill and a'.?
amendment to permit Colonel Roose
.r division? of volnn
for immediate service ?broad,
?tor Harding said the amendment
??. as ? ?construed as iniraira
??Ian of comer, ; I
?? indorsed.
**lt indereatimat? the im
pr?S?ivon??S of our deliberate prepara
?i ??*. < ? 1,000,000 mei
>? ? ? e foundation of
mor? if nee,l be, to say that
an immediate force of American volun
? ? ? r;
i a new ??low 11 ever.
i camn fire oi: every battleft?
:in?l Smith. Republican
?an, al?o indorsed the Ho?
* ran) tit, -
f?r l ? ??,. .
cannot il ver ..
? ? ?i Hi
' i' n i ? p h
.'??lire Would Approve, Boys l.odg ?
f he could express :??
... . .
? .
command, rdinate
army officer. It
I For Heaven's
? liOillil
opportunity, if be cie
hat he re
?"i erk also . '
Cuence or w? .
under this amsnd
,-? ?f I -d. "I ?hsll
b<- g'ao to see hin
he faxored allowing Colonel Ro< ?
.nteer - iped'*i'??
"ll" is compe'ent to cnmman?: ?
lasent, but by no means h
?m? "I wo-ild
i won
\. ,.. ?I10.,
would show tl ?- ?? K.nopeans ?ometlung.
e the X anadans."
imi mil Ye tt\
?ral Americana"
"There are in* million tTS I
\- er ea, including a considerable nut
ber of (ierman spies," he .-aid
ta ?vii! out that element if tl
I ?' ?he draf' they will be n'erned.
This conscription will ?cpara"*> the
loyal and disloyal Amer,.
Senator Williams said he hoped that
?feat of Germai ? ? po
? nd naiveres
er thi world
liegulating Liquor Sale
\ ornent by Sena
I t the Pr?
to maK?? regulations regarding SS
the armed ?"orces and
? -ale ut army posts
training ?.amps was adopted. 61 I
o prohibits sale to member of
the army while in uniform or.'.
? :.?? i .ai i of ail the
? '? previously adopted.
By a veta of 48 to 43 the Senate
ake It un?a? ful I
any member o?
that there should
?rimination and thai Con
.en should come in the
? ator I'nderwood's amend
was adopted Senator Pittman of?
fered an amendi i elude the
proh-bition to "any other officer, em
? ot repreaentative of the govern?
Senator Brar.degee. Rep?blica- '
Connecticut, proposed that th?- "dry"
?ions be extended to all mem?
bers of the executive and judicial de?
partments. The HTTiendment was beat
Delays Opening
Of Officers' Camp
Until May 14
I War Department to Select
Carefully from Flood
of Applicants
inngton. April 28. Ovei whelmed
with applications for admission to the
officers' training camps, the War De?
partment enounced to-day the postpone?
ment of the opening of the camps for
one week "to --nable a more careful
' on to he made of the
number that can be accommodated "
The camps were to have been opened
May B to all applicant?, hut und?
new ruling the list to be admitted w.ll
be published on that date instead, those
named being required to report for
duty not later than May 14. The d<
partment issued this statement:
"Reports from all over the country
indicate that applications for admission
in the training camps for officer* hi?
being received in numbers far in < s
cess of expectations. On this account
and in order to enable a more careful
selection to be made of the limited
number that can be accommodated the
War Department nas found it i
to delay the opening of these
camps one week.
"The final list of citiseni who -
be admitted will be published on May X
or as soon before that time as prac?
ticable. Those who are selected will be
? i and will be expected to report
I inmps as soon as possible after
? later
thsn May 14.
"Ail reserve officers of infantry, ca
:ield artillery and COS
? | ordered into active service at
? report to training camp si
I? - gi stcd by department com?
er? expected to -
.-lips not later than Muy B.
.. n rom the regular army
old appointments in the res?
II he discharged 'rom
? ent enlistments on 'he ?luv
e red to naming can
I New Zealand Drait
Opponents Beaten
I o Win Single Office in
Municipal Election?
. ton, New Zealand, k\
i ,
ion have been defeated in thi
? ons in New Zealand?
?ton War Captives
Go on Strike at Kiev
Demand Eight Hour Day and
Better Working Conditions
Kiev. Ru?sia, April M ?via i.nndon.
11:40 p. m ). Prisoners of war em
d on municipal work here have
? ?n strike. They demand an ?
hour day and better working ?
Ui______P^ ^^CMufi?l
Goodman I
Importer? Creators
Conscription Law
Registration to
Begin in a Month
States to Co-operate with
War Department in List?
ing Eligibles
Census Basis of Draft
Special Boards to Determine
Exempt Classes ?_nd
Courts of Appr.*.!
men ?
'a- :? : m y ?
template ? beginning \
chin? i
There will In* full
tween the Wai
m- maj b? name the
counties ?if the vario
will be ?pecial boards to ?li termine
exempt (lasse? and ?*? -.??peal
When the numb? r n ex?
cess of th?
county exemption will I?? by lo:.
formal re)
:ii>: or oth?
regulations t" b? War
Department, .?penal agenta i ' the gov
??rnnii who ought
to ha r any
reason to 'lo so
Th?- draft, ?'??ill he on
the I?.. .'ion by ci
Local it all the ?
vital to an indui ' si oil renn>
? .
separately ?r,! I ? nouiih
such lii.-trict may h?' exempted.
It -.'
? rain
ng befon Septembei
yet been decid? d '*? ha1 -?
he called '
thought likelj ??'?
I -imuitiin
The ?Irai, for
army to their full war strei
tes h-.
the u orle i
and ail piar '.ter.
It v...
mijrht be called und?
earli? i
will be determined bj in nn?l
them, a .'ii!.
Army Bill Amendment
Pleases Roosevelt
Colonel Tells Chicago Crowd
We Won't Give Gold if
We Can't Fight
< hicago, April 28. Th?
th? Harding ame m.,' Roose
divlsion lo
? .
was flh ?-1. ???! *u the pai
? ?king. It
was ??lipped into hit hand. He 'topped
?i face brightened and he
.at in
a mom.
A voire OW."
Hi- rai ->'d hi- hand and faid: ":
minute. 1 ?rani to ?ay f;rFt tha*
.van? only gold and not mi
nhould ray w? won't help uni?
can light I do not wish *
whole anili'" : '.. i '.i it'? fc? '.
Bursting Shells May Harden
Nerves o? U. S.Troops in framing
Canadian .s\ item, ? ndfr Which All the Lesson? o? the \V,ii
Abroad Will Be I aught. It Expected i<> Be Adopted
l.\ the \R ?tr Ox partment
? i on an ??pe. * entirely new
?ng of the force?- to be assembled una
the draft bill begin? at the ?ixte
enta. ? arcful pla
Wat Department official? pr
vide foi ? Bimtdlatoly
? ?;?; i . i from Europe?
of th? work to I
. new even tu men roeenl
? imp?.
ege ha? prepar*
new tr? inuali b??ed on
from the trenches ?
? '? AU, -fathered from mai
tulationa wi
r even more detailed informatio
brought by the British ami French ol
: i? tnbers or the V, |
'em prot
follow to ?oni?' extent iha
? re the ?nstruetoi
hav? rt to rtprod ic? n
possible conditions at ?h
I have been buil
c ? anadian camps, exactly ?lupli
eating important parts of the lines n
France held by Canndian troops. Train
in-; in extending these work and run
nine ?ap? or erecting entanglement?
the accompaniment o<
actual .-heil lire ?o as to harden th?
as well a? theii
Meo Train I nder Fire
?eherne the I
have placed batteries opposite
the tronchos and kepi up ? steady fire
? ta. The iii
? nun under training have ?bine
work night and ?lay wnh shrap?
nel bursting dote to them. I he otfi
. ?if course, know the po?ti? to be
pounded by the guns, and keep the men
Another work thai will be new te
American troop? will be bombing prac
. company will have r ?
?dil to clear the way into
trench. I require? practice
?o perfect men - en art
>var. ,-ini! it requires practice also
man to set instlnctlv?
pelting bombing pi
Machine gun wort will be revolutlo
und. In Qr? at D | ? ru? ?? m
ri i,' rd
turn i.. -?-.i-??r? gun COI
1 handle the hi svy, wste
:ooled ' on def?
Ii each
to i
imbera ?
man carrying a i
on t? I
forward r? ole to she
of each a
I ? all th?
..?l m tin and I
? ;
l . I til v . f?
..? ! abi olute cert i
;??, ? .
? arm
The signal men, engineers, aviator?
-?n men, the m< rork th'
gun? far behind the tightin;
lines, the ? transpor
? am! ambulanci.rp-- every eo|
: icate machinery of moden
warfare most i- ta nla^c an'
trained to coordinate to form a grea'
? -g machine.
May I'iiK Men se for Jur\
Secretary Baker laid to-day that
problems involved m raising, or
new arm}
i intil uctual cases
nere presented. nowseemed
unlikely that tha entire 7,000,000 of
men M;<> will be liable for duty
m the conscriptive forces could
rolled, physically examined and other
pi x-ed opon for exempt loi
of ?ailing to the colors
Mr. Haki i ?? inclined to favor the
jury wheel system of choosing the men
to be called first. When any township
is called anon for Its quota ?*<i 'ill the
'. the ':ami" of all
? ? ? " laly registered for
iry duty would be placed in the
jury \ heel end the proper number
drawn. Examination of that number
would then !??? carried out and rri'.ugh
additional names drawn to fill up the
. with provision made :or exemp
, i lemoniiim again
"I !! go with you. Teddy." came from
? ?he hall.
**l like it ??!.?. much." Roosevelt
? i say.
"If I . doptl that." he went
op, "I'll a/ ?o four divisions
ndei ?leneral Harry or an)
of his type. I will
gadc if not a ?li* i?ion. I
that'? all. I ask that
you put me in the position when
id of 'go to the front' | san
? front.' "
British Extend Sea Zone
Danger Area Is Closer to Ger?
many's Coast
\Vn-n,ngton, April 28, MotiCC ?if .-?_.
Great Britain'? ?lunger area
n the North Sea, effective May '?'., *.va?
? I here to-day, in an Adn.
? forwarded by th'j American Em
.,, London. The l?.-f definition
of the danger area, dated March 24, is
new order extend?? the danger
area closer to th? .'?orth Sea coast of
ins and takfs ?n voters bordering
on the limit of territorial jurisdiction
of l?enniark ami the Netherlands.
Mrs. Wilson Sews
To Aid Red Cross
President's Wife and Cousin
Take Up Needle
Washington, Apnl 28. Mrs. Wood
II and Miss Helen Woodrow
v.-:, and couftiti of the Presi
?re ?owing for the Red ( ross.
?work porsoi
Josephus Daniels, Jr.,
Joins Marine Corps
Son of Secretary, Barred by
Eye Defect from Navy, En?
lists as 4th Class Private
\\ ?i. Josephus
','.,? . me, oltiest son of
?ho Secretar of the Navy, ii now a
i lass, in the Marine
Corps. II.- io '.?>d to da] a-.il will soon
be transferred io the training station
Young Pan.els up to a isho; " time ago
was working on hv father'-; new -
paper. "The News and Observer." pub?
lished In R?tleigh, .V. ?'.. but when war
broke out declar?-d h<- d-?ired to join
the navy. Hefore tiling his application
irned that, because of a slight de?
fect in his vieion, he would be unable
? the phi -ica! examination.
?i inppointi d, b . -ouraged. he
? ent to se? I lenei al Barnet I.
commandai I ? '?Urine Corps, to
whom be made application for enlist?
ment in that branch of the service. The
defect in vision **as waived by the .Ma?
rine Corps.
Italian Fliers Drop
Wilsons Message
Scatter Thousands of Transla?
tions in Austrian Territory
I'dine. Italy, April 28. Baverai thou
ssnd copies of President Wilson's war
message, translated into the different
lsnguages of the Austro-liuiigarian
monuarchy, have her.i dropped by
sviai r \ : rian territory.
Munitions Board
Adjusts Rivalry in
Buying tor War
Prevents Army from (?ain
?ng Advantage Over
Navy in Contracts
Not Regulating Prices
Members Plan to Avoid Any
Action That Might Injure
iington, April 28. Th?
Board is holding doily sessions
and seek rig ..; odjust th? rivalry be?
tween the purchasing officers 0?
army and navy and marine corp?
prevent, one branch of the militar*.
noTOl service from gaining an undue
? Hge over another, a? had been
threat? ? eontro? ' -
awarded by the War Iiepnrtment.
? preient it ? a? been decided
. Munition? Boanl shall not
? .;.l n irchfac of either army
. pro
: Secretary
mend t h? oi de ? recently 11
.sued, which gave the impression thai
srd would assume the function!
of ?he purchasing quartermosl
It is intended, however, that I *
board shall determine the output of
factories. In classe? of material where
llier? i-; a ?bortag'i contract? will be
distributed among th?? producers to the
ty of plants and as near to the
needs of the government as may be.
Then the board will find out the rela?
tive necessities of the department? ro?
quiring the material, with due refer?
ence to the contract? which are being
carried for th?* A ?emands of
which, :* red, should ta k"
Price Kegnlalion ('ending
The question of regular.!
is Mill pending before the board. Its
member* appreciate the difficulty of
?uch a problem, especially as it would
be necessary to extend -uch u regula?
tion to the producers of the row
proiluct and not confine it to the manu?
facturer. This may require legislation.
The policy of tie board is to i
arbitrary action that will injure the
industrie?- of the country, and u
??nation of fair profit, which ha?
boon suggested as a mean? of price
regulation, the boanl finds Itself not in
i with the plans of Secretary
? li In fovor of ado]
??I obtainable price as the
?tandard rate. This is regarded a?
r.nd menacing, since so low a
rate n ? would pre
cipitate bu tineas I roubles.
The _ in award ? con?
tract by Mr. Daniels for steel plates at
resulting in h saving to th*
Department of $0,000,000, is cited
by member? of the board as an example
hing too low i? rute f< -
material. The board favored paying
-. ?, on the principle that this,
eturn. The com
I price obtainable in the prevail?
ing market is more than eight
The re*ult of Sir. Daniels'? action ha?
rue of the "imii ,
eut" steel firms out of the government
Animate?! interview? hove been held
m the oast few- days between members
of the National ?'ouncil of Defence and
the representative? of the labor unions,
?rtth the recuit * ?wo parties
have come near, on several occasions,
to parting company.
Mr, (?omper.s has resisted any plan
for establishing an industrial class for
the benefit of the war. He explain?
that hil constituency are opposed to it.
- influence, it now appear?,
that led .Secretary Daniel? to revoke an
?Tiler creating an industrial branch of
the naval ??? ? idea being to
have enrolled for service in the muni?
tion plants expert workmen who ?lioul?!
he exempt from military-naval duty.
Thi? is the idea which the munitions
board is working on, in the hop?.' that
there may be no withdrawal of com?
petent artisan? from the plants en?
gaged in turning out supplies for war
Secretary Raker to-day issued an
order that, no contracts should be made
for any material that would provide a
profit for any army officer. He has
discovered that a number of officers
have written books now extensively
eld to newly commissioned officer?,
esper.ally those of the reserve corps.
He rules that these officer? are not en?
titled to a nro?it at this time.
!il!l f"
All the Comforts
oF \our Club
MOST often travellers are men of affairs, accus?
tomed to the good things of life. This is why
they fully appreciate the "club comfort" afforded
while enroute to or from Philadelphia on the New
Jersey Central.
THIS is why this road has become known as "The
Route of Refinements." You avoid clamor and
confusion and the customary smoke, dirt and dust.
You travel in comfort, amid luxurious environment,
over rock-ballasted tracks, and attended by the most
courteous sendee.
New Jersey Central
Every Hour On The Hour
Fast trains leave "Every Hour On The Hour,*' Liberty
Street, from 7 A. M. to 10 P. M.. week days, and 8.15,
9.00, 10.00 and 11.00 A. M, 12.40 P. M. and hourly
from 1 P. M. to 11.00 P. M., Sundays. Midnight
train daily, sleeper ready 10 P. M.
(Leave West 23rd St. 10 minutes earlier for all trains.^
Your Watch Is Your Time Table
\aJ ?IA4 *m a^i^eJf\(tUJhvrnuc.^A -a-*-? .?,477
Mid-Season Fashions
for Spring Weddings?Races
Hunt Meets?Golf?Polo
Tennis?Cou n t r y Club
and ali manner of town or counlry wear
Revised Prices on Many Lines
of High-Class Apparel
Our policy demands a constant change
of selection hence current styles are
offered now in the heart of the wear?
ing season, at important reductions.
Two Hundred Suits $3 5 *50
Formerly $55 to $65 at $35 Formerly $65 to $95 at $$6
Models that will not be re-made?just the sort of ?uiU
that hold a prominent place in practically every
woman's wardrobe?a readjustment of regular lines pre?
sent these splendid values, now.
Also ? Group ol Higker-cost Suits?
formerly $110 to $125?at $76 and $85
Coats and Capes, $35?$50
Formerly $45 to $75
A readjustment of the coat stocks?models which will
not be re-made -of serges, tricots, twills, Summer
velours, tweeds, etc. Satin Capes richly lined, at $75.
Also a Group of Higher-cost Coats at $65.
Formerly selling at $75, $85 and $95
Street and Afternoon Dresses
Formerly $65 to $95?at $45, $65, $75
Smartly tailored styles of serge, twill, tricot and jeney--al?
CHARMING INFORMAL GOWNS of taffeta?satin crepe char
meuse and Georgette crepe. A readjustment of stock? brinfi
(hese out of our regular lines.
Dancing FrocbiW??^,1/?
Of dainty silks, satins, chiffons, nets and tulles; in the new Spring
shade-, many of which are especially adapted for debutantes ano
"pellte women."
Separate Skirts ?ftfe $I5
Serge*, l.\eeds. wool jerseys and men's-wear worsteds. A clear?
ance of styles that will not be re-made.
Blouses t&rSf $I0 and $15
Silk .sporl- Blouses- handmade styles of linen, voile and batiste
?also Costume and Suit Blouses of Georgette crepe and chiffon;
including fashionable tunic eftects..
Street Hats-reduced to $I8
More than one hundred early-season models in
bow, wing and ribbon effects, for present we*r.
Fashionable Dress Hats?$25
of tulle, lace, leghorn and hair ; in veiled effects and beau?
tiful flower trimmed styles.
Summer Furs Reduced?
Wonderful Stoles, Scarfs and Capes of Russian and Hudaon ftty
Sable Chinchilla Kolinsky Krmine ? Mole?Surer Fol?
Natural Blur Lox and other fashionable fur??at 20% raduc
tior?.--ifoitKai an opportunity lo purchase furs for preaeat
wear or practice true economy in anticipating r-?qvui*me?t?
for next Autumn.

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