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British Imperial
Union Is Project
Of War Council
Conference Would Have
Colonies Receive Consid?
eration After War
Its Labors Near End
Defensive Union of Autono?
mous States Urged in
Matters of Trade
. - <- of n con
publii H ?i??
I .
In ever;
the \ . judged
Reaolutioas Adopted
i are:
ter the
eme of
ihat ai
trol of domi
upon full r
I lie rigl
n \ oice in I ' ?
is consultn
on nil it>p ' com?
mon imperial inti h cor.
artion founded on that consulta
Mineral Rtteaarces Burean
fourth r?
.id he rej
'?rest Brite . Iniih and
? iher part
??hould be ? ties of
the co
?lie m and nner
quirement ? .1 of advis?
er de
? i rabia to be
'he empire.
prorll ?
? ?
the en pire and I hi nee
; ' .
Should Pmr Itcsiuirii-?
Sevi .?hen
Ihe im
independent of
tsrlf in fa\or of 'he
lmv ir..- . I : ,| to the
.t manufa? tnrei - ol
e Imperial W l
". having examined the memor
of Indians in the
?. .1 by
entai . c?m
snd recommend
. -?c\ ei rimi
71 Ships, Seized
Here, Ready for
Sea in 5 Montta
Repair Work Centres on Cargo
( .irriors?I wo Loaned
To the Allies
Washington, May ?'.. Furl
. i
' ? ...ik.
? p ng boar? that
535,72- gross :...-.- of shipping can be
placed ?t the disposal of the Allies to
iportation if
-ri determines to make
' ? '. . ps.
? . i\ for
V aterland and
i .. i - longer. The
steami ig and Poi
- ? . ' ? ed, thi
runner to the Italian and the lat?
? i nment, fur one voy
"The placing of these ressels at the
disposal of the French and Italians
? ot indicate a policy bs to thedis
? : interned ships," said l
I '-1,n:.m ?.: : he >h ippini boai d
itep taken I
Repair work
? .-- tur the pre? mt, and the larger
ie turned o i
n y department for tra
"It i- possible," Mr, Penman said,
t converted into trans
pi ditions bie
Undersea Cruiser, 300 Ft. Long,
In Squadron Attacking Ship
? '
ne cruiser, 800 feel loi
r- old-fashioned
120 feet lone.
In another ea?e a German submarin?
was diagulsed i Thi
submarine earned a gun ??l.ici.
In at lca?t two case? ti
which in turn fill pre? to an under
A .*-...
i <if a Swediah Bailing vr---|, taxi:
??\\.- v?i :. alinoi t within jht ol
land late ternoon ??? t
-,.-- .!
in an c ?
i.in tui e pre*
(?m i d
came up to U? m du .1 lir?'d
inc Ship Moo ?*iml.
V. ? pulled ?.j' a
? lie N'orwr]
a? -he ?a- torpedoed the
\ P
v. inch h.- steamei eseapi :
"\\ e
. n
ing o pursued u
We did no: u ? our gun.
Finally a Britiah patrol boat appeared
The submarine submerged, disg
carefully prepared equipi
' ing boat .??ink beneath i
The captain of an American sailing
da . ige i-nid :
i. gu ? ? ? * They keep well
ander the water most ..f the ?
By thus i
the submarines an- able to re-I
main i base a J<-uc t ?me,
?.?id all o tin * rei ;..res from
-lui.*, which tli? ?? 1 ink.
U-Boal ??ul Six Week?.
"The U-boat which tank u had been
She '..-..I ..: Brit
? .?.. il all h< i
Mip|>!.' ' '.ok ;r)l ? he
gave i gnal to hall .?ith a
of two n
'I in shot hit the shi| . bu?
v> i topped and
tonk to the boat*. The submarine
up m leisui ' on, sank the
boal -vl.i- bad a crew of
thirty-aeven and *"' long,
"We were picked up by a Norwi
, V on w\ cl
hen Mink bj
submarine." _
MttJi\ FOUNDED lttf>t) J
ACKWARD weather afforded
us an opportunity to speed for?
ward the completion of our
comprehensive showing o f
everything men and boys will
wear for Spring and Summer.
Our thorough preparation in
clothes for business, dress,
motoring and sports wear re?
sponds to the requirements and dictates of
men who favor individuality in quality, de?
sign and variety.
Brokaw Brothers
1457-1463 BROADWAY
_??.. ?x-'.frA-*JSTf*gf-asesfa?B?teSflBa
British Transport
Is Sunk ; 279 Men
Believed Drowned
Arcadian ?Sent to Bottom in
Mediterranean in 5
i . i
?*,? re d
I ' ?
t? i rai -
! t rfi
' - - i illd 1
ng, i d, '
? , ,l "
I by ihr R
Br and taki
American Ship Fired;
Crew Safe After Attack
V. ?.?hingt on, Ma? \ ? ?
'..?l:.;. on
American ichoonci Woo.lv? iril Vbr?
w e g i a n
? ?
ded w i t h -1
try. Pour
Three Sailors Drowned
In Rockingham Sinking
M,i> ::. rhn
learner Bockingham by a German I
?ubmarine, survi? I land
tu da) report. N.> word i i
ng the thir- ,
teen missing men. There were twelve
naval gunners on bi
Captain S. S. Han:, and . ??hi other
* ur\ ri! - '??" the A ? ank sti am
Vacuum, sunk by a G<
marine, landed to-daj suffei i
verel) from exhaustion and expi
Lieutenant Thomas, V. S. Ni., *-no was
m command of the gun crew o
"!. 'in .1 of . xpi
mormiii,- in the capta
- a. I he cap- |
and the men had a t- n di bat I
German Ad. Offers
Women Like Slaves
"Several Hundred Female
Workers" on Hand "for
War Industry"
l'op % London, May 3 To?
man brought only
; |
? ? B< rl ii --i Mit? ig,"
any o
? i.ir.i; cond '
ianj \ trikini
"Zeitung ai big adver?
cent of the slave In*
ral hundred 'e
male ? foi the ,
war industi
? law makes i
liifKcult the free mov< Dl bor. '
The Great War ? lOOTtti Day
Arrow 1 |i>'irit i.. Fresnoy, rap tun .i ye terciay ny the Canadians.
Vrrofl ? eh sj tom which the British stormed north of
Oppy, Arrow U point to Cherisy, near which Haiga men gained ground.
Tl, British ni o progressed toward Rcincourt, a< Arrow t. ami Bullecourt,
;.t Allow 5, Ju t. above Bullecourl they pierced the original Hindenburg
' far from tin- emergency ?vitch line, which run from Queant to
Drocourt, and is shown on the map in a line of dashes.
Sending Troops
To Front Urged
By Bishop Brent
Fate of France Ours, Says
Churchman, Here from
The Right Re?' Charles I!.
op of the Philip?
pines, who preached the sermon in St
I'nul's Cathedral. London, on America
Day, ; ? ' ' New \ 01 i, j ? terday.
lie toid of the wonders hem?- per?
formed by the Allies on the Western
fron' and urged that American troops
be sent to Prance.
"France is bleeding her?
the cause of civilization, yet continues
to remain silent," he .said. "The fate
..f Prance the fate of I.'..- I
. hole ?Am Id. I he tiling
tiiat impressed me n o I wa
? r food,
hut es] ? has born?
the gl din and offered tin.
"11 ' to a point where it be
-1.pic of the
to send the food from
their table?, and deny them
mu i. ?inci
light, and her victory i? out
Bishop Brent then told ??hat a .
-ir.-tarai ion of war ha
had ?ni the Allii
"W hen ? iif : r I newspapi r n poi I
publish? d of the President'
pi ? . li." he said, "the people |
to believe it. Hut ??hen the confirma
?inn of Congress'? action earn? thei
joy knew no bound.*. It wo? n greai
? victory, and ?purrad them all 01
t remend?n
"I ; - in favor of the seler
n of th<* eonicripllor
a- I believe now that it is tin
only mean? to :irii?e at the desire?
At the outset. I eonfei i, I ??a*
to believe m universal mili
training, but now I am lirmlv con
it i- necessary,
"1 ' t wi should -end a fmall
.'orce 1.1 aid 'h.' Fro/tch at the Bfl
while a mall body
- ..p?. would m.: be of military im?
portance, nevertheless they ?could
strengthen the morale of the Allies one
hundredfold and weaken their adver
by iust that rati?."
Commons to Meet
In Secret Next Week
British ?Ship Masters Ordered to
Fire on All Submarines
London, May 3. Chancellor ftonar
Law announced in the House of Com?
mon?- to-day that a secret ?eaaion of
tious? ??ould be held on Thursday
? i'k.
Karl of Lytton, Civil Lord of the
Admiralty, ?tated in the Hou
Lord? to-day that master? of armed
merchantmen wefre under instruction?
to allow no submarine to approach
within dangerou? range of their ve?
l.ir lo i.ie upon them imiiie
!. Altan Se (En.
aonoyoce that
the Store well Ibe closed to=inniorrow
?m order that the
i )> Aitnniain cv U5 .Regiment
of the
I Honnie .'Defense I.league
niriiay participate in the parade
?Fifth Ancmtr - IBu?i???u Aumur, Nein T?urk
?htrtii-fnuHh &?rrrt ?Uiirlii-ftfth Slrrrt
French Capture
Hill in Drive on
Champagne Front
German Positions Over?
looking Rhein? Menaced,
Says Military Critic
I or.don, May :; ?' '? '?' h P" ??ire on
i, Miai in.? alw s the Aisi
m tin- < humpagne ha ? not i
i torn
-?-?,., ;,. nt i
enemj from : hill | ' ? tw?*"
Heme and Moronvillici ,
? .m the heighl * < a-' "f Mon?
Haul , , .,'. i German po ition <-r
rap) un d wi? of nine ol
ai d 210 mi n
h ? , ? ? ng th< ' i . opera
m the Champagne, the militar)
I ? Morn ig Post" herr
? breach in th? German fron?
m this region between Moronvillien
? nd B< ne i or tltut? s ?
'.. the formi-1 - ? ..m. ?h.. '
flerru and I .-h ar
ibou thi .--? mil
!<? . and "' ei look Rheim I rom ;
similar distance.
"Tin* i n- i .-ma!'
formed a etrical curvi bi
Rrimonl and Auberive, now appro?!
? s righl angle between 1 \
and La Pompelle, -.?!i i<* the soul
ern ?-ule n,' the angle cuts oblique!;
through his first a I
defence, which, con lequcntly, an habl
??i be rolled up from their expose,
flank, a* has happened a' Thicpva
ee <m the Somme front."
Krimont, Berru and Nogent I'Abeas
all form platfoi trol.in
Rheim? which, according to the nirjb
report from Pari?, was violently bo i
barded by the German? again to-day.
Th<* Aisne froi t ha? be*- i
?zed by spirited art i ! l.--\ actions, ?vit
'.uni- i.- . inter-, in one o
which, near Braye-cn-Laonnoia, on th
C'hemin-des-Dames, tiie French brougl
back forty prisoners.
The Verdun sector has also dcvelope
active fighting. N'lvelle'.s detachmenl
broke into the hostile trenches i
Avocourt Wood, and on th- righl ba:
of the Meuse there were -
iia'r.iis u<ar Damloup and Bezonvau
P.ins announced "marked
on the" part of tfie French pursuit ai
planes yesterday. There were mar
air-fight*?, in which four German plani
were destroyed, while fifteen otl'.e
fell damaged with;*) their own line?
More Pay for Navy Men
Washington, May 3. A $ i r> inerea
in the pay of all enlisted men of tl
navy during the war was agreed upe
to-day by the Ilou-c Naval Committ?
As an amendment to the naval bill
equalize? the enlisted pay of the am
.--nd the navy.
Briti.slt Bring Down
55 German Airmen
Low Hying Worries ? niton
Soldiers in I r*n< hes
ish Headquarters is Prance, May
s I,on.Inri i British airmen have
brougl ? enemy machines
day i, i here has keen
^ long :?p,'ll of good weather uni] ?.rr
irai Haig's flier?, in eddttlon to their
- i Store, have r-sr
enterprises sehiad I
lifrman linee.
Ihr f?erman soldiers plainly ?lisbk?
thr continuous presence of thr? Bntt?h
airplane*, foi nisnv unpoited letter
? 'I ?lu; .ng ?In* infant ry Bl '
dwell upon the unessinesi fli?* mac
cause, One nun wrote: "Thr air ac'iv
gnat I hr Krirli-h will
toon be taking tiir .. rj . .1 - off our
The daring of thr British aviators in
flying so low is un?- et the r-lrikin?*;
phat?". nf the latter day air tactic?.
scent night raid, with only
tan to guide thrm. thr Britons
pod down upon their dimly eut?
lined targ. ts and dropped rhrir bomb-,
barely escaping themselves from thr
upward blast of the r? suiting explo
Zaimis to Organize
New Greek Cabinet
Constantine Recently Offered
to Form Ministry Accept?
able to the Allies
London, Us \Vxan.lrr /.
m arcrptrri the task of formin;- a
? Greek cabinet, lays s Keiit-r dis
from Athens.
Kit ? . /. ran formerly was Prr
mier ai.d Foreign Minister of Greece,
hu' retired from office in September,
i:?l'.. Kinj Constantine of Greece re
de un otfrr to thr Entente
I - to form h cabinet agreeable to
them, if guarantee;? were given to him
that the French army would not nvade
Greece, anil that he would not b? de?
Zaimis, who is said to be loyal to
the King but to have leanings toward
thr Kntent?, recently was reported to
have promised the British Minister in
Athens to form n ministry acceptable
to thr British and French governments
on condition that the blockade of
Greece b. lifted.
Sweden Stops Export
Of Nearly All Foodstuff
Stockholm, May ">. ? A prohibition
against exports which went into ef?
fect to-day cover? nearly all food?
stuff ? the export of which previously
had been permitted. The most impor
tant prohibition is that of pork.
Among other articles affected are
fruits, berries, nut?, hops, edible fangi, I
>?;?? iar and other t\?h roe and kitchen .
herbs. I
Sunday, May 13th
and June 10th
New Jersey Central
Reading and
Baltimore and Ohio
7ft; tEXCURSION AI I.'>V. ?U,,,-^
hour? In W??bincl?n ( r ?I?.???, knur? h
Raltimnrr. Wa.hin?tnii t? row lb? c?*tr(
of world v?id? mtereit.
-a ?. ? >
'. ... I'f r.r
Household Linens
-t?".i- i red it -? n
May White Sole
Scotch or Bell T.iM
i I?.tlii in circu
2\2 ?Civ $398 $4.50 $4.98
d $4.9H $5.50 $5.98
d $5.98 $6.50 $6.9*
it../ . $4.75 to S7.50
il,.,. n-...r
? 1
. I. -, . ?
zz^zzzzzszzzzzzm. "?^'^rT7,,-,-""""^""r^"
Blue Serge Week
One of tlir main reasons tor the
success of these stores i*? lliat
we give our customers what they
want when they want it: more
over, its our aim to know what
they arc going to want and
when they arc uoin?> to want it.
We knew lasl Pall that New York
men would he wanting blue
serges this first week of May
?ukI behaved accordingly; which
is why we lut?.e so many.
Why the values arc so extraordinary
is dut mainly to war conditions
in the woolen market, hut
partly perhaps to the fact that
we foresaw them.
Hart Schaffner
& Marx
Blue Serge Su its
$20. $22.50, $25, $28, $30, $35, $40
NUI forgetting there arc lots of
?rood -nits inri thai arc neither
lllu?' nor Serge.
Whatever your clothes taste
hankers for vou'll Im likely to
satis!) it here.
Will you try '
/ pnh of White Flannel Trousers
practically <ul<ls u suit /,> your
uardrobi. Prict ,v ?**?/ up.
Cor*mKht H ?ut Bdufaec* M?
Wallach Bros.
Broadway, below Chambers St. Third Ave., Cor. l?ld St I Open
Broadway,Cor.2901 Si *_'l?J :'18 \\'est iy.?ili St. ) Cveainp

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